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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 22, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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has pleated not guilty to the misdemeanor assault. >> can read the whole thing for yourself, just go to sunlen, thank you so very much. and thank you all so much for being with me. i'll be back here tomorrow, thanksgiving. for now, john berman taking the helm again. helm again. "the lead" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- the new 280 character limit, hashtag stuff the president is thankful for. planes, trains and tweet storms, forget about thanksgiving, how about thanksgetting, the president off the rails because he isn't getting enough thanks and raise. as the president stew's over the nfl and lava ball, military families are fearing the worst, but the search going on right now for service members lost at sea after their plane crashed in the ocean. plus, escaped from north korea. unbelievable video shows a defector under fire and taking
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five bullets for his freedom. welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper today. we do begin with the politics lead. and the president's thanksgiving eve twitter tear as he spends the holiday at mar-a-lago. president trump hit all the typical dinner table conversation starters, football, the economy, hillary clinton, and, of course, the fact that lavar ball is probably skipping the president when it's his turn to say what he is grateful for. all of this weighing on the president's mind as he later tweeted about the u.s. navy plane which crashed near japan with three people still missing. we'll have much more on that story in just a moment, but first, we want to go to cnn's senior white house correspondent in jeff zeleny in west palm beach. and, jeff, the president says he will be working from what he loves to call the winter white house. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. the president started bright and early here this morning. just about the same time the sun was coming up, saying he would be working the phones. he actually spent more time working the golf course today.
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about five hours or so on the trump international golf course. the white house not saying if he actually played golf or not, but he certainly was out enjoying this beautiful day here. in this season of thankfulness, here erring it with a exercise of grievances. president trump back at mar-a-lago for the first time since april. his thanksgiving break opening another season at his private club in palm beach. even though he went to great lengths to insist he's not on vacation. we'll be having meetings and working the phones from the winter white house in florida, the president tweeted just after sunrise. but as republicans measured fallout from his embrace of controversial senate candidate roy moore, the president hit the links today following an early morning burst of tweets starting at 5:25 a.m. he added new fuel to the fight with lavar ball, the father of one of the ucla basketball players jailed in china after allegedly stealing unglasses. >> tell donald trump to have a
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great thanksgiving. >> reporter: the president still fuming over not getting credit for securing their release. it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department, it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence, it was me. too bad. lavar is just a poor man's version of don king but without the hair. the president went on to call him an ungrateful fool. in a season of thankfulness, it was a blistering response to ball's refusal to say the words thank you to president trump. >> if i was going to thank somebody, i'd probably thank president xi. >> reporter: the president didn't stop there. also reviving his beef with the nfl. the nfl is now thinking about a new idea, keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that's almost as bad as kneeling. the tweet storm didn't stop until the president arrived at trump international golf course. >> yeah, i'll be talking. >> reporter: if all of the messages were intended to change the subject from his remarks tuesday at the white house -- >> let me just tell you, roy
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moore denies it. that's all i can say, he deny it is. by the way, he totally denies it. >> reporter: many republicans didn't see it that way or follow the president's lead. >> i believe the women and i do not think he should be elected to the united states senate, chris. >> i think those allegations are so disgusting and it doesn't make the man fit to serve in the united states senate. i think the people of alabama could have a better choice. >> reporter: now, many other republicans today were silent, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who only last week said that roy moore was not fit to serve in the senate. the head of the republican senatorial committee, corey gardner of colorado, also not giving a new comment today in the wake of the president's embrace of roy moore. john, we are learning just a few moments ago that officials at the republican national senatorial committee and the republican national committee are as of now not changing their policy. last week they decided to pull funding away from that race. they are not giving it back despite the president's kind words for roy moore. john?
