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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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top of the hour on a busy friday, i'm in for brooke today. hurricane dorian is gaining power. but taking its time churning up the atlanta irk. just in the last hour, the storm strengthened to a category 3 hurricane. and will get stronger until it makes landfall in florida. where that will happen and where it goes from there is nen's guess. the governor reports statewide gas shortages. home depot is sending in
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truckloads of much needed equipment and supplies. and president trump who cancelled his trip to poland to more th monitor this storm. he is affected too as he owns more than a dozen properties. let's take a look at what we have in terms of winds. what are my impacts going to be. we've been saying all of florida for a reason. this is a long at tropical storm force winds as the storm makes it way off to the north and west. some of the areas on the east coast. they will already start to see tropical storm winds gust as early as sunday morning. then it continues to spread out ward and inland making it as far west as places like tampa or ft. myers. neither one of them will get a land fall, but they're going to have the impacts of tropical
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storm wind gusts. now, let's move on to hurricane wind gusts. this is what we're talking about here. this would be the land fall point. probably monday late afternoon is when we'll start to see the beginnings of some of those hurricane winds along the east coast. as the storm continues to push inland making land fall before it slides off to the north. look at this, even places further inland like orlando, lakeland florida still looking at the potential to have hurnl winds in those areas. even though neither one of them are on the coast. then the storm continues to push off to the north taking with it the tropical storm and hurricane wind gusts to places like jacksonville, daytona beach and elsewhere. this is going to be one of those key things. the ultimate indicator is going to be, where does it make landfall. that's what we're going to have to focus on over the next couple days. winds right now, that's a major hurricane. forward movement northwest at just about 10 miles per hour.
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the track is still favoring a land fall point likely in the southern half of florida. that could change as well as the land fall time which right now is looking at late monday night into early tuesday morning. there's going to be a lot of factors as to what those answers to those questions will be. the when and the where. we still anticipate even more strengthening on top of what we had. we anticipate this getting up to a category four storm. it's expected to be a category 4 as it crosses the bahamas and approaches florida as we go into next week. the other question will be when does it start to turn north? this will be a huge question for folks along the west coast of florida as well as the panhan e panhandle. that will have big impacts as to what kind of impacts they get from this storm or do they get nothing on the panhandle? >> just to recap and correct me if i misinterpreted anything.
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it sounds like all of florida will feel the effects. i'm curious, how long this storm will be affecting those people? >> yeah, because the models vary on that. the european model wants to make that sharp turn to the north much quicker which allows it to exit florida much faster. the american model is a little different, it wants to take it further to the west, bringing more impacts to tampa and st. petersburg, also a slower movement, allowing more rain to be dumped over a longer period of time in florida. there's a lot of questions there, the fact remains the potential is still there, you need to plan accordingly. >> no matter where you are in florida, be prepared. thank you very much for that important information. people are stocking up on krcritical supplies, food, wate gas. lines are extremely long at gas stations. some have run out of fuel and
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water. layla santiago is in north miami at a very busy costco where people are loading up. >> the manager tells me they've seen a 60% increase in foot traffic. you can see folks are coming out. this woman is a good example. she has her cart filled with water, that's what we've been seeing for the last few hours we've been here. people loading up on water, food, anything that they believe they may need should power go out, should the resources be low if hurricane dorian takes a toll here. so we've been talking to people as they've been coming out. one of the things that everyone seems to mention over and over, they're saying, we remember irma. we remember what it was like when that happened. i'm going to ask this woman -- ma'am, excuse me. i see you have water here. what is your greatest fear for the next few days? >> i mean, what are you preparing for?
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>> i don't know what i have to say, but. >> you're clearly preparing. so that's a good thing. thank you so much. >> i hope so. i hope so. >> we're hoping this thing turns around. thank you so much, please be safe out there. here's another gentleman that looks to be preparing. it looks like you're getting ready for dorian, what all did you pick up? >> a few thins for my kids. >> what's your biggest concern? what are you worried about here? >> for now, praying to god to protect us. >> you can see, every single cart that comes out has water, water and basics here, as folks are preparing for hurricane dorian. i'm going to ask this woman as well. i see you're coming out with water, you're ready for the storm? >> yes. >> and what else have you picked up here? you have some food? >> whatever i need for the babies. >> whatever you need for the babies? how many days do you think you're prepared for? >> i don't know.
