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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 9, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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they won in a big way. he looked fabulous. >> i'm sure he did. new this morning, impeachment, it's not just for kids anymore. congress returns to work after a congress returns and it's not just with brand new trapper keepers. investigating aspects of the president's behavior in new ways. the house judiciary committee would vote on a legislation that lays out the praocedures on a nw impeachment investigation. also we're learning about the breakdown in talks with the taliban. president trump tweeted he had invited taliban leaders for a secret meeting at camp david. so let's begin with joe johns. he is live for us at the white
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house. joe? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. there is a lot on the table for congress when they return to session especially on the house side. there's the issue of health care, possible gun legislation, also that trade deal with canada and mexico. but for many democrats, the big focus right now is an impeachment inquiry into the president. >> for me this is about making sure we're signaling that nobody is above the law and that includes donald trump. >> reporter: as congress returns from recess, divided house democrats are considering moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into president trump. the house judiciary committee could hold a vote as soon as wednesday. sources say democrats will focus on possible violations of emoluments clause, reports of trump dangling pardons to officials. >> and they keep digging their
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hole. they keep going after things because they hate the president so much. >> reporter: it comes as president trump is under fire after canceling a meeting with the taliban leaders at camp david. an apparent effort to end the nearly 18-year war. >> we can win it very quickly. if i'm willing to kill 10 million people in the course of a week or two, we could win that quickly. i'm not looking to kill people. >> reporter: the cancellation came after the taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack at a kabul check point that killed 12 people including sergeant first class ellis angel ortiz. mike pompeo defending the president. >> president trump made the right decision. said that's not going to work. >> reporter: but trump getting criticism from people of his own party. >> i never want to see these terrorists step foot on united states soil, period.
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>> president did the right thing by walking away. i'm very concerned, though, we were close to having taliban leaders there. >> reporter: some democrats agreeing. >> this isn't a game show. these are terrorists. >> i'm concerned that our president isn't listening to his generals, to his diplomats, to the intelligence skmunt. >> reporter: pompeo saying president trump is aware of the history. >> if you're going to negotiate peace, up to deal with bad actors. while there have often been discussions about war at camp david, there have been discussions about peace there as well. >> reporter: there've been nine rounds of talks so far. many saw this deal as the best chance for ending america's longest running war. not clear how much this cancellation has been affected -- has affected the possibility, at least, for peace. >> joe johns for us at the white house. we're going to much more on afghanistan and these talks. joining us now, cnn's john avilan and laura coates. i want to begin with these new
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impeachment procedures or rules that the house democrats are trying to institute. this is p-102. they want to pass a resolution in the hearing that would conduct in different ways than other hearings. spell out how secret grand jury information can be used. and trump's counsel can respond in writing. what are they really trying tooed? what do they get out of this? >> i think they're trying to avoid the exhaustion that the american people have already. this is a little bit too little too late. what happened with the momentum of the mueller report and before that. they have also learned their lesson. they're aware the american people don't want to see congress grand stand on the hearings. they want a structured way of asking questions. they also want to know, okay, grand jury testimony, it's out there. they're able to avoid giving it over. how do you work in that? so you have essentially a congress learning its own lessons from its own mistakes.
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the problem is going to be trying to convince the american public that impeachment is now more about political election interference. it's about having the presidency informed into a cash cow for donald trump. that's a very different story line that happened in the past year and a half. whether they'll be nimble enough to pull it off is the question. >> the way the history books are written, does this week start the official look into impeachment inquiry? >> the issue here is if you ask jerry nadler and other democrats, they claim it's already been an official investigation. >> but it's a slow creep. so nobody knows an impeachment inquiry has been beginning. but now if they're doing a vote on wednesday, is this the official start? >> it really would be. here's the reason. remember, up until now it's been nebulous. are you doing impeach. ? what if conversation happening here.
