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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  October 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. check out the best of the best hand-picked fall shows on xfinity x1, online, and the xfinity stream app. thirsty? fomy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard- calms the angry gut. breaking this morning, a new update from the hurricane and predicted path of hurricane nate. it has the gulf coast in its sights and set to make landfall
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late tonight or early morning. >> our team is standing by in new orleans in mobile, alabama both understand hurricane warnings already this morning. we want to go straight to meteorologist chad miers. what are you learning. just in at 8:00. 85-mile-per-hour winds found with the hurricane hunter aircraft, tweeting about this, showing the radar that the aircraft is finding now, trying to get an eye. we talked about this earlier. as long as it doesn't have a really good defined eye, it's not going to rapidly intensify. it's trying to get the eye. it's trying to intensify. the water is insanely warm here. 85 degrees in the water. it's not going to die but the only option it has is to get stronger. but does it have time? from new orleans to pensacola, that's the hurricane warning. anywhere in that area, you're going to get damaged.
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this is the storm coming on shore in the next 15016 hour to hours. you're going to have storm surge, kind of the surge of katrina. just not as big as the surge of katrina. here comes the radar, heavy, heavy rainfall. watch the pumps there. the heaviest will be montgomery, new orleans, back over to biloxi, gulfport, that's where the hurricane makes landfall. somewhere in plaquemines parish around 10:00 tonight. if it misses plaquemines parish, that island, that long peninsula that sticks out. if it misses it proper, you won't get landfall there. the landfall will be farther to the north about three hours later from gulfport to dolphin island to maybe mobile. then it goes right through montgomery, birmingham and atlanta. although it won't be a
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90-mile-per-hour storm, we will be knocking down power lines all across this area. millions of people without power before this is done, even though it's only a category 1. remember, it only has to get to category 2 to be 96 miles an hour. we're only 11 from there. that would make even more damage. montgomery, you're going to get 3 inches of rain. something here, too, kentucky, tennessee, even though you're out of this by far you could also get flooding rainfall because of the rain that happens ahead of that tomorrow. the mountains, 4, 5, 6 inches, rainfall there. and now the biggest threat is over cuba. havana. heavy rainfall. expecting to hear about damage and flooding there. >> chad meyers, thank you so much. >> new orleans is under evacuation warning. this morning, president trump has approved louisiana's
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emergency declaration. kaylee hartung is live in new orleans for us. first, let's start with where these mandatory evacuations are, and the preparations as we see nate get closer and closer to the shore. >> reporter: yeah, victor, officials are saying all preparations for the storm must be rushed to completion today. the area with the greatest sense of urgency that would be the land that lies between lake pontchartrain and gulf of mexico. from venetia isle and the bayou. they want people out of there by today, because they're closing floodgates. it's time for people in those areas to go. following katrina, more than $1400 were spent on a storm defense system. and like we mentioned, if you're outside of those levees, it's time to get out, victor.
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>> kaylee hartung there in new orleans. thank you so much. let's go to the phones to the lieutenant governor of louisiana. mr. lieutenant governor, thank yous for being with us. from your vantage point are people heeding these mandatory evacuation orders? you know when you put hurricane and new orleans in the same sentence, people think katrina. this is not katrina, but are they taking heed? >> well, you know, a cat 1, people don't get as astute as they should be. we said all along with were preparing for a cat 1 or 2 or 3, and it looks like it could hit cat 2 before it hits land and plaquemines parish, they a have $1 billion levee understand constructio under construction. and this one, they should take special caution for. >> are you confident, lund governor, that the city, the
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state, is prepared to help people who do not follow those evacuation orders? >> absolutely. you know, we -- the governor has been calling his team and periodically, we'll be meeting again at 10:30. we're hoping people heed the warning. south is called an evacuation warning today because it's so close to the southern tip of plaquemines parish. we hope people will get out. we'll be ready to respond with any emergency situation after the storm passes. >> so, the president has granted that request for an emergency declaration which frees up some money to prepare for the storm. and frees up reimbursement for preparations. walk through beyond the call for evacuation for some of those areas between lake pontchartrain and where it empties into the gulf and the preparation that's happening for nate? >> well, a lot of people pick up and sand bag their personal
