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tv   New Day  CNN  July 12, 2017 4:24am-5:00am PDT

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election. that's not what this is about. hopefully seeing what the russians tried to do to his son will empower him to get to the bottom of it and make our elections safer. so health care, we do understand there's going to be a new offer from the gop, that they want to get this through. what do you make of the urgency and what do you make of the talk of what this bill will be comprised of? >> i haven't heard anything resembling details let alone the overall structure. but hear we are again with something developed literally in secret. i know many republicans that don't know what's in it. it's going to come out, maybe tomorrow there will be a congressional budget analysis on monday maybe, and then they're talking about a vote next week. why not slow down and do it in the normal course of business? have a hearing, get some
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information, let experts from around the country, from hospitals, from physicians, from advocates, from people that want to fix it, whatever the point of view is, let's get some information. this place doesn't work well when a few people put something together behind closed doors and spring it on the rest of it. that's just not the way the process is supposed to work. >> shorted of details, i heard a philosophical argument made by a republican on the show recently that i want your response to. he said, you know, we have to figure out what we can afford. we're spending too much. we can't keep spending it. we're going to spend what we can, and that's all. my counterargument was, but you're taking a lot of money out of the system and giving it in tax breaks -- you'd be giving the money in the health care plan which are the neediest on medicaid. what's your point about the philosophy of we're spending too
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much, we must spend less and that's what this is about? >> he's absolutely right. we may almost twice as much per capita for health care in this country as anybody else in the world. our outcomes aren't that much better. in fact, in many cases they're worse. so there is a problem of spending. i think that's the basic issue we need to be talking about rather than two pays, whether it's medicaid, medicare, anthem or whoever. his solution he proposed to you is, so we're going to stop spending it on the federal level. what that really means is those costs, which aren't going to go away, are going to be shifted over to the states or to the individuals who are going to lose their coverage. i don't think that's a solution, to just say, well, it costs too much and, therefore, we're not going to pay it anymore. that doesn't make the kwoft disappear. it's just shifting them to somebody else. as you said, it's about a trillion out of the original
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bill we saw a couple weeks ago, $1.1 trillion over ten years out of the medical system. you can't do that without hurting people. >> let's do this, senator. when we get the details to the extent they are released, why don't you come back on and we can go through what you think this addresses in terms of costs, what it doesn't and what would be better. >> absolutely. i would be glad to. one of the places i would start is prescription drug prices. we're paying more than anybody else in the world and it doesn't make any sense. there are lots of places to talk about reforming the system. i'd be glad to come back and talk about it. >> senator, appreciate it. alisyn? >> as you know, very few republicans are talking about the donald trump jr. continue vir see. we found someone who will, iowa congressman steve king is willing to talk with us. he will be here on this controversy as well as the president's agenda and what happens next. t into the world,
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the president standing by his son, donald trump jr., tweeting today, my son did a
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good job last night, he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. it comes amid reports that the white house is under siege with infighting in the west wing over how to respond to the russia revelations. joining us is republican congressman steve king of iowa, member of the house judiciary committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> how do you characterize what don junior did in taking the meeting? >> i listened to the media on both sides of it and i try to put myself in the position of donald trump senior and donald trump jr. i thought if that information came to me, i would want a firewall. this fell to donald trump jr. he should have had a firewall. you would have pushed that as far down the chain as you could to get reliable information and feed it back up if it were valid and something that was legitimate. >> i want to be clear on what you mean by a firewall. if you got an e-mail saying the crown prosecutor of russia offered to provide the trump
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campaign with official documents and information that would incriminate hillary, this is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government's support for mr. king, if that came to you, what would you have done? >> i think, and it's hard for any of us to look back through this in the rear view mirror, but i think i would have done, if i knew the individual, and it sounds like don junior did know the individual. >> the intermediary, yes. >> i would have kicked it down the chain as far as i could go and still get a credible research and response on it. i think that's the right thing to do. >> i want to be clear, you would have given it to a lower-level staffer to sacik this out or you would have kicked it up the chain to the fbi? >> it would have gone down to chain, it would have gone to my youngest son, if it never came back to me, that's what i would expect. >> you would be okay with your youngest son taking that
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meeting? >> i trust him a lot. he's my campaign chairman and been with me for nearly 20 years. >> of course you trust your son. i'm saying do you trust the russians, the crowned prosecutor of russia to give you sensitive information for the government's support for a campaign from russia? >> i don't think we know that. i was trying to remember this morning how many russians i've met with over the last half decade or so. it's dozens of them. it can't remember all the meetings that took place. some of the faces i would remember, but not all the meetings. in this meeting with all kinds of people, it was a 20-minute meeting and brought no results out of there. i'm thinking what if in donald junior's mind, what if the solid lockdown facts on the book "clinton's cash" how did your rainian get past russian control over the pen of hillary clinton, what's the russian side of that, i would have thought that would have been blockbuster, so you don't know what's there.
