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tv   New Day  CNN  October 10, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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or grandparents. it turns out that could be bad. less than a third have a credit card compared to more than half of people age 30 to 49 and nearly 70% of people over 65. experts say millennials fear debt, especially after witnessing the financial crisis. no question being cautious is smart, but it can be smarter to use credit cards responsibly. it helps build credit and they offer bet he fraud protections than debit cards. it's actually congress that put the ca bosh on companies being able to market to 19-year-olds. but now not opening credit cards. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> "new day" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> he's said we're going to be okay as long as the adults are still there. that's extraordinary. mcconnell and corker and the entire establishment globalist clique have to go. >> that should be a full stop
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all traffic cups to a halt moment. this is a cry for help for the country. >> we have significant policy agenda problems in these feuds. >> over 14 major fires burning across eight gusting to 40 to 50 miles per hour. >> we'll be working very closely with governor brown to see you through these challenging times. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> the wildfires are terrible. i was just in napa this weekend. it's amazing how fast this all has happened. >> i was surprised we haven't headed out there yet. the firefighters are so stretched that they're not able to defend some of the structures. you'll see when you look online a hilton hotel burning. they couldn't put it out. they're just stretched too thin.
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it's moving too fast. that situation may get worse before it gets better. >> we'll get to all of that over the next three hours. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it's tuesday, october 10th, 6:00 here in new york. is there a civil war brewing inside the gop? this battle between president trump and senator bob corker is forcing republicans to choose sides and the silence is deafening when it comes to defending the president. white house official tells cnn the president is not finished with corker. we are waiting to hear, for the first time, since corker dropped this verbal hammer on the president's fitness for office. what will the president say to the nation about his own fitness? will he talk about it at all? new report in "the washington post" likens president trump to a pressure cooker, frustrated with his top brass, angered by
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his criticism to hurricane response and now threatening his agenda by torching alliances. president trump plans to repeal protections against greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. in a bizarre public feud between the first lady and the president's first wife. melania trump firing back at ivana trump after ivana called herself the first lady. joe johns is live at the white house. what's the latest there, joe? >> good morning, alisyn. the president and his top allies continue to try to project political strength through the controversy involving senator bob corker, even though the president's often confrontation relationship with lawmakers and his low approval ratings have been cited as reasons why he has had a difficult time getting his legislative agenda through capitol hill. nonetheless, the suggestion this morning from the white house is
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that the president will continue with past practice. president trump is not finished with senator corker, according to a white house official. after the high-ranking member of mr. trump's own party delivered this scathing rebuke of the commander in chief. >> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind, you know. foreign polishes and, you know, he doesn't realize that, you know, we could be heading toward world war iii with the kind of comments he's making. >> reporter: form er white hous strategist steve bannon, fired in august, lashed out at bob corker last night. >> if bob corker has any decency, he should resign immediately. >> reporter: ramping up efforts to unseat establishment republicans in next year's primaries. >> mcconnell and corker and the entire click establishment globalist click on capitol hill have to go. there's a coalition coming
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together that's going to challenge every republican incumbent except ted cruz. >> reporter: a source telling cnn that the president is stallstall -- frustrated over the stalled agenda. most republicans aren't taking sides in this bitter feud between trump and corker but nearly a dozen aides and advisers tell cnn that corker is saying what many believe privately. >> i don't think he appreciates that when the president of the united states speaks and says the things that he does, the impact that it has around the world, especially in the region that he's addressing. so, yeah, i mean, that's concerning to me. >> reporter: vice president pence and senior counselor kellyanne conway coming to the president's defense monday, attempting to flip the script on corker. >> world leaders see that and find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible.
