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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 2, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hello, welcome to our viewers here this the united states. i'm rosemary church at cnn world headquarters in atlanta. hurricane dorian has been weakening slightly over the past several hours. it's now a category 3 but as you can see from this image from the international space station it remains a very large and very dangerous storm. it's been stalled for more than a day now over the northern bahamas, at least five deaths are reported there. a u.s. coast guard helicopter medevac'd 19 people from abaco island to nassau but bringing in
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emergency aid will have to wait until the hurricane passes. >> it's absolutely, you know, catastrophic conditions, those weather -- what we're seeing with the hurricane is absolutely overwhelming and we're obviously getting our rescue crews that are in the bahamas as close as we can to help out, but the conditions there with the hurricane stationary over grand bahama island, there's no ability to get in there with any assets right now. >> well, mandatory evacuations are under way in coastal communities from florida to north carolina. more than 2700 flights have been canceled and the orlando international airport has now ceased operations. florida's governor urged everyone to get out while they can. >> people need to remain vigilant. if you're ordered to evacuate, you need to do that.
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from palm beach county all the way up to nassau, the florida/georgia border, all those coastal counties have issued evacuation orders and it's important that residents heed those calls. you know, get out now while you have time, while there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the roads. >> well, cnn is covering this hurricane from all the angles. patrick oppmann is in freeport. derek van dam is along the east coast and nick valencia is further north in melbourne, florida. first ivan cabrera. it won't move. >> it won't move. >> it's incredible. the same area, absolutely and so, yes, it has weakened. it is not a weak hurricane. it is just weaker than what we have heard but it hasn't moved. stationary hurricane still, 120-mile-an-hour winds were gusting to 155. what happens when you get a
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tropical cyclone, hurricane, typhoon, whatever it is, if it sits over the same area and feeds on the warm water, there's only so much of a supply. it will start pulling up cooler waters anna in itself can weaken the system. part of that is what's happening. there you see the eye beginning to shrink and wouldn't be surprised later today for it to fill in. an indication of further weakening thank goodness. for our friends in the bahamas it's too late. you've had it parked there for 24 hour, the devastation will be incredible when we're able to get up high and show you the pictures from the ground have been bad enough. these bands you see here, i think that's where we have the potential there with 125-mile-an-hour winds, that's where they'll be contained and they don't extend that much further, about 45 miles so not reaching florida but what is reaching florida are the outer
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bands and those contain tropical storm force winds and we've been checking with our reporters fanned out along the coast and will continue throughout the night. lull, still windy and tropical downpours and rinse, repeat. that's the case not just tonight but today and the day after that we are eventually going to get this out of the bahamas. my goodness, it's going to take another six hours then will begin to feel the pull and that pulls the storm along the coast. there it is 8:00 p.m. a.m. finally moving 125-mile-an-hour winds. east of jacksonville and then eventually a potential landfall as we head into thursday and into friday and, of course, we'll be talking more about that but the main threat i think for florida right now is going to be the storm surge, the water that gets pushed in with strong winds. that's still going to be the main issue we with, no direct impact as far as the eye coming ashore or anything like that. that could
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carolinas. we'll have to watch that, threat not over for florida. compared to what they've been dealing with, good news for florida but another six hours -- >> you think six. it's difficult to predict. is there a system that will shoot that forward. >> it has been allowed to sit there. they depend on the upper level winds. we have a feature moving through north florida that will pull on the storm. later today we're finally going to see move. it won't go from stationary to north at 20 but begin, 5, 10, 15 and accelerate. >> ivan, we'll keep checking back in with you. appreciate it. well, the bahamas as we've been discussing still getting pounded by hurricane dorian and the misery will continue until midmorning. the country's prime minister calls the devastation
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unprecede unprecedented. >> many homes, businesses and other buildings have been completely or partially destroyed. there is an extraordinary amount of flooding and damage to infrastructure. >> so far grand bahama island has been getting the worst of dorian. cnn patrick oppmann has been there in the resort town of freeport. >> reporter: it has been hours now that hurricane dorian has been battering the island of grand bahama. and still the winds continue to rise. gusts of wind, hurricane force winds continue to come in. trees are bending over my shoulder there. there are waves behind me that are out growing of there is a storm surge coming in flooding
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people's homes. it seems incredible. things are only getting worse, not better on this island but that is the situation. a little while ago some people's homes flooded near where we are staying came in and asked for water and toweled. we gave it to them. they were bringing their pet, carrying them that air arms. one woman fell and broke her hip and they carried her. there's no way to get help to them. officials are completely overstretched as well. simply too dangerous for emergency officials to come into the area where so much of this weather, this extreme weather is raging. so despite the fact that it's now been almost two days since dorian first hit the bahamas, in many, many places the weather conditions are getting worse. they are not getting better and even as more and more people are increasingly getting desperate,