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to judge this thing the with this media hyperventilation, there's no law that's been broken. no follow threw. jared kushner found it -- nobody remembered it. they found it when they were skaurg through jared kushner's e-mails. >> right. it wasn't disclosed properly the way it was supposed to be. >> you can't know that. if i had to disclose every meeting with the russians i've had, i'd have to go through every scheduling item and have to think about every one and think was there a et mooing that popped up that wasn't on the schedule. >> if you're one of the president's top advisers, you would have to disclose every meeting. >> you would at least seek to do this. they discovered this meeting and jared kushner released the information on that. some said it undercut his brother-in-law. i think he was complying with the regulations. if you're sitting in the trump white house, how would you imagine this would be a big media thing that's going to consume this country for a few more days? >> because there are investigations, as you know, congressional investigations as well as special prosecutor
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investigation going into a, whether or not russia meddled and is there collusion. congressman, this is the clearest evidence yet that there was a desire for collusion from don junior even though it didn't produce any product. he desired the information and the collusion, so much so he said i love it, i love the idea. >> alisyn, don't you know and doesn't america know that the clinton campaign had a desire to collude with ukraine and they sent an operative over there. >> wu hear this talking point from everybody -- many people on the right. we hear it from sebastian gorka, kellyanne conway and from you, we know it's a talking point. i hear you. you're quite upset about something that happened with the clintons, though they're no longer in politics. you guys are in power. the republicans control the house, the republicans control senate, the republicans control the white house. maybe you should investigate
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that if that's what you're more concerned with than our sitting president. >> i didn't say i was more concerned with that. i made the point that that's clearly a violation of the ethical standards that the media is trying to put on the trump people. from my standpoint, it's this. if this continues, this immobilization of the presidency over these kind of things, it's going to force this congress to do an investigation, a complete and thorough investigation, and that means go back all the way to the 650,000 e-mails of anthony weiner and look at comey and his actives. i don't want to do that, alisyn. >> let me be clear. that's where you think all this is headed, where you think the questions about russian collusion and whether or not russia meddled, you would like to see it in terms of what hillary clinton may have done. you don't think there's anything to see with the current trump white house, is that what you're saying? >> i don't know whether there is or isn't. i've not seen that yet.