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before it was the semantic ts thing. now it's a matter of saying, look. here is the clear line in the sand. we are moving ahead. we know we have a deadline looming of a 2020 election. but we have got to keep moving forward at this point. >> there's a significant thing that has happened over the course of the summer. in june only 82 democrats supported impeachment. now it's 134. for everyone who said the mueller report was a big nothing burger and this was all doa, there's been a decided shift. folks went home to constituents and heard they should stand on what is principle. >> was that jerry nadler working things? >> i don't think magical mr. nadler is all of it. but this is significant. a lot of folks said this was all over and mueller was a great disappointment, but moment stomach shifting beneath the
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scenes. and adding emoluments, profiting off the presidency, other inquiries that are going to open. >> stormy daniels. they want the stormy daniels thing to be part of this. >> folks will say look the poll numbers aren't there. at 42% where it was earlier this summer, that's around the line where it was for nixon at the start of the process. well ahead of the 29% during the bill clinton impeachment. >> i'm going quote jeffrey toobin. or misquote him. he said the best way for congress to hold hearings is for congress to hold hearings. they've done a lot of talk about how they're going to do this without doing it. >> i don't know who he is, but i've heard about him. he sounds like a fine gentleman. he's right in this instance. the best way to start a goal is to start the actual goal. you have to do something about it. the problem is when you said stormy daniels, the american people may not be interested in
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that line of inquiry. you know -- >> i know the american people. >> all of them have called you, alisyn. >> and the white house will now just sort of glide over the fact the president continues to deny that was ever a thing. look. the hush money payments are comparatively small, but let's not forget we impeached bill clinton over an affair in the white house. >> you know what? the more made ya matter is the idea of the emoluments issue. as sexy as emoluments are. >> they can be. >> it's funny you say that. there's new -- >> you have naked emoluments. >> yeah. you want sex sexy? okay. the military has been diverting to president trump's resort in scotland. >> much like vice president pence? >> yes.
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vice president pence stayed more than a hundred miles away from where his talk wrs at president trump's resort that we have now learned that the air force has been diverting to stay there. why? why are they doing this? >> why is the attorney general hosting a $30,000 christmas party at a trump hotel? it's a part of a party. it's part of the president uplifting the profile of his facilities. taking advantage of something that is utterly improper on the face of it. if a democrat was doing it, republicans would be screaming bloody murder. >> so this is a base in scotland. this isn't the same base that mike pence stayed in. >> you have a different -- your choice of resorts. >> it's in the isles there. what the air force says is it's near the base -- the trump property is near the base where they needed to refuel and they got competitive rates of it. and they now say, this is a quote. we understand lodging at higher
3:10 am
end accommodations even within government rates might be allowable but not advisable. might be created through the appearance of air crew staying at such locations. that's not admitting to illegal activity, but they're acknowledging this looks awful. >> we talk about the hint of impropriety. this is a gut punch of impropriety. you want the commander in chief to lead the sources. when you have the appearance of all the places, of all the bars you could go to in the world, of all the joints in the world you could go to, you were at this one. is emoluments about? look. the president of the united states is not supposed to be able to use and profit off of his brand. and the hotels you use are the ones that taxpayers would allow you to stay at. >> and don't forget, look. this is in the constitution.
3:11 am
the founders weren't ambiguous about this. this is hard baked by the guys in 1789. the other thing about that statement. that's kind of how endemic this has gotten. we're not even noticing that it's absurd. >> and to tie this up, most political analysts on both sides, when you get to corruption and money, that's something that stinks on both ends and people don't mind hearings on those things. that'll be interesting. >> okay. thank you very much. stick around. we have many more questions. peace talks with the taliban abruptly broke down over the weekend. so why did president trump first invite taliban leaders to the u.s. during the 9/11 anniversary week? we discuss all of that next. wow!
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stunning new details this morning about the collapse of peace negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban. the key sticking point was that the president wanted a deal announced after the summit so he could look like a deal maker.
