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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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president trump suggesting some members of congress should go back to their countries. the president feels he's resonating with his core supporters. >> it is racist and un-american. you should never hear that from the president of the united states. >> we have not seen any i.c.e. agents making any appearances but the fear is very palable. >> we should be able to enforce the law any rome way, and that's what we're doing here. >> i want comprehensive immigration reform, but frightening children across our country is simply unacceptable. >> you heard the glass breaking. >> yes, ma'am. all the windows started coming out. >> days of rain ahead. barry continues to push inland. >> some people may think it does not present a threat. that is not the case. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day" july 15th, 8:00 now in the east.
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this morning we are hearing the reaction after president trump tweets a stunningly racist attack against four democratic women of color. democrats spent sunday speaking out against it. but to this point, just one republican lawmaker has come out against that. >> that can't be true, just one. >> just one. last we checked. it's early monday but they have had almost 24 hours. the president sent this incendiary tweet telling the women to go back to the countries they came from. all the lawmakers that are referenced there are american citizens. three of them were born in the u.s. >> we have been asking republican lawmakers to contact us if they want to speak out against the president's racist tweets. so far no takers. the highest profile condemnation from the last hour did come from a conservative politician but one from the united kingdom. the british prime minister, theresa may, she called the
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language used to refer to the women completely unacceptable. a few minutes ago we got a response from the chief of staff. >> the democrats want to rally around it will be interested to see how that plays out for them. when people write there's racist motives, look at the cabinet. hard to find anything omar said since being elected that's positive about the united states of america. >> we have a lot to talk about. joining us mia love, former utah congresswoman and cnn political commentator, frank bruny, "new york times" op-ed. i want to start with you. we've only heard thus far from one republican, from texas who gave not a full throated condemnation but at least said it was wrong.
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your thoughts on this. >> first of all, i think the reason why you're not seeing republicans come out is because it's a very icky subject to get into. they don't linebacker it. they don't want to be part of it. they would rather it just kind of go away. frankly to me, and i think a lot of people, it's incredibly frustrating to see these types of tweets come out because it pulls away from any positive agenda that has to happen. i mean, there is issues at the border. at the border, it's a major crisis at the border. we're still waiting for immigration reform. the american people are seeing congress and the white house as a group that continues to just fight each other instead of fighting for the issues that they care about. i have to tell you when you look at some of these tweets also, people like me, who are republican, it's going to be difficult for the president to continue to talk to
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independents, when he continues to make people feel like they aren't part of the american vision he's putting out there. >> that's the upshot, feel like others and outsiders. just to be clear, do you see those tweets as racist? >> racist is a very -- i take that word incredibly seriously. i don't -- i'm not in the president's head. i do not think that these comments help. i am not going to get into whether he is racist. i don't think those comments help him. i don't think that the comments help his narrative. i'm incredibly frustrated, i continue to be frustrated. i tell me children not to look at these comments. not to behave or react to them. they have to be empowered and not let anybody determine who they are and how they are going to behave or what history writes about them. >> congresswoman, have you ever had anyone tell you to go back to a country from which you came
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from or which your ancestors came from? >> have i ever had anybody say that? >> yes. >> oh, gosh. the country i came from was the united states, the country i was born in. >> just like these women. >> yes. so here is -- this is what i would tell these women. first of all, i know ayanna pressley very well. i don't know the others. ayanna and i have worked with each other before actually i became a member of congress. i can tell you one thing about ayanna, this is not going to be something that affects her. people have said horrible things, worse than that, to me. i'll tell you right now i'm comfortable in my skin, with who i am and words like that will not affect me negatively and will not determine how my children are seen in this country and how we love and behave and do everything that we can to show our american
