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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 30, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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stand by will be able to solve this problem. today american airlines says so far it's not cancelling any flights in december. follow me on facebook and twitter. turning over to wolf blitzer, thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, replacement plan. the white house down plays reports president trump wants to replace secretary of state rex tillerson with cia director mike pompeo, but now, sources tell cnn the white house wants that report out there to show it's displeasure with tillerson. why is it leaving him dangling in the wind? crucial vote. it's down to the wire for the senate republican tax overhaul bill with lawmakers sloging through 20 hours of debate with a goal of a possible vote maybe even tonight. it's fate will be determined by a handful of gop senators, can they be persuaded to vote yes?
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elevate the conversation, the white house defends president trump's retweet of the hate group's antimuslim videos claiming he feels strongly about addressing the extreme terrorism. does he know the woman behind the videos was convicted of harassing muslims? and ultimate impact, stunning new video of the launch of north korea's most powerful missile yet supervised by the dictator kim jong-un himself. and now, experts are out there with a disturbing assessment of this powerful new rocket and it's ability to strike anywhere in the united states. we're following breaking news, the white house offering lukewarm support for secretary of state rex tillerson amid growing speculation about his future. the white house press secretary sarah sanders won't say whether the president has confidence in tillerson and multiple
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government officials tell cnn president trump is considering replacing tillerson with cia director mike pompeo. now sources are telling us the white house wanted that report out there to show it's displeasure with the secretary of state. we're also following hectic behind the scenes work in the senate to nail down the gop tax overhaul bill. right now senators are debating and voting on amendments as republican leaders work to ensure they have enough votes for a final passage possibly as soon as tonight. and there's disturbing new information about the latest intercontinental ballistic missile fired by north korea. experts tell cnn, it's a new kind of missile with better guidance and accuracy and capable of striking anywhere in the united states. we're covering all of that much more this hour with our guests. including the top democrat in the senate ben cardon. and our correspondents and specialists are also standing by, but let's begin with the uncertain future of secretary of
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state rex tillerson. our senior white house correspondent jim acosta is joining us, the jim, sarah sanders down played questions about this and said, it's business as usual between tillerson and the president. >> reporter: the white house is fighting fires, the president retweeted this week to the fate of secretary of state rex tillerson who appears to be twisting in the wind. the white house is abading both of those questions tonight. >> he's here. rex is here. >> reporter: it's a new episode of the apprentice that feels like a rerun. secretary of state rex tillerson appears to be on his way out. sources tell cnn president trump is considering a plan to replace tillerson with cia director mike pompeo, but the white house is pushing back. >> look, as we've said many times before as many of you love to write these types of stories, when the president loses confidence in someone, they will
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no longer serve in the capacity that they're in. >> some days i feel like i need to do that. >> curl up in a ball. >> reporter: it's no secret tillerson has been on thin ice for weeks ever since he was quoted as calling the president a moron. melania trump challenged him to an iq test. >> the president certainly never implied that the secretary of state was not incredibly intelligent. he made a joke, maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it some time. >> reporter: sources say arkansas gop senator tom cotton is a leader contender to replace pompeo at the cia. like pompeo, he's in line for the hawkish approaching views on torture. >> water boarding isn't torture. we do that to our own soldiers mt. military. >> reporter: shake-up comes as the white house is facing a diplomatic uproar. after president trump retweeted anti-muslim videos from a far right neofascist hate group in
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britain. one video claims a boy was beaten by a muslim migrant, as it turns out, the attacker was born and raised in the netherlands. it sparked outrage in britain. >> by sharing it, he is either a racist, incompetent, or unthinking, or all three. don't focus on me, focus on the islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom. we are doing just fine. when pressed on whether the videos were accurate, the white house dodged the question. >> i think what he's done is elevate the conversation to talk about a real issue and a real threat and that's extreme violence and extreme terrorism, something we know to be very real and something the president feels strongly about talking about and bringing up and making sure is an issue every single day that we're looking at the best ways to protect americans. >> reporter: but may isn't backing down. >> the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say that we think that the united states