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now, earlier this year, cnn's chief international correspondent spent 36 hours reportering from inside controls areas of afghanistan. just the idea the president would invite the taliban which of course is the organization that gave safe haven to al qaeda during the 9/11 terror attacks, just help us make sense of why that was a good idea. sfl it's really hard to understand the logic behind the decision to invite the taliban to camp david. not least because while the sort of -- you know, the details of the plan had been put into place, it was really just awaiting his approval, there was broad criticism that this peace plan was not really a peace plan. it was more of a negotiated withdrawal. it did not protect the afghan government. the afghan government did not have a seat at the negotiating table.
3:18 am
it did not guarantee women's rights. it did not guarantee a nationwide cease-fire. and a lot of people on many sides thought it was just being bulldozed through too quickly without the proper attention being paid to the details that was necessary to call this season actual peace agreement. the kind of peace agreement that would, perhaps, justify a meeting or a summit at camp david. even though then one would have to question the optics of doing that on the very week of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. there's a lot of argument it's been 18 years, trillions of dollars, time to get a peace deal going. >> liz cheney who is the daughter of the former vice president dick cheney who was so involved post-9/11, she wrote, camp david is where america's leaders met to plan our response after al qaeda supported by the taliban, killed 3,000 americans on 9/11. in member of the taliban should set foot here ever.
3:19 am
the president is right to end the talks. and getting back to what they hope to get from this, clarissa, it's really interesting. because "the new york times" has reporting here, there's been these negotiations going on that you've been doing great reporting on that's been happening in doha. but that wasn't enough for the president. the president apparently wanted to be seen as the one to make it all official. the times writes this morning, the president stayed out of the details of what had been a delicate effort. mr. trump wanted to be the deal maker who would put the final parts together himself or at least be perceived to be. he wanted it to be his deal. he wanted to be the guy to end, broadly speaking, the war in afghanistan. it's not that simple. >> it's not simple at all. listen. president barack obama won a nobel peace prize. it's not hard to think trump
3:20 am
could have seen a nobel peace prize in his future if he was able to broker this. when you spend time on the ground in afghanistan and with the taliban, you realize the complexities of trying to pull something like this off. the taliban has not fundamentally changed ideologically from the fundamentalists, isolationist jihadist organization it once was. while they are tired of fighting, they are tired of losing men on the battlefield, they're tired and worried about the next generation joining more jihadist organizations, more extremist organizations. you have to ask yourself whether this is just political opportunism in the moment and they want to seize on the u.s. desire to withdraw and quickly use their power from the afghan government or whether this is an earnest, real, sincere attempt at forming a power sharing
3:21 am
agreement with the afghan government. if you have any doubts about that, that's why you need to have the devil in the detail about the agreement. you need to be talking about a nationwide cease-fire. and it's not just for the sake of the afghans and the afghan government but ultimately for the sake of the u.s. going forward. once the u.s. withdraws, it would not be beyond the realm of possibility, afghanistan goes back to being a safe haven for terrorists from around the world. >> so when you did your excellent reporting from there and sort of -- embedded is probably the wrong word, but got to talk to them and spend time with them, what was your impression of what the end game is? do they want peace talks? what are they ultimately looking for? >> they're definitely tired of fighting. they're tired of war.
3:22 am
they paid a huge price in this war as well. but if you look at the fundamentals of what they are actually about, i'll give you an example. they'll say, oh, we've changed on women's rights and issues. we're saying women can be educated. that's good because in the '90s when taliban was in control, they couldn't be educated. then you probe them further saying how would that work? they'll say, actually, after women hit puberty they won't be able to go to school anymore with boys because there has to be complete segregation of the genders. and of course the schools don't exist that would have separation of genders. er -- instances of them being more pragmatic, more conciliatory, more willing to cooperate with the afghan government. but when you look at the fundamentals of their ideology, it hasn't changed. except on one issue that when we quiz them about, they were
3:23 am
adamant. they say there is no way they would allow safe haven to any terrorist to al qaeda because they have paid such a dear price to the invasion of afghanistan. at the same time, the concern becomes that the younger, more fundamentalist, more jihadist factions will splinter off from the group when a deal was made and join groups like isis. there is an atmosphere now in which terrorist groups can continue to proliferate. and that will only get worse if the right conditions are not set on the ground for any u.s. withdrawal. >> thank you as always for being with us and helping us understand this. we're going to have much more on this throughout the show. grand bahamas is dead. that is the message one local resident had for a cnn team that traveled to a town on the island that was destroyed by hurricane dorian. we have a live report next.
