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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and that the tape did exist. that his attorney said he had no knowledge of any of it. had no knowledge and had no reason to believe that a grand jury had been convened. and that he had not been contacted by law enforcement. obviously he has now been contacted by law enforcement because there is a warrant out for his client's arrest. where we stand now is waiting for the state's attorney to reveal exactly what they are charging r. kelly with. we will also be waiting to find out if he turns himself in or if he is indeed arrested. one or the other should happen today. we should also mention that this has been -- there have been allegations and accusations against r. kelly for decades. literally decades. women who have come forward, women who have settled out of court accusing him of having sex with them when they are minors. women who have come forward just recently in the "surviving r. kelly" series, a six-hour series on lifetime that aired in january. that definitely seemed to shake information loose. that series had several women
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who came forward saying that they themselves had been abused by r. kelly, both sexually and physically and other ways. they also talked about being minors, a few saying they were minors when r. kelly engaged in sexual activity with them. as you know, engaging in sexual activity with a minor is considered statutory rape. so we should also mention that r. kelly all these years, all the accusations that have come forward against him, he has denied each and every one of them. he's been very clear, saying that he is innocent of any of the allegations and accusations, and in 2008 when he was charged with 14 counts of child pornography, he was acquitted in that case. that case involved a girl who was on a videotape, a girl who the jurors said they could not positively identify beyond a reasonable doubt. the prosecution said the girl was 13 or 14 years old. they said that it was also r. kelly on the videotape showing
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-- involving several sex acts. what we know about this new videotape because we have viewed it is that there is a girl on the tape, there is a man who appears to be r. kelly on the tape. and it is a much clearer, better version of the video. we have learned that she has said on the tape, herself, out of her own mouth, more than five times that she refers to her 14-year-old genitalia. and he, in turn, clearly hears her because he then also a couple of times refers to the age of her genitalia being 14 years old. we do not know if that plays a role in the charges that have come forward. what we do know is that attorney michael avenatti is in town, and he handed that tape over to the prosecution a week ago. and that he says that he has clients, as well, and we understand now from sources that at least one of his clients has spoken with the state's attorney's office, as well. there are lots of moving parts
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here. we do not yet know exactly what he's been charged with. we know that an indictment has happened. that charges have been filed in court records. and that there is a warrant, a no-bail warrant out for robert sylvester kelly's arrest. brooke? >> wow. sara sidner. we're going to take your shot the second we see kim fox, the cook county state's attorney, with those details any moment now. let me say this -- today's indictment comes just weeks, sara mentioned this, this devastating lifetime documentary called "surviving r. kelly." it is a series that spotlights several women including the singer's ex-wife who allege that they suffered physical and emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of this r&b star. several of those women were asked what they would say to r. kelly if he were watching them. watching them speak their truth and tell their stories. and here are some of their
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responses. >> i just like, you know, know that you really hurt me. i was a little girl in like a bad man's world. i never really recovered from it. >> you need to see the effects of your behavior. you need to see how you have ruined lives. how you have damaged relationships. how you have torn up other people's families. >> i would hope that he would want to be a better person and quit hurt iing. quit -- quit hurting people, quit hurting these girls. >> jamilla, former senior editor at "ebony" magazine. she was speaking in that "surviving r. kelly" documentary. joey jackson is a criminal defense attorney and analyst. we have adit back, as well.
