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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 10, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks, pamela. someone named donald trump just admitted meeting with a russian during the campaign. "the lead" starts right now. and then there were five. president trump's son now admitting he met with a russian lawyer with kremlin ties in the heat of the 2016 race, reportedly to get dirt on hillary clinton. a tough hill to climb on capitol hill. republicans return from recess eight votes in the hole on health care. can they twist enough arms before they go away again? plus, army of hate. a neo nazi facing a lawsuit for allegedly unleashing bigoted trolls on her jewish son. starting to look at the level of hate possible in america right now. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with breaking news in the politics lead today.
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an admission of the oldest son of president trump, donald trump jr., admitted he had a meeting with a russian lawyer with the kremlin after hearing she might have information for the campaign of hillary clinton. obviously the first person to take a meeting to hear info about an opponent. it went nowhere but had to listen. trump jr. took this meeting because he was promised damaging information about clinton. he wasn't the only one in the room also there. the president's son-in-law jared kushner and then-campaign chairman paul manafort. this seems somewhat of a reversal of a statement trump had given hours earlier when he said that meeting was to primarily discuss adoption of russian orphans. there was no evidence that anyone on the trump team knew at
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the time of the russian hack of the democratic national committee, but it is worth noting that a few weeks after that meeting, after the hack of the e-mails was made public, trump was quite dismiss sieveiv trump's campaign manager, blaming russia. >> they'll say anything to be able to win this. this is time and time again lie after lie. notice he won't say, well, i say this. we hear experts. his house cat at home once said this is what's happening with the russians. it's disgusting. it's so phony. >> that is a bit of moral outrage from someone who weeks beforehand met with a russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. for months the trump team insisted falsely that there were no contacts. here's vice president pence in january. >> of course not. why would there be any contacts between the campaign? chris, this is all a distraction, and it's all a part of a narrative to delegitimize
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the election and to question the legitimacy of this presidency. >> here's president trump, one month later. >> i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. >> now, to the best of our knowledge, at least five former or current members of president trump's team have not only had some contact with the russians, they have lied, changed their stories or not been forthcoming with information about those contacts with russians. former national security adviser michael flynn resigned after lying to the vice president about his conversations with the russian ambassador. then there's trump campaign adviser carter page whose stories have changed. jeff sessions did not disclose meetings with the russian adviser. jared kushner admitted at least three meetings and now, of course, donald trump jr. if these contacts and conversations with russians were so innocent as is being claimed,
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the obvious question, why so many lies about them? so how is the white house responding toe this news? cnn's jeff zelany has the details. >> reporter: the white house faced a new round of questions today over potential collusion between the trump campaign and russians during last year's election. fresh off president trump's meeting with vladimir putin, it is another meeting in june of 2016 between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer that's drawing fresh scrutiny. the russian lawyer, known for her opposition to u.s. sanctions against russia over human rights, said she had damaging information about hillary clinton. the white house on the defensive again today, insisting president trump didn't know about the session in trump tower that came only two weeks after he clinched the nomination. white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders said the president only learned about it in the last few days. >> i assure you don jr. didn't
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collude with anyone to influence the election. no one in our party colluded with anyone to influence the election. >> reporter: the question of whether they did is the subject of a special counsel's session. the president's older son said he, jared kushner and campaign manager paul manafort agreed to meet up with the russians to hear about the hillary clinton campaign. it turned out to be nothing. her statements were vague, am big with us a -- ambiguous and made no sense. trump is also seen in this music video. >> what's wrong with you, emen? >> reporter: a senior adviser to the president, kellyanne conway,
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downplayed the meeting. >> i don't think anyone had to look very far to find damaging information on hillary clinton or negative information. >> reporter: the clinton campaign manager said the revelation puts potential collusion closer to trump. >> what's disturbing is at each and every juncture, the trump campaign gets closer and closer to russia and the connections become more direct. >> reporter: all this as the white house deals with the fallout of the trump-putin meeting on friday at the g20 summit. on sunday morning putin wrote, tru putin and i discussed turning in cyber security. >> they blasted the president for being naive. >> when it comes to russia, he's got a blind spot. and to forgive and forget when it comes to putin regarding cyber attacks is to empower putin, and that's exactly what he's doing. >> reporter: by sunday night, trump had reversed himself completely saying, the fact that president putin and i discussed
