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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 14, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that was a very, very beautiful thing to see. >> reporter: no question donald trump enjoys being the center of attention. his biographers say the more adulation people heap on him, the more likely they are to get a better response. when donald trump went to saudi arabia, he was treated with a sword dance. y left with a gold chain necklace from the kingdom. >> words do not do justice to the grandeur of this remarkable place and the incredible hospitality you have shown us from the moment we arrived. >> reporter: poland did its best to curry favor with trump as well, bussing in a crowd of people to cheer for president trump. >> it's a majestic nation, it's a spectacular place, some of the most before sites.
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>> reporter: perhaps it was the japanese prime minister who led the way. even before inauguration prime minister shinzo abe showed up with a golf club plated in gold. ever since, his relationship with president trump has been on solid ground. and while inangela merkel was caught in an awkward pose, the "new york times" reports she called him for advice before her trip to saudi arabia, despite the fact he's a newcomer to diplomacy. if world leaders can't get the president himself, they'll work relations with his family. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu played up the relationship with jared kushner.
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ain angela merkel and ivanka. president trump is already patting macron on the back saying publicly the two men have a good friendship. >> a little later on tonight, a "360" special report on the first son, donald trump jr., who became the first to reveal what he, his father and the trump administration have been denying for a year, contact with the russians during the campaign in search of dirt on hillary clinton, meeting a russian lawyer who they believed was from the russian government. when the story broke on saturday, donald trump jr. failed to mention saying instead the meeting was about americans being barred from adopting russian orphans and he did disclose the political angle and then he disclosed the e-mails he believed he'd be getting dirt
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right from the russian government and he also said there were no more shoes waiting to drop. today another one did. cnn has learned there were more people in that meeting, including a russian-american lobbyist with alleged ties to russian intelligence. he denies those ties telling "the washington post" he was never an intelligence agent but did serve two years. it's one more revelation in a story that has seen plenty already. the president is spending the weekend in new jersey. jason carroll, any revelation to these allegations to the white house today? >> reporter: in terms of the most recent development, and there seems to be a development every other day with this, anderson, they're referring questions to the white house counci counsel. yesterday he said this was a
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short meeting, true. a meeting that anyone would have taken. well, there's been plenty of people who have come out and said this was a meeting he should not have taken and at the very least he should have reported the meeting to the fbi. internally this is a real problem for the white house and something that they're really struggling with. one white house official saying that they know at this point that donald trump jr.'s story has changed several times and they called it a, quote, that has been not good for the white house going forward. i was. >> trying to get in the last hour, jay sekulow was on, one of president trump's attorneys. he kept saying that the president wasn't at the meeting, didn't seem to really answer whether or not he knew whether there was -- were other people
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or not. has the white house said anything about that? >> well, no, but he did say as best as he can tell at this point that the president did not know about this meeting, did not know about the meeting until about just within the past week, he said just recently. but it is clear that jared kushner and his legal team knew about this meeting at least on june 21st because,s you know, they were in the process of redoing his security clearance form and while they were redoing the form, we have to fill out the section have you had any contact with foreign officials. when they were filling out that section, that's when they came across those e-mails and recorded all that knowing it wasn't just that was in the meeting, it was also that russian attorney who was what
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should we do when this goes public, should we discuss this with the president? the president's attorney saying once again reaction from a member of the house intelligence committee. the ranks member of your committee, congressman adam schiff today called on the russian lobbyist to testify. what are the most important questi question? >> i think generally, the biggest question that many of us the white house has been saying there's no evidence of collusion. we need people to say there's no evidence of collusion. well, it turns out that there was colleagues and it wasn't by some random person in ohio, it was by the president's son.
