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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. our breaking news the president eldest son is revealing what everyone's been denying for a year he revealed he did have contact with a russian in campaign capacity to talk about damaging information about hillary clinton that he believed was coming from the russian kremlin. all of the angles right now in a rather restrained white house. we are on capitol hill and in moscow we begin jim. we know donald trump, jr. received e-mail compromising information about hillary clinton from a russian source
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how are all of the players connected. >> it's a bit of a complex web. we decided to lay out all of the names in visual form. on one end vladimir putin of course the president of russia trying the intel community determined to ininfluence the election. then donald trump, jr. the oldest son of donald trump at the time working on donald trump's campaign. and you have the tabloid reporter rob goldstone who donald trump e-mailed regarding the russian meeting with the kremlinx and they go back to the miss universe pageant in russia. the pop star, son ever the russian real estate tycoon. in fact he's the donald trump of russia. trump partnered with him to
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bring 2013 miss universe pageant in moscow which is when they met his son. so they were very familiar by the time the e-mail was sent. so you have the prosecutor general. this is where it gets interesting. the prosecutor is a putin appointee and also close with the other player in all of this, netalia is the lawyer who met with donald trump, jr. that day as well is jared kushner and paul manafort met there. you look at the faces on the screen and you have connection going back to miss universe pageant where goldstone was familiar with donald trump, jr. saying he could introduce donald trump, jr. to a lawyer who he knows is connected back to the kremlin and the lawyer of course
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offering information provided by chucka who is the prosecutor general in russia who is again close to vladimir putin offering this important information which he says is damaging to hillary clinton and goldstone saying is part of a larger effort from russian government to influence the campaign towards donald trump. is admittedly a complicated web, that's why we are putting all the faces on the screen. none of the people came from out of nowhere. the lawyer connected back to this prosecutor. goldstone a little known publicist expected to donald trump, jr. back to the miss universe pageant providing a connection between donald trump and this russian oligarch that is connected to vladimir putin. it is a connect web.
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>> the attorney denies they are anyway connected to the kremlin, just want to point that ought and denied that either men had a meeting with the russian prosecutor which is what goldstone indicated in that e-mail so on the record they're publicly denying it. we have news on the special counsel robert mueller investigation what can you tell us about that. >> my colleagues here telling me tonight in light of this e-mail and preiously undisclosed meeting special counsel robert mueller will investigate that meeting and e-mails involved. it is interesting that the special counsel didn't know about this meeting until very recently and the source was a refiling of jared kushner's security clearance form fs86 the
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first time he filed listed no meetings and then file ltd again listed some of them and then resubmitted with meeting, and that's how the special prosecutor is in charge of finding out about this meeting via that refiled security clearance form. one other point i would make, anderson, remember this is one meeting, we now know the function of this meeting which was from donald trump jr.'s perspective to get damaging information on hillary clinton there are many other meetings between trump world and russian officials during and proceeding the he election is all areas of investigation now. >> let's get a quick update now from the white house. the response today from the president and staff has been pretty restrained. >> it really has been. tossing around the phrases fake news.
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or enemy of the people. the news getting pretty real over here tonight anderson. the president just tweeted in the last hour that he loves his son, he's a great person and that he loves his country. that tweet president is putting it to direct donald trump, jr. appearance on fox news earlier this evening. the deputy press security talked off camera it was a very restrained response and not so robust defense of the president's son. she reread the statement from earlier, that he feels it's handled in appropriate situation despite previous stories when talked about treason or perjury she said was ridiculous.