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cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. now, senator susan collins, republican of maine, she said she wants donald trump jr. to come before the intelligence community to explain what happened in that meeting. jake, just a short time ago the president's oldest son seemed to indicate he would. he sent out this message on social media. he said, i'm happy to work with the committee to pass on what i know. and jake, we're just learning moments ago that he's hired a lawyer to help him through this process here. the lawyer says he has not received any direct comment from capitol hill. but jake, this is all becoming at a time when the white house thought it had changed the subject, turned the page beyond this russia investigation. the reality here is there is still a sense at this white house. are there more meetings? is there still more to come out?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. sticking with politics, let's talk about what we know for a fact involving president trump and more. nothing about collusion, what's going on today. we know according to the intelligence community, the russians attempted to hack into the 2016 u.s. election according to the intelligence community in the united states. this is not just the previous administration, here are president trump's intelligence chiefs being asked if, quote, russian intelligence agencies were responsible for the hacking and leaking of information and using misinformation to influence our elections. >> i do. yes, sir. yes, senator. >> yes, i do. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> we also know that president trump, at his most aggressive
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doaggressive, downplays this from the intelligence community and questions it. which brings us to the g20 meeting with vladimir putin. both president trump and his staff agree that he asked president putin about the hacking. he began the meeting by saying, quote, i'm going to get this out of the way. did you do this? now, president trump tweeted a much different version of events saying, quote, he strongly pressed president putin twice about the election. he vehemently denied it. i merely gave him my opinion and decided it was time to move forward. it was met with double takes from authorities on all corners.
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>> this is like a guy who robbed your house proposing working the burglary. >> you can't go into business with him. it's truly like working with the japanese after pearl harbor to defend hawaii. >> i am sure that vladimir putin could be of enormous assistance in that effort since he's doing the hacking. >> after members of mr. trump's cabinet took to tv yesterday to defend this idea of a joint u.s. russian cyber security unit, president trump perhaps hearing some of the backlash tweeting, the fact that president putin and i discussed the cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. the debate whether the u.s. should form a cyber security unit with a country that just interfered in its elections shows just how far from the front president trump moved the goalposts away. the debate is no longer how severe of a punishment should there be, it's now how much of a
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reward should president trump give the russians? senator ben cardin of maryland. senator, i want to start with the meeting of donald trump jr., paul manafort and jared kushner. donald trump jr. said, no inconsistency in statements. the meeting about russian parents, that was something you opposed, the act that violated human rights. >> the meeting with this lawyer, at the time they met in june just when the nomination of mr. trump was being locked up, is extremely concerning. it's clear that this meeting was an attempt to deal with the sanctions that were imposed by the united states against russia
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under the mcnitsky law. the man that mr. trump met with was the lawyer that tried to discredit mcnitsky, putting in lies and how he was arrested, tortured and killed by the russians. >> let's talk about that lawyer for a second, natalia skya. she said she did not represent the kremlin in any capacity. she did spend a lot of time lobbying against the mcnitsky and smearing mcnitsky himself. do you have any question she has ties to the kremlin? >> oh, no question she was working with mr. putin. this is clearly a strategy to say mr. mcnitsky never existed. this is their fake news lies that they spread. they've used it not just in mcnitsky, they've used it
1:17 pm
elsewhere. this is one of those architects of the strategy. >> assuming we take vladimir putin's discussion of the meeting at face value, is there necessarily anything wrong about this woman, this lawyer, going to the trump campaign and saying, let me explain why we think these sanctions are a bad idea. >> well, absolutely, because this is wrong, because it wasn't about the sanctions are wrong, it's about teasing as to how they could help in regards to the upcoming elections. it was an attempt to establish a contact. clearly russia had its vision in sbefr interfering. mr. trump was making himself vulnerable to the russians interfering in our elections. >> they said they have not seen any evidence of any collusion. does this news of this meeting, do you think, change that in any way? >> i think it's something that
