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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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u.s. president donald trump has touched down in japan. but several issues at home and abroad are outshining this trip. we'll have a live report, though, from tokyo about it. plus, the race for britain's top job. a look at candidates looking to take over for the british prime minister theresa may. later this hour, north korean leader kim jong-un warns trump of fierce action if talks do not improve. >> to cnn viewers around the
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world and here in the united states, i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen, "newsroom" starts right now. 5:00 a.m., here on the u.s. east coast. the u.s. president donald trump is now in tokyo, japan, for a four-day state visit. these images taken a short time ago, air force one touched down about an hour ago after a long flight from washington. serious discussions over the next few days are expected. those discussions to focus on bilateral trade and international security. president trump is expected to speak shortly at a dinner when monitoring these images here being held at the u.s. ambassador's residence in tokyo. of course, we'll take you there live as we see the president arrive there. >> in the meantime, there will be plenty of relaxation on this trip. the president and prime minister shinzo abe have scheduled at least one round of golf and they'll attend a sumo wrestling
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championship. the highlight will be mr mr. trump's audience with the foreign leader. cnn in tokyo, our ivan watson joins us now with more about the president's trip. >> reporter: on the first lady's birthday last month, the u.s. president welcomed shinzo abe to celebrate at the white house. >> mr. prime minister, you're my friend. >> reporter: before they departed for dinner and cake, japan's prime minister invites trump to tokyo, to be honored as the first official guest to meet a newly crowned emperor. >> and i said, gee, i don't know if i can make it. let me ask you a question. how big is that event compared to the super bowl for the japanese? and the prime minister said, it's about a hundred times bigger. i said, i'll be there. if that's the case, i'll be there. >> reporter: making good on his promise this weekend, trump's arrival launches a four-day
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state visit to japan. an honored meeting with the imperial couple is just one of several events in a carefully tailor made schedule. it appears to follow a tradition of what's been called abe's charm offensive as u.s. policy in asia grows more problematic. on his first full day in japan, the two leaders plan to play a round of golf, now northern as a cornerstone of their diplomacy. abe once even gifting trump custom goldplated golf clubs. after the green, trump heads to the sumo wrestling wrap where he'll have a chance to present a trump cup to the winner. it's followed by a dinner where the meat will be prosecuted just like the president likes, probably well done, maybe even with a side of catketchup.
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the vip special effort of courting trump's favor. >> japan sends us millions and millions of cars, and we tax them virtually not at all. >> reporter: after threats of damaging auto tariffs, abe and trump are in the midst of bilateral trade negotiations. as one of japan's largest export markets, the u.s. is a partner japan cannot afford to lose as its economy slows. but japan may find leverage after a dramatic failure of u.s. trade talks with china this month. on matters of security, north korea's resumption of missile testing has rattled many in nearby japan, who rely on defensive support from their u.s. ally. trump's inability to strike a deal with kim jong-un during his last meeting and stalled talks with south korea, having some ways left japan in the cross hairs. although officials have said
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this week's trip is largely ceremonial, matters of national security to penetrate as japan's relationship with the u.s. becomes ever more relevant. >> well, natalie and george, the american president right now is at the residence of the u.s. ambassador here in tokyo. and he is at a gathering of basically a who's who of the leadership of japanese corporations. companies like mitsubishi, toyota, sony. that's the first scheduled event -- >> he's walking in right now with the first lady. let's hear what he has to say. then we'll get back to you.
