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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we that's why at xfinityic. we've been working hard to simplify your experiences with us. now with instant text and email updates you'll always be up to date. you can easily add premium channels so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for. because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. newsroom," in new york. voters in alabama about to make a choice that will have a major impact on the balance of power in the united states senate.
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on tuesday either republican roy moore or democrat doug jones will be elected to the senate and will take the seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. now, only people in alabama will vote, of course, but the impact nationwide is enormous. this is why. the republican majority in the senate right now is just two seats. so a win by the democrat would shave that majority down making some upcoming policy votes even more uncertain. each man has a big hurdle to clear. for roy moore several allegations of sexual harassment, even assault. one case of molestation of an underage girl. doug jones, the democrat, is trying to get votes in a deeply, deeply red state. cnn correspondent kelly hart ong is there. even president trump is doing a robocall to get people to vote for moore. >> reporter: over the last hour we have seen president trump
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significantly increase the weight he's willing to throw behind republican roy moore in the state of alabama. it started with a tweet to explicitly endorse him last monday. then there was that cheeky rally in florida, about 20 miles from the state line. now phones across the state of alabama will be ringing with donald trump's vote on the other side of the line. take a listen. >> hi, this is president donald trump, and i need alabama to go vote for roy moore. if alabama elects liberal doug jones all of our progress will be stopped cold. >> alabama, of course, a state donald trump won by 28 points in the 2016 presidential election. he's trying to help roy moore galvanize the base here, conservatives and christians. a much more targeted strategy than robocall from the president across the state, i saw canvassers going door to door
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across the state where they knew they would have friendly folks on the other side of the door. one suburb in birmingham where people voted overwhelmingly for moore in the republican primary runoff. these canvassers knowing who they are talking to on the other side of the door but wanting to make sure in an off year in december on tuesday when the weather is cold in alabama and people aren't necessarily thinking about politics, that those people go to the polls on tuesday. >> so kaleigh now we're hearing doug jones is using calls. >> robocalls leading up to election day. we just learned senator shelby's words from the air this morning, state of the union jake taip tapper, will be used by doug jones in a robocall of their own tomorrow. you can only imagine in listening back to that interview
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when we heard richard shelby say i couldn't vote for roy moore, i didn't vote for roy moore, that those will be words used in that robocall. shelby goes on to say he wants a republican in the seat. he did write in a republican candidate, who he wouldn't share who that writin was on his ballot. >> in birmingham tonight, thank you. >> tomorrow he plans to hold a drain the swamp rally. that might ring a bell since it was a rallying cry for donald trump during his presidential campaign. >> when it comes to washington, d.c., it is time to drain the damn swamp. we're going to drain the swamp of washington. we're going to have fun doing it. we're going to do it together. when we win november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. >> also like trump moore hasn't
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shied away from attacking his fellow republicans along with the media. i want to bring in our panel tonight cnn political analyst and historian and professor julian bezzer, contributor to "time" magazine and author from playbook daniel and i'll start with you. here is how "new york times" put it. mr. moore created political life experience testing whether last year's presidential campaign is an anomaly or whether voters willing to shrug off truth stretching, multiple charges of sexual misconduct and incendiary speech. daniel, is the trump playbook the way to win in alabama? >> it certainly might be on tuesday. but i think broadly speaking nationwide next year during the paid terms if you're a candidate like roy moore it's going to be very tough for you to win. democrats are going to be sure to use moore against every
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republican candidate next year because they know that most americans find teenager molestation abhorrent. they don't think that a senator, one of 100 honorable men and women in the u.s. senate, should have that type of track record with credible allegations against them. so you really can't be like roy moore and expect to win. i think you might see that on tuesday. >> again, we'll see what happens. then i guess if he wins on tuesday, that would argue the last opposite of what's being argued. >> i know. >> julian, i want to get to the op-ed. you touch on the idea of how a win by moore could impact the republican party and the message it sends really nationwide. you write, with donald trump in the white house and possibility of roy moore in the senate the nation is watching closely to see whether gop is becoming the party of the gob, good old boys.