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patriotism. >> bianna golodryga, you are an immigrant, from mol dovia? >> yes. >> you have people tell you that. >> not out of love. i was called a commie spy and told to go back to russia. let's stop dancing around this issue of it's a racist comment. it's a racist comment any time somebody says go back to the country from which you came. i think from a larger standpoint it does a disservice to republicans. any time a republican wants to come out and criticizes these four congresswoman on their policies will be lumped into any sort of racist labels. so from the larger standpoint when you want to talk about these women and their policies in office, absolutely. when you talk about their nationalities, their heritages, there's no other way to define it than racist and a cheap shot. >> mia love said she's frustrated, republicans are frustrated, i'm frustrated with that interview. all due respect, i have no idea why she's dancing around calling
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these comments racist. she's no longer in congress and still seems unwilling to call out the president's behavior for what it is. those are racist -- no, please, those were racist tweets. republicans aren't running away from that tweet or comments in the tweet because they are icky, they are being silent because they fear if they cross donald trump he will make it difficult for them to get re-elected. it's a pure political calculation. it's a calculation being made at the expense of civil discourse in this country and allowing donald trump to -- >> i see the bigger issue here. the bigger issue to me is when i go out and see how the world views us, i see the world looking at us tearing each other apart. i'm sorry, don't tell me how i should feel about what somebody says about me because i have grown up as a black woman in america my entire life. i have been taught i do not let
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anyone make me a victim. do i like those comments, do i think they are helpful? absolutely not. am i going to let it affect me, do i think ayanna should let it affect her? absolutely not. we are americans. we will continue to behave like americans. kbhen somebody says that, i'm not going to stoop down to that level. that's what i'm saying. if you don't like what i'm saying, this is my truth and how i feel about the situation. >> all due respect, i wasn't talking about anything said about you, you were asked if you thought the tweet the president sent out about the four women was racist and you said you didn't like the word. >> i did not run away from it. i do not like using that word will i'm not going to get into the mind of somebody. >> we didn't see he's a racist, just the words. we just wondered if you thought the words were racist? >> i think the words are horrible. i think that they could absolutely be seen as racist. again, i am not -- i don't like
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them. i think it's unpresidential. i'm not an poll gist for the president, i've never been an apollo gist for the president. i'm a person that called him out on issues and words like this. i wish they would focus on the issues americans care about. the word frustrated is maybe not enough. yes, i am incredible frustrated. i wish congress and the united states president would work on the issues that are important to americans today. >> the congresswoman talks about how we're viewed around the world. it is insulting and jarring when you have the prime minister of the uk call the u.s. president out on comments he made when you have u.s. elected officials not doing the same. so when you have the president subsequently follow up that tweet and say if americans want to defend their hatred toward israel or what have you, no, it's not a binary choice. can you go after their policies, go after their rhetoric around certain issues without having to once again define it all as being they are racist and they
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should go back to their countries. they are two separate issues. >> let's be clear about this one thing. republicans are not silent because they find the subject matter icky. they are silent because they are making a political calculation and this is pure cowardice. we have to talk about it that way. to talk about it any other way is to let them off the hook. >> to be clear, you think all republicans in different states around the country think racism is a winning strategy for them? >> no. first of all, we're talking about republicans in congress. >> that's what i mean. >> i don't think republicans in congress think racism is a winning strategy for them. i think they don't want to cross the president even if they tacitly condone racism in the process. >> congresswoman. >> the house of representatives is the branch of government closest to the people. i think they also represent a base of people that is in their district. i honestly -- the people in their districts really don't want them to get involved in
5:11 am
this issue. there are people sitting there waiting for somebody to tell them how they are going to become citizens in the united states, what is going to happen to their families. there are people waiting to find out what's going to happen to health care, what's going to happen to their environment, how they are going to put food on the table. so you know, you can make a blanket statement and say it's just because they don't want to crosshairs with the president, but you've had many republicans that have gotten into cross-hairs with the president. you've had carlos carrabelleo, jeff flake. >> they are all former members. >> people like me have been targets of the democratic party. you have to figure out whether it's the issue or whether you want to have political control because there are times when they go after members of congress who are with them on some of these issues. also, even if they get into the