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have got it wrong and to be very clear with them. i'm clear that retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do. [ applause ] >> reporter: for the state department warning the videos could touch off protests around the world, even republicans in washington are raising questions. >> when you embrace religious bigotry, when you say that all muslims are the same, then you're undercutting our effort to win the war. all of our muslim allies throughout the world have to be disappointed that president trump choose to embrace this website. >> reporter: just this week the president railed against undocumented immigrants and nfl players, and called senator elizabeth warren polk hon taus. cnn also learned the president questions the politics of acknowledging barack obama was born in the u.s. something he finally did last year. mr. trump believes he would have done better had he continued to embrace the debunked conspiracy theory. >> president barack obama was
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born in the united states, period. >> reporter: the white house press secretary said the president did not know the person behind the videos when he retweeted them which raises the question whether president trump is depending on his team for guidance on social media behavior. he has a secretary of state for now, but he obviously did not consult with the state department when he gave american credibility to a group that pedals hate. wolf. >> good point. jim acosta, thanks very much. we're also learning more right now about why there's so much speculation about rex tillerson's future. let's go to our correspondent, michelle kaczynski. she's over at the state department. you're getting any information from your sources, what are you learn kpg. >> well when we heard the president utter those three words, rex is here in response. that's as good as saying, you're fired. i just spoke to a source who spent time at the white house
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today, and acknowledged that this narrative that was put out there to the public domain, this plan to replace tillerson was in fact put out there by the white house. tillerson aentd tight inner circle are not staunch trump supporters. yes, this is intended to be a public shaming of rex tillerson. and the goal is to get him to quote, punch out and the clock is ticking. and you know, wolf, during the course of this conversation, i raise that, you know, isn't this kind of a sad way to handle this and the response was, is it though? and til tillerson should have seen the writing on the wall. >> how will all of this play out? what's the next step? >> because as this source put it. the clock is ticking, we expect tillerson to resign possibly in days, but possibly longer.
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the white house really wants, wants this to be as smooth as possible. you know, if they say you can't leave the state department unmanned, they're not sure exactly what the time frame will be. they think it'll be by the end of the year, but possibly through january. and, you know, there were only days left for congress before the holidays, you still have to schedule a confirmation hearing. so they feel that the pick for the new secretary of state position will be current cia director mike pompeo. the white house is very high on him. they feel that he will quote fly through confirmation hearing. but then comes a question of replacing him. and the word has been out there that one possibility, at least, is arkansas senator tom cotton, but this source says, that's only a possibility, it might not be him. there's also a problem in arkansas that, you know, the governor would appoint someone temporarily, but then republicans need to get somebody on the ballot for the primary by may, under arkansas law, the
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person that the government, governor appoints temporarily might not be allowed then to be on that ballot. that's still in question, so we'll wait and see. one more thing, wolf, we're going to see the debate now over what this administration looks like. who the replacements are going to be, but we're also going to see reaction coming from all sides as to how this was handled. and i just heard from a former senior long time diplomat who told me these guys have no honor and no shame. wolf. >> strong words indeed, michelle, thank you very much. michelle kaczynski over on the state department. democratic senator ben cardon the maryland is joining us. he's the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee, what's your reaction, senator, to this expected shake-up over at the state department, and possibly the cia? >> well, wolf, it's good to be with you. we are already troubled by what's happening at the state department. and we know that career people are leaving. we know that's difficult on recruitment, we know that there
