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tv   New Day  CNN  November 17, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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to weigh in on senator al franken, he wasn't say anything about roy moore. the president flat out refuses to stay. he was talking about franken. this morning talking about taxes. the senate advances its plan, it is looking for a vote sometimes after thanksgiving. we're covering this all for you. suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill. suzanne. >> good morning, john. incident was absolutely chaotic when this news broke yesterday as people began to spread the word here. both parties are rocked with allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. he is not able to resist
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weighing in when it comes to democratic senator al franken. president trump going after senator al franken over this 2006 photo showing the democrat groping radio host leeann tweeden while she slept. this taken before he was elected. in a series of late night tweets, the president calling the picture really bad and speculating about where else franken's hands may have gone. before criticizing the senator's recent efforts to speak out against sexual harassment. mr. trump weighing in to the franken controversy, while continuing to ignore questions about the accusations against republican senate candidate roy moore. >> mr. president, should roy moore step aside, sir? >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders referring to last week's white house statement when asked about moore's future and punting the decision to alabama voters. >> the president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken
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seriously. and he thinks the people of alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. >> reporter: mr. trump going after franken despite the fact that a number of women have accused him of similar conduct. >> he was grabbing my breasts and trying to turn me towards him and kissing me. >> reporter: the president has denied the accusations, attacking the women who came forward. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. >> reporter: although he's on tape admitting to assaulting women in this now infamous tape. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful and just kissing them. it's like a magnet. and when you're a star, they will let you do it. you can do anything pfpl grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> reporter: then comedian al
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frank en forcibly kissed her rehearsing a skit during a 2006 uso tour. >> he just mashes his mouth to my lips and it was like wet and he puts his tongue in my mouth. i was so angry. >> reporter: after returning home, tweeden said she came across the photo of him groping her on a cd given to her by the tour photographer. >> it is belittling, humiliating. is that funny? is that ever funny? >> reporter: tweeden choking up while explaining why she's coming forward after 11 years. >> you know, you always -- i don't want to be a cliche but, you know, you talk about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids, you know? >> reporter: he said the picture was intended to be funny but wasn't before issuing a second statement apologizing. there's no excuse. i look at it now and i feel disgusted with myself. it isn't funny. it's completely inappropriate. >> that one did seem heartfelt and i gladly accept it. i believe it. and thank you.
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>> reporter: franken says he will cooperate with an ethics investigation as well as the senate leadership. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. a lot of female lawmakers are angry and frustrated, calling for a mandatory sexual harassment training will start to address what they call a rampant problem. in the meantime, franken is laying low. we have been told by sources that he apologized to his staff. he was emotionally upset. no sign of franken since this scandal broke. >> thank you very much. so alabama senate candidate roy moore forcefully denying claims that he pursued relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. as more accusers come forward, a new poll suggests their stories are taking a serious toll. nick valencia is live in gads n gadsden, alabama with more. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn.
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from what we see, roy moore gathers a lot of support here in alabama. he continues to deny the allegations against him. at least two sexual assault allegations. he is painting himself as the victim of establishment politics. his supporters agree saying his character is being assassinated and he is being framed and these attacks are not just attacks against the republican candidate but against everyone's presumption of innocence. as he took the podium, roy moore went on the offensive against senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground. i'll tell you who needs to step down. that's mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: the polls here, the controversy surrounding roy moore seem to be having an effect. doug jones by eight points. and among women, it's even worse. he's behind by at least 20 points. john, alisyn.
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>> nick, thank you very much. let's discuss all the morning headlines with cnn chief legal analyst jeffrey took skpeupb karoun dtkep demerge an. >> i heard pundits say, well, president trump can't weigh in on roy moore. it would bring up his issues. president trump doesn't abide by conventional wisdom. of course he would weigh in if it suited his purposes. and here we are. >> and here we are. as we have learned the past 10 months, every story is about donald trump. for better or for worse. if he had simply left this story alone, it's very bad for al franken. but now you get to replay the "access hollywood" tape. we get to revisit his own problems. >> he weighed in with his tweets. and he went after al franken, karoun, and, you know, he just feels that he can sort of be
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sapbgt mon sank ta money kwrous. >> the al franken picture is bad. it's really bad. where do his pictures go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 while she sleeps? >> everybody can see the president is potentially overplaying his hand and trying to score a political point against senator franken when he's not willing to weigh in on roy moore, he hasn't been address the allegations against himself.
