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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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g back , because i am cured. talk to your doctor about mavyret. his life is pretty comfortable. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable. top of the hour, you are live in the cnn newsroom, i'm ana cabrera in new york, we follow the breaking news, a massive and powerful hurricane with destructive category four winds. hurricane dorian is still churning toward the southeastern u.s., but suddenly on a much less predictable path after shifting east. still people in coastal florida could start feeling tropical storm force winds as soon as tomorrow, and now it's also
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threatening the carolinas and georgia. forecasters, however, say this eye of the hurricane probably won't make landfall in the u.s., but make no mistake, this is still a major emergency for people near the beaches and many miles inland. let's get to cnn's chad myers in the severe weather center for us. this is relatively positive news that the eye of the storm will maybe stay offshore. people should not let their guard down, right? >> i wouldn't let my guard down for 60 miles in a category 4 hurricane. absolutely not. i will show you what the new europe european model does in the bahamas and realize how close it is to the southeast u.s. just watch that for a second. this is an amazing image of the eye itself. for a while earlier you could actually see the ocean from space through the eye. i think the satellite is becoming a little bit more impressive at this hour where we
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were at 150 a couple of hours ago, i don't know if the hurricane center will go to a category 5, 157 or greater at 5:00. it's possible, but there's not a plane in it to confirm it. they may not. they may wait for another airplane. see how it's getting brighter white, the brighter white means the cloud tops are getting colder, the storms are getting higher and probably the intensity of the hurricane is still going up. this is what it looks like, a nice big curve, but that's not what the models are saying. i'm going to draw a little spot right there. there's nassau. there's freeport and there's a hurricane right now. watch what it does. i'm going to draw a spot here for freeport, that right there. so there's our spot. this is sunday at 10:30 in the morning tomorrow morning. this is sunday, 10:00 at night. this is monday, 10:00 in the morning. this is monday, 10:00 at night.
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that's 36 to 48 hours with a 140 miles per hour storm right over grand bahama island, great abico and freeport. it's over nassau, but not as much. look, i can use my two fingers and get as close to the southeast border as that. we need to hope this stops well before the bahamas, that will be a devastating blow, and hope it doesn't stop 60 miles later over south florida. that's why you can't let your guard down. the models haven't been perfect for the entire time they're out in the ocean. we're going to keep watching it. the hurricane center will come up with an update. hurricane warnings are in effect. there are no warnings or watches in effect for the u.s. just yet, offshore. storm surge, 50 to 20 feet in some spots. at least 15 over parts of the bahamas, and the waves are
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forecasted to be somewhere in the ballpark of 30 to 40 feet. offshore, but not offshore for the bahamas, they are the shore. some of those islands are sand islands that don't go over 12 feet tall. i think the highest spot is somewhere around 60 feet on grand bahama island. there you go. you put surge, rainfall, and there will be 20 inches of rain over the bahamas, it's going to sit there and rain. it's going to blow for days. you may be in the middle of it for a long time. it's the edges, the periphery, the eye wall, that will pound the town for such a very very long time. it's an amazing looking storm. i wish it was in some other ocean a long way from land but it's not. it's too close right now. >> a cat 4 status but a very high intensity category 4 with 150 miles per hour winds, that's 7 miles per hour shy of cat 5, right? >> exactly right. 157 plus is the cat 5, and they
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found 166 miles per hour gusts but it's not the gusts, it's the sustained winds that's how you get your category. it would be a category 5 gust but it's not a category 5 storm. >> chad myers, thank you very much for watching. >> you're welcome. >> every slight change means who knows where it's going to go next, and florida's east coast, residents are getting the news there that dorian's track is drifting, that the hurricane's eye is not likely to make landfall. cnn's martin savidge is joining us from varo beach. with the latest forecast, are people starting to breathe a sigh of relief yet? >>. >> reporter: what a difference the day makes. yesterday everybody was stocking up and today they wake up and see a different forecast. i don't want to jinx it here. the mayor is saying there's a 30% chance they believe they could get hurricane force winds.