5:12 am
cross-hairs with the president. >> it's an ugly time. >> there are time when you don't pause and say do my constituents want me to get involved in this or not, there are times when you take a moral stand. one of those times when the president said after charlottesville there are good people on both sides and other is when he tweeted these four women should go back to their own countries. take you a moral stand. >> i think it's absolutely disingenuous to say there are members of congress who have done that. tim scott is still there. will hurd has done that. he's still there. it's disingenuous to say there aren't people who come out -- >> i hear you, congresswoman. just this morning. this morning it was one. there was a "but" attached to it. >> let's remind ourselves speaking out against racism will not prevent americans from
5:13 am
focusing on health care and jobs, et cetera. these are two separate issues. >> we can do both at the same time. >> it's a distraction. i think all of this is a distraction. >> i want to pick up on that. >> it pits us up against each other and we really shouldn't do that. again, i just do not like the fact that here we are as americans, and we're getting -- we're going after each other. it creates -- i agree with mr. freeman who was on the show earlier who talks about us being the greatest threat to ourselves. we have to do everything we can to look within and talk about how we're going to help uplift each other. >> none of us likes having to talk about that this morning. i'll tell you that pure and simple. when the president of the united states says something like this, it affects all of us. it is about us. it is about america. there's an element of this, frank, which i think needs to be said. this wasn't an accident. >> no. >> this was a statement that was put out, free of grammatical
5:14 am
errors -- >> interesting syntax the president doesn't usually -- >> this was deliberate. >> this was deliberate. i suspect a collaborative effort, maybe stephen miller was involved. what he's doing at the beginning -- not the beginning but this is part of his re-election campaign. if we thought 2016 was ugly, get ready for 2020. this is going to be one of the ugliest campaigns in this country. what he's doing is telling me, this is me, by former tweets, good looking stable genius or have a country answer to four young women of color. that what's he's doing, framing. >> comes at a week of significant losses to the president, whereas to the census, acosta stepping down, the i.c.e. raids being impacted the way we were fearful they would be. >> impossible to know, quite frankly, at this hour what happened with the i.c.e. raids
5:15 am
because the man in charge -- >> won't tell you. >> he said he didn't know. >> wouldn't tell you the numbers. >> he said he didn't know. >> frank bruni, congresswoman golodryga, thank you. an important discussion. we want to leave you with something dr. martin luther king said. history will have to record the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people but the appalling silence of the good people. he also said our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. >> thank you for sharing that. >> we have yet to hear on that note from any top republicans on the president's racist comments. we're going to get live reaction from a democratic candidate for president next. need a few more reasons to switch? 1. do you like netflix? sure you do. that's why it's on us.
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racist attack on four minority democratic lawmakers. he wrote that the women should go back to the countries they came from. all of the lawmakers he was talking about are american citizens. three of them were, in fact, born in the united states. not that that matters. all four of them american citizens. joining us to discuss julian castro secretary of housing and urban development under president obama and now a candidate for the 2020 democratic presidential infantrymen nation. mr. secretary, thank you for being with us this morning. we've been asking everyone coming on this morning for their first reaction when you read what the president said, go back to the country you came from? >> it's disgusting, racist, everything the guests y'all have had on have been saying and people have been saying throughout the country since he tweeted this out yesterday. everybody knows that the president acts like a white
5:21 am
supremacist. he is a racist. he's made that clear on so many different occasions. not only that, as the leader of our country, his politics, his strategy, is about dividing people along racial lines. it's called racial priming. he's done that more succesfully than any politician that we've seen in a very long time. i don't think it's an accident just a couple weeks ago he kicked off his 2020 campaign and here he is making this kind of racist, outlandish statement that has a real history to it. the question is, what are we as americans going to do about this. you know, throughout our history, we faced leaders that made their whole career on being racially divisive. people would say go back to africa, go back to mexico, no irish need apply, the chinese are excluded. in every generation americans were able to rise up and to push back and to get better and more inclusive.