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>> reporter: but not everyone in the president's inner circle thinks the public feud is good for trump. trump needs corker's vote to get his agenda passed. and he has already alienated another top senate republican, john mccain. the secretary of state and secretary of defense are expected to come here to the white house today to have lunch with the president. it comes during a week when the president is expected to announce he will decertify the iran nuclear deal and send it to capitol hill. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> thanks so much, joe. let's bring in the political panel, editor at large chris cilizza and a.b. stoddard. a.b., how real is the infighting? is this just about the president once again getting sideways with someone in washington, d.c. or is this something larger? >> oh, it's definitely larger. because we're watching what happened in the alabama senate primary runoff where the sitting
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senator, luther strange, who the establishment spent millions of dollars backing and actually secured a rally from president trump on his behalf, and he ended up losing to the steve bannon insurgent candidate who is going to be a real problem for any republican incumbent running in 2018, chris. everybody will ask about the person who is about to become the senator from alabama, roy moore and his divisive conspiracy theorists and everything he has said and done. you have this real open up battle now. it's not just corker making comments about president trump and his conduct. this is about steve bannon trying to break up the establishment and the establishment fighting to hold on. >> chris cilizza, how do you see it? it's not like senator corker's comments finally so publicly on
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the record with "the new york times," that that kind of allowed everybody to begin speaking their mind. yesterday congressman sean duffy seemed to be firmly in the president's camp, still supporting the president over senator corker. senator lindsey graham saying the president played a great golf game yesterday. >> 73. >> right. during bad weather conditions. president trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions. so, how do you think it's going in the halls of congress? >> one critical difference between bob corker and all those other names you mentioned. he's retiring. that is not a coincidence that he is now willing to speak out. you lock at polling. donald trump is not popular. well under 50%. some polling under 40%. but where is he still popular? the republican base. voters who come out and vote in mid term primaries. so, these senators are afraid of
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him. there is no question. bob corker said this in the interview you played with "new york times" jn than martin. he said most of his colleagues understand you're dealing with someone -- his word was volatile, who needs to be managed. why haven't we heard from more of them? they are afraid of what the consequences are of speaking out against donald trump. the roy moores of the world will come out of the woodwork and challenge them. then you have steve bannon further making them anxious, because he's actively recruiting in place like wyoming. john barasso is being recruited against because he's an establishment guy, member of the leadership. same thing in mississippi with roger wicker. these are establishment folk who if you want to be an outsider and insurgent that's the way you run against them. i think there's a lot of fear
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for their own political lives that's keeping them relatively quiet. >> isn't the stuff that bannon is doing good for the president? i get other senators not jumping up to defend the president is not helpful. what bannon is doing, he says he's doing it to help the president, that these people will be more pro trump than the people who are there right now. so do you see that as bad for the president, all these guys getting primaried? >> well, look, when was the -- how many times have we now read a story in "the washington post" or "new york times" that says the president is isolated, burning alliances and rupturing coalitions. it's not really going so well. if we thought president trump was trying to build a sturdy and reliable governing coalition, i think we would see the fruits of that by now.
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sure, you can come in, burn it down and try to get rid of every establishment person in the house sbnt and your own party but it's not really going to bode well for actual governing. it's a 38/62 percent strategy. if bannon is successful it will still leave establishment republicans there, warring with the new destructors and disrupters. i don't know that it's a real -- if he had 12 terms and said by the end of it i'm going to have everyone in the house and senate look like roy moore and steve ban n omt n, that would be fine. meantime how is he going to change the health care for people out there paying the highest premiums and deductibles, struggling through illnesses without coverage and waiting for a tax cut? i don't know that it's a good governing strategy. >> chris, "the washington post" has a headline this morning that
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it's turning into a pressure cooker. one trump confidante likening the president to a whistling teapot, that when he does not blow off steam he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. i think we are in pressure cooker territory. >> how can that be different than what we have been in? but yeah. look, the corker attacks over the weekend, if you didn't think this already, i don't see how you can't be convinced of that. i believe strongly he is someone who the strategy is that there really isn't a strategy. it may well be good for his base. it may well help down the line but in the near term, which is trying to accomplish things, trying to say to the people who elected him, i changed washington, i did this i did that, it doesn't make any sense.