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felicia, you are a resident, been here all your life, how are you taking the news about the storm. >> i'm very happy the storm is curving. >> reporter: were you ready for this? >> yes, i was. i was getting prepared. water was gifted. supplies, as for candles, food, nonperishable food, yes, i was preparing for it. >> reporter: this is something the area has been through a couple of times. i would say this is the third hurricane you faced and all of them have not been fortunately as bad as predicted. does this create a problem where if it does get serious, people may not take it seriously next time? >> i don't know because we also have people moving in from out of state, so those are the people that are going to take it seriously. me as a floridian, i still do take a serious, but just prepare. being prepared. >> reporter: we were talking about buffalo sauce, you needed
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that today. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: the whole joke is that this is chicken that you bought for the storm, and now she's going to make the buffalo sauce but that chicken is going to be good, especially without a hurricane. >> yes. >> reporter: enjoy it, felicia. thank you so very much. >> thank you. >> reporter: right now this community is guarded, optimistic, that the weather is going to go someplace else. they are willing for the time being to keep an eye on the sky and see what the 5:00 forecast brings and that's especially what the city leadership is going to be doing, looking at what the 5:00 forecast is. >> sending that community, all of our positive energy. martin savidge, thank you. florida's east coast is where we have the sprawling kennedy sprays center, no stranger to hurricane preps over the years. cape canaveral has seen its share of damage from hurricane irma in 2017 that caused significant trouble with water
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systems in the space port. mayor ben of cocoa beach is joining us. just a day ago, mandatory evacuation orders went out for part of the state, i know, to take effect tomorrow morning. are you breathing a tentative sigh of relief given the latest forecast showing dorian's track has shifted. >> yes, ana, thank you very much. actually, we are, unfortunately the vents are not static and despite the fact we launch rockets here literally including weather satellite, we still don't know as you've seen this thing has shifted all over the place. we're certainly thankful for the east drift, and we'll be happy if it just continues moving that way. >> you have been the mayor there since 2016 and just a couple of years ago you saw your city hall, your police station get devastated by hurricane irma and the damage to just those couple of billions was an estimated million dollars. what worries you the most about a storm like dorian? >> the good part is that it shifted east, the bad part is
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that it's growing in intensity and width and it's over extremely warm water right now which is very conducive to strengthening further, and you know, we have a lot of old infrastructure, a lot of old buildings, we're a barrier island vounldsurrounded by isla. we have the river around us and the ocean. >> earlier you said you have a military precision like plan in place for cocoa beach. walk us through that plan. >> sure. every community, this is called incident command system and it was basically designed by a firefighter to fight forest fires and improved on by the department of homeland security post 9/11. it's basically triage of coordinating police, fire, and staff to make sure everything is done in a very logical, methodical method. unfortunately we're all too good at it. >> do you generally get good compliance from the residents in cocoa beach when evacuations are
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ordered or do you have concerns that not enough people are going to heed the warnings. >> that's always a concern, and at the end of the day, you know, we're not going to drag somebody out of somebody's house, but we would prefer they heed the caution. our mandatory evacuations were bumped out to monday at 8:00 a.m. obviously the 5:00 hour will be something to look at, but again, it's more the flooding and the rain event that i'm concerned about with potentially storm surge and once, you know, winds reach a certain speed, they can't come get you, and you are on your own. >> we are hearing the storm could just sit. it's been moving at a snail like pace. meaning if it is as strong as it is now, those rains, the storm surge, those winds would obviously be sitting there for quite some time. mayor ben malek, i appreciate you taking the time and getting the word out. we'll continue to check in with