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we need to have the investigation. obviously the intelligence committee is doing their investigation. we have, of course, the director mueller doing his investigation. i've called for an independent commission to take a look at this. i think we should have an independent commission. let's let the facts lead where they may. we know there were multiple contacts by russia representatives of the trump campaign during this period of time. we would like to know exactly what happened, whether this was russia's attempt to influence through contacts in the united states, what direction the parties that they met with, what help they gave or didn't give. these are facts that must be pursued. >> okay, but you don't think on its face what we know now about that meeting between donald trump jr. and the others, that's not evidence of collusion as of what we know now. >> i don't know enough to draw those conclusions and i wouldn't want to draw those conclusions. i think those conclusions should come after an investigation because they're very serious charges. >> hypothetically, do you think if somebody told the clinton
1:19 pm
campaign they had information on then-candidate donald trump that the clinton campaign wouldn't have taken the meeting if it was somebody from another country? >> i hope they would not. if it's someone from another country, it's clear they're trying to do something against our laws and against our free election system. so yes, i would hope that a candidate running for the president of the united states would recognize they shouldn't be meeting with foreign governments in regards to our domestic elections. >> the senate recently passed a new elections bill 98-2. the white house is hoping to water it down in the house of representatives. they said to axio's quote, this bill is so poorly written that neither republican nor democratic administration would accept this because it greatly hampers the executive branch. what's your conclusion? >> i was one that helped draft this bill. it passed 98-2 in the united
1:20 pm
states senate, so it has broad support. it's a clear message that the united states congress wants russia to know that what they have done, not just meddling in our elections, but what they've done in europe, what they've done in ukraine, what they continue to do in syria, all these issues will have repercussions and additional sanctions imposed unless russia changes its behavior. it's the right message, it's the right hand we should give the president in dealing with russia. the congress is the legislative branch of government. the sanction regime is created by congress. this is our responsibility. now it's time for the house to pay up for this legislation. >> thank you so much for being here, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. recess is over. senators are back to work on the hill, but can they pick up the pieces of this health care legislation? that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." as congress returns from a week-long recess, during that week, senate republicans' health care bill somehow became even less likely to pass. in fact, senate republicans are now declaring the bill dead. so what now? cnn ryan nobles is live for us on capitol hill. is there any momentum between republicans in the senate to throw this bill out and start fresh? >> reporter: not enough for senate leader mitch mcconnell to change course, at least not at this point. as he continues to plow ahead, there is indeed some growing concern about the prospects for this bill. >> then be disagree. >> reporter: tonight after a
1:26 pm
week of hearing from their constituents -- >> they absolutely do not care if people are covered or not. >> reporter: -- senate republicans are back in washington. greet bed by protests's this trd to revive their health care reform push. but it appears the week outside the beltway is not making the process any easier. >> the one and only issue that came up no matter where i was time and again was health care. >> reporter: at least 10 republican senators remain opposed to the health care bill in its current form, and they are senators from the conservative and moderate wings of the party. the differences have many wondering if a grand deal can be brokered. >> in my view, it's probably going to be dead. but i've been wrong. >> reporter: despite differences in opinions, senate leaders are not giving up yet. mitch mcconnell are hoping his members will find a way to come together. >> we're in a big discussion among ourselves, that is, the senate republican conference,
1:27 pm
about the way forward. >> reporter: mcconnell continues to offer tweaks to the bill as he brings the conference together. those have not revealed, even to the members. but tweaks alone may not be enough to convince those who are firmly opposed. >> i do need a complete overhaul in order to get to yes. >> reporter: meanwhile, vice president mike pence is attempting to rein in wayward senators. he spent time with ray blount over the weekend and made a speech to try to get this done. >> this will be a historic step toward reversing the disastrous and collapsing policy of obamacare. and i promise you, president trump and i have not stopped working. >> reporter: while president trump did tweet, saying not to leave washington without a
1:28 pm
beautiful new health care bill, he was no closer to health care prior to his trip on wednesday. democrats who oppose the bill are keeping up the pressure. they sent a letter to mcconnell asking them to continue fixing obamacare in its current form. >> when using bipartisanship as a threat, is your only argument it's time to move on. >> but it's ultimately republicans that will need to strike a deal. and even though they have time, optimism is not running high. >> clearly the draft plan is dead. is the serious rewrite plan dead? i don't know, i've not seen the serious rewrite plan. >> reporter: and the white house director of legislative affairs, mike short, telling reporters today that the administration still supports the bill in its current form and that the president remains active in this debate. jake, he did concede, though, that democrats are better organized on the issue of health care and that republicans need to do a better job of getting out their message. jake? >> ryan nobles on capitol hill.