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i do believe you're playing with someone playing zero dimensional chess. it's turned out i don't think there's any evidence to suggest that there isn't a huge blueprint in the oval office that he is operating against. that he just says and does things, sees how people react and he reacts to the reaction. that's a tactic at best, not a strategy. i think that's why you've seen the governance piece really struggling and why he keeps wanting to get back to the campaign. in that piece, alisyn, there's a great paragraph in there. when he went to north carolina to do a fund-raiser over the weekend he really wanted to do a campaign rally. his aides talked him out of t he wa wants to hear the cheering of the crowds. >> that's got to be what is driving the nfl stuff. >> right. >> nobody was talking about the
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nfl because they're dealing with real need, puerto rico, las vegas or even in washington, d.c. with pelosi town hall. nobody cared about the nfl. they sent pence out. he left. what's the net plus/minus on that? >> an event they couldn't have anticipated, using taxpayer dollars for that kind of divisive move when vice president pence could have tweeted about that, been at a supply drive for victims of the hurricane in puerto rico, people still without water and electricity. we'll have our own refugee crisis. they're all going to be leaving that island coming to the homeland because they're without basic needs. this is absolutely the most divisive, irresponsible move. and i think the people -- i understand why the president first did it. he actually -- two saturdays ago he threaten nuclear war over
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twitter. i believe h.r. mcmaster or general kelly came in and said that was unwise. then the next morning he started a fight with the nfl that lasted five days. he feels the base loves it. it's not governing or problem solving. vice president pence, it's interesting he was willing to put himself into that trap but it back fired. >> division is contagious. he has been using it as a wedge. now it's coming back at him with his own, inside his party. >> thank you, a.b., chris. breaking news. at least ten people are dead in wildfires burning out of control in northern california. tens of thousands of people are fleeing these wildfires. what's it like, miguel?
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>> reporter: this is what is left of a hilton resort in sonoma on a huillside. the entire hotel went up, as we can tell. this is right smack in the middle of wine country here. santa rosa hit very, very hard. 1500 structures destroyed in this area. we have a before and after of coffee park, a neighborhood here in santa rosa. you can see what a lovely neighborhood it was before. and then this fast-moving wildfire fueled by wind went right through it and completely devastated the area. so far in california, 120,000 acres are burning. in anaheim, south of los angeles, several hundred miles here to the south, there's a fire burning, 5,000 acres plus. it looked like hell on earth as wind was blowing that fire up the neighborhoods there. several homes went up in flames. thousands more are now
3:16 am
threatened. the only good news, if there is good news -- lots and lots of firefighters, tens of thousands of firefighters across the state, is that the wind has died down. the humidity is also expected to go up. chris? >> all right, miguel. listen. be careful out there. we see you've got the mask on. you don't feel it in the moment. you keep inhaling that smoke, it's going to shorten your day. keep us up-to-date with what's going on, my friend. >> look how close the flames are to him. >> they light a fire behind the line of where it's going so the fire can only advance so much. but, you know, it's hard to cover those things. it's hard to fight them as firefighters. and they are so weather dependent. we're going to keep an eye on that situation. even though it's several hundred miles away from the big population center, that can really change in about 36 hours. we'll stay on that. another big story this morning, political intrigue.
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first lady melania trump firing back at president trump's first wife, ivana for calling herself the first lady. >> i have the direct number for white house but i do not really want to call him there because melania is there. i do not want to cause trouble there because i'm basically first trump wife. i'm first lady, okay? >> let's bring back chris cillizza and a.b. stoddard and let them handle this. here is how a first lady spokesperson responded to that. mrs. trump has made the white house the home for baron and the president. she is honored by her role as first lady of the united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. there's clearly no substance for this statement from an ex. unfortunately this is only
3:22 am
attention seeking and self-serving noise. >> and the white house bashing the mother of three of his kids acres beautiful dynamic there, a.b. stoddard. what's your take? >> in your words, chris, we've got a situation here. i mean, you know, i really -- if i were melania, i think it would be better if she didn't say anything. at the same time, you're right. she's sticking up for herself. but it looks like she's bashing the first wife. the first wife overstepped her bounds and was being too provocative and attention seeking in her comments. it sounded like she was having fun and joking but it's all around something i would like to sort of unsee and unknow. >> why, cillizza? we're having it both ways, right? we ramped up what ivana said as if she was making a play for power. >> no, i think she was joking. >> of course she was joking. >> but i think a.b. is right, she was being provocative. >> jealousy is a tough word.
