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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNNW  August 7, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a good morning to you this wednesday. i'm jim sciutto in dayton, ohio. p poppy harlow is off today. just a few yards behind me here, nine people lost their lives in the early morning hours of sunday morning. another mass shooting in america. minutes away from president trump's arrival here in dayton, he's going to meet with first responders. he'll meet with victims' families. then he'll fly later to el paso. together, 31 people were killed in these two american communities over the weekend, just 12 hours apart. now the president plays the important role or will attempt to of consoler in chief.
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but many in these communities, we've been speaking to them these last few days, they're skeptical. they're questioning if he can pull it off given past rhetoric towards immigrants, divisive rhetoric. they're concerned he will add to those divisions, not heal them. democratic presidential candidate joe biden will make his strongest comments yet on president trump and white nationalism. a line from biden's planned speech in iowa today goes like this. we're living through a rare moment in this nation's history where our president isn't up to that moment, where our president lacks the moral authority to lead or our president has more in common with george wallace than george washington. of course, george wallace a racist politician in the '60s and '70s in this country. that kind of criticism has the president pushing back. here's what he said moments ago on leaving the white house. >> my critics are political people. they're trying to make points. in many cases, they're running for president and they're very
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low in the polls. a couple of them in particular very low in the polls. >> well, fact check there. of course, one thing uniting the democratic candidates for president, those very high in the polls, is criticism of this president's handling of these divisions. joining me now is kaitlin collins. so the president enters difficult territory here, both here in dayton and in el paso. i've been speaking to people in both communities. they don't believe, many don't believe he's up top the task. >> that's the question. i've been reporting on the president since day one when he took office. he has a habit of when something like this happens, where he does want to match the occasion, he does want to come off as this comforter in chief. but that's something his critics and even own allies and aides have said he's fallen short of time and time again today. he's going to try to do that today. he's expressed that privately behind the scenes, building up to these trips. the question is whether or not what the president says today
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matches what he says a week from now. >> or in a tweet. >> he addressed the nation, talk abouting what to do in the aftermath of this shooting. then on the south lawn of the white house, he expressed the support for background checks. now, privately, we've heard the president has been talking about that since saturday. the question is whether or not that's something he stands by after he speaks to some of his republican allies who come from districts where maybe there's a lot of support for not to have expanded background checks or when he speaks with his friends at the nra who endorsed him in the last election, who the president has been close with, had them at the white house. and we've seen this in the past after the parkland shooting where the president hosted some of the victims, first responders at the white house, came out in support of more restrictive gun measures, only to later back off of those stances. that's what we'll be watching in light of this. of course, also the politics of this visit where you saw the president talking there. he's spoke within the mayor of dayton. he said she was nice during the phone call, then came out and
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criticized her afterward. she also thought those remarks fell way short of what the president should be saying. they're going to be meeting with the president gets here to dayton. so whether or not that turns into anything when they're meeting in person is another question. but white house officials are dismissing that, just saying it's just politics and the president, if he didn't come, would also be criticized. >> central to the president east calculation on any decision, whether it be background checks or red flags, it will be his own political fortunes as well with 2020 coming. it's difficult to imagine him continuing that support. kaitlan collins, great to have you covering the white house. as president trump preparing to pay tribute to the victims in dayton and el paso, he is telling el paso native and presidential candidate beto o'rourke to shut up on twitter. late last night, trump tweeted that the outspoken former texas congressman from el paso should, quote, respect the victims and law enforcement and be quiet,
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exclamation point. o'rourke himself responded by saying, quote, 22 people in my hometown are dead after an act of terror inspired by your racism. el paso will not be quiet and neither will i. cnn correspondent rosa flores is live in el paso this morning just yards away from that other mass crime scene at the walmart there. as you know, president trump is expected to face protests during his visits there today. you've been speaking to people. what are they telling you about this visit? >> you know, there are mixed emotions, jim. i just talked to a gentleman. his name is ralph, 75 years of age, a vietnam veteran. his eyes were bloodshot. he was very emotional about president trump's visit. he said that he's tired of all of the massacres that are happening in this country and that he's been in a war zone and that something can be done to stop those here in the u.s.