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>> thank you very much. thank you very much. we just spepnt many, many hours on the plane. you know the flight probably as well as i do. here we are. we just walked off the plane and here we are along with probably 40 of the greatest business leaders in the world. thank you very much. please sit down, thank you. thank you, ambassador, you've been doing a fantastic job. everybody is talking about the job. do we like the job he's doing, folks? all right. and we really have strengthened the enduring alliance between the united states and japan. it's very special. prime minister abe is very special. we greatly appreciate all of your hard work in organizing
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this wonderful event. thank you very much, fantastic job, thank you. the first lady and i are thrilled to be with you as we celebrate japan's era, very special time. and affirm to close economic times between our two nations. this evening, we're delighted to be joined by ambassador lighthizer, where is bob? they didn't give you a great seat, huh, bob? he's been very busy negotiating deals and doing a fantastic job. thank you very much, bob. as well as mr. peter jennings, the president of the american chamber of commerce in japan. thank you very much. thank you, peter. fantastic, thank you. also in the room tonight are dozens of distinguished representatives from the american and japanese business communities, the greatest
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business men and women in the world. you really have some people that have just been incredible and incredible investors in our country. thank you very much. you said if i win, you're going to put 50 billion in. and you put the 50 billion in. now he says more. he actually raised it to 100 billion. probably higher than that. thank you very much. i appreciate that confidence. we also appreciate all of your spouses being here. very special people. without the spouses, it doesn't work. that, we will all admit. so, thank you all for being here. we're deeply grateful for your presence and the relationship with japan and the united states. i can say for a fact has never been stronger. it's never been more powerful. never been closer. this is a very exciting time for commerce between the two countries that we both love. the united states and japan are two of the largest economies in
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the world. you're right there. you're doing fantastically well. i was looking very closely on the ride over at some of the numbers being produced in japan and doing great. today, we're cooperating closely across many industries including defense, technology, digital economy and energy. also infrastructure, science and so much more. as you know, the united states and japan are hard at work negotiating a bilateral trade agreement which will benefit both of our countries. i will say that japan has had a substantial edge for many, many years. but that's okay. maybe that's why you like us so much. but we'll get it a little bit more fair. i think we'll do that. we also have a tremendous relationship on the military and japan is ordering a great deal of military equipment. we make the best equipment in the world. the best jets, best missiles,
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best rockets, best everything. so japan has been doing very large orders and we appreciate that. and we think it's probably appropriate right now with everything that's going on. the world is changing. with this deal, we hope to address the trade imbalance. we move barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship. and we're getting closer. just last week, u.s. beef gained fuel access to japan and the markets in japan for the first time since the year 2000. we welcome your sport in these efforts. and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months. and we're also here, as you knows for a very special occasion. not having to do with trade. we all know about that. our nations are also working together to promote mutually beneficial investment. the united states is currently
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japan's top foreign direct investor by far. and overall, japanese investment in the united states supports nearly 1 million jobs, and that number is going up very rapidly. in fact, we're looking at projections, with all of the money coming in for the new auto plants and other things, that number will be doubled in a very short period of time. over the past two years alone, japan has invested tens of billions of dollars in the united states. in march, toyota -- where is toyota? huh? i thought that was you. please stand up. that's pretty big stuff. right. thank you very much. we appreciate it very much. thank you. which is represented in a number of people, but we have the boss. there's nothing like the boss. thank you. recently announced new investments of $750 million, and increased its five-year investment plan to $13 billion.
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appreciate it. with plans to add many, many more manufacturing jobs. last year, soft bank -- where are they -- that's what i thought. thank you very much. thank you, appreciate it. joined toyota in announcing a $1 billion investment to help uber develop self-driving cars and technology. and i guess self-driving cars are becoming a bigger and bigger thing, what do you think, yes? that's the future. if you say that's the future, i'm okay with it. it seems strange when you look over and there's nobody behind the car going 60 miles an hour. but if you say it's okay, i'm good with it. in the united states, there's no better place to invest. you look at what's happened with our stock market.
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it's up almost 50% since my election in 2016. we have the best employment numbers we've ever had as of this week. we have almost 160 million people working. it's the most we've ever had working. and we have the best unemployment numbers we've ever had specifically on groups, african-american, asian-american. hispanic american. the best historically. with women, the best numbers in now 71 years. very soon, a historic number, meaning the best ever. so there's never been a better time to invest and do business in the united states. we have some interesting trade deals going on. i'm sure you haven't read too much about it with others. last year for the first time in a decade, the united states was ranked the most competitive economy anywhere in the world. during that year, our economy grew at 3%.
