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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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subsidy for the insurance company. that's not going to people. that's making insurance companies rich. john? >>. [ inaudible ] >> i may do that. i may do that. the deal is terrible. so what we have done is through the certification process, we will have congress take a look at it. and i may very well do that. but i like a two-step process much better. john? >> the deals made on baik wioba and executive order -- >> yes, great support. >> can democrats say, look, come to the table and ne gotiate -- >> well, as you know, that's a big chunk and it is very popular. you will have millions and millions of people sign up of that. i'm not doing that consciously, i will say this, john, that the democrats should come to me. i would even go to them. because i'm only interested in
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one thing, getting great health care for this country. that was a big chunk. and as far as subsidy is concerned, i don't want to make the insurance companies rich. if you look at their stock price over the last number of years, take a look at what's happened with the insurance companies. they are making a fortune by getting that kind of money. yes? >> how long can you -- [ inaudible ] >> we will see what happens with iran. we are very unhappy with iran. they haven't treated us with the kind of respect they should have been treating. they should have thanked barack obama. they were gone. they were economically gone. he infused $100 billion to $150 billion into their economy. gave them $1.7 billion in cash. they should be, thank you, president obama.
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they didn't say that. >> you said you would declare national emergency -- >> we are studying national emergency right now. believe it or not, doing national emergency as you understand it is a very big statement. we will be doing that. my wife, melania, who happens to be right here, finds that subject to be of such vital importance and she is very much involved. as you know, she is on the committee and really wants to be involved in that process. >> have you spoken about the iranian deal -- >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> they would love me to stay in. only for one reason, look at kind of money that is being sent. iran is spending money in various countries. i have always said it and i can say to them, don't do anything, don't worry about it. take all the money you can get. they are all friends of mine. actually, actually emmanuel called up and he talked to me, and i said, look, they just gave renault a lot of money.
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take their money, enjoy yourselves. but we will see what happens. iran has to behave much differently. >>. [ inaudible ] >> if you take a look at csr payments, that money goes to insurance companies to prop up insurance companies. that money is going to insurance companies to lift their stock price and that's not what i'm about. take a look at who the insurance companies support. i guarantee you one thing, it is not donald trump. john? >>. [ inaudible ] >> yeah. [ inaudible ] >> i think we are going to take look, john, what happens. we will see what happens and see what they come back with. they may come back with something very satisfactory to me and if they don't, within a very short period of time, i
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will terminate the deal. and as far as puerto rico is concerned, i love puerto rico. we have done -- we he have done a great job. yeah. we have done a great job in puerto rico. puerto rico has to get the infrastructure going. we are helping them with their infrastructure. but most important on puerto rico is their electric plants are essentially gone. they were gone before the hurricane. they were in bankruptcy. they owed $9 billion. i think $9 billion. but the plants, as you know, were -- the electric was a disaster. after the storm even more so. we have to help them get the plants rebuilt. that's a long term project, unfortunately. but we have to help them. but i love the people of puerto rico and we're going to help them. trs [ inaudible ] >> well, you have to watch it. you can't say there was a hurricane and now we're he going to spend x dollars.
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and we also have to do something with all of the money that has been invested, mostly private. the government is going to have to come before that money. because the government's going to want security. they will have to come before that money. and i'm sure we will be able to work that out. but the puerto rican people have tremendous spirit. when i was there and i looked at what they have to go through, they have a lot of problems, we're going to help them straighten he it out. >> where you are on north korea, you raise eyebrows and say this is the calm before the storm. what is next on north korea? >> we will see what happens with north korea. that's all i can say. we will see what happens. we are totally prepared for numerous things. we are going to see what happens with north korea. i will say, look, if something can happen where we negotiate, i'm always open to that. but if it is going to be something other than negotiation, believe me, we are ready. more so than we have ever been. thank you very much. thank you. thank you.