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is a moral issue. we know the state department hasn't received the resources it needs to carry out it's critical missions of diplomacy around the world, and now, we also know of the rough relationship between the white house and the state department. these are troublesome moments because our country depends upon a strong diplomacy for our national security, and we are worried that that is in fact not taking place. i don't blame rex tillerson, i blame the trump administration. >> well, when you say you're concerned about all of these developments at the state department, why don't you blame rex tillerson? he is the secretary of state? >> well, i am concerned about the reorganization and i've expressed myself on that. this is the 11th month they've been trying to go through a reorganization which looks like it's a solution in search of a problem. so yes, we are disappointed that there is not been more clear direction given to career state department people. their key positions that haven't
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been filled, yes, the secretary tillerson has responsibility, no question about it, but it's clear he's not getting the support from the white house. >> so will you be pleased when he leave kps. >> i'm not going to comment on that. i can tell you what i'm looking for is a state department that prides itself in it's career diplomats in the mission that they perform and has a person as secretary of state and president of the united states who will support their mission through resources and the way that they talk about diplomacy. >> next secretary of state would have to be confirmed by your committee, you're the top democrat, would mike pompeo the cia director easily be confirmed? >> well, i'm not going to talk about what could happen on a replacement. i will tell you this, we will use a confirmation process to go into the issues that we think are open. that is the reorganization of the state department, what has gone on between the white house and the state department, any opportunity we have, we need to raise these issues. congress, united states senate
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particularly has an oversight role that we must play. and i must tell you, i've heard from a lot of people at the state department about the problems there. and it has not been helped by the white house. >> is it appropriate for the trump administration to leak all of this information in order to shame tillerson into quitting? >> you know, mr. trump has an unusual way of doing business, which i do not believe is in our national security interests, there should be a team approach, the state department should be providing the information to the president before he makes statements. he makes statements and then checks it later for the reaction of the state department. the president has not used the experience of our career diplomats. those missions we have around the world in order to help him deal with some of the most complicated issues we have. >> are you concerned that this reshuffling potential reshuffling is being proposed at the same time the secretary of state is trying to address the growing threat from north korea? >> oh, absolutely.
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the solution to north korea, if we're going to be able to avoid a real catastrophic event is that we need a surge in diplomacy. diplomacy requires the state department to take the lead. we have to work very closely, not just with japan and the republic of korea and our european allies, but with china and hopefully with russia so that we have a common strategy to reverse the course that north korea is on. that requires strong diplomacy. and yes, that's been compromised by the way the president's handling the secretary of state. it's been compromised by the lack of resources and key appointments that are necessary to have the people in place so that diplomacy can work. >> let's discuss president trump's retweeting those inaccurate far right anti-muslim videos. the state department warned that that move alone could endanger americans abroad. u.s. embassies were on heightened alert yesterday. do you think president trump took that message from the state department seriously?
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>> i think this is very, very troublesome. britain first is an extreme nationalist group. their anti-muslim rhetoric without any factual basis and you know, the president of the united states giving credibility to that fringe group that should have no space at all for the type of message that they deliver. what the president did was very dangerous. it was very much against the u.s. national security interests, and it certainly interfered in british politics which is something a president shouldn't be doing. >> the white house says president trump didn't know who he was retweeting, the people behind those anti-muslim videos. what's your reaction to that? that go ahead and circulate to 44 million of his followers, 44 million people in the united states and around the world, that kind of hate video? >> mr. trump is president of the united states has the greatest resources of any leader in the
2:16 pm
world. it is hard for the international community to believe that he doesn't know the source of what he tweets. that's just not believable to the international community. >> senator, standby, there's more we need to discuss, your colleagues there on the senate floor. they're debating the latest version of the tax bill. live coverage of that. a whole lot more, there's more breaking news. stay with us. - [announcer] presenting the shark ionflex 2x, the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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2:21 pm