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if the fed didn't raise interest rates, frankly, it would have been much higher than 3%. and the stock market as high as it's been would have been at least probably anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 points higher. but they wanted to raise interest rates. you'll explain that to me. according to the world economic forum, our financial system and business dynamics and labor market all ranked number one, anywhere in the world. manufacturing and small business optimism have set all-time records and consumer confidence has just surged to a 21-year high. so, they do studies, they do polls, and we're literally at the top of every study and every poll, so that's good. the optimism is what it's all about, when you think about it. we slashed our corporate tax rate from the highest in the developed world to one of the lowest in the developed world. we took it down. i mean, some people could say
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we're at 41%, 42% different places, different areas. but we took it down from probably on average, 41%, 42%, depending on what state you're talking about. sometimes, much higher than that to 21%. and people were pretty amazed that we got that through. but what it meant was tremendous investment in jobs. because capital investment is now 100% deductible. and that's something that people thought would never happen. they'd never see. you have one year deductions where it used to be in many cases 40-year deductions. we've cut red tape and job killing regulations at an unprecedented rate. the most ever by a president. and you could take four years or eight years, or more than that, in one case. and the fact is that nobody has ever cut regulations like we have. we've eliminated more than 30,000 pages from the federal
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register of regulations. these are all regulations. thousands and thousands of pages. they're all gone. and we still have regulation. but it's sensible regulation. it's environmentally excellent. and things are getting done. in louisiana, i just left louisiana a few days ago, they opened an l & g plant. it's a $10 billion investment. many japanese investors. anybody in this room investing in that plant in louisiana, it just opened. it's too bad -- cone grgratulat because i hear you're sold out for 20 years, right? that's been a good one. are you happy with the investment. i've heard it's very good. but we got the permits that were stuck for years and years, we got the permits. as soon as i got into office, i made sure people were able to get permits to build. that l & g plant is one of the
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biggest in the world. it's absolutely magnificent. of course, most people have no idea what they're looking at. this is a building a mile and a half long and it's all pipes. it's all pipes. within those pipes, a lot of energy is being produced. they were telling me the numbers and the amounts, it's incredible. now they're building many more. so we're really doing something special. the united states, as you know, has become the number one country in the world, during my administration, 2 1/2 years in energy. we are now number one in the world. and actually we're number one in the word by far. and if i get the pipelines approved in texas which have been under consideration for many, many years, we'll get them done quickly, because it's a good thing. if we get that, we'll be up another 20%, 25%, with just that one move with the pipelines. we were able to do, as you know, the dakota access pipeline.