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you. i wish you all the best. >> thank you, much, take care. president trump is at camp david being briefed on the storm as we speak. the president is facing this storm surrounded by acting officials in key roles. how could that affect the response? you're live in the "cnn newsroom." screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients... ...that help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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briefed on hurricane dorian right now. the presidential was supposed to be in poland this weekend but he cancelled the trip so he could stay back and monitor the storm. he's doing that at camp david. we know he left the grounds briefly for an outing of golf where the white house said he continued to receive hourly briefings. cnn white house correspondent boris sanchez is live at the white house. the storm is making a b line for the southeastern coast, the outer bands are expected to hit monday night. the president is now facing this storm surrounded by acting officials in key roles. what's the potential impact of that? >> well, ana, as you know, president trump has said he likes his cabinet secretaries and other advisers to operate in an acting capacity because it gives him more flexibility. those are his words, in this case, the president's choice to lead fema, jeffrey bayard is not even leading that agency. in his place, acting
1:16 pm
administrator, peter gainer is working hurricane dorian. it's his first time overseeing a hurricane while working for fema. his resume includes a decade of emergency management most notably in rhode island where he handled a series of tropical storms. notably, the act kevin mcaleenan, he doesn't have a great relationship with the white house. the president views him with a measure of distrust. people close to mcaleenan said he was considering resigning because of disagreements he had with the president over the issue of immigration, and lastly, the homeland security adviser, a position that typically reports to the president as tom bosser did until he left the administration, rear admiral peter brown in adminish diminis role. stephanie grisham telling
1:17 pm
reporters the president was briefed every hour while he was out there at his golf club and as you said, he's getting a briefing on the situation with dorian, we'll provide you with updates as they come in. we're refreshing twitter to see what the president has to say. >> thank you, boris sanchez, another week, another self-inflicted wound for vice president biden. is the democratic front runner benefitting from new rules when it comes to having command of the facts in the president trump era. that's next. live in the "cnn newsroom. " it scrubs, degreases, and shines to get your dishes truly finished. and with finish quantum you get up to 25% more loads for your money. it's not clean until it's finished! sfx: upbeat music a lot of clothes you normally take to the cleaners aren't dirty dirty. they just need a quick refresh. try new febreze clothing quick dry mist. it eliminates odors and refreshes lightly-worn clothing. breathe happy febreze... la la la la la.
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. 2020 democratic front runner joe biden under fire for telling a movie but apparently false story, a war story who biden says repelled down a ravine to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade. >> a four star general asked me wli whether i would go up into the fob. we can lose a vice president. we can't lose many more of these kids. not a joke. this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire, and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and said god's
1:22 pm
truth, my word as a biden. he stood his attention. he said, sir, i do not want the damn thing. do not pin it on me, do not do that. he died. he died. >> "the washington post" on thursday fact checked biden's story, and writes in the space of three minutes, biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. and according to the newspaper, biden visited afghanistan's konar province in 2008 as a u.s. senator, not as vice president. and the military service member was kyle white, a 20-year-old army specialist, not a much older navy captain. biden is defending himself, suggesting his story may have referred to a different event, one that did take place in 2011 when biden as vice president pinned a bronze star medal on a heartbroken soldier named chad workman, an army staff sergeant
1:23 pm