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need assistance, there is no relief in sight. patrick opponentma patrick oppmann, cnn, freeport. >> there's the situation for the bahamas. want to bring in cnn meteorologist derek van dam in stewart, florida and nick valencia. let's talk about the big concern for florida now, the likely storm surges, the flooding, how bad could this be and just how prepared are the residents of stewart for this? >> reporter: well, if they haven't evacuated yet it's too late, rosemary. in fact, the shelters, the evacuation centers are no longer accepting evacuees. the causeway that connects the barrier islands where the mandatory evacuations have been under way since 1:00 p.m. yesterday are now closed. we have sustained tropical storm
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force winds here and every so often, every 30 to 45 minutes we get an intense rain band that comes through precluded by a strong gust of wind, 40, 50 miles an hour at times. but it is nothing like the never ending nightmare that is unfolding just 100 miles to our east on the island of the grand bahamas. the devastation there is just unimaginable but the threats here going forward, specifically for stuart and the martin county region where i'm located, storm surge specifically along the coastal areas, the areas susceptible to that surge of water with an approaching powerful hurricane like this, three to seven feet, 1 1/2 to 2 meters is the predicted storm surge for the coastal yeahs that will certainly bring coastal erosion to the areas. right along the coastline, flash flood threat here, five inches of rain expected in the next 24
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hours. that's over 1 to millimeters of rain in a day. that's a lot of precipitation in a short period of time and then also just the strong winds as this storm reaches its peak intensity its closest approach within the next 24 hours we could get wind gusts over 120 kilometers per hour. the residents know any deviation in the path means a world of difference. if it moves closer, that's when we start to see the impacts start to ramp up along the coast. if it moves east offshore which we're all hoping for they can breathe a sigh of relief. better that we plan for the worst and hope for the best, right? >> yeah, absolutely. that is the best strategy and, of course, for our u.s. audience we're talking about storm surges here, four to seven feet. i want to go to nick. you're further nick in melbourne, florida. what's the situation there this hour and how prepared are folks there? i know you were talking earlier
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about some people letting their guard down because they were thinking, well, it's not going to be as bad as we thought it was going to be. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the wind is strengthening and only gotten stronger. we have yet to feel a drop of rain but conditions will only deteriorate as hours progress. on the notion of people taking this seriously, i think the most people i've spoken unfortunately may not be taking it as serious as emergency management officials would like them to take it. this was under a mandatory evacuation warning at 1:00 p.m. but in the week that we've been out here it's the busiest we've seen the beaches. also driving around this community, we were shocked to see just how few businesses had deployed shutters or put up plywood. there is a range in attitudes towards this storm. i think as soon as the track of this storm shifted from making a direct impact on florida to sort of grinding up the coast instead, a lot of people let their guard down and thought,
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well, i've been through something worse than this before. i'll just ride this out. a really concerning for emergency management officials who no doubt will have to carry out rescues and look after those people that decided to put themselves in the path of this danger. but that is just the case here, rosemary. people here, some have boarded up. many businesses yesterday, though, hadn't done that just yet. emergency management officials pushing that message, though, that you don't want to let your guard down. you know the track can shift and can happen at any time, even still, though, i think a lot are taking their chances and waiting this out. >> the storm surges, the flooding, that's what can cause a lot of casualties in the aftermathies sorts of hurricanes. nick valencia joining us from melbourne, florida. we'll check back in with you very soon. and we will continue to track this storm throughout the hour. another story we are following, a boat goes up in flames off the california coast. now the search is on for dozens
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of passengers still missing. and an update on the search and the captain's desperate call for help. plus, what investigators are learning about the man who went on a shooting rampage in texas over the weekend. and some encouraging news about the recovery of one of his youngest victims. we're back in just a moment. on the day? yeah there's a picture of you smoking at the altar. no, there's definitely no picture of me. yes there is. i'll find it. oh my god i can't even, i don't even remember that. haha, i knew there was a picture. using juul it's like "puff puff, yeah i'm good." back in the pocket. back into my day. we get to have time together that i didn't realize i was missing. i got my husband back. thank you juul. they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental,
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florida in the coming hours. millions of people are being ordered to evacuate. now, those along the u.s. atlantic coast not taking dorian seriously need only to look at the utter destruction and devastation in the bahamas. cnn brian todd has this report from stuart, florida. >> reporter: as florida braces for hurricane dorian, the bahamas are taking a direct hit. grand bahama island bearing the brunt of more than 150-mile-per-hour winds and rain. for more than 36 hours, the life-threatening storm has been pummeling the bahamas. some marsh harbour residents trapped in homes that have been destroyed. >> we can't go outside. we need help, please, someone help us. >> reporter: here in florida ten coastal counties are under "the mandalorian." >> it's important that residents heed those calls. you know, get out now while you have time, while there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the roads.
