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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 7, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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it's 6:00 in the east, 4:00 a.m. here in el paso, texas. alisyn is off. i'm joined this morning by erica hill who is inday h dayton, ohi. this morning these two cities are cities in pain and also cities in dread. the first we're used to. american downs and communities recovering from the plague of mass shootings. but the second, the dread at least among some here is new. it comes from the anticipation of a visit from the president of the united states in just a few hours. this morning, the president leaves the white house to come meet with first respondings, medical personnel, and victims' families. here protesters plan to gather hours ahead of it. beto o'rourke will be there. he was the target of what some might call destructive bipartisanship overnight from the president. the president read from the
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teleprompter who said now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside. o'rourke calling him a racist wrote back that neither he nor el paso will be silenced. >> well, john, i should point out protests are also planned here in dayton. keep in mind, though, it's not just in dayton and el paso where these shootings have americans on edge. i want to show you the scene from new york's times square just last night. the panic there as the sound of a backfiring motorcycle was mistaken for gunfire. look how quickly people are moving there in this heavily, heavily densely populated area always full of people. scrambling for cover. police at the same time pleading for calm. >> i have to say, it's completely understandable. and at this moment, completely
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american that in times square or at a mall, you're looking over your shoulder anticipating something going wrong. we got a lot of news for you this morning. we're going to begin here in el paso with rosa flores with the latest from this city. the president is coming. and setting a tone even before he arrives. >> definitely so. you know, we've talked to a lot of people here in el paso. there's mixed emotions about the president arriving. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke has been here. he's been very vocal in calling out president trump and his immigration policies, his rhetoric, the words that he has used to describe immigrants. and this of course has caught the attention of the president. let's take a look at his tweet, the president tweeted this out saying, quote, beto phony name to indicate hispanic heritage o'rourke is embarrassed by by last visit to the state of texas
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where i trounced him. and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1% in the democrat primary. should respect the victims and law enforcement and be quiet, exclamation point. beto o'rourke said, quote, 22 people in my hometown are dead after an act of terror inspired by your racism. el paso will not be quiet and neither will i. and i can tell you, john, a lot of people here in el paso, this is the last thing they want. they don't want to be talking about politics. they don't want to be thinking about politics while they're mourning those 22 individuals who died. >> nethey want to hear how something like this will be prevented. we're also hearing for the first time from the family of the alleged killer. >> right. this is the first time we're hearing from them. they have been very quiet, but
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their words are pretty profound. and they separate themselves from the racism and the violence and the hatred. here's what they had to say in a statement that says in part, patrick's actions were influenced and informed by people we do not know and from ideas and believes that we do not accept or condone in any way. he was raised in a family that taught love, kindness, respect, and tolerance rejecting all forms of racism, prejudice, hatred, and violence. we know, of course, that the suspect sitting in jail right now facing capital murder charges and being held without bond. >> all right, rosa. stay on the story for us. let's get the latest headlines from dayton, ohio. erica hill is there. >> and we begin here in dayton with a cnn exclusive. as this city is preparing for the president's visit, we have chilling video of the dayton
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gunman inside the bar about two hours before the massacre. you see him in this video in a t-shirt and shorts. you'll notice no tactical gear, no visible confrontations on this video. no sign of what was about to happen. his ex-girlfriend also coming forward to say he was interested in what makes terrible people do terrible things. including mass shootings. brynn gingras is live with me here in dayton with the latest here. that alone is chilling. >> that video is chilling because this is the first time we're getting a look at his movements before the shooting. and we haven't even had a timeline from police. that's why we're fascinated by this seeing maybe what his thoughts are. but let's walk through the video as viewers are seeing here. this is at a bar here in the really entertainment district two hours before the shooting rampage. we're highlighting there the fact he has a t-shirt and shorts on. he got a wristband to go into
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that bar. he does not have that mask and vest he wore during the shooting. we know from time stamps at this bar that he left alone from this bar an hour later. remember, he entered with his sister and a companion that cnn has identified as charles beard. he left about an hour later. his sister and that companion left 45 minutes after him. now, at that time was only about six or so minutes before the shooting. so that's how close it was. we know from the police chief that betts, this gunman, had some sort of communication with a companion during that time. but they wouldn't elaborate what communication that is. we also know, of course, his sister was a victim in this. and so was that companion who he walked into that bar with, charles betts. he was shot and is in the hospital. but police did not have knowledge to what was going to happen. >> we have a snippet of that timeline, but what was that communication?