5:22 am
that's the question for this election, are we going to go forward to an america that continues to expand opportunity and get closer to the founding words -- to the words in our founding documents, or are we going to go backward? are we going to go in the direction this president wants, giving in to division and hate and bigotry and fear. i believe there are more americans that want us to move forward and want us to be inclusive. let me just say i'm here in mount pleasant, iowa. last night i was at the first presbyterian church with a group there called iowa wins, that is supporting 32 families of men who were picked up at a concrete plant about a year, year and a half ago. these folks who don't look like the men who were picked up by i.c.e., they are mostly white iowa iowans, they came together and
5:23 am
donated money, donated supplies to help them get through this time. they stepped up to get them legal services. that gives me hope. no matter the color of the skin, the background, live in a small town or big city, we're united by compassion and understanding and love. i believe fundamentally there are more americans like that and that's stronger than the fear, division and hate of this president. >> are you 100% certain of that. donald trump won in 2016 with a message that was centered much like the statement he made over the weekend. so do you know for sure that it won't work? because this was deliberate. >> look, i can't tell you for sure that it won't work. there's no guarantee, but i believe that. i believe that people can see he has a record now. he came in 2016 and he wanted to be this disrupter that was going to do things differently in washington and drain the swamp
5:24 am
and not be part of the gold old politics of washington and he's been the worst example of the swamp and good old politics of washington with these tax cuts that only benefit the wealthy. >> it's striking to me that we've only heard from one elected republican this morning condemning the president's comments, and that's your fellow texan congressman chip roy. he has said he doesn't like what the president said over the weekend. there's a reason no republican has stood up. >> you can't judge americans by politicians. oftentimes politicians do not immediately reflect the will or the goodness of the people. i think it's true what you were saying a little while ago. there are a lot of republican politicians that recognize this is racist. they know it's wrong. they know what he's doing. they have heard this phrase before about go back home. all of us in politics who are
5:25 am
people of color, under the circumstances this stuff on e-mails, on twitter all the time. it's out there. it's not like it's a surprise. these republican politicians understand that, but as others have said, they are afraid either to cross the president or cross a base of people that they think they are going to have to face in a primary. they are afraid of their potential primary challenge. so i agree with you there are people that believe these things in the country. but what i'm saying when it comes to america as a whole, i believe there are more people, whether white or black or latino, native american, wherever they are,nst it in 202 >> this weekend the president house, listen to what he said. >> he's getting almost no help from congress. the same congressional people that he's lobbying hand grenades at, i will concede. but at the same time, all they do is complain. they don't help fix anything.
5:26 am
some of the solutions we're seeking in the trump administration are the same as were sought in the obama administration. it is not a partisan solution in every in stance. >> he's blaming democrats for lack of action on immigration over the last four years. if i can get your reaction to the nonraids that seemed to happen this weekend. it's unclear exactly what happened? >> it is unclear. there was a write-up that i.c.e. made, i.c.e. raids attempted. but you know, in some ways, this president, his strategy is to create fear and to chill the participation of these immigrant families in american life. so whether two raids happened or 200 raids happened or no raids happened, there's an impression that's created and fear and anxiety and paranoia that is
5:27 am
created in these immigrant families that affects them and also that effects all of us as americans because we don't know. i draw a straight line between that and this issue of the citizenship question on the census. in some ways it doesn't even matter whether it actually ends up on the official census. of course it looks like it's not. i hope it does not. people are fighting back against that. but he's created this fear, this anxiety, and i'm quite confident probably in 2020 more of an unwillingness to participate in the 2020 census probably by immigrant families. that is part of the point. it's a political strategy to put these folks in a box, to chill them out of participating in american life regardless of what actually happens. the only other thing i would say about that, we know this guy is a big bser. he said he pulled back from an airstrike on iran 10 minutes before it was supposed to happen
5:28 am
and then he was going to have these raids, he pulled back from them the day before. this is his m.o. you never know whether it's true or not. it still has an impact on the families. we don't have to do this. we can have an immigration system that maintains border security that uses common sense and compassion rather than the cruelty of this president. that's the plan i've laid out. >> mr. sblgt, julian castro, we know you'll have a chance to discuss that in a little more than a week on the cnn debate station. >> you're excited. >> this week is the draw. thursday night we get to find out who you share that stage with. >> that's true. i'm looking forward to that. >> i'm sure you're looking forward to finding out who you're on stage with. mr. secretary julian castro, thank you. >> a community icon in baton rouge found dead in the trunk of a car. what police are saying about her mysterious death next. wow!