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>> that is key because roy moore needs money in that race. jeff zeleny in west palm beach, thanks so much. now to the crash of a u.s. navy plane into the ocean southeast of okinawa. the navy says the u.s. and japanese are carrying out a relentless search right now for three missing personnel. the crash follows a series of troubling incident involving the navy in this part of the world. bar barbara, officials still don't know the cause of this crash. >> reporter: they do not, john. it is under investigation as the military families urgently and desperately on this holiday weekend wait for word of their loved ones. the aircraft crashed into the pacific carrying 11 navy personnel. it was flying from an air station in japan out to the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan." 500 miles off the coast of okinawa. >> i'd like everyone to take a moment and keep some of our navy family and friends and loved ones in their thoughts and
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prayers. >> reporter: eight people were initially rescued by navy helicopters, taken to the reagan and said to be in good condition. search and rescue for the missing three personnel by u.s. and japanese forces is ongoing. the c-2 greyhound is a decades old but reliable workhorse of the carrier fleet, flying people on and off carrier decks, landing on the deck just like fighter jets. >> the fact that eight personnel were able to survive this incident tells us there was probably a very skilled pilot at the stick who was able in some way to bring this aircraft down to the sea in such a way that the plane didn't break up. >> reporter: it's been a difficult and deadly year for the navy's seventh fleet, which oversees maritime operations in the pacific and is on the front lines of deterrence against north korea. 17 u.s. sailors killed in two collisions, the "uss john s. mccain" and "uss fitzgerald"
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colliding with commercial ships. a total of five ship accidents throughout the year. the fleet commander relieved of duty along with eight others. three of the crashes were deemed preventible by the navy, a result of widespread failures and mistakes. together, the incidents serious enough the chief of naval operations ordered a worldwide review of ships and staffing. but the pentagon insists its ships and aircraft in the region are ready to go in the face of an always dangerous north korean threat. >> the north koreans would be very ill advised to try us. immediately following some sort of an incident like this. any military force can always improve their readiness, but let there be no mistake, the american navy is the most ready, the most capable, the most lethal navy on the planet earth today. >> reporter: search and rescue operations are expected to continue into the thanksgiving holiday until they can find
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those who are missing. john? >> all right, barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, thank you so much. i want to bring in republican congressman from virginia scott taylor. he, of course, said that the virginia election was a referendum on president trump. so how will voters now feel about the president backing an accused sexual abuser? his answer when we come back. together, great things come in twos. like t-mobile and netflix. right now when you get an unlimited family plan, netflix is included. ho ho ho! t-mobile covers your netflix subscription... best christmas gift ever! you can binge watch all year long. now you're thinking christmas! and now when you buy any of this season's hot new samsung galaxy phones, you get a second one free to gift. that's one samsung for you. and one to give. t-mobile. holiday twogether.
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how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us. back now with our politics lead. president trump airing his grievances early this morning on twitter, yet again criticizing the father of a basketball player who refused to thank him and hammering the nfl over the anthem controversy. joining me to talk about this and much more, republican congressman scott taylor of virginia, a former navy s.e.a.l. congressman, i am thankful that you are here with me on this thanksgiving eve. thanks for being here. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> we're getting there. given the threats over north korea, you know, you're dealing with health care reform, the tax cut, going after lavar ball again, the president, calling him an ungrateful fool and a
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poor man's don king, is this what the president should be focused on? >> well, i don't think just because he tweets necessarily means that he's not focused on other things, too. it doesn't take that long to tweet, as you know. i was asked on cnn a couple of days ago if i believe it might have been a diversionary tactic, and if it is, it certainly works. i've been very clear, i think it's necessary for the president to get into these spats -- i don't think. at the same time, you know, he's obviously come as no surprise he has his feelings out on twitter and a lot of americans agree with him with the ungratefulness. >> you said the -- >> a lot of americans don't like him tweeting, too. that's clear. >> the election in your state in virginia where democrats swept almost every elected office there, you said it was a referendum on president trump. is this the type of thing that you think virginia voters were acting out against? >> yes, i do. sure. and i think that some of the divisive rhetoric sort of stokes
