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tv   New Day  CNN  November 17, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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he just mashes his mouth to my lips and puts his tongue in my mouth. i was so angry. >> this kind of conduct is totally unacceptable. and i think al franken recognizes it. >> attacking senator franken but remaining silent about accusations against roy moore. >> the president believes this is a decision for the people of alabama to make. >> mitch mcconnell is and his cronies to steal this election from the people of alabama. >> the allegations of the women are much more credible than the denials that he's made. >> the tide is turning. people are more aware of it now and people are not as afraid to speak up. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. >> welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is your "new day".
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let's get right to it. on the starting line, sexual assault scandals rocking washington. the issue turning the white house into something of a glass house as the president goes after senator al franken. he slams franken's behavior despite the fact that more than a dozen women have accused mr. trump too. and then there's the grabbing women's genitals. franken issue youed two apologies. >> while president trump is happy to weigh in on senator franken, he will not say anything, not a thing about roy moore who is accused of sexually molesting a girl when she was 14. the president flat out refuses to say whether he thinks moore should be a senator. so this larger moment is causing a grand reassessment of the present and the past. a democratic senator now says she thinks former president clinton should have resigned.
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while this plays out, congress trying to pass the most sweeping tax reform in decades. the senate is advancing on its plan, teague it up for a vote for after thanksgiving. whew! all right. we have it all covered for you. we start with suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill >> reporter: good morning, john is. as you know, sexual assault allegations rocking both parties on capitol hill. in the meantime, president trump sources telling us he has been reticent to speak publicly against republican roy moore arptd the allegations surrounding him. reticent because he doesn't want on get dragged into the debate of sexual harassment himself. at the same time he seems not able to resist for going after al franken over similar accusations. president trump going after senator al franken over this 2006 photo showing the democrat groping radio host leeann
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tweeden while she slept. this taken before he was elected. in a series of late night tweets, the president calling the picture really bad and speculating about where else franken's hands may have gone. before criticizing the senator's recent efforts to speak out against sexual harassment. mr. trump weighing in to the franken controversy, while continuing to ignore questions about the accusations against republican senate candidate roy moore. >> mr. president, should roy moore step aside, sir? >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders referring to last week's white house statement when asked about moore's future and punting the decision to alabama voters. >> the president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously s. and he thinks the people of alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. >> reporter: mr. trump going after franken despite the fact that a number of women have accused him of similar conduct.
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>> he was grabbing my breasts and trying to turn me towards him and kissing me. >> reporter: the president has denied the accusations, attacking the women who came forward. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. >> reporter: although he's on tape admitting to assaulting women in this now infamous tape. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful and just kissing them. and when you're a starks they let you do it. you can do anything. >> reporter: then comedian al frank enforceably kissed her rehearsing a skit during a 2006 uso tour. >> he just mashes his mouth to my lips and it was like wet and he puts his tongue in my mouth. i was so angry. >> reporter: after returning home, tweeden said she came across the photo of him groping
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her on a cd given to her by the tour photographer. >> is that funny? is that ever funny >> reporter: choking up while explaining why she's coming forward after 11 years. >> you know, you always -- i don't want to be a cliche but, you know, you talk about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids, you know? >> reporter: he said the picture was intended to be funny but wasn't before issuing a second statement apologizing. there's no excuse. i look at it now and i feel disgusted with myself. it isn't funny. it's completely inappropriate. >> that one did seem heartfelt and i gladly accept it. and thank you. >> reporter: franken says he will cooperate with an ethics investigation as well as the senate leadership. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. a lot of female lawmakers are
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angry and frustrated, calling for a mandatory sexual harassment training will address what they see as a rampant problem on capitol hill. in the meantime, franken is laying low. he skipped votes yesterday. he did apologize -- he was apologizing to his staff that he was emotional and upset by it all. a few people have is seen him since. john, alisyn. >> suzanne, thank you very much for that. let's talk about it. let's bring in cnn political analyst errol lewis. look, al franken, roy moore. the al franken thing, i think we should talk about this a little bit. he immediately issued a half-baked apology. then he went further. she's accepted it. what is his fate?
