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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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100-mile-per-hour. >> thanks so much for keeping us updated on that as we train our eyes on the golf coast. and i'll send you over to the "the lead" with jake tapper. it starts right now. thanks, breanna. did he mean war? was he just making a joke? was he doing the old look the squirrel thing? the "the lead" starts right now. the commander in chief surrounded by his generals teases that it is the calm before the storm. what does that mean? and how unsettling might u.s. troops and their families find those comments? it could become a hurricane, it could be heading for new orleans and little time to get out. out of no where hurricane nate becoming a major threat to the gulf of coast. here we go again. plus new updates as to the mass murderer as to why he may have opened fire.
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good afternoon everyone. welcome to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. we are awaiting the press conference from the las vegas metropolitan police department to update the public in the latest into the massacre there which left 58 dead and hundreds more wounded. we'll bring it to pu as soon as it begins. but we'll begin today with the politics lead and crippic remark by president trump that might be fun, were he not the commander in chief at a time of serious tensions in the world. but of course he is. the president and the first lady hosted a dinner with military leaders and spouses including his national security adviser, sent of defense james mattis, joints of staff and other top military commanders. the press was suddenly unexpected called in for a photo op. and listen to what president trump had to say. >> this represents the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm?
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>> it could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. the calm before what storm? you'll find out he tells the world. was he being playful or is he serious about an upcoming military strike by the u.s. just a few minutes ago the president in the oval office repeated the same line. >> mr. president, what did you mean by the calm before the storm? >> thank you very much. you'll find out. wink, you'll find out. the white house commenting a few moments ago. sarah huckabee sanders saying you'll have to wait and see. i asked someone who served in the public administration about these comments he said it's unpresidential. they yield power and need to act differently than if they are in real estate in manhattan. what a president says has weight beyond the words and the man and he doesn't seem to understand
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that at all, unquote. president trump yesterday praised his military leaders but also berated them in front of the tv cameras saying this. >> moving forward, i also expect you to provide me with a broad range of military options when needed at a much faster pace. i know that government bureaucracy is slow, but i'm depending on you to overcome the obstacles of bureaucracy. now, such public humiliations are part of the trump administration, from sessions and sean spicer but the one i spoke to says there is something more important going on here with these tensions coming forward now in the midst of a nuclear stand off with north korea, a country the president has threatened to quote totally destroy if it threatens the united states orallies. says the official, quote, it seems the president has lost
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patience with the normal and healthy caution that the people are responsible for military actions always has. and this is his way of trying to pressure them to give him what he wants. than is a reluctance, these are naturally cautious people when it comes to use of force. president has cartoon image that all generals are patton. these guys are trying to be prudent. frankly i think america wants these guys to be least likely. and there isn't one of them who is not embarrassed at being used as a political prop like that, unquote. >> when it comes to north korea the president is even more likely and strikingly under mines sent of state, suggesting that rex tillerson was wasting time by trying to get a diplomate iks reaction with north korea. says tensions are so fraught between them many suspect tillerson's days are numbered.
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filed this report from the white house. >> reporter: it is a friday in washington. and once again the job of a high profile member of the trump administration could be on shaky ground. >> thank you. total confidence in rex. >> reporter: despite the president's insistence he's confident in rex tillerson and denial he's stepping down, top aids says relationship is strained. and a growing number of top diplomats and white house officials says the secretary of state days are numbered. >> nothing has changed des might what you read in the media and watch tv. i would trust the president and my comments far above those of other reporters. >> reporter: in the briefing room press secretary sarah pushes back. optics of another high profile official stepping down.