1:29 pm
thank you very much. i'm joined now by my political panel. let's go back to that trump tweet. you might call it subtle encouragement. i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful health care bill fully approved and ready to go. what do you think it would mean, bill, if the senate left in august without passing a bill or some sort of bill? >> they might be better off passing a bill that's not so popular, then they could say they did their best. they'll probably have to do a bipartisan fix of some of the obamacare changes and say we'll come back and take a look at it. politically, it's probably the best thing that could happen for the republicans. >> to let it die. >> yeah. start over. >> what do you think. >> i think we knew that when mitch mcconnell brought this to the table, it would not get passed. they are willing to work with
1:30 pm
republicans to get something done. there are plenty of things that need to be done to improve on obamacare, but we're not going to repeal the bill. you saw members like susan collins who are detracting more and more away from this bill. you're seeing the conservative wing of the republican party who are less and less inclined to also support it because they don't think it goes far enough. again, i'm never going to count mitch mcconnell out. he's a true master, but i think the longer this process goes on, the less the chances are that obamacare will be repealed. which to me is a victory for america. >> we're going to go right now to the senate where the ranking democrat mark warner is talking about it. let's listen. >> it's also a continuing pattern we've seen since the election of trump campaign and trump administration officials who have conveniently forgotten meetings with russians on. only when they are presented with evidence, they have to
1:31 pm
recant and acknowledge those meetings. it's why we have to continue this investigation. there is a lot to do. we continue to add additional individuals that now need to be interviewed and receive documents. but obviously this past weekend's revelations move us forward and we expect much more to come. >> you said this is the first time the public has seen information suggesting these discussions between russians and trump officials. this is the first time you have seen -- >> i'm going to leave my statement where i was. >> do you want to speak to don jr.? >> absolutely. as well as -- i think there is some doubt, still, were there other individuals in that meeting beyond this russian lawyer who has strong ties to the russian government? the individual who is the lawyer or the individual who asked to set up the meeting, the music promoter. again, for a campaign and for
1:32 pm
those who continue to say there's no "there" there, there are more stories of undisclosed meetings with russian officials that beg the question, if there's no "there" there, why aren't more people coming clean? >> the intelligence committee, you and burr, do you know if this meeting had taken place before this weekend? >> i'm not going to get into what we know or don't know in terms of information we received from individuals that were already scheduled to appear. but again, what we do know and keep coming back to, at one point i was a campaign manager. if i was a campaign manager and had been contacted by what may be the agent of a foreign power and was told that that agent might have damage gs information about a potential candidate, i think i might remember that meeting. i think it's also a little strange as a candidate, if my son or son-in-law of the foreign
1:33 pm
power, i think i would probably want to hear about that information. again, i'll accept these individuals' words so far, but again, we've seen this constant pattern of donald trump. >> have you discussed this with burr? >> i'm not going to get into the witness list and the individuals that we have talked to or plan on talking to. but rest assured, donald trump jr. will be somebody that we want to talk to. >> do you believe that this meeting gives the appearance of collusion? >> i believe it's remarkable that this meeting, one, was not reported beforehand, that, two, this is, again, the first time the public has seen clear evidence of at least an attempt by the trump campaign to obtain information, again, in this case from a possible foreign agent that would interfere with the hillary clinton campaign
1:34 pm