3:23 am
>> to sell books. >> the media dangled this out there. melania and the white house took the bait. in truth we've seen this happen once before during the conventions of the i don't know that melania trump has anything to do with this. i don't know that she even like this had strategy but it was done in her name by the white house. now it's a situation. who would respond to something like this? why are they doing it? >> i mean, who would respond to every negative little thing said about him by every person? donald trump. it's not terribly surprising to me, honestly, because this is someone who does not let slights or even -- it's clearly a joke, right? she's trying to get headlines but i don't ooh even think she was trying to be terribly provocative. i think she's talking. she's the first lady. first wife. >> first wife, first lady. i get it. >> that melania responded, i
3:24 am
think what you're dealing with, with the trumps, is sort of the political equivalent of our kardashian culture. they like drama. drama, drama, drama all the time. this one against that one, drives up ratings. keeps people watching. i don't know any other way to analyze it. it makes no sense for melania to take this seriously, to see this as attention seeking. >> we should be slow to put it on her, by the way. my gut is that this is not something that melania trump would have motivated. it's not her saying it but the white house on her behalf. >> the expert on this, of course, is andy cohen, who runs the "housewives" franchise. he was weighing in on this as being tawdry. harvey weinstein has been ousted after a series of really
3:25 am
disgusting sexual harassment and sexual -- i mean, it's beyond sexual harassment, some of the things that he is accused of. but do you think there's a double standard in terms of democrats not coming out and condemning this? >> yes. whether hillary clinton weighed in on roger ales or anyone else, she is a public person and has benefited from his support in the past. she needs to talk about whether, you know, corporate culture permits this kind of complicity where they cover up for each other. let alone how the women have been treated and what they suffered. this is not one incident that went on for decades. and i think it's time for her to man up and president obama as well. and people who have really enjoyed his support through the years. >> hold on a second.
3:26 am
hold on. as you were talking, a.b., we had a picture of harvey weinstein with jared kushner and ivanka trump. he is a huge democrat. this is not about -- >> millions for democrats. >> he has held fund-raisers, multiple fund-raisers for barack obama's campaign, not just donating money but raising money. fund raise for hillary clinton's campaign. yes, he is a person who gets his photograph made because he is famous with other famous people including, yes, donald trump, ivanka trump, thank you for sending me that photograph 10 million times. the broader point is that this guy is a democrat, very high-profile democrat, fund-raiser and bundler of money and i think it's amazing that you don't see hillary clinton and barack obama who frankly are still the two highest profile democrats in the country not say this is unacceptable behavior.
3:27 am
>> why is that, chris? because it's not the easiest thing to say, to come out and condemn this? why aren't they doing it? >> i don't know. situational ethics. it's easy to condemn people you're not friends with. it's harder to condemn people you are friends with. >> that's a phrase but there is no thing such as situational h ethics. >> there shouldn't be. >> if you took his money, there should be a watch, what do you do with weinstein's money. >> of course. >> do you give it back? when do you give it back? >> all sorts of people are gevg it to charity. that sounds like the right answer. >> all sorts but not that many. >> it's good if dick blumenthal gives back the money weinstein gave him but you're talking bill
3:28 am
clinton, hillary clinton, barack obama not saying anything about -- forget money, donations and bundling. but not saying anything about this story, which is, you know, inarguably one of the five biggest stories in the country. nothing? not a statement, not one sentence saying icon dem this behavior? of course they do. the point is when you're a public figure you need to be on record. >> especially if you want more eye ground. that's been a pushback against the president of the united states. you have to own it and you have to do it when it's not convenient as well as when it is. >> a.b. stoddard, chris cillizza, thank you very much. tragedy on the campus of texas tech. a police officer has been fatally shot. the suspect a 19-year-old student. the latest news on this.