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and that president trump can stay in the white house today and do something about it by doing something about gun control. i also talked to another woman, also an el paso native. her name is marlene. she has very mixed emotions about the president's visit. take a listen. >> very hard for me because, you know, he's a great businessman. he's shrewd, whatever you want to call him. he's excellent at that. but what comes out of his mouth has -- i'm sorry, has created all of this. i've never, in all the years i've been alive, see a president do something like this to us ever. >> you know, jim, what i keep on hearing is that people here in el paso can't do anything about president trump's visit. he's going to be visiting today, but i keep on hearing over and over that people hope that he
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brings a message of hope and that he brings some compassion and some love here to el paso. jim? >> rosa flores on the ground there in el paso. for more on what needs to be done now to make a difference in the wake of these tragedies, what will be different, will anything be different? we know you are impatient for news of that at home. let's bring in ohio congressman and democratic presidential candidate tim ryan. we appreciate you taking the time this morning. >> thanks, jim. >> congressman, you're of course from ohio. this was an act of violence on the streets of an ohio community here. the president's on his way here. do you believe that's a mistake? >> i do. i think he's incapable of showing the level of emotion that's going to be needed to try to heal the country. if there was any doubt about that, all you have to do is look
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at his tweet. the mature, adult response is, look, i understand why congressman o'rourke is upset, and i'm going to try to do better and we got to heal this country and i hope i can meet with him when i get to el paso and we can put this behind us. but instead, he torches the joint, throws jet fuel on the fires, not the least bit remorseful, is incapable of self-reflection, has zero self-awareness, and that is not a good quality in a leader. so that speech he gave the other day about unity went right out the window minutes later. >> i spent time in el paso, now i'm here in dayton. one commonality is folks are frustrated by the lack of change, the lack of real action in the wake of shootings like this. it was notable yesterday when your colleague across the aisle, congressman mike turner, who represents dayton, he came out in support of a ban on weapons
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of war, far ahead of virtually all of his republican colleagues here. i wonder -- you've been in congress a long time. you've seen a lot of halts efforts, efforts that go nowhere to make a change. do you see this moment as being different in any way? do you see republicans joining democrats in taking real action this time? >> i'm going to do everything in my power to make that possible. i'm very proud of mike turner. i'm proud of what mike dewine put out yesterday as governor with a comprehensive list of proposals, including background checks, including increased penalties for illegal firearm sales. this is the kind of leadership that we need. i'm glad it's coming from ohio. i'm sorry it took dayton, but i will tell you this, jim. tomorrow i am leading a caravan in my official capacity as a congressman, working with moms demand action, to start in
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youngstown, go to akron, columbus, dayton, and cincinnati and pick people up along the way. we're going to louisville, kentucky. we're going to make sure mitch mcconnell knows there are two pieces of legislation sitting on his desk that he needs to bring up for a vote to actually get some action. this is not a democratic or republican thing. this is an american thing. this is every good-hearted american who's ready to say enough is enough. and we're going to bring a contingent from ohio down to let senator mcconnell know we're very, very serious about what's happening here. >> senator mcconnell says he won't move until the president tells him to, in effect. we have heard from our reporters on the hill that republicans privately, of course, not publicly, but many republicans privately say that if the president gets behind measures whether it be red flag laws, bans on high-capacity magazines, universal background checks, if the president does, then there's the possibility of movement. have you heard anything from this president to indicate to
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you that he will get behind substantial measures, or do you think he will do what he did after parkland, for instance, which is make a public statement then back off? >> yeah, i mean, he's going to show up, go to these events today in texas and ohio, and then he's going to slow walk this thing. mitch mcconnell is going to do what he's done every damn time. he just follows the president. what he's got to recognize is he is in a co-equal branch of government. these republican senators need to go off and grab the constitution, dust it off, and read article 1, which creates the congress. article 2 creates the presidency. the first article of the constitution says we are governed by the people. and mitch mcconnell better understand that. we're going to apply as much pressure as humanly possible. jim, i can't tell you how sick we are about this. this is happening in too many communities. it's happening in dayton and el paso and all of this other stuff, and we're sitting around here waiting for mitch mcconnell
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to get his marching orders from donald trump, who's causing white nationalist its s to go a shooting people of color in the united states. i mean, give me a break. come on, mitch mcconnell. where are your guts? you're supposed to be from kentucky. everybody i know from kentucky got guts, okay? so gdo something because the american people are fed up with you. we're fed up with you stonewalling everything. people are dying on the streets just a couple hours from your house. and you're sitting there doing nothing. call the senate back into session. get people moving. you can maybe move some republicans on this because of the tragedies. and you're going to do nothing and we're going to be sitting here again a few weeks, a few mo months from now holding parents in our arms that are crying saying, why did this happen again in the united states? enough, mitch mcconnell. get off your ass and get something done. we're fed up, jim. i'm telling you, you don't have to spend much time.