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some senate elections are just about the politics of the state, moore's victory would leave a huge imprint on the way voters perceive the republican party for years to come. why do you believe this could have a lasting impact? >> it comes on top of the trump presidency. part of what we've seen is a shift to the right within the republican party that's pretty thoetab ab notable on many issues such as immigration and questions involving social policy, same-sex marriage. where roy moore is very much to the right. put aside all the sexual molestation charges. so if he becomes one of the faces of the republican party, along with president trump, that is not a party that represents a lot of where much of the nation is. that can be costly in the long-term for gop. >> jay, i want to ask you about the hollywood celebrities who we've now seen this week coming out in support of democrat doug jones including actors mark
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ruffalo and patton oswald. does that hurt or help in alabama? >> in alabama it probably hurts more than it helps especially when you're looking at the turnout they are trying to get. the people doug jones is trying to focus on is african-american voters to turn them out. that's the big hope, if he could have obama level turnout of african-american voters he could potentially win this race. it remains an incredibly close race, probably closer for moore, which is puzzling moore has decided to take off the weekend and not campaign all weekend in alabama. but it is a very, very close race. we'll see. maybe those endorsements by hollywood celebrities might influence a few democrats in alabama but i'm not sure it really helps especially amongst african-american voters and certainly potentially could turn off republicans that campaign are trying to convince or lure over to democratic side who are disgusted by moore and the accusations against moore. >> i wonder what the impact will
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be of what alabama's other senator republican richard shelby said on our air today because he says he could not bring himself to vote for roy moore. he opted to write in a candidate instead. listen. >> as a republican, i had to vote republican, i wanted to vote republican. i understand where the president is coming from. i understand we would like to retain that seat in the u.s. sena sena senate. but i tell you what there's a time -- we call it a tipping poi point, so many accusations, so many drip, drip, drip. when it got to the 14-year-old story, that was enough for me. i said i can't vote for roy moore. >> daniel, if republicans do win, a what is a better strategy for republicans, accept him or call for his expulsion. >> the day that he lands in the
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u.s. senate and takes that oath, he'll be a pariah. very few senators will want to team up with him on bills and the republican party would probably be best positioned going forward to commence the ethics committee investigation of him and his allegations and expel him and then get another special election where a republican could possibly win in alabama. because if you have senator roy moore, then that just tars the entire republican caucus in the senate. it just makes it untenable for them to associate with a guy that he was already very controversial. he had been picked out as a judge. >> julie, you talked about expulsion being a very, very, very rare thing when you look back at past presidents, if that
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tells us anything. i want to ask about steve bannon. he's had a pretty big influence. he's really wanting to galvanize the same trump voters behind roy moore. he's planning another event there tomorrow. i'm reminded of what he said right when he left the white house. quote, in many ways i think i can be more effective fighting on the outside for the agenda president trump ran on. anyone that stands in our way, we will go to war with. is this proof of that? >> it could be. the only thing is he does have the support sophisticate president. he's still an insider, the president of the united states working with him essentially. that's the key to this relationship. i think breitbart and steve bannon have an amazing platform that's very powerful in this day and age. if moore wins, they will demonstrate they have political muscle that doesn't require elected office to exercise. i think that's a big story. i would say the senate doesn't
5:12 pm
really expel people. the civil war period is one of the few times you could command the supermajority necessary. let's remember a lot of the republican party now is living with moore. the president, the rnc. i would not be surprised if he is elected and they back away from talk of expulsion and live with that republican vote. partisanship is a strong force in washington. >> julian zell ser, daniel, thank you all. >> thank you. a grim warning for californians. their governor telling them scenes like this, ones that literally look like hell on earth are their new normal. next we will take you to the front lines of the battle to stop these wildfires destroying parts of southern california. you're live in "cnn newsroom." ♪ blue moon is brewed with valencia orange peel, for a taste that shines brighter.