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united airlines flights have been canceled through early november. boeing's trouble with the 737 max could stretch into 2020. cnn's tom foreman is live in washington to explain what's happening. >> this is just unbelievable, alisyn. another delay, more questions, more doubts about the state-of-the-art aircraft from boeing. look what american had to say as it announced the delay two months past when they thought it would come back. their statement says american airlines remains confident impending software updates boeing 737 max along with the new training elements boeing is developing in coordination with partners for recertification of the aircraft this year. key word here, confident. this is the big problem for boeing right now as this has gone time and again pushing back, saying this part is okay, we're moving forward. testing is okay, we're moving forward. we're going to get these planes back in the air. it has not happened. they have not reached the finish line at any point and that has
5:34 am
clearly rattled confidence in this country and certainly in partners abroad. the problem now, you have people like "wall street journal" saying, look, we're getting indication from faa and others that this plane may not be back in the air until after new year. this is another huge blow to boeing which simply cannot get this under control. john. >> the airlines are reeling. they didn't executive this one bit. tom foreman, thank you very much. a lot of questions and a few answers in the death of a prominent civil rights leader in baton rouge, louisiana, who founded that city's african-american history museum. cnn's randi kaye joined us outside the museum in baton rouge. randi, what have you been able to determine about what happened? >> john, it is a real mystery here in baton rouge. it all began about 3:45 on friday afternoon when police say they got an anonymous tip about a body in the trunk of a car. they went to check it out and it was the body of sadie roberts
5:35 am
joseph. she was 75 years old. so police are stumped about who would have done this to her and what happened. they will not say how she died. she saw her family earlier in the day. she was apparently cooking cornbread and her oven failed and she brought it over to her sister's house and never came to pick it up. she was a well-known civil rights leader, a tireless advocate for peace. we're outside this morning at the baton rouge, african-american museum which she created. she also helped at risk youth, created juneteenth celebration to help celebrate the emancipation of slaves. we have a clip of her from a recent celebration. >> today we came to celebrate, to embrace our history, to learn of our past, and to be able to move forward in unity knowing that we all have contributed to the greatness of this country.