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you're there right now. i think i know where your camera is. right behind you there's bullet holes in a bar. we walked through there the other day. the bouncer gave us a tour. there were people stacked up in the back of that bar that that kid walked up to. if he'd have got in there, if those cops weren't standing close by to shoot him, if he'd have got in there, we would have lost hundreds of people. and mitch mcconnell is doing nothing. this is unacceptable. trump is a dereliction of duty, completely, and he's going to try to distract us. i'm here to say ohioans aren't forgetting. we're going to see mitch mcconnell tomorrow. and we're inviting every surrounding state to get a caravan and meet us in louisville, kentucky, tomorrow night. details to follow. >> listen, i hear your emotion. i hear your frustration. i know you're not alone because i've heard it from folks here in dayton. i've heard it in el paso. sadly, i've heard it in a dozen other places where i've covered shootings like this before.
7:14 am
the question is, can that move the immovable objects of the senate majority leader, of republicans who are concerned about getting primaried because they don't have a perfect score from the nra? it's the fundamental question. is this time different? do you see anything different this time that's going to make a real change? >> i think there's an accumulation of emotion. i know there is with me. i get moved from tears to outrage. and i think that there are moderate republicans, sensible independents in places like tennessee, in places like ohio, in places like indiana. maybe we can get -- and west virginia. maybe we can get a few republicans that will put their country and these families before their own political interests. go read "profiles in courage." do whatever you have to do. i was in congress with a lot of members, jim, who lost their seats over voting for the affordable care act. you know what, whether you like
7:15 am
the affordable care act or not, they voted and they knew they were probably going to lose their seat. but they did it anyway. and what i'm saying is, isn't it worth it? what are you going to tell your kids? yeah, i was in congress. i got an extra term out of it because i didn't do anything on gun control. bull shit. do something. what are we here for? this is a citizens' legislature. why are you in congress? why are you in congress? you have the opportunity to actually save lives. if you lose your seat, you're going to go make a million dollars in the private sector anyway. so what do you care? go make a million dollars, go be with your kids, go buy a beach house. but do something before you leave, like pass comprehensive background checks and close the charleston loophole and let's try to get these weapons of war off the street. you could walk out of the united states senate with your head held high that you actually accomplished something as opposed to pad your pension. >> yeah. listen, you're issuing a
7:16 am
challenge to sitting lawmakers. we heard the former republican governor of ohio, john kasich, just a short time ago on our air issue the same challenge. will lawmakers on the hill take up that challenge? we've seen them fail before. we're going to be watching. congressman tim ryan, we appreciate you joining the broadcast this morning. >> thanks, jim. >> coming up this hour, we're going to see what republicans say about what needs to be done in the wake of these tragedies. ohio state senator joins me live next. we'll be asking her those questions. plus, president trump lands here in dayton just a few minutes from now. some are welcoming his visit here. others are not certain that a trip to dayton now will help the community heal. they got nine funerals to put on here. and democratic presidential candidate cory booker is in charleston, south carolina, today. he's taking on president trump directly, saying, in his words, you reap what you sow. rouge signature sunset matte lip stain
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that's ok! hey, guys! hi mrs. patterson... wrinkles send the wrong message. sorry. help prevent them before they start with new downy wrinkleguard. that's better. so you won't get caught with wrinkles again. the message here in dayton, ohio, where nine people were killed just across the street from us here in the early mornings of sunday is clear. do something. those words interrupting ohio
7:22 am
governor mike dewine earlier this week at a vigil. yesterday, the republican governor announced, perhaps in reaction, he's taking action, calling on lawmakers in this state to pass a law to require background checks for all firearm sales, also proposing what's known as a red flag law. joining me now is peggy lehner, a republican state senator from ohio. thanks for taking the time this morning. >> thanks, jim, for having me. >> i know your community is reeling from this. i see it in the faces, i hear it in the words of folks i've met here but also in el paso in days before. the president's coming here. you're aware that some people aren't welcoming him. they say his rhetoric has hurt, not helped, the issue in the past. what do you say to those people? >> well, you know, i don't think it's the time to debate the sincerity of the president. frankly, i'm worried that in the middle of this crisis where we have the first opportunity we've had in a long time to pass significant gun legislation,