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we want to have that full vetting be dub so they can keep some of the moral high ground. there is none on either side. both parties have these characters that participate in this activity. try to judge who is handling it better, who is acknowledging and apologizing for it. that is something the president has not yet done. as you showed the tape, he called the people who accused him liars instead of doing any self reflection on this. it seems from the tweets last night he's not moving in that direction. >> just one point. this is more than a fox news presidency. the president's comments were exactly like sean hannity. he has been a big supporter of judge moore. he went after roy moore without addressing the issues.
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he jumps all over al franken. >> you know, i think -- the fox news audience won't have a problem with that. and the base of the problem won't have a problem with that. that's where he's directing all of his energy and advocacy. >> karoun to, your point, when you have democrats in the senate and also republicans in the senate calling for an ethics investigation of of al franken, i'm not quite sure i understand of what. he's apologized. there is a picture. it doesn't seem to be so much of a dispute there. is calling for an ethics investigation the same as the linguistic formulation of saying
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if the allegations are true, why don't the senators weigh in on whether al franken should stay in the senate. >> some are weighing in on that. >> the ethics inquiries do take a long time to run if the senators are going to resign or if something is going to make this all go away. it's the fact-finding period in the middle that is the place that you can put this and take some of the pressure off or just kind of leave it there. it keeps it a live issue. it does create at least the voter pressure perhaps or the more -- the less specific you will get out. we will vote you out. it is a high bar to clear, which is hard to do. to just get the people to leave themselves. >> i actually disagree with you. i think the ethics committee is a good idea.
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who he knows. could there be other untoward behavior by al franken? these accusations do not tend to come in single examples. that is a useful reason to have a reasonably slow, serious inquiry by the ethics committee. >> we're talking about 2006, let's continue our walk down memory lane of the sexual misconduct yellow brick road right now. looking back at the clinton administration, kirsten gillibrand overnight was asked about bill clinton and whether or not he should have resigned because of the accusations against him. let's listen to what she said. >> is it your view that the
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president clinton should have stepped down at that time given the allegations? >> i will -- yes. i think that is the appropriate response. but i think things have changed today. and i think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction. and i think in light of this situation we should have a very different conversation about president trump and allegations against him. >> it's interesting, karoun. sellers was on with me last night. he said he thinks al franken should step aside. gillibrand said clinton should have resigned. should all these guys just go? >> it is very difficult for democrats to maintain the moral high ground if they're not willing to do reflection about similar things. there are some people that defended bill clinton by saying the lewinsky affair was consensual. but others came out and accused clinton of doing things that were not consensual.
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you cannot ratchet back 21 years and relitigate that affair. but we have made mistakes in the past and we're not proud of them. we are trying to correct in the present. that is something that are easier and less beholden to the clintons and we're less participating in that time to be able to say now we're on board and working more closely with the clintons 20 years ago would have that position. a few voices are coming out saying there is nobody that is excusable. >> it wouldn't be politics without opportunism. and remember kristen gillibrand had bill clinton campaign for her. now she has decided he's no good anymore. i'm skeptical. >> just let my introduce this so you can comment on this, karoun. that's what philippe reigns, former senior euzer to hillary
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clinton said. ken starr spent $70 million on a consensual blank. the senate voted to keep president clinton but not enough for you, senator gillibrand? of 20 years you took the clintons's endorsements, money, and seat. hypocrite. interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. best of luck. >> at some point you're not going to have a change take place unless people say, it is hypocritical. i did take the money. now i'm saying that isn't the right thing to do and i'm changing my position. if you don't have people willing to do that, you don't have any change. that's why harvey weinstein, like the politicians are able to keep this because they have money, power and people who are beholden to them. so, yeah, gillibrand will take a lot of heat for the fact that she's doing it and she was perfectly fine. but more people have to do that. otherwise, don't change anything. >> this is what we're wrestling with, which is whether do you
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start the clock. we're at a tipping point. all of these stories are coming forward. is it now divided by before harvey weinstein and after harvey weinstein, or do we roll back to the 2000s and the 1970s with roy moore. >> it is not easy. although in general it is easy. i don't have any problem condemning dating a 14-year-old regardless what era you're in. the photograph with al franken, that's inappropriate then. it's in appropriate now. i think some of our standards haven't really changed all that much. >> all right. karoun, jeffrey, thank you all very much. senator franken says he wants the ethics investigation. a member of the house ethics committee joins us to help us understand things next. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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top senate leaders calling for an ethics investigation into senator al franken after