efforts. this is, again, kind of the underlying premise that has been raised throughout this whole investigation. we've got more information to garner. >> do you expect to speak with jared kushner in the coming weeks? >> as has been indicated before, i think the chairman indicated this, that mr. kushner has volunteered to testify. i think it's important we obt n obtain, and we want to make sure we asked questions so we don't have this seeming forgetfulness. >> doourng you'll talk to kushner and manafort before the break? >> good try. >> can you give us a sense of where you are in the investigation. you're starting to interview some trump officials. why are you moving into this next phase? >> that's your inference. the chairman and i are working through a schedule, but i don't
1:35 pm
think it gains anything by going through who is coming in when. >> aside from this meeting, do you have any indication that any other people in the campaign were sort of shopping for opportunities? . there are a series of claims that have been made. what continues to bother me is that this pattern, and i think we're up to 20-plus examples, of where senior-level trump officials, and you could even argue the president himself, continues to deny that they've had any kind of contacts with russians until the proof comes out that there were contacts, multiple contacts, and then these senior officials. a person will ask, why didn't they remember these particular meetings? i think these meetings are pretty important. >> were you aware of these
1:36 pm
particular meetings? >> i'm not going to get into what i knew before or after, but this is the first time the public has seen clear evidence that senior level. . do you want donald trump jr. to testify in. >> you know, those pencils. i remember the old day when i used to read the clips. so the question again? >> if you are going to face this meeting with a russian lawyer to try to get information that hillary clinton was improper, and would you like to see donald
1:37 pm
trump r donald trump, clear collusion or even potentially in terms of donald trump jr.'s testimony, we expect to hear from him. >> there is a question that donald trump's memos may have contained classified information. do you have any evidence that he disclosed classified information? >> i have no evidence that he did. . he testified to that had to our reports. we don't know who may have classified those documents if they were classified, and i want to get the answer to that.
1:38 pm
>> have you seen memos yet? >> i expect to see them very shortly. >> is this meeting going to be part of the mueller investigation, or is it already part of the. >> i know that our committee intends to ask them, as well as those who attended that meeting, jared kushner and paul manafort, some serious questions about why did they take this meeting. why didn't they just disclose it on the front end. and the idea that. i believe they may have already changed that story from the fact they constantly change and
1:39 pm
recant their stories, i think, is alarming. >> is there any change since the meeting on june 6? >> it is interesting that it happened so quickly after then-candidate trump secured the republican nomination. but again, i'll have more questions on that to get answers. >> isn't this the third time jared kushner has admitted to a meeting that was previously undisclosed with russia? >> i'm not going to get into how many times jared kushner has had to amend his filings about forgotten meetings. i will say this is a pattern we' we've. it doesn't just include donald trump jr., it clus general flynn, it includes attorn-- tha
1:40 pm
ift itself in troubling. >> can you tell me your first statement? >> yeah. this is the first time that the public has seechb clear evidence that senior level officials in the trump campaign reached out reportedly to a russian to try to get damage about hillary clinton. >> have you seen clearance fo s forms. >> has it been described to you? >> thank you. >> senator mashlg warner, dem. donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort met with a
1:41 pm
russian lawyer with the kremlin because she promised damaging information on hillary clinton. what we have here that warner said that i thought was so interesting, i believe it's remarkable that this meeting, one, was not reported beforehand, two, this is again the first time the public has seen clear evidence by at least an attempt by the trump campaign to obtain information -- this is kind of the underlying premise that's been raised under this whole investigation. bill? >> and the meeting is set up by a go-between who appears to be an agent. this lawyer seems to be somewhat putin connected. >> he's going to fire
1:42 pm
lewandowski in 10 days, and donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort set a meeting on june 9 with that meeting. that stuff would can say, a rush and go of someone who is maybe not close to putin but could be an adversary of putin. >> asked today about this report, kellyanne conway said in response, you didn't have to look very far to get damaging information about the hillary campaign. >> yes, i did.