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what was said? what brought them outside? >> and there's still so many questions. right? we now know that the fbi is involved because there was some sort of ideology that they are not investigating. we know he was fascinating with mass shootings. and we know that drew griffin spoke to an ex-girlfriend who said that. that he even showed her a picture on one of their first dates. >> it is chilling. i keep going back to the word, but it's hard not to. thank you. john, back to you in el paso. >> all right, erica. thanks very much. joining me now is the chairman of the el paso, texas, republican party. thanks for being with us. i want to show people this t-shirt which is going to go on sale not even today, in a couple of days. all the proceeds from this that says el paso strong are going to go to the el paso community foundation. 100%. and that's symbolic of this community pulling together to work through this. it's so impressive. we want to thank you for
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welcoming us here. my question, you know the president is coming. you know it's controversial. there are people who are welcoming it. there are people to say the least who are not. >> right. >> how will the president's visit help today? >> you know, the president is the president of the united states. not of a certain part. of all the united states, of this city, this state, this country. he normally attends every location where there's a major issue. this is a major issue. him showing up in el paso to show his support, to learn what's going on, hopefully take things back on what needs to be changed, what needs to be worked on, i think it's very important to be here. and it's outstanding he can coming. >> the president on monday read from the teleprompter saying now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside. how is going after beto o'rourke for his name, how is telling beto o'rourke that he trounced him when he came to el paso -- i
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don't even know what that means -- how is that setting destructive partisanship aside? >> great question. when i heard about this issue on saturday, we the local republican party decided without discussions of anybody else, that we did not want to make this a political issue. did not want to do it. within a day, o'rourke, escobar, moody started spewing poison to the community and being negative, making it a political issue in order to enhance their political opportunities. they started the issue and we have tried to stay back. we still don't want to make it a political issue. this is a time for healing. this is a time to address the people. and the families of the people that got hurt and the communities. >> so now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside. shouldn't the president be the first to do that? >> well, once he gets attacked and once he gets it, he has got to do what he's supposed to be doing. and what he's supposed to be doing is being here. that's his responsibility. the people that are being
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unprofessional and inappropriate are the people i just mentioned. they're the ones that are causing the problems in this community and causing people to be upset instead of focusing on helping our people. >> what tone does it set though? what tone does it set that hours before he comes here, he sends out that message? do as i say, not as i do? >> no. i think what it says is you got to focus on the people that are locally and look at how they're reacting. and we've got our politicians that do not represent el paso. escobar and o'rourke do not represent all of el paso. and they're the ones that are causing it and they're the ones that need to stop. if they back off, i'm sure the president would too. >> they were literally both -- escobar is now the representative of el paso and o'rourke was in congress. i want to play something for you. we've heard from latinos all over the country that feel like they're being hunted down and
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attacked. that this targeted them specifically. we know it because we read it. i want you to listen to what tucker carlson said last night on fox news. and i want to have you help me understand it if it's at all possible. listen to what he said about white supremacy. >> white supremacy, that's the problem. this is a hoax. it's a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power. that's exactly what's going on. >> white supremacy is a hoax, he says. and i say this to you as someone who serves in this community with the 22 people who were killed behind us because the killer told us of what they look like and the language they speak. how on earth can you call that a hoax? >> you know, i'm hispanic. okay? i speak spanish. my mother, my grandmother was from mexico. i am hispanic and i claim it and i'm very proud of it, okay? white supremacy, somebody asked
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me yesterday if i agree 100% with the president. i said i don't agree 100% with anybody. i like tucker carlson. white supremacy is not a hoax. but that doesn't mean it's a national very large group. there are pockets of radicals from any type of focus that you want to look at all over this country, all over this world. that doesn't mean that it's something that's going to take over, that's going to dominate. but without a doubt, you've got people antiblack, antiwhite, antihispanic. and you want to be a radical some place? you're going to find a group that will support what you want to believe. >> but diminishing the threat of white supremacy as carlson was doing there doesn't help the people in your community. i know you know that. it's not language you would use. >> this community is 80% hispanic. 80%-plus. we're 83% hispanic and we get along and i mean everybody. i'm a minority. this is a democratic county.