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photographic evidence, a picture of the senator emerged groping a news anchor back in 2006. senator franken is also asking for the investigation is. so how is this process going to work? what will it try to find out? joining us now to talk about this is democratic congressman of florida, ranking member on the house ethics committee. thanks so much for being with us. obviously this is going on in the senate not the house. but you do the same type of thing. you can help us understand. what's the committee going to investigate? there's no dispute whether there's a picture. al franken has apologized for the incident. he said his memory is different than hers. but there is not an argument here. >> well, i don't know as much obviously about the senate ethics committee. but i assume what they will do is start with that photo, which was absolutely revolting, and they'll want to understand, investigate further what happened in connection with that episode. they'll spend time trying to figure out if there are other
4:21 am
episodes. they'll really dig in. now that it has been expressed and the photo is so terrible, they want to get to the bottom of it. they will make a determination how to respond. there are multiple ways they can do that. one of them is to censure. i want to say one word about this. it is important to focus on what's going to happen next in this case. but this is so much more than just senator franken and all of these others. i saw a statistic last night that one in six women in america claimed to have been sexually harassed in the workplace. it's not just congress and we need to do more. this is a moment of reckoning in this country and an important conversation we need to have. >> are you seen enough to judge whether or not al franken should be a u.s. senator. >> in my role in the ethics
4:22 am
committee, i would want to have the opportunity to speak with the woman. i think this investigation needs to go forward and needs to be treated as seriously as it will be. >> have you seen enough in alabama to say whether or not you think roy moore should be a candidate. >> well, here's what i say. i don't know how someone having heard these stories from women who so bravely have come forward years later, i don't know given how horrific some of these stories are how someone like that is going to continue on to seek office. but it's not my opinion here that matters alone. it's all of the republicans who would be his colleagues in the u.s. senate. >> as an elected officials, as a human being, have you seen enough to say he is not morally qualified? >> i don't think that roy moore
4:23 am
should continue on in that race, of course not. and frankly these are terrible allegations. and the women have come forward who have shared these deeply personal hurtful moments in their lives must be taken seriously. >> but why is that different from al franken then? there is one woman obviously is and she wasn't a teenager at the time. is that the difference here? she has a story too? >> senator franken is in the senate and there's going to be this investigation. and ultimately we'll see where the investigation leads. i know given the ethics committee in the senate, the majority leader, minority leader have all committed to do this. i think it's appropriate for them to determine if there's more, any other details, and then they will take action. >> when you say ultimately for al franken but none for roy moore. >> well, there is not a -- this
4:24 am
is -- there is not a situation in alabama where we are going to wait. i guess, john, the only other way to look at this is do we wait until all of these charges are litigated until we have an opportunity? there is not a procedure here. and there are so many and they're so awful. look, i just want to make clear again, we have to take this -- this is not a partisan issue. i think a senator from minnesota, a senate candidate from alabama, presidents from both parties, we have a responsibility to look and, again, not just in washington. >> sure. >> and not just in hollywood, but every place in this country. that is a discussion that i think really needs to happen. and my fear is we tend to fall back. >> it's a political discussion. there's no point. congress has paid $17 million in
4:25 am
settlements over the last several years. they're not all sexual misconduct. some might be different harassment. >> the congressional accountability act, the statute that applies to pursuing these cases, that statute is over 20 years old. it hasn't been revised since. there has to be transparency. we're starting to learn how serious it is. but we have to -- there has to be transparency so we can deal with what is quite clearly a very serious problem.
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>> there's just not enough time to talk about everything we need to. thank you for coming in today. >> thanks, john. >> how are women on capitol hill reacting to the scandals now rocking washington? let's get the big guy in place. the ford year-end sales event is here. i can guide you in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across
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i've been angry about it, jake, over 10 years. if he did this to somebody else or somebody else have been sexually assaulted or abused in any way, maybe someone else can come out in real-time because they feel strength in numbers. >> what do women on capitol hill think about this latest controversy? joining us is congresswoman debbie did i think el. good to have your perspective on this.