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what happens to al franken now? >> he is up for reelection next year. if he decides to run again it will be in the hands of the voters. >> but he survives until election next year? >> probably. only that he called for an ethics investigation into himself. he may have done that because he knew mitch mcconnell would issue one regardless. who cares about the origins of it? three republicans, three democrats. they will march along. it would be unusual i think if they moved fast enough to actually resolve this in time for the election. so it will end up with the voters, which is probably the right place. if you're talking about workplace harassment or workplace hostility situation, it's between him and his employers, the voters. >> why should it be up to the voters in minnesota? i don't think he's up until 2020. why should it be up to the vote issers in minnesota? it should be up to the voters in
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alabama. >> he is a candidate as opposed to an incumbent. does he get renewed or does roy moore walk in? here again, it goes back to the voters. in all of these cases, whether you're talking about hollywood, silicon valley, whether you're talking about capitol hill, the reality is these are all different places. and we have institutions in place to deal with these things. it is between him and his investors and his production company. if it's a politician, it should be between him and his voters. >> karoun, here's one of the vexing things we grapple with today. how far back do we want to go? we're in the middle of what appears to be a change with women coming forward, feeling emboldened, telling their stories, taking back the power. this is the moment, right? but it's been about a month or two that we're in the middle of this tipping point. how far back do we want to rewind the clock and hold people responsibility. 2006 was al franken.
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1970s was roy moore. and then there's the donald trump question. and then there's the bill clinton question. so senator gillibrand has been on the forefront. she was asked about does this apply to bill clinton. so let's listen to her response? >> your view that president clinton should have stepped down at that time given the allegations? >> yes. i think that is the appropriate response. but i think things have changed today. and i think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction. and i think under n light of this conversation, we should have a very different conversation about president trump, and a very different conversation about allegations against him. >> what do you think of what she said there? >> everybody has kind of been in a situation right now they are trying to cross the aisle and point fingers at what other people have done and keep their side of the street clean politically. it is difficult for democrats to
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make the case against roy moore, make the case against donald trump if they have to deal with bill clinton in their party. it is probably something you will not hear a lot of democrats jumping on. he should have resigned of monica lewinsky affair. we're talking about roy moore. those are children in some cases with a 14-year-old. >> underage. >> underage, right. teenagers is the trend for roy moore. in the case of al franken, this is a question of -- it's sexual assault if he was groping her and forceably kissing her and she didn't want that. and bill clinton, there's allegations of misconduct or, you know, an affair that shouldn't have happened that might have been consensual. but generally speaking, you're seeing each party go through a little bit of a self-examination. that in itself is not a bad thing. you can't change history but you
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have to discuss it in order to have a cogent and legitimate discussion. the current figures under the spotlight has to do with how they are dealing with the past. are they apologizing for it, that is wrong. it shouldn't stand today. it doesn't mean go back 20, 40 years, but you can judgment based on character and about exactly how much these politicians and their peers and parties are taking it seriously to see how they addressed the past and to try to say he we should have handled it different my. >> you talked about a legitimate cogent position. i was astounded by the president weighing in on al franken, attacking al franken. this is a president accused by a dozen women of sexual misconduct already. he will not weigh in on the alabama senate race. there is moral hypocrisy here and also i think politically
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near tphmalfeasance where he opd the door to what about you, what about you, president trump? >> it is an intentional blind spot for himself and for those he chooses to put into that i guess sphere. but, yes, it's very difficult to read those tweets, think back one year and think trump has the moral high ground from which to be launching this sort of diatribe especially when he's not reflected auto his own actions and he hasn't weighed in on the roy moore scandal. a lot of people are getting caught up in this. it is proof positive this is not one party's problem or one person's problem. to have a president who has been was implicated by allegations just point the finger and not actually hold up a mirror, everybody can see through that. >> when kirsten gillibrand asked what bill clinton should have
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done. that provoked a very strong response from the former senior adviser to hillary clinton. this is felipe reigns who says this. ken starr spent $70 million on a consensual blank. but not enough for you, senator gillibrand. you took the clintons's endorsements, money, and seat. hypocrite. interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. best of luck. >> wow. what does this mean? we're not allowed to ask is questions about bill clinton and his was different i guess? >> the context was different. there was a full pitch partisan battle going on that fell right into the middle of this. arguably -- you don't want to dig up too much of this stuff.
