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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 20, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> thanks very much for joining us. a new tactic in the standoff with north korea, president trump designating the rogue nation as a state sponsor of terror. the world waits to see how kim jong un reacts. a stunning react from a u.s. president saying he should have left three american citizens inside a chinese jail after feeling insulted by one of their fathers. the pressure builds on senators still undecided in the gop tax bill. president trump decides to attack one of them, calling his career toast. we start with president trump making a major announcement on north korea less than a week after returning for his long asia trip. he made the comment a short time ago in a cabinet meeting at the white house. >> we will be instituting a very critical step and that will start right now. today the united states is
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designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. should have happened a long time ago. should have happened years ago. in addition threatening the world by devastation, they supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. >> let me bring in bruce clinger from the heritage foundation and a former chief of the korea's branch. one of the most sanctioned the countries in the world. they don't do any trade with north korea. what difference does this designation make? >> it has several important factors. north korea is not the most heavily sanction country. three others are sanctioned more heavi heavily. they did things far stronger to iran that brought them back to
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the table. we should not hesitate to enforce our laws. the redesignation is consistent with u.s. laws including section 2331. that indicates that any hostile act intended to intimidate or coerce the government qualifies as international terrorism. it will have an impact on further weaning away business partners away from the regime. >> that's the key, right? this designation is less about punishing to some degree or weaning away or scaring the trading partners away from trading. under the resolution, the second is enforcing u.s. laws. we are still pulling the punches and secondary sanctions against
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violators of u.s. law. they are pointing out north korea's a state sponsor of terrorism and committing crimes against humanity and violating not only un resolutions, but international law. we are seeing a growing list of countries and banks and businesses that no longer want to have their reputations linked to the regime. >> the chief trading partner have them as well. president donald trump is venting his anger and once again for a familiar reason. perceived lack of credit. the president is tweeting criticism at three basketball players arrested for shoplifting in china and released at his request. after the fathers said he is not sure the president did anything, mr. trump fired back that he the president should have left them there. to be clear, left three u.s. citizens jailed by an undemocratic u.s. rival. here are the tweets in case you
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missed them. now that the three basketball players are out of china and saved from years of jail, the father is unaccepting of what i did for his son and that shoplifting it no big deal. i should have left them in jail. shoplifting is a very big deal in china as it should be. 5 to 10 years in jail. not to the father. he should have gotten his son out on my next trip to china. he said why they were released. very ungrateful. with me is a senior writer and solum nift f columnist. mark preston and analyst and cnn analyst. the president here saying he should have left three teens in china. it's not the first time the president expressed anger, shall we say or disappointment via
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twitter. this is a u.s. president saying i should have left u.s. citizens in an undemocratic u.s. rival. >> i have not heard this publicly before. any president is a fixer in chief, not a problem maker, but a fixer in chief. politics may have played into the father saying what he said. >> his own politics. >> his own politics. at issue for the president sits at this unique and lostfty and great perch and these were young african-american men. shoplifting in any country is wrong. the penalties are much stiffer, but to say you will leave an american, the military does not leave a soldier on the field. to say that there has been a shift. there has been a moral and
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ethical shift that we saw over the weekend. the president is the president of the united states. l' angelo was released and the dad said what he said, but he's still the president. i used this before. you are the president. it's like it's an analogy of the dog barking at the moon. the president is the moon and i guess we would say we are the dogs. the moon doesn't bark back at the dog. that's what happened. >> at the news conference, all the players who were released all thanked the president. lavar ball was unique in questioning whether the president had anying to do with it. >> one i think anybody who knows about lavar ball, he is marine one of helicopter parents in america. the greatest troll of all time. they happened to run into the greatest troll in american life. it was like a predestined
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battle. clash of the twitter titans. all this keyboard coward. secondly and april hit it on the head. the elephant in the room is race. this is about the time that the president has essentially used black athlete as a proxy. he has done it in the nfl and has a battle going with the warriors and members of the nba. it's amazing how the sports is now part of the culture wars and how donald trump either brilliantly, unconsciously or consciously inserted himself in there. >> think of the voices who have been critical of donald trump. from the very next day after the election and since then, steve kerr has not to this point been the target via twitter. >> one thing you are right about. i want to go back to engaging with donald trump. i think mike hit it right on the