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properties but a lot of those areas and homes have been elevated since katrina and it was influenced so many times. but the real problem, if they don't evacuate is once the flooding is in there, they will be isolated without power, until the storm has passed and people can get in to rescue them. that's why we ask them to get out of those low-lying areas, especially outside of the hurricane protection system. >> lieutenant governor billy nungesser, best of luck to you and all the crews there. all right. like louisiana, alabama is understand a state of emergency as well. >> all right. cnn's ryan young is along the gulf coast in mobile. walk us through some of the preparations we're seeing there. >> reporter: absolutely. look, christi and victor, the big conversation here is about all of the storms that have been hitting this general area. of course, the united states over the last year. you have people having the conversation openly about what they should do to get ready for
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the storm. the mayor here says they clean all the storm drains to make sure water can flow through the area. they're expecting a storm surge of 5 to 9 feet. think about this, they're as going to shut down the airport around 4:00 this afternoon. and this port behind me, this beautiful port is going to be shut down at 8:00. there's a carnival cruise line known as "fantasy" that they left out in the ocean because they want to make sure it doesn't come in during the storm. on the dirty side of the storm, they want to make sure that water doesn't flood this area. the bigger conversation is the heavy winds and possibilities of tornado. we've been told by the city officials that they've prepositioned heavy equipment throughout the city to make sure if anything happens they're able to respond quickly. as i was talking to some people yesterday, they're like, hey, we don't really think we're going to get hit with heavy flooding but they want to be prepared. especially in the downtown area. we've seen the sandbags being
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put outside of businesses just in case. i think the conversation is being prepared and that open conversation is happening throughout the city. of course, people have seen the storms from other places. they want to make sure it doesn't happen here. >> ryan young there for us. thank you so much, ryan, we'll check back with you later on this hour. >> parts of mississippi understand a state of emergencies. and the city's public affairs manager. good morning, mr. cleo, for being here with us. what is your biggest concern as the storm is heading your way? >> well, our biggest concern is we're not accustomed to having storms this late in the season. typically august is prime time for us. the first weekend in october, every year, we have a huge event called cruising the coast, where we have tens of thousands of visitors come in, from across the country, we saw this coming. so, on wednesday and thursday, we started giving them a heads-up that the weather may
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start deteriorating this weekend. you may want to cut your visit short. so last night, we just had thousands of vehicles, $8,200 weeks from across the county were parading up and down the highway from one end of the mississippi gulf coast to the other. so, we're anticipating that parade is going to be heading out of town this morning and as we move into the afternoon. additionally, along that beachfront highway in biloxi, we had 700 rvs and fifth-wheelers. we started saying welcome to them, welcome to biloxi. our beautiful climate also has issues now and then and one of them is coming up. our biggest concern is we're talking about is people from across the country who may not realize how fast that weather can change. it's been beautiful all week. but we knew what was coming this weekend and now we're there.
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>> you make a good point that there are people who come in from out of town that don't know how quickly the weather can change. and also the people that live there, that once you get past the peak of hurricane season, of course, we saw irma and maria and all of the storms that hit this season, there's an exhale from biloxi. but are people evacuating? are people taking that seriously, the residents there, and are there any mandatory evacuations? >> as far as i know, mandatory evacuations have not been issued as of yet. however, i will tell you that harrison county opened up five shelters lasts night. they announced they're opening at 2:00 this afternoon. for people who are vulnerable or need a ride, that want to use one of these shelters, that's a signal to residents that, hey, we may ask you to move if you're in a low-lying area.
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and we have the shelter. the great thing to happen so to speak, we have these reminders that we saw down in florida that we saw with our good friends in rockport, texas where we just visited and had people working down there. these were reminders to people that, hey, katrina was a while back when it hit us, but look what can still happen this late in the year. so, that's what we're doing. this is not our first rodeo, we know it's a category 1 but you want to be vigilant in your preparations. just a few minute ago, our hurricane warning sirens were sounding throughout the city of biloxi, reminding people to take this seriously. and we think this is. >> public affairs manager creel, thank you for joining us. hopefully, all your citizens have gotten out. and everything will be fine. all right. let's now now to las vegas and
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the question why. will the answer to the question of the killer's motive be found on a mysterious note that was discovered in the hotel suite. cnn's scott mclain is covering details of this investigation. scott. >> reporter: victor, as you said, police here in las vegas continue to search for a motive after sunday's deadly shooting that killed 58. ahead, what a note found inside the suspect's hotel room had written on it, and how an open door may have helped stop him. new power... fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy.