11:19 pm
>> reporter: with the storm approaching medically dependent and special needs residents have e moved too from 90 florida assisted living facilities have already been relocated according to the governor. along the barrier islands which could get the brunt of the storm as it hits concerns that those who don't heed the "the mandalorian" orders could be cut off. >> it's going to be difficult for us to get out to the barrier islands after the storm. we have a lot of partnerships with the sheriff's office and fire rescue where we're able to bring assets out to them but it's going to take some time. this is a slow-moving storm so we're concerned those folks might get isolated for a time until dorian actually passed and it's safe for first responders to get back out to them. >> reporter: residents in stuart are particularly vulnerable to storm surge and flooding. many live in low-lying neighborhoods near two rivers and a canal. chris geragos is closing up his house and getting out. >> flooding is the main concern
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for sure. i mean, they release lake okeechobee and comes up and in this hits on high tide we're screwed. >> reporter: as emergency management officials try to get people off the barrier islands they are warning people evacuating drive tens of miles to evacuate. do not drive hundreds, too many will try to get one the road and try to drive north moving with the storm and officials are worried too many people will get caught in the storm as they drive north. brian todd, cnn, stuart, florida. >> we'll continue to bring you this story on hurricane dorian. but we do want to bring you this heartbreaking story we've been covering. it was supposed to be a fun overnight scuba diving trip off the california coast. but it turned into an utter nightmare when the dive boat caught fire as dozens of passengers slept below the deck. so far eight people have been confirmed dead. 26 others are still unaccounted for and we've just been told
11:21 pm
more bodies have been recovered but no word yet on how many. as our nick watt reports, there are many questions about what went wrong. >> reporter: a mayday call before 3:30 a.m. >> mayday, mayday. conception, platts -- >> it keeps reflashing due to the amount of fuel possibly. unsure why. >> reporter: five crew members escaped. >> the crew was actually already awake and on the bridge and jumped off. five people were evacuated aboard a good samaritan pleasure craft known as the grape escape. >> reporter: one brought ashore an a stretcher rushed to the hospital. one limping, an injured ankle. two shoeless and shocked. 34 others were below decks. we're told there are numerous
11:22 pm
fatalities. listen to the dispatcher on that mayday call asking questions. >> roger, are they locked inside the boat? >> roger. can you get back on board and unlock the doors so they can get off? >> reporter: we cannot hear the answers and the coast guard said the boat was in compliance. >> we are combing the shoreline. we have vessels, two vessels from coast guard stations and coast guard helicopter aircrews and doing everything we can in the nearby area to search for these missing people. >> reporter: it sank 20 yards from the shore of santa cruz island. a 7 a-foot dive boat on a previous trip had left santa barbara. the cause of the fire still unknown. the ntsb is en route and the coast guard is working with the vessel's owner but the priority right now, the fight with hope fading to find any more
11:23 pm
survivors. >> cnn's nick watt reporting there and we've just learned that at least 15 bodies have now been found from the boat fire. that is according to u.s. coast guard officials who spoke to the los angeles times. well, new detail rts emerging about the man who went on a shooting rampage in west texas on saturday. seven people were killed and more than two dozen injured. authorities say the shooter called the fbi's national tip line prior to the massacre, but didn't make any threats. he also called 911 before and during the shooting spree telling the dispatcher he was, quote, the guy doing it. just hours before the shooting he was fired from his job. however, the fbi says that was not what set him off. >> i want to be clear. he showed up to the work in a very distressed mental state so it's not because he got fired, right? this did not happen because he was fired which other active
11:24 pm
shooters have occurred. when he showed up to work he was already enraged. >> and we have an update about one of the youngest victims, 17-month-old anderson davis. she was hit with a fragment of shrapnel and family friend haley killerson says her recovery is going well. >> the shooter drove by them and was just firing off rounds. as they were firing off rounds anderson was in the crossfire. it hit anderson, it missed her twin brother but hit anderson and it went through her tongue, her bottom lip and she had some shrapnel in her right chest. they got all that they could out of her chest and there was one piece left but it was just too small to get and her body will push that out eventually. >> just extraordinary. and wilkerson is raising money through the website gofundme to
11:25 pm
help pay for the family's expenses. she has collected more than $200,000 so far. well, the latest on hurricane dorian is straight ahead. coming up after the break we will go live to cnn correspondents on florida's atlantic coast and get reaction from the white house. we're back in just a moment. like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture.