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what seems an endless war on firefighters. they are trying to contain half dozen active fires that left residents living in, quote, a living hell. wildfires that burn 200,000 acres. that's an area almost as large as new york city. even though santa ana winds are expected to die down soon, there is no rain in the forecast for the next two weeks. these fires are still spreading tonight. cnn senior national correspondent on the frontline of this firefighter in santa barbara county. kim, i'm looking at the scene behind you. where are they focusing their efforts tonight? we know there are about a half dozen burning. >> it's here at the thomas fire they are most concerned about. this the largest fire. this the fire that continues to expand and grow. it is burning in those hills and it is. it is absolutely surreal. if you can imagine your house below that, because this is
5:18 pm
burning now closer and closer to santa barbara, burning in hills of santa barbara. if you live below them you can ensemble imagine how it feels to be watching that. hundreds of thousands of acres so far. 15,000 threatened as the fire continues to burn through this dry brush. unrelenting and bleeg as winds fuel the largest santa barbara fires, the thomas fire. >> it's not a house fire yet. we're trying to prevent that. if we can get the wind to cooperate with us, the wind is definitely picking up now. >> so you've been hitting it from the air as well as working it from the ground. >> correct. the helicopters have been a huge help. >> the wind as it pushes the embers this way, all of these embers fly towards the houses that haven't burned yet.
5:19 pm
>> ftsirefighters, they are bus. >> exhausted. the fact this truck injurfirefi injured. thousands across california. in northern california homes burned in minutes. a wildfire spreading to fast terrified thoroughbred horses ran in circles trapped. others burned alive in their barns. some horses barely made it out. their trainers escape route burning around them. >> heading out. >> this entire neighborhood disappeared in just 20 minutes. daylight revealed all that was lost. in los angeles, this bel-air neighborhood, hillside, the mansions burned. more people running from flames. >> we just started panicking. we didn't know what to do. we hadn't been told to evacuate but we were going to evacuate.
5:20 pm
we just started thinking. my husband said just take anything you think you might need. everything can be replaced. let's just get out of here. >> nearly 200,000 people in southern california evacuated this week. some returning to a home. >> hi, honey, it's me. our house is still there. yeah. everything looks good. >> reporter: others digging through what's left. >> there's not much. but if there's a few things that will help them, you know, have some connection to the past, that's what i'm trying to do. material stuff, memories, a lot of years. >> back here live in santa barbara county as you are watching that very scary and erie glow up in the hills above us where the fire is most active
5:21 pm
right now. the red flag warning, high wind warning here in california, that is still in place for another 2 1/2 almost 3 hours. firefighters are hoping that after that red flag warning goes down ana, that things will turn in their favor. ana. >> we are all sending in our best town. kyung lah, thank you for that. a video difficult to watch. body cam video, a father of two asking how the officer who opened fire was acquitted. >> hands straight up in the air. do not put your hands down for any reason. you think you're going to fall, you better fall on your face. your hands go back in the small of your back we are going to shoot you. do you understand me ame that burns the candle ♪ ? ♪ the candle feeds the flame ♪
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nearly two years ago police in arizona responded to a call of a man pointing a gun out the window of a mesa hotel room. a man and a woman were outside in the hall when officers arrived. police ordered the pair to raise their hands up and crawl toward them. officers said they would shoot if the pair didn't obey their command. the man, who was sobbing and pleading for his life dropped his hands and one officer opened fire. that video was released after a jury on thursday acquitted police officer of murder charges. >> reporter: the video shot by a body camera nearly two years ago but it's just coming to life now after the trial and acquittal of this mesa, arizona police
5:27 pm
officer. while we have to warn viewers, yes, it is difficult to watch, it is also important as it did provide crucial clues for jurors who chose not to convict. newly released body camera footage of this police shooting showed daniel shaver's last moments. police responding to reports of a man pointing a rifle out of a hotel window. >> hands up in the air. do you that again, we're shooting you. do you understand? >> begging. >> listen to my instructions. don't talk. listen. hands straight up in the air. do not put your hands down for any reason. you think you're going to fall, you better fall on your face. your hands go back in the small of your back or down, we are going to shoot you. do you understand me? >> he ordered shaver to crawl towards him. he complies then moves his hand behind him despite the warning.