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head. the guy is a marketer and a salesman and trying to sell his product. guess what we are doing. he knew what he was doing. what he did was outrageous and disgusting and as the president of the united states should have never happened. lavar ball is engaging in something not only trying to reach out to folk who is would be interested in buying his product, but we are talking about him now. that's what he wanted. >> it's not the first time we heard the president's need for public affirmation, you might say. his own peep when he doesn't get the credit he deserves. what's interesting is that when i speak to folks out there about this, trump supporters will say the same thing that. perception is shared by them. you guys don't give him a fair shake and give him credit for how you can find it. does that presidential peak have
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an audience? >> presidential doesn't mean the same thing as it used to. we are seeing him punch down at a stage dad. when you look at trump's base, you are saying yeah, he's telling it like it is and saying what i'm thinking when i'm watching the story. for that, president trump doesn't really pick fights that make him look bad among those people. he never has really felt like he needs to expand that. he feels like as long as he has, your favorite president in one of those tweets. he is not talking to america at large. he is talking to his folks. >> let's call it out. >> marshawn lynch as well. for the anthem. >> when we say he is mirroring what people in the base think, do they want to kick three young black men who happen to be
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college people and basketball players in china? >> no, but maybe i shouldn't have done that. it's like something that is not even that deep. i'm not trying to trump explain here, but -- >> you are doing a good job. >> he thinks of it as vast as it is. leaving americans in china. these people were ungrateful. >> one thing that does resonate with his base is accomplishments. the president is staking a lot on this bill running into challenges. but here's what the president said a short time ago regarding tax reform. >> the democrats giving us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons. obstructionists. it will be up to the republicans to come through for americans. i think they will. i hope they will. it's up to the senate f. they approve it, the house and the senate will get and i will there
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right in the middle of it. >> directing his fire at democrats and let's show up with the eight republican who is could very well vote no on this. quite a variety. some of the president's more frequent critics. mccain, corker and more recently johnson. he's a big fan of tax reform. this bill has issues. >> it has a lot of issues. when you are looking at that, you are not talking about squishy republicans. maybe lisa murcowski and susan collins. the likes of jeff flake and bob corker are exploding the deficit and putting us in debt. susan collins is worried about the individual mandate repeal which is to strip insurance from people. other folks are concerned about the tax deductions when it comes to the state and local taxes primarily in new york, california, new jersey area. the higher income. here's the problem.
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he said he will be in the middle of it. well then let's put him on that. >> this is why relationships matter so much and him picking fights with corker and flake and murcowski, that's why they matter. it's not intelligent for him to keep doing this and keep taking these shots. ron johnson for that matter is another interesting player. connell left him for dead during his race last year. he doesn't have a lot of loyalty as well. >> i want to ask you. a key number here is really who wins out from this current tax reform plan and we are going to put up on the screen what is a nonpartisan assessment and that is that all tax brackets by 2027 increases under all tax brackets under $75,000, they will have greater income taxes by 2027. by 2021, income tax increases
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and obama mandate is in there. even if the mandate is not in there, there a host of americans who will pay higher taxes. >> the question is who wins. in the short-term, you may get a piece of money for a moment, but the deficit explodes. how are you going to pay for it? that's the question. you are right. the fiscal conservatives are not happy. some of them have not come out. they are grumbling because this is more government. more money funding things that should not be at this time. and then let's go to the average american. let's go to the teacher who goes into the school room and puts her money on the table for supplies. they are getting that cut out. they cannot get that tax write off back. >> you can for the private jet. that was one of the criticisms. >> i don't have the political savvy of this esteemed panel, but i can say by looking at the
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details of the bill myself, the meek is not going to inherit the earth for a while if this passes. it is geared towards a certain set. >> not with the cuts. >> thanks very much. april, jackie and mark. the first of roy moore's accusers is breaking her silence and gave know emotional account of her experience as the 14-year-old target of the gop senate candidate's sexual advances. jared kushner's lawyer accused senators of playing gotcha games and claiming his client is the hero when it comes to alleged russian meddling. details on that ahead and breaking news, a major development for a missing submarine and 44 sailors on board. the search crews are hearing the sound with the tools, a known method with the sos. we will have the details. it's what's inside the person who opens it.