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good boy. hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. welcome back. we are tracking hurricane dorian right now. the storm has downgraded or was downgraded to a category 3
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hurricane but that's only because the wind speed decreased slightly. dorian is still a deadly, dangerous storm and its eventual path toward the u.s. is uncertain at this time. for more than 24 hours it's been sitting over the northern bahamas. residents and tourists on the islands have been enduring relentless pounding from wind and rain and desperately hoping it will end soon. at least five deaths reported so far and then in the u.s. mandato"the mandalorian" -- mandatory evacuations are under way. let's bring in cnn meteorologist derek van dam in stuart, florida, along the state's east cone and nick valencia further north in melbourne, florida. good to see you both again. so, derek, what's the scene this hour in stuart and has anything changed in terms of weather
11:31 pm
conditions since we last talked? i'm looking at the foliage behind you. it seems to be a lot windier now than when we last spoke. >> yeah, the winds are definitely picking up in speed here but it's remained largely unchanged from last time we talked. you know, i don't want to oversensationalize what's happening but the point is we understand that the storm as it makes its closest approach to the east coast of that within the next 24 hours we understand that that could bring in winds over 100 kilometers per hour, close to 75 miles per hour for the coastal areas. not only the storm surge but strong gusty winds but flash flooding. those remain the largest thre threats. we have mandatory evacuations for the barrier islands that run parallel with the peninsula of florida. the evacuation centers here, the shelters set up in place for the evacuees are no longer accepting
11:32 pm
residents. they're no longer accepting people because of the tropical storm force wins have set in. too dangerous for them to allow that the causeways that connect the intercoastal to the peninsula of florida are now closed because winds are sustained over 40 miles per hour, in fact, i've been communicating with ivan cabrera, our meteorologist back in atlanta. we've seen some official recorded wind gusts at the stuart airport. that's very close to the location that i'm at and we're seeing tropical storm force winds there, 42 knots reports which is roughly about 50 miles per hour so you can see the intensity, it fades and then it comes back. it's nothing like the never ending nightmare that's taking place 100 miles to our east on the island of grand bahama but we do understand that conditions will deteriorate as the storm makes its closest approach to us within the next 24 hours, rosemary. >> derek, you mentioned those storm surges because that is the big concern and, of course, the
11:33 pm
flash flooding. how prepared are they to take that sort of extra what we were talking about four to seven feet? >> yeah, 1 1/2 to 2 meters, that's the potential storm surge threat for about this area northward into basically the space coast, we're in the treasure coast, an area we're located in. the storm surge is really for the immediate coastline, obviously it's the threat that the ocean brings to that area, that's why they have the mandatory evacuations for those barrier islands for viewers who don't understand what a barrier island is, it is basically the first line of defense between an approaching hurricane and the mainland of the united states, the florida peninsula. so it is that barrier between the populated areas and the ocean and the approaching storm so those susceptible areas to storm surge are a concern. coastal erosion, the more of
11:34 pm
this storm wobbles to the west, the more intense the weather conditions become, especially along those coastal communities and they are so susceptible to any wobble of this particular storm. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. thanks for joining us. let's go to nick as we mentioned further north in melbourne, florida. and, of course, we're talking about these storm surges and flash flooding but you were mentioning earlier that people now that they realize the trajectory of dorian will maybe take it away from the coastline, people aren't as worried but they should be, shouldn't they? >> yeah, the storm surges are certainly a factor and they're going to be a factor so is erosion, beach erosion, a big problem, significant damage, that's going to cause probably millions of dollars of damage, similar to what we saw in hurricane matthew. it sat off the coast and grinded
11:35 pm