5:28 pm
>> brailsford fires five rounds killing shaver. brailsford was charged with second degree murder over this shooting. in an interview with police he said he thought shaver was going for a gun saying he could have quickly and easily drawn a weapon down on us and fired without aiming. he could have hit us or the citizen we had just detained. no gun was found on shaver. brailsford was acquitted last week. his defender say his actions were justified. >> every subject matter expert who reviewed this said he acted consistently with training. >> on the tape shaver is repeatedly ordered to follow the officer's instructions. >> if you make a mistake, another mistake, there is a very severe possibility you're both going to get shot. do you understand that? >> yes. >> you move we're going to consider that a threat, and we are going to deal with it and
5:29 pm
you might not survive it. do you understand me? >> yes, sir. >> despite the warnings received shaver's family does not believe the shooting was justified saying to cnn, that's an execution, pure and simple. the justice system miserably failed daniel and his family. witnesses told police he was showing them an air rifle he used in his job exterminating pests. there was stoot. as for the officer acquitted, he's no longer with the mesa police department. ana. >> our thanks. up next rare look inside the white house paints donald trump as a president obsessed with cable tv and addicted to diet coke. does this sound like the man one of the trump family biographer's
5:30 pm
knows? i'll ask her. live in "cnn newsroom." don't go away.
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(sighing) oh dear. thank goodness zerowater's five-stage filter gets to all zeroes the first time. so, maybe it's time to upgrade. get more out of your water. get zerowater. a revealing article in the "new york times" takes readers inside what donald trump calls preservation, diet coke and steady extreme of cable news to deal with the demands of the job. it says people close to him estimate mr. trump spends at least four hours a day and sometimes as much as twice that in front of a television watching cable. he shares thoughts with anyone in the room, even the household staff he summons via a button for lunch or for one of the dozen of diet coax he consumes.
5:35 pm
three generation that is built an empire. you did this biography about the trump family. does this profile align with the trump you chronicled in your biography? >> absolutely, totally. he's a guy who is always -- i think the thing that stuck out to me besides the tv watching is how competitive he is. that's his comfort zone being in conflict. he wants to get revved up. he watches cable news so he can get revved up. he speaks cable news. he wants to be fighting. he doesn't want to calm down. he doesn't want to get back to normal. he wants it to be armed combat. >> do you see him running the presidency as he does reality tv? >> exactly. that's what he's doing. on "the apprentice," ten young people competing for a job. he would urge them on, go at
5:36 pm
each other, backstab, at each other's throats. he likes that conflict because people are uneasy, uncertain, afraid. they look to him for security. they look to him, they want to hold onto their jobs. he likes that. he doesn't want sort of horizontal alliances. he wants everybody to be looking at him. >> how does that work for him as a father, as a family guy? >> he was pretty busy working, i think, much of the time. he had five kids. i think five was the magic number for him. there were five kids in his own family. he wanted five more, announced that the day he got married to ivana. it took him three marriages but he did it. he wasn't that involved with the kids. his childhood his father was busy working. seven day a week guy. on sundays took kids to buildings, wentz up the back
5:37 pm
steps to make sure the supers were doing their job. he was always working and donald trump is always working. >> they said in the article he sleeps 5 1/2, 6 hours a night. "new york times" profile goes on to say he's unlikely to change he is on fundamental level, advisers say they saw a novice that is gradually learning that the presidency does not work that way, referring to being very combative and coming to realize the need to woo not whack leaders of his own party to get things done. just a few hours ago, in fact, senator lindsey graham tweeted how beautiful trump international golf club is, how much fun he had playing a round of golf with the president today. in february 2016 you recall senator graham said he was crazy, unfit for office. what do you think make of his ability to court people he needs on his side? >> he's very good at love bombing people, the charm
5:38 pm
offensive. it doesn't always work. it didn't work with comey. he does that sometimes. why not? this best friend bff with lindsey graham, the white house, he's in the catbird seat, why wouldn't lindsey graham smile and talk about what a great game trump had at golf today. he's not going to put down his phone, iphone, stop tweeting. that's when he's at people. that's not going to go away. it's appealing to his base. that combative edge, that's where it comes out. >> you talk about him love bombing other people and getting them to schmooze. does it work the other way. is he susceptible to people love bombing him? >> he likes to be flattered? he likes to be center of attention. we've all seen that. i think the nation has seen that
5:39 pm
over the last two or three years. he's a salesman. he wants people to pay attention to him. he wants to always be doing something unpredictable so people can't tear their eyes away. he likes being surrounded by people who are flattering him. another interesting thing about him, he also -- he keeps his eyes on the people he thinks are not doing what he wants. he doesn't hesitate to go after them, even if he love bombed them five minutes earlier. >> i want to ask you real quick about a tweet that we saw from david gergen, who is a former adviser to four presidents. he tweeted this about the "new york times" piece saying, as surprising as today's report on "new york times" how trump spends his time is what is left out of the story. nowhere is there mention of him spending time with family or exercise. george w., obama and others relied heavily on both for strength. glenda, your take? >> exercise? he's a golfer. he golfs.