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but it was collateral stuff going on. whitewater and a different kind of scandal pretty far in the past. the clinton people will never get over that. they feel like they got a raw deal. they feel the prosecutor was out of control. there's a consensus the prosecutor was a little out of control and they tamped down and allowed to expire some of the authority that special prosecutors have. >> i hear you. but in terms of the sexual contact, they're saying one was consensual. and i think the facts now even in retrospect we know that to be true. >> our friend yesterday talked about monica lewinsky. juanita broderick, paula jones. none of those have been adjudicated the same way as ken starr. >> senator gillibrand is going to have to be careful. she's been a leader on a lot of
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these issues, especially assault in the military. they are retroactively applying them is a very tricky business. the character and the forth rightness becomes part of the story. senator franken, for example, the first nonapology, i don't really remember it. if anybody is upset, i apologize. a couple hours later he does it exactly the right way. how i felt doesn't matter. it's what i did and who i let down. he was specific and contrite. h talked about consequences. that's the way it is supposed to work. >> there is unfortunately much more to talk about. we'll get to all of it. roy moore refuse to go exit the alabama senate race. new polling shows some supporters may be jumping ship. a look at the latest numbers next. ee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man!
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amal senate candidate roy moore keeps denying accusations. a new poll suggests their stories are taking a toll on his campaign. nick valencia live in gadsden, alabama with the latest. this poll raising a lot of eyebrows, nick. >> absolutely. but hetill hasrters were adaman ever despite these accusations, roy moore continues to deny the
3:19 am
allegations against him. at least two sexual assault allegations. yesterday he was painting himself as the victim of establishment politics. his supporters agreed. he said his character is being assassinated and he is being framed. they say the attacks aren't just an attack on the candidate but everyone's presumption of innocence. he goes on the offensive against senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i'll quit standing when they lay me in the box and puts me in the ground. i'll tell you who needs to step down. that's mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: the polls here, the controversy surrounding roy moore seem to be having an effect. he's trailing. doug jones by eight points. and among women, it's even worse. he's behind by at least 20 points. alisyn. >> okay. thank you very much. interesting to see the poll numbers.
3:20 am
our morning radio show host from talk 99.5 matt murphy and andrea linden berg. great to see you again. we last checked in with you on tuesday i believe as some of this was unfolding. you were telling us your listeners were either still supporting roy moore or on the fence. andrea what has, if anything, changed since tuesday? >> i think the people calling into our show have changed a little bit. they're more conflicted. they're really trying to figure out what do we do if you're a conservative and you weren't really a roy moore supporters. do you vote for him? write in a candidate? does that give the seat to a democrat? >> matt, do you have a sense of what might have tipped it? is it these accounts we hear from people who worked at the mall at the local mall in
3:21 am
gadsden in the 1970s. who keep saying there was this open secret of, hey, avoid that guy, roy moore, the assistant d.a., when he comes in. >> each camp has gotten a little ammunition for their side. roy moore comes out and fires back at one of the accusers, miss nelson saying the yearbook -- he didn't sign the yearbook. it's been a forgery. and the other side, we have eyewitness accounts of young girls who were at the gadsden mall in the 1970s and 80s. i think voters are coming to conclusions because it's clear the steering committee is not going to steer this for the voters. we have to do it for ourselves. >> yesterday we had a guest one of the friends of the woman who said she was 1. she said the town is divided.
3:22 am
people who believe roy moore was stalking girls at the mall and they are being intimidated by others who don't believe any of this. >> this poll shows women under 45, so they polled voters, their choice for senator would be 69%. doug jones the democrat only 20%. look at this. this is among evangelical voters. 73% still support roy moore. 20% of those spaurplt doug jones. matt, help us understand the evangelical vote. why is it that they would give somebody with the stories of, in one case, an underaged 14-year-old. why give him a pass on that?