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what i'm saying is the comey investigation, now him picking the special counsel on top of it, on its face, appears to be collusion. if these things that don't have -- >> what do you mean the comey investigation appears to be collusion. what do you mean? >> well, hillary was under investigation. we all know that. they interviewed her in a secret room somewhere. i have questioned both loretta lynch and james comey under oath before the judiciary committee and here is what i learned, there were no notes taken in that interview, she was not sworn under oath, no audiotape, no video tape and they won't release the names of the individuals that did the interviews, but it wasn't comey and wasn't loretta lynch. >> i hear you. you're concerned about this. i get it. are you concerned that don junior wanted to get information from what he believed was a high-level russian connected to the russian government? >> i think he was looking for information that would help his father's campaign. if we're going to outlaw dialogue like this, then we have to outlaw negative campaigns in
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their entirety. this goes on on both sides constantly. this was a tiny little thread of information that went nowhere. he did seem overly eager. he should have had a firewall. today he'll have a firewall in place. he was a businessman at that day. he had very little campaign experience. >> you chalk this up to naivete? >> i don't know i would call it knee eve. you can't accuse somebody of being naive if they don't have the experience -- >> isn't that the definition of naive? you're saying he didn't know better that russia is a hostile foreign power or he didn't see it that way? >> i think he's astute and smart and he's delivered this information to the public and jared kushner did what he should have done when they discovered this meeting. that should be the end of it. or we can let the investigators thread this in and see if there's anything else out there. if this persists -- i listened to david gregory say the white house has got to do something because they're immobilized
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because of these investigations going on. they're immobilized by the media making something out of not very much. >> we're not standing the way of the president doing his agenda. very quickly, health care -- >> yes, it is. >> how are my questions to you standing in the way of you coming up with a viable health care solution for americans? >> they changed the subject in america. we need public support to move a good health care system in this congress. that's one of the reasons where we went home for the fourth of july, one of the reasons going home for august is a good idea because we'll hear from americans and look them in the eye and far more likely to get a solution in september than we were before we go home. >> about that, just so i'm clear, your timetable with health care -- we know lots of americans are obviously very concerned. you don't think anything is going to happen this summer with the health care plan? >> the senate might pull a rabbit out of the hat and i hope they do. i hope the foundation of the bill they've presented is
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comparable and reasonable and has a reasonable chance of passing the house, especially if the cruz amendment is attached. i think it's a better bill yet. let's see what they can produce. i want that to happen. i spent 7 1/2 years working to repeal obamacare. i couldn't get what i wanted out of the congress and i voted for the best thing we could get out of the house. we cannot let this continue. the american people have been pushed off their insurance, premiums have sky rolkted and the co-payments are so high that the insurance is unusable. my state has been hit as hard as anybody's. i want this solved. the senate has got to do it now and send it back to the house. >> congressman, this morning the president has already tweeted i think twice, and he has tweeted about the russia stuff. would it help you if the president tweeted more about his agenda, say, health care, and building the border all and all the other things that he promised? >> well, you know, i've told him personally and i think chris
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cuomo will get a laugh out of this, i need the president tweeting because i need the cover for my twitter account. but it would be better to have more tweets driving policy. build the wall -- i would like to say to america, a wall is not a fence, not virtual, not a balloon in the air, it's a wall, a concrete wall and it's 2,000 miles -- >> and $1.6 billion. that's what might be holding up the funding for the government. are you comfortable, congressman, with providing $1.6 billion of taxpayer money, not from mexico, to build that wall? >> absolutely, yes and more. i'd throw another $5 billion on the pile and find a half million of that out of planned parenthood's budget and the rest coming from food stamps and coming from people who haven't worked in three generations. we have to free the administration up so they can support the right agenda for this country. >> you want to take food from