5:40 pm
he likes to do golf. he likes to win. he's a very good golfer. i don't think he's been hitting the white house gym. not at all. the family, the wife, back seat. >> already. >> they are props, he doesn't knead those props in his workday. >> all right, thank you. we appreciate your insight in sharing with us. up next, the hollywood actor that's come out undocumented and now he's fighting for other immigrants. his story and why he's coming out now as he joins us live next in the "cnn newsroom." significantly reduce o both the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing.
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time is running out for congress to reach a deal on deferred action on childhood arrivals and the fate of 700,000 daca recipients hangs in the balance right now. there is bipartisan support to get this done but it is a little more complicated than that. democrats want to tie a daca deal to the government funding deadline of december 22nd. some republicans say a daca deal should have a stand alone solution. just this week 34 republicans signed a letter to house speaker paul ryan ordering a deal on daca earlier this year. these are people who are chasing the american dream. but they, of course, are not from america. they are not just from latin america. so-called dreamers brought to the u.s. as children are people are all walks of life, background, nationalities. many only know the u.s. as their home. they have studied here, served in the military and contribute to american society in a variety of ways. my next guest is a hollywood
5:46 pm
actor, some of your favorite shows, "the sopranos," "grey's anatomy" and he's undocumented. his parents brought him from the ivory coast when he was 10 years old. he's hoping to use his star power to the immigration fight. he's joining us now from los angeles. thank you for joining us. you are one of the beneficiaries of daca. with that in limbo right now, were you afraid to make your undocumented status public. >> first off, thank you so much for having me and shedding light on daca. yes, absolutely there's a risk to come out and announce my status. but because daca is about to be canceled next year unless congress passes a law, a permanent fix for us, i needed to come out. i have a family. i have a daughter. my life and the life of 800,000 other dreamers like me who are american in our heart could be
5:47 pm
destroyed. >> what do you want people to know about your family's story? >> i want people to know that i came from africa, from a war-torn country, and my parents were here seeking political asylum. i grew up from middle school, high school, i was home coming king and i had a dream to become an actor. thank god i'm living my dream. through daca i've been able to excel and celebrated in my career. now that the administration wants to rescind daca, i want them to know, not only will it destroy my life but the lives of so many other young people who only know america as their home, who just want an opportunity to give back to this great nation. >> what kind of reaction have you received from putting your self out there? >> well, obviously from families
5:48 pm
and friends definitely there's been an overwhelming amount of support. some people i've worked with have started trickling in and sending support. but the studios and the big production companies have kind of been quiet, so i'm just trying to sound the alarm and say, hey, there are undocumented people who are working in hollywood at all levels. all the industries are coming together to fight for daca, to fight for immigrants. the entertainment industry has the duty to do the same thing. >> help us understand what it's like to really be in your shoes. have you ever felt like you had to prove just how american you are? >> yeah, yeah. i mean i'm an actor. there's definitely roles that are american. everyone wants to hire the most authentic person. i definitely had to be american like that coming to america, i only spoke french.