who felt he was unworthy of that honor. >> what is the gaffe when i said there was a young man, i tried to pin a medal on, he said i don't want it, he died, he died. it was a young man, my recollection was that in fact pulled a colleague of his out of a burning emvee. >> he knows he's prone to gaffes, making light of that on the campaign trail this week. >> one school psychologist for every 1,500 to 1,700 children. i don't want to set an exact number. the press will say biden is losing his mind, he didn't remember. >> i want to bring in "new york times" reporter matt flagg flaggenheimer wrote about it af about his first white house bid,
1:24 pm
in your article, biden's first run for president was a calamity, some missteps still resonate. how do you compare what brought down biden's presidential run in 1998 to what we are now seeing today. >> it's interesting. you have heard a lot of sort of rumblings during this campaign, is it his age, is he rusty, is there something that's different. he has run for president three times. each campaign, missteps, stumbles, the '88 was doomed by misstatements and a plaj residu -- this is the same joe biden that a lot of his former aides have seen for more than three decades now. >> how do you explain it? was it not a lesson learned? >> it's interesting. in 1988 there was an episode that's gotten less attention. he would say he marched in the
1:25 pm
civil rights movement, speak of his own coming of age politically as a young politician, that he marched in the civil rights movement, he was galvanized by it and that helped him inspire it. he did not march in the civil rights movement, his aides say it's a key distinction to say you were inspired, to say you marched, very different. he kept telling the story anyway, and there was a sense among his aides that he could just get comfortable riffing on the campaign trail, and as you heard in the interview this week, he sort of feels like if he gets the spirit of something correct that's maybe good enough. and his intentions were good, and he didn't mean any harm by it, and so if some of the details are wrong, that's not necessarily the worst thing in the world. >> let me read you what david axlerod chief strategist, it reads like the product of
1:26 pm
opposition research dump and there will be more because joe biden is a gaffe and embellishment machine. the core of his story was true. matt, do biden's war story embellishments resonate with the american public in the age of trump in which facts have sort of taken a backseat. >> that's the key question. you can see the biden campaign pushing back. they have pus a press release out over the course of this week, linking to a story from, i believe, cbs that spoke to a lot of supporters, people on the ground who said it doesn't particularly matter if he has missteps, gaffes here and there. a lot of his supporters think part of his kind of unscripted charm is a reason to support him. he has a folksy manner about him that we have seen over the years. the age of trump has changed the calculation. this is part of who joe biden has been as long as he's been a politician. >> i wonder why he feels he has to embellish. is it that it's a lack of
1:27 pm
discipline, could be, you know, not remembering everything clearly, it could be that he just is wanting to tell the best story, he's a story teller. maybe it's that, you know, he doesn't feel like the truth has as much of an impact. what is your take. >> i don't think anybody has suggested malice on his part. this story this week, in '88 and the plaj scandal. this is certainly the case in '88, in reaching for the connection went beyond the scope of the truth of a certain anecdote in the interest of telling the best story. i don't think he sees that as all as ill intent. it's certainly him trying to connect with an audience, and occasional if he goes a few inches too far, maybe more than that, on a given story, that's sort of within the bounds of
1:28 pm
acceptable for a politician. >> now this is out in the open, i wonder how it's going to impact the next debates coming up in a couple of weeks if a candidate goes on the attacks, how do you think he would handle it? >> to say that his heart was in the right place. he doesn't see the issue. he's talking about war heroism, the core of the story is still true. it's not like he's embellishing in service of his own, self-aggrandizement. he's right about that. this is not somebody, in these particular cases, that have said something untrue in service of a great narrative that joe biden is a spectacular man. it's maybe different when he's talking about a war hero in his telling here. for the debate, he would certainly have no issue sort of defiantly, proudly saying, that he was, you know, speaking of the heroics of the american military, and he was never willing to apologize for that. >> so great to talk to you. look forward to having yo back.