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>> i don't know. >> i don't think it's going to be that bad. >> she's hoping it's not going to be that bad. local officials have asked people to be prepared for at least seven days. sir, you're prepared as well. you have some water eggs, organic quinoa. tell me what you're feeling right now? >> a little nervous. we moved out from washington state, so this is our first experience with a hurricane. we have earthquakes up in washington, so. >> this is your first hurricane here. well, stay safe. thank you so much for sharing what you picked up with us here. >> there we go, i think we talked to four or five people, you're seeing people are preparing a little bit. a different tone from people as to whether they think this is serious or not. but clearly they're taking note that this is the time to prepare. i will make one more note, one woman just came out of there,
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right before we went live and said, they're out of water. what you just saw was likely the last bit of water for now. the manager tells me they have trucks picking up more water, when they will arrive and how long that will last is anyone's guess, anna. >> it's good to see people taking everything seriously, preparing the way they've been instructed. and no one can control what mother nature brings with it, but they can do their best to prepare. layla santiago. i appreciate that. >> the exact spot where dorian will make landfall remains a mystery. every city up and down the eastern coastline is preparing. joining us on the phone now is greg oravek. the pair of port st. lucie. i know your city has been preparing for a week. >> we have a whole playbook. it depends on the day. every system from storm water,
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the building department, we have a number of building sites active. lakes and conveyances, ditches. waterways, are lower -- of course communication as you know, is huge so that we're communicating to our 200,000 residents. there is a complete playbook. and we make sure that we take care of every item on that list. >> you've done this before, port st. lucie has seen a lot of hurricanes. i know you all were hit by irma pretty hard in 20127. what lessons did you learn, and how does that inform your prepping for dorian. >> we have to go back further than that. it's been interesting as we had the conversation, so irma was in '17. but in 2004, port st. lucie was hit by francis and jean. we were hit by a category 2 and
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then 3 within three weeks. we've been through that, and we learned from that. and then we also, of course, had things like irma and tropical storm faye. we've been through a number of storms. my concern as i listened to the previous segment about what people's concerns are, as mayor, my concern is that people understand dorian is not francis and gene. every time you go up a category, it's not just a linear increase in power. there's a great difference between a dorian and francis and gene. irma was a tropical storm event. certainly wasn't a category 4 hurricane. whoever bears the brunt of dorian, has to be ready for a different level of impact. we can't take it for granted. >> people should be putting up shutters and protecting their homes, businesses. how do you know when your building is good enough.