its way up and caused damage. but you mentioned this fatigue factor. it's been days they've been expected to feel this impact of the storm. these early morning hours we're finally starting to feel wind gusts that for right now, rosemary, more annoying than they are uncomfortable. but residents here sort of let their guard down as soon as they saw the track of this storm shift from making a direct impact on coastal florida to gripeding up the coast and the conversations that we had yesterday on the beach which was one of the most packed days we've seen it in the days we've been out here, a lot looking at the waves but in the conversations with us, they said they're going to stick it out. of course, there are those newly arrived floridians that are more anxious, those that perhaps have never been through a storm before but for longtime florida residents they've been through storms that are more severe and more significant than this, in fact, in the last four years that has felt an impact from hurricanes five different times
11:36 pm
so they're really used to this and accustomed to this. around town you drive around town through these streets, what really shocked us yesterday was just how few businesses had boarded up. how few businesses had taken the precautions, i think that started to change yesterday afternoon. more plywood going up and people started to deploy shutters and putting out there but by and large those we've spoken to aren't taking it as seriously as emergency management officials would like them to. we started to feel wind gusts, it's going to be more significant this time tomorrow. we are hoping we could talk to more residents to see if they're taking it more seriously now that they're starting to feel the impact but the conversations i've had so far, rosemary, they're not taking it seriously as emergency management officials would like them to take it. >> people in the bahamas who were having to deal with hurricane dorian right now, they're really feeling it and that's a warning to everyone. a red flag, indeed. nick valencia bringing us the very latest there from
11:37 pm
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welcome back. hong kong's embattled chief executive said she never discussed the possibility of resigning with the central government despite a leaked audio recording obtained by reuters that had her saying she would quit if she had the chance. in a news conference earlier monday lam says she thinks quitting would be an easy one out and blamed herself for causing, quote, unforgivable havoc that led to months of anti-government protests and told a group of business leaders she deeply regrets pushing the controversial extradition bill
11:42 pm
that sparked the demonstrations but insists it was her decision to do so. well, in the united kingdom prime minister boris johnson has threatened to seek an early election to keep lawmakers in his own party from blocking a no deal brexit. uk media reports say a snap election could come as early as october 14th. if so-called brexit rebels vote against the government in the coming hours. and nic robertson reports on the pm's speech from london. >> reporter: well, the speech by the prim came at very short notice and followed a short notice cabinet meeting that hasn't been on the agenda earlier in the day and the prime minister when he stepped up to the podium sounded as if he was give agent campaign speech speaking about improvements to the plans for the health service, for the police service, for education as well, additional money to be spent, but then he went on to say i don't want another election.
11:43 pm
you, the public, don't want another election. but then he had a warning for his own mps, his warning for them, don't vote against me when parliament goes into session again on tuesday because if you do, you undermine my hard line no deal brexit negotiating position with the european union in brussels. >> if there's one thing that can hold us back in these talks, it is the sense in brussels that mps may find some way to cancel the referendum or that tomorrow mps will vote with jeremy corbin for yet another pointless delay. i don't think they will. i hope that they won't. but if they do, they will plainly chop the legs out from under the uk position and make any further negotiation absolutely impossible. >> reporter: well, as the prime minister was speaking there we were beginning to learn some of the details of what the
11:44 pm
opposition does plan when the parliamentary session restarts on tuesday, what they plan to do is to force the prime minister into either getting a negotiated deal of the european council summit in the middle of october or if not, get parliament to back him on a no deal brexit and if he fails, then he has to write to the european council requesting a brexit extension until the 31st of january next year, 2020. the prime minister in his speech said under no circumstances would he be going to the european union to ask for an extension. the battle lines are drawn and how the sides fall, we'll find that out tuesday. nic robertson, cnn, london. the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan says he has reached an agreement in principle with the taliban. pending the final approval of the u.s. president.