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but of course the next question is what came out of that meeting and what was what were you the objectives in particular of the two russians. maybe there were still people that we still don't know about. but what were the beso critically we need to understand what the follow-up and what the subsequent activity was associated with this meeting. >> you say there was collusion. is it fair to say that at this point? doesn't that imply some sort of result from it? you could say there was attempted collusion or an interest in possible collusion. is it really fair to say that there was collusion? >> they were working together? >> at this point it's sort of a
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fine e and the president's son-in-law three of now, whether there was a huge follow-up effort and we'll find out whether that is true or not or whether they were j skbrn we have to be very careful that we don't lose track of the fact, this is a profoundly wrong thing. >> i think back to something senator john mccain said, he
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said, quote, every time we trn around there was an alternative path. the alternative path was right after the inauguration the president says this could be a big distraction for. >> they took opposite tack prshlg the president said there was no contact. and as a result this story has dragged out for many months and the white house has lost every shred of its credibility. now we're in a terrible position about what we can trust and the
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"new york times" or "washington post" or cnn will break something new tomorrow. >> you introduced a new bill today that would require at least two oncamera brief. >> a free press that is asking poll of skbrrchl that the press has vild i'm talking about the meetia fan will nofrp week in and week out they have given us the truth about what really happened. and i hate to admit it but who
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is hon times produced this rap by of of weesht you being with us. thank you very much. >> later, a cnn special report.
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flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." michael, does the white house seem like it hasn't been able to get its arm around this this week? >> partly because the story keeps changes and you have these stories in the white house where the people who actually know the information aren't necessarily the people who are suppose to be communicating that to the rest
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of us so there's a disconnect. but in addition, this is a white house who has clamped down on information anyway. we're not having regular briefings, we had the interruption of the foreign trip. that wasan oddity anyway. when you don't have that press line, you've just had this vacuum and as you've been talking about in the show, a constant drip, drip of new revelations. >> for those working in the rouse, i've talked to people from past white houses you don't know who you can talk to about it, you don't know who is under investigation, who's not and where the next shoe is going to drop. >> and you can't believe anything anybody in the white house tells you for a year we
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were told there was no contacts, no meetings this isn't fake news thisis from his e-mails. we know that they were told ahead of time this is an effort on the part of the russian government to help his father. so i want to come back to your interview with jay earlier. one of the big points he made was that the president did not know about this meeting. i find that had neither of whom who have told the truth about this. i've talked about the importance of getting ahead of it, on another night when this probably would not fwrurchl there was a
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russian american guy working with this attorney. >> the technical political jargan for this is not good. what's happened this week is not good. and there's clear answer for them now. that is to stop commenting publicly about this. public comments have not panned out. the real answer here is donald trump has offered to testify publicly with the senate intelligence committee. he's going to tell his story in fu full. >> i think that is the clear right answer for they. there's an on go peacekeepers. >> it's what we used to hear from jay carney all the time in the white house. it's a great answer. >> just one thing to know there, what this whole episode reminded
9:18 pm
us is a record prp. >> his team was going to be looking for egg males. she was presence by this record. >> it's interesting you worked as an fbi special agent. prks donald trump was told this. i been every intelligence person that i've talked to that works on russia has said it's an m. orchlts of probably many intelligence agencies including the united states to have a cutout and bob baer called it a soft approach and whether or not this russian american guy is involved in that or not, is it standard operating procedure in your experience? >> sure. yes, absolutely, especially in
9:19 pm
the official stages of something like this. so the hall mark of mi covert operati operation. it's called plausible deniability which means the government wants to get rid of any forng of discovery because but say in the context -- you can say it was a highly suggestive and dead uktive first dates in which be and the sfwrrjts dprrj did so i don't
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think we can come to conclusions and the patterns that you see are things that have come to light,s for, kushner's meeting with ambassador kislyak, which he also didn't mention to set up some back channels to avoid u.s. intelligence. all of these start to take on a new context and we have to look at the big picture, not just this meeting. >> to your earlier point of just how the white house should be answering this, in france the president gave a very long answer about going into the details of this. how much does this hurt the agenda that the white house hopes to move forward? seems like a lot of folks on capitol hill thinks it is. >> sure. this russian issue in general, the whole issue is threatening to engulf the presidency and that is agenda stifling. he could ask congress for the russia sanctions bill immediately, which would send a
9:21 pm
strong bipartisan message. he could order all staff to fully cooperate, tuf believely and bring any information to the special counsel. he could order a full accept operation to white house stan so use that information to create a presidential task force designed to gift american people confidence that we won't have meddling in the future. that is a set of actions, bold, decisive, exactly the kinds of things he ran on as interest rates that i think will give people a great amount of confidence. >> thanks, everyone. more about what we're berning and his alleged ties to russian intelligence, which he denied. think again.
