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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 15, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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says clearly racest things? this morning, mr. president. what do you call lawmakers who stand by silent when someone says u we've been looking all night and found only one republican that found a problem with what president trump said. chip roy of texas. that's it. all alone. we'll let you know if we hear any more this morning. what are these members so afraid of? also, this was no slip of the tongue. this was a deliberate move by the president in an election season. so why does the president think racism is an effective campaign issue? let's get straight to the white house. our joe johns is there. is the white house explaining this morning why the president has chosen racism? >> reporter: haven't heard anything more than just from the president. at this point at this level, virtually everything has to be seen through a political lens. but this is also one of those
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moments when the president's remarks on race have gotten so far out there that virtually everybody who pays any attention at all has got to hear it. but it also may have served to unite the sometimes fractured democrats on capitol hill. president trump doubling down on attacks he made against democratic congress women. he wrote, they should go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. though he did not name them, the targets were alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlib, and ilhan omar. amid virtual silence from republicans on the hill, democratic lawmakers slamming the presidential rhetoric. >> the president is an
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illegitimate racist occupying the white house. yes, he attacked these four women of color who are members of congress who have been elected from their districts to come to the congress of the united states and represent the people in their districts. they are certainly legitimate. he is not. >> reporter: they have repeatedly called out the president and called for impeach. . ocasio-cortez reminding the president she is an american. adding, given how you've destroyed our border with inhumane camps all to a benefit to you and korngss that profit off them, you are right about the corruption laid at your feet. omar accusing the president of stoking white nationalism and calling him the most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen. trump responding to the avalanche of criticism tweeting whenever confronted, democrats call their adversaries including
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nancy pelosi racist. their disgusting language and many things they say about the united states should not be allowed to go unchallenged. despite reports of infighting between nancy pelosi and the same group of congress women, the house speaker defending the members of her caucus rejecting what she called the president's z xenophobic comments. >> we respect the value of every member of our caucus. unity is our power. >> reporter: things to watch today will be members of the president's own party to see how many respond to the president's tweets. >> thank you very much. joining us now to talk about all of this, we have errol louis, charlie dent.
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great to have all of you. maisun, you are anned ed advoca the zablged world and a comedian. what did you think when you saw this? >> i'm sick of this abuse. this is actually abusive. as a person born and raised in america and it doesn't matter where anyone was born. i know we keep pointing out that ilhan was born somewhere else. we are american. it is the great equalizer. and to be living in a country where every single day we are under siege from racism. this is incitement of violence. i don't feel safe in this country anymore. and i'm not a scaredy cat. i hang out y war zones fop have this and then the republicans be silent, it's crazy. >> have you been told to go home
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before? >> many times. i say jersey is part of america whether you like it or not. but that moment made me cringe internally. he said so many different offensive things, but that moment triggered something in so many of us of being told go back to your own country. that country is america. >> the reason it triggered something is because it's simple, unnuanced racism. there's no alternative interpretation to go back to where you came from. >> that's right. when you hear it described as nativist, no. it's racist. if it was some drunk guy at the bar, everybody would understand what it was. the shocking thing is it's coming out of the oval office. this was the seat that was held by jefferson and by lincoln and fdr and jfk and ronald reagan for that matter. and to have the president speaking that this is what he
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chooses to put out there, is there some strategic consideration? yes. the i.c.e. raids were a bust. maybe he wanted to distract us all. maybe this is how he plans to energize his base. but nobody stands up. nobody in the president's party stands up and says i don't want to be part of this. this is not acceptable. something needs to change. or at a minimum, at a minimum we're all going to lose a bunch of seats. we're going to lose a bunch of power in the next election if we don't disassociate ourselves from that. will no one just stand up and simply say that? it's not in some ways even a moral consideration. it's a right and wrong kind of a question. it's sad to think we've gotten to this point. >> charlie, why aren't republicans speaking out loudly yesterday and today? >> for the same reasons they don't speak out on other issues. because they're just fearful of primaries. it's that simple. and in this case, we saw tweets