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emotions for sure and, you know, information leads to reason, but emotion leads to action, and you have -- democrats came out in that election. they were emotionally charged and they showed up. and i think it was a rebuke. >> so roy moore, republican candidate for senate in the state of alabama. a woman says that he molested her when she was 14 years old. now the president goes as far as to say he might campaign for him in alabama. what do you make of that? is it okay for the president to pick this republican over a democrat? >> well, let me preface this by saying, you know, this election's going to be decided by folks in alabama, so, you know, they will be the deciding factor. there is no question about it. all i know is what i've seen. i saw the man give his interview. me personally, i don't think it was sufficient enough. the 14-year-old girl that was there, if it was my daughter, i'd break his face, i'd break his fingers and probably do a
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lot worse. i think the president has looked at raw politics and the alternative, of course, would jeopardize his agenda in a very close senate. people can have their feelings about that, whether he should do it or not, but i can tell you the folks from alabama will choose their next senator, but i certainly don't feel comfortable with his explanation and everything that happened. >> aren't some things above politics, congressman? >> i believe so. sure. >> and the president says -- we're hearing from the white house, white house sources tell cnn that president trump is skeptical in some cases of the accusers of roy moore. do you believe their statements? >> i think you have to listen to the women. i mean, clearly this isn't an isolated case now. it looks like across the country in many different areas where there are men in power who have crossed the line. there is no question about it. women are feeling emboldened to come out and speak and i think that's a good thing. you're seeing it in congress,
1:16 pm
too. my office is introducing a bill that will make sure that representatives won't be able to have -- use taxpayer dollars -- >> right. >> to subsidize predatory behavior in paying out settlements. i don't think there is any excuse for that anywhere. so i would lean on the women coming out. at the same time, you know, you also have to be skeptical in some instances but i don't think this is one that we should be. >> congressman, there is this accident in the pacific where this plane crashed. the search for three sailors still going on right now. three airmen, three personnel, i should say. this is not the first tragedy we've seen in this part of the world. are you concerned at all now about safety for our military personnel there based on these two ship accidents we've had and now this air accident? >> so you've had five ship accidents this year -- the air accident. i'm very, very concerned for a couple of reasons. number one, i believe sequestration, the arbitrary cuts in the budget have hurt our
1:17 pm
maintenance and deployment. training, of course, has suffered. this is something you're seeing have a worldwide review on those things to try to help out, but one of my big concerns personally this is all in the seventh fleet. we have ships all over the world and you're not seeing these same things. you're in an area of operation where tensions are heightened. we have -- russia and china and north korea. that concerns me, too. i think cyber and the cyber threat both to our ships and to ships around us that could potentially cause collisions is a real threat and has to be ruled out in any investigations moving forward. yeah, i'm very, very concerned, not just on the training and readiness aspect of it and safety for our sailors out there. god bless them. we hope we find those three that are missing, but also the cyber aspects and the cyber threat that is out there. >> congressman scott taylor, thank you for being with us. thank you for your service. happy thanksgiving. hope you get where you're going in time and you beat the traffic. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to all of you out there and you, sir.
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>> thank you. all right. a dash to freedom. terrifying video showing a north korean soldier dodging gunfire from the north as he desperately tries to make it to the south. that's next. plus, another member of congress dealing with a sex scandal. and this time there is a photo. stick around. say hello to the braava jet mopping robot from irobot. its precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head loosen and scrub stains. all while navigating kitchens, bathrooms and those hard to reach places. you and braava jet from irobot. better together. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers
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we're back with the world lead and the dramatic video of a soldier's desperate escape from north korea. his mad dash captured on multiple security cameras. racing down a north korean street within steps of the dmz, he bails. north korean soldiers hot on his
1:23 pm
trail shooting at him at least 40 times. later, there is an infrared camera that captures south korean soldiers trying to pull him to safety. i want to bring in cnn's tom foreman here. any video from inside north korea is rare. let alone, tom, an escape like this. what sort of intelligence does this footage offer? >> well, it tells certainly a very dramatic scene which played out over a few minutes and over really quite a short distance. it happened here over on the western end of the demilitarized zone. we don't know yet where the soldier was coming from up here, but we certainly know where he was headed. just nine days ago, he braved gunfire to get there. >> reporter: 3:11 in the afternoon, the military truck driven by the north korean defector first appears on this security video shot from south korea. he is speeding along a tree lined road and by 3:13 he reach ace lone building, believed to be a security checkpoint just a half mile from the line he must
1:24 pm