12:11 pm
how do you know that you've done enough to prepare. >> and this is something that every homeowner has to answer for him or herself. we have a seasoned team doing everything we can at the community level. what's even more important is that the people of port st. lucie and everyone in that cone of probability are taking the time to number one shutter or board up their home. two, make sure you have enough food, water and medicine for each person in the house. by the way, a lot of people don't know what that is. it's about a gallon per person per day. stay tuned for the national hurricane center and your favorite news channel. and local news, in our case, the city. and then once you do that, please help your friends or neighbors, starting with the elderly, and in the preefrn yous segment, you had the guy from washington. a newcomer to florida. he has no idea what it's like, you have to reach out to him, share with him the experience and just make sure they're right
12:12 pm
and they're ready and double check your hurricane preparedness list including the radio and mosquito repellant. talking about, hey, how much do you need. what if power is not there. francis and gene, no power, two weeks. 17 days, 21 days. are you ready for that? >> and then consider whether you're safe or not. are you in a flood zone? are you in a manufactured home, in a home that hasn't had its roof upgraded. do you have friends in a new house? would you feel safer there. those are the questions i as mayor want the people to ask themselves just in case you have the direct hit of a category 4. you can't make that decision when the wind is blowing 140 miles an hour. you had to make that in advance and be on the road on the way to
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your destination. >> if you haven't hardened your structure as much as possible. i thought that was interesting, especially for somebody who has not been through a hurricane before. good advice, thank you, mayor. i appreciate your time and we look forward to being in touch with you, i'm prayinger stays safe there. >> thank you, ma'am. she's been with the trump administration, since day one, with her office directly in front of the oval office, she worked as the president's gatekeeper. now she's abruptly resigned. we'll tell you where just ahead. a shocking story out of colorado. a pregnant woman left to give birth in a jail alone. she says no one responded to her desperate cries for help. and now she's suing. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control
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that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. the revolving door at the white house, has another member of the trump administration on the way out. this time it's madeleine westerhouse, she's been with the president since day one of his administration, many considered her one of the president's most lawyer staffers. she shared intimate details about the president's family with reporters in an off the record dinner. jeremy diamond joins us from the
12:19 pm
white house. as i understand it, these off the record meetings are relatively common. did she cross the line on the type of information she shared. >> multiple sources are telling us -- she was forced to resign after she shared intimate details about the president's family during one of these recent off the record dinners. that was a red line for the president as are most things when it comes to his family. we have seen that repeatedly in the past, now, westerhouse -- this departure was viewed fairly shockingly for a number of white house officials, she has been the president's assistant since the early days of the trump add ming station, and that's despite the fact that when the president won re-election and she was an rnc staffer, she was in tears over his election. those were not tears of joy. after becoming the president's personal assistant the she won
12:20 pm
his trust. becoming a key gatekeeper. while madeleine westerhouse is not a household name, her departure will have an impact on this white house. >> let's discussion with michael d antonio, donald trump biographer. he's also a cnn contributor. westerhouse has been with the president since day one. someone who has seen as a daughter. >> i'm not surprised. i think working for donald trump is a difficult thing. her experience in the world is not very broad. she worked with the rnc and the romney campaign. part of that was an exercise instructor.
12:21 pm
she wound up sitting at the office one of the most difficult bosses in the world i have a great deal of empathy for her, and actually sort of admiring of her ability so hang in there for as long as she did. there were dozens and dozens of people who couldn't achieve that. >> what she told those reporters never got into the public sphere as far as we know, why does it matter so much. >> well, as folks know, the president is extremely sensitive to comments about his family. extremely sensitive to revelations of secrets. this could have been something as simple as recounting a story of an exchange between the president and first lady. or hearing something from ivanka
12:22 pm
trump after she attempted to persuade the president to be less extreme in one policy or another. that would be enough to anger the president, and in fact miss westerhouse was sort of on thin ice, there were people in the white house who never quite accepted that she was a i loyal trump appointee, and probably were ready to rat on her if she had done this. >> we know trump thinks he's he's own breast messenger. will he bother to replace her? >> this is a person who's job must be filled. i don't think a president can get along without a person of this sort. the next person will be challenged in the same way.
12:23 pm
if that man or woman is reality based. someone who would get concerned if she heard the president would explode nuclear devices to divert hurricanes or pardon people in advance. they're going to be challenged too. this is a very chaotic white house, there's a lot of stuff that goes on that would alarm any normal person, and the desire to send up a signal to warrant public about what's going on would be great. >> michael d antonio, always good to have your insight. thank you for being here. >> the dnc says it is rejecting iowa's new virtual caucus plan over hacking concerns. what this means for the democratic primary in 2020. keeping an eye on hurricane dorian which has strengthened to a powerful category 3 storm. first it will hit the with a ma'am had as, we'll take you there live just ahead.