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jamilla, before we see this, you know, state's attorney in cook county, you know, hearing the word of more than one county within the indictment arrest warrant, how are you feeling? >> i'm just -- i'm overwhelmed. i think a lot of us that participated in this documentary series including the director believe that this moment could finally bring something resembling justice to r. kelly's victims and accusers. and when kim fax came out and said i'm looking for stories, you know, if there's something we need to know about this person, we will pursue it, take it seriously, talk to us, i think that was a sign that things could play out a bit differently at this time than they did after the 2008 trail. i'm hoping that this is it. >> what is it? >> the moment in which those
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young ladies that are said to still be in his care whose parents can't reach them, that they go home. they're taken away from him. that robert is forced to be accountable for what he has allegedly done is on so many young girls and women over the years. that he will have to answer these things, and that he won't be able to pay or shine his way out of this. that there won't be any more world cut performances or being the grandmaster in chicago's bud bulliken back-to-school parade or getting awards. all these things happening after the first tape. that this is the moment in which our society at large and our system of law enforcement can no longer ignore who this person very likely is and who he's been to so many people. >> what are we about to hear from kim fox? >> i think we're about to hear
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what this indictment is all about. what it means, what it represents, what are the charges, who they relate to, when it occurred. as a cautionary tale, an indictment is a mere accusation. an indictment lays out, you convene 16 people from the county, and you need nine. a minority to vote out the determination -- they're determining is there reasonable cause to believe a crime was committed and that r. kelly committed it. having said that, it's very significant because if it -- because it brings the process. although the people are not cross-examinationed in any way, certainly the people there felt it compelling enough and generally indict to move the matter forward. now brooke, i think we'll see the evidence challenged, and we'll see, you know, if mr. avenatti brought a videotape and, of course, people have looked and seen the tape. the first time around, 2002, there was such a tape. we've been here before. he was acquitted of the charges, of course. it involved allegedly him having sex with a minor. that person didn't testify at the trial. there was disputes as to whether r. kelly was on the tape.
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this tape apparently there's a lot more clarity. still, you're going to question where the tape came from, the authenticity, it was superimposed. you're going to look and evaluate the testimony because the grand jury doesn't just look at a tape, they hear testimony. and you can't help as we all sit here, i'm sure anyone at home, to listen to all the women who had something to say just a few minutes ago. it has an effect. and the open question for me is during the course of the trial, how many judges, if there is a trial, there's a lot that could occur, how many of those women will the judge permit to testify as to his alleged prior bad behavior. people listening and sitting to that, you know -- i'm certain you find it compelling. and it goes to show your motive it goes to show your intent tissues goes to show your m.o. who are you, and that matters when a jury's considering guilt or look thereof. >> as we're hearing about this no-bail arrest warrant, no bail, i presume, because they see him
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as a flight risk. yes? >> absolutely. a judge has to assess several factors. and one of the factors is, is the defendant a flight risk, does he pose a danger to himself or the community? and so for the underlying offense or whatever was charged in this indictment, is indicative of a possible child predator, right. a sexual predator. with the means and access that r. kelly has, the court is afraid that he would be a possible flight risk. they want to ensure that he is going to be in court and is going to confront these charges, and also keep the -- the community at large safe from his actions because clearly victims have come forward, family members have come forward, and there's just been rumors for over 20 years about this man. so the court does not feel comfortable in letting this person loose while this case is pending. >> reporter: so all right, mark o'meara, if you are r. kelly's attorneys -- and again, you
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know, throughout they have vehemently denied any of these accusations, what are you doing? are calling, kelly and essentially saying -- calling r. kelly and essentially saying, sir, you need to turn yourself? what's happening? >> at this point he needs to make it as easy on himself as it can be. we know there's a significant indictment that's come out. i found it to be significant because it sounds as though there were four different victims in the indictment. we don't know if there's more than one victim or complaining witness in the tape. that suggests to me as joey mentioned that there's a lot of what we call similar fact evidence. that type of evidence, evidence of other women arguing that the same thing happened to them, is devastating evidence. yeah, exactly. a jury may give you that benefit of the doubt, the presumption of innocence in a one-off event, but when you have it happening time and time again, you don't need prior convictions, you just need prior similar acts, that's
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going to be devastating evidence. r. kelly needs to come in. he's going to be placed under arrest. the judge will consider -- though it's a no-bond warrant at this point, the judge will have a bond hearing to determine if he's -- and he will under the charges, take away his passport, large bond, security bond, we will see him out on bond somewhat soon to get ready for the defense. the defense is going to be fact intensetive. his response to it is going to be important. it's going to take a lot of time with him and his legal team to defend against the charges of the indictment. >> everyone, stand by. we're waiting to see kick fox behind the podium -- kim fox behind the podium, the state's attorney. she will have the details of the indictment, how many counts, how many women. waiting for the breaking news out of chicago next. hawaii?! nice! yeah i'm excited. finally earned enough rewards points.
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back to our breaking news. there's the podium. waiting for kim fox, cook county state's attorney. she's about to drop information on a lot of us with regard to r&b superstar r. kelly. he's been indicted. we don't know the counts yet or many of the details. what i was -- first of all, we know he has a no-bond arrest warrant. there's that. and we got handed this from sara sidner who is in the room -- looking at the screen -- let's listen.