1:43 pm
>>. . candidates are always trying to figure out what they can use against another candidate. this information that you go to a foreign agent to try to get information about your opponent. . he had it with a russian agent that he did not disclose on his security form. what are these guys hiding if? if you're having these meetings. on. mr. warner was seeing things and warner was saying, i think this is a very important time for the public to realize this is not speculation, this is not hearsay. we actually have clearcut evidence and donna trump bay
1:44 pm
zing. this is exactly why wefl. >> ij the special prosecutors are so important, you know. this is still being treated in kovrgs. bob mueller is going to find out what happened at that the meeting p.ment. phone conversations, phone records. he's going to ask everyone whopd at that meeting. he'll compare their recollections, he asked whether th they. the when the son-in-law and top strategists meet with someone, and no one knows about it? maybe it's so pointless and worthless they walk out of the meeting and leave it aside. someone is leaking about it, incidentally. >> the sorturces of the "new yo
1:45 pm
times" stories, three of them were white house sources. >> there are people like corwin lewandowski who was in the campaign. he was let go ten days later. manafort and the trump kids, all the sources at the time said he helped them out. we may hear about the meeting in time. there are a lot of strings to pull, and melanie guy et. but i think it's not hard to call these people up and get testimony. >> mike flynn has been very quiet. his son you know, it's speckle latd that he's probably doing whatever he can to cooperate with his lawyer, something that every lawyer is assigned to do. >> he was the person who was
1:46 pm
sort of "the guy" that was dealing with the russians during the campaign. so why has he been silent? i don't know if his attorneys are advising him to do so. i. people have meetings all the time. not with any russian agents. >> clinton and their son-in-law or someone like that. >> that's the point. knowing how much scrutiny the trump administration and the trump campaign are because of their -- all the questionable aspects of their ties to the russians, why would you not disclose this, unless you have something to hide? that's the question. >> i think flynn's absence from the story, and apparent that be don't know, the meeting is at t the. >> i would have said, there's
1:47 pm
someone from our national security who wants to come and talk about things. fine, but someone bho knows about russia will tolerate. . flynn is maybe a straight arrow, not the type of guy you want in the conversation where you talk about who knows what in e-mails. the trump campaign talk about how they're going to unload on hillary clinton, they're going to have a huge amount to drop on him and then we start to get the e-mails. great panel, appreciate it. how a real estate lun-run-id a woman and her son to become a
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target for neo-nazis. stay with us. ♪
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janice would have dropped backoff all four of her kids at soccer practice after a sit-down dinner. but janice is a mother today, so all four of janice's kids are on four separate paths of self-discovery which occur at four different times in the afternoon, leaving a total of four minutes for her kids to eat. even though dinner time has become less strict, we remain strict as ever when it comes to our standards. made with premium cuts of 100% kosher beef, so you can feel good feeding your family, no matter what time dinner is. hebrew national. we remain strict. i chose soccer over college because the opportunity was to good to pass up. but in the back of my mind, it was always that void, i want to earn a degree. i chose snhu because it gives me an opportunity to go back to school in a life that is chaotic. i want to have a strong foundation to attack that next challenge with. to actually commit to it is always the hardest but you always have to push through that. find out what you can achieve at southern new hampshire university, the official education partner of major league soccer.
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. we're back with our buried lead. andrew england, who founded the daily stormer, has been accused of launch ing a campaign of terror against the woman, publishing her information on his website and ordering trolls to threaten her and her family. this story might be disturbing.
1:53 pm
>> reporter: they call themselves trolls. what do you call them? >> terrorists? >> reporter: in the digital era t only takes a few key strokes for hate to suddenly consume your life. this is what is often waiting for tanya gersh every day when she goes on line or picks up the phone. >> i hope you die, you worthless [ bleep ]. you stupid, ugly bitch. >> i had a lot of phone calls with gunshots. that sound still kind of makes me sick. >> reporter: the gershes, including their 12-year-old son, have received thousands of messages like this for months. >> your whore of a mother should watch herself. why don't you crawl into this oven, little boy. there is a free x box inside. they photo shopped endless imagery of me with nazi symbols on my forehead or my arm. terrible imagery of me and my
1:54 pm
son on the gates of auschwitz concentration camp. >> reporter: do you think it scarred them? >> yes. >> reporter: it's the last thing you would expect in the resort town in montana. gersh said it all started when she came into contact with the mother of richard. he shot to fame celebrating trump's win with nazi celebration. his mother owns a building in town. she was trying to help him sell the building to calm tensions in the town over her son's belief. but according to a lawsuit filed by an anti-hate group, they filed a lawsuit accusing gersh of threatening with protest until she sold the building. they didn't want to talk to us.