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iowa is the first state in the nation to hold a 2020 vote, and it wanted to often up a way more people could participate. now the dnc is planning to stop that. an effort they say in the name of election security. the democratic national committee has just blocked a
12:29 pm
plan that would have allowed for virtual caucuses. cnn's dan america is here to explain this. what does this mean for the democratic primary process. >> hacking. the idea that you could use your phone to vote in a caucus or register your support in a caucus could be hacked. and that would undercut the validity of the caucus like the iowa caucus that could happen next year. there's two priorities running into each other. after 2016, there was a desire to open up caucuses to allow more people to participate, shift workers who may not be able to be there on a set time or set day, because they have work. all people with disabilities. there are concerns about parents' ability to go to these caucuses. a big part of this is they both
12:30 pm
brand themselves as the first in the nation caucus, first in the nation primary. iowa cannot do anything that would infringe on people's rights, paper ballots. that's what's at issue with the democratic party right now. take a listen to what troy price said about going-forward with this process. >> thank you all nor being here on such short notice, iowa will be a caucus and iowa will be first. iowa will be a caucus and iowa will be first. we know how important this process is. we do. when we set out to work on this, and we've been working on this basically since the day the caucuses ended in 2016. looking at ways that we can make our process more accessible. more transparent.
12:31 pm
get more voices in the process. >> what happens next, the dnc is expected to officially reject that caucus plan next week, next friday during a telephone meeting. this is going to be a political issue at some point. julian castro has come out and bashed the dnc for this plan. the iowa democratic party is going to scramble to figure out a way to open up their caucus, but also come to the guidelines that the dnc is laying out about hacking and those concerns. if it becomes a political issue, you may see democratic candidates start to fight over whether there's validity in the dnc, which could be very interesting anna. >> it could also involve nevada's plans, i understand, there's much more to come on this, thank you. a shocking story out of colorado. a pregnant woman left to give birth in a jail cell alone. no one responded to desperate cries for help. now she's suing. this is anne marie peebles.
12:32 pm
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or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. dorian has reached major hurricane status as a category 3 storm. all of florida is under a state of emergency as it prepares for dorian to make land fall over the holiday weekend. the storm is expected to strengthen into a category 4 hurricane before barreling into florida monday night. there are no evacuation orders at this time, the state isn't taking any chances when it comes
12:37 pm
to preparations. 1.8 million meals are ready for distribution. home depot has sent in more than 160 truckloads of supplies to its stores. the florida national guard activated 2500 members. officials have launched a website to monitor nursing home generators. miami has ordered all electronic scooters off the streets to prevent them from becoming projectiles. disney cruise lines are updating their schedule to steer clear of this storm. that is just a snapshot at the preparations underway right now. dorian is set to hit the bahamas first on sunday. cnn's patrick altman is in freeport now, what can you tell us about how the island is preparing in. >> don't be fueled by the
12:38 pm
beautiful backdrop behind me. dorian is coming in way and is going to lit the northern west part of the bahamas, about as hard as a hurricane can. we've seen people stocking up on water and other supplies. lines at gas stations, when we got on the plane to come here this morning, the airline out of miami told the tourists they couldn't get on the plane, there's simply no reason for visitors to come here. the hotels are closed, the beaches are empty, it is dangerous to be here. and the prime minister as you mentioned gave a press conference and the strongest possible terms, he told people to get out of the way of the storm. >> do not put your life and those of your loved ones at unnecessary risk. i urge you, do not be foolish and try to brave out this
12:39 pm
hurricane. >> and just to give you an idea how perilous it can be. the highest point on the island where we are, is about 30 feet above sea level. that's much higher than other islands surrounding us, people are being evacuated from some of these lower lying islands to the island of grand bahama. it's not that high, can you have storm surges of 10 feet or higher. previous hurricanes they've seen that storm surge here. officials are saying, get inland when you're on a small island like this one, there's no way you can get out of the storms path. >> please stay safe my friend, thank you for bringing us that information. we'll continue to follow developments on hurricane dorian. new reforms are looking to end the cash bail system in the united states. a $2 billion industry stands in the way, profiting over the poor. we'll follow the money next. the brother of olympic gold medalist simone biles is under arrest and charged in a triple