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>> good afternoon. earlier today robert kelly was indicted before a cook county grand jury on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims. the first victim, initials h.w., was involved in incidents which occurred between may 26th, 1998, and may 25th, 1999. a grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17, and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. the second victim, initials r.l., was fiscal cliffed in an incident which -- was involved in an incident which occurred between september 26th, 1998, and september 25th, 2001. a grand jury returned an indictment on two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victims being under the age of 17, and robert kelly
12:18 pm
being more than five years older than that victim. the third victim, initials l.c., was involved in an incident which occurred february 18th, 2003. a grand jury returned an indictment on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the transmission of semen by robert kelly upon any part of the body of the victim for the purposes of sexual gratification during the course of an underlying felony of attempt criminal sexual assault. the fourth victim, initials j.p., was involved in incidents which occurred between may 1st, 2009, and january 31st, 2010. the grand jury returned an indictment on three counts, three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being
12:19 pm
more than five years older than the victim. aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class-two felony with the sentencing range of three to seven years per count. it is also probationable. we anticipate that mr. kelly will appear in bond court tomorrow afternoon. thank you. >> all right. there you have it. we were wondering how many counts -- ten. ten counts, four victims, four women ranging from the years -- i jotted down -- between essentially 1998 and as recent as 2010. jamilla, joey, guys, let me know when sara's up. >> i think it's significant inasmuch as, look, a critical question is the statute of limitations. and of course the statute of limitations for a minor is 20 years after you reach the age of 18. and so if you're in that applicable period, it can go
12:20 pm
forward. seems as though from the charges she listed off that they're in the applicable period, number one. two, there's four victims. that's compelling. think about a trial when you have one witness testify as to things that are significant and what is significant -- having sex with a minor. then you have another witness testify, and there are multiple counts as to east. they'll be describing different circumstances, different scenarios, et cetera, and then you have the third witness testify. and then you have another. so i think, you know, again, haven't evaluated evidence. she state her piece. i'm not surprised she didn't take questions. prosecutors get into trouble when they start taking questions. she laid out what the accusations are. but the accusations are significant. >> and so what's happening with r. kelly? where is r. kelly? what's next for him? she mentioned a bond hearing tomorrow. >> at some point -- generally what happens is when there's an arrest warrant, usually law enforcement gives you the opportunity with counsel to surrender yourself. when you surrender yourself, you'll go to the bond hearing. at that hearing, the judge will make the determination as to whether or not you get bail.
12:21 pm
remember, the purpose of bail, brooke, is to determine whether or not you come on this court. it's not punitive it sets an amount that gives you incentive to come back. at that hearing, his lawyers will argue he's a good risk to return. people who know r. kelly is, i'm sure he'll have to surrender a passport. there will be other conditions. the bail may be substantial, but certainly it's improbable that he'll be granted bail tomorrow. >> these alleged incidents have been going on for decades. and i asked you this -- i want you to make the point again. i asked you why has this allegedly been going on so long. and it's taken this long to indict the man. and you said what? >> you know, i stand firmly in the belief that we're only now hearing this because these were black girls. that he was not tried or successfully prosecuted in the past because these were young, black girls. these were not black girls typically of means, these
12:22 pm
weren't celebrities with the exception of allaliyahaliyah. these were regular, working class girls like places like the south side of chicago, from the south. girls that are believed to be adults from the point that they grow breasts, you know, or can walk the streets unaccompanied at 11 or 12. girls that are thought to be more responsible for what happens to them in the care of an adult than the adult themselves. you know, that people who believe that r. kelly is guilty have said by-lut what about tho girls? at 14, i knew better, or at 16, what are you doing in the company of a grown man? >> blaming the victim -- >> blaming the victim over and over again. i think that this particular demographic of victims has been blamed so often that people don't see them as victims. they see them as co-conspirators at best, and the actual villains at worst. >> until that buzzfeed piece, until the "surviving r. kelly," until she, you know, the state's
12:23 pm