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that with xenophobic and completely out of bounds. and what's even more bizarre, if i'm a republican member right now, i have to be furious with the president because of this. not just because of how horrible the tweets were but the fact those four members are not the most sympathetic members within the democratic caucus given their incitement of primaries against some of their democratic colleagues. so, you know, the democrats are a bit divided. the president has just unified the democrats because of his horrible tweets and behavior. >> i get the issue of being politically inexpedient, but when you look at this, there's only two possible explanations for why the president said this. number one, he's a racist. that's a possible explanation. number two, because he thinks it helps him politically. do you think it's either of those answers or which one do you think it is? >> well, look. this does not help him
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politically. for heaven sakes, i think it hurts him terribly questioning the legitimacy of the four members of congress as members and as americans. i think really offends most of the american population. i can't imagine this. and he has a sad history of making these kinds of racially incendiary comments from the comments he made about mexicans to charlottesville to the way he handled the travel ban. i'm probably forgetting a few more. and now this. again, i think republicans are going to have to step up at some point and say something. it was sunday. they're going to be back in town i suspect today. i'm sure cnn is going to be there with microphones in members' faces. >> and to be clear, you think some of them will speak out this morning? >> i suspect they'll be forced to speak out. they'll be walking to and from the capitol and the media will be swarming on them. whether they want to or not,
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they're going to have to address this issue one way or the over. i would. when i was a member, i always stood up every time the president did something like this. i always condemned those comments. many said that's not enough. i don't know what else they expect you to do. but i always routinely condemned them. most of them agreed with me many on the staff, i know that. and same with my fellow colleagues. they never condemned me. >> you're a former member now. and it may not be unrelated. you chose to retire and not run again, but do you think you could have survived in the republican party that donald trump has created? >> it would be much harder. i think i possibly could have, but it's very difficult. i would be first to tell you i did not want to have to spend all of 2018, you know, talking about president trump and his conduct in office. that's what we did in 2016 and i never endorsed him, i never
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supported him. and i routinely criticized his comments and behavior. and frankly it became a bit tiring. i didn't want to have to spend the rest of my time in congress addressing what he's doing. i had some experience. that was really frustrating to me. and i know it was frustrating to my colleagues and many of my former colleagues who lost their elections will be -- they'll tell you why they lost. it was because of the president's conduct in office. it's that simple. >> you know, there was this moment on morning television yesterday that i know got your attention. for many republicans, fox tv and fox & friends is their sole source of information. okay? it just is. that's where they like to hear their own views reflected back at them. and so i think the folks on fox & friends. and their reaction sets the tone
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for how then republicans, not just lawmakers but just regular people try to process it. so here's how they tackled it yesterday. >> these places need your help badly. you can't leave fast enough. i'm sure that nancy pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements. this tweet you're just seeing now is clearly going to get a lot of discussion. >> someone's feeling very comedic today. >> all fun and games. >> i'm feeling really comedic. i'm a comedian. racism is not funny. it's violent. and also, it made me think, will they laugh if we get rounded up? how far away from that are we? as someone who is muslim, as someone who like rashida comes from palestinian heritage. as someone who like jedidiah who was on that tv is brown and is constantly being yelled at to go back to their own country. will they be chuckling? will they think it's funny? do they realize that this literally puts people in danger
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every single day? when they laugh and then they excuse it. when they think that the most powerful person in the world making horrible comments, putting women who are constantly threatened every day in even more danger is chuckle worthy, where have we reached in this country? >> camerota, go back to italy. it really is the story of america. and there is this logical inconsistency that's bothered me more weeks since we heard tucker carlson with his racism there. donald trump ran on american carnage. he ran on running down america. but it's okay for him to say that america needs improvement. but god forbid someone who's black or brown or a more recent immigrant question anything that's going on. >> yeah. that's what's so offensive about
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it. it's not just that he's denigrating them and saying it doesn't matter whether you're born in the bronx or mogadishu, you colored people don't belong here. >> he doesn't know where they were born. he doesn't care. >> but even worse than that is these are people who are trying to help the country. right? this is public service. these are women who could be doing many, many other things. you know, i think they've simply proved by their performance they could be doing other stuff in the private sector. they could be in the public sector doing things. the right to be heard and to try and make things better for yourself and your community and your people, that's what public service is all about. and so he's trying to sort of wipe an entire segment out of the public conversation. and leave it up to him to, you know, i guess pose as a hero and he alone can fix it and on and on and on. most people realize that's not going to happen. that's not the way the world is. that's not the way this country is.