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>> donald trump, jr. some statements have been released. >> and not sounding contrite with his interview with hannity here's more of what he had to say. >> things are going a million miles an hour again and hey wait a minute i heard about all these things maybe this is something i should hear out. it was just basic information that would possibly be there. i didn't know if a talent manager from miss universe had this kind of thing so i wanted to hear it out. >> did you tell your father anything about this. >> no it was such a nothing. it was nothing to tell. i wouldn't have remembered it until you start skouerring through the stuff. it was literally just a wasted 20 minutes which is a shame. >> what's interesting is the white house tomorrow the president is going to have another schedule behind closed doors we won't see the president talking in front of the cameras, the only time we'll see the president make his way in front of the cameras is when he
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departs for the trip to paris. he is scheduled to meet with the president of france later this week. this is the third day in a row that the president has been behind closed doors with no public event he's in front ever the cameras. talked to a white house official earlier this evening and they said they're not wagon circling around here it was a way to reboot after that foreign trip if last week. make no mistake covering the white house for number of years it is highly unusual during the week with no holidays to see the president of the united states and his team where no public events on the schedule for three days in a row. it does not get more unusual than that from a public events standpoint. >> thanks much. we're six months into the administration where they would like to be business by with other things, instead there's this, it is quite a mess. some latest developments,
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include from latest investigators what's the reaction from republican law enforcement on the hill. >> they are all over the place, some frustrate that this drip, drip information continues to under cut the president's own agenda. south carolina raised that concern as well as james langford of oklahoma said it is overwhelming what the white house is trying to do others like senator mitch mcconnell saying this is what the president needs to look at. and then ten utah judiciary commit saying why and how this lawyer got into the united states and writing a letter to senior trump officials to get more information. others are raising serious concerns about this controversy. here's a mix of reaction from the hill tonight. >> any time you're in a campaign and get a offer from foreign government to help your campaign the answer is no.
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so i don't me what mr. trump jr.'s version of the facts are, definitely he has to testify. that e-mail is disturbing. >> other shoes will drop before this thing is over. said that for weeks. >> how damning does this look. >> have to see what it's all about. >> do you personally have concerns about the fact the president's son met with russian lawyer to get dirt on the clinton campaign after being told the russian government wanted to help his father's campaign. >> i'm sure the senator's committees will look at all aspects of the russian investigation. >> hunting for that 2340 the saying they have personal concerns but democratic take a tougher line including former running mate to clint tim cane saying this could be treasonous and the possibility that treason may have been committed.
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>> i guess how does the new information today effect the ongoing investigation. >> the house senate intelligence committee tom democrats are those panels are calling for don jr. to testify who called that meeting. the chairman of those committees have not been as forceful. mike conway leading the house investigation on the russian side is declining to comment earlier today. the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee said he did not want to comment on donald trump, jr. because he could be a potential witness. does this give clear indication that there could be collusoin he
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said i'm not going to go there because we're early on this investigation so there's light more capital hill wants to dig into. >> thanks appreciate it. child of cold war. back when communicating was a parp of red phones. the motion of meetings set up by concert promoters and beauty pageants is a little odd. so many players in this. many of them russian nationals. what can you tell us about some of the people involved? >> it's such an eclectic cast of characters, anderson. you got the russian lawyer, the british music promoter, you got a pop star and his dad, billionaire real estate developer. the lawyer was known to be lobbying against the mcknitski
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act a u.s. legislation that punishes russians impolitic indicated in human right as absues in sanctions with asset seizures had been shopping a documentary aimed at under mining that piece of legislation and defended a firm that had its assets seize in connection with that. the british music promoter rob goldstone says he runs his own pr company we too entertainment. and he had also been a judge on miss usa beauty pathet. he also said his client is this pop star who goes by his first name amean and he worked with donald trump on the 2013 miss universe pageant here in moscow and boasts that he is the only person to have gotten trump to appear in a music video which happened in 2013. a year later trump appeared in a
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happy birthday video on his 35th birthday. now the father is the president of this company called croaka as group they own no bu restaurants in russian. they own shopping malls. and they're building stadiums for the upcoming fifa world cup. it is an eclectic mix but reveals something about the unique world that trump moved in that involves realestit business internationally, entertainment and then this move in politics that has ended in such a dramatic controversy. >> is it a big deal in russia. >> we haven't seen a explosion here like in the u.s. the kremlin hasn't commented on this yet. it is more a reaction to the