attorney came out and said, please, come forward if you are a witness or if you, you know, are a survivor, come forward and please share your story. therefore, that brings us to today. sara sidner is in the room. there you have it. ten counts, four victims. >> reporter: that's right. ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. what was interesting to listen to there is that she gave the initials of the alleged victims' names, and she also mentioned something else. she said that they are expecting to see r. kelly, robert sylvester kelly, in the bond hearing, which means there should be or there is likely conversations going back and forth between him or him and his attorney and somebody from the state's attorney's officers as they are trying to figure out whether or not he will turn himself in or whether or not he will be arrested. i want to read a little bit of what we have gotten from the state's attorney's office here. just to be able to digest all
12:24 pm
that we have learned. if you don't mind. so she talked about the first victim, she gave the initials of the first victim. and what's interesting here are the dates. so this she says occurred between 1998 and 1999, and that was a year that she has listed there, may '98 to may '99. she talked about a sexual abuse victim under the age of 17 and that robert kelly was more than five years older than the victim. that could, we do not know, that could well be referring to the girl that we saw on the videotape that was handed over to the prosecution a week ago. i will also read you the next one which was from september 1998 to 2001. think about the length of time that these cases that they have been looking into. this may mean that they have not just witness testimony that they are aware of, but that there are
12:25 pm
some other things and other pieces of evidence that they are looking at, as well. we know, obviously, that there is a videotape that they have in their possession in this particular case, and that the third victim it said, there was an incident that occurred, and it's a specific date -- on february 18th, 2003. the last victim, may 2009 to january 2010. in the last case, it was a victim being under the age of 17. the reason why 17 is so important here is because that is in illinois the age of consent. and so those are -- we are talking about minors in a couple of these cases, specific, and i think in three of the four cases it is specifically about a victim being under the age of 17. in other words, a minor who cannot consent. and they're talking about aggravated criminal sexual abuse. these are major charges. we in order to be, you know,
12:26 pm
open and honest about what all has gone on, we should mention the grand jury has been meeting for some time, hearing witness testimony, seeing potential evidence in the case, and that they did indict the state's attorney going forward with charges. there has now been an arrest warrant that has been filed, that's been confirmed by chicago police. now we are waiting to find out when r. kelly is going to, if he is going to turn himself in, whether or not he will be arrested. certainly there is a bond hearing scheduled between 12:30 local time and 1:00 tomorrow, in which the state's attorney said they expected to see r. kelly. it gives you some idea that they are expecting him to be there. in other words, he will be picked up or will turn himself in with the help of his attorney, steve greenberg. we should also mention steve greenberg, well aware of what's happening here. we are hoping to hear something from him. all this time that r. kelly has been accused, over decades, over
12:27 pm
decades of time where there have been accusations about him having inappropriate sexual contact with young girls, with girls who were minors, he has always maintained his innocence. he's always said that he has done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, with young girls. he did an interview, for example, with black entertainment television, b.e. t., in 2008 and was asked do you like teenager girls. his response was, well, depends how old they are, and went on to say that, of course, these teenagers, a lot of them are his fans, and he has friendships with teenagers. but that he has done nothing illegal. he has maintained that he has not done anything illegal over the years. we've not heard anything from him or his attorney now. this just came forwards. all of this information is obviously going to be handed over to his attorney, and then we will see where we go from there. this is a major development in a story that has been permeating this area of chicago and the
12:28 pm
rest of the country for years. >> yes, decades. >> reporter: there is the element, brooke -- and you have talked about this, this is importance, there is the element here that these black women what came forward to talk about what they said they had gone through in the "surviving r. kelly" series, they felt ignored by us, the media, felt ignored by law enforcement, they felt ignored by so many people when they tried to get help, when they tried to explain what was happening to them. and they also felt that because r. kelly was who he was, because he was such a superstar, because he was such a big moneymaker, that he had the power and has always maintained the power in their relationship. it is important to note that now there is an indictment. we're talking 11 years after he was acquitted in a 2008 trial on child pornography charges, there's an indictment where he is facing aggravated sexual abuse charges. this is big, brooke. >> you have been incredible on all of this, sara sidner, thank you so much. a major moment for women. a major moment for women of