3:23 am
>> in order for them to believe that this is the man they have been supporting two decades, they have to reexamine the entire period of their life. the 10 commandments monument issue they supported him. they supported him on the gay marriage issue. it is difficult for an individual and evangelical to get introspective to quickly. it has only been a week in time since the allegations came out. >> i want to play the remarkable press conference that roy moore was part of yesterday. he had no problem saying mitch mcconnell should be out of a job or should resign or should be voted out because of all of this. but when asked about himself and the stories about himself, watch what happens. >> judge roy moore category kael denied. >> you read his letter and it
3:24 am
addresses that very clear clearly. next. what i want to do is next question. hey, i paid for the microphone. i'm sorry. yes, sir. do you have a question about an issue? >> that's our gary tuck man who says this is the issue that we're asking about. what do you make of that, andrea, as you watch him slink out of that press conference? >> you know, for once, we want to talk about the issues. i want to talk about this issue. what happened is the campaign decided to go on the offensive because they feel the media is attacking their candidate roy moore. we want to sit down and talk with roy moore and get information about him. they said if the media comes at you and asks you those questions, everybody in the room push back and get aggressive with them. i haven't seen something like that in the stu of birmingham or the state of alabama regarding
3:25 am
the media and a candidate for senate. >> what do you think of president trump who has chosen not to speak about roy moore even when he's been asked directly? do you think that's having an impact on alabama voters? >> well, alabama voters kind of push back on the president with regard to the runoff election. he came to support luther strange. and alabama voters instead decided to pick the out liar in roy moore in the runoff. i think alabama voters have been clear they're going to make their own decisions with regard to this. we're a safe place for roy moore. we have had him on plenty of times and we can't get him to respond to us. this is going to continue to be a problem if he doesn't directly speak to the voters of alabama regardless of what the president tweets or doesn't tweet.
3:26 am
>> it is great to get your pulse. it really helps to know what is on the ground in alabama. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. all right. the senate poised to take up you tax reform but not before an explosive shouting match between two senators. >> well, mr. chairman, with all due respect i get sick and tired of the richest people getting richer and richer -- >> order. order. >> how this all ended next. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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xfinity x1 gives you access to moments from the american music awards just by using your voice. catch the encore performance by bebe rexha featuring florida georgia line, only with xfinity on demand. house republicans passed their tax reform with senators preparing to act on their version after thanksgiving. the senate finance committee approved the $1.5 billion -- trillion dollar plan. before chair monday orrin hatch chastised brown for saying republicans have only tried to cut taxes for the rich. watch this.
3:31 am
>> i come from the poor people. and i've been here working my whole stinking career for people who don't have a chance. and i really resent anybody saying i'm just doing this for the rich. give me a break. i think you guys overplay that all the time, and it gets old. and frankly, you ought to quit it. >> mr. chair, the public believes it. >> it's not true. i get kind of sick and tired of it. true, it's a nice political play. >> with all due respect i get tired of the richest people getting richer -- >> order. come to order. >> wait a minute. >> over and over again. >> all right. back now with errol lewis and karoun demmer january. it is part of the issue of selling this entire tax plan where most of the money in the tax cut is in fact, a corporate tax cut.