5:36 am
>> sadly, she was one of the last african-american oral historians here in this community, so her loss is really being felt. an autopsy is scheduled for today. police hope to get some answers. right now they have no leads, no suspects, no motive, but the district attorney said she was so beloved here that people are lining up, alisyn, to try and help solve this case. >> oh, my gosh, let's hope they get a break soon. randi, thank you for that reporting on that horrible story. three months after a devastating fire, cnn's cameras get a rare look at the work that is under way inside the fragile notre dame cathedral. we'll take you inside next. pampers is the first and only diaper
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it has been three months since devastating fire at the cathedral in paris, one of the most famous landmarks, nearly destroyed that landmark. cnn was given the opportunity to tour the work site cleaning up and laying the groundwork for reconstruction. cnn's live in paris with an
5:41 am
inside look. >> the fire was one of those his historical events that everyone knew where they were when it took place. every since people have been curious what's going on inside, and we were, too. here is what we found. tourists still make their way to notre dame in paris. but these days their holiday snapshots might look like they visited a construction site. whether from an overabundance of caution or those overseeing notre dame's rise from the ashes have never dealt with anything quite like this before. the work site is a high security zone. few are let in. given the high concentration of led from the melted roof, all are required to wear special protective jumpsuits. on the roof, a gaping hole where the fire burned most fiercely three months ago. the led and other debris still litter the parts of the vaulted ceiling which did not give way leading to worries the extra weight could still bring down
5:42 am
parts of the building. for the moment, the chief architect is concerned about shoring up flying buttresses which support the walls and vaulted ceiling. huge, precisely engineered wooden braces have been put in place beneath the ancient stone work to prevent it from shifting. no one is talking about rebuilding just yet. in fact, the restoration of notre dame has not yet started. it could be another nine months or more before that gets under way. right now the chief architect says the building is in such fragile condition, it could still possibly collapse. so work proceeds very slowly. debris still remains in the central of cathedral. the engineer on site said studies need to be made when the walls of notre dame are thoroughly dried out to determine how much weight they can bare. still he believes the 2024 deadline is possible.
5:43 am
>> translator: i think by mobilizing everyone and major teams and companies it's absolutely doable. it's doable but wemont waste time. >> the treasures, relics rescued after the fire, are safely stored away, many at the louvre museum. the stained glass windows are gone, taken away for cleaning and protection. the cultural ministry's conservator said the cathedral's paintings survived surprisingly well. >> translator: when we made the inspection we saw the masterpieces were all in tact. there we were, delighted especially compared with the state of the building. >> reporter: so given the state of the building, notre dame's rescue is cautious and slow. the cultural conservator said it's like working on archaeological dig. indeed everything, timber or scorched stone, everything brought out of the cathedral is marked with a grid number to indicate where it was found.
5:44 am
even the conservators aren't sure where it will end up. they are part of a monumental project unlike any before. john and alisyn, three months after the fire, the investigators still aren't completely sure about what caused it. they remain focused on the two original causes they thought, electrical short or cigarette gone astray. >> jim, it is so good to get your progress report from there. so many people have been wondering what the status is so thank you for that insider look. meanwhile democrats chuck schumer and jerry nadler will be at ground zero for the first responders funding bill. they will be calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to follow suit. it extends funding through the year 2090.
5:45 am
it passed overwhelmingly by the marriage in the house. right now 9/11 funding doesn't have enough money to pay out all the current and projected claims. okay. we'll see what happens with mitch mcconnell. quick thinking. a construction worker makes a lifesaving catch, saving a baby and toddler from this burning building. we will hear from him next. really been my style. ver ♪ but i told ya... yo, jer! we gotta get to the show. ♪ i was looking for a sign. get on the bus. ♪ i need something to believe in. ♪ throw my hands up to the ceiling. ♪ oh sky won't you give me a sign. ♪ tell me will the world one day ever be mine? jeep wrangler. freedom to do it all. dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. ♪ my skin... it was embarrassing.
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okay. time now for the good stuff. this is a really good one. there was a dramatic rescue at a burning apartment complex in albuquerque, new mexico. so watch this. oh, my gosh. that is when a construction worker caught a two-month-old baby tossed by a desperate father trapped on the second floor. seconds later he caught a toddler as well. other construction workers --
5:50 am
other workers able to save other people in the burning building. with us two of the hero construction workers, mason and jason. great to have you guys this morning. wow, that is intense. you guys were just working on a building, as i understand it, next door to the burning building. then what happened? how did you know people in the burning building were in trouble? >> good morning. thank you for having us. well, we heard the father scream, like a scream that we had never heard before, desperate cry out for help. as soon as we heard that, we ran over as soon as possible, got there in a matter of seconds. the next thing you know, we're seeing him hanging out two-story window, black smoke coming out of his window with a two-month-old baby in his arm. my immediate reaction was just to go under him and tell him to drop the baby so i can get her out of there and as far as away from the smoke as possible. >> i know that the father was
5:51 am
understandably reluctant to drop his baby, so what was that conversation like when you were telling him, i've got this. >> it really wasn't. of course he was hesitant to drop her, but there was never a doubt in my mind i was going to catch her. caught her and then moments later he brought out his son, 3, 4 years old and we caught him. me and chris caught him and got them away as far as possible. but after that, i believe it's one of those instinct feelings he had trust in us to help him and help his children. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was just tunnel vision, get the job done and get them as far away from the fire as possible. >> oh, my gosh. thank god you guys were there and so capable and ready for this. jermaine, tell us what you did. did you have to go into the building to help rescue some people. >> not necessarily the building that was immediately on fire.