12:29 pm
color across this country. again, he will be in custody at some point for the bond hearing tomorrow. so that's the latest on the r. kelly news. i want to make a right turn here because we've got some breaking news involved in this special counsel robert mueller probe. our crime and justice reporter has been reporting out the win, seeming that it would be imminent. the mueller report dropping when bill barr, the a.g., would be getting that. do you have an update on the timeline? >> yeah. we don't have an update on the timeline. what we know is this is not expected to land on william barr's desk next week. mueller is not expected to deliver his final report next week. as has been anticipated. we were told that it could happen next week. we're now being told -- actually our justice correspondent laura jarrett at the department of justice has been told that that is not now expected to happen
12:30 pm
next week. one of the reasons why we're told is that the president who as we know is planning his trip on monday, is planning to leave, it's obviously a big trip, we're told officials do not in any way want to step on that trip. so out of concern for that given the -- obviously the attention once mueller would be done and a report would be delivered, that landing on william barr's desk, obviously the news it would create. there's concern it might step on the president's trip, and the officials at the department of justice do not want to do that. all we know is as much as we have been anticipating that this would come down next week, that's now unlikely to happen. keep in mind this doesn't mean there's been a new development and that the team has found something new. >> good point. >> and that there's new parts of the investigation that are going to come forward. for all intents and purposes,
12:31 pm
from everyone we've been told, that the investigation is pretty much complete. there wasn't going to be any major announcements from the investigation. the only thing that tell now is that the department of justice from everything we've been told just does not want to step on this trip. and so they are not going to be doing this next week. mueller is not going to be delivering his report. >> okay. got it. thank you for the update on the timeline there. i have nelson cunningham standing by, former white house general counsel under president clinton, as well as a former assistant u.s. attorney and former federal prosecutor. so nelson, your response to the fact that team looumueller, the don't want to step on the white house and the big trip to vietnam. >> i'd like to know the sourcing on all these stories. i've been following this investigation closely since it began, and i'm wondering -- color me skeptical on whether or not we're actually going to see
12:32 pm
a report from mueller in the coming weeks. here's why -- he's in the middle of so many big things right now. he's just indicted roger stone. roger stone is somebody who if he ever became a cooperating witness could give mueller an incredibly useful roadmap into his conversations with the president, with manafort, with assange. now would mueller ever want to call him to the witness stands, absolutely not. he's a walking credibility gap. he could paint a road for mueller -- a roadmap for mueller, though it would be useful in painting the picture and leading him to other good evidence. there's other pieces of litigation that mueller is still pursuing including one that was recently up before the supreme court. that has not yet been decided. leads me to wonder why would he conclude his investigation right now. is it because rod rosenstein is leaving? rosenstein has been his protector. but bob barr, the new attorney
12:33 pm
general, is somebody who mueller has known for 30 years if not longer. they served together -- >> yes, yes. let me ask you -- on bill barr, bill barr, the new a.g. yes, bill barr, he's now to this job. i mean, he served before. he's now to this position, right, in this -- in this time. what do you think he's thinking? >> barr himself is a very well-known, very well-known person in washington. he's got a reputation as a principled man. he's a mainstream lawyer. he's a mainstream conservative. i might not agree with him on, say, his juice views on judges, will agree on his views on law enforcement and the principles behind the justice department, the fbi, and the way the proper investigations are conducted. i ask myself as somebody who comes from the democratic side, i look at him and say, you know, he's already been attorney general. he didn't need to job.
12:34 pm
would he take this job a second time just to tarnish his reputation? and that doesn't strike me as realistic. it strikes me that he -- if problems land in his lap, i think he will handle it the way we would expect, say, rod rosenstein to handle it or any other truly professional prosecutor. in other words, i'm actually one of those who has reasonable confidence that attorney general barr will handle this, any report that he's given, in an appropriate fashion. >> back to your point, nelson, on maybe mueller taking a bit more time. i think what i'm hearing from you, you mentioned roger stone, there are several sort of loose ends. one scenario that's been tossed around is that mueller will refer those open-ended cases to other prosecutors. so that he would have his own report, that he would drop to mr. barr, and then refer the others to other prosecutors. could that not be the case here? >> yeah.