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summsum summit meeting historic meeting between president putin and trump just last friday their first face to face meeting and one of the basic agreements they reaches was for setting up the cyber security working group has essentially falling apart. one newspaper here saying we can't trust trump's tweets. the kremlin has been more protective with trump with a spokesman saying we believe we can still work with him. we're also hearing from russian official that's they are threatening to finally respond to the sanctions that the obama administration put out at the end of december, amid charges of meddling in the election when the obama administration seized two russian kpouncompounds and expeled 35 russian diplomats we hearing the russians may run out
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of patience and respond in kind. >> thank you so much. coming up next one who briefs many presidents form erp cia director michael haden will speak out when we continue. , we. ♪
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when donald trump, jr. released his e-mails gave the world a window a moment of political maneuvering and international intrigue how much showed up on the radar of various intelligence agencies, if any at all, we don't know. we are going to talk to retired air force director michael hayden of both the cia and ns sanc a. >> my lessoned laerngearned fro e-mail it's. put aside what may or may not have happened whether information was transmitted is there was a clear sign the trump campaign welcomed assistance,
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however you describe it, welcomed assistance to help him defeat election against hillary clinton. not going to claim it's illegal. certainly not treasonous but it does display something the administration has denied its entire existence. >> a lot of donald trump insurgents made the argument that it is standard operating procedure it happens in all campaigns people look for opposition research and have meeting with all sorts of people. what's different today is whether or not she was from the russian government this lawyer donald trump, jr. met with her with the assumption she was a russian government attorney and that this information came from the russian government. >> right and that's an important point and there are distinctions talk to the new zealanders and australians about something and
10:22 pm
doing this kind of activity with a government the american intelligence community was continuing to evolve the story how much they were getting involved inside the election. again i repeat put that aside. let me admit for purposes of argument that that's innocent, normal, that's just politics. what we got is a campaign with a categorical denial, the administration with a categorical denial that any such meetings took place. that's concerning not just for the past but for the present and future. the administration makes these really absolutist claims and it doesn't seem as if its done its homework to make sure they're on solid ground it's bad politics and really bad policy. >> i spoke to steve hall earlier today and he said russia, it is possible, i mean, their mode of operation it is not uncommon for
10:23 pm
them to use a third party rather than having a russian diplomat or official in this case meeting with donald trump, jr. and it's very possible that this was a probe just to see was somebody in the trump orbit willing or open to the idea even if she didn't have any concrete information. >> absolutely plausible scenario. they make use of all of the tools they have. they have far more control over their stit zens than we have over our citizens. so that scenario is one that someone of my back ground would assume the russians were doing in terms of using all of the tools available to make this approach. keep in mind the american intelligence community concluded this was a massive, synchronized long term effort to manipulate the american electoral process. >> in may you under scored the
10:24 pm
u.s. prosperity and success are not guaranteed you said i have seen how thin the veneer of american civilization is are you concerned about that. >> this point made on me, the style of decision making we saw in the campaign was chaotic, not particularly rules bound or respective of protocol or accepted practices, not seeking out expertise but that kind of decision-making this incident reveals about the campaign i fear we are seeing too much of that within the administration. i've often said the past fail effort is whether or not those wonderful people president trump chose for those senior positions in a fairly well functioning
10:25 pm
american government can break through the circle of family and friends around donald trump who is accustomed to running a family business not an extended government and that incident reveals the kinds of things i fear we're still seeing elements of and how we're being governed today. >> president trump praised his son's what he called transparency. a lot of people taking issue with donald trump, jr. being transparent. you're a student of behavior, read a lot of interviews over your years of work, when you hear somebody giving explanation one day and coming oumt with another statement which adds to it and seems to contradict what was said the day before and the next day releases an e-mail do you find it in of a credible narrative. at certain point do they lose
10:26 pm
credibility. >> they do and under completely different circumstances, we had stories from your network when i'm the director of cia that were coming out that were not happy stories and our rule of thumb is you can't win by hiding the ball. you got to get well ahead of the wave otherwise it's going to crash over you and that's no way thoondle these kind of things and to make sure frankly that the story ends in a point you think the truth resides. >> general appreciate your side. >> thank you. >> when we come back a new story from new york stories from maggie haberman who has been breaking so many of these stories in the last few days is out we'll have details. more than green. so much and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. helping small businesses.ut, jamie -- damage your vehicle? we got you covered.