cross to reach safety. there he briefly slows down before speed agway with what appears to be a guard dashing into the road behind him. less than a minute later, the driver passes a statue of former north korean leader kim il-sung and turns sharply right, headed directly for south korea. 3:14, north korean guards in the border complex race out of a main building and a guard tower, clearly in pursuit of the vehicle. at least four are chasing after the fleeing man on foot, all are armed. 3:15, the vehicle comes to a stop on the west side of the complex amid some trees and bushes. the driver jumps out and runs. the north korean soldiers appear only two seconds and a half dozen steps behind him. as one appears to trip and fall, the others begin shooting at the defector as he crosses the military line of demarcation. one even briefly dashes across the line himself in pursuit
1:25 pm
before they all fall back into north korea and disappear. from the time the north koreans first realized the man was on the run to his crossing to freedom has taken about three minutes, but he's paid a price. 3:43, video shows the man lying motionless in leaves alongside a low wall. doctors later say he was shot at least four times with significant damage to his left arm and his intestines. he also lost half of his blood. 3:55, on infrared images, two south korean soldiers are seen crawling to the wounded man while an officer stands guard. then he is dragged away. all of that happened right down in here. here is the line he had to cross. that's where he went. and then we believe he actually wound up right of in this area. officials say the 24-year-old soldier whose family name was oe was already not in the best of
1:26 pm
health since they found dozens of parasites in his body, worms associated with poor nutrition. he has had several surgeonries. as this man recovers and can tell us about his experiences in north korea. which we never know much about. >> can be very valuable to both the u.s. and south korean intelligence. tom foreman, thanks very much. after president trump backs roy moore over a democrat, there is a new shake-up inside the moore campaign. that's next. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
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1:31 pm
communications director has resigned. this with less than three weeks until a december 12th special election. cnn's martin savidge live in birmingham, alabama. martin, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: john rogers is the communications director, john, and this is a question of was he pushed or did he actually resign on his own accord? the campaign is trying to point out, no, no, this was all john roger's point here. here's how they're breaking it down. they're saying essentially that john rogers has worked very well for the campaign as a communications director, but given all the national attention, this story has been white hot, especially in light of the allegations made against roy moore, they felt they needed a more seasoned hand here. the campaign says, and here's what their statement said, you know, as we all know, campaigns make changes throughout the duration of the campaign. as they do, these -- as do those that are working on the campaign. so they're trying to paint this as being, hey, it's no big deal, but it is a big deal. it's three weeks before this
1:32 pm
crucial election. the question is, was there something in the last 24 hours maybe that precipitated this? the campaign says no. john rogers made this decision last friday. he was offered a secondary position but he turned it down. he didn't want to do it. meanwhile, we also know that roy moore has came out after donald trump gave him that rather tacit endorsement. he said to his supporters via e-mail,' are thankful that his words, meaning the president, before leaving the white house to celebrate thanksgiving were the strong words of support for roy moore. strong words might be a little bit over the top. essentially what president trump said was, hey, it's not a good idea that you vote for the democrat there in alabama. so not really a ringing endorsement for roy moore, but that's the way they're thinking about it here, john. >> you know, it's interesting, martin, the democrat has shifted tactics a little bit. all of a sudden putting much more focus on the allegations against moore. >> reporter: he has. i mean, initially he was trying
1:33 pm
to -- doug jones we're talking about here. as he would say, stay out of the fray of these accusations that have been made. but now he's got a new ad that's being run at least on the internet and it's taken a very definitive role, and that is to sort of talk about the allegations now. but doing it in an indirect way. in fact, using the words of ivanka trump, the daughter of president trump here. doug jones has got to walk a very fine line, because, of course, there are many in alabama who suspect it's the democrats that are behind the allegations that have been brought forward to somehow sabotage the campaign of roy moore. then on top of that, the democratic party in alabama is exceeding the weak. doug jones is pretty much running on his own here. and the national democratic party really can't help him because otherwise they would be seen as interlopers and that would turn off a lot of voters. so doug jones is trying not only to get a heavy democrat turnout, he's got to win over the moderate conservative voters as
1:34 pm
well. john? >> martin savidge for us in birmingham. martin, thank you very, very much. in washington, a member of his own party is calling on democratic congressman john conyers to step down as the top democrat on the judiciary committee. this is what gregory meeks told me and poppy harlow earlier. >> i really think that probably the appropriate thing right now is he should step down as the ranking member of the judiciary committee. and be subject to this ethics investigation. >> "the detroit free press," conyers' hometown newspaper ran an editorial calling on conyers to resign. this is after accusing the dean of the house, the longest serving member of sexually harassing a staff member and then paying her to settle. conyers admits to paying but denies any wrongdoing. i want to bring in sunlen serfaty here. the house ethics committee is investigating these allegations, but congress is off so it's unclier what will be done, right? >> reporter: that's right, john.