matingly. he's right in the middle of all things over there. what's the latest, phil? >> reporter: wolf, the senate floor right now. what we're seeing is something that was not expected by senior republican aids, it was not expected by republican lawmakers, walking into the vote. right now, there is a vote on the senate floor, it's largely a pro forma vote, it is a democratic motion to send the tax plan back to committee. these are the types of things that are expected to fail. they failed already multiple times today. this is another effort on that issue. let me explain to you what's different. look in the well right now. you've got a group of senators that are sitting there, and there are three republican senators who have not voted yet on this issue. again, an issue that all republicans are dppted to very quickly vote against and leave the chambers. smarted in bob corker, ron johnson, jeff flake. those are three that have hang-ups about this bill. this is part of the reason why we haven't had major action throughout the course of this day. as senators and senate gop lead verse tried to figure out
2:22 pm
exactly what's going on. also in that huddle, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, john corner, number three, john thune. i've spoken to several aids right now who acknowledge, they did not expect this was going to happen. they're not totally sure what's happening right now, except they understand that this is a continuation of negotiations that have been going on and frankly somewhat frustrating to some of those involved throughout the day. to give you context here, republican leaders throughout the day have been exceedingly optimistic, they could have a vote, a final vote, as soon as tonight. that has grown more and more unlikely as the day has gone on and as the day has gone on, there's several behind closed doors meeting. smaller groups at time, often involving senator corker, patrick in, as they try and figure out what has been the major hold-up. and that is a deficit trigger. wolf, this bill as it currently stands, according to to the joint committee on taxation, would add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit. even when you factor in growth. that has been something patrick
2:23 pm
in a-- flake and corker said thy will not accept. the trigger, what it would do essentially is if the growth projections don't match occupy to where it wouldn't add to the deficit over a certain period of time, tax increases would snap back into place. how thoelz would be formlated, what side they'd come from, corporate or individual, and perhaps most importantly and frustrating to a lot of senators throughout the day, whether or not they would pass the senate's kind of arcane budget resumes. they don't have answers to that, at least a final answer yet, and as a result, or at least in part, now you have senators huddled on the senate floor trying to figure out, a, what the answers are to that deal and in the process, holding up what is supposed to be a pretty simple vote for republicans to vote against. so right now, still trying to figure out what's going on, staff is with me on that one, based on the text messages i've received. definitely drama we were not expecting in this process at this point. particularly when you think about the fact that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell,
2:24 pm
senator number two john cornen said they're in a good place, they're trying to finish issues and they're going to get that eventually. perhaps by tonight, likely by tomorrow, right now, that looks at least somewhat in doubt. or at least, wolf, they need to figure some things out before they actually finish this vote that again, was not supposed to be a problem for republican lead percent. >> yeah, sent it back to committee, that would be a very, very big deal. major setback for republicans. we'll stay in close touch with you, phil, you'll update us on the latest. let's get back to senator ben cardon of maryland, he's a democrat. give me your reaction to what we're seeing right now, senator. >> this deals with the deficit. the motion says that the committee should return the bill without creating any addition to our deficit. it should be one that we all agree on. we shouldn't be deficit financing a tax cut. it's no wonder there are republicans who are really concerned about it. the bill as reported to the
2:25 pm
floor, at one and a half trillion dollars to the national debt. this motion is to correct that so we don't increase the deficit in the tax bill. i hope the motion carries because we really should be dealing with a tax bill first of all that's bipartisan, that's focussed on middle income people, but one that does not increase the deficit. >> yeah, the congressional budget office says it would increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. the joint committee on taxation says it would increase the deficit by about a trillion dollars. both obviously very, very big numbers. what's your biggest single concern if this bill were to go through? >> well, there's a lot of concern. middle income families are going to get hurt. in my own state of maryland, we know that 800,000 people will pay more taxes rather than less when the bill is fully implemented. it gives big tax cuts to corporations and high income tax payers, and gives very little to middle income and it's temporary in nature.