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we know who's going to win this argument in the end. it's just with all the problems in the presidency, he's choosing for very small gain to try and divide the country this way. >> but do we know who's going to win? i'm not quite sure we are. it has become so normalized. we're bringing birtherism back. that's what this is. and we have people saying the gop is afraid to speak out because they don't want to lose primaries. the assumption is that voters support racism. so will we win or is it really now being normalized? >> obviously there's an attempt to normalize it. but the elections have shown going to the republican base over and over again and taking more and more extreme positions in this case hateful positions is not going to be the key to victory. i mean, they've already -- kevin mccarthy the conference leader for the republicans in the house, he's one of seven
3:15 am
republicans left in the california delegation. i me necessarily ascent. it's fear. they're afraid of the base and what's coming. >> i think it's agreement. i think if they were really, really offended, if they had any concept of decency, they would speak out. and i think they can speak out in a way where they still get the votes that they need. you don't trade decency and humanity for votes. >> guys, thank you very much. thanks so much for your candor this morning and for having this conversation. obviously we are all just trying to process what it means that the president of the united states feels this way. >> and we are -- the phone lines are open. if you're a republican member of congress and you want to speak out this morning, call us. >> you know where to find us. >> we will give you a platform to speak out against racism. happening now. what raids? the trump administration claims the sweeping actions to round up thousands of undocumented immigrants are now underway but authorities in the cities that were supposed to be targeted really report no confirmed cases of migrants being arrested.
3:16 am
rosa flores joins us now live from chicago where this was supposed to be taking place. what are you hearing? >> well, john, good morning. a senior official told cnn thes were underway. "the new york times," of course, is reporting that an official told the paper that the operations had been altered, that they had changed. cnn, of course, called advocates in all of the nine targeted u.s. cities and those odd advocates say that's what did happen. and that was the widespread fear in the undocumented and immigrant communities across the country. under the obama administration, hundreds of thousands of undocumented families came out of the shadows. they gave their addresses to the u.s. government to apply for programs like daca. and under the trump administration after family separation, thousands of mothers
3:17 am
and fathers and family members came out of the shadows so they could claim those children that had been separated. so that's why advocates around the country say they stepped in. i spoke -- and also they set up i.c.e. raid hot lines so the people in the community could call in. and then also created community response teams with civil rights lawyers that could respond to these raids. so alisyn, even though, you know, at this point it's unclear because administration officials say that these raids did happen and advocates say they didn't happen. the other thing we can say did materialize is that the undocumented community is a little more educated about their civil rights this morning after advocates tried to educate them on those right. >> and we'll try to get the exact numbers if we can this morning.
3:18 am
so thank you, very much, for the latest status report there. >> he should have the right numbers. he'll be able to tell us how many people were arrested yesterday. that was their whole goal. so we'll see. breaking news in the 2020 race. former vice president joe biden just released his new health care plan moments ago and it draws a clear distinction between him and the other top democrats. so we will break down the details. next. make fitness routine with pure protein.
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okay. we do have breaking news from the campaign trail. joe biden has just released his new health care plan and cnn's jessica dean is here with the details. what do we know? >> well, good morning to both of you. look, this is becoming the issue that is quickly becoming a defining issue for these candidates. we're starting to see only some of the contrasts. let's break down what joe biden is offering here. federal subsidies to make obamacare cheaper. it also allows to make drug prices. federal subsidies to make it cheaper. this is going to allow a family of four making $110,000 to save about $750 a month. they're also going to support
3:24 am
gold plans versus silver. a gold plan will let you have a lower deductible. now, breaking down that public option, then you're going to be able to put in people who are in republican-led red states that were not able to get -- they did not expand medicaid. now they're going to be enrolled in this public option. also if you have health insurance you don't like, you can join the public option. but if you start reading these, what you'll notice is this is a lot of what they wanted originally with bst care when they first proposed all of this. that's not what they ultimately got, but they want to strengthen obamacare. they want to catch these people that they know it's not. or people like those people in those states that didn't expand medicaid that aren't able to have health insurance. so this really a contrast with
3:25 am
some of these other more liberal candidates that want to go more toward medicare for all. that's really the key difference here is that biden wants to keep and strengthen obamacare. >> all right. jessica dean for us, great to have you with us on set. appreciate it. want to discuss much more. joining us now is jess mcintosh former director of communications outreach for the hillary clinton campaign. also with us sarah isgur. >> i want to start with the policy he is proposing. it's basically the original obamacare with the public option. that's the policy. paem can buy into a medicare option if they want. from the political perspective, what this does is it allows joe biden to differentiate himself from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. is that useful to him or how is that useful to him? >> on the one hand, you're right about what he's going back to.