12:35 pm
it could be. we don't know what mr. mueller is thinking inside his ad to see what his role is. -- his head as to what his role is. we have two recent examples of what prosecutors have done with -- >> gentlemjawarsky and star. >> and jawarsky ended with no conclusions to chronology and boxes of evidence. starr ended it with a full-pledged report that went into every jot and tittle. they were operating under different statutory schemes. mueller is somewhere right in the middle. having watched him a long time, i will say what he will come up with will not be as fulsome as what ken starr came up with and not part of impeachment, part of ken starr's legislative remit. i doubt it will be a bare-bones chronology. i think he's done a lot of work, his team has put a lot of work into this. i would imagine that any prosecutor would want to put the results of his work into one
12:36 pm
detailed document for the attorney general's consideration. that does not mean that it will become public. it does not tell us what will become public because barr is -- is limited by the regulations that govern him. and barr will have to decide what can be made public. of course, the house will have to make a determination what do we subpoena, how do we get our hands on this. that's how jaworsky made its way to the house in the watergate era. the house judiciary committee subpoenaed it, and the d.c. circuit, the court of appeals here in washington, approved that subpoena and ordered the documents turned over. we could see that here. >> which is i believe it's judge beryl howell. i was reading too much yesterday, who is presiding over the mueller case. there's that whole piece of it. let me play this -- this is what the president said moments ago from the oval office. >> release the mueller report, have you spoken to -- >> no, i haven't. >> you've had nothing -- >> i have not. >> do you expect to?
12:37 pm
>> at some point i guess i'll be talking about it. you know, the nice part -- it was no collusion. it was no obstruction, there was no anything. that's the nice part. there was no phone calls, no nothing. we have -- i won the race because i was a better candidate than she was. had nothing to do with russia. and everybody knows it's a hoax. it's one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the country. i look forward to seeing the report. if it's an honest report, it will say that. if it's not an honest report it won't. >> he's referring to the mueller report. nelson, what are his lawyers both inside the white house, outside the white house, what are they telling him do you think? >> any good lawyer will prepare his client for the worst. and then prepare for best. if anybody has the courage to tell him what they fear might be coming, those could be sobering conversations. it's pretty clear that the
12:38 pm
president has not always followed the advice of his lawyers. in fact, he seems rarely to follow the advice of his lawyers. and so you could just imagine a situation where the lawyers inside the white house are busy preparing for what could be a bombshell. it could be a nothing burger it could be somewhere in between. without knowing how their client is going to react or how to keep their client's thumbs off of his phone. >> nelson cunningham, thank you so much for all of that. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> again, the news from shimon procopez a moment ago saying there were thoughts that the mueller report would be coming out next week. now according to shimon and his sourcing, it won't be next week. the special counsel's office doesn't want to step on the toes of the white house in this big trip to vietnam next week. i want you to listen to what the president said about his labor secretary who a judge found broke the law in this sweetheart deal. >> mr. president, do you have concerns about the labor
12:39 pm
secretary in the epstein case? >> i don't know too much about it. i kbhees doknow he's done a gre job as labor secretary. that seems like a long time ago. he's been a fantastic labor secretary. that's all i can tell you about him. that's all i know. >> what about the charges against bob kraft? >> okay. doug high is with me. do you think the -- the labor secretary is going to resign? >> i don't think -- at least in the short term. the one thing we've learned over all the scandals we've seen in washington or in virginia is that if a politician hunkers down, unless they are told directly that you need to resign by their boss, in this case trump telling the secretary to resign, they're not going anywhere. that's a very different world than we were in just two or three years ago. but that's where politics are right now. >> okay. we're going to talk to this investigative journalist who had been doing so much reporting on epstein and the plea agreement and how it related back to the
12:40 pm
labor secretary and the fact he had been appointed. how this looks in washington, the fact this person is still in the job. it's just -- we wait for the developments. i want to switch gears. i was talking to nelson cunningham about the news about mueller. i'm sure everybody's paying attention to when will the report come out, what will bill barr do, the new a.g., the house could subpoena this report. what do you think? >> it shows -- we knew that next week was going to be chaotic. now we know it's going to be slightly less chaotic. more things are coming. it seems almost an hourly basis. we're prepared for them to do on fridays. it's less absolutely chaotic than it was an hour ago. still, washington is going to be out of control next week. and some of this actually i think benefits trump. you know, when everything is so chaotic, it's very hard to focus on any one thing.