4:31 am
i don't know if this is a watershed moment. i'm not old but i'm seasoned. i first worked for an auto company. i have been around capitol hill in different roles over the years. it was ape fact of life. it was republicans. it was democrats. people knew who to avoid. you tried to watch out for each other. but if you said anything, you're the trouble maker. you were the person that would pay the price. right now we need both house and senate said we will have mandatory sexual harassment training. there are clearly outrageous situations where people have been violated. but we have to figure out how to deal with those. i don't know if there are more stories. i don't have all the facts. we have to be careful to make sure that people are not guilty until proven innocent and that you are innocent until proven guilty. but there is a lot of -- it's
4:32 am
not just in capitol hill, though. >> no. my tkpwfpblts we've been covering it. it is hollywood, silicon valley, media, wall street. but innocent until tkpwraoufpro you hold that to roy moore. >> i'm not saying al franken shouldn't pay a price. >> what is the price? >> i think if -- first, i don't think any of the stories that i could tell are okay. i think teenage girls is something that i find disgusting. i can't tell you what that does to me. >> so that puts it in a different category. >> it puts it in a different category for me. there are a lot of men on capitol hill and a lot of men that have been inappropriate in their jokes. hopefully you will start thinking about it.
4:33 am
but my first job, i never met john did i think el. i had a man who was my supervisor who talked about my father, tried to blackmail me, do everything i could. i was told, look, 14th floor, the executive floor, deal with it or leave. that's not okay. that is simply not okay. none of these things are okay. >> tell me more about that. since you have been in politics a long time, what is your me too story? >> i have too many of them. i mean, you know, when i was -- there was a senator who -- i was married but i didn't want my husband to know because i was afraid he might kill him. everyone at my office knew. the minute we were at a social setting, somebody would move in to protect me so i would never be alone. >> because he was aggressive towards you? >> not only towards me, everybody on capitol hill knew it. i just happened to be one of these people. i was with a prominent
4:34 am
historical person, and i'm not going to name who this person is. and that's part of the problem. a lot of women don't have the courage. because even though they have the me too story, there are consequences. we have to get to a point. let this be a watershed moment in changing the culture. is and men understand the it's not okay. because the fact of the matter is, look, i'm a united states congresswoman. i'm luckier than 99% of the women. for too many women those me too stories are going to have consequences. economic, if you're a waitress, if you're on the factory floor or small business, where is their job? i would still pay a price if i were to name some of them. the night it happened, i didn't know what to do. i was in a first year marriage so it tells you how long ago. the hand kept going up my leg. a woman recognized what was
4:35 am
happening and said switch places. we watch out for each other. but we've got to change. people need to speak up. men and women speak up and say it's not okay. >> that is happening. look, i hear it. let me ask you about that. now that the curtain has been peeled back about what's happening on capitol hill, as you know, some of your colleagues, jackie sphere and barbara comstock have talked about two sitting lawmakers still in congress right now functioning who have engaged in sexual harassment and lewd behavior. but they haven't named those lawmakers. and i'm just wondering, congresswoman, in the interest of sunlight, in the interest of what you're talking about, should those sitting male lawmakers be named? >> well, i don't know who they are talking about. i've heard rumors for a long time. i'm going to give you a different side of it, which is we have to protect those -- one of my colleagues say we can't
4:36 am
call them victims. we need to call them survivors. but women are still going to play the consequences. that's what i want to figure out. how do we protect the survivor so that in the end they're not labeled a trouble maker? it sounds great for the moment but are they going to be able to get the next job? if you're in a law firm, will you get to partner? if you're in a hospital, will it hurt you getting ahead? there is a young woman. this is different but the same. go to title 9. a student in lansing was raped. she spoke about it. she could never return to school. she was ostracized. what i'm trying to do is say i love the me too moment. if you're a member of congress or in the media, hollywood, we're a lot luckier than most women. >> exactly. you are in a position of power.