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>> so there is the president and first lady heading over to marine 1 answering reporters' questions on the south lawn of the white house for about ten minutes or so following his 20-minute address to the nation on the iran nuclear deal. jim acosta is over at the white house. our senior white house correspondent health care, iran, puerto rico, north cree ha, significant subjects on the agenda right now. >> right. almost a mini press conference on the south lawn of the white house. the president was pressed on the sublgts that y subjects that you mentioned. a couple of points, one, he seems invested, pretty comfortable with what his administration has come up with when he it comes to decertifying the iran nuclear deal. he said let's see what congress does. he reported that a couple of times to reporters on the south lawn. even though he seems to have very big misgivings about doing this behind the scenes. he wanted to pull out of the iran deal. his top advisors were pleading with him not to do it. he seemed to be pretty
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comfortable that he wanted to see what congress comes back with. i did press him on obamacare, this decision to scrap the subsidies to insurance companies to provide health care to people who aren't as well off. the president essentially said, listen, those subsidies are a payout to the insurance companies. he is echoing white house talking points on all of this. but he went on to say that -- >> i'm going to interrupt you for a moment. we will get back it thto that. but police in las vegas, let's see if they clarify the time line leading up to that disaster, that massacre. >> this conference will be done strictly through my narrative provided to you. okay? okay, first and foremost, an update on the injuries. this has been a big deal on my mind, as it has been the public. and i think it's important for
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you to be given an rakt picture of what has been going on associated with the injuries of the 1 october event. as of 8:00 this morning i was updated with the most current numbers and let me back up just a minute. in early throws of this tragedy, i had advised each and every one of you that items of information were going to change. the dynamics of this investigation is far reaching. it is wide. it's huge. and you can't expect exact answers in early throws. my intent in early throws were to give you the information to provide the calmness in the community, to ensure that we didn't have a second player or third player he out hiding in the community intending to cause us harm. so there was no integrity question associated with that,
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as i've experienced through the cyber space. questioning my integrity. i provide you the information as i knew it and everybody in here knew it was going to change. so we will get through that. i'm not giving you a hundred percent satisfaction associated with what i will give you today. because i think some of that's going to change. we will not know that until we are completed with this investigation. so back to where we were. i think it is important for the community of clark county to realize, we use 17 separate medical facilities to accommodate the injuries associated with this event. and that speaks volumes for the medical community here in las vegas, in clark county. it seems to be lost in the narrative associated with this that it was strictly a public safety fire and police event no.
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it was including the medical community. and i think is important for me to give them their due respect. so 17 separate medical facilities. today's numbers, 546 reported injuries. 501 of those have been discharged. in other words, they responded to a medical facility. they were treated for their wounds. and subsequently left to seek healing process wherever they chose to do so. 58 is still the number of individuals who have died. this is the important piece. 45 individuals that are still hospitalized. some of those are in critical condition. so 58 may raise. by the grace of god, it doesn't. and we shall continue to move
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forward, the medical profession, profession, will provide all of the medical care necessary, but sometimes it's people meet their demise outside of our control. so i'm hoping that number does not raise, but today's number is 58. >> the fuel tanks. i'm going read this narrative so my words do not get changed but i want to provide you some information in reference to fuel tanks. it is believed the fuel tanks were fired upon with intent. mccarron's leaders have safety protocols in place which they reexamined following any safety-related incident. the leaders have already contacted experts and fuel storage out of the abundance of caution. i'm more than confident that they will immediately implement any security changes or augmentations if they are so
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advised. i have been advised there is a very low probability that aviation fuel could be ignited by gunfire. and tanks are outfitted for continual release of vapors. that is the situation of the fuel tanks. any future information that needs to be provided will be provided by the public information office out of mccarron airport. the dates of the 25th, versus the 28th, this is not breaking news. it doesn't matter who believed it to be so in this form. we were aware of the discrepancy of the 28 willth versus the 25t this investigation. what we weren't aware of it why the date of the 28th was utilized in the early portion of this as i was provided this information as part of the
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person registered in the subs spekt's room. we he have come to learn the suspect did occupy the room on the 25th and the situation on how the room was compensated or had paid for had changed and the name as part of the registration had changed on the 28th to include mary lou danly. so that was the confusion associated with that. no mat are whter what was perce is, that we were avoiding being transparent, add vertant was false. the autopsy, yes, there has been an autopsy performed on mr. paddock, or the suspect. in the early evaluation there
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was no abnormalities observed visually. as a matter of practice, in the forensic science, his brain has been shipped to appropriate evaluation facility in order to take a microscopic evaluation of the brain. so the initial report that there was no abnormalities was a visual inspection of his brain. so it is yet to be known if there are are any abnormalities to be known at a later date. now, the time line, unfortunately, great deal of my investigator's time has been preoccupied on this time line. in the public space, the word incompetence tense has been brought forward. and i am absolutely offended
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with that kacharacterization. this is a very dynamic event. very big event. thousands of people involved. humans involved in documentation. and every venue of information involved in this investigation. so the information was attained via security logs. officer campos, himself, body cameras, hotel cameras, lock interrogation, my dispatch, lvpd dispatch, hotel and private cameras and interviews. imagine bringing that all together to ensure we are drawing an accurate picture. so i will provide you a little more information on that.