2:26 pm
and then, it eliminates one of the provisions in the affordable care act that will mean 3 million people will lose their health insurance. this is not a bill that should be passed. >> but the democrats, there's not much if anything you can do. it all depends on finding three republicans who will oppose it, right? >> the democrats are united against the bill. they're using what's known as reconciliation, which is a partisan process. they can jam it if they can get 50 republicans who will support the bill. and you will not even know the final version of the bill because it'll come out at the 11th hour and be voted on without really understanding the consequences. this is not the way we should be doing tax reform. we should do it bipartisan, working together for the american people. >> senator cardon, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue the follow the drama on the senate floor right now. we'll update you on the very latest. there's other important news we're following. we're also getting a new pictures, new details about why kim jong-un's latest missile test has so alarmed all the
2:27 pm
experts. also coming up, republican contortions to defend president trump even when there's tape of the same lawmaker slamming him. why the change? >> what concerns me about the american press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook, not fit to be president. i think he's a kook. i think he's crazy. i think he's unfit. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney. he has a new business teaching lessons.
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multiple breaking stories right now. live pictures from the senate floor. dramatic surprise unfolding right now. senators are huddling during a key vote to send the republican tax bill potentially back to committee. that would be a huge setback for the republicans. we're watching this. we'll update you on the latest. also breaking, source familiar with the thinking over at the white house says today's trial balloon about cia director mike pompeo possibly replacing secretary of state rex tillerson was an intentional public shaming to force tillerson to, quote, punch out. let's bring in our specialists and john kirby, you served as the spokesman. is it a this kind of information to basically shame the secretary of state and force him to quit? >> look, this town can be tough, but this is a particularly mean-spirited shameful thing to
2:33 pm
do in my view. the thing to do, if you're unhappy with one of your officers, bring them and they will them about it. counsel him and he's not performing, fire him. do it yourself rather than this way. i think it's absolutely despicable. >> gloria, i want you to weigh in as well, how difficult potentially would it be to a get a new secretary of state, new cia director confirmed in this current environment. >> i think that's what's going on. i think they're trying to move the chess pieces around, and i will tell you, this has been going on for some time. it's not as if this just percolated today, you had the secretary of state who didn't deny that he privately called the president of the united states a moron. they publicly, the president -- >> other than that -- >> the president said you're wasting your time trying to do diplomacy with north korea. and on and on and on, you know, the problem they have is let's say they put pompeo over there -- >> at the state department. >> now he's cia director, been confirmed, you know, that's okay. the question is what happens at
2:34 pm
cia? if it's tom cotton as everybody assumes, you know, the senator from arkansas, they have a bit of an electoral issue. which is, they don't want to lose that republican seat. it's got a republican governor, they don't have a lot of time to get somebody in place to run in 2018, and you know, cotton's up in 2020. so that would be safe for them. if you're worried about control of the senate. so they do have some pieces they have to move around. >> how do you see it? >> well look, i think rex tillerson was an experiment that didn't work. you know, it was an idea to try to go outside of the box to find someone without any experience in politics, who had experience in business and kind of thrust them into the highest level of government. think of maybe another example of that experiment that we're living through now as well, but that isn't the principle reason, i think people feel that he is being pushed out here. it's more about the relationship and the loyalty to president trump than it is about the effectiveness. while he does not have a lot of defenders in the foreign policy community or in congress, there's also a sense as john was saying that, you know, how this reflects upon the white house
2:35 pm
and that is, and that is seen -- >> is that the first cabinet -- >> no. >> that the president has shamed, publicly. >> and not all of those people left. jeff sessions has been the most publicly shamed, and he remains in the job, obviously tom price, and a few others. to ron's point, i think it's fascinating about tillerson. this was sort of the crowned jewel of the trump cabinet. on the campaign trail he posted we're going to bring in titans of stla no one else could bring in -- >> right, right. >> because of my relationships, i'm going to make this happen. and i think people some rolled their eyes and thought carl ikahn is one guy, but tillerson was seen as kind of a make-good by trump. he ran exxon. he agreed to be the top diplomat. this was someone that to trump's point hadn't served in government, and he saw that as an appeal. the i think the problem is ron mentioned this, trump expects total loyalty.