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uncertainty around tillerson future comes at a time when the administration is preparing to weigh wade into one of the most policy matters, the iran nuclear deal hatched during the obama administration forcing it to make by congress which would have 60 days. while the president has said iran has not lived up to the spirit of the deal, defense james mattis has warned pulling out completely is not the best interests of u.s. security. >> absent to the contrary, it is something the president should consider staying with. >> reporter: it's pektsed that the white house will announce a broader, long range strategy for the middle east which will include the iran deal and beefed up measures to strengthen inspections and plan for what happens when it expires. but pushing that deal through congress is always risky and will involve winning over fickle republican hawk ns the senate a
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job that could be made more difficult in the tension with the administration's top diplomate continues. and sarah huckabee sanders was asked, sanders responded by saying it is the president who is keeping the world from chaos. jake? >> brian nobo, thanks so much. here with me today, thanks for joining me. how do you interpret the calm before the storm comments by president trump? >> it's one of those moments where, you know, if something like that was said in a past presidency you would really worry about it. but this is a president who tweets, who engages now in verbal tweets as well, and says
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things like fire and fury, and we are going to destroy your country. and you begin to assume that it's more about getting attention than it is about proclaiming some kind of national policy. i don't think it's responsible. i don't think president's ought to do it. but in this instance we should all take a deep breath and try to assume that he's just making a play for attention. >> you sound like you are talking about a neighborhood kid as opposed to the president of the united states. >> well, that's, you know, we have seen him do that for the purpose of getting attention. and he certainly is getting attention. but at the same time, there is no indication that there is a strategy or a policy behind that statement. >> your former secretary of defense, and you are close with defense secretary james mattis,
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do you think this is helpful to him, frustrating, has no effect? what do you think? >> no, i don't think it's very helpful at all. you know, you don't want the president to be making casual statements about the possibility of a storm happening and conveying the impression that somehow we are going to be engaging in perhaps some kind of military action. secretary of defense doesn't need to deal with that. he's got problems enough just trying to figure out what strategies we might have to put in place if something goes wrong in north korea or iran or countless number of other places in the world. so i think jim mattis would prefer to have a president that speaks more commonly to the american people about things that involve the lives of their men and women in uniform. >> something else that the president said to the military commanders i'd like to get your
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feedback on. take a listen. >> moving forward i also expect you to provide me with a broad range of military options when needed at a much faster pace. i know that government bureaucracy is slow, but i'm depending on you to overcome the obstacles of bureaucracy. >> what do you think of that as a former secretary of defense? >> you know, my experience is that our military commanders and our military chiefs of staff are very careful about the process of presenting military options to the president. they want to think them out. they want to make sure that what the consequences will be. they want to make sure that whatever they recommend to the president will in fact work on behalf of protecting our national security. so i'm not sure what kind of message he's trying to convey here. the fact is as president of the
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united states he is well served by those who are careful in recommending military action to the president. >> there is also a confrontation going on, not just between the president and pentagon but also the president and secretary of state rex tillerson sources saying tillerson's days might be numbered after he referred to trump as moron. the white house says white house still has confidence in tillerson. do you think he can ride this out? >> you know, in a more traditional administration, the likelihood is that the secretary of state would probably be fired. and yet this is not a traditional administration. this is a president who has heavily criticized his attorney general, attorney general sessions, and somehow the attorney general remains in his job. although with secretary price, he criticized him, and he's gone.
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it is possible that secretary tillerson could survive in kind of a bad cop, good cop kind of scenario that has played out. he's also well-respected as part of the national security team. but i just think it's going to be very difficult for a secretary of state whose credibility has been damaged here in terms of representing the president of the united states to have traction when dealing with foreign leaders and crisis. i think it's going to be tough. but as i said, it's very unpredictable with this president. >> one of the tensions, of course, have to do with president trump last weekend telling secretary tillerson via twitter that he was wasting his time in doing talks with north korea. beyond the tweets, i want to ask you about president trump basic argument, diplomacy, the kind
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that you are used to, that i'm used to covering, that we saw during the clinton years, bush, obama years, president trump has said it doesn't work. does he have a point there? >> well, i think like jim mattis once said, you cannot come to the point where you've exhausted your ability to try to find a diplomatic solution. you keep trying. and you always know what the military option is about. but the effort here, particularly with north korea, has to be about the continuing effort to try to find some kind of diplomatic solution. the reality is his comments basically limit the united states, limit the united states to a set of military options that, frankly, are all bad, in that they ultimately produce some kind of nuclear war.