12:41 pm
>> okay. actually hold on. i'm being told let's listen to -- to president trump talking about election frauds in north carolina. >> mr. president -- >> have you condemned the north carolina election frauds? this is a big story, the republican candidate is calling for a new election. why can you not condemn that given you condemn other kinds -- >> i condemn any election fraud. and when i look at what's happened in california with the votes, when i look at what happened -- as you know, there was a case where they found a million fraudulent votes, when i look at what's happened in -- >> when you -- >> excuse me, excuse me. when i look at texas, when i look at that catastrophy that took place in florida where the republican candidates kept getting less and less and less and less. and fortunately rick scott and ron ended up winning their election, but it was disgraceful what happened there. i look at a lot of different places all over the country. i condemn any voter fraud of any kind -- whether democrat or republican. but when you look at some of the things that happened in
12:42 pm
california in particular, when you look at what happened in texas with all of the votes they recently found muthat were not exactly properly done, and that concludes california -- i guess they're doing a final report. i would like to see the final report. but any form of election fraud i condemn. >> this is about the ninth congressional district of north carolina. you and i were texting yesterday, was it yesterday, two days ago, when i had the head of the democratic party on, you know, this is before -- this was after we learned about the absentee bolts and the woman saying -- ballots and the woman saying she was paid to do what she said she did. we were waiting to see the president weigh in on this. he had yet to until this afternoon when he was pressed on it. mark harris, the republican leading in this race, had said, you know, let's have a do-over. what do you make of the president's comments? >> in a normal world, i think donald trump not weighing in, a president not weighing in on something being investigated would be a good thing.
12:43 pm
obviously we're not in a normal world, and he's conflating this with california -- it's not clear what happened there. >> yeah. >> being from north carolina, knowing the district pretty well, this has been an ongoing program, bladen county, an ongoing program where there are questions in past elections, too, about what was going on with absentee ballots. and in the primary. what we've seen here, though, is obviously a very different world where you had the candidate's son say, you know, i told dad. and you don't hear the word "dad" often in this context in politics. i told dad this is going to be a problem and don't do it. to say so under oath. not only forced the candidate out, but essentially in communications terms gave donald trump permission to finally speak out against this. >> he did. he also said this -- i want to play this. this is what he said on michael cohen's testimony which is slated for next wednesday. public testimony up on capitol hill. here was the president -- >> michael cohen's testimony -- >> no, no. lawyer/client. you know, he's taking his own chances. >> just jogging back, you know,
12:44 pm
we were supposed to be hearing publicly from michael cohen earlier this month. then it was going to be behind closed doors. then it was stopped. it's been the stop, start, stop, start. it's now happening next wednesday. do you think that there will be bombshells, or it will be much more tame than people anticipate? >> i think to assume, knowing how michael cohen has been the past several years, that there will be fireworks even if there aren't bombshells. we know capitol hill is in no mood to put up with shenanigans from michael cohen. i worked for senator who said any goodwill we might have had has been worn out because michael cohen has delayed and delayed and said i'm too sick to come in, and then is at dinner at a restaurant that night. capitol hill, house republicans and democrats, senate republicans and democrats, they're not looking for games in this case. they want to find out facts, and there will be fireworks from michael cohen. he has to be careful and protect himself, as well. >> nelson cunningham, we've got a microphone on you. let me ask you the same thing with your legal mind. what are you expecting from the
12:45 pm
public hearing wednesday? >> i think there will be a lot. michael cohen has made it clear in the last few weeks that he's got a story to tell, and he wants to tell it. i'm not quite sure why he's delayed his testimony. i do know he persuaded a judge to put off the beginning of his criminal sentence by two months. judges don't take those things lightly. they tend to do that only when they're given good medical evidence. i have to assume he's got a real medical issue. i would think that what we're going to see next week is going to be michael cohen taking a last stab before he goes in to try to rehabilitate his public image. >> okay. and we've been talking about the coast guard story, the cache of weapons, this plan to murder, you know, he wanted to murder something like, you know, everyone on the planet. and having this list against members of the media and members of hollywood, sarah westwood is on this. we're told the president did finally weigh in on this, this coast guard lieutenant's alleged
12:46 pm
massacre plot. what did he say on that? >> reporter: that's right. this is the first time that this so-called white supremacist quart hcoast guard -- white supremacist coast guard was weighed in by the president. he said he thinks the language is nice. he denied that his rhetoric could have inspired this person who's been described as a domestic terrorist who had a hit list that included democrats, that included media figures and some critics have said that perhaps the incendiary rhetoric used by president trump and his allies could have created the environment in which this coast guard official allegedly did develop this plan for a mass killing. of course, president trump not taking responsibility for that, saying that it's not his fault. this was an isolated incident. white house officials throughout the day had sort of shied away from weighing in on this, from taking any responsibility, commenting on the link to president trump. so this was the first we heard president trump condemning the attack, but not accepting