3:26 am
but least going back to it in a country that has moved significantlily farther than where we were in 2008. regardless of republican obstructionism, i think we would have gotten a public option. now the numbers for medicare for all are really quite strong across the board. if you add that medicare for all with the option of keeping your private insurance, you can get up to 40% of republican support. so we're not looking at really very leftist ideas here. we're looking at ideas that have a broad general consensus. so i think basically the entire field at this point wants some form of expanded government health care. most of them leave in the private insurance option. bernie and elizabeth warren, the two notable exceptions for medicare for all in its purist form. i don't think that most of the electorate is going to be voting based on the incremental difference between the candidates on this issue, but it is really exciting to have this debate when the other side is so engaged in disinformation around
3:27 am
health care and it is such a critical issue for everybody of every party. >> sarah, has someone who has as we've said hepped republicans get elected, explain what could people object to in the joe biden plan? because it's medicare for all who want it, basically. so there's a lot of options. public option. you can keep your own private health care or you can go public. so what will be the objections to that? >> i think jess is sort of highlighting a lot of them. because joe biden is falling into a trap that we've seen candidates fall into every cycle. which is running in the general before you've won the primary. hillary clinton did it. jeb bush did it. it could be a very dangerous place to be and it's so easy to do when you're the front runner. i think it's smart he's drawing his contrast with bernie sanders. what we've seen from polling is for bernie sanders voters, their second choice is joe biden right now. but elizabeth warren voters,
3:28 am
their second choice is kamala harris right now. so very smart for joe biden to be pointedly drawing that distinction with bernie sanders. i have to agree with jess. are they really switching voters over the incremental changes right now? probably not. do i think a lot of voters in that poll understand what medicare for all versus joe biden's plan? probably not yet. >> well, when you start asking people about socialism, i'm not suggesting medicare for all is socialism, but you know socialism is a buzzword and driving people crazy in the polls. if you start saying medicare for all where we take away your private insurance and you're going to get government controlled health care, that's where it becomes politically problematic. >> i think whatever nominee we have with whatever plan, the republicans are going to call it medicare for all socialism. it won't matter whether we get a strength in obamacare incremental plan like biden has
3:29 am
pushed out or an actual medicare for all plan like sanders is pushing. that is what republicans will say. so for democrats to concede that in the beginning is not playing the right politics. >> sarah, do you think the democrats are as a whole sitting in a better position today approaching 2020 than president trump who has not come up with a coherent health plan? >> on health care, i think that having a wide debate within the party is probably helping them energize their base. you know it's an important issue. i think you'll see that in some of the polling on which candidate is best positioned to work on "x." health care i think democrats have always led on that issue for the last 10, 20 years, i think. i think they'll continue to do so. but on the economy, for instance, you're still seeing the president polling ahead. and i think that that's where they need to move next. >> i think it gives joe biden a chance to differentiate himself on this debate stage one week
3:30 am
and two days from now here on cnn. >> okay. jess, sarah, thank you both very much. now to this. the gulf coast is grappling with potentially life threatening flooding as tropical depression barry slowly moves north. what has authorities most concerned? we'll bring that to you next. ♪ limu emu and doug. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need.
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique tropical depression barry is slowly moving north, but that does not mean the worst is over for many people under flash flood watches. erica hill is live we the latest. >> reporter: those flash flood watches still in effect for southeastern louisiana and mississippi through 7:00 a.m. local time. officials are stressing people need to take that into account as people are making their way
3:35 am
to work this morning. some of the worst flooding we saw over the weekend happened south of us. you can see from the aerial footage what that flooding was like. the terrebonne parrish, those are still an issue today. over the weekend 12 people rescued in terrebonne parish. 12 people and 2 pets, a puppy you see in that basket there being pulled up. and we're also told a cat. as for things today, we can tell you new orleans, the mayor there saying not only are they beyond lucky. we were spared. everything held. the levels in the rivers there did not rise as high as anticipated. that is good news. but again, local officials and the governor stressing preparedness is key. 3,000 national guard troops still on the ground here and i
3:36 am
can't tell you the mighty mississippi behind me at this point has already crested. keep in mind it's been flood stage since february. >> all right. terrific work this weekend, erica hill down in louisiana, thank you so much. so where is barry headed next? cnn meteorologist chad myers here with the forecast. >> well, the center is going to head over little rock later today, but the heaviest rain is still in louisiana. and we're still looking at these flash flood warnings. even overnight, flash flood emergencies with rescues taking place for people that didn't stay out of the water or didn't get out of the way. and yes, we had a few spots there with the 20 inch rainfall as predicted. the good news not for them but for the big cities, it didn't happen over the big cities. but it did happen in some of the parish areas. some of these really did pick up very heavy rainfall in the 20-inch rainfall range.