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i still stand by the time of 21:59, 9:59. it is important that you continue to listen to me. 9:59 is important. it wasn't inaccurate when i provided it to you. the circumstances associated with it is inaccurate. i am very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement. i'm not in conflict with their statement. but here is what i will tell you. we were provided the time of 21:59 as a human entry into a security log through investigation we have determined that mr. campos had encountered the barricaded door, adjacent to the suspect's door at approximately 21:59. in his attempt to gain entry into the 32nd floor, it a
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required him to ascend to another level and eventually make access to the 32nd floor. he went to the door way that he was dispatched to originally to address the open door way. emit gated that situation and subsequently received fire from the suspect. when you culminate that time line associated with the initial 21:59 to 22:05 time line that we are still stand by as the initial volley of fire, mr. campos received his wounds in close proximity to 22 :05. he attempted to relay that information via his radio and it was confirmed because he also relay layr relayed that information via his cell phone.
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so the time line via both of those sources have been verified. 22:05, the number provided earlier, referenced the majority of fire upon our community. we still stand by that time. and that was done by the combination of different sources that i listed for you earlier. 22:17, 12 minutes, that is when our officers first arrived on the 32nd floor. 12 minutes. you are very wellware that the suspect fired approximately 10 minutes. upon our arrival on the 32nd floor the firing had ceased. we did not believe we continually had an active shooter. that point we conducted evacuations of the rooms adjacent to the suspect's room and you know the rest.
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so there is no conspiracy between the fbi. between lvpd. and the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide everything referencing this investigation. the dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture. my attempt, like i stated earlier, is to give you information as i know it unverified to calm the public. not to establish a legal case. everybody understand that? no questions, sir. now into the future of the investigation. i don't want to put a percentage
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with this investigation because it wouldn't make sense, but i'm here to tell you we are standing hand in hand with the fbi and continuance of this investigation. in the beginning throws of it and in the continuance of it. our portion at lvpd has become contracted. my concern was initial safety of the community. and whether we had any other bad actors out there, that we had to address, and i feel confident there are no other individuals intending to cause harm to our community associated with the 1 october event. now it has become protracted. and that's where the fbi has their expertise. we are establishing the time line of the suspect's life, his motivation and everybody else associated with him throughout time.
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it requires us to rely on bi's resources for that success. nobody's acquiescing in my department to this. i'm not acquiescing. nor is the fbi coming in with hammer he and attempting to take over. this will continue to be a joint operation. with that being said, i want to give you the opportunity for aaron rause to provide some statements. >> thank you, sheriff. i'm special agent in charge for the fbi in las vegas. in support of our partner, from the beginning, we have established a 24-hour seven-day a week command post with agents, analysts, task force officers and many support personnel. we have deployed over 200 employees from across the fbi to las vegas, including many in
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specialized positions. globally, we have hundreds of agents covering every facet of this investigation. nothing will be overlooked. we have made significant progress. to date, we have found no signs of ideology or affiliation to any groups. hundreds of interviews conduct sewed far. close to 2,000 leads have been covered so far. extensive review of digital media on a multitude of devices is ongoing. over a thousand pieces of evidence have been collected and are being reviewed by the fbi laboratory. hours and hours of video footage from hotels continues to be reviewed. fbi victim specialists from across the country are here assisting victims and families of the victims. more than 1800 victim questioners have been completed and the return of personal
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property continues. we continue, we continue to ask you if you have factual information and furtherance of this investigation, please call us. if you knowing in something, say something. the number is 1-800-call-fbi. the fbi nor a partner, we don't rush to conclusions. we ask for your patience and will not comment on the specifics of this investigation while it is in process. this is in keeping with the long standing fbi tradition. as i said from the beginning, this is our city, this is your city. las vegas is a resilient city. the microcosm of a resilient nation. while we grief as a community, we will use that energy to learn as much as we can about this horrible crime. so that we may prevent another one from happening.