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which is the only egg goody enough for my family? only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. a roy moore accuser has spoken out in public as the embattled senate race continues to dig in. the focus is on keeping that senate seat in republican hands. the white house adviser said electioning the democratic candidate puts the tax reform plan in jeopardy. >> doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he will be a vote against tax cuts. >> so vote roy moore? >> we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> they want the votes. moore, remember is accused of pursuing teen girls when he was in this is his 30s. a woman who was then just 14
10:21 am
years old is speaking out. she detailed the alleged encounter in a today show interview. >> of the second occasion that i went with him, he basically laid out blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to seduce me, i guess you would say. during the course of that, he removed my clothing, he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. he tried to get me to touch him as well. at that point i pulled back and said i was not comfortable and i got dressed. he took me home. but i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world and he was 32 years old. it took years for me to regain a
10:22 am
sense of confidence in myself. i felt guilty. i felt like i was the one that was to blame. it was decades before i was able to let that go. >> cnn white house reporter kaitlyn collins joins us now from alabama. kaitlyn, i know that some republican groups, the young republicans federation is now refusing to endorse him. roy moore himself continues to deny all the accusations against him. what's the latest we heard from him today? >> jim, has continued to deny the allegations. there is no sign from him or his campaign that he has any intention of dropping out of the race despite the fact that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have called for him to step aside and exit the race. he still denies that. we heard from the first time lee did a tv interview and we know
10:23 am
he is denying a specific allegation from beverly nelson who met moore when she was just 16 years old at a restaurant. part of the proof of allegation was a signature in her year book, but he said it's a forgery. >> they forged the name on to this annual. they also included the initials of my receptionist and secretary. they forged it. it's a complete fabrication. i had never met her. >> moore said he never met nelson and they want a handwriting expert to determine if his signature in that year book is real, but in the meantime, he is maintaining it's not. we are continuing to hear from
10:24 am
these accusers. very personal stories including from this morning. it's likely we will continue to hear more leading up to the race on december 12th. >> he was saying the da's initials coming forward accusing al franken of groping her. hear her account and how franken is now responding. and a top u.s. general said that he would resist any illegal order by president trump for a nuclear strike. hear his explanation.
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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new now, a second woman said al franken touched her inappropriately. this time while he was already in office. 33-year-old lindsey told cnn that franken pulled her in close and grabbed her rear end while her husband took this photo at the minnesota state fair in 2010. she said his behavior made her feel gross and disrespected. in a statement to cnn, he said he did not remember taking that photo, but he felt badly that she felt that way. it comes after leanne tweeden said that franken kiss and groped her in 2006 while he was still a comedian. joining me to talk about this and other issues is hakim
10:30 am
jeffries as a member of the house judiciary. in light of these ak occasions against senator franken, he is a member of your party, but do you believe he should resign? >> think we have to let the process play out in terms of the senate ethics investigation. sexual assault, sexual harassment, unwanted touching or advances are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. we all need to condemn it and make sure we can create an environment on capitol hill and beyond where everyone feels comfortable in the workplace and interacting with their elected rep tentatives be it in the house or the senate or whatever the case may be. >> i want to move on now to russia. they said that the house judiciary said the son in law,
10:31 am
jared kushner's attorney said that lawmakers are playing in his words a gotcha game with his client after the judiciary committee claimed kushner did not disclose key documents with russia. it went on to make a charge about who is the actual hero in this investigation. have a listen. >> if you look at the conat the present times of these e-mails, he's the hero and saying there should be any contacts with foreign officials or entities. >> i would like you to react to that. do you see jared kushner as the hero? >> not at all. this is classic spin from trump land where facts don't matter and hypocrisy not a constraint to behavior. they want to convince the american people that black is white and up is down and the sun is the moon. the facts are clear. jared kushner has been less than truthful when it comes to disclosing contacts between
10:32 am
himself and the trump campaign and russian operatives at the same time that they were attacking our democracy in order to artificially in their view place donald trump in the white house. that's why jared kushner has been compelled to amend his security clearance forms on multiple occasions in order to include meetings with russian operatives that he somehow conveniently forget. he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt at this particular point in time. he deserves bipartisan scrutiny and the senate judiciary with leadership from the chair, chairman grassley as well as senator feinstein should be commended for their actions. >> of course jared is not the only one who has changed his story and not disclosed meeti s meetings. jeff sessions revealed past meetings and changed statements about russian interference. you took him to task to some
10:33 am