12:40 pm
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top 2020 democratic hopefuls
12:45 pm
are promising a huge change to the krcriminal justice system. cash bail disproportionately targets the poor, where one arrest can mean a lifetime of debt, even if the charges are dismissed. drew griffin explains why change won't come easy. >> two billion is roughly how much money the bail bond business reportedly takes in across the country every year. who pays? yurnd privileged people, under arrest who find themselves facing a decision. sit in jail for months to wait trial or pay a bail bonds man to get them out. >> most people who are arrested are actually low income or almost no income individuals. when we put a ransom on their liberty, it has a dramatic impact on people. >> let's say you're arrested and the judge sets bail at $50,000. if you have money, can you pay it, go free and get it back when
12:46 pm
you show up for your court date, if you don't have the money you can sit in jail until trial or hire a bonds man to bail you out. the bonds man will likely charge you $5,000 you will never get back. even if you are not guilty, even if the charges are dropped. add on interest from payment plans and fees. often the debt can last for years. iowa district judge robert hanson says the system is flawed. >> the thing that i know is that monetary bonds do not guarantee that the bad people stay in jail. and monetary bonds do not guarantee that the safe people are released. >> many states are making changes to move away from relying on money bail. cnn found out the business that profits from the current system, the powerful bail industry is working hard to stop reform. it has derailed, stalled or killed reform efforts in at least nine states. one of the breast examples, iowa, a pilot program called the
12:47 pm
public safety assessment tool gave judges more information about defendants. and those deemed low risk could get out of jail without having to pay bail. antwaan stewart arrested for stealing beer was able to walk to his job at a bakery every day instead of sitting in jail. >> that's why i say it saved my life. >> cnn talked to more than a dozen officials in the iowa justice system. corrections officials, judges, public defenders who supported the program, here is where iowa's story takes a dark twist. in the middle of last year's state budget process, and out of the blue, this line was inserted into an appropriations bill which stopped iowa's bail reform in its tracks. the public safety assessment pilot program shall be terminated. it turns out behind the jeans, there was an explanation, you just had to follow the money. >> leader man bail bonds didn't like the program because there
12:48 pm
were defendants, people being held in jail that were getting out of jail without having to post any type of a bond. they were losing business. >> that was it? >> market share. >> leader man bail bonds, a huge bail bonds company in iowa, with 150 agents across the midwest and a drive through service just outside the gates of iowa's polk county jail. this is jacob in des moines who told us to talk to his brother josh. >> cnn did some digging and it turns out the leader mans may have decided money would do their talking. since 2017 josh has paid a powerful iowa lobbying firm more than $74,000. he's also donated more than. $,000 to republican campaigns in 2018. that's more money donated in one year than he spent in the past 15 years combined.
12:49 pm
and josh leader man for the first time ever last year, made a donation to a republican representative in royal storm lake iowa named gary worthen p.m. worthen's district had nothing to do with the pilot program. he submitted the amendment to kill the program. he's co chair of the justice system appropriations subcommittee. >> representative worthen, this is drew griffin with cnn, thanks for picking up the call. >> worthen would sneak only reluctantly by phone. >> can you explain why you were trying to -- or why you did get rid of the public safety assessment pilot >> well, from your tone of voice you already decided what -- what direction this article is taking and i'm not here to be misquoted or having my permits taken out
12:50 pm
of context and this is why i don't want to be associated in any way with cnn. >> reporter: this year gary worthan once again included language in the budget bill to make it nearly impossible the program will ever restart. drew griffin, cnn, des moines. donkeys play a critical role in american history, helping to build railroads and other infrastructure but today they are often abandoned and abused. this week cnn's hero is trying to change that and he has saved more than 13,000 donkeys to give them a second chance at life and finding them forever homes. >> donkeys speak to my soul. >> that lip will come loose. >> donkeys are like dogs. they're amazing animals that nobody gets. i understand what they're thinking. and there are so many donkeys in so many places that need so much help. >> there is nothing cuter than a
12:51 pm
baby donkey. >> we're saving them, we're improving their lives. i want to see every donkey find its happiness, its happy place, its peaceful place. >> so see more go to we'll be right back. volunteerism. fundraising. giving back. subaru and our retailers have given over one hundred and sixty-five million dollars to charity. we call it our love promise. and it's why you don't even have to own a subaru to love a subaru retailer. subaru. more than a car company.