1:35 pm
we know that congressional investigations take a lot of time often, but in the meantime, we have heard from some members of congress, particularly from congressman meeks, going the farther with what he said to you today, calling for him to step down from judiciary until the ethics committee finishes their review. congressman mike quigley saying if he were in conyers' place, he would leave office. the chair of the congressional black caucus saying these allegations are very serious and disturbing, but also in the same breath there emphasizing that conyers has denied these allegations. notably, we have not had one call for his resignation yet on capitol hill, which is why "the detroit free press" editorial was so significant today. calling for him to resign now, not waiting for the results of that investigation. they say, quote, john conjeras jr. must go. after 5 years in congress, after a stellar career of fighting for equality, after contributing so much to southeast michigan and the nation, it's a tragic end to
1:36 pm
his public career but it's the appropriate consequence for the stunning subterfuge his office has indulged here and heeded warning to other members of congress that this can never be tolerated. in that editorial, they specifically mention the payment he admitted to making to the accuser which came out of the budget for his own office. that's outside the typical way it's paid out, out of that special fund within the treasury. they say that was intended, at least they believe, to bury the scandal. john? >> sunlen serfaty, thank you very much. we have much more to talk about, including another member of congress in trouble, this time for a naked picture. that's next.
1:37 pm
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all right. back now with our politics lead. my panel is with me. congressman joe barton of texas is apologizing after a sexually graphic photo of joe barton went viral. this is the apology. while separated from my second wife prior to divorce, i had sexual relationships with other mature adult women, each was consensual. those relationships have ended. i am sorry that i did not use better judgement during those days. i am sorry that i let my constituents down. who wants a piece of this one? >> nobody. >> robbie, in all seriousness here if you take the congressman at his words, these were relationships between consensual adult who's i suppose can send naked pictures of each other. what do you make of all of this? >> yeah, i mean, look, we don't know all the information here. if this was between consensual
1:42 pm
adults, you know, i think it is what it is. i do think if people haven't gotten the message already, cyber security matters so clearly this thing got out there. if you put something on the internet, it's going to be out there for people to see. >> leave it to robbie mook, former campaign manager for hillary clinton, to bring this back to cyber security. amanda carpenter, there was something this afternoon where you felt the communications staff for joe barton was relieved all they were dealing with were naked pictures on twitter sent between consenting adults. >> i guess that's where we're at where we can say this was a good sex scandal because it was consensual and the woman receiving the picture was of age. i guess if you have to handle a sex scandal in light of roy moore and everything else, this is a good one. it's gross. why do men continue to do this? especially when you are a member of congress? if you put it on the internet, it is going to come out, it's weird, and i don't know if
1:43 pm
he's -- he might be able to survive this because there is so much worse sex stuff happening right now that he might be able to laugh it off, but i am kerrus if the woman wanted that photo or not. >> to amanda's point, he had to note it was a mature adult women, usually women is enough of a descriptor. because of the political environment we're in, you have to say mature and adult as well to fully describe it. the other question here is, was this a revenge porn situation? in all seriousness. >> absolutely. that's a total and legitimate question. it's very possible whoever leaked the photo was the only one who broke a law here. if one of these women that he sent it to, if they were consenting at the time and now they're not consenting. let's leave this there. to your question, amanda, of why people do that, i have no answer to that. >> i hope you don't, john. >> i have no answer. all right. there is an issue dealing with elections now and the census.
1:44 pm
the president looks like he's going to nominate a man to lead part of the census bureau, thomas burr ne brunell. if appointed he would help draw districts in republicans' favor. this is according to a new report from politico. robbie, brunell wrote a book about this. he actually thinks the single party districts are okay. is this something that democrats should be worried about? >> well, i think this is something that every american should be worried about. you don't put redistricting experts in charge of the census. the census is there to get a fair and accurate account of how many people are there in every census block. this doesn't just affect redistricting. this affects funding for schools, roads, for many critical services across our country. if there is one thing that should be sacred right now it should be the census.