2:36 pm
effectively works for him and their job is to forward the trump brand. remember what he said about jeff sessions, how could he do this to me when he recused himself in the russia investigation? that's tells you everything you need to know and why rex tillerson, personality wise won't fit. >> tillerson doesn't have constituencies. he's trying to downsize the state department without a plan that seems to be working. he's alienated people in the white house, fighting with jared kushner who is an important person to this president, alienated the president of the united states, you have to have some backing, foreign leaders complaining they can't get through to rex tillerson. so, you know, you have to have some people behind you. and i think he's lost that constituency as well. and i think that's a problem for him and by the way, i think he wants to go. >> and he's also -- he also i think one of the things and you might speak better to this, to your point, gloria, it's harder to go to foreign countries when foreign leaders are aware that
2:37 pm
the president of the united states -- i mean, this has been going on, this undermining of tillerson has been going on. one of the most important things is you are seeing having the confidence of the president. when you speak is represents the president. >> the voice. >> secretary of state speaks, he's speaking for the president and american foreign policy, it's ban long time since foreign leaders felt that he was. i don't understand why he thinks he needs more proof that he doesn't have the trust and confidence of the president of the united states. he ought to resign. standby, there's other breaking news. senate floor right now. drama unfolding right now. key vote coming up. whether or not they're going to send the republican tax bill back to committee. back to the senate finance committee. that would be a huge setback for the republicans. we'll update you on that right after this.
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millions of dollars on life insurance. back with our political specialists epts to go back to capitol hill. the latest drama on the senate floor. republicans ran into a roadblock. what are you hearing, phil? >> reporter: the issue that's frustrating republicans all day has come to almost a head right now. i'm being told that the deficit trigger, the issue that republicans were huddled in the senate well talking about why that amendment vote almost went in a very bad direction for republicans who to pass this bill, that trigger has run into significant problems. they are not sure how to structure it in a way that complies with the senate budget rules. i'm told they're still trying to figure out solutions right now. if you want to know what that
2:43 pm
huddle was about, the amendment was to send the bill back to a committee. it was deficit-related, again, this is an issue republicans, these amendments republicans generally just vote against and walk off the floor, not expected to be problematic, but deficit has been bob corker's issue, the trigger has been bob corker's issue. if they can't figure out a solution to the trigger, there is a real possibility they have a problem, not just with senator bob corker, but also with senator jeff flake. james langford talking about the trigger as something he wants to see as well. now the issue here is whether or not they can find some type of alternative to pacify these senators over the course of the next couple hours. the reality is, there's a decent chance that they don't actually need senator bob corker or senator jeff flake's vote. they have 52 senators. they only need 50 and republican aids tell me they've been on a very good path to that number throughout the course of the day. but this is a problem that was not necessarily expected. it's certainly been republicans aids and the republican senators themselves throughout the day. and the big question now is, can they find a solution to this and
2:44 pm
if they can't, does that mean they lose senator corker, lose senator flake, and does that throw the end game on the vote influx altogether? right now no answers to than i'm told they're finding solutions to it. there's no question about it, this is not a problem they wanted, not necessarily a problem they expected, and right now, it's a problem they are desperately trying to figure out a way to solve in the near term, wolf. >> stand by, we're going to get back to you. there's 52 republicans, 48 democrats. they lose two, then the vice president, the president of the senate breaks the tie, they lose three, it's over. >> what happened today wolf is the last big leaf was stripped away from any of the republicans who say they are concerned about the deficit. you know, the congressional budget office said that the bill would increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. even as we are moving into a period where our entitlement costs are going to go up as we add 40 million more seniors over the next 40 years. leave that aside, the republican was economic growth. the joint tax committee came out with the official growth today,
2:45 pm