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the people on the lowest rung in terms of the nation's safety net and their children on food stamps, you're willing to take money from them to build the $1.6 billion for the border wall? >> for a couple of reasons. one of them would be that we will create the kind of security that would bring about 10 million new jobs in america by enforcing immigration law. the second thing i wouldn't impose anything more strict than what michelle obama did with her school lunch program. i would say let's limit for that, anybody who wants to have food stamps up to the school lunch program. that's fine. we've seen this go from 19 million people own a snap program up to 47 million people on the snap program. >> you don't think all of them need it? >> i'm sure all of them didn't need it. we need to set this down and ratchet it back down again. we built the programs, because to solve the problem of
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malnutrition in america. now we have a problem of' beesibee obesity. when you match up the card with what the scales said, it should be looked at. >> congressman steve king, we appreciate you coming on "new day" with your perspective on all these things. >> an, a lot, alisyn. i appreciate you. >> coming up, these e-mails, putting any legality for donald junior and that exposure aside, it's the most stark evidence yet of russia's efforts to interfere in our election, at least evidence that's been made public. how do the russians mentioned in this e-mail explain all this? we have their lawyer next. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... best one ever! for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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the billionaire family that helped arrange the controversial meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian attorney, the family said at no point did they think the purpose of the meeting was to spill dirt on hillary clinton. >> that point is counter to what we see in this e-mail chain given by donald trump jr. how so? we have cnn's alex marquardt with the details. >> because of the fact it's miss universe and moscow. >> reporter: in november 2013, donald trump was in russia to host the miss universe pageant. at his side, fellow billionaire and real estate developer aguillar rah. ment days before he had been awarded one of russia's highest
4:49 am
honors by vladimir putin himself. now aguillar raff along with his pop star son were hobnobbing with trump. >> a lot of people want me to run and see a different approach. >> reporter: the origins of the meeting with nah tallian vets sky yeah can be traced by to the ms. universe pageant. >> decided he wanted the most beautiful women in the world to be in his music video. that led to a meeting with the miss universe organization, which he says led to an invitation from donald trump himself. >> reporter: an invayation to the miss usa panel end in las vegas where they >> we'll be there on the november 9th and come on here folks, where are my partners? where are my very powerful and
4:50 am
very nice and rich, great people. >> reporter: with them in vegas, a few days later trump wondering allowed on twitter, do you think putin will be going to the miss universe paegt in november in moscow, if so? will he become my new best friend? putin apparently sent a present for trump. after trump tweeting the father, i had a great weekend with you and your family. you've done a fantastic job. trump tower moscow is next. the relationship grew. trump even appeared in a music video. >> wake up, come on. what's wrong with you? >> we know he spent time at trump property and received a personalized message from the president and i know my conversation with him, this relationship extended up to and past november election.
4:51 am
>> reporter: when the message came via rob goldstone that emmons wanted donald junior he assumed he was coming from trusted friends. the e-mail was utterly inconsistent of what our understanding was of the purpose of the meeting. goldstone is out of his elements and having these communications. >> out of his element, what does that mean? does he made it up? does he got something wrong? we have someone who can answer those questions. the attorney mr. scott volvar. good to have you on the show. >> good to be here, thank you. >> please answer that question, what does that mean he was out of his element, mr. goldstone and just to refresh everyone's recollection, donald trump junior was in an e-mail chain with goldstone about a meeting set up with one of your clients
4:52 am
or someone that they knew who wount up being this attorney, this female attorney that they met with and some others. what does that mean that goldstone was oust his element in these elements? >> as you know rob goldstone is a music publicist. he's not a political guy. he's not a lawyer and we suspect that he was trying to do a favor for his client and make this introduction to the lawyer, but this is not his realm and therefore he said things which were quite frankly foolish and false. >> do you know goldstone? >> i do not know him personally, no. >> by reputation is he known to be a pathological liar? >> i don't know his reputation. i have no reason to suggest that. i will tell you that what he says in the e-mail is not true. >> but -- how do you know it's not true? >> well, i know it's not true because i've had communications with the people referenced in
4:53 am
the e-mail and it's simplification that this was some effort to create a conduit for information from the russian federal prosecutors to the trump campaign and maybe just pause for a second and let's look at how absurd it would be, you indicated mr. trump and mr. agalarov had a relationship dating back to the pageants and the story here is the russian federal prosecutor's spoke to the father who had his son the pop star reach out to his publicist to contact the trump campaign. it's just fantasy world because the reality is, if there was something important that mr. aglarov wanted to communicate, i suspect he could've called mr. trump directly as opposed to having his son's pop music