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i'm a republican representative in a democratic county in a republican state. okay? but in spite of that, we don't have -- we have differences of opinion, strong differences of opinion, but we don't have anger and frustration and fighting over our differences of opinion. and so we acknowledge that there are issues here, there are problems here. you know, we can touch a number of issues that we're sensitive about, because you can see the lights behind us. >> that's mexico. >> that's how close we are to mexico. and so we deal with immigration issues, with border patrol issues, human trafficking, child trafficking. we deal with those things all the time and i think in this community, we've been able to control that. but we're the front line for the rest of the united states because what goes on in the rest of the united states is impacted by what occurs in el paso. >> i do want to say, thank you again for having us here in this city. it's been an honor to be here. nice to see you. thanks for coming in.
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>> take care. >> chris cuomo is going to moderate a live town hall. "america under assault: the gun crisis." that's tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. protesters told ohio's governor to do something after the shooting in dayton. now he is. that's next.
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where nine people were killed is clear. do something. those words interrupting ohio governor mike dewine earlier this week at a vigil and yesterday the republican governor announced he is taking action calling on lawmakers to pass a law that would require background checks for all firearm sales. and also proposing a red flag law. >> these orders would be based upon clear and convincing evidence and would allow the removal of firearms from potentially dangerous individuals and get them the mental health treatment that they need. get them whatever help that they need. >> joining us now, dayton city commissioner chris shaw and suzy lane of moms demand action gun sense in america. i know you've said in reaction to this plan that the governor released yesterday, you see it as an important step forward. there's a lot in there you can get behind. >> oh, yeah.
3:20 am
we're going to support this legislation all the way through. hopefully it passes the house and the senate. >> what are your thoughts on possible passing here? it's been tough in ohio, as we know, to have some of these discussions and to get things passed. >> absolutely. i'm very proud of the governor and frankly congressman turner as well. i'm hopeful this passes and this is a good start. i think that there are other things we need to be taking a look at, too, like getting weapons of war off of our streets. >> do you think that could be a next step if, in fact, some of this passes? >> i think it should be. i think that these events continue to happen all over our country and it's because of these high powered weapons that are on our streets. it's a matter of safety for our citizens and also our first responders, our police officers. >> obviously the president is coming here later today. there's been a lot of discussion about the visit here in el paso. what do you want to hear from the president today? what do you think his message should be to the people of dayton and to the american people? >> well, i'm hopeful that this visit has an impact on his
3:21 am
stance on gun safety and gun violence. and i hope that his heart, his mind is changed and he listens to the broad majority of people across the united states that are in favor of doing something just like they said at the vigil. >> do you think the president has a sense as susie said? there is polling, there is broad support in this country when it comes to gun legislative measures. do you think the president is seeing that and also the reaction of the last couple days? do you think that will influence him this morning? >> i certainly hope so. the crowds out here at our vigil had an effect on the governor. i hope that the president also listened to some of that and heard the message loud and clear that we want him and the congress to do something. meaningful gun control laws. >> in terms of congress, we have
3:22 am
some reporting a person close to mitch mcconnell, he's serious to have bipartisan legislation to address gun violence. that there's a conference call on monday. but one thing that did not come up in that conference call was calling the senate back. and part of the reason was he didn't feel there was support from the president for the background check bill. how do you feel about that? >> well, that's good news. and i hope that the president does support that. and they do call the congress back. because that's what people in the united states want. that's what we hear. that politicians need to catch up with the people. >> do you think mitch mcconnell is hearing that message? >> i hope so. i hope so. i know we at moms demand action are working. we're trying to get that action to him. our leaders in kentucky are working on him and putting as much pressure as we can. >> are you feeling some progress? >> yes. i think we are. i mean, this is -- you know, when you see governor dewine and
3:23 am
when you see representative turner change their minds and, you know, and the people are speaking and they're listening. >> what about you, chris? do you feel that your elected officials in washington are listening? >> well, i think some are. i think that there are a great many others that continue to listen to the gun lobby. so i want to make sure that this is the time for action and that we are actually moving things forward. you know, we've seen these kind of bumps up in activity before. and i just want to make sure that now we can actually sign some meaningful legislation into effect that will control these awful weapons of war. >> you said earlier you would actually like to see mitch mcconnell get on that plane with the president. >> get on the plane with the t. come here, have a conversation with folks. i think they should take that opportunity to be in the room with folks to hear them talk about their loved ones. it's kept me up at night. i don't know how others can
3:24 am
sleep at night. they should be in those rooms and hear the cries of the families. >> appreciate you both getting up and being with us this morning. thank you. and coming up in our next hour, i'm going to be speaking with andrew cuomo as he also calls on washington to take action on guns. john? >> all right, erica. mitch mcconnell called himself the grim reaper when it came to stalling bills from the democratic house. now with calls for gun control in his own party growing louder, will he be forced to change course? new developments next. summer's not the time for making bucket lists. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check.