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following breaking news. a freshman student is now in custody after allegedly shooting and killing a texas tech police officer. 19-year-old hollis daniels was brought to the police station after evidence of finding drugs in his room. daniels pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head, then fled on foot. the officer's name has not been released. >> we have an update on the las vegas massacre. police now say he shot a security guard before opening fire. the security guard approached the gunman's room as the shooting was under way, diverting his attention. they've spoken to the kifrl's brother and other family members but the motive remains a mystery. a month after expressing
3:34 am
regret for calling president trump white supremacist on twitter, jamel hill has been suspended but they say it's because of another series of tweets, what they call a second violation. hill tweeting nf placed a, quote, unfair burden on players when owners said they would bench players and she said not advocating a boycott. >> let's be clear. those players aren't protesting the national anthem or the flag. they're protesting racism and injustice. and they have every right to do so. >> clinton telling the crowd that social media accounts with likely ties to russia were used
3:35 am
to inflame passions on both sides of the nfl protest debate. we have more now on the shift in that timeline of the las vegas massacre. authorities say he fired at a security guard before he started firing at concert goers. what does that tell investigators about what happened? we'll ask our experts next. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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my abwill i have pain andating made daibloating today?ing game. theravent. my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. so there's a major change in the timeline of the las vegas massacre. authorities now say he shot a security guard six minutes before he started shooting at concert goers from his window. not after as they thought. counterterrorism analyst phil mudd. james, let me pull up for
3:40 am
everybody the timeline as we now know it, as the authorities have now released. 9:59 p.m. on that fateful night that's when the security guard, jesus campos was first shot. 9:59. at 10:05 then the first shots are fired on the crowd by the gunman. then at 10:12 -- 13 minutes later, officers on the 31st floor hear the gunfire above them, they're still trying to locate where the guy is. the first breach is at 11:20. how does this timeline change the investigation, in your mind? >> it doesn't necessarily change it, alisyn. obviously there's been a lot made about the fact that there was an interchanged -- security guard's appearance and when the gunfire started. we know those things have been interchangeable. my view of it is this. las vegas metropolitan police department, the fog of war, all
3:41 am
the chaos going on, error -- erroneous reports. i give them the benefit of the doubt, the fog of war, uncertainty in those situations. what i would love to see them tighten up from my perspective is the messaging, the information they're giving out. initially there were a lot of press conferences that the metropolitan police department gave. in some of them it was a full rift. >> you think they're stloesing too much or theorizing in public? >> i would like to see more discipline from the pr perspective. the public has a right to know. obviously the police department has a relationship with the media because it helps them to put leads out, to get more leads. >> obviously there's not going to be a court case. the guy's dead so they should be forthcoming about information. >> there's not going to be a court case but you don't want to
3:42 am
fuel speculation of erroneous reports. that's what's going on. >> an active shooter of this lethal variety is one of the worst things any police department could ever have to deal with it. i don't mean to second guess them. the idea that the security guard was shot six minutes before the other shots, doesn't that mean that the police knew what room the shooter was in earlier? >> that's not clear to me. we had an initial story. we have a second story. i'm sitting there, asking a couple of questions before i pass judgment as someone on the insight and had people second guess me six ways till sunday. the first, are we sure this story is correct? the second is, let's be clear. we're on a different timeline outside than the men and women are on the inside. we're sitting here focused on 360 seconds, six minutes eight, nine days ago of whether there was an error in the first conversation with the vegas police about who shot whom
3:43 am
first. people on the inside are sitting there saying it includes hundreds of interviews, thousands of reviews of digital media, phone, text, e-mail not only with the subject but with friends and family. meanwhile the media says why didn't you get the six minutes right and have you done the after action on an event? whereas you said there won't be a prosecution because the subject is dead. i give the vegas police a pass on this. and if i were them i wouldn't spend much time worrying about this. they've got other things to worry about, alisyn. >> i agree with you. i don't mean to pass any judgment. it's just horrifying and everybody, obviously, everybody is trying to stop something like this from ever happening again. now that you heard some of the threads they are following. they've spoken to his brother again, his long-time girlfriend. we understand he was prescribed a drug, valium, for anxiety.
3:44 am
where are you with trying to piece together this puzzle? >> the more we learn, the less we know. to go back to phil's point in regards to the timeline -- i get it. las vegas metropolitan police department lost an officer that was at the concert. i understand that. the critical piece of getting that timeline right is this. it speaks to motive. it speaks to the mechanisms and methodologies of the shooter. we know that he stopped shoot ing at a particular point in time. why was that? we know he was interrupted at a point in time. was that at the beginning where there was a compressed timeframe for him to shoot now because he was disturbed early on? could it have been much worse? we know that he had some papers in there with some studies of trajectories. we also know that he had drills in there, wired up the food cart, put a camera in the peep hole. he was setting this up to be a
3:45 am
longer siege. i know there's been speculation about him possibly either trying to repel or base jump out of there. some of that, again, i think, is speculation. i would like to see the police department and the fbi maybe assume this role in the pr piece, tightening up the reports to the press. >> thank you very much. chris? republican senator bob corker dropping the proverbial hammer on president trump's fit for office. how real is this division within the republican party? general michael hayden joins us with his take next. benefiber®s a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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a white house official tells cnn that president trump, quote, isn't finished feuding with republican senator bob corker. corker is questioning the president's fitness for office. this, as a new washington post report confusion of foreign diplomats who don't know what to make of president trump's often outlandish statements. joining us now is cnn analyst general michael hayden, former director of the cia and nsa. always good to have you, sir.