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we were able to do many pipelines that were stuck. you know the keystone xl pipeline, the big one, i did that in my first week in office. 48,000 jobs. that's under construction. we want companies, we want japanese companies, we want firms from all around the world to build and hire and grow in the united states. it really is a special place. and we really have made it much easier. we've gotten rid of a lot of the red tape. as an example, if you look at the various types of plants, nobody was getting them approved. nobody was getting them out of the epa. you couldn't get refineries done. you couldn't get anything. we were sending our raw product, way far away to foreign countries to have it refined. and then we'd bring it back to the united states. now, we have plans, the likes of which nobody's ever seen,
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actually. commerce between the united states and japan is essential to ensuring a future of peace and prosperity. for all of our citizens. that relationship is so important. and i will say this, i met with some of our generals this morning, before we left, and the relationship they have with the japanese generals has been incredible. and they have tremendous respect for them, too. tremendous respect. if you join in seizing the incredible opportunities now before us, in terms of investments in the united states, i think you're going to see tremendous return on your investments. it's by sincere hope that the era, the economic ties between the united states and japan continue to grow deeper and stronger if that's possible. i think we right now have the best relationship with japan is that we've ever had. and it goes back a long way, but
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i don't think it's ever been better. this probably is the best and we'll look forwarded to keeping it that way. i look forward to shaking your hands. i know the media will go back and rest. many of them came on the flight with us. i'm sure they want to go home. i'm sure they don't want to stick around and hear any of these conversations. but anyway, we had a good time on the flight. we had a great flight. it's an honor to be with you again. i've been to japan many times. and have so many friends. it's a great place with great, great people. really great, great people. thank you very much. let's say hello to everybody. thank you. and thank you very much. thank you. >> all right, president donald trump making his first official appearance after arriving in japan just a little over an hour
2:21 am
ago. the first lady is in the room as well. he's at the u.s. ambassador's residence there in tokyo, talking with a group of japanese business leaders. touting the strong relationship between the united states and japan. and encouraging more investment. in the united states. he did point out that there is a trade imbalance, and he said he got -- he said, well, they'd like to get it a little more fair. let's go to our ivan watson. he's in tokyo. he's been covering the president's trip. everything that will be happening in the next four days. the president spending quite some time there in japan. ivan, maybe you can talk about some of the things that the president addressed. one of them certainly was trade. and the hope of more investment in the united states. and less of a trade imbalance. >> that's right. i mean, he was very much in salesman mode here. he was, after all, addressing
2:22 am
leaders of japanese corporations, calling some of them out, and thanking them for thin investmetheir investments u.s. economy. and trying to encourage more of the same to create more jobs in the u.s. i think the key thing that stuck out here was his aspiration to negotiate a bilateral trade deal between the u.s. and japan. these are the world's first and third largest economies. and he also singled out his trade negotiator bob lighthizer who was there in the crowd. now in months running up to his visit of president trump to japan, the trump administration had said that they wanted to ink and get this deal negotiated, before he came out here. that didn't happen. for all we know, maybe a surprise could come out over the course of these three, four days. but it didn't sound like it. it sounded like that is still a process that is under way.
2:23 am
japan, if you go back a year, didn't want a bilateral trade agreement. japan wanted the u.s. to stay with the transpacific partnership. this much larger multilateral trade deal that would have involved the u.s., japan and a number of asian and pacific rim economies. it would have become, if it had gone through a kind of japanese/u.s.-led trading bloc. president trump has made clear that he prefers bilateral trade deals. as opposed to multilateral trade deals but that hasn't quite come through between the u.s. and japan. meanwhile, the u.s. and chinese trade negotiations have fallen apart right now. we know that the u.s. wants japanese markets opened up more, in agriculture, for example. and he mentioned that u.s. beef
2:24 am
was getting a foot in the japanese market just recently for the first time since 2000, according to president trump. the military, the military cooperation, that is working well, trade, there still seems to be some bumps between these two countries despite the warm relations between the two leaders. natalie and george. >> not too much more official business while he's there in japan. but much more fun. he'll be meeting the new emperor as well. ivan watson covering the trip. he'll there be four days, thanks so much. >> all right. we'll be right back, after this. your sneezes turn heads? ♪ try zyrtec... ...zyrtec starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more.