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i thank you. >> thank you, aaron. so before we close out today, i want to provide you another written narrative. i want to read verbatim in support, in other words, bring a better light to what's occurred in the carnage associated with our community. there's some bright spots and i don't want anybody to take offense when i've completed my comments today. there's a a thousand heros out there. but i want to bring it home to my department and i think it's important for you to hear it. so the first narrative. in the immediate aftermath of the shooting sergeant garrett everett arrived at reno in haven and saw the need for medical triage area. for hours sergeant everett and other officers along with
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nurses, paramedics and firefighters tree aujed at least 50 gunshot victims. they ran out of tourniquets and used anything they could. including their own hobble devices they use during the normal course of their duties. these officers calmly took care of the wounded and dying as they waited for medical transport. at times, placing the critical victims on the backs of trucks to get them to the hospital quickly. not all of the victims made it out as the night wore on. those same officers were assigned to guard the deceased victims, not allowing any of them to be left alone. so the undersheriff and myself, kevin mcmayhill took it upon ourselves to go out and visit some of my officers yesterday to discuss their mental state, to thank them, and check on their overall condition.
11:26 am
these particular officers sustained some sub ststantial wounds. some of them you have heard in the public forum already. and some you haven't. but there's a couple key individuals i want you to write about. and one of them is brady cook. brady sustained four separate dwun shot wounds. when i say separate, that's entries and exits. not four separate bullets. the important piece on brady is, the suspect was fired upon the crowd as our officers started to arrive via vehicles which brady was occupying one, it is readily apparent to me that adjusted his fire and directed it toward the police vehicles. so the response of those individuals, i believe, saved lives.
11:27 am
so the personal vendettas against the police or not, maybe preventing the wolf from getting to his door sooner than later. but he chose to fire upon the police vehicles. brady sustained a substantial wound to his shoulder. through his bicep. into his chest. and out his back. and the reason why i bring this one up, he he asked me if he could go back to work today. samuel whitworth -- excuse me for my emotions. samuel was laying on his couch with a very intensive wound to his leg. during t
11:28 am
during melee and attempt to evacuate victims, he sustained a broke y broken leg. but he remained on scene and provided security for medical personnel. trs so at this point, i will thank the community and thank you for letting me be your sheriff. and vegas strong.e community an letting me be your sheriff. and vegas strong. >> all right, i want to bring in my experts to talk about this. that was a very emotional sheriff thereof the las vegas metropolitan police department updating the press on this investigation of the las vegas massacre. the deadliest shooting in modern american history. and he answered critics about, it has been changing time line. saying he is absolutely offended at charges that his team has
11:29 am
been incompetent in the aftermath. so i want to give you some of the headlines that he just told us. he said, the death toll remains at 58. 58 people lost their lives in this shooting and there are at least 45 people who are still in the hospital. he made the point that some of them are in critical condition. it is clearly very much touch and go for some of the folks still fighting for their lives there in las vegas. that is first and foremost. on the investigation though there have been change nets time line of the shooting. the sheriff defended that. he cleared up what they believe at this point in time. says that 9:59 p.m. is security guard from the hotel, from the mandalay bay responded to a report of an open door. that it took some minutes for that security guard to go and take care of that, presumably closing that door. then the security door encountered fire from the gunman's room p seconds before the gunman fired on the crowd. six minutes later.