degree in his appearance before the house judiciary committee. i want to play that and have you react. >> while serving as u.s. attorney, you once prosecuted a young police officer who lied in a deposition. in that speech you decided to prosecute that young police officer even though he corrected his testimony. let me be clear. the attorney general of the united states of america should not be held to a different standard than the young police officer whose life you ruined by prosecuting him for perjury. >> nobody, nobody, not you or anyone else should be prosecuted. not me or accused of perjury for answering the question the way i did in this hearing. >> let me ask you this. as i said before, it's not the first time that the attorney general changed his story or
10:34 am
recalled something he didn't previously reveal in testimony where he is required by law to answer truthfully. do you believe the attorney general should step down? >> i think that the attorney general needs to be truthful with the american people where he has given opportunity to explain what happened in terms of his involvement with russian operatives at the same time they were attacking the democracy to elect trump. we have a criminal investigation that is ongoing right now. all of us in washington with the exception of donald trump have confidence in bob mueller. he's a good man and a great american and great lawyer to get to the bottom of what occurred. to the extent of the special prosecutor deciding to subject jeff sessions to scrutiny because of his inaccuracies and possible involvement, that's to be determined moving forward. it is problematic, however, that the nation's top law enforcement official, jeff sessions, would seek to hold to a standard
10:35 am
different than what he held bill clinton to when he tried to throw bill clinton out of office because of perjury as alleged by house republicans during the preceding impeachment proceeding. >> isn't the standard clear for everybody? if you come before the committee and testify on the hill just like if you were being interviewed by the fbi, the standard is you have to tell the truth and there are penalties. >> absolutely. he should be held accountable and it's not within the jurisdiction of the committee to make a determination as to whether his mistruths or half tr truths or selective amnesia qualifies for the level of criminal scrutiny. there is reason to believe that something is a miss. why have all of the president's men constantly failed to disclose their communications with russia at a time when russian spies were invading our
10:36 am
democracy. that's something we need to get to the bottom of for the sake of our country. >> i don't recall is a new favorite answer. i want to talk about a different topic and the cross hairs this weekend, the three players released by china saying he should have left them there after the father of one of them questioned whether the president had a role in their release. what's your reaction to the president taking such sharp aim in. >> this is another example of donald trump continuing to distract the american people. we are trying to focus as democrats on creating better wages and a better future for the american people and he is tweet being lavar ball. this is what he does when he wants to cover over the failures of his administration. you would think he would be proud of the tax bill that house republicans have just passed, but my suspicion is he doesn't want the people to discuss it or
10:37 am
understand it because it's going to raise taxes on 36 million middle class americans and undermine medicare and explode the debt. even as it relates to his foreign trip to asia, you would think he wouldn't want to talk about closing the trade deficit with china or the north korean nuclear crisis or the human rights abuses in the philippines. he failed to address the issues when he was over there and instead wants the american people to be critical of three young men or the father of one of them for allegedly not being thankful for what he allegedly did to get him out. it's the classic trump smoke and mirrors simply designed to distract. >> congressman jeffries, thanks for taking the time. >> thank you. >> new details on the desperate search for a missing submarine and 44 sailors on board. what a senior navy official said they are now hearing under water. how do you chase what you love
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>> there may be new hope in a desperate search for 44 sailors lost on a submarine since last week. the sonar systems on two navy ships picked up noises that sounded like tools banged against the hull of a submarine according to an official from the u.s. navy which has now joined the search. i want to bring in john kish whoa is a military and diplomatic analyst. they are here banging on the hull of what may be. explain how that came about. are they are sending signals. >> in the hopes that the crew
10:43 am
will hear it. they are stopping for three to four minutes and listening to wait to see if there is a response. >> in the hunt for red october. the two ships are listening and heard sounds that sounded like the banging on the hull was a sort of metal tool. that's what it sounded like and they coordinated the line to that spot and x marks the spot and 35 square kilometers around. the subhunter aircraft and one of the most sophisticated in the world is flying over that square mileage to see if they can detect anything. >> based on the technology, can the sound have enough information to in on the
10:44 am
location? >> if you have it coming from more than one source, you can trianxiety ult to the area. it's imprecise and they only heard it once. they heard it more. that's why the search area is still so big. it's also the area that is fairly deep. it goes from about 600 feet deep to thousands of feet deep because it's on the edge of a trench. >> about 600 feet to do a live rescue. >> thanks very much. millions of people on the brink of dying or thirst or victims are war. america's role is being questioned as the crisis in yemen escalates to a near horrific level. nkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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>> the country of yemen is in the midst of a crisis. they estimate a child under 5 dies in yemen every 10 minutes from preventable causes. 400,000 are at risk of death from malnutrition and the situation is going to much worse unless the saudi led coalition lifts the blockade on yemen. that's >> it's the impact on the wider civilian population that you often don't really get to see. abdul aziz is a 9-year-old boy in hospital, and as you can see from the footage he is suffering from severe, acute malnutrition.