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in just a few hours vice president pence is going to be in las vegas. of course, he's there to pay his respects to the victims of sunday's massacre. his visit comes as authorities are still searching for the motive that seems to be so
5:18 am
elusive. >> here's what we know, authorities are analyzing a mysterious note, highlighted there on the screen. this was left behind in the gunman's suite. we're also learning that stephen paddock tried to buy tracer ammunition. bullets with pyrotechnic charge at gun shows. it showed the path went in the dark. plus, these pictures from the killer's hotel suite show the arsenal on weapons and weapons found in his car. >> cnn's scott mclean is live in las vegas. he's following the investigation. are we any closer to learning why. there have been so many leads, they say, but is anything leading them to what they really want in terms of a motive here. >> reporter: yeah, so, christi, police here have gotten more than 1,000 tips, but the shooter didn't leave behind a whole lot of clues as to his motive. as you mention, one of the things that he did leave was a
5:19 am
note. not a suicide note, not a manifesto, but a piece of paper inside his hotel suite with a series of numbers on it. police are currently analyzing that to figure out any meaning from those numbers. we know that stephen paddock, the suspect was able to shoot down on the concertgoers for about ten minutes before he was confronted by a security guard. we're learning that security guard ended you on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel because an open door on that floor set off an alarm that led him there. that security guard jesus campos ended up getting shot in the leg. he's widely credited with distracting the suspect and potentially saving many, many lives. police believe that paddock did act alone. but what they cannot be sure of is whether any type of help, or anyone that knew of the plot beforehand, they've gone through hours and hours of hotel video
5:20 am
throughout the hotel and out, and as you know, paddock tried to buy that tracer ammunition in phoen phoenix. he wasn't able to because they didn't have any in stock. the advantage of that, he would be able to see where the bullets are landing. additionally, people would be able to see where the shots are coming from. his girlfriend, former girlfriend, marilou danley is cooperating. and one other thing to point out, christi and victor, is that vice president mike pence will be here in las vegas in a couple hours from now to take part in a unity prayer walk. he's also expected to speak at las vegas city hall. >> scott mclean, thank you for the update. let's bring in cnn law enforcement and retired special agent james gabriano. james, the first question to you, how meticulous this plan was, so many have said this is, in the estimation of at least
5:21 am
one expert, beyond meticulous. but when we read that there were 50 pounds of explosive powders in the car but not in ied form. that he had an escape plan and 23 guns and all of the ammunition needed. what's your assessment, that this was a meticulous plan? >> i do think it was meticulous, but again, victor, as we spoke about an hour ago, we're trying to apply normal people standards to a psychopath. and we're trying to figure out what sense does this make when none of this makes sense. i want to go back to, i believe it was about three hours after the initial shots rang out, by the time it had been resolved so to speak. that the sheriff first made his initial statements on this. his words were very pressing. he said this is going to be a protracted investigation. think about the leads. i know the number of 1,000 was thrown out there.
5:22 am
i think 1,000 is at the bottom of the spectrum on the type of leads. we know that they traveled on us cruises together. he know she was sent home to her port of call, the philippines. and we know there's movements that are not covered by video camera. there's not some type of digital exhaust that we're able to pick up. this is going to continue to build out. the frustrating part as you alluded to, the motive. and trying to get to that. i think in the next couple of days we'll get a better picture of that. >> in the discussion of this projected investigation, investigators are saying they're going to rent billboards and put the shooter's face on them, kind of a if you saw something, say something approach. as we get almost a week from the attack and further and further away, now quickly do those of as, those options of leads, the
5:23 am
credible ones at least, dry up? >> well, the big problem is, as you just pointed out, the fact there's so few critical leads in any investigation, there's lots of noise and distractions. it's not that people are trying to cause you difficulty. people are earnest and ernst while in trying to get leads. but they all have to be run down. i can speak from personal experience, on the clear billboards. when i ran an 81 state new york investigation a few years ago, we had a fugitive after a gang release. we were able to because the big channel billboards. word got back to them by their family they were on the big screen in times square it was enough to compel them to reach out to us. so very good effective tool. i think it's the right approach to take.