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♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. . little did we know when we said good night to maggie haberman half hour ago that she would have new details on this story. she joins us now by phone apologies for interrupting your incident zbl dinner. fascinating details on the plane ride back air force one from
10:31 pm
meeting vladimir putin trump aides were trying to work out a statement for donald trump, jr. >> right they were involved in drafting it. you had donald trump, jr. who was basically flying solo. you had the president and his aides the on air force one on their way back from europe. the president according to one person said he signed off and knew what was being said. what is also interesting here and what's going on is you have something of a circular firing squad of blame developing where you have the legal team for the president getting very frustrated with jared kushner. you have the president getting very frustrated with his legal team including his long time lawyer mark hasowitz one of the hall marks for the preds when he
10:32 pm
is frustrated he focuses his ire on his aide and that's what is happening here flz a lot of contradiction who approves what. we have three people telling us don jr. advocated on saturday for pushing back must more publicly with what happened. we have other sources insisting that's not what happened. although it would be in keeping with how don trump jr. has handled things to more want to defend himself but this is becoming complicated. >> so just on the question of whether donald trump, jr. wanted to give out more information or push back you're saying the president signed off on the statement saying that the meeting was a about adoption, that statement would then later in subsequent days had to be amended? >> yes it's not clear the president actually knew there
10:33 pm
was more than that there. you know, we've had don jr. and aides to the president insist the president was not really aware of the nature of this meeting or what happened. it's not clear once the e-mails were known to exist how much the president was read in. but he certainly was aware it was happening. >> and very briefly you said the team of the attorney for donald trump for president trump are frustrated with jared kushner, do you know why? >> they believe he is a quote unquote freelancer who whispers in the president's ear and who is trying to help himself. what's gotten lost largely in this issue with this meeting that don jr. was the key in arranging is that jared kushner is the one that went into government who had to amend his foreign contacts for security clearance and that is part of how, you know, all of this became known. >> yeah, maggie haberman with
10:34 pm
the new york times, next story is up on the website right now. with us now our analysts join us. legally in terms of legality is donald trump, jr. in trouble. >> he could be. >> in what way? >> well what these e-mails basically show is a level of knowledge and level of intent that before now was not so expolie explicit. that opens up potential liability. it's not a smoking gone. nobody's going to know this person is going to prosecute donald trump, jr. on just this e-mail alone but it opens the question of things like election fraud, conspiracy to commit election fraud, getting, soliciting something of value from a foreign government which is illegal to do in an election. again it's a high burden of proof but you now have some
10:35 pm
pretty in black and white you have information you knew what he was getting into. >> you heard maggie haberman's reporting about what she described as a circular firing squad leaking coming out how concerned are you that the president wants the agenda to move forward and focus on important issues of the future about the nature of what's happening in the white house now. >> maggie has high-level intriguing gossip that's it. that's all it is. this is all, again, this is not the story. it's been exhaustively covered. kudos to you. you were talking to general hayden talking about what we need to defend absolutely true we defend what this country represents so we can indeed counter enemies like russia and russia can be considered a hostile power no question but the way we do that is the way the president is doing which is
10:36 pm
putting americans back to work, getting energy going, making sure the government and va runs better for the veterans this is a real story and you're on to that. >> so the russian hacking you don't believe is a real story or threat. >> there's no story here that donald trump, jr. being involved with russian hacking. >> i'm not saying there is. but just russian in general does the hacking concern you? >> yes in a sense that we should always be fighting to make ourselves less vulnerable. dnc should have been less vulnerable than it was. secretary clinton clearly didn't follow security procedures. >> sounds like you're blaming the victim here. >> because they in fact put us at risk. secretary clinton put us at risk. >> okay. >> and she had the most knowledge of anyone in this elect aroral process of what we
10:37 pm
were dealing with. >> paul in process of where donald trump, jr. is, according to maggie haberman reporting, you talk about bill clinton in the dark days with the lies, he was able to compartmentalize things, not sure what it says about him but he was able to do it and that's essential in the white house. >> it says you're psychological suited to be president because you have a lot of things coming at once at the same time, his mother passed away when he was about to leave for a summit in russia. he had to compartmentalize. this president seems obsessed with the russian story for good reason he knows something is there. i'm always struck by maggie's reporting, the circular firing squad. i've been through nothing like this but close. you either come together or you come apart. people i was working with during
10:38 pm