3:50 am
operationally, from an operationoperation al perspective, what's the problem? >> to let foreign leaders, foreign diplomats know who speaks definitively for the united states of america. and i think, chris, from time to time that's going to require our ambassadors overseas, our heads of cabinet departments here in the united states, in one way or another, tell their counterpart pace no attention to what the president of the united states just said or to what the president of the united states just tweeted. american policy is here. because, chris, there's frequent daylight between the president, whose language is uncareful and secretary mattis, secretary tillerson and others who are tough and precise in the language. >> two supporters of the president who say i like the tough talk, it's good, it's good to set back kim jong-un on his heels. we've been too soft for too long under the obama administration, what do you say? >> what i say is i see the
3:51 am
strategy, chris. i do see that we're the ones disturbing the equilib richlt um in northeast aerobea. i see why. what was happening there before was an arc that went to a very unhappy place, a very powerfully armed north korea. i get the destabilizing part but one wants to do it with precision. what i would say to those folks is what does kim jong-un think -- no, what do you think is president trump's bottom line when it comes to a resolution? we've got to get there sooner later of t later. from time to time the president is talking really tough if you have this stuff. those are two completely different propositions. what does kim jong-un think and how does that affect his thinking? it's nice to talk tough but you
3:52 am
create circumstances where you have a higher probability that you blunder into a conflict. >> general, can i ask you about russian subversion, what they've been doing here and online. did they immediate help to do the kinds of propaganda placement that they did during the election and that we understand they're doing right now to try to foment tension inside the united states? >> that's a great question. you're working backward now. i am, at least, in my thinking. microtargeting, synchronization of the russian effort. the question becomes, did they know, do they know american society well enough to be able to do that on their own? i can't rule out that possibility. was there someone that had intimate knowledge of our society that was pointing the russians in these specific directions? i have to admit, chris, it is
3:53 am
amazingly, impressively targeted. >> men and women in your field of expertise say they've always been doing this. this is what they do. in fact, the united states does it in different ways as well. this is kind of the state of play. what do you see here that is extraordinary? >> oh, what i see extraordinary is a suggestion earlier, chris, of the level of sophistication. 20 years ago, i became involved in that cyber thing for the united states of america. we had a great debate back then as to whether or not our business was cyber dominance or information dominance. we went along the cyber trail frankly because this is a bit harder to do for lots of reasons, tactical, legal and policy wise and so on. the russians went down this trail, the information dominance trail. that's why we have a cyber command, not an information dominance command. what the russians have done, what make this is different, chris, is this siynchronization of all the tools of information
3:54 am
dominant. it starts with cyber theft. remember the dnc act. that's just act one, the baby step. what's really different is how the russians now have taken that information and other information in a very elegant way, pushed it into the american information space to actually worsen the divisions we already had in our society. you know, just as a professional, sitting back, that's awesome. >> awesome, you mean, in terms of its effectiveness. i get you on that. youtube, gmail, facebook, twitter. what responsibility do you think is on private enterprise to filter for content of what is put on their platforms? >> here we are, two american citizens talking about filtering for content, right? that's really hard for us in our political culture. >> american business model also. not to be a cynic, but those guys are about making money.
3:55 am
sorry. until they demonstrate otherwise, that's the criticism. your main goal is making money. when you and i are get talking onien, i get ads that are relevant that are popping up on my screen. they know what's being said. what duty do they have, if any? >> we have to work backward from the facts of the case. we are now discovering what happened on google, facebook and youtube and all those other devices. work backward. see what a foreign power did and at that point, chris, i do think we have some responsibility on our part to impose responsibility on them to put impediments in front of a foreign power coming after us. >> tricky, look, i get it. we always err on side of having a broader conversation. general hayden thanks for your
3:56 am
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4:00 am
-[ sighs ] -he's not engaging. it's probably not unusual for presidents to not get along with members of congress. >> shocking to hear him say this out loud. >> this is not somebody who was an anti-trump person. >> if bob corker has any honor, any deecency, he should resign immediately. >> over 1500 homes and commercial facilities have been destroyed. >> federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance. >> devastation as far as the eye can see. fire activity is outpacing any resource they can throw at it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn


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