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that's unacceptable. i think the only option here is to continue a policy of deterrence and containment to try to keep putting pressure on north korea to ultimately come to the negotiating table to try to resolve this diplomatically. the reality is there really is no other option that the united states should pursue at this time. but the president's comments just are not very helpful in that way. >> okay, former secretary leon pan et a, always good to see you sir, thanks for stopping by. >> good to be with you. any momtd we expect to hear from the las vegas. i want to go to cnn ken la in las vegas. what are you learning about the explosive material that the gunman had in his car? >> reporter: the reason why we are very interested in this, jake, we are not very sure, law enforcement isn't quite sure, according to information that cnn has received from a law
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enforcement source, what the intent was. we know there was 50 pounds according to information tann right was found inside the car parked in the manned la bay. the question is was it there for target practice or was it to in effect rig the car in case the car were ever to be fired upon? so that's what investigators at this point are still trying to nail down, intent here. >> and you've also been reporting all day about detective ti detectives looking closely at the foreign travel that this mass murderer had went on. what are you learning about his trips abroad and why it's important? >> reporter: it may be important because it's painting the profile of this mass killer. what they want to know is does it mean anything? there were quite a number of cruises that investigators have been able to track down attach to this gunman, 20 of them,
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these were cruises they took to europe, that they took to the middle east. what they don't know because we are talking about someone who did actively like to gamble, did enlist in real estate application that he was a professional gambler. we know he boasted to his brother that he like today gamble as much as 10,000 in a hand. so what we don't know is what foreign travel was for. because so many cruises have casinos a board but this is helping them to understand if it does mean anything. when you are talking about 20 cruises. >> we are going to listen into the las vegas metropolitan police conference. >> good afternoon i'm kevin mcvay. i'm under sheriff. and i'm going to be providing you an update this afternoon on the route 91 music festival mass murder. to date, we have rundown more than 1,000 leads in this
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investigation. while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. i can assure you that we are aware of all aspects of this case. to include the rumor, innuendo and supposition by many in the public. and i get it. we all want answers. we have looked at everything, literally, to include the suspect's personal life, any political affiliation, his social behaviors, economic situation, and any potential radicalization that so many have claimed. we are also aware, of course, that isis has repeatedly claimed responsibility. which today i can tell you that we have no known nexus to. we have been down each and every single one of these paths,
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trying to determine why. to determine who else may have known of these plans. we will continue to investigate each and everyone of these areas as well as all the tips and leads that continue to come in. we must remain focused solely on truth and fact. it's very easy to assume. we are collect tvively working h fbi and other partners to get there. at this time i'll tell you we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation. we will not stop and we will keep you up to date as anything develops on that. i'll tell you, though, that all of the rumor and speculation has not been helpful to our investigation. in the past, terror attacks or mass murder motive was made very clear by a note that was left, by a southerly media post, by a telephone call that was made, by
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investigators mining computer data. today, in our investigation, we don't have any of that uncovered. i wish we did. we will and are continuing to investigate with great tenacity and hope to arrive at an answer. we reported in the media yesterday that we found the missi missing hyundai with 114 baker zero in the residence, just a communication that we didn't know about when we report td to you. most of you now know the name of the mandalay bay security guard who you named in the media, and i'll just re-affirm to you that jesus campos is a true hero. i can tell you now, just a little bit more that i know about what he did that particular day. we now know that he was dispatched to what they call a door alarm on the 32nd floor. he went up there to investigate
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the open door. and as he was doing his job, diligently, he came under fire by our suspect t as you know he was struck from the leg, he turned around and retreated, he notified his dispatch which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location, as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. i can tell you that this was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man. i want to say today that i don't think we've done enough, good enough job recognizing him and his actions, and for that apologize. i want to take the moment and clear the record that he's an absolute hero. also a couple of questions that have continued to come in in regards to this tanner right and what materials that we had. you all know we have given you this information about where we found the tanner ite in the vehicle. tan right is a binary explosive meaning that it's composed of
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two substances. we also have a significant amount of that as a finished product and had two chemicals of a nom yeah nitrate and a lump number pedestrian when combined make the finished product of that. i'm sorry to tell you i don't know what he was going to do with all of that. i wish we did. and we continue to try to find that information out. there is it a couple of things before i take any questions from you, however, first and foremost, is that our partners, special agent in charge, aaron rouse has some information about new media plan that fbi has launched and i would like him to explain what that is. mr. rouse. >> thank you, sheriff. i'm employees ds to announce clear channel in las vegas has partnered with the metropolitan and fbi to reach as many people as we possibly can. we are starting an information campaign, seeking true knowledge
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as to what happened in the event leading up to and involving this incident. the billboards will be displayed throughout the las vegas area. they will have the badge of the metropolitan police and the seal of the fbi on it along with the terms "if you know something, say something."along with a phone number which we agreed will be 1-800 call-fbi. this is critical for us as the under sheriff mentioned, we have not stopped, we will not stop, until we have the truth. thank you. >> thank you, mr. rouse. next up i would like to have the chair of the clark county commission, steve cyst a lack come up and provide you some additional information as well. >> thank you, undersheriff and i appreciate you all being here. in the past four days we've had numerous names assigned to this
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event, this tragedy, and for official purposes and in the future, after consultation with the coroner, our first report coming out this afternoon, the official name for which this tragedy will be referred to will be the number one october. so the digit 1, october will be the official name listed on all reports and investigations moving forward on this incident. thank you all very much. >> with that, i'll take a couple of questions. >> can you expand on the misinformation? a lot of rumors online. >> yes, we have a responsibility as law enforcement to run down each and every lead to debunk them to determine if there is any validity to those leads. so as i told you we have a significant number of those. investigative effort is massive. we continue to do it. but rumor and supposition doesn't help.