clinton are like brothers and sisters to me we would die for each other this tight small family business seems to be turning on itself. that's a big problem. late bob novak used to say you are either a source or a target well the people in that circle are either a source or target for mr. mueller in his investigation and they're going to start ratting on each othernd a this indicator of that. >> you are saying it is premature. >> yes and i've said that before and we are part of the constant lying by people named trump. what we are seeing here is now we see that much of the focus of where investigations are going is into the trump family. it's something that has the president, i'm told, and i wanted to ask maggie, it has the president in a rage, he knows mueller is looking at his
10:39 pm
family's finances, his son-in-law's finances, all of the trump organization's finances to look for links and he's in a rage about this. right now make no mistake, the trump family is under investigation by the congress of the united states, by mr. mueller and this is a really provocative situation when you have a president like trump and also when one of the questions is about incessant lying, under mining investigation, but no is there a smoking gun, b. no but we have a long way to go. we're early in the process and it's one of the reasons the president is furious. >> it's interesting when you read these e-mails we don't know if this is a complete list of e-mails but this is what donald trump, jr. put out. when said that the russian government is backing his father he doesn't seem to react it to it in anyway some say it sounds
10:40 pm
like a second reference or perhaps this has been discussed before but it seems to be an aside in this e-mail and not remarked on. if i'm hearing that for the first time i would -- >> -- call the fbi. >> i would be surprised like wait a minute what? >> exactly there did seem to be a common knowledge there wasn't much of a surprise. he says maybe this will be good for later in the summer. what this does seem to clarify, one has to remember anyone who studies vladimir putin knows what really you're welcomes him even more than the sanctions over ukraine are the mag any ski act sanctions, 44 russian businessmen that he has tied to that are charged with corruption and human rights abuses are not allowed to conduct business in the u.s. and abroad. this is something he desperately wants lifted. and you see a potential reason
10:41 pm
why this president would want to reach out to the republican nominee to see what if anything can be done to get these sanctions lifted. remember he's the reason more americans adopted russian children and he turned in retaliation and kurt aled that from happening. >> we're going to take a break and talk to the rest of the panel and talk about the role the entire trump family is take during this latest iteration of the white house watch and how trump's other son is reacting tonight. whoooo.
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. well as the russian meeting e-mails came to life there was relatively silence from the white house. and new reporting from maggie haberman on growing tension in the west wing. back now with the panel. it is interesting the president has been largely silent other than short tweet tonight. he's not calling it a witch hunt not going after the media. >> maybe he's listening to his lawyer or white house aides usually that doesn't last long as we've seen during this investigation he's always been tweeting. to take a step back, the take
10:46 pm
away today the fundamental narrative of the story has shifted, right, the one thing all partisans of the president could say is no evidence of collusion, no evidence of collusion, no evidence of collusion, that was the thing that exploded today. we have clear evidence at the very least the senior members of the trump campaign were willing and eager to collude with people who represented them selves as representatives of the russian government. >> whether they did represent the government or had actual information almost doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter because the whole thing was basically a sting, a set up, hey we're the russian government would you like to colorado you'd s like to collude with us, that's the gist of the e-mail. >> i started politics as a neo
10:47 pm
fight. i'm a doctor. blessed to have been one. because politics is a very rough, tough business. i was blessed to have many good friends and i great career but donald trump, jr.'s e-mails showed to me, a guilelessness, in a sense, if you really think something wrong is happening, if you really think you're going to be doing something you're not going to put it in an e-mail and say yes absolutely. >> that's exactly what he did. >> but nothing happened. nothing illegal was represented even in that communication. >> one of the things we're learning here is we might not have law that's actually deal with this sort of thing. i think the idea this is a campaign finance violation is interesting. >> and also donald trump, jr. is just gullible and naive. he's talked in the past about the difficulty doing business in russia figuring who you are meeting with if they are legit
10:48 pm
and they can back up what they're saying. the idea he would go into a meeting with a russian lawyer described as a lawyer for a government which wants to give information doesn't sound naive at all. >> and that we would bring in paul manafort and his brother jared kushner to say hey why not flush it through and if he's there we can talk to other staffers in the campaign and also troubling is the russians have been sitting on this information for a year and watching this administration come out repeatedly saying we have not had meetings with russians and they were flat out lying. talk about compromise there you have it. >> they were willing to help the russian government or at least representatives help them in the election. you either have to be comfortable with that and defend it as okay or not. but that's what we learned
10:49 pm