4:37 am
you are a powerful woman in this country. if you can't name the person who did it to you, why not? hasn't the tide turned? >> no. and i have said that to my colleagues. i don't think it's the watershed moment that so many people think it is is. i think for too many there are consequences in naming who the person is. we have to change the culture and we have to have everybody speak up and do the mandatory sexual harassment training so people understand what's acceptable and what's not. people were afraid to hug each other good-bye for thanksgiving. >> obviously there's a possibility of an overcorrection, but that's okay. we're due for a correction. but if this isn't the watershed moment, what are you waiting for? what would a watershed moment look like for you? >> a watershed moment will be the time when the tip waitress that works back in my district will be able to step up and say something is wrong and not be a play afraid of losing her job.
4:38 am
when somebody works at a small business and the owner is totally inappropriate, can really go do something about it and not be afraid she'll lose her job and never be able to get another job. why is this tax payer money? why wasn't the guilty paying out of their own pock sets and who authorized those payments? >> so i learned about it at the same time as you did. we were all trying to get more information. i think the house administration committee is getting more information about it. i think that there was further clarification that it wasn't all -- >> it's not all sexual harassment. >> i want to know what the money is and why i think we all need to see the sunshine and the transparency on that. >> so congress is working to reveal that to us?
4:39 am
>> i'm told people are trying to get the facts in there. i think there needs to be more transparency in all of this. you know, you get all of these claims. i mean, i'm aware of other things where there have been sexual harassment claims and people settle. and there are confidentiality agreements in them. is that the fair thing to do? is that the right thing to do? do people have a right to know? by the way, there is another side to it. some women have filed in appropriate claims. and you're not allowed to say to other people about that either. it's a complicated subject. >> it is. >> you and i are both angry because we both have had it and we both have had our moments. >> i appreciate that, congresswoman. this is where we shed sunlight on it, talk bit, and hopefully we can figure out some of these complications. we appreciate you coming on and weighing in on what's going on on capitol hill. thank you so much for being
4:40 am
here. >> thank you. >> anybody who think there are easy answers to this should watch that interview right there. the keystone pipeline leak. the biggest yet. we'll have the latest next. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you too. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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keystone pipeline suffering its largest spill to date. trance canada says 210,000 gallons leaked thursday three miles from amherst, south dakota. it comes days before the officials in nebraska ask whether the keystone pipeline, a sister project, can move ahead. environmental officials say there are no signs of spilled oil affecting waterways, water systems or wildlife. new jersey senator bob menendez's federal corruption case may have ended in mistrial, but he is not in the clear. senate majority leader calls for
4:45 am
an investigation into menendez right after the jury declared it was hopefullessly deadlocked. prosecutors did not immediately say whether they planned to refile charges. a philadelphia police officer the not only helped catch suspects with his sketches but helped grieving officers's families. we have more in "beyond the call of duty". >> reporter: there is a space in the basement to philadelphia's police department. it's where officer johnny castro stays busy with one of the oldest forms of crime solving, forensic art. >> i've always been good at drawing. my dad taught me a lot with portrait work. >> reporter: the job of this retired military police officer is to draw what a witness can recall. he then comes up with a sketch of the suspect. castro says when there's no evidence or photographic clues in a case his pencil and paper are a detective's last resort. but a year and a half ago, this
4:46 am
patrolman took on a new more solemn duty, sketching the faces of the fallen. castro uses a digital paint brush and tablet to catch an officer's bravery. >> the canine officer from louisiana, police officer from europe. >> he likes to include honors that some officers didn't even get a chance to wear. >> he was posthumously promoted to sergeant. i did him in a sergeant's uniform. >> that kind of attention to detail with go a long way for the loved ones on of an officer. >> the main thing i'm concerned about is just making sure i'm drawing this person the way people that knew him remember him. >> his 104th sketch goes to joelle davis's family. he was killed in the line of duty in july. >> i want to make sure that his son or daughter sees it and they're seeing their father.
4:47 am
>> after trooper davis's portraits have been trimmed, signed, and shipped, a copy will be added to the wall of heroes. that's castro's personal memorial that continues to grow. >> even when i start working on one, you will see identification that another was killed somewhere else. >> the biggest challenge for castro is keeping up. sketching two or three officers a week. >> unfortunately there is always going to be an officer to do. >> that's the sad reality. castro will always have an inspiration for his next piece. what an important heartfelt memory. what does former treasury secretary larry summers think about the republican tax plan. why he calls it a serious policy error. that's next.