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some republicans are starting to demand action on gun control legislation. but after calling himself the grim reaper of socialism, majority lead mitch mcconnell,
3:29 am
will he call senators back to washington for a vote? lauren fox joins us live from kentucky with more. lauren? >> reporter: well, every time there's one of these tragedies, erica, there are renewed calls to change the country's gun laws. usually those calls fade before any action is taken in washington. but after those twin tragedies over the weekend within 24 hours, there's renewed traction. now democrats are pointing their finger at one man. majority leader mitch mcconnell who they say has the power to make changes to the country's gun laws. he's been the biggest road block to new gun legislation in washington. >> do your job! >> reporter: now the pressure is mounting on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to take action. >> we've discussed this long enough. let's pass this bill now. >> reporter: some democrats demanding mcconnell call back the senate from its five-week recess. to vote on a universal
3:30 am
background check bill. >> we can pass the background check bill and people could fly back and be home for dinner. and the president needs to sign this bill. >> reporter: mcconnell didn't call back the senate, but did open the door to considering legislation to curb gun violence. writing in a statement, quote, senate republicans are prepared to do our part. on a private conference call, sources say mcconnell dispatched three committee chairman including lindsey graham to find a pack ooj of reforms that could garner bipartisan support and be signed into law by the president. proposal ls could limit guns for people with severe mental health issues, or pushing red flag laws to take individuals. scott jennings tells cnn the senate majority leader is ready to act. but time is running out. >> i talked to him this week and he's very, very grief stricken
3:31 am
about what has befallen our country on numerous occasions. and i think he's got the same kinds of questions that most of us have which is what can we actually do that would have a meaningful impact on stopping this in the future? i hear him saying that he wants to find something meaningful, but his job is to run a process that gets to something meaningful and can get to an end product. his job is not to run a process that leads to a bunch of grand skanding and then nothing. >> the republicans' goal is to work during the recess to find consensus on proposals they can tackle when lawmakers return. mcconnell warning, quote, only serious bipartisan efforts will enable us to continue this important work. and produce further legislation that can pass the senate. pass the house and earn the president's signature. partisan theatrics and campaign trail rhetoric will only take us further away from the progress all americans deserve. with the 2020 election closing in and members away from
3:32 am
washington for the next month, the biggest factors in getting anything passed are whether both parties can reach an agreement. and whether president trump gives his blessing. >> we've seen time and again when he lays hands on something, the republican party tends to get on board. >> reporter: and even here in louisville, there was a vigil last night outside majority leader mcconnell's office trying to pressure him to take some action. of course after a long recess. it's unclear precisely what can happen when lawmakers return in september. john? >> all right. lauren fox for us in louisville, thanks very much. coming up in a minute, we're going to speak to an influential republican law make tore see if he's moved at all by some of the space that mcconnell might be creating. but first we have breaking campaign news. we've learned that former vice president joe biden is going to make his strongest speech yet condemning president trump's rhetoric. it's happening in iowa today. biden is expected to say how far
3:33 am
is it from trump saying this is an invasion to the shooter in el paso declaring his attack is a response to the hispanic invasion of texas? not far at all, biden will say. how far is it from the white supremacists and neonazis in charlottesville, trump's very fine people, chanting you will not replace us to the shooter at the tree of life synagogue saying jews were committing genocide to his people? not far at all. in both clear language and in code, this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. when presidents have been tested in the past, they have stepped up. biden says that trump has not and has aligned himself with the darkest forces of this nation. the former vice president's comments come after many of the 2020 candidates spoke out against the president's rhetoric following the mass shootings here in el paso and also in dayton. all right. you heard us tell you about mitch mcconnell, what he might allow when it comes to gun
3:34 am
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in just a few hours, the president will leave the white house, head to dayton, ohio, and then here to el paso. one of the two stops in the wake of the shootings over the last few days. survivors are demanding action in the wake of the tragedies. will congress answer the call after years of inaction? joining us now is republican congressman brian bateman of texas. thank you for being with us. i know the entire texas delegation has come together in spoerpt of t-- support of the pe of el paso. let me read you a statement from congressman mike turner who represents dayton, ohio, who has moved on gun violence legislation. he says i will support legislation that prevents the sale of military style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit, and red flag legislation. the carnage these military style
3:39 am
weapons produce when available to the wrong people are intolerable. three things. military style weapons, some people call assault weapons, a ban on high capacity magazines, and red flag laws. could you support action on any of those three fronts? >> well, number one, what is a military style weapon? we're talking semiautomatic weapons. i think we need to get away from the rhetoric of what weapon or what instrument was used to make these terrible and atrocious murders and get to something that we can -- >> why? >> -- actually pass. >> why? >> let me just say this. let me just tell you this. the chances of getting everything that the democrats want are very, very small. the democrats control the house. the republicans control the senate. there's a republican in the white house. let's do something that we can all do together.