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so those true tips and leads of things that people know are imperative to this investigation. but just because you think you know something doesn't necessarily mean that you do. if you have factual information that you can provide us in regards to this investigation, it would helpful to us. thank you. >> i understand motive is still unclear. however, can you confirm that investigators while recovering these numerous devices may have recovered a video in which the suspect may have alluded to his motive or any type of video regarding the shooting? >> i'm not aware that we have recovered any such video. >> have you been tiebl resolve the question of whether he had any help or whether there was accomplice? or can you eliminate the question of whether he was trying to find someone else? >> the question is can we confirm whether there is it an accomplice or not. i can tell you this there was another shooter in that room.
1:25 pm
what i cannot confirm to you today and what we continue to investigate is whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. >> [ inaudible question ] >> you are going to have to speak up, i'm sorry. >> concerning the question of tan right and it was used for, is there a chance he was putting together shrapnel or anything else or was this a standard package that's normally sold? >> the question is about the n tanner right we found, it did not resemble an iud. >> in the video of the mandalay have you reviewed all that to see if any one else came from him all those days prior? >> the question is have we reviewed the video from the mandalay bay, i can tell you there is lots of video, we have
1:26 pm
reviewed it and we have not identified any other person we know to be a suspects at this point. >> a card key to get into his room when he left the hotel? >> the question is do we know that anybody used a room key for the hotel room. and we did not believe that happened. >> can you comment on whether the shooter mental health diagnosis, whether the report he was on valium or other medication? >> the question is about medical status, that is another aspect of the investigation we are keenly interested in and continue to investigate that. >> go ahead, sir. >> so the security officer tells tu of the time line he was shot, 10:18 that's when he tells you he was shot. when was he shot? >> i can tell you the time line off the cam wrath i don't have it in front of me as we sit here. clear about the time line. what the sheriff and i have both explained to you at different times is information that we had
1:27 pm
initially, we went back and reconciled it with what was on the body camera tas well as what was in our computer aided dispatch, so all the time line that we represented to you is what we have to the best of our knowledge today. i'm sorry, i cut you off, ma'am. >> i'm just wondering, are you looking into the question whether he was object cess wd month of october since he bought the guns in october, and anything snels. >> i'm sorry the question is are we looking specifically at the month of october? the answer to that is we are looking at every aspect from birth to death of this suspect in this case. >> so just to go back to the security guard. are you able to tell us what time the alarm went off on the 32nd floor and why it was going off? and is it at all possible the security guard was shot before he fired into the crowd? >> so, you have two part question. what time did the suspect go up? i'm sorry the security officer arrive to check the door and
1:28 pm
why, the answer is the door alarm went off indicating the door was a jar so the officer was dispatched off. i don't have it. and your second question? >> is it possible he was shot? >> the question is was he security officer shot before ts suspect was shooting into the crowd? the answer is yell we believe he was shot, i'm sorry we believe he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot after that. i'm taking twoel more. >> do we know how many people were actually shot versus the trample injuries? >> the question is how many people were shot versus other trampling injuries? as you well know the number dead and injured and we still have critically injured people in the hospitals, you notice i'm not giving you a number, because that number continues to change every day. people are being discharged from the hospital.