today. maybe that's illegal or not. >> nobody on this panel is naive as to the fascinating things that go on in politics. the kind of information that comes in whatever it is. the ukraines were talking with the clinton campaign i'm hearing today. >> if you got e-mails during your campaign -- >> i would have been shocked because i was running for congress. >> let me just ask again, would you, when you were running for congress if you got an e-mail saying the russian government wants to be involved in your campaign and have information against your opponent -- >> it wouldn't have been illegal for me to accept the invitation that's irrelevant. >> but would you have lied about meeting with them. >> they were in the roughest, toughest campaign for the
10:50 pm
biggest office in the world. >> why is it relevant if you would meet with them or not. you either personally think it is appropriate or don't think it's appropriate. >> but anderson nothing illegal occurred. >> how do we know that. >> that's what investigations are for. >> that's . >> fellow republicans let us encourage these investigations. let us urge mr. mueller to do his job. let us urge the committees to do their job. let us stop making the conduct of the press and other it is issue let's look at what occurred. >> that's exactly what's going on. everybody is saying donald trump jr.'s saying, i'll be happy to testify. >> we got to take a break. more on how today affects
10:51 pm
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yeah, and i can watch thee bgame with directv now.? oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included. and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. donald trump jr. tweeted yesterday he would be, quote, happy to work with the senate intelligence committee to pass on what he knows. u.s. official tells cnn special mueller wants to review details of his e-mails. back now with the panel. do you believe it's possible, the white house says donald trump did not know anything
10:55 pm
about this, only recently learned about it. we've also heard in tpast how c donald trump jr. and the rest of kids are, they talk twice times a day. do you believe donald trump new -- >> i think it sieve seems unkeefbl con receivable. it doesn't comport with what we have seen trump do. this notion of it raisedier is that donald trump jr. is some knife he's like gomer pile -- >> no. >> let me finish. when the e-mail says the russian governor has information damaging to hillary clinton where is that coming from? espionage. the only play putin and the russian government is going to
10:56 pm
get anything from our government upstate is espionage. >> they could have said their on server. >> we know trump junior, the campaign was eager to he or she still foreign powers to under mind the united states. >> it's also interesting that jared kushner for a second time had to remained the statement he gave for a clearance. initial le he had to amend it because he didn't -- once paul manafort apparently gave some information about this meeting to congressional investigators that's when jared kushner seem to remember this meeting again and amended yet again. >> right. there's a lot of collect amnesia happening among the sr. people of this administration about the meeting with the russians. this should give us pause. the clearance is saying we trust
10:57 pm
you with the most sensitive information with our government. and the issue isn't is less whether we he put down and what he didn't but what that says about him as a person. so at worth it's deceptive and it's not somebody that you want to trust with this afgs. at best he simply lax the judgment to know when something rises to the level of being important enough to report as a potential security concern. >> is it a legal problem? i signed one of those. >> of course. you do -- >> it could be an oversite. >> but trump junior says had i know what i did now i would have done it definitely. >> kushner as the -- it's more important to expose. >> the more important thing that these are the people running our government. if you don't foe when you get an e-mail that says hi, i got information from a russian
10:58 pm
government to help your opponent dupe to meet. that's what you say let me call you back, hang up and call the fbi. if you don't know that much maybe you shouldn't be letting me reason the country. >> everybody on the panel we're out of time. time to hand thing over to don lemon on "cnn tonight." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. so everyone you have to admit the irony of it all. here we are talking about e-mails, not hers but his, donald trump, not senior but junior. e-mails showing people close to this president was ready and willing to work with the russians to her hillary clinton and to help donald trump. how can i say that, because here are the e-mails, they say as much. it's titled russian, clinton, private and confidential. not convinced? well the e-mail from a man with russian power close to putin a
10:59 pm
former judge in miss universe pageant offered to set up a meeting with someone who called a russian government attorney with information and documents. that would quote, inkrim hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father, yend quote. didn't get any plainer than that or does it? goes on to say this is obviously very high level sensitive information but it's part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. this is obviously very high-level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. government. donald trump jr.'s response back then, quote, if it's what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer. in other words, closer to the election. and now this tonight.
11:00 pm
>> do you tell your father anything about this? >> no it was such a nothing there was nothing to tell. >> so let me ask everybody at home this. why should you -- why should any of us believe that? this interview is like his fifth attempt to defend the indefensible. don junior is the latest person to mislead you about the russian dealings. michael flynn, attorney jeff sessions, his own son-in-law and now the closest yet, his name sake, donald trump jr. so no one knows exactly where this investigation's going to end up, what it's going to uncover. the president and his supporters have said time and time again this is fake news, it's a witch hunt. please, it's time to end that garbage. read the e-mails