3:40 am
that's what has to happen. the american people are demand ing that congress act. i've got a bill. it's hr-838. i want to make sure i'm going to hold this up. 838. it has 114 cosponsors on it evenly divided between republicans and democrats. it's something that we can use right now. we can get it out of the judiciary committee in the house. there's already a bipartisan counterpart to is in the u.s. senate by a republican and a democrat sponsor there as well. so what needs to happen is we can -- let's work on the things that are possible right now. and this is possible. it's called the taps act. threat assessment prevention and safety act. it takes a process developed by the secret service over three decades ago. it works. it's not in the hands -- it's in
3:41 am
the hands of the federal government, the fbi, the capitol hill police. it keeps us safe with the same thing. it identifies threats. it assesses these threats. and if the threat is deemed serious, then they mitigate. and manage this. it works. >> right. i understand. >> it's used by -- >> i understand. it -- >> lapd uses it. >> we have limited time. we have limited time. it assesses threats and has bipartisan support. and a lot of people look at that and says then what? it doesn't give police, it doesn't give communities the right to go then take the weapons away from someone that it identifies as a threat. it doesn't do what the red flags laws would do. i'm just asking you or not. would you -- just give me a yes or no. okay so is that a no? >> we have a constitution and we have to abide by the
3:42 am
constitution. no, i would support any i law th that does not infringe on the united states. what if someone's ex-wife decides she doesn't like them anymore or somebody's ex-husband, makes a threat, calls the authorities and says this person a is bad threat to society. he's on a path to hurt somebody. so they go out and confiscate all their guns. they can hold them in a cell. and they just -- >> well the law -- hang on. hong on, congressman. lindsey graham, mike turner, rodney davis. you go around the country, they look at the red flag laws and says there is due process. it requires a judge to make a decision based on the information that has been given. and from a federal level, all you're doing is providing federal grants to states to encourage red flag laws. so again, this is something people look at and says there is due process. i understand you are opposing it
3:43 am
right now. i just want to put up on the screen so people see it, the 100 round drum magazine used in dayton, ohio. forgetting whether or not you want to talk about rifles, the guns themselves. >> hey, john. we can have discussions -- >> let me finish. i just want to say. >> we can have meaningful discussions. but right now let's do something that's possible. let's look at the possible right now. >> okay. but no, no, no. it's possible. mike turner, mike turner, mike turner, rodney davis, republicans we've spoken to in the past few days. that's the rifle. but the 100 round drum magazine, they said they'd be willing to ban. so there is bipartisan support for that. not just democratic. why should there be legal protections for people to have 100 drum magazine? >> john, i just told you. i would -- i'm willing to come to the table and discuss these types of things. but right now we have the
3:44 am
opportunity -- there's 114 cosponsors from the democrat party and the republican party both sides of the aisle. this is something that we can do. this is a process that works. >> sure. taps is something you can do. >> listen. if this -- if it's good enough for celebrities in hollywood and the president, then it's good enough for the average person in america to be supported by the same thing. >> the president has expressed support, we understand, for the red flag laws. if the president comes out vocally supporting red flag laws, would you support them? >> listen, red flag laws have a potential. they have a potential to do well. but they also have a potential for abuse. and until we have protections -- let me look at the red flag laws that are being proposed. let's see what protections we have constitutionally. i'm a reasonable guy. let's see what they are. but right now i think the american people deserve the same protection that the president,
3:45 am
celebrities, congress, and diplomats, the people being protected by these -- this process, the behavioral threat assessment that's been used for 30 years. so let's let the american people -- >> i have time for one yes or no question. i have time for one yes or no question. the taps law, again, which is something that a lot of people support. if someone is assessed as a threat, does it give anyone any power, any power to take a weapon away from that individual that your law would deem as a threat? >> there are -- listen. if you threaten the president of the united states, a secret service are going to come out and they're going to question you to see if you are a serious threat. and then they will mitigate that. this is the way this works. >> the answer is no. the answer is no. >> you're puts words in my
3:46 am