5:49 pm
i didn't understand one word of english. i listened to hip-hop. i listen to mayes, snoop dogg, just to kind of get the american lingo. then i watched tv shows like "fresh prince of bel-air" right? but it's challenging because there's a fear, there's a shame around being undocumented. especially in the black immigrant community. it's like a stigma. we don't really talk about it. so i want to use my voice to shed light on daca and to help -- to help encourage people to have the conversation, to engage people. immigration is so controversial, but at the same time, so many people don't know so much about it. >> they don't know people like you are undocumented immigrant. >> right. exactly. go ahead. >> go ahead. >> no, i was going to say they don't know that i am. they don't know that they're teachers, there's lawyers,
5:50 pm
there's people from all walks of life. including myself. i'm an actor in your home playing a character that you love, but yet i'm still not feeling the love back from america. >> do you think democrats should compromise on legislation when it comes to immigration like agreeing to cut migration or family migration to protect dreamers like yourself. >> i'm not like an expert as far as like politics are concerned, but what i do know is that both sides agree that dreamers should have a permanent fix. both sides know that this is the right thing to do. and offensive spoken to many people like far right, far left who disagree, but because they know me, they know my personal story, they're like, oh, no, no, no, you, you qualify as an american. and i try to tell them that i'm not alone. there's so many other people like me who want an opportunity to give back to this great nation, to give back what we've
5:51 pm
been given. you know, i went to middle school, elementary school, high school. i've given back at the red cross. i've given back to, you know, food services. i'm not the only one. we just want an opportunity to show what we can do. >> bambadjan bamba, thank you so much for putting yourself out there. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up, anthony bourdain, what he calls food porn. e ♪ welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
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against isis. iraq's prime minister says isis is gone, no more in that country. and iraqis are celebrating. it's been waving flags, honking horns, setting off fireworks to mark this victory over isis. the campaign against ice control has taken three years and about 25,000 air strikes. the u.s. state department applauded this announcement but says it's worked to help the iraqi government is still far from over. tonight on "parts unknown" anthony bourdain returns to one of his favorite places in world -- singapore. here's a look. >> jam-packed in between the carefully feng shuied architecture, the skyscrapers and office blocks are rich, deep, very old and deliciously funky remnants of the old world. chinese, indian, malai. in a culture that still
5:57 pm
cherishes the joyce of a simple good thing. >> what's your favorite? >> my favorite is -- >> that's your favorite. what's your favorite chinese dish. >> hokami. sometimes chicken rice. >> of course. my favorite ethiopian dish. >> the biriati. >> yes. >> so many, that's the best. i recognize every place here by food. >> tony, how are you? >> looking good. >> so what blows you back to singapore? >> you know why i come here. i come here to eat. >> i live here to eat, too. >> i come here mostly to eat because that's what they do here. and they arguably do it better
5:58 pm
with more diverse, affordable food options per square foot than just about anywhere on earth. >> tune in for parts unknown singapore next right here on cnn. i know we usually end the show there. but i want to take a minute to show you a video that really broke my heart today. it was posted by a mom, and it shows how the effects of bullying have had an impact on her young son. >> people that are different don't need to be criticized about it. it's not their fault. but if you are made fun of, just don't -- don't let it bother you. stay strong, i guess. it's hard. but it probably will get better
5:59 pm
one day. >> yes. stay strong. that young man is named keaton and he felt alone. and if he felt unliked in that moment, i hope the exact opposite is true right now because everyone from the average person to celebrities are coming out in support of him this weekend. actor chris evans writes, stay strong, keaton, don't let them make you turn cold. i promise it gets better. he also invited him to the premiere of "avengers." singer demi lovato tweeted, you're not alone. god bless you. and donald trump jr. moved by the video has offered to take keaton to the headquarters of the ufc, the ultimate fight championship. so as we start a new week, just want us all to remember you never know what the person next to you may be going through and just be kind. that's going to do it for me.
6:00 pm
thank you for tuning in. i'm ana cabrera. have a great night and a great week ahead. ♪ >> anthony: spotless, efficient, safe, protected, controlled. a utopian city-state run like a multinational company. welcome to singapore, incorporated.


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