3:32 am
but most of the sales pitch is as a middleclass tax cut. >> right. which is a fundamental mismatch when you're starting out. certainly republicans believe with the corporate tax cut this will help fuel the investment in the economy, create jobs, and balance everything out in the end. but democrats are basically pointing to the raw numbers right there and saying, first of all, you can't prove that is going to happen. corporations hold all kinds of cash they don't put back into the economy. also with this latest report that the projections are over 5, 10 years, the burden of taxes on the middleclass is actually going to go up and the poor is going to go up. that's a direct sales pitch to the people. tax reform is a complicated thing to sell. people are familiar with the parts of it that affect them directly, whether it's state and local taxes or just the raw number of how much they pay into the government versus five years and beyond. and the numbers have not shaken out that well for the gop on
3:33 am
this one. so they are now fighting -- they're fighting exactly the microcosm battle between orrin hatch and sherrod brown. >> yet, errol, this thing came out of the house. it worked. it came out in the committee, in the senate. are there speed bumps ahead? >> oh, sure. >> or it will it on the president's desk? >> big speed bumps. this fueled some of the exchanges we saw. the republican leadership is trying to shut democrats out 100%. no hearings. no real findings. no research. they can try. what we saw in the attempt to repeal obamacare, they deed up the very same situation. what happens when you try and pass it just with the conference when you have only a narrow majority as the republicans do in the senate, you're effectively giving a near veto power to almost any individual senator. so you have ron johnson from
3:34 am
wisconsin saying, well, i don't like what's going on with some of these escort provisions. and john mccain throwing that procedural question out there that they have never really seriously addressed. susan collins of maine saying, well, how come we're all of a sudden taking away people's individual mandate premiums? i think there's going to be a very good chance that those speed bumps will really come to the for he e. >> two things going to be true. it is significant the house passed this version overnight. sit true it's a whole new season in the senate. we have a list of the republican senators right now who might have issues with what's going on. errol just mentioned it right now. ron johnson doesn't think enough of the tax cuts from corporations go to smaller businesses. susan collins is concerned about the individual mandate and the distribution of tax cuts. >> and the deficit issue. >> i think that's the most interesting.
3:35 am
that's where you have senator bob corker who sent out these cryptic tweets about the fact that he is still concerned about the national debt and the deficit here which is a problem that will not be be fixed no matter what they do. if bob cork er does that, this will be in trouble. >> it is a national security threat. just a general threat for the future. unless they have something absolutely perfect they're not going to be willing to compromise on that point. also remember of the people that you show, the faces you showed a minute ago, a lot of guys are not necessarily coming back. they are not necessarily beholden to the president and the party in the same way others might have. corker is retphraeug. flake is retiring. senator mccain is unwell and he just won reelection. so he is not be holden to the party either. susan collins and lisa murkowski
3:36 am
have been willing to go out on their own. they might be eyeing different jobs is than their senate is seats too. if the overarching thing is we need this win, the party needs this win, compromise on the things you don't like that much so we can get this through and do something that is going to work, you might not have enough people coming on board. you can only afford, when you have 52 republicans, to lose three if mike pence comes in and breaks a tie. or not even. the second you lose the third one you're pretty much in a difficult position there. they are either on their way out or not beholden to the party. that is a tough puzzle. >> millions of americans are finalizing thanksgiving travel plans. those plans could be impacted by
3:37 am
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could actually run between the rain drops if you have to. airports will still be pretty good. not going to have any significant weather for next week at all. temperatures will be in the 40s, 50s. well above freezing except for the lake effect areas around buffalo and maybe just east of chicago. pushing you ahead until next week, airports look really good. philadelphia, new york may have 30 minutes. most of the affected airports will be only 30 minutes long with weather delays. >> that's not so bad. chad myers, thanks very much. major tkpwoplts in the russian investigation. special counsel robert mueller targets the trump campaign. new details next.