5:24 am
>> james gagliano, great to have your insight. >> thank you. hurricane nate is barreling down. landfall expected some time tonight. >> kal kayla hartung is there. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans said none of the preparations will matter if citizens don't do their part. coming up, we'll tell you how the city and its people are preparing for this fast-moving storm. i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. so grateful to have your company here. 8:28 is the time. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. nate is rolling towards the gulf coast and it's a category 1 hurricane. president trump has approved
5:29 am
storm aid for the area. >> cnn's meteorologist chad myers is live from the weather center right now. what's the trajectory so folks know? >> roaring towards the gulf and it's 22 miles per hour. that is a quick clip. that's also some good news because it's not going to spend a lot of time in the gulf of mexico. but bad news, as it tries to push a storm surge out of the gulf coast. dr. michael brand joins us from the hurricane center senior specialist. doctor, as you look at the hurricane this morning, at surge potential, any surprises for you right now? >> well, we're continuing to see nate strengthen. winds at 85 miles per hour. additional strengthening, we could see nate high into category 1 or 2. potentially landfall. but we are very concerned about
5:30 am
that storm surge potential especially from the mississippi river to alabama/florida border where we could see 5 to 9 feet of storm surge innovation in these areas. places like gulfport, biloxi, mobile bay and southeastern louisiana. that's a life-threatening storm surge there. so anybody in those areas asked to revac wait, we encourage them to do so today, while you still have time. >> we're also seeing the wind gusts in biloxi. all the way up even into montgomery. knocking down significantly power lines here. what about the power outages from this, all the way up to atlanta? >> yeah, as nate is moving inland, it's going to move in very quickly but it's going to weaken. the forward motion, we're still going to expect to see tropical storm warnings, in portions of alabama, north west georgia. we could see gusty winds, trees, power line problems extending inland for a couple hundred miles away from the gulf coast.
5:31 am
>> one more thing. the kentucky/tennessee area ahead of the storm, i'm seeing the potential for flash flooding there, although it's nowhere near the eye, that moisture is pushing towards the head of those states. what are you predicting for that potential? >> we're looking at rainfall amounts 3 to 6 inches, deep south, possibly 10. 2 to 5 in the southern appalachians. but those areas are a lot more susceptible because of topography, and you're right, that rain can occur well in advance of the center. >> well in advance. and people don't expect it, all of a sudden, you have 6 inches in four hours. and flash flooding in places that are hundreds of miles away from landfall. doc doctor, thank you very much. what we're doing here, you let us know what you're doing there. the surprises we're seeing today, victor, really are going to be whether this eye wall
5:32 am
truly closes can we get rapid intensification from here? right now, so far, so good -- no. 70, 75, 80, over the 12-hour period that's not considered rapid intensification. but we could have been looking at if the eye had developed overnight, somewhere bigger than 100 miles per hour storm. we don't see that. hurricane hunters in there and watching. >> quickly, chad, we just got the advisory. when is the next one? >> 11:00, we'll have a new projected path. truly, the path is pretty much set. now, will it hit plaquemines parish, that's the question that we don't know. here, i'm going to zoom in. and drill down to as close as i can, here's plaquemines parish. new orleans is not on the gulf of mexico. it's 60 lands inland.
5:33 am
there's not much inland there. that's plaquemines parish, it's not going to slow it down at all. then the cone is all the from from dolphin island to slidell, you can't lose the focus on the cone even though it's moving in that direction. this is where it's most prevalent, 9 feet of surge and then on top of that, that's not katrina but the same place where katrina was, biloxi, mobile. gulfport. >> chad, thank you. religious liberty on the job versus female reproductive needs. that's the way that some people are framing this conversation. the trump administration rolls back a key obamacare mandate for birth control. what it means for the individual and for the employer, next. years of citi history matter to you?