7:23 am
that the conversation shifts to whether or not trump is a racist. frankly -- >> why is that relevant, though -- >> i'm not saying it's not relevant. i think, though, that i hear it drowning out the other debate about gun action on gun safety now. we need to do it now. and people are so polarized. if we end up putting all the anti-trump people on one side and all the pro-trump people on another side, we're not going to debate the issue on its merits. we're going to debate it on its politics. and that concerns me. >> do you see this as -- it's a question we've asked so many times, i can't even count. is this time different? will there be action now? we've been here before. it was a significant moment to have a republican governor of ohio say, okay, universal background checks, red flag laws. >> awesome. >> do you believe that there's the political muscle among republicans as well to get this done now? >> i hope there is. we have to keep in mind that what the governor did yesterday is a set of proposals.
7:24 am
17 proposals. we have to make those actual laws. and that's going to be a heavy lift, honestly. >> absolutely. >> there's been very little action on gun safety legislation in the ohio legislature up to now. will this change it? i'd like to think so. i think every time something like this happens, we hope and pray that this is the turning point, and somehow the next week we're right back in a different city doing the same thing. >> you know, on that issue, the presidenti president could make an immediate difference. republicans on capitol hill say privately, listen, we can get behind some of this stuff, including universal background checks, if the president leads. in the past after parkland, the president said he might then backed off. what do you say to the president as he comes here? >> well, my prayer for this visit is that he comes here and he's moved by what he sees. i don't know if he's coming down here or not, but you can't walk these streets without going, we have to do something.
7:25 am
this is where that chant is coming from. so absolutely, if he leaves and goes back to washington and says to mitch mcconnell, have the hearings now, get this passed, it'll happen. so it is in his hands to a great degree, at least from the background checks in washington. what happens at the state level, it's going to take the leadership of people like governor dewine -- thank god for mike dewine -- leadership of people like congressman turner, who's come out. he saw it. he was moved. >> let's see if we have that leadership, and leadership like your own. if you're listening at home, mr. president and other republicans, you heard it. a challenge issued here by a republican lawmaker whose community was affected by this kind of violence. peggy lehner, thank you for your time. let's keep up the conversation. >> thank you. now let's go to wall street. it is another rough day for
7:26 am
stocks there. down nearly 400 points. it was down a bit more earlier. cnn business correspondent alis alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. we've seen this in the last several days. is this about concerns about an expanding trade war with china? >> that's exactly what this is about, jim. we are seeing stocks tumble because of new signs of anxiety that the trade war could lim literally cause a recession. now that the reality has set in that there's no end in sight for this trade war, it's set off a chain of events. we're seeing bond yields collapse and gold prices are soaring. what's happening is investors are rushing to buy gold and government bonds because they're considered safer investments than stocks. gold prices are at their highest level in more than six years. u.s. treasury bonds, which move opposite to prices, they actually plummeted to levels that we haven't seen since just before president trump was elected in 2016. this is sparked by central
7:27 am
bankers around the world slashing interest rates to offset the effects from the lingering trade war. jim? >> alison kosik, we know you're going to stay on top of it. there it is, down more than 400 points. jittery markets, to say the least. still this hour, presidential hopeful senator cory booker is in charleston, south carolina, speaking out on gun violence and the rise of white nationalism in this country. he's at a church that was the scene of an horrific act of racial hatred. it matters there. we're going to listen to him. that's coming up. can my side be firm?