which it expects to be a minimal increase under this bill. there will still be a trillion dollar increase in the deficit. you now have a bill that would increase the deficit by at least a trillion after accounting for growth, that would raise taxes by some estimates on half of all the people in the country. and you are asking the, you know, total ewe anymorety to hold it together. one last point, a rare tax bill that's face 2g-1 opposition in polls. and the reason i think is if you go back to the '81 tax code, make the complaint it gave more to people at the top than the middle been but it didn't raise taxes on people in the middle. this one does for some. >> chris, i want to make a quick turn to lindsey graham, the republican senator from south carolina. he was on cnn earlier today, and he said the news media has been unfair to, too critical of the president of the united states not giving him a fair break. he seemed to accidentally echo what he himself said last year during the campaign. listen. >> you know what concerns me
2:46 pm
about the american press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook, not fit to be president. i'm not going to try to get into the mind of donald trump because i don't think there's a whole lot of space there. i think he's a kook. i think he's crazy. i think he's unfit for office. >> whoops. >> that was in february of 2016. >> yeah, i mean, look, this is a tried and true, used to be only republicans, democrats do it now too which is to say anything that is going wrong is the result of the media being unfair in some way, shape, or form. that's a perfect example of why that is inaccurate. the reason that we cover the erraticness of donald trump is because he's the president of the united states, and because he acts and tweets erratically. those are not partisan statements. look at his twitter feed. and then look at what he's
2:47 pm
doing. in the midst of tweeting these anti-muslim videos which remain unverified, donald trump likely did not know the person for whom he was retweeting them, he is also on a phone call with the president of china talking about the north korean missile launch. i mean, this is something -- those two things are something we have to address. and that's not the media biassed, that's the reality of what the president is doing day in and day out. >> stand by guys, there's more breaking news we're following. alarming new details about north korea's latest missile test. stay with us. remember how the economic crash
2:48 pm
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2:53 pm
experts. >> a u.s. intelligence official told me they are taking this launch and the north korean launch capabilities very seriously. the high and duration of this missile's flight clearly show an improved payload and range capability. there's wide consensus among military officials that the north korean's missile advances have been nothing short of stunning. with a nasa-style countdown, north korea launches its most effective missile ever tested. kim jong-un is there. a propaganda video showing several different angles of liftoff and flight. u.s. officials tell cnn this is a new north korean missile, what
2:54 pm
pyongyang calls hwasong 15. >> there's no doubt that they can hit anywhere in the united states with an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> reporter: this missile flew far into space, ten times higher than the international space station and was in the air for more than 50 minutes. flattened out, its trajectory could hit anywhere in the u.s. overall, experts say, a significant improve manimement e long-range missile from july. >> here you have one that's about 1.75 meters in diameter. here you have one that is 1.9 meters in diameter. this means that it can carry considerably more fuel and propellent that enables it to power, more larger engines. >> reporter: missile experts believe this probably carried a dummy warhead, about the same
2:55 pm
weight as a real nuclear bomb. to do that, the north koreans appear to have added more engines from the single engine they used in july. >> now you have two which provides double the thrust, which means this missile can carry a much larger payload to a longer distance. in other words, it can threaten the entire united states with a nuclear warhead. >> reporter: in just under five months since the last test, this north korean rocket has better guidance and accuracy. each engine on this rocket has nozzles moving side to side to steer the missile, replacing the fins and thrusters on the last rocket, a stunning advance considering this year and last there were several failed launches of north korea's intermediate launches. >> they are not worried if there is a failure because they're going to figure out what the problem was and adapt it for next time and improve an extended range. >> reporter: the advances of this missile have come so fast and so jarring that american's
2:56 pm
ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, says this brings the u.s. closer to war and if that happens, north korea would be, quote, utterly destroyed. >> brian todd, thank you. more breaking news, the white house publicly shaming rex tillerson with reports that the president wants to replace him. how long can tillerson last?
2:57 pm
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happening now, breaking news, cabinet shakeup. the white house is pushing back but not ruling out that rex tillerson's days as secretary of state are numbered. we're going to tell you what we're learning tonight about a tentative plan to replace tillerson with another administration insider. taxing problem. there are dramatic new developments on the senate floor tonight as republicans hit a new hurdle for their must-pass tax reform bill. established by. calls to resign, a dramatic shift among democrats t


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