1:45 pm
and i think the trump administration is begging a court to take this process over by making an appointment like this. amanda, do you think that redistricting over the years has helped republicans? >> well, sure. this is one of the things that happens when you get into power, you are able to do more redistricting in your favor. so it will be interesting to see the questions that come out for this census, if there is, indeed, questions designed towards decreasing the number of minorities that are, say, counted. the big question of what makes an american will come up, whether that does, indeed, mean a citizen or not. let's not forget that president trump has wanted to block funding for sanctuary cities. if you can decrease the number of minorities or illegal immigrants that appear on the census, that is a backdoor way of reducing funding for those communities. >> you know, jackie, i want to move to the roy moore issue right now. cnn is reporting -- jim acosta reporting part of the president's rationale on backing moore is that the president doubts the accusers and sees
1:46 pm
what is happening to moore as similar to what happened to him one year ago. so in the president's mind, if you follow this reporting, he learned a lesson one year ago and he's repeating it now. what's the lesson? >> you know, this president has a long history actually of backing men who are accused of sexual misconduct. roger ailes, for example. is someone that the president defended. there are several other examples. so i guess it's disappointing. he's choosing not to believe these women. it's kind of predictable. and i will note he had no trouble believing accusers of bill clinton when he was trotting them out at a debate. there is a little bit of a double standard here at play for sure. that has probably to do with political expediency. >> i have to say doug jones now, he's running a television ad that uses ivanka trump's words and this internet ad they're
1:47 pm
trying to get us to put on tv. puts the faces and names of the accusers. this is a bit of a risk for doug jones to do this. he had been keeping a distance from this before. do you think this is the jones campaign believing now that they need to get this out there more than it already is? >> well, i would say this is the jones campaign now clearly believing that this issue is a problem for their opponent in the race, and so i do think this is an active problem for moore. i imagine that there are voters, men and women, particularly in suburban areas of state, that are starting to leave and open the voting for a democrat. so i think this is a good sign in as much as voters aren't just going to let moore get away with this. >> now that the rnc and the nrcc not supporting roy moore, he may lack for money. he may not be able to put stuff up on the air to fight this. amanda, i want to talk about john conyers for a minute. i had gregory meeks on earlier today and he said he thinks conyers should stop down as the
1:48 pm
ranking member of judiciary. it does seem democrats are turning to an extent on john conyers. what do you see here? >> i think that's a no-brainer. the guy can't sit at the head of the judiciary while he was using secret payments to shut up a woman he sexually harassed. that's obvious. this is a half measure where democrats can act like they're doing something without asking for a more drastic step of him leaving congress. giving up a seat on the judiciary committee, that's easy. him leaving congress, a better question. >> you think that is a step beyond what they're calling for right now all right. thanks for playing. have a great thanksgiving. >> you, too. airlines have to track your checked bags. there are consequences if they damage your luggage. but why is it different for disabled veterans who can't get around if their wheel chairs don't make it? that's next. ng less for my medi? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs.
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breaking news in the money lead. the trump organization just announced it is backing out of its deal with the trump soho hotel in manhattan. this makes the second trump property deal to fall apart in recent months. cnn's cristina alesci joins me now. is this any indication the trump organization is running into trouble? >> there are certainly problems in the north american market for the trump organization. the owners of this hotel clearly believe the trump brand is hurting business, not helping it. and a similar dynamic happened in toronto where the trump name was taken off of a property and a deal negotiated there. as you know, trump licenses its name to these buildings. doesn't own these units. it doesn't own the physical property. but when these deals fall apart, obviously there is some portion
1:54 pm
of the revenue that trump organization may have gotten that it will no longer get. we don't know how much exactly the trump org is losing off of this deal because the terms of the deal are private, but it certainly seems to be taking a hit. look, i'm hearing from sources who tell me trump organization was really focused on expanding overseas before the president -- before trump ran for president. and that part of its business model has essentially fallen apart because it can't do overseas deals now for the conflicts of interests reasons and its domestic business is not thriving, per se. that said, if you look at the trump hotel in d.c., it's actually doing quite well. it reported a $2 million profit for the first four months of the year, so clearly this indicates there are pockets doing well for the trump organization, but maybe domestically and other areas not so much. >> so we know that the president hasn't divested from his
1:55 pm