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a change in the obamacare mandate for covering birth control could mean that an employer could no longer pay for it. >> trump administration decided employers may now have more leeway to refuse those medications based on religious grounds. several groups say they do plan to file legal challenges. the aclu has already filed suit, we should point. let's bring in jason miller, cnn's legal commentator and former communications adviser for the trump campaign. and maria cardona, political strategist. good to have you both here. real quickly i want to the get
5:39 am
to something that happened in the last few minutes president trump tweeted this, i called chuck schumer yesterday to see if the dems want to do a great health care bill. obamacare is badly broken, big premiums. who knows. let's go back to what he said back in july when this was voted down. let's watch. >> i've been saying for a long time, let obamacare fail and then everybody's going to have to come together and fix it. and come up with a new plan and a plan that's really good for the people with much lower premiums, much lower for us, and much better protection. i'll be saying that, mike, let obamacare fail, it will be a lot easier. i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare care fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and democrats are going to come to us and say how do we fix it?
5:40 am
or come up with a new plan. we'll see what happens. >> jason miller, he said they'll come to us but he just tweeted he called chuck schumer. you say what? >> well, i think this is a win-win for president trump here for a couple of reasons. number one, we can't just let obamacare fail and have the entire health care system spiral out of control. i mean this is a system we're having to prop up with billions and billions of dollars every single year. but i think also what president trump is doing here is lighting a fire under republicans who think that now we can just completely ignore failing obamacare. and never have to come back to us with a subtle reminder to politicians on the hill, they still have to come up with a solution because it's unsustainable where the program's at right now. >> so, wait a minute, you're saying he called chuck schumer in order to light a fire under republicans? >> i think that could possibly be one of the reasons. and again, regardless of which answer it is, whether it is to come up with a solution of working with democrats and reaching across party lines or if it's a way to light a fire under republicans who should
5:41 am
have had a plan, ready to go, as soon as the president was elected. it's complete malpractice they didn't have a strategy. it's a good strategy and i love it and a great way to light the fire. >> i actually agree with jason. that he doesn't think we can let it fail. that millions and millions will be without care and that the trump administration will absolutely own it. so, i'm glad that trump was understanding that he was wrong in the clip that you just played. that they cannot let obamacare fail. i hope that republicans come to the table and work with democrats on fixing the affordable care act. what's interesting even though republicans are saying, some republicans, that they don't want to let obamacare fail, they're doing everything in their power right now with what they can with executive orders to roll back all of the protections in the provisions. and yesterday's egregious rollback of the birth control mandate for obamacare is one of
5:42 am
those pieces of making sure that obamacare actually does fail. >> okay. vinita gupta, a top civil rights lawyer wrote this the freedom is not an absolute right. it not be used as a shield to permit discrimination against lgbtq americans as a basis to discriminate against african-americans, jason. >> these images of the obamacare administration attacking the little sisters of the poor is a big part of the reason why hillary clinton lost the election last november. you think about these critical swing states like pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, states with large catholic communities. these constant reminder that the federal government was essentially running this anti-catholic church campaign against these groups like the little sisters of the poor really is something that helped
5:43 am
fire up voters and turn them out against hillary clinton and for donald trump. i think the whole media is missing the point that this is about religious liberty that this will impact somewhere between 50 and 200 companies. and i think it's completely overblown. something that the left, political left, wants to use as a scare tactic across the country and quite frankly, i dovn don't think it's going to work. >> maria, is it overblown? >> absolutely not, the religious freedom is a ruse for them to take over the women's right. and there was an acceptance to the birth control mandate for religious organizations. what trump did yesterday was open the door for any employer, to use the use of religious freedom to take away protections for women across the country. to be able to buy -- to be able to access health care. health care access in the last
5:44 am
five years has been the number one issue that has controlled unwanted pregnancies. that has -- that has decreased the number of abortions. and i would think our republican friends who say they're pro-life would want that. that is shameful. and i hope that american women across the country are not going to go for it. >> i'm sorry, but we have run out of time. jason miller, maria cardone in, i appreciate you both being here. tonight on a new season of "the wonder list" an american couple starts buying up land in patagonia, it makes the locals nervous until they find out their plans for their plan. >> most agile and intelligent big cat is the puma. >> you can't just inherit 4,000 acres. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant.