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1:33 pm
now. and will head toward florida, georgia, and the carolinas next. what kind of time line are we talking about at this point? >> still probably 30 hours from the bahamas, but the problem is it may stop and sit over the bahamas for 36 additional hours as either 130 or 140 miles per hour storm. you can see the eye on the visible satellite now, very distinct, very clear, even at times, you can see the ocean through it. hurricane hunters were in it earlier, and they took this picture, you can see the round part of the eye itself, and every time they get into the eye and the eye is calm, but it's a raucous flight trying to get there, they drop one of these little guys. they drop it all the way down to the ocean, and what they do when it hits the ocean, they will get the pressure of the storm, and they will send it out too in thunderstorms to see what the wind might be in the eye. it's an interesting thing that
1:34 pm
they can get those things all the way down to the ocean surface, see what the pressure is doing with the storm and see if it is getting stronger or weaker and so far it's gotten stronger. there is not a plane out there right now. it will be. there's a plane flying over the top of it, dropping from space, 45,000 feet, almost like an inverse weather balloon. instead of going up, it goes down. we get the same kind of data and the data goes into the models. it looks like a nice smooth path all the way through bahamas, that's not the case. it actually gets the bahamas, and then it stops. here we are right now, still about from here. if i drew a line, and i will draw it now, all the way from here to west palm. about 380 miles, but it's not going there. it's actually going to stop for a very long time, like 36 hours, and then go to the north like this. at least that's what the models think right now. both models that we have out there, the american and european model are saying a similar thing. we will not get a new track at
1:35 pm
5:00 that says it's back on land again. that's not going to happen. we won't have new models until the 11:00 or even as late as tomorrow's 5:00 a.m. maybe a breath of relief for people across the u.s. certainly not for the bahamas, a rough couple of days to come. >> thank you for the latest. there's still plenty of anxiety as residents watch and wait for dorian to pick a spot to strike. at one point, west palm beach florida looked to be directly in dorian's sights, now that the latest models have the storm drifting east. officials in west palm are warning, this is no time to drop your guard. cnn's randi kaye joins us from a restaurant in west palm. what are you hearing, are people keeping up their guard? >> reporter: some of there, ana, and a lot of them aren't. it seems as though the day has made a difference from where i was yesterday. we were at home depot yesterday, and people were in a panic. they were buying plywood, looking to board up their homes.
1:36 pm
today they are out bar hopping, having cocktails on a sunny, saturday afternoon in florida. you can see where we are, not far from the beach, just over the trees is the public beach in west palm beach, this restaurant, two drunken goats is the name, usually packed on a saturday. some people obviously staying home. they usually have some live music. that's not happening today. we have been talking to folks here this afternoon, and some of them really, most of them are just having a good time, like these two here we were talking to earlier. ashley harris and so now you have decided that it's safe to come out and play, i guess. >> absolutely. we're all set up. we're ready to go. we have our water, my car is filled up. i'm about to go board up my grandma's house, and it's not like we're going to sit and dwell. >> reporter: you think it's taken a turn. you have been watching the weather and you feel pretty safe. >> yes. even if it doesn't, florida is pretty built up to sustain a hurricane. >> reporter: you told me earlier
1:37 pm
you have a cement house, so you're feeling pretty good about it. >> even if we were to go to a shelter, they're all made of cement as well so i might as well stay at my house. it's a new house. >> and your friend, brie, you booked a ticket to visit. you knew the hurricane was coming and you decided to come anyway. >> i'm here on vacation and i'm going to try to enjoy as much as i can before the hurricane hits. >> reporter: are you happy to see it take its turn up north. >> i feel relieved it's going to go the other way. >> reporter: watching college football, and cocktailing. >> swimming, just enjoying the weather. it's nice out for sure. going to enjoy it while it lasts. >> reporter: stay safe, enjoy yourselves and that's the general attitude, people are feeling like they dodged a bullet for sure. this is ryan brady, the general manager of this restaurant, so obviously the crowd may be a little smaller than it is on a typical saturday. >> definitely a little bit smaller. i think people are being, you know, cautious and doing their
1:38 pm
preparations last minute. >> reporter: and you guys were probably ready to close up shop but now you think you might be able to stay open. >> well, the latest reports are looking a little more optimistic for us, so we're praying that we're going to be okay. we're still planning on closing tomorrow, monday and tuesday. hopefully, you know, we'll be open wednesday, fingers crossed. >> i hope so too. i hope so too. this is a very popular spot along the beach. part of the prep will be pulling chairs and tables, and closing these doors and making sure that the restaurant holds up. ryan, thank you so much and best of luck to you here. ana, back to you, that's the scene of west palm beach. >> thanks for giving us a sense of how people are feeling right now. i sure hope that their hopes come true. what would you like to see done about the climate crisis, join cnn and presidential hopefuls, biden, warren, sanders, harris,
1:39 pm
buttigieg, castro, and yang, all ten candidates take the stage on one night to address this critical issue, wednesday night starting at 5:00 eastern here on cnn. now general james mattis is shedding light on why he quote had no choice but to leave the white house. my next guest also worked for trump for almost 20 years, in fact, and left. we'll get her reaction next. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." that a speaker is just a speaker. or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation even. right now, get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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a former secretary of defense is speaking out about his very rough tenure on president trump and says he's got a lot more to say when the time is right. james mattis, a general with 44 years in the marine corps lasted just two years in the trump cabinet, oftentimes openly at odds with the president. mattis is on a book tour right now and says he's holding off deeper criticism of the president while there are people in the administration still working to defend the country. barbara res joins us now. immaterial to talk to her.