11:30 am
that's the official time right now. then 12 minutes after that that the first officers arrived there on the 32nd floor where the gunman was. so i want to start there now with cnn law enforcement analyst and former u.s. marshal art roderick. we also have tom fuentes. cnn analyst and former assistant fbi director. i want to also bring in scott mclean, he is outside of police headquarters. first off, tom, can you speak to this? because i was struck so much by the emotion there. we will dissect the time line and some of of the changes there but clearly sheriff lombardo feels like his police department has been doing the best job they can. they have a fluid situation and he is feeling very much under fire. and clearly sensitive as he deals with his police officers who are dealing with mental health issues from guarding
11:31 am
those who were killed in the aftermath of this. who put their lives on the line to try to reduce casualties. >> that's true, berianna, but te problem is the difference in the first narrative that came out shoortly after the event and that was that the security guard somehow distracted the shooter and took fire thereby maybe saving more lives on the ground down below. that he had to stop shooting to take him on while he was in the hallway. and to switch that all the way around that shooting of campos preceded the shooting of the crowd, you know, that is still a pretty huge difference. and i think that the mere fact that that difference exists has created the situation for the criticism of the police. and for sheriff lombardo, there is no question that this is a very stressful investigation and event in general to be in charge of from the very beginning.
11:32 am
and then on top of all of the situation of wounded officers and members of the public who have been killed, wounded, injured, and affected by this to then be subject to the level of criticism that has been laid on him in the last few days, i can see where that stress is taking its toll on him. >> sure. and he is clearly exhausted. this is an extensive investigation that they are still in the middle of. art, when you look at changing time line, how do you characterize that. do you say oh, it's been fluid? or do you say they should have been able to get this story straight a while ago? >> well, i think that there is a couple issues here. yes, it's fluid. we all know that. we all know initially that a lot of the information we get in regarding these incidences changes a lot. but i think one of the problems we have is the last press conference was last friday and he dropped this on everybody
11:33 am
that time line changed in the 9:59 campos time line came in can which really changed the whole incident as far as what was laid out initially a week prior. so one of the issues is he waited another week before he he straightened the time line out. so in that week conspiracy theorists came out with spl there is something going on here with the fbi and las vegas pd. if he had come out on monday, that would have ended a lot of this conspiracy theory issue. but i think still, campos's actions might have distracted him. and now we know, there is actually three targets. not only the people at the concert targeted but also the gas tanks and las vegas pd when they showed up in their cruisers on las vegas boulevard. >> scott, what stood out to you
11:34 am
when you heard the sheriff detailing that time line? >> so i was struck by how defensive the sheriff was. earlier he called these change us minute. the first change was about 15 minutes, changing time that jesus campos, the security guard who first spotted trouble was shot, to after the suspect stopped firing to six minutes before. now he changes it again after mgm game out with a statement saying that campos was shot within about a minute, within 40 seconds they say of when the suspect started firing on the crowd. so now we have the sheriff saying, no, no, no, i wasn't saying he was shot six minutes earlier i was saying he arrived or tried to get on the 32nd floor and was shot at almost the same time the suspect started firing. he is down playing those but they are significant changes. >> that's what he is saying is
11:35 am
he responded. maybe he got the call but he made the point right, scott, that the security guard today go another floor in order to access the 32nd floor presumably different elevator banks or something like that. >> and remember we learned from that 60 minutes interview with some of those law enforcement first responders that originally that door to the stairwell near the suspect's room was screwed shut. luckily they were able to pop it off. but jesus campos didn't have the tools to do that so they had to go get the tools to access the 32nd floor and that's what sheriff is saying in terms of discrepancy. so he couldn't actually get through the door. >> clearly, the sheriff here, defensive, very emotional. describe what's been going on and what his department has been going through for the last two weeks. >> there's obviously a lot of emotion here. can you hear it in the chief's
11:36 am
voice. can you hear it last week when we were out in las vegas. the stress not only on his police department but on the ems people. the community at large is raw out there right now. there are programs in place. i'm sure the sheriff is accessing the programs. for the officers involved right there at the scene that particular point in time, and also the officers that maiden try and i know he is probably utilizing a lot of those peer support programs and counseling programs for police officers that are involved in these types of situations. but you can, i agree, you definitely near that raw nefb in h nerve in his voice and hopefully over time, i know over time, that all these programs do help law enforcement officers get through these types of stressful incidences. >> tom, it seems so important for him to highlight those two
11:37 am
officers. brady cook and samuel whitworth. one who broke his leg and still stayed on-site so he could maintain security. brady cook, who he said had four gunshot wounds, who is responding, heading toward the danger of course as people were trying to run away and trying to provide the support for people who were trying to get out of there. >> right. this just goes to what art has been talking about. in terms of how defensive the sheriff has been. i think he is trying to overcome the argument somehow that police or fbi or authorities responding were incompetent or didn't do what they should have done. either during the event or after and i think he is trying to show that nothing could be further from the truth. and i think most people really do believe that. that these officers first responders, the members of the public that weighed in, are are heros. that they defied, you know, all odds to stay in the area thereof the event under fire to try to
11:38 am
help as many people as they could. even then couldn't help everybody. so i think that you know, to me, that a, you know, very noble attempt on the sheriff's part it try to pay tribute to his officers and show examples of, here is an example of what i'm talking about of what kind of heros they really are. >> and they clearly are heros. it was amazing to hear those stories. all right, tom, art, scott, thank you to all of you. happening right now, president of iran speaking out responding directly to president trump minutes after president trump accused iran of violating the nuclear agreement in spirit.