3:37 am
certainly more rainfall for today, but not as much as we've seen because the storm is far enough away from the gulf of mexico. the eastern half of the country over the past six months has been well above normal. i don't have to tell any farmers about that. but some spots 10 to 20 inches above normal for this so far this year. new york city, you're going to be above normal on friday and saturday. look at that temperature. 97. maybe i'll just stand here and it won't happen. big hot weather coming to the northeast over the weekend. >> we're way beyond normal here, chad. safe to say. thank you very much. this was one of the most breathtaking moments in sports history. i mean, ever. period. when novak djokovic and roger federer are saying about their epic final. the bleacher report is next 37 ♪
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. in one of the greatest tennis matches in all of recorded history, novak djokovic outlasted roger federer to win the wimbledon title. andy scholes has more in bleacher report. this was stunning. >> john, this match was so good. it was so long as well. longest final in wimbledon's history. 4 hours, 55 minutes. at 37 years old, roger federer the sentimental favorites. and federer in the fifth set had double championship points, two chances to win the match. but djokovic was able to fight off both of them and come back to win the game. the match would end up going all the way to 12-12 in the fifth set. this is the first year with the new rule at wimbledon, at that point you go to tie break. djokovic won that tie break to take it for his 16th grand slam
3:43 am
title. federer's family cheering him on all match long. he was asked afterwards what his kids will think of his performance? >> they won't be excited with the plate. take the that golden thing. roger says he hopes he gives some other people a chance they can do it at 37. i'm one of them. >> i'm one of them too. i hope i'm still doing my best at 37. one for the ages. federer about to be 38 years old. here's hoping we see him in a final at wimbledon again in the future. >> andy, that's so great. i was driving back from portland, maine, yesterday. my husband was watching on his phone. he kept gasping which was unsettling for the driver, may i say. but i could tell that it was the most thrilling game ever as he would put it. >> certainly was. >> thank you very much. okay. there's deafening silence this morning from most republicans in
3:44 am
congress after president trump launched a racist attack on their democratic colleagues. when will one of them speak up? that's next. ♪ when you have diabetes, dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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okay. so we're talking this morning about what president trump did yesterday when he tweeted out this attack on the four freshmen progressive women. he told them that they should go back to their countries or go home. three of them were born here in the united states. one wasn't. they're all american citizens. and it's just dwobl to see it as anything but racist. he's basing it on how they look. and so we're waiting to hear from republicans and whether or not they're going to say anything about this. but meanwhile we are joined by terry mcauliffe. the former governor of virginia and now cnn political commentator. what did you think when you read the president's tweet? >> well, disgraceful, disgusting.
3:49 am
you know, the man's just plain nuts. but listen. what he's trying to do is to get democrats off about talking about the issues that matter to the american families. they -- trump knows he can't win again if the debate's about taking this nation forward, dealing with infrastructure, education, prescription drug prices. so he wants to divide -- try and divide democrats, try and divide americans. this is a standard playbook for donald trump. it doesn't surprise me. the man is a disgrace to the office. let us continue as democrats, biltd the broadest tent possible. we're going to beat this guy. but let's not get in a trap with him. that's what he's trying to get us to do. >> well, congressman chip roy of texas, republican from texas, is the lone voice we can find right now who sort of spoke out against it, but it was kind of hard to tell what ultimately the message was. here's what he tweeted yesterday. the president was wrong to say any american citizen whether in congress or not has any home
3:50 am
besides the u.s. but i just as strongly believe non-citizens who abuse our immigration laws should be sent home immediately. and lawmakers who refuse to defend america should be sent home. so is he against the language or not? >> the this is exactly what they're trying to do. and trump wants us to play on the immigration issue to try to divide us. it's reprehensible what he's done at the border. i've said this for a long time. i can say it as a former governor, congress has failed. they haven't done it. shame on the congress for not doing it. but we got to get this issue solved once and for all. we've got to protect our borders. but we need a comprehensive immigration plan for the people coming to this country to give them a pathway to citizenship. very specifically what we need to do. but the idea you're separating these children from their
3:51 am