11:45 pm
the u.s. could start pulling troops from five bases across afghanistan within 135 days. so long as the taliban meet conditions set in the agreement. now, this comes as the taliban claimed responsibility for a massive blast in kabul on monday. the explosion killed at least 16 people and wounded more than 100. on saturday taliban militants attacked the city of knnduz. we turn to the lebanese/israeli border and it's mostly calm there right now but on sunday it was a much different scene. the lebanese militant group hezbollah fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles into israel triggering israeli artillery fire. now here's our report. >> reporter: a very different day unfolded on monday in northern israel than what we saw
11:46 pm
earlier. yes, we heard drones overhead as the military, the idf remained on high alert but other than that it was mostly a return to normalcy, a return to routine in northern israel. a different day than what we saw on sunday afternoon when hezbollah launched a series of anti-tank missiles at an israeli military base and israel said there were no injuries or casualties in that strike. in response, israel fired about 100 artillery shells into southern lebanoning itting what they say was the area from which they were fired as well as other targets in southern lebanon. the military also says they use what had they termed very limited use of helicopter strikes. but that came to an end just as quickly as it began. within two hours of those being fired israel had lifted restrictions on civilians in northern israel. a very strong indication that israel thought at least from its perspective this was over and we heard from lebanon, there was also a return to routine on that side of the border. the united nations force in
11:47 pm
lebanon which monitors the border in touch with israelis and lebanese had been so throughout this escalation and then a short time later said essentially glyphing the all clear said there's a return to calm along the border but urged both to de-escalate. the situation seemed foe ease and that de-escalation on both sides, then came the threats from both sides. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the guy in the bunker referring to the leader of hezbollah knows why he's in the bunker and reinforced that israel would defend its citizens and soldiers and nast -- and the successful firing of those anti-tank missiles. what we're used to seeing not a peaceful border but tense but calm border and much more rhetoric flying back and forth and in that sense this is back to what we're used to, a tense
11:48 pm
border, sides that don't get along and effectively are enemy but where there is a routine and there is a bit of normalcy. oren liebermann, cnn, northern israel. >> dorian remains a living nightmare for the bahamas. the latest on the monster storm when we come back. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. if ylittle thingsate tcan be a big deal., that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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there is no rest for the bahamas from hurricane dorian. the powerful storm is now a category 3, over grand bahama island, with pounding rain and
11:53 pm
winds. at least five people have been killed by the storm. it devastated the abaco islands, with major flooding and buildings torn apart by the winds. president trump has approved state of emergencies, as dorian moves closer to the southeast coast. his aides are keeping him briefed on the storm. kaitlan collins has the details. >> reporter: today, the president teeing up at his golf course, outside washington, as dori dori dorian approached the u.s. >> i'm not going to be playing much golf. >> reporter: he spent the morning attacking the media on twitter. retweeting on the storm and the fire in california.
11:54 pm
as white house officials insist he was briefed hourly on dorian's movements. >> the federal government stands ready to assist. >> reporter: after a week at camp david, the president returned to washington, for a briefing at fema's headquarters, where he seemed baffled by the storm's intensity. >> i don't know if i've heard of a category 5. i knew it existed. >> there's been four category 5 hurricanes since he's been in office. it's not a surprise that he is surprised by the term. >> i never knew a category 5 insisted. >> reporter: he claimed alabama was in dorian's path. >> for alabama, please be careful also. >> reporter: the national weather service in birmingham, alabama, tweeting, that's not so. alabama will have no impacts from hurricane dorian. the system will remain too far
11:55 pm
east. >> that was kaitlan collins reporting. the governor of north carolina has also requested a federal disaster declaration, which will need president trump's approval. if granted, it will need federal assistance. we'll have more on dorian's path, next hour, with live reports from the florida coast. you're watching cnn. do stay with us. this is rick blomquist. his life is pretty comfortable. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable. my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took
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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and from all around the world, i'm rosemary church, at cnn headquarters in atlanta. hurricane dorian weakened slightly over the past several hours. now, a category 3. as you can see from this image, from the international space station, it remains a very large and a very dangerous storm. it's the biggest storm ever to strike the bahamas. and at least five deaths are reported there. and it hasn't quit. dorian has been stalled for more than a day over grand bahama island, after delivering a


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