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prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. the u.s. president arrived to tokyo, japan, just about an hour and a half ago in air force one. we have images, just as air force one landed and arrived there there. you see where the president was headed there toward japan and just landed, again, about an hour and a half ago. he's set to meet with the japanese prime minister and meet with that nation's newly crowned emperor. mr. trump will be the first leader to do so. mr. trump meeting with business leaders from the united states and japan, talking about the strengthened alliance between the two nations. again, focusing on theic of
2:28 am
trade. the u.s. and japan currently in the middle of negotiating a new trade deal. president trump expressed some optimism. president trump touting the u.s. economy, jobs, numbers, investment in the united states. also throwing a little shade, we heard him, on the federal reserve, the fed, rather, for raising interest rates. again, president trump in tokyo, japan. and he'll will be for the next four days. let's get perspective on the trip with james boyes. he joins from u london. james, this is certainly an important trip for japan. japan rolling out the red carpet for donald trump. bl what do they hope to get out of the next several days? >> good morning, george. there's no doubt about it there are two main areas that the japanese, indeed the americans are going to focus on, that's trade and national security. both of which mr. trump touched on briefly in his opening
2:29 am
remarks with the business leaders from japan and the united states. it's notable, of course, that donald trump was in full sales mode. advocating not only himself, his relationship with japan. and the market prospects of the united states. so far from a japanese point of view, of course, they are concerned, i think, that his greatest accomplishment in office is nearly withdrawing from the transpacific partnership which had been negotiated with the obama administration. now, trump, of course, is touting the idea of a new bilateral trade agreement. but so far, i think, those negotiations have not progressed as quickly as the white house would have liked. so, that's one key area. the second, of course, is national security. i think the japanese, of course, are concerned by the warming relationships, the trump white house is advocating, with north korea. and the fact that those negotiations at this point seem to be stalling. so, with 50,000 american troops, 40,000 dependants and some other
2:30 am
5,000 americans, civilians working within the defense establishment in japan, clearly, you've got a very important national security relationship there, which the japanese, i think are going to want to be seen as cementing further during donald trump's visit to the country. >> and of u.s. allies, it cock said that shinzo abe, the prime minister there, has maintained a very close relationship with donald trump, when we've seen other relationships with his president and other leaders become frayed or strained. shinzo abe, putting a great deal of time and faith in this relationship. and keeping in mind, president trump values those personal relationships between leaders. >> you're absolutely right. you know, if you were to sort of canvas the world and think we else has donald trump enjoyed such warm relations, it's difficult to find anybody at the moment who is on equal footing. of course, shinzo abe is leading
2:31 am
the country. we're about to see a change in leadership. we wonder how that would change if, for example, boris johnson were to become prime minister here. were would that develop into a new era between the united states and great britain. certainly, shinzo abe has invested time and attention, lav visu ishing praise on donald trump. it can't escape world leaders that donald trump likes that. and the great question torsion what end, what has that delivered to japan at this point? and at this point in time, one must ask whether any actual benefits have come from this. certainly, there say warming of relationships there. and we see donald trump making yet another visit there. but what tangible benefits have come from this point. and that, of course, is going to be the real telling issue of the remaining 18 months in donald trump's office. >> history is a guide looking
2:32 am
back at how the french president also rolled out the red carpet for president trump, focusing on the relationship. that relationship deteriorated. this president had shown he is willing to go his own way, despite those connections. so the question is, will this play out for shinzo abe, the prime minister of japan, as he may want it to. james boyes, we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you. other issues involving the trump administration. more u.s. troops headed for the middle east. will that move help ease tensions or make them worse? we look at the mission and the potential fallout when we continue. pillowtop queen mattress and free boxspring that's premium serta comfort without the premium price for a limited time only at your local sam's club
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welcome back. to viewers here in the united states and around the world, you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. the united kingdom is gearing up for another political fight as the search for theresa may's successor gets under way. the prime minister accepted failure, unable to deliver on brexit, and is to resign as conservative party leader in two weeks. >> i will shortly leave the job. it has been the honor of my life to hold. the second female prime minister, but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill-will. but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. >> miss may's resignation takes effect june 2. just two days after president trump concludes his visit there.