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gum brand. cnn is kicking off tonight a new season of "the wonder list" with bill weir. >> the first up is a couple that's giving away millions of acres in patagonia. >> this place is home to the smallest deer in the planet. the little pudo. the most agile cat the puma. thousands of different kinds ever moss. countless ferns. big trees that were alive, a thousand years before christ walked the earth. all of which appealed to a certain tree-hugger from back east. an adventure lover. adrenaline junkie.
5:50 am
big river rafter, big mountain skier and big moneymaker by the name of douglas thompson. he dropped out of school went west and joined a group called the fun hogs. they climbed into a van in san francisco, surfed, climbed, kayaked their way all the way to patagonia. >> bill weir is with us now. bill, a beautiful point of the globe. that's the point, right? >> exactly. doug, after the adventure, he gets frustrated that he can't find good sleeping gear so he starts a company called north face. and his friend starts a company called patagonia. millionaires by the time they're in their 30s. they're sold in their art
5:51 am
collections, started buying large chunks of land. the locals were skeptical. imagine taking the farms out and trying to preserve it. so there are all these years of conspiracy and neighborly fights. a love story is at the center of this tale. big questions about the best on this planet and how he saved them. >> oh, my goodness, it looks just beautiful. i have to ask you quickly what struck you the most when you walked away from it? >> just that there's still incredibly wild places, gauchos, those who live in the mountains. the ecosystem of this planet is incredibly connected and complex. so, all of our little decisions add up to big consequences in places like that. but this is a gorgeous trip to a place if you ever wanted to go. we'll take you there tonight. >> i want to see the trees. >> yeah, yeah.
5:52 am
>> trees, they were just huge and gorgeous. >> bill, thanks so much. we're looking forward to the premiere of season 3, tonight, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, guys. some people spend too much time on their smartphones, right? well, there's one company helping folks get off the phone gut stay conne but stay connected in this week's "start small think big." >> hi, light phone is a stand-alone cell phone it actually only makes phone calls and stores ten speed dials and is intentionally designed to be used as less as possible. we call that going light. no e-mails, no apps, it maintains your cell phone number as a seams extension of your smartphone. it's less about what your phone can do featurewise and more
5:53 am
about what we can do as humans untethered from the internet. >> we started light phone, we already shipped 11,000. >> light phone comes packaged in a hard cover book of photographs to remind users that the light phone is about the experience of going light, not necessarily the object itself. >> we wanted to encourage people to take a break and enjoy what we already have in life. we have so much in front of us. we don't really need all of that information coming at us all the time. so, stilometimes, you could be the present and experience time when it happens. the breaking news this morning, hurricane nate roaring toward the gulf coast as a category 1 hurricane. >> meteorologist chad myers. what are you learning? >> good morning, guys, some very
5:54 am
warm water in the gulf of mexico. right now, 85 miles per hour. this morning, when we woke up, it was 70, 75 and now 85. and landfall somewhere east of the new orleans, likely. biloxi, gulfport. here's pictures from golf shores. alabama, very rough surf already there. stay out of the water today. rip currents everywhere today, need to be away and safe from this. it will be gone by tomorrow. this is a quick-moving storm. but it will be a rough day at the surf today. if you're in the red zone, you're going to see damage. this is the hurricane warning zone. this is the area that's going to see winds of 75 or more. some spots will pick up 100-mile-per-hour gusts, no question. what does it mean right now? what are we looking at? here's the storm itself. it's a category 1 storm. it's 85 miles per hour, but it has wind gusts to 100. and even some of our weather models today saying we could see wind gusts of somewhere around
5:55 am
115, around biloxi, gulfport, that bay st. louis area, christiane. and don't take your eye off of landfall east or west of that, somewhere around 70 miles an hour, you'll see damage with that wind and surge. the biggest surge is 9 feet, 9 feet above seawater. it's moving very, very quickly. it's moving at 22 miles per hour. we haven't had a storm move that past. harvey moved like at 2. this is 22. so, you are going to see that landfall, with the surge, pushing the water, due to that wind also, a lot of power lines down with the wind as well as it pushes into georgia, mississippi, too. >> you see it moving all the way up to new york by the time it's over. we'll talk about that in the next hour. chad myers, wee appreciat appre.
5:56 am
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