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welcome back. we're live in dayton, ohio. candidate cory booker is in charleston, south carolina, wrapping up remarks on gun violence and the rising tide of hatred and white nationalism in the u.s. where did he speak? he spoke at the emanuel church where dylann roof shot and killed nine people back in 2015 during a prayer service. booker said these events do not happen in a vacuum. he cited the bible about reaping what you sow. >> it was sowed by those who spoke the same words the el paso murderer did, warning of an invasion. it was sowed by those who spoke
7:33 am
of an infestation of disgusting cities, rats, and rodents, talking about majority/minority communities. it was sowed by those who have drawn an equivalent between neo-nazis and those who protest that. >> meanwhile, president trump and the first lady should be landing in ohio any minute. he's expected to face some criticism, even protests over his visit. let's speak now to jackie kucinich and cnn senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. the president will hand in a few moments. this is a community reeling. i've heard it from so many people. you heard it a moment ago. that was a republican state senator issuing a challenge to the president to do something now on gun control. nia, as these communities prepare for this visit, demanding action, do you see
7:34 am
this president as one who's going to deliver action? >> i think in many ways, folks want the president to deliver on two things. one is gun control and the other is white supremacy. the other has to do with his own rhetoric. it was really interesting to see that state senator there. she didn't really want to talk about the white supremacy part of it, right. she really wanted to focus on gun control. it's going to be interesting to see if that's a move that other republicans try to make. as good as it is, that there could be movement on gun control, there is this other problem with white supremacy, which we saw in el paso, saw obviously with cory booker there speaking from that church. built in 1860, visited in 2015 by this horrific crime, a white supremacist shooting nine african-americans during a prayer meeting. so this is going to be a fascinating dynamic, to see what comes out of this. the president speaking very boldly, saying he wants to move
7:35 am
people in terms of background checks. he knows that republicans have been skeptical of implementing universal background checks. certainly the nra is too. what is the president going to do about white supremacy? people are afraid. black people are afraid. immigrants are afraid. brown people are afraid. and you know why they're afraid? because it seems as if this president gives cover to white supremacists, that he echoes white supremacists' language. we saw that in the manifesto. what is he going to do about it? what are republicans going to do about it? listen, that woman, the state senator there, she can dismiss it all she wants. she can say, oh, it's not time to talk about the president and whether or not he's a racist. well, guess what, black people and brown people can't do that because they get up every day in black and brown bodies and they feel targeted. they're just as american as that woman there who doesn't really, at this point, want to hear their voices. at some point, she's going to have to because god knows the terror visited in el paso, they are feeling this pain, and they
7:36 am
feel targeted down in el paso along with many other black and brown people in this country. >> they do. i spoke to parents down there whose children told them they don't want to go outside. they're scared to go to school now, fearing they'll be the next target of violence like this. jackie kucinich, you know washington well. tell me about the swarming politics here. you have some republicans coming out saying they want to take action on something like a red flag law, perhaps background checks. you heard the president echo some of that but also set up for failure, in effect saying there's not much appetite for this or that. are the politics fundamentally changed in any way today? >> it's hard to say, jim. we did see a shift in part after the massacre in parkland, florida. you saw governor scott -- it didn't even take a month for him to sign new legislation in florida. the time lag here, the fact that congress is in recession, is problematic because momentum
7:37 am
really does play a role in bills like this. but you have seen some members of congress shift. you saw mike turner, the congressman from right there where you are in dayton, issue his release yesterday, coming out in favor of banning -- of limiting civilian access to certain kinds of what he called military-style weapons. so while you're seeing that sort of happen individually, it doesn't seem to be a ground swell. but the president does play an outrised role here, more so than maybe some other presidents. if he gives cover to some of these republican lawmakers saying clearly what he wants to see happen, i do wonder if you will see more people be amenable to making some real changes to these laws. but it would take the president to actually be consistent. we've seen him shift within a day on certain legislation. remember in february, late february right after the parkland shootings, he said he was for a whole slew of measures
7:38 am
and didn't deliver. >> yeah, listen, the president is looking at this through a pli political lens for 2020. if he hears it's going to lose him support among his base, we have to surmise he's unlikely to take action that he would perceive as too far. we'll see. jackie, nia, thanks very much. coming up, still this hour on cnn, fareed zakaria investigates the deep reasons why white supremacy is showing its face today. the cnn special report "state of hate," the explosion of white supremacy, airs friday night at 10:00 eastern time only on cnn. it's a deeply insightful study. up next, the former governor of this state, republican john kasich kasich, joins me live. we're going to discuss what the president can do. is there something he can do to help heal this community? stay with us. for your heart...