4:54 am
publicist be the intermediary. >> that's interesting. the idea of any other communications between donald jr. and one of the agalarovs it is suggested in the e-mail chain and donald junior have emmon call my cell phone, that call, what was it about? >> that call didn't occur. >> let me ask you about that. i know that you have said that before and that's -- i'm curious, because if that call didn't occur, counsellor, why does goldstone then say in a subsequent e-mail, i believe to don junior, you are aware of the meeting and so wondered if and he talks about scheduling. why would mr. goldstone believe that don junior would be aware of a meeting if he hadn't communicated with might be else and that somebody else by dent of the nature of this
4:55 am
communication would have to be emmon? >> i really can't speak to what rob goldstone was thinking or what he wrote or why, but i'll tell you again that that call didn't happen. i don't know if there was someone else who spoke to donald trump jr. about this perspective meeting. it wasn't my client. i don't know where mr. goldstone got his information from but it's incorrect. >> mr. goldstone whose the publicist for your client was wrong when he suggested that donald trump jr. had spoken with your client and he was wrong when he said the crown prosecutor of russia met with his emmons father this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father, very high level, sensitive, part of russia and it's government support for mr. trump, helped
4:56 am
along by your clients. that is some doozy of a lie. that's a lot of information and specificity just to pitch a meeting, is it not? >> again, i can't speak for goldstone but i will tell you again categorically that no meeting between the russian prosecutors and mr. agarov happened in any respect relating to hillary clinton and the u.s. election. it just didn't happen. >> when did your client fire mr. goldstone? >> i don't know that he fired mr. goldstone. >> the man told a lie like this about your client and he didn't fire him as his publicist? >> first of all, we saw the e-mail yesterday for the first time. so what is going to happen regarding the music career and his publicist, i don't know, but it's been less than 24 hours since we saw this e-mail chain. and yes, my clients are very
4:57 am
concerned about what was said in these e-mails. again, they're flatly false and we will try to find out ultimately what the source of mr. goldstone's commentary was but i'm sure you'll be asking him and his counsel separately. >> mr. goldstone has not wanted to come on. if you can help with that at all since he has a relationship with your client. he really is the only person that could put some meat on the bones of this speculation. last question, your client's relationship to the lawyer involved here the woman who took the meeting is what? >> well, again i've said this before, natalia is an acquaintance of emmean and she has been pursuing this issue for some time and as a result mr. agalrov was willing to make an introduction to give her a forum and that's really the totality of our involvement. >> that's something this kind of story was made up by your client's publicist and he's
4:58 am
still working for him. thank you very much. appreciate your perspective on this. >> my pleasure. >> we're obviously following a lot of news including a live interview with president trump's attorney. let's get right to it. >> we're now beyond obstruction of justice. >> for me this is acquisition research. >> any time you're in a campaign, you can offer from a foreign government to help your campaign, the answer is no. >> never in my wildest dreams did i ever think you'd see a piece of evidence of a smoking gun as this e-mail. >> the president was not aware of this meeting. >> it was such a nothing. >> this was an attempt at collusion so now the question is really was it successful? >> announcer: this is new day. >> welcome to your new day. it is wednesday, july 12th, 8:00 in the east and we do begin with
4:59 am
the top story. the white house reportedly in crisis mode consumed by the latest russian revelations in e-mails released by donald trump jr. members of the president's inner circle trying to figure out the source of the latest leaks. >> the president's eldest son breaking his silence claiming he never told his father about the meeting with the russian lawyer and admitted he would handle things differently if he could do it all over. president trump is calling this the greatest witch hunt in political history and blasting us for reporting on it. remember, his son's own e-mails just acknowledged and alleged attempt by russia to infiltrate the election and the president is saying that's not true. joining us now is president trump's attorney. counsel rr good morning. >> good to see you again. >> yes, sir. >> why would the president question the veracity of his own
5:00 am
son's e-mails? >> he's not doing that. donald trump put out the e-mails yesterday. he put them all out. the entire chain. let's focus on what the president was aware of. nothing. he was not aware of the meeting. did not attend the meeting and was only informed about the e-mails very recently by his counsel. >> so he didn't have anything to do with the statement that don junior put out that was being worked on with his team? >> the statement that don junior put out -- you talking about yesterday? >> the one over the weekend -- >> that was written -- no. that was


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