10:50 am
while it is very shocking to see a young boy in a state like that, he is skeletally thin, and he was lifeless, just lying there while the doctors were trying to administer glucose to him. >> sadly, that young boy you saw there, he passed away several days after those scenes were recorded. joining me now is senior correspondent nema al baguer. you and your crew were the first journalists in during that time. tell us how the u.s. factors into this crisis. it's largely seen from the outside as a war between iran and saudi arabia, saudi arabia, a u.s. ally, how big is the u.s. participation in this war? >> there are real key concerns and questions about the extent of the u.s.'s involvement and the u.s.'s complicitly, not just ethically, but legally. back in may president trump
10:51 am
signed $110 billion arms deal with saudi arabia. jared kushner was actually seen high-fiving h.r.m master, but the reality is it has deeply implicated the u.s. in a conflict where there are genuine concerns about the human rights violations being carried out by the saudi-led coalition. they are currently blockading much-needed aid going into the country and that's why the u.n. is ringing these alarm bells and they're concerned about the potential deaths of 50,000 children unless that blockade is lifted and the worry is, jim, that in return for that arms deal that perhaps the u.s. has bartered a lot of that key leverage that needs to, at the moment, be applying pressure with. >> and to be clear here, what is the -- what is the value of the blockade in military terms? what is saudi arabia's justification for a blockade which, of course, is harming
10:52 am
many civilians, as well? >> the saudi-led coalition says that this is because the houthi militants are backed by iran and the rearmament and the ability for iran to get supplies in to these rebels, but in all conflicts whether it is the conflict in syria where the anti-isis coalition for civilians fleeing isis that isis fighters are fighting amongst them, they are always the balance they have to trike and the fundamental international laws governing the rules of engagement says you have to allow civilian supplies in no matter what the cost is to you militarily. >> nima al el bagir. he should have left the players in jail.
10:53 am
when the price press briefing begins. that's coming up next. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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this year's political landscape has transformed late-night comedy television and that is now the subject of a new cnn special report late night in the age of trump hosted by brian stelter airing tonight at 9:00 eastern time. >> late night now has a blueprint. new shows responding new talent. >> jon stewart is a jumping off point for -- >> stephen colbert. >> mr. trevor noah, thanks for joining us! >> and john oliver. >> that late-nightlineup exploded with trump, all of them covering politics and the president 24/7. >> the pace of the news. so much faster. >> trevor noah!
10:58 am
>> steve bodo now runs the show with trevor noah who took over as host in 2017. they invited us in for a sneak peek behind the curtain of the show. >> we watch clips and throw jokes around the room. i like that better than we -- it takes me an hour and a half to re-write the show and tape it at 6:30 and get to go home. that's the normal way. it doesn't happen very much anymore. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> in the age of trump, shows are sometimes turned upside down. >> scaramucci has just resigned. >> at the 11th hour. >> the mooch couldn't make it to day 11. >> the guy got fired before the day began. >> the host of reliable sources brian stelter also hosting tonight's special. he joins me now. >> i want to ask you this. late-night comedy has always been somewhat brutal with presidents and politician, i suppose you could say more biting under this president. how much more in your view?
10:59 am
how much of a qualitative change did you find? >> these hosts especially the stephen colberts and trevor noahs, they're reacting to their viewers and what the audiences want and what the audiences want is trump's downfall. a lot of the viewers of the shows, whether it's "the late show" or "the daily show," many of these audiences, left-leaning or moderates, they want to see trump another resign or have him impeached and the comedians are channeling that, colbert, or myers have calleded for trump to resign. that's unlikely to happen and they view this as a career and crisis moment. they've had a huge career opportunity in this case, anthony. he place the president for comedy central. the trump presidency has been a big boon to him and he's disturbed by what he sees at the white house and there's the tension with the documentary tonight. >> it's going to be fascinating to watch, brian. thanks very much for joining us today. don't forget to watch brian's
11:00 am
special 9:00 eastern time and pacific time right here on cnn. >> coming up this hour, the white house briefing and there is a lot for press secretary sarah sanders to discuss from roy moore to the president's response to leaving ucla's students in china. it all begins right now. jim sciutto, we'll take it from here. good to be with you. i'm brooke bolduan. you're watching cnn. moments from now the white house briefing will begin and the president has a lot to answer for after another tweet storm. he is attacking a wide range of targets from republican senator jeff flake to elephant trophy hunters to the father of one of three ucla basketball players released from chinese custody after shoplifting and in that case the president expresses regret for helping to free those young men. we'll get into that and more, but first to the breaking news this afternoon. amid the ongoing nuclear standoff, president trump just made a