1:55 pm
>> i don't know. >> reporter: but the police chief said no complaint was filed by spencer and no charges were brought by any other agency. but after the blog post, the lawsuit says andrew england, the founder of one of the most popular neo-nazi web sites, the daily stormer, picked up the torch and unleashed what he called his troll army on the gershes, publishing their contact information on his site. the poverty law center is suing spencer on gersh's behalf for inflicting emotional distress, invasion of privacy and intimidation. >> that's illegal. it's not protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: we reached out to andrew england who told us he lives, of all places, in nigeria. he did not return comment about the gersh case. but we managed to catch up with
1:56 pm
one of the writers on the daily stormer website at a rally in houston. >> andrew england specifically called on the readers of daily stormer to contact miss gersh and tell them what they think about it. that's exactly what they did. there is no evidence that anyone who was influenced by daily stormer made any death threats or anything -- >> reporter: they made death threats, definitely. >> what, we're going to throw you in a gas chamber? that's a real credible threat. >> reporter: england originally responded to the gersh lawsuit with this image. >> he's on a horse with a big spear into me. >> reporter: asking for donations to fight the lawsuit. he has raised more than $150,000 so far. gersh is also receiving support in the form of batches of letters and e-mails. >> i don't think i could have survived the whole thing without this. >> reporter: while it was the hatred spewed by strangers that has terrified her family, it's
1:57 pm
also the kindness of strangers that are saving them from utter despair. >> he told his troll army to stop contacting gersh after the lawsuit was filed, and we're told they have, for the most part. the embattled city of mosul is now free according to the prime minister. he said the entire city has now been taken from the grips of isis just moments ago. president trump congratulated iraq and its people for, quote, their victory over terrorists. this was three years in the making. >> reporter: absolutely. and 48 hours, actually, in the final announcement. we saw him come to mosul saying he was going to announce the victory, but fighting was still going on, it seemed, in the pockets of the city of mosul. they dug in deep and delayed the announcement until tonight in
1:58 pm
which he claimed isis had been con signed to a dust bin of history. even as he spoke, they still had some fighters in areas we had seen early this morning holding out, able to take sniper fire, themselves being heavily pressured by isis. some surrendering themselves to those special forces. now, the broader question, of course, is are they consigned like the prime minister said? no, but they've lost that sense of a caliphate across the nation. they've lost control of the second largest city of mosul. symbolically in their image so important to isis, they barely suffered pretty much a mortal blow here, but they will continue as a low level insurgency causing great damage. >> we're having some problem with nick payton walsh's sat
1:59 pm
lied fe light feed, of course. one of the things that is interesting is mosul no longer has isis but there is a presence of isis in that city. the state of california is battling 14 wildfires right now, forcing thousands of people to evacuate for safety. it's threatening thousands of structures across the state. santa barbara county is seeing the most damage so far. the so-called wittier fire happened over the weekend. it trapped dozens of children in a nearby camp. thankfully they all managed to make it out safely. all across california, 60,000 firefighters are battling the wildfires. they might have an uphill battle with high temperatures and low humidity forecast. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer
2:00 pm
in "the situation room." happening now. breaking news. clear evidence that the public now has clear evidence of senior level trump campaign officials trying to collect damaging information from russians. that comes as donald trump jr. changes his story about a 2016 campaign meeting, now admitting he met with a russian lawyer hoping for information on hillary clinton. impenetrable or not? president trump changes his story about working with russia to form an impenetrabl erke cyb security unit. he dropped the subject