1:44 pm
she worked for donald trump for 18 years, eventually becoming an executive vice president in the trump organization, and barbara, you heard me talk about james mattis as he's shedding light on his time in the trump administration. he said this in a new interview in the atlantic. quote, i had no choice but to leave. that's why my resignation letter is in the book. i want people to understand why i couldn't stay, and he goes on, i have been informed by four decades of experience, and i just couldn't connect the dots anymore. barbara, does that ring familiar, his reason for leaving. >> it rings very familiar, not only with my experiences but with things that we have heard from, you know, new experiences, people in the cabinet. >> how so? >> well, just, it didn't matter. you can see, he thinks he knows anything. it really doesn't matter. he knows more about nuclear war than the scientists, and he knows more about climate control. but it wasn't what mattis
1:45 pm
countered and trump used to listen to the people that worked for him, and sew o he backed do on a lot of things. >> what do you think has changed? >> he's gotten so into himself. he's carried away by the fame and the money, but the fame. he believes he walks on water. he thinks he's a great president, you know, he thinks he's the answer to everything. >> how hard is it to stand up to somebody like trump if you disagree with him? >> well, you know, again, it was different when i was there because we were a small organization, you know, and he had a handful of people, and he listened to us and respected us. now, i can't imagine standing up to him. i can't imagine anyone in the cabinet or on his staff that actually stands up to him. let me read you something we heard from joe biden, he's taken hits from a number of 2020 democrats and this is what joe biden said about a recent immigration policy as it amounts
1:46 pm
to bullying. i'm quoting from the former vice president, there's no national security justification for further traumatizing sick kids at their most vulnerable. like all bullies trump is purposely targeting the little guys but i would have thought even he would understand that kids with cancer and cystic fibrosis were off limits and so many others said cruelty is their point, it's their only point and it's all they have to run on, fear, anger, division and cruelty. we must refer to the soul of the nation. talking about the recent move to end a medical relief policy, and that allowed families to remain in the u.s. while they received medical care. you previously told the rolling stone that the trump you know is quote not so much a bully, more of a loud mouth. that was in 2016. has what you have seen of president trump changed anything in terms of your perception of him? >> yes and no.
1:47 pm
i mean, interesting what i said to equal rolling stone, i myself was a different person, soft peddling. his goal, he sought out weak people. he sought out the weakness in even strong people, and exploited it. that's his way, now, i mean, he has absolutely in my opinion, no regard for humanity. i mean, i do believe that this whole policy is about scaring of immigrants out of coming here, and he doesn't care what the fallout is. >> do you think he's racist? >> i do think he's racist, yes. >> you were a woman in a position of power in his administration. there's a number of powerful women now running to be president he could face come the general election, you know, senator elizabeth warren has been the target of the president's derisive nicknames already, have you ever witnessed anything that makes you feel like the president doesn't take a powerful woman seriously?