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here we are in dayton, ohio, outside another american crime scene. nine people died behind us there early morning hours of sunday. any moment now, air force one will land here in dayton. the president and first lady will meet with first responders. remember, they came very quickly here. they got to this shooter in less than a minute. they'll also meet with victims' families. i want to bring back former ohio governor john kasich. the president left a short time ago. he was asked about what action he might support now. he raised red flags again. but he also said possibly background checks, though he seemed to put the onus on congress. is that right? >> well, to me, jim, he needs to be in the middle of this. this is not you just let the congress do their thing. he gets in the middle of everything. he ought to be in the middle of
7:44 am
this. he ought to say, look, these teams can sit down and figure out what they can agree to and what they can pass quickly. he really ought to be a part of that. but that's good progress for him to talk about get rid of the gun show loophole, you know, the maximum background checks. he says there's no support as we've discussed for assault weapons, but that's coming. let's get red flags done. let's get background checks done. they can we can look at all these different issues. for me, i think assault weapons, i voted to ban them in 1994. there were ways around it by the manufacturers, but there may be ways to do some of this. the public wants it. >> people forget it was the '94 big crime bill. that was part of the '94 crime bill. it's kaitlan collins, my colleague at the white house, it's her reporting that the president has met in the last few days with the nra. you've dealt with the nra in your years in congress, also as governor here. what do you believe they're
7:45 am
telling him -- staff, i should say. what do you believe the nra is telling the white house? >> slow down. >> do you think they're nervous? >> sure, they are. sometimes we focus on the the nra as being the organization that's so powerful. you know what's powerful? our gun own who are live in krr district. the nra is down in washington. they send money and all that. they help people to connect out in the community. the nra fought me when i ran for governor the first time. they did everything they could to defeat me. we were able to win, overcome them. what matters more than just that nra are the people who live in your neighborhood and what their feelings are. you're going to have some that are not going to support anything. but i think the vast majority of gun owners will say, you know what, that's reasonable. we should give politicians courage. >> it's in the polling. a vast majority of republican voters, they support universal background checks. majorities of republican voters support bans on high-capacity magazines. the guy that came here, he had 70 rounds.
7:46 am
because the cops got to him in 40 seconds -- >> and more ammo in his bag. >> he could have killed a lot more had the cops not been there. why is it that if republican voters support these measures that republican lawmakers listen more to the nra than, as you say, gun owners in their district? >> because, jim, they're loud. politicians don't want trouble. what has traditionally happened is gun owners who oppose any change are always there. they're constantly vigilant, and they're very loud. those people who support action on guns, they're kind of there. they go about their lives, and they're not as focused. >> by they're not just loud. they're powerful. they can end a political career. >> see, i don't believe that. i lost a rating after i supported the crime bill in '94, which by the way binds me, which is absurd. they oppose me, gave me bad grades. when i ran for governor, they did everything they could to defeat me and they didn't win. >> well, you're unusual. a lot of folks are scared if
7:47 am
they lose that rating, they're out. >> i think they're too afraid. frankly, jim, look, you do stories, you travel, you have your opinions on things. you express them. when you go home at night, look in the mirror, you feel good. that's what politicians have to realize. don't cater to one group or another. just dot right thing. i believe good policy is good politics. i was elected nine times to the congress. i was elected governor and re-elected. i was elected to the state legislature. i was unknown. what does that say? that says don't pay attention to all the noise. figure out what's right because you'll feel good about yourself. this is really interesting. you'll win. you will win if you are a leader. that's what we need, more leadership. >> well, we'll see. >> does that make sense? >> it makes sense to me. i imagine it makes sense to a lot of people at home. washington can be in its own planet, its own orbit. >> absolutely. >> let's hope we see change. i've talked to too many people here and el paso who have had enough. i've seen too many tears in people's eyes.