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breaking news as president trump will not recertify the iran deal. he says iran is not living up to, quote, the spirit of the deal. >> given the regime's murderous past and present, we should not take lightly its sinister vision for the future. the regime's two favorite chant are death to america and death to israel. the previous administration lifted the sanctions just before what would have been the total collapse of the iranian regime. through the deeply controversial 2015 nuclear deal, with iran. as i have said many times, the
11:44 am
iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> so dessert if ication doesn't scrap the deal entirely. it does punt the decision to congress. we also just got reaction from iran's president who says the u.s. is, for the first time, standing against an international treaty. and we now have fareed zakaria, host of fa reed saturday y"fare" i wonder what you think about this, fa reed. what was your take away? >> perhaps the most bizarre statement by an american president on foreign policy in a long time. because it was a dia tribe against the iran agreement but then we're still in it.
11:45 am
so the president is in effect criticizing the policy he is at same time jun holding. as i say, it is incoherent and contradigs is so strange that i don't think i have ever seen anything like it before. if the deal is as bad as he says it is, why doesn't he get out of it? he says that they are not adhering to the spirit of the deal. they have been conformed by every intelligence agency in the world that has been monitoring it. i think that i, like most people watching this, in europe, in the middle east, are wondering what does it mean? >> yeah, what does it mean?
11:46 am
we heard from the iranian president that the president cannot decertify it unilatera y unilaterally, that is true. but he also said that president is full of accusations. full of insults. that withit was baseless. and he said specifically to the point that president trump made about how iran is sponsoring terrorism. so break that down for us. >> so there's no question that iran has engaged in action ths t the united states hasn't liked in the middle east. there are some areas where iran has done things that the united states wanted it to. in afghanistan iran has been reasonably helpful and on the same page as the united states for much of the last decade. but there are areas, significant areas of disagreement. the iran deal explicitly does not deal with foreign policy in general. regional policy in particular. the iran deal was about one specific thing.
11:47 am
iran's quest for a new -- for nuclear weapons, as seen by the united states and many other countries. iranians always claimed they were acquiring nuclear capacity, not nuclear weapons. the deal is meant it freeze that capacity, role it back in certain areas and it has been extraordinarily successful that. 98% of iran enriched uranium. ten tons taken out. a facility if iraq literally paved over. moulton concrete poured over it to render it inoperable. inspectors on a level that no country has ever had at any point. so in many ways an incredibly intrusive agreement. iranians maintained it and it deals with freezing and reversing iran's nuclear program. yeah, iranians are doing things in yemen or in lebanon that the
11:48 am
united states doesn't like. by the way, we are doing things in the middle east that they don't like. maybe that something that could be discussed separately. maybe it couldn't. ironically, it was iran who tried to broadon the deal to encompass these issues. and it was the west that said no. we want to deal with one issue. our fear at the time was this just creates a big large smorgasbord of issues and we will never resolve anything. >> yeah. so when you look at what's been happening over the last 24 hours, this was least popt optically, a hard fought agreement with eiran.