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9:26 pm
including more people. russian american lobbyist told several media outlets he be skbrrk and as someone with dies to election induction. plinly this wrrjs there, too. both deliver a message as well to receive a message and plainly who is could you good this trump campaign would really appreciate it. >> he said, quote, at no time have i ever worked for any of ng
9:27 pm
frrjs a u set citizens, and the lobbyer in yesh was abled at repealing tagging to. from sfrfrmt and new york papers filed in new york in 2015 of hacking on behalf of one company into the computer systems of a rival company to steal back enough information the withdrut dismass route. in an earlier related case, he denied a similar in an the day. >> how was this guy known in d.c. political circles? >> he was well known, both tied
9:28 pm
to people and if thereof. prr prrks, flrks and human rights abuses, that's something that he and the lawyer who were at the center of this meeting shared. they were lon ying to change this u.s. policy sense kwons make verse pointed out. obviously a lot more work needs to be done here. rns puerto ricans. >> he didn't think it would be such a big deal. he also told the ap inkons edge
9:29 pm
perchl and on that point, it could very well be true, we weren't in on that meeting but on that point on message with trump world, donald trump jr. saying he was disappointed, although the trump world explanation a limb thinner because they were brought in on the temptation they would get this damaging information about hillary clinton. one other point i would note, anderson, keep in mind he was born in russia, then the soviet union, he's now a u.s. citizen. as a u.s. citizen, he can be subpoenaed under law to testify before the investigating committees. >> interesting. jim sciutto, thanks. >> up next, a cnn special report, the first son, "the life of donald trump jr." ered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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donald trump jr., family man, businessman, and his father's defender in chief. tonight a close-up look at the president's oldest child, the one who's landed in the middle of a major controversy over a meeting in trump tower with a
9:34 pm
russian lawyer during the campaign. i'm randi kaye and this is a special report, "the first son, the life of donald trump jr." donald trump jr., heir to a legacy still being built, destined to loom large over manhattan. >> i think one has to have some compassion for someone who's thrust into this role of almost a prince of new york city. >> donald trump jr. grew as the empew grew around him, a toddler as his father made his name as a developer, in grade school when ground was broken for trump
9:35 pm
office. >> i remember going trick or treating in his office. >> reporter: to see dad, john jr. and eventually shis sibling would need to visit him in the office. >> it wasn't the typical let's go play catch in the yard type of father/son relationship. >> reporter: a relationship that worked until the early 1990s when donald and ivan a trey iva divorced. >> he said things that no man should ever say about his wife in private let alone in public and i think it really affected done jr. and he went through a long period of time when there was a real chasm between father and son. >> reporter: they didn't talk for a year. >> i think don jr. identified
9:36 pm
very much with what his mother was going through with the pain that she felt, and i think he was quite angry. >> reporter: anger that died down as he grew up and headed to boarding school in pennsylvania. >> he was sent off to a boys school in central pennsylvania at the time this happened and he talks about that being kind of a saving grace if his life, that he says this was an all-boy kind of place where he could play with the other kids and not necessarily be a trump. >> reporter: his mother's father helped, too. >> spent a lot of time with our maternal grandparents. they were from communist chezec.
9:37 pm
>> during presidential campaign, donald trump jr. and his brother, eric, showed off their hunting schools to cnn's jake tapper. >> we had a grandfather who was a blue collar worker from then communist czechoslovakia. >> as a kid, we'd spend a weekend with him. it was what do you want to do? i don't know, i'll do anything you want. i guess we'll go collect rent. >> collect rent from tenants. >> he didn't understand how to relate to a child. he was just a worker. that's what he did. >> reporter: and beginning in his early teens, it was what don jr. did, too. he was the son of a billionaire. he didn't need to work but his father made him. >> he always wanted to make sure we understood the value of a
9:38 pm
dollar. out on the docks it was nice, you're sort of running around, it was a lot of fun making minimum wage and tips. >> reporter: the work got tougher. >> going into landscaping, utilizing heavy equipment. wait a minute, i'm older, working much harder, there's no longer a tip component. i went to him halfway through the summer, i said i'm working so much harder, how come i'm maki making minimum wage. how come i'm making so much less? >> you didn't ask for anything more. >> don't even trust me. so do you trust me? and i remember saying, yes, of course, you're my dad. he looked at me very disappointed as if i hadn't learned this lesson as a
9:39 pm