7:48 am
governor, good to have you on. thanks very much. >> great job. week. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. is there enough momentum to change gun laws right now? that's the essential question. i'm going to ask my next guest as well. he's been pushing for new gun laws here in ohio for years. what's his experience? we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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welcome back. one by one, a small number but a growing number of republican lawmakers are demanding action on gun reform legislation. sources tell cnn the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sent three committee chairmen to
7:53 am
find a package of reforms that could get bipartisan support and be signed into law by the president. those are two difficult things. remember that. proposalsi proposals could include limiting guns for people with severe mental health issues. these are known as red flag laws. as well as studying the impact of violent video games. red flag laws at the top of the list. a short time ago, the president said he's at least open to the possibility of background checks. of course, that's something the president said before and not followed through on. i want to speak now to dennis willard, the spokesman for a citizens group here in ohio called ohioans for gun safety. thanks so much for coming. you've been fighting this issue here for a long time. you know when hopes get raised and dashed. tell me about this moment, particularly in ohio. is it a different moment, and do you see the potential for real action here in the wake of these shootings? >> i think governor mike dewine's announcement yesterday that he supports background checks is a major step forward for us. but we have a very conservative
7:54 am
pro gun legislature. so we're going to have to go to the people, collect signatures. if the legislature doesn't act, we have direct democracy here in ohio. we'll go directly to the vote. >> a referendum you mean. >> we'll do a referendum. that's what our group of ohioans for gun safety are doing. we're collecting signatures. we'll collect 133,000 signatures this year. the legislature will have four months to act on our proposal. if they do nothing, we collect an additional 133,000 signatures and right to the voters. >> i should note for our viewers, this is air force one landing here in dayton, ohio, right now taxiing down the runway. this is the president visiting when he comes. if he gives comments, we'll give you those live. let me ask you, as the president arrives here, does that help or hurt the cause of gun safety? >> i really think that the president has a bully pulpit, but unfortunately, he's been using it to bully the underdog, the working person. i think that it would be wonderful if he would use the bully pulpit for good. as you mentioned earlier, cory
7:55 am
booker said you reap what you sow. he's been sowing hate. what we're going to do is be positive, go directly to the voters, and get them to sign these petitions and force the legislature either to act or the voters will enact this law themselves. >> as you noted, big conservative majorities in both houses here. they won't even hold hearings on some of these things. sounds a little bit like mitch mcconnell in the senate. denniswell associate's degr dennis willard, we appreciate your time. tonight on cnn, chris cuomo will moderate a live cnn town hall at 9:00 eastern time here on cnn. as we noted, the president has just landed in dayton, ohio. our special coverage from dayton continues in just a moment. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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hello, everyone. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the
8:00 am
world. i'm kate bolduan. our eyes are on dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, as families plan 31 funerals for the lives lost in those horrific mass shootings over the weekend. as you see on your screen, president trump is on the ground, just landing in dayton, ohio. he's going to be in both of these grief-stricken communities today. the white house saying that he's there to grieve with families, thank first responders, but he's also being met by protest, resistance to his visits. president trump is just now arriving in dayton, ohio. we will be following his movements throughout the morning. and that is where my colleague jim sciutto is. he'll be joining us throughout the next two hours for all of this. jim, thank you so much for being there. >> well, kate, listen, it's good to be here. i'll tell you, what you feel in this community is pain and


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