companies. is there a way in knowing how much this hurts the bottom line? >> we don't know yet and we may never know how much of a hit the president is taking because of these individual deals. like i said, these deals, the terms of them are very private. all we have to go off of is his financial disclosures, which do get updated from time to time. we'll have to see when those financial disclosures come out what kind of hit he's taking, if at all, domestically. maybe his revenues are going up overseas, right? we don't know. we don't have a full picture. which is why a lot of transpatterncy groups want to see this information come forward. >> cristina alesci, thanks for being with us. thank you so much. to the sports lead. the longtime doctor for the u.s. gymnastics team could spend 25 years in prison for molesting u.s. athletes. dr. larry nassar pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual misconduct. all 125 victims are invited to
1:56 pm
speak at his sentences, that could inclusion gabby douglas and ali riseman who tweet that layer is a monster, not a doctor. nassar told the judge he is praying for forgives. these are stories we feel aren't getting enough attention with the holiday travel season well underway, the veterans who lost limbs or the ability to walk face a daunting reality. their wheelchairs may not make their final destination. and a white house that pledges loyalty to those served isn't holding the airlines accountable. today, the paralyzed veterans of america association released a statement pleading with the government to help. cnn's rene marsh explains. >> reporter: larry dotson faces more than the typical amount of anxiety whenever he has to fly. the reason, the paralyzed vietnam war veteran's wheelchair may not arrive in one piece. >> these are our legs. when we get to where we're going, if we don't have our chairs, we're stranded. >> reporter: dotson had hoped a
1:57 pm
new rule would protect passengers like him, but in march, the trump administration delayed it. >> we need this now. we needed it five years ago. >> reporter: in the final days of the obama administration, the department of transportation finalized the rule that would require airlines to report how many wheelchairs they've lost or damaged. dotson says that's critical consumer information. >> give us the information we need to determine which airlines are going to treat us and our equipment with respect and dignity. >> reporter: dotson is a part of a group representing disabled veterans. the group that filed a lawsuit against the department of transportation demanding the rule be implemented on the original schedule. a d.o.t. official told cnn additional time is necessary for u.s. carriers to modify their systems and procedures in order to ensure accurate and complete recording. >> i wouldn't buy tickets on that airline, i would buy one on another airline. >> reporter: senator tammy duckworth who lost both of her legs in the iraq war has faced
1:58 pm
the same anxiety at the airport, having seen her own wheelchairs damaged. she takes issue with this delay. >> the d.o.t. under the trump administration is caving to industry. industry does not need more time. they're already reporting lost luggage rate. >> reporter: her frustration led to this heated exchange with the association that represents airlines. >> this is an area that we've spent an enormous amount of time on. i can tell you in the last three years, we take it seriously and i think that we're making progress. >> i've seen no improvement. and if anything in the last 24 months, i've had two wheelchairs broken. >> reporter: the transportation department does track disability related complaints. in 2016, passengers filed over 27,000 of them. but the new rule would require airlines to go a step further by providing monthly reports detailing the number of wheelchairs and motorized scooters that are checked and how many were mishandled. >> the wheelchair came through unscathed. which i'm tickled to death to
1:59 pm
have. >> our thanks to rene marsh for telling this story. we should say the paralyzed vets of america hope this will be the last thanksgiving that veterans have to endure this hardship. they write, we ask that the u.s. department of transportation, d.o.t., immediately reinstate the original deadline for airlines to report wheelchair damage or delays. wheelchairs are not a luxury, they are a necessity and paralyzed veterans should not be deprived of information they need to make safe travel decisions any longer. be sure to tune into cnn this tuesday, november 28th, a special live town hall debate. republican senators ted cruz, tim scott, they will face off against democratic senator maria cantwell and independent senator bernie sanders. this will be about tax reform. all of this as the tax reform debate comes to a head on capitol hill. our jake tapper and dana bash will moderate this debate that you can see only on cnn next tuesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. that is all for "the lead" today. i'm john berman in for jake tapper. you can follow me on twitter or
2:00 pm
on facebook @johnberman. i know turn you over to jim sciutto who is in for wolf sciutto who is in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- happening now, tweet and sour. president trump in a sour mood on twitter, stepping up his feud with the nfl and calling the father of a ucla basketball player unan grateful fool for not voicing gratitude for getting the players released from china. is the president more interested in getting thanks than thanksgiving? navy crash. a navy transport plane goes down in the ocean near oak nkinawa. three still missing. what went wrong? calling for congressman john conyers to step down from a key post amid sexual harassment allegations.