11:49 am
and the subsidies with obamacare, what do you think of this approach of really trying to just take chunks out of that legacy? >> i think more than anything else what you see is a president more interested in disrupting than in building. because in each of these cases and you're right to tie them together. there is no new policy. there is no new set of programs that people can bank on, that people can understand, that world can follow. instead it is simply something that has sewn confusion, uncertainty, race tensions, without resolving anything. it is difficult to see how anyone could look at this as a productive step forward. it is almost as though it is political signaling. it achiefs, yves, feeds a certa kind of anger that people might have in the republican base, anti-obama elements and things
11:50 am
like that. but what does it do for people in the united states, people in the world when you look at the issue of health care. you look at the iran deal. it is not clear. just confusion, uncertainty, chaos. i want to ask you about the green berets killed. four killed, two wounded there. now the u.s. military is investigating exactly what happened. why do you think the president hasn't said anything about these fine service members who have been killed? >> i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. it is a rapidly unfolding situation. perhaps he is waiting to get more information. i'm not reading anything into it at this point. i think that people should wait until we get more information about it. it is of course a tragedy and these are very fine -- these are very fine soldiers.
11:51 am
what is it that should be known, fareed? this was supposed to be an ambush, a relatively safe mission, and it wasn't. >> precisely. it pairs to be something almost routine. it wasn't. was there a break down in intelligence? does it suggest something new? does it require an immediate response if you know, would you be telegraphing anything by responding to it publicly? as i say, i think it is worth giving the president the benefit of the doubt on this. >> fareed zakaria, thank you for that. i want to tell you, we are minutes from the house speaker, from paul ryan speaking after getting a first-hand tour of the devastation in puerto rico following the hurricane there. this is more than 60% of americans saying people aren't getting the help they need in puerto rico. we will bring this to you live. ) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
11:52 am
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11:56 am
(vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. take a moment to honor this week's cnn hero. blake rockwell brightened the lives of more than 10,000 sick children and their families by giving them vip treatment at college sports events around the country. >> when you have a child who is dealing with a life threatening illness, their treatment protocol might be two, three years. and their tanks start to go dry. >> you a big ou fan? >> i am. >> awesome. >> our game-day experiences provide an opportunity for a family to get out as family,
11:57 am
just being there together. and days like this, they really motivate the kids to continue their fight. >> oh, to see all access experience yourself go to it's there right now. house speaker paul ryan is expected to speak any moment in puerto rico. this is of course where millions of americans are still struggling. three weeks after hurricane maria, clean running water and power hard to come by still at this point in time. only 9% of folks there have electricity. that's nearly 50% drop from yesterday. gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, banks, all slowly coming back on-line. and days after slamming puerto rico, the president made a public about-face pro clamming he he is there for storm victims. >> these are incredible people, suffering gravely. and will be there. we will be there. we have really, it's not even a question of a choice.
11:58 am
it we don't want a choice. we love those people whaen they have gone through. they are all healing and their states and territory are healing and healing rapidly. >> that is not reflected in this ki kaiser foundation poll. 62% aren't getting the help they need. for a bigger picture of how things are progressing, we have leila santiago in san juan for us. where was the speaker today? what did he get to see? >> brianna, we are waiting for the speaker of the house to step up to the podium. we understand he will do that in a matter of minutes. he took a fly over the island. i spoke to the governor who was in a meeting with him and the speaker was very struck by what he saw on the western parts of the island. that said, he did not stop to talk to the people on that island. we see the governor coming out, congresswoman coming out and speaker now getting to the podium. so we will listen to what they
11:59 am
have to say. we're told they are not taking questions but making statements today. >> okay. so as we see folks coming in, leila, have they started -- we might have a delay. >> they have started, brianna bb. the governor is now speaking. >> okay, let's listen in. [ inaudible ] >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you for being here. thank you to all of the people of puerto rico. but overall, thanks to the delegation and to the speaker for being here in puerto rico. there are two important things to take out of what is going on in puerto rico. the efforts that are ongoing. efforts with the federal government, with the dod, and abl actions that were taken swiftly, swiftly by congress, so we can get resources and act on the
12:00 pm
liquidity. and also the recognition that there is a disaster, tremendous disaster in puerto rico and we need to take immediate action. so i would like on behalf of the people of puerto rico to thank the leadership of the speaker for acting quickly as well as delegation that is here. taking into consideration the people and as the governor said, seeing it with his own eye answers hearing it with his own ears and recognizing that this is probably one of the biggest disasters that anybody that came into this trip has ever seen. so thank you for your leadership. speaker, thank you. to the chairman, congresswoman, thank you. on behalf of the people of puerto rico, thank you to your commitment for what is ahead for our recovery in puerto rico so we can rebuild stronger than ever before. i w