7-year-old kid. >> other lessons -- >> when my children were growing you, even when they didn't know what drinking was, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs. >> every morning? >> every morning without fail. >> a lecture trump sr. gave regularly, in part because his brother, frank, died -- drank too much and died young. >> he was a bit of a wild child. there are stories of donald trump, the elder, showing up to see his son during his college years and them having some real conflicts that were heard by everyone in the hallway of the dormitory. >> reporter: over what? >> i think it was over whether this young man was pulling
9:40 pm
himself together. >> reporter: did that cause a >> oh, i think don jr.'s ship? drinking and carousing definitely offended his father. >> reporter: after college, despite a degree in business, don jr. didn't head for dad's empire, but away from it. aspen, colorado, where he fished and hunted, skied, tended bar and drank. >> i'm not sure that it was clear that he was going to ever fall in line. >> reporter: he returned home in 2001 following an arrest for public drunkenness during mardi gras in new orleans where he spent 11 hours in jail. back home he joined the family business, something he said was a choice, something he always wanted to do. trump biographer michael deantonio wasn't so sure. would you say he chose his own paths or was he raised to take
9:41 pm
over the family business? >> i don't think any of the trump children really chose their own path in life. if any one of them had said i'm out of this, they would have found themselves really isolated and perhaps almost banished from the family structure. this business and the family are one in the same. >> reporter: back on the path, don jr. began to employ the lessons he learned on the floor of his father's office -- work hard, work office. >> i used to love getting the call on a saturday, why aren't you in the office? i am in the office. no, you're not, because i am. >> soon he was showing off his new wife. >> my fiancee. >> vanessa, a former model, and soon after they became parents,
9:42 pm
five children in seven years. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? yeah, buddy. first time without a vest. good job! i love you. i love you. >> reporter: and as the kids grew, so did don jr.'s involvement in his father's empire. joining "the apprentice." >> there are companies that would kill for the free press we get. it's a great tool. >> reporter: and moving into the corner office as an executive vice president. when he could, he'd go to upstate new york where he'd fish. >> he would withhold his last name from people and they know he's a good fly fish eshelman b -- fisherman but they don't know his last name is trump. i could relate to that, wanting some refuge from all of the attention that trumps receive.
9:43 pm
>> ahead, how that last name would catapult him on to the campaign trail and into controversy. >> it takes a unique character to go up against i think it's fair to say the most corrupt candidate in the history.
9:44 pm
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i'm 38 years old. i might not quite be a millennial. but i am the father of five young kids and i want to make sure the america we leave them is better than the one i got and that's not happening right now. >> reporter: donald trump jr. stumping for his dad and echoing his father's promise to make america great again. >> as i've traveled across the country for these last few weeks now, now that i've been a politician for 12, maybe 13 days, it's incredible to see the outpouring, the warmth and we're just excited. i really love what my father's doing here. he really loves this country. >> reporter: during the campaign, don jr. was one of his father's greatest champions.
9:48 pm
>> he wants to go through this process to give back. it's incredibly selfless and amazing to see. >> reporter: also one of his greatest defenders on russia. >> that goes to show you what the dnc and clinton camp will do -- they will lie and do anything to win. >> reporter: and at times playing attack dog. >> it takes a unique tark kerr to go up against i think it's fair to say the most corrupt candidate in the history of the presidency. >> yeah! don jr. had a tremendous influence on his father during the campaign, from helping convince him to fire his first come pain manager, corey lewandowski -- >> were we involved in talking to him about this? sure. >> reporter: to persuading his dad to choose mike pence as a running mate. >> how much information do you
9:49 pm
but i really. would you say don jr. helped or hurt his father on the campaign trail? >> i think on the election campaign, he helped his father far i think there's a constituency -- he came across as a real sportsman, who understood what guys who hunt and fish are interested in and we assured them that his father was a-okay. >> i'm a big outdoorsman, a big hunter. unfortunately i'm wearing a suit. i would much rather be in a tree stand at iowa. >> i should put up a tree stand and be hunting right now but i'm hunting something
9:50 pm
now. >> he compared syrian refugees to skittles. he wrote on twitter, if i had a bowl of skittles, would you take a handful? that's our syrian problem. backlash online was fierce. jon favreau weighing in with this picture of a bloodied syrian child in aleppo writing, hey, donald j. trump jr., this is one of the millions of children you compared to a poisoned skittle today. >> i don't want it to be a distraction. but to me, it was a simple metaphor. i guess i'm a straight forward guy. >> straight forward? perhaps. but it got him into trouble again when he said this -- >> without the media, this wouldn't even be a contest. but media has built her up. they've let her slide on every indiscrepancy, on every lie, on every dnc game trying to get