2:37 am
three days after that the conservative party will start replacing for her replacement. that is likely to conclude by the end of july. >> joining us from london, cnn's thel thel thelma luis. talk to us in the reaction, she did relatively well. >> well, natalie, it did not come as a shock that she resigned. perhaps her shoreaction is the t shocking of all. now the real drama begins. this leadership contest have begun. we have five candidates that have put their names before them. one of the key, boris johnson, a very polarizing figure, of course, over the next few weeks, theresa may, of course will stay
2:38 am
in power until june 7th to see through the elections and the trump visit. and takes all of these candidates and whittle them down to two names. those two names will go to conservative party members. 125,000 people across the country, who will vote on those two names. by ballot. and by the end of july. we should have a new prime minister. but what analysts will tell you, skeptics will tell you, almost everyone will tell you, is this does not change the parameters that cost theresa may to fail in the first place. parliament is still in deadlock. there's no consensus there. and the european union has said it will not renegotiate what it's already spent 2 1/2 years negotiating with prime minister may. so you're going to have this new prime minister in place end of the july. you have that october 31st brexit deadline. that's the final day, that's when the uk leaves the eu.
2:39 am
so the new prime minister will have only three months to solve an improbable crisis, natalie and george. >> right. not too many options there beyond what theresa may tried to do. of course, on halloween, october 31st. salma, thank you. back here in the united states, mr. trump's plan to build sections of a wall along the u.s. border with mexico just hit a major snag. a federal judge issued an initial ruling. that ruling preventing the president from using defense department money for part of the wall without congressional approval. >> months ago the president freed up pentagon money. but the judge's decision came in a lawsuit that argued that the emergency declaration was made specifically to bypass lawmakers. well, iran's foreign minister says plans for a u.s.
2:40 am
troop buildup in the middle east threatens global peace and stability. >> muhammad gentlemjaid zarif. >> and the troops will support the reconnaissance planes deployed to the region. president trump has declared an emergency to speed up arms sales to middle eastern allies. secretary of state mike pompeo says the move bypasses congress. he calls the threat from iran is immediate. >> however, prominent democrats say that is just an excuse, because congress won't approve the sales. the price tag on the weapons is more than $8 billion. >> jomana karadsheh is in
2:41 am
istanbul. hello to you. let's start with the troop build up to counter what the united states says is a threat from iran. tensions have been tamped down. now, it seems they're back up with this move. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it didn't, actually, over the past few days, it did seem that we're headed towards sort of a de-escalation. but here we are again, headed towards the unknown. it would seem, you know, reaction in this region would depend on what countries. you look at this as a very divided and polarized region right now. you would have countries, especially iran's rival that will be welcoming this move bit united states. and you have other countries calling for de-escalation and calm that would be very concerned about these developments. whether it's these additional troop deployment or the arm sales to saudi arabia. and the united arab emirates.
2:42 am
they'd really be seeing this as pouring fuel on this already raging fire. in the past few days when we've heard these statements either from the iranians or the united states that they're really not after starting a conflict or war, but, of course, maintaining that they're ready for any kind of confrontation or aggression if that would happen, that was kind of reassuring for many in these region. but now, the concern is, especially with this troop deployment in the region,s, again, what we have heard these warnings in recent days whether it's from members of the international community, the iranians themselves or u.s. lawmakers, especially on the democratic side, who have been really concerned about some sort of an accidental confrontation that might take place in this small space of the persian gulf, as you see this buildup that's taking place over recent weeks. while the united states is
2:43 am
really packaging this as a deterrent, this certainly will be viewed by the iranians as an act of aggression, as we have described this buildup in the past few weeks. escalation, provocation. and as we heard earlier today, as you mentioned, from the foreign minister muhammad gentlem zarif, as you mentioned, it's a threat to peace and stability on a global level. >> all right. we'll be following a new announcement by the united states that's rattling that air of the world. thank you so much, jomana karadsheh with your insights. back here in the united states, severe weather has taken a serious toll on the midwestern part of the country. strong storms, tornados. you see what happened there. we'll have the aftermath and live update on the weather, ahead.