1:29 pm
and i'll let the coroner answer those questions because he's best provided to give you the information in regards to whether somebody received a gunshot or another type of wound. >> to clarify a report about a key being used, room key being used when his car was "outfront" garage. did that happen? >> the question is was his vehicle being used while his room key, was his vehicle out of the garage while room key was being used? i'm not aware of that information, sir, no. last question. >> might an address this at the beginning, so maybe two 2,000 people have belongs there. when will they get it back? >> yeah, so we've answered that question a couple of times, but the question is when will people be able to get their property back. as you can imagine we have thousands of peoples thousands of pieces of property left on the field. we are working to find who it is so we can document the evidence where it lay, and catalog it,
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collect it, and then find the mechanism to get that back to the people that actually own it. i believe we are still probably about four days away from allowing that to happen. and final thing i'd like to close by saying to you that it's really imperative that the listening public have a clear understanding that there are still a number of people out there that know that something looked out of place. someone may have been acting suspiciously that night or in the years prior, the months prior, somebody that may have seen something or know something, much like the fbi mentioned, if you know something, you need to say something. please provide that information to us at that 1008 call fbi and we'll continue to up date you as this investigation continues. thank you very much. >> that was las vegas metropolitan police department undersheriff kevin mcmay may
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answering questions about 1 october on sunday of 58 innocent individuals slaughtered by a gunman in the mandalay bay hotel. it seemed like there were two big pieces of news. i want to bring in kim lah or correspondent in las vegas. the biggest news seemed to be still no motive. not been able to ascertain any nexus to any terrorist group even though he acknowledged that isis has been claiming credit, they will have no evidence of that. also confident there was another shooter in the room. >> i made notes of both of that as well, jake. i think you can hear the frustration in the under shlt sheriffs voice. they say they have chased down 1,000 leads. gone through the background, social network, talked to people who know him, looked at his political leanings, anything connected to him, economic, what he did day-to-day, and still
1:32 pm
nothing. they have looked at allegations and so far no nexus to that. they are going to put up a billboard because they say they don't have anything yet. that is what is so per flexiple about this p a 64-year-old man and plans this and still no nothing. another thing i know, jake, they believe someone must have seen something out of place and they are hoping that will lead them to how this horrific plan was hash hatched out and carried out. >> thanks. i want to bring in former assistants director for the u.s. marshall service. art, good to have you with us. a lot of unanswered questions. five days later. is it unusual that five days after such a horrific event law enforcement would still seem to have really no clear motive when
1:33 pm
it comes to this horrific crime? >> it's very unusual. i mean, we have covered, you know, all these mass shootings in the past, and usually within 24 to 48 hours we have a motive here. it's troubling that we don't have a motive after he planned this for so long. and number two, they still don't know what tan right explosives in the vehicle were for. those are two very troubling questions. and you know, whether it comes to the point where they are putting up billboards to get information, that truly means that they don't have a heck of a lot of info. and they will are not getting a lot of stuff off the electronic, computers or whatever, whatever else he was using to communicate and not a lot of information from the girlfriend. so this is one of the cases that's a true outlier that they are just not coming up with a whole heck of a lot of information. and i want to echo the fact that
1:34 pm
the security officer campos is really a hero here. if he hadn't interviewed at that particular time, and shifted the shooter's, you know, attention away from the crowd, there probably would have been a heck after lot more casualties. >> that's right. making the point that jesus campos is mandalay security guard really deserves much more attention than he's gotten at this point. he said he went to see what was going on. he drew fire. he was hit in the leg. he retreated. called it in. and then advised officers when they came on to the scene he called him a true hero. art, i want to ask you about this tanner right. because most people don't know what it is. under the sheriff says it was found in a condition that did not resemble an explosive, impro pro vooised explosive device.