families, these children will live with the long-term effects of what happened to them at the border for the rest of their lives. this is the united states of america. people around the world have looked to america as the shining example of what a nation should be. and unfortunately under trump now, that's not the case. he has a base of about 40%, 42%. he is not growing that base. all he's doing is inflaming his base. but you know what? in 203 days, the iowa caucuses start. that is the beginning of the end of the preside of the trump presidency. but we need to get rid of the labels. we need to build the broadest tent possible. but talk about health care and infrastructure and education. that's what they want to hear. that's what americans are craving for. >> former v.p. biden released his health care plan this morning and it's basically medicare for all and i'll get to
3:52 am
that in one second but you want to look forward to 2020 and the first stop is this thursday where there'll be a live on air draug on cnn. so complete transparency about who will be with whom on the debate stage. >> right. >> so it'll be all -- it'll be 20 candidates. some won't make the stage. but there'll be a drawing to see who will face off against who. who will be standing next to whom. so who do you want to see face off? should joe biden have a second chance with kamala harris? or should they be on different nights? >> well, listen. we'll let the drawing go. but what would be interesting, i give lifz beth warren a lot of credit. she did excellent in the first debate. she is laying out very specific answers and solutions to the problems that americans face today. so i've been very impressed. i may not agree with everything, but she has laid things out in a comprehensive way. if joe biden is still the front
3:53 am
runner, i would like to see a good healthy debate about the issues. i would love to see vice president biden and warren on the debate stage. but here's the issue. for many candidates, this is their last shot. as you know, we're going have a lot of issues and we're going to really bring this thing down. it's going to end for many of them after this debate if they can't do a good job. so this is going to be a huge issue. >> terry mcauliffe, thank you very much. >> thank you. a major political crisis engulfing puerto rico's governor and his administration. why protesters are now calling for his resignation. that's next. 0, i signed the givg pledge to fund good causes. then i left my business to combat climate change, fix our democracy, and hold president trump accountable. last year, we ran the largest youth voter mobilization in history - helping double turnout
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this morning protesters in puerto rico are demanding the resignation of governor ricardo rasoio. leyla santiago has been tracking this story digging sbiet. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, listen. as i've spoken to puerto ricans is lack of trust, the anger. they see this as more than a violation of trust. a lot of people we're seeing on the streets right now protesting say this is an inability to govern. that's how far this has gone. let's talk about that anger that you're seeing play out on the streets. what's behind this? this comes from nearly 900 pages of a conversation that was published by the center for investigative journalism in puerto rico in which you see the governor with his inner circle and he talks about about -- he
3:58 am
sort of makes light and uses even derogatory terms to describe a woman. he asacks some of the journalists and makes light of some serious moments after hurricane maria. for his part, he has apologized. he believes he can move forward, that he can restore trust and that he will not resign. but the time of this is critical because many puerto ricoians are concerned that this could impact the level of aid that comes to the island for those who are most vulnerable years after hurricane maria. >> layla, please keep us posted on what happens there. sounds like that is a developing story. there are also new revelations from more leaked diplomatic cables from the uk. the daily mail reports that the former british ambassador to the u.s. kim darroch believed that president trump abandoned the
3:59 am
iran nuclear deal to spite former president obama. something he called an act of, quote, diplomatic vandalism. nic robertson is live in london for us to explain. what else is there, nic? >> reporter: it also said the united states and the white house in particular didn't have a next day strategy of what to do. we've heard from boris johnson who may well become the british prime minister next week admit that when he didn't back the british ambassador in a tv interview last week, that that contributed to the ambassador deciding to step down. the british police here opened what they said was an investigation to break the official secret sect warned not to publish materials with these leaks. 24 hours later they said journalists could do what they do. which is print things of international importance. the foreign secretary today trying to do his best with partners to repair relationships with iran and asking the united states to consider the strain that the sanctions are putting on iran and therefore unraveling
4:00 am
the nuclear deal. >> okay. ni kr r nic, thank you for all of that. and "new day" continues right now. president trump suggesting democratic lawmakers go back to their countries in a tweet. >> constantly looking for every way to divide people. it's a political strategy. >> if you're a trump supporter, you may not even push back or see it as racist. >> they're going to take people out and they're going to bring them back to their countries. >> as the raids started, we will speak to specifics. >> no one wants to see children ripped away from their parents. that ought to stop right now. >> this storm still has aon


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