2:44 am
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in the state of oklahoma, a state of emergency has been declared for 77 counties. eight people in that region died in the past week. a little boy remains missing after he was swept away by strong currents in oklahoma. that boy had been playing in a creek there. >> yeah, this weather has plagued the state for weeks. tornadoes, high winds and the flooding you see there, forced more than 1,000 residents to evacuate. there were eight storm-related deaths in the region in this past week alone. a 4-year-old who was swept away by floodwaters is still missing. >> meteorologist derek van dam is there to tell us what's next. it seem it's a multiday event,
2:48 am
and it's not over. >> yeah, the misery continues unfortunately. it's been a very difficult time for residents across the u.s., specifically in tornado alley, this is the time of year that we expect to see this but this is not a welcome sight outside your front door. don't exactly want to be hearing that sound either. that's obviously the tornado sirens, warning people to take shelter immediately. that is a rope funnel cloud that you're looking at. and, you know, the potential for destructive winds, obviously, with a scene like that outside your front door, you want to get to shelter immediately. probably do not want to be putting your cell phone in the path of that, just to take a picture, right? but here's the latest facts and figures what's happening across the u.s. you can see just the plotted tornadoes across the central part of the country. 200 so far since last friday. and the problem here is that the
2:49 am
storms continue to flare up over the same areas that have been so badly hit. the other concern has been the heavy rainfall. in fact, today alone, we have another moderate risk of flash flooding across kansas and the texas/oklahoma panhandle. we're centering in on that location. this is really the battleground between the two seasons. we've got late winter and full-on summer to the east. when you get those two air air masses colliding, you see an eruption across the center of the country. 20 million americans in flash flood watches, warnings and advisories. if you look at the different river gauges here, all of these color codings that we've had, kind of indicate the river gauges showing us where there's some flooding. major flooding with purple. purple color, and then minor. the rainfall accumulation going
2:50 am
forward over the next five days you can see how that's confined to areas hit so bad already. more flooding in the forecast, that's basically my point. additional severe weather in the forecast. same area, same story. sound like a broken record here, but we have to continue to warn you about these things because it's been so severe, so devastating for places like kansas, into the dakotas, arkansas, new mexico, we've seen the videos time and time again. the other story, the heat wave across the southeast. you know it, i know it. we live in atlanta, and other places across the southeast, we have the potential to break over 70 record highs through the holiday weekend. hopefully, you've got a pool available. >> well, we can't complain. at least we're not getting those storms. >> no doubt. it's certainly uncomfortable. >> thank you. what do you do if you need help and you're in a wheelchair as a storm approaches? well, we will show you the
2:51 am
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2:55 am
>> you could say the teen was in the right place at the right time, just as that storm was moving in. >> reporter: this is the noise we know means take cover fast. >> everybody kept telling me the storm's coming, you need to kind of hurry up and get home. >> reporter: getting home isn't as easy for gregory beck. >> i lost my right leg last july. >> reporter: and his other one in march. diabetes as also made him legally blind. >> i can't see out of my right eye, everything in my left eye is mainly a fog. >> reporter: he was leaving the store on friday, getting honked and yelled at for trying to cross the street. he made it to his gas station when a car pulled up. >> this lady and her son were hollering at me to, like, are you okay? >> i was like, hey, mom, can i help this guy out? >> without a second thought, seth jumped out of the car and went over to him. >> reporter: this video seth's
2:56 am
mom amber shot on her cell phone shows him pushing gregory to his home up the hill about a quarter mile. >> it does take me 20, 25 minutes if i do it by myself. i usually have to stop eight times. >> reporter: seth's great grandpa is also a double amputee. >> we need to be caring for each other. we need to help each other out. >> reporter: he certainly made mom proud. >> we're concerned about people, and which america needs to start doing more of. >> well said, that young man there. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. the news continues right here on cnn, right after the break. hurry into sam's club for serta's memorial day mattress hot buy
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the united states and japan are hard at work negotiating a bilateral trade agreement which will benefit both our countries. >> trump's arrival and a four-day visit to japan. >> we want to have protection in the middle east. we are going to be sending a relatively small number of troops. >> fighter jets sent, patriot missiles, intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft. >> has been found alive. this is an


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