1:35 pm
what is it and why is it important? >> it is a flash powder, and we used it in training, when you are shooting targeted at a far distance, it gives you that you hit a target. puff of smoke. so you don't need a lot of it. now 50 pounds of it, as was told earlier press con trenss, a package of 20, and i believe three packages of 10 pounds, he might be referencing that that was still packaged up. and he gave the chemical compound of the mick toxture of aluminum powder and nitrate, i guess if you struck the vehicle and new where those packages were, it could have caused an explosion. but i think he's referenced it wasn't in a pipe or container that could have been exploded. >> you can almost hear the frustration when the undersheriff spoke today and
1:36 pm
when the sheriff spoke yesterday. they have been very clear, the sheriff especially yesterday, the gunman in his view had to have some help at some point. what do you think somebody who has investigated individuals such as these, is it truly impossible that no one knew anything other than the mass murder himself? >> you know, looking at it, i thought by now we would have a motive. and if he was able to even hide the fact that there is a motive here, then there is a possibility that he didn't get any help. only thing i would say, calfve e and say, there are so many aspects that he planned so well, that it would seem like he would have to have somebody to help him, whether it was on the tactical, financial front, you know, so many logistics, you know, how to properly, you know t make the weapons the way they were. you know, put all the accessories on those weapons. so it seems like more than
1:37 pm
likely, you know, logically that he would have to get some help somewhere in anyone of those aspects. >> all right. former u.s. marshall service thanks for your time. we appreciate it. let's go to cnn brian todd also in las vegas. brian, what stood out to you most from this press conference? >> reporter: well, jake, i think what stands out really is their frustration that they still have not established a clear motive. undersheriff just said himself in past cases terrorism cases other cases of mass shoot continuation and mass murder through social media posts, through other electronic transmissions, they can sometimes ascertain a motive in these couple of days after an incident like this has taken place, and he says right now we don't have that, and i wish we did. the clear frustration is really evident that they just have not been able to establish a clear motive. they are also saying equivicly that they are confident, jake, there was no other shooter, but they cannot say with absolute
1:38 pm
kftd e confidence that no one else was involved. that was the two things that stood out. >> thanks so much in las vegas. coming up, it could be the fourth hurricane to hit the united states in just six weeks. people from florida and including louisiana, we'll have the latest on the track of the storm next. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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breaking news, internationally, we'll have up date on tropical storm nate. category 1 hurricane and slam the gulf coast including new orleans, this will be the fourth to hit the united states following irma harvey. 21 have died in other countries
1:46 pm
as triggered mud slides. let's go to meteorologist allison chinchar where is nate headed right now as it approaches the united states? >> right. so we can narrow it down to very narrow field. and path of where it's going to go. then we look at what else is going on across the country. for example, once it gets into the gulf we know it's not going to go to the panhandle of florida because we have high pressure system blocking it. but also it's not going to effect texas either because of this trot that's right there, the jet dipr rainl >> so walking back this mandate. obama rule that provided employers to give birth control t and this new rule allows for these broad exceptions for companies that have moral or religious objections to doing so. so put it plainly nonprofits and publicly traded companies can decide to stop offering if they have these sincerely held religious beliefs this is something the president promised to religious groups. and sarah huckabee sanders had to defend it today at the press briefing. >> reporter: so they are framing this as this argument as religious liberty. but already heard push back had some strong language saying that under this straks are focused on turning back the clock for wemgs health care. but ryan said he saw it for landmark day. but already ended up in court because we have other groups threatening to file lawsuits over it. >> thank you so much. it's friday. almost quitting time. seems about time for another white house departure lounge announce. . cot secretary of state be in for a recollectin rexit before the through. that story next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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welcome back. in our worldly told nigerian troops have found the body of a missing service member, went missing during a patrol mission, hit by hostile fire on wednesday. this is the fourth confirmed
1:51 pm
death. two other soldiers were wounded. they released the identities, black of washington state, 35 years old. staff sergeant jeremiah johnson of ohio was 38 t and staff sergeant dustin write of georgia 39 years old. our thoughts and prayers with their families. let's move to our politics lead. and we have our panel with us. and i asked a provocative question that i thought i asked in an and tia abortion pro life fashion. doesn't the trump administration allowing more companies to not provide contraceptive coverage because of religious objection, doesn't this theoretically mean unwanted abortions? >> did you think 2010 american was the handmade tail? if not, we have a more generous mandate than we did back then.
1:52 pm
this does not roll back entirely. it gives people with religious objections balance with these concerns the chance to not provide this as part of their employment contracts. i don't want to live in america where nuns have to sue for right flot to pay for birth control. because that is a moral concern for them. >> that was what the compromise that the obama administration tempted to work out. but jake's question was important. which is if you are conservative don't want you want to see few your abortions and pregnancies. if there is access. >> many ways to provide access outside of a blanket government mandate. another question. hold on. if it was so important and we were in the handmade tail in 2010, why did not democrats and obama insist this was part of the law? by the way the reason it can be rolled back because it was phone and pen legislation. ?