3:43 am
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according to two sources, special counsel robert mueller subpoenaed the trump campaign for more russia-related documents. and the senate judiciary committee is requesting more russia-related information from the president's adviser and son-in-law, jared kushner. what do we know about this? >> the senate judiciary committee demanding a number of documents. so far they have failed to turn of. here's the lengthy list of what they want. kushner's communications related to fired michael flynn. the committee also wants documents related to kushner's security clearance. he had to update his forms three times documenting several meetings with russians. also on the list, the he mail chain where donald trump jr. relayed his direct twitter
3:48 am
messages he had with wiki links. and attempts to establish a back door line of communications to the russians and a dinner invite that kushner received, as well as phone records. kushner's attorney is responding to all of these requests saying, quote, we provided the judiciary committee with all relevant documents that had to do with mr. kushner's calls, contacts or meetings with russians during the campaign in transition which was the request. in the meantime, the trump campaign has been served with a so-called cleanup subpoena from the special counsel. this is basically a demand for documents from mueller's team they are making on an expanded search term. this is bookkeeping at the end of the grand jury process. so far we haven't heard any comment from the trump campaign about this new subpoena. john. >> jessica schneider in
3:49 am
washington, thanks so much. james clapper, director of national intelligence during the obama administration. thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> i want to start with jared kushner. it is is not just once he hasn't turned something over. it started with the documentation and security clearance way, way back at the beginning as he was coming into the administration. now they are saying, hey, where are these e-mails with wikileaks. if you're looking at this from the outside, does this look like deception or incompetence? >> well, i don't know. that's a great question. there seems to be a history or track record of less than stellar records keeping and lack of attention to administrative detail with filling out the standard form 86, background investigation form in which more
3:50 am
than once foreign contacts were omitted. i do think as this whole thing goes on it's going to be a challenge for the white house or the people involved with the campaign in providing the same records consistently but to the multiple investigations going on either with the special counsel or in congress. >> it is interesting. and the other bit of news was robert mueller issuing a subpoena to the trump campaign. sources on that side say it is a cleanup subpoena. we don't know what that means. but it shows robert mueller is working here. >> it also reflects his methodical, systematic approach to this and his intent to gather all possible records that are relevant.
3:51 am
and of course subpoena is a pretty powerful tool. >> there is one foreign policy issue that ties into this. you famously said during the transition process that you yourself have seen no evidence of collusion. you talked about the george papadopoulos meeting. we're geting into wikileaks. the idea that donald trump jr. had this private message exchange with wikileaks. not something you knew what you said there was no collusion. >> that's right. >> jared kushner, we don't know what's in the e-mails he has to turn over. but it is a lot of stuff he's being asked to turn over. it pertains to this investigation. did you know about any of that when you said no collusion? >> no, we didn't. the only thing we knew about before the assessment on the 6th of january was the multiple meetings going on. certainly for those of us in the
3:52 am
national security circle, the metaphor i used was our dashboard warning lights were clearly flashing. subsequently the 10 months since the inauguration, more and more has come out. it is getting more and more compelling as time goes on. >> would you have made the same statement as you made 10 months ago? >> not at all. >> part of this is the policy implication. donald trump brand as a candidate wanted a closer relationship with with russia. he wants to get them to do things that are in the u.s. interests. russia vetoed a u.n. measure that would have allowed a chemical weapons test in russia. this indicates the u.s. isn't getting what it wants. >> it is indicative of the russians that we are not, have not been and probably never will be on the same page.
3:53 am
the objective here is to prop up their surrogate. that has been their objective from the get-go. so it's not surprising that they would veto this. there's not much we can do about it. plus, the president, for whatever reason, refuses to knowledge the threat posed by the russians or even acknowledge at least consistently their profound interference in our election and our basic democratic process. >> have you seen any evidence that this president has more influence over the russians from a policy standpoint then previous administrations? >> no, i haven't. and the russians are not our friends. and they are not going to, unless it's in their interest, come to some kind of grand agreement. they're just not. it is very disturb to go me that
3:54 am
this threat they posed to our basic system is recognized. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks, john. >> alisyn? >> capitol hill now rocked by allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. president trump going after democrat al franken but keeping his distance from the roy moore controversy. and his own controversies. late breaking details next. when you say you need a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that
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our country depends on it.
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if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. you know, it is belittling, humilia humiliatin humiliating. is that funny for your wife or your daughter. >> she accepted his apology. is that enough?
3:59 am
>> women are empowered, emboldened and not going to take it anymore. >> the house passes a. >> i resent anybody saying i'm doing this for the rich. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our "new day". chris is off today. more sexual assault figuring out which to condemn and which to ig on nor. while the president is happy
4:00 am
to weigh in on senator al franken, he wasn't say anything about roy moore. the president flat out refuses to stay. he was talking about franken. this morning talking about taxes. the senate advances its plan, it is looking for a vote sometimes after thanksgiving. we're covering this all for you. suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill. suzanne. >> good morning, john. incident was absolutely chaotic when this news broke yesterday as people began to spread the word here. both parties are rocked with allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse.


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