mouth, john. i'm sorry. >> it has support, but the answer is no. i'm not putting words in your mouth. >> i want to see constitutional protections put in before i would vote for something and support something that would take away someone's constitutional rights. >> the law which you're supporting which has some bipartisan support does something but it doesn't allow for any weapon to be taken away from somebody deemed as a threat. a threat to his or her self or a threat to others like people in this mall or walmart behind me where 22 people were killed. i'm saying it only goes so far. why not do it all? >> there are states that already have red flag laws, john, okay? and those states, those state governments have deemed that a legal thing. you could take someone's weapons away in those states. but before we had a federal law that would blanket 50 states with red flags, i'd want to see the protections to americans'
3:47 am
constitutional rights before i could support that. >> all right, congressman. >> and a state that has it already, new york or whatever, illinois. then i think that's probably would what happened just as you say. but i would not support something unless i know that the american people are safe from a tyrannical judge or somebody that wants to take away their constitutional rights and infringe upon them. >> all right, congressman. >> we have the opportunity to pass hr-838 now. so let's do that. that's what has to happen. >> congressman, mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham think they have some chance to pass red flags also. sit down, talk with them. thank you for being with us this morning. >> absolutely. in just hours, the president heads to el paso where i am and also in ohio. but not everyone is welcoming the visit. we're going to speak to an organizer of a big protest planned for this afternoon coming up. 7 these folks don't have time to go to the post office
3:48 am
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. much of the east coast from the carolinas up to new england facing the threat of severe storms today. hail, flash flooding, even wind gusts near hurricane strength. let's get to chad myers who is looking at it including the timing of all of this for us. >> it's already hot and 450u78d for us out there. so let's get to it. here comes the rain. noon, 2:00, 3:00 right here through new york state into new england all the way down even to d.c. some of these storms will contain hail. many of them will contain wind. like lie not much of a chance of a tornado today but that chance is not zero with this weather. the weather will spread itself out. it's the heat, humidity, and cold front all getting together for the cold front. 1011 in dallas. that does not change for the next couple days.
3:53 am
hot weather all the way through the week for the southwest. right where you are, john, 101 today. >> thank you very much. how is the world responding to the violence they see here in the united states? an eye opening look at why two countries put a travel alert in place for the united states. that's next. ♪ sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess.
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as america grapples with the mass shootings here in dayton and in el paso, some countries are issuing travel warnings for those planning to visit the u.s. nick paton walsh explains. >> the grief here is local. and agonizing. >> not our children! please don't! not one more. >> reporter: for the anger and bewilderment has turned to
3:58 am
global. the u.s. has been here many times before. and so has the rest of the world watching on. bewildered by the debate about gun control and the u.s. paralyzed by politics. elsewhere in their moments of violent tragedy, the answer seemed clear. >> australia changed their laws. new zealand changed its laws. to be honest with you, i do not understand the united states. >> reporter: other leaders more conventional in their condolences and hearts go out to the victims and all those affected by the appalling acts of violence. angela merkel added families and entire cities have been plunged into mourning and suffering by these acts of violence and hate. but the mexican president went a step further. it's time for american leaders to take action, he said.
3:59 am
>> translator: the u.s. needs to control the sale of weapons. it is not our intention to meddle in the internal matters of any country, but, yes, the matter shower reviewed. >> reporter: the suspected el paso shooter was a 21-year-old fueled by hatred of immigrants and hispanics. it prompted some latin-american companies to update their travel warnings. venezuela is urging citizens to postpone their plans or exercise caution. uruguay is warning travelers of the growing violence in the u.s. the reality is this is an american malaise with only american solutions. and which the rest of the world simply looks on in disbelief. now, those two new travel warnings, venezuela in a political movement with maduro and the u.s. government. tightening up for americans
4:00 am
traveling to that south american country. i've got to tell you from the outside of the united states, there is a disconnect to how americans don't seem able to address politically this key issue. americans you speak to feel the same about the european view of their right to bare arms. they say it's part of life. but really so much shock, i think, felt globally over the past week. john? >> nick paton walsh, there's a cognitive dissonance. how could this possibly happen is what we hear from around the world. thank you very much. protests and the president coming here to el paso, also dayton, ohio, in a few hours. "new day" continues right now. president trump to head to ohio and texas. many saying he's not welcome. >> the president is the president. he wants to talk about solutions. >> this is an invasion. when you see these caravans starting out with 20,000 people, that's an invasion.


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