5:52 am
we saw the smoke, we heard the cries. me and my brother, without hesitation, we ran as fast as we could to where the gentleman was hanging out of the window. yeah, i saw my brother ready with his hands underneath the child. like he said, there was no doubt in my mind he was going to catch it. he caught the little girl, handed her over to me so i could secure her and take her away from the smoke. we didn't immediately know that there was a second child. so in the video you can see us kind of walking away and then immediately turn around to go and help the other child. so yeah, after we assisted that family, we continued to go around the entire property banging on doors and getting everybody out of there, you know, trying to secure the area as quickly as possible because it was getting out of control very quickly. >> oh, my gosh. you guys are so brave to do that and such good samaritans to do
5:53 am
that. i've seen these videos before, and i'm afraid i would drop the child if some child was falling from the sky and up to me to catch it. maybe a baby i could catch but a 4-year-old or 3-year-old, were you afraid you might drop the child? >> no. absolutely not. like i was telling my wife, there was never a doubt in my mind i was going to catch the children. i didn't think about dropping them or anything. it's fight or flight, it's tunnel vision. you know what you have to do, and you can't waste any time. in a split second anything can happen so everything had to be right and that was what happened. god worked it out that way. for everything to work out perfectly, a couple seconds late, a minute too late, it could have been a different story we're telling here. it's actually incredible the way things were set up and that we were there at that time because it could have been really bad,
5:54 am
really quick. >> also you guys brought over your ladders. we can see the ladders put up on the wall because you happen to have tools and equipment from your construction job. jermaine, you guys aren't emergency responders. you're construction workers. how do you explain that you guys just knew exactly what to do? >> it worked out perfectly, too, because the boss and owner of the country greg lavoie saw at the same time we did. he had the ladder set up by the time we got the children out so the adults can get out. immediately following right behind us was chris. he took just a couple seconds to call the police, the fire department to get there and he was right there immediately right behind us. can you see him in the video. he was helping me catch the 3, 4-year-old boy. it was just an all in thing, a brotherhood thing. we were all on the same page. not a word was spoken between any of us, and we all knew what to do and how to react it to it.
5:55 am
>> thank goodness you were there. i know the people in that apartment complex are grateful for you and we're grateful for you all swinging into action there. mason fierro, jermaine galleon, thanks for telling the story on "new day." >> thank you very much for having us. again, we just want to give major credit to chris gray, the workers, alfonso, sergio, we couldn't have done this without them. we would be telling a different story if it wasn't for everybody who jumped into action with us. >> you guys are great to share all the credit but you two are heroes as well. thanks so much for all of that. >> thank you. thank you. >> john. >> i needed that this morning. so we're waiting for any republican to express concern, anger, disapproval at the president's racist comments. we will tell you who we haven't heard from next. ♪
5:56 am
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very good monday morning, i'm james sciutto. >> poppy harlow in new york. it's been 24 hours, 24 hours since the president launched racist attacks on four minority women and 24 hours of relative silence from nearly all republican lawmakers. never mind three of these four members of congress the president told to, quote, go back to the total


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