1:53 pm
>> that's the whole thing they did a solution, rational solution. now this is going to go back to court. but the real issue is why should my employers or why should a women's employer be able to make the decision for her about whether she has access to her to contraception. i mean, it is a part of health care. there are, i mean 62 million women who are potentially covered. now not all of that is going to be affected. >> not heaven close. hold on. 5 two companies in the wake of the decision have applied and said hey this is something we are concerned about. >> so that was just about people who have a religious mission. >> that's what this was about too. >> but entities specifically had, like religious schools, religious hospitals. this applies to everybody now. so, what, is the ceo -- >> so everyone could have moral concerns? >> no, so women can't have access to reproduction? >> these are the two things we are balancing. >> tan that comes out very
1:54 pm
well -- >> that stbut where does a corp have the right to claim that? i mean i can understand if it's an individual person who is the ceo of a company. but like does frito-lay get to decide whether a woman has access to contraception or not? that is so broad. so personally i'm very glad that they are bringing suit, including the attorney general of california. >> hopefully not nuns. >> that's not the point. that's what obama administration specifically carved out religious missions. that's why there is a compromise there. you are right about that. and that's what was happening under the obama administration. but what this does is open it up to any employer. and by the way any dollar you spend on contraception, you save $5.8 in medicaid costs. >> which is right. which is why 85% of companies
1:55 pm
covered this without a mandate. i have moral objection to the mandate. i think a company can decide to compensate you in any number of ways, including ar 15s, whatever they want. >> then you don't have to cover yourself by contraception. >> i it would like to jump in with one new subject, if possible. because i don't think you are going to achieve agreement on this one, call me crazy. which is harvey other stories brewing about his alleged abuses of woman. democrats have been, he's a huge democratic fundraiser, did a lot of fundraising for hillary clinton. we have now seen democrats giving their campaign donations from him to various charities. and we have seen the republican national committee trying to
1:56 pm
make a big deal of this. legitimate issue for democrats to have to address? >> absolutely. i think democrats have been on the record really against serial predators. one might argue we would like to see the republicans taking a strong stand against what has gone on in the past of even our current commander in chief. but let's just say that clearly anybody who is serial sexual predator, we should not on either side be accepting contributions from. >> you have somebody in mind, governor? >> well, i mentioned the current commander in chief, but anyway. >> well, it's interesting to me one of the statements tells he was basically saying i'm going to work on a film about nra and trump, and tie trump, and basically saying i'm liberal give me a pass, you shouldn't give him a pass. >> i don't think anybody is. but who knows, we'll see. i think it's more that he's powerful. but thank you very much. and we'll see you both on sunday
1:57 pm
morning state of the union. president trump tweeted quote we are doing a great job in puerto rico. ts news on the ground in puerto rico is not quite as sell tomuc. they increased the death toll today. only 10% up in power desperately in need of safe drinking water. one of our couldn' one of our correspondents is bill weir. in fact, the cnn original series wonder list is starting third season, going to take us remarkable places in the world that is battling these forces. joining me now, bill. con grate congratulations. what do they ned? >> reporter: they need so many things. wrapping your head around it. now the heat and most ksleeping
1:58 pm
without roofs. according to them, 8700 on the ground there. for comparison we had 22,000 on the ground in haiti. and earthquakes are very hard to predict. so the response so far, even though the people who are there and doing all the work, does not match the need by a long shot. so you are seeing mostly celebrities with ties to the islands or private citizens sending stuff down there. >> for season three you went to pat gone a, following the story of doug tomkins, here is his widow talking about how they settled in pad a gone yeah. >> we were two settlers doing
1:59 pm
the land and not cutting up the trees. we were foreigners, and we didn't cut the trees. this is some kind of cult, but it was serious. there were death threats. military planes fieg all over our house. all kinds of things quite serious. >> bill? >> reporter: that was the widow of tomkins. they gave millions of acres. so interesting thing about foreign national tried to buy montana. and just how precious she's wild places are. >> amazing show. thanks so much. con grats, starts tomorrow. my guest will be senator chris murphy and ron johnson, and you know two of the panel ess. that's it for the leed.
2:00 pm
i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." have a great weekend. happening now, breaking news, rigged to explode. cnn has learned that investigators now believe the las vegas gunman rigged his car to explode. the vehicle contained 90 pounds of explosives. almost twice the amount earlier revealed. along with suitcases packed with ammunition. decision killing plan. source says the killer tried to buy tracer bullets weeks before the massacre but failed to obtain those rounds that would have helped him zero in on his targets. and what's behind the numbers scribbled on a note pad in his hotel sniper's nest. wait and see, president trump won't say what he meant when he warned of a calm before the storm during a