1:48 pm
>> yes and no. i mean, when i was there, he did have a lot of powerful women, and he did absolutely listen to us. but telling things, what he said to me when he hired me, he said men are better than women, but a good woman is better than ten good men, and it took me until now, and with my child's help to really understand that he was sort of taking advantage of the fact that i being a woman would work harder and smarter and probably for less money. but he told me that he really believed women were inferior to men, and i see that, but he struggled with pelosi, and he struggled with her because she had as much power as he did. and hillary was an ex-secretary of state, but she wasn't equal to him. pelosi is. she's the head of a branch, or you know, part of the branch that's one of the branches of the three branches. how is he going to deal with warren and the like if they are nominated, i think he's going to
1:49 pm
underestimate them, and i thihe going to try to undercut them, i think he's going to do things like he did with hillary, do you think this is presidential, does this look presidential, but now it's going to grind more than it did back then because we know what he's about. >> barbara res, good to have your insights, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> we'good to see you. we'll be back. air wick's new technology releases fragrance upwards and outwards, unlike glade. so now you can fill every corner with fragrance. upgrade to air wick. i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day.
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the 2020 democratic field is the most diverse in u.s. history as both a woman and a person of color candidate kamala harris is getting plenty of attention from the next generation. cnn's kyung lah has more.
1:53 pm
>> reporter: another rally in the race for 2020. >> hi, everyone. >> reporter: her sisters anna maddox. >> i'm half mexican and half vietnamese. >> reporter: and leah chow, this is a destination. why did you drive two hours to be here? >> really, i wanted to see a woman, if anything, and especially a woman of color run for president. >> it's time to take action. >> you know, it took 24 years to get to this point for me, and she's only 9. imagine when she's 29, she's not going to think this is abnormal. >> reporter: from davenport, iowa, to denver, colorado, there's a recurring theme among the parents who bring their children to see a biracial woman run for president. your daughter asked you to come? >> yes, she's actually a big fan, a big supporters, she's been following kamala harris.
1:54 pm
>> i feel like it would be sper special to see the first female president. >> reporter: hillary clinton helped pave the way. elizabeth warren shares that message. >> i'm running for president because that's what girls do. >> reporter: but 11-year-old sky l skyler tony sees her reflection in harris. >> she's brave to do that. >> the connection they feel when you look and see someone who looks like them, a lot of times, that kind of let's them sort of visualize their future and see what's possible for them as children even. >> reporter: it's something harris knows, why she takes the time, especially with children of color. >> win or lose, what does that mean for you? >> it means the world to me. when i see those little girls in particular, i mean, i see myself, right, and i see the children of my family, and i see the children of our country and i see the promise of our
1:55 pm
country. my mother had many sayings and one of them is you're the first to do many things, make sure you're not the last. it is my true hope and my career, and whatever i can do empowers other people of whatever age. >> authorities investigating a racist manifesto they believe was posted by the shooter just before the massacre. >> reporter: in these divided times when children have questions about the news, some parents consider a political rally, the anecdote. >> being an interracial couple, it's important we give him a sense of it's okay to be who he is in his community. >> he's aware that his dad is black, and his mom is white, but we push really hard to make sure that he knows that that's not bad. that's beautiful. that's wonderful. that's what the united states is. >> reporter: three moving words from justice ruth bader ginsberg after her latest cancer scare.
1:56 pm
i am alive. up next, what she had to say on her anticipated return to the bench. and j. lo. more towers. more coverage! it's a network that gives you ♪freedom from big cities, to small towns, we're with you. because life can take you almost anywhere, t-mobile is with you. no signal goes farther or is more reliable in keeping you connected. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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2:00 pm
and i am on my way to being very well. >> so good to hear. the 86-year-old justice had a tumor removed from her pancreas, and received radiation treatment earlier this month. justice ginsberg who was married for 50 years revealed she got a request for marriage advice from j. lo: ginsberg said she met with pop star jennifer lopez and her fiance alex rodriguez and ginsberg told them her secret to a happy marriage is it helps sometimes to be a little deaf. you're live in the cnn newsroom, i'm ana ca


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