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former treasury secretary, larry summers, pulling no punches when it comes to the republican's tax plan. he says it will cost the middle class. >> he's always outspoken so he was no exception today. he says it's irresponsible. he said he would have resigned if he would have been in trump's cabinet after the charlottesville thing. >> this is madness. it's madness to spend $300 billion taking health insurance away from more than 10 million
4:53 am
americans in order to finance tax cuts for the top 1% of americans. what values are served by doing that? i think this plan will bloat our deficit, favor the most affluent and mortgage our future. it's a serious policy error. >> the trump administration is saying it could give americans a salary increase from 4,000 to $9,000. >> it's a nonsense claim. yes, there could be stimulants to investments, but no serious expert that looks at the actual plans under discussion has or will support the $4,000 to $9,000 claim. >> you have taken on treasury secretary mnuchin recently. you said the administration claims about the tax plan were,
4:54 am
quote, dishonest and incompetent and absurd. has it gotten too personal? >> no, i said that to his specific claim that the tax plan would pay for itself. there's no serious economist or any reading of the experience to support his claim that the tax bill will pay for itself. i have been doing this for a lot of years and never said anything like that about any public official before. the specific claim that the treasury secretary is nonsense. >> why do you think he's saying it? >> you will have to ask him why he's saying it. i imagine that it's not easy to
4:55 am
have donald trump as a boss. i many a disturbed there have not been principled resignations in the trump administration. i don't know how these people face their children? >> you would have resigned? >> i would have resigned. everybody at the first end of their year gets an incompete. >> blunt talk. who does he think should have resigned? >> he didn't carve it out. he did say that i think some people on the economic side. so who was standing next to donald trump at trump tower that day after charlottesville, gary cohen and secretary mnuchin. >> doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for secretary mnuchin,
4:56 am
plain and simple? >> on policy he says it's just not there. meanwhile, trump has yet to make a comment on moore. >> reporter: the art of ignoring. translation, don't ask. president trump was mute when it came to judge roy moore. >> do you his accusers? >> reporter: with a wave, with a thumbs up, the president thumbed his nose at questions. why has the president dropped out of answering? >> for anybody that doesn't know why donald trump is reluctant to talk about roy moore's allegations, i have an "access
4:57 am
hollywood" tape i would like to sell you. >> reporter: the president has not won, running down a stairwell doesn't bode well. >> one congressman got a good workout. >> running away from your problems in a downward spiral, i think we have a new republican metaphor. >> the subject was sure a conversation killer for republican leaders when the story first broke. >> can they see me if i don't move? >> reporter: of course all politicians dodge. >> there are two critical issues we are discussing today. >> reporter: at least president trump has not blamed his ears.
4:58 am
hear no evil, speak no evil. when it comes to judge moore, apparently less is more. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. we are following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> he just mashes his mouth to my lips and puts his tongue in my mouth. i was so angry. >> this kind of conduct is totally unacceptable. >> president trump remaining silent against accusations against roy moore. >> the president believes this is a decision for the people of alabama to make. >> this is an attempt for mitch mcconnell and his cronies to steal the election from the people of alabama. >> the tide is turning and people are more aware of it now and not as afraid to speak up.
4:59 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." it's friday, november 17th, and 8:00 in the east. let's continue the conversation. sex assault and harassment scandals rocking washington. president trump is commenting on one but not another. president trump blasting senator al franken in a series of tweets after a news anchor came forward saying franken groped and kissed her. >> and president trump won't say anything about alabama senate candidate, roy moore, that is accused of molesting a girl when she was 14. we want to begin live on capitol hill. >> reporter: it was absolutely chaotic when news broke about al franken yesterday and people
5:00 am
scrambling trying to figure out what was going on and we now have two parties embroiled in sexual misconduct and abuse, and president trump has not spoke out about roy moore about his own allegations and troubles because of the topic, if you will, around the own allegations of the president himself, yet at the same time he has not been able to resist commenting publicly about democratic senator, al franken. president trump going after senator al franken over this 2006 photo, showing the democrat groping the radio host while she slept. this taken before he was elected. in a series of late night tweets, the president calling the picture really bad, and speculating about where else franken's hands may have gone before criticizing the senator's recent efforts to


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