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from the 5am wakers, to the 6am sleepers. everyone uses their phone differently and in different places. that's why xfinity mobile created a wireless network that auto connects you to millions of secure wifi hot spots. and the best lte everywhere else.
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xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. a colorado woman has filed a federal lawsuit after she was
12:56 pm
forced to give borge alone in her denver jail cell after more than five hours of crying for help. you see it in the video. this is from july of 2018. nurses and deputies were close by. but provided little aid. at one point someone slides what her lawyer said is an absorbent pad under her cell door but ultimately she had to do everything herself and delivering her baby. we're not showing the full footage of the child birth but you could see on her face just how much pain she was in. sanchez said in the weeks after her birth that at the time of her most urgent need the nurses and deputies made her feel so rejected. >> i felt helpless. nobody was helping me. there were so many people there and nobody lifted a finger basically. it is undescribable. and what hurts me more though is
12:57 pm
the fact that nobody cared. >> her attorney said sanchez had been arrested on an identity theft charge for cashing a check that was written to her sister. the attorney adds sanchez took full responsibility and was ultimately sentenced to two years probation. cnn's scott mclain is tracking the story for us. scott, no medical help for the mom or the baby during the delivery. how are officials in denver explaining this? >> reporter: anna, so the denver sheriff's department that operates the jail did an internal review to found deputies did nothing wrong and they followed protocol but sent a statement that read in part to make sure nothing like this happens again the denver sheriff's department has changed policies to ensure that pregnancy inmates who are in any stage of labor are transported immediately to the hospital. now surveillance video from inside of her cell shows that she was brought breakfast around 5:00 in the morning that day. and that is when she said she first informed the guards that
12:58 pm
she was having contractions. a couple of hours later you could see in the footage she's knocking on the door to try to get someone's attention because according to the lawsuit that is when her water broke. her lawyer omary newman complains what happened 15 minutes later. >> after miss sanchez reported her water had broken, instead of providing actual medical care all a nurse provided to her was a thin pad to absorb some of the water that had broken so by that time the pad was fully saturated and her thin mattress was fully saturated and she was all alone on a hard bench in a cold jail cell feet away from a toilet bowl giving birth to her baby with no medical care whatsoever. >> reporter: and anna keep in mind she gave birth six hours after she said she first informed guards that she was in labor. denver health, the entity which employees the nurses, they declined to comment because of the pending litigation. >> wow.
12:59 pm
scott mclain, thank you. the brother of gold medallist same own biels is sitting in a georgia jail facing murder charges in connection with a deadly shooting at a new year's eve party in ohio. three people were killed. athena jones is here with us and what are we learn being the night and the charges. >> this happened according to police and the prosecutors office in cuyahoga county near cleveland said this happened on new year's eve around 11:30 a party at a home and uninvited guests and an altercation broke out and shots were fired and five people were injured, two survives and three died and i listened to the 911 frantic calls and two people dead on the scene and another declared at the hospital. so he has murder and felonious assault and perjury and held without bond in georgia and expected to face arraignment in
1:00 pm
a couple of weeks in cuyahoga county. three people dead after this incident. >> athena jones. thank you. and that does it for me. stay with me throughout the weekend i'll hold down the -- down the fort as we continue our coverage of hurricane dorian. thank you for being here. "the lead" starts now. it could be the strongest hurricane to hit florida's east coast in almost three decades. "the lead" starts right now. hurricane dorian poised to hit florida as a category four. why officials fear it could keep getting stronger. as some gas stations are already tapped out. and with this major storm on the way, the trump administration team is being led by acting rather than permanent officials, including at fema. that as the president's gate keeper exits the white house. and plus it started as a joke and now thousands of people are expected to turn up at the