12:47 pm
responsibility for his rhetoric. >> here was the president -- >> briefs on the coast guard member who was arrested for threatening democrats and other members -- >> i'm actually getting a very final briefing and a very complete briefing in about two hours after this. >> any thoughts on this man -- >> i think it's a shame. yeah. i think it's a very sad thing when a thing like that happens. i've expressed that. i'm actually getting a very complete briefing in about two hours. >> do you think you bear any responsibility for modifying your language when it comes to that? >> no, i don't. i think my language is very nice. [ inaudible ] from china, from china. >> the conflict is one year -- >> it's a shame sound bite i want to play talking about this, you know, white supremacist coast guard lieutenant and plot to massacre so many people. and the president, you know, until five seconds ago essentially hadn't weighed in but was quick to jump in on,
12:48 pm
say, jussie smollett. >> yeah. again, if you're waiting to determine all the facts, we have a lot of politicians might be wanting to do that more. there was a great piece about how people are rushing to weigh in and offer condemnation before they know what's happening. that's fine -- for donald trump waiting normally is a good thing. he waits, he picks and chooses on what he waits in or weighs in on. that's ultimately the problem. when he gives the milquetoast that's a shame, it seems he's not doing enough and picking and childhoo choosing his battles. >> thank you so much. good to see you. as you see, a busy friday. we're going to have more coming up next on the indictment of r&b singer one. also charges against new england patriots owner robert kraft for soliciting sex at a day spa in florida. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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stays on. stays flawless. up to 24-hour wear. super stay foundation only from maybelline new york. >> it is time for the oscars this weekend. nominees are reflecting on the issues hitting home for so many americans. here is stephanie. >> from the immigration debate to views on the racial divide there america some of the pressing issues facing the country could be on the minds of oscar voters when they cast a ballot. >> a lot of people end up voting not just for what they enjoyed the most but for what a movie represents. ♪ >> a star is born may no longer
12:54 pm
be the front runner. pushed aside by roma now considered the one to beat. >> roma is not an overtly political film but certainly of the moment right now. it is a story about a mexican woman in the '70s. it reasonates about immigration. >> we think you might be the man that opens things up around here. >> tackles race in america. it includes from the attack in charlottesville, virginia. >> greenbook takes a more populist approach. >> the criticism is that it subscribes to the theory of the white character that comes in and makes it okay for the black person to love or to accept. >> but the movie is a box office hit and the producers guilds
12:55 pm
best picture, a sign more traditional. >> driving miss daisy 30 years ago. >> with the big win black panther can't be ruled out. it's nearly all black cast elevated the super hero film into the cultural conversation. >> is it the best picture of the year? we can nominate that. it is the most meaningful? probably. >> cnn, hollywood. >> thank you. back to our breaking news here out of new england and florida. the pats owner charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. more on that in a moment. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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12:57 pm
i'm very surprised to see it. >> president trump commenting on this scandal. owner robert kraft charged with two counts of soliciting
12:58 pm
section. a police detective added this about the allegations against the bill nar whose team just won the sixth super bowl title earlier this month frm jason is with me now. first just on the robert kraft side, how is he responding? >> he put out a statement that says the nf tlrl is aware of th ongoing law enforcement matter. as far him himself his spokesperson says we cat gorically deny he engaged any illegal activity. the reason why the president was commenting about this -- >> they are friends. >> they friends. he has been visiting down there on several occasions.
12:59 pm
they came up with the names of so called johns. robert kraft ended up being -- >> they said they have video. >> video of the -- >> of the acts. >> of the paid acts is what they are calling it. there is video of him being driven to the facility as well. all of this came about because of this day spa that is located in a strip mall next to a yogurt shop, there was allegations of sex trafficking going on at this establishment that extends beyond florida that extends to
1:00 pm
china. owners have held to a higher standard. it said that owners are held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline when violations occur. >> we'll watch for the fallout. thank you very much. good to see you. the lead with jake tapper starts now. what clues plight tmight th mueller finding reveal? the lead starts right now. democrats kicking off a fight with the new attorney general demanding the full mueller report be made public as we get details on when the mueller report will drop. the president has a new favorite reality tv show, the 2020 democratic campaign tuning into all of the rallies, town halls, commentaries and how he plans to


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