9:51 pm
bernie sanders out of this thing. i mean, if republicans were doing this, they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> the anti-defamation league which works to end anti-semitism urged don jr. to stop making, quote, holocaust jokes and retract his statement. >> i didn't say anything about the holocaust. i was talking about media bias. i was talking if you're a conservative, it's essentially capital punishment. >> under the glare of the campaign spotlight, he continued to stumble, playing off hillary clinton's basket of deplorables comment, don jr. posted on instagram this movie poster from the "the expendables" retitled "the deplorables." but look closely. over his father's shoulder is pepe the frog, a popular symbol among white supremacists. a spokesman for then candidate trump tried to clean up the mess, quote, don jr. like mr. trump disavows any groups or
9:52 pm
symbols associated with a message of hate. >> donald trump jr. learned to be provocative at the foot of the master. there is no person more provocative than his dad. and i think it can become almost thrilling to be the guy who says outrageous things. and for donald jr., i think this was thrilling, but it was also perilous. >> it seems the more the younger trump opened his mouth, the more he opened himself up to criticism. >> thank you very much. >> an avid hunter and national rifle association member, don jr. found himself defending a big game hunt when these photos made the rounds on social media. don jr. and his brother eric proudly posing with trophy kills from a 2012 zimbabwe hunt. a leopard, a water buffalo, a massive crocodile hanging from a noose in a tree. and this, don jr. holding the tail of an elephant in one hand,
9:53 pm
a large knife in the other. animal activists sounded the alarm, but the younger trump pushed back saying villagers were grateful for the meat. >> i've always been a hunter. it's something that i've done for a long time. it's tough to talk about something like a commodity. i get it. but the reality of the situation is there are a lot of things tough to talk about. once you get exposed to it, you realize it's not this savage thing that people try to make it. >> don jr.'s love of hunting so strong, he once even joked that he might run the department of interior one day. >> i don't know if i would be the head of it or just informing them. but rest assured for all the hunters and shooters out there they would know i would have his ear. >> at the republican national convention just months before his father would win the white house -- >> good evening. i'm donald trump jr. >> don jr. made his most public push to convince voters his father was the only choice. >> a president who will unleash
9:54 pm
the greatness in our nation and in all of us who will give the hardworking men and women who built this great country a voice once again. that president can only be my mentor, my best friend, my father, donald trump. and when we elect him, we'll have done all that. we'll have made america great again. greater than ever before. >> the speech played well, but it was quickly overshadowed by questions of conflict of interest. after his father's historic victory, trump's team defending don jr.'s role on the transition executive committee, vetting candidates for cabinet positions. transition members argued none of it blurred the lines between trump's business and the government.
9:55 pm
>> the transition team has been very transparent in the fact that donald trump jr. is on the transition team, that he is someone who is helping us on the discovery. >> stepping into his father's shoes. >> he has agreed to step away from everything that has to do with the trump organization. he is turning over management of his wildly successful business to his two sons. not at night. only tempur-breeze® mattresses use an integrated system of technologies to keep you cool while you sleep. so you wake up feeling powerful. save up to $500 on select tempur-breeze® mattress sets. find the breeze that's right for you at can we at least analyze customer can we push the offer online? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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usa! usa! usa! >> the election of donald trump sr. to president of the united states meant another thing for donald trump jr., stretepping i his father's outsized role at his own company and fully assuming the life he once ran from. >> my two sons, who are right here, don and eric are going to be running the company. they are going to be running it in a very professional manner. >> since his father took office, donald jr. took the helm of the trump organization, globe trotting to continue to grow the country's real estate and
10:00 pm
licensing empire. dubai for a golf course opening. >> see the incredible vision that sheikh mohammed has been able to put forward for this country is truly awe inspiring. >> vancouver for a new trump hotel. all while operating in the bubble of secret service protection as the first son, and all while the absence of donald sr., the businessman, looms large. >> what's it like doing all this without your dad? >> he was such a great sounding board. not having that to go to is definitely something you miss. >> something else donald jr. apparently misses about his father -- >> say hello to don jr. >> the raucous campaign that he rode to a stunning victory. >> usa! usa! >> i thought i'd be going back to my regular job. i thought i would be really excited about that. but once you get