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this morning desperation is growing in the bahamas. hurricane dorian destroyed so much of the abaco islands and grand bahama. over the weekend evacuees in a ferry headed from freeport to florida were told to get off if they did not have a visa. >> please passengers that don't have u.s. visa, please proceed to disembark. if you come into usa, you will have problem. >> this reported in miami. one reporter said 130 people left the ferry including families will children.
3:29 am
now, on its website u.s. customs and border protection says visas are not required for bahamian residents flying to the united states. they also meet other criteria like a passport and no criminal record. president trump has been asked to waive visa requirements for evacuees. patrick oppmann has traveling to an area just destroyed. what did you see? >> reporter: good morning again, john. here in freeport, yes, there's still no power or water. but things are slowly getting better. we are seeing food distributed, water distributed. if you're very patient, you can get gas. but the real sad irony is when you go to some of the hardest hit areas by dorian, it feels as if the storm just happened. to get to the places still cut
3:30 am
off by hurricane dorian, we have to go by boat. we've been traveling now for about two hours by boat. it's the only way to get here. this is our destination. the eastern most end of grand bahama island. we know that it got hit really hard, but not much else. the road is still closed here and we have not heard how the people here are doing. we really don't know what we're going to find here. we head from freeport to mclane's town. dorian filled in the channel and scattered cars throughout the small harbor. we have to navigate around the submerged vehicles. we're going over a car right now. it's a car under water there. it looks like a war zone. and there are fatalities. people like eva thomas'
3:31 am
relatives who remained and lost their lives. you think about the paem who stayed behind, what must have they gone through? >> yeah. and i think about i had a nephew and three of his kids die in storm. my heart is broken. i say i can't imagine the terror that they were faced with before they passed. >> reporter: mclanes has been wiped off the map. it's difficult to conceive the force that could cause this kind of damage. it's just other worldly to think the winds and the water could bury so much of this town under broken trees, broken houses, and we really don't know what is undernaet all of this rubble. it'll probably take weaks or longer to dig out and faind out
3:32 am
what is buried here. all around us is an eerie way et. it is the sound of a town that has died. alex kerry is haunted by the sight of his cousin's dead body. >> she was swollen. like a dead dog ready to burst. that's how she was. swollen. >> reporter: the death toll is officially 45 but add up the dead and missing from these small towns and the true loss of life seems higher, much higher. what little help arrives here comes by boat from other bahamians. these people brought water from abaco also ravage bid the storm. the rubble tells the story of lives interrupted. a shoe, a broken teapot, and award from a church. thomas tries to recover what's left of his town. a town he no longer recognizes.
3:33 am
>> tell you the truth, i kind of feel lost. lost everything, you know? just look, you know, totally different. you never expect anything like this, honestly. >> for so many here, all they have left are the things they carry. >> and patrick oppmann joins us again. we don't know what's undernaet the rubble. we don't know that happened to hundreds, dozens of paeeople. we know people are trying to get off those islands and to the united states. they're being restricted to travel. they're being told to fly. how does that work? >> reporter: it doesn't. because there haven't been flights from freeport to the united states. the only way it could work is if
3:34 am
you could get on one of the very few flights. we showed you how the airport looks. and then from nassau go to the u.s. a couple days ago they were letting people take boats and ferries. then all of a sudden they've stopped. it is a catch 22 that people are caught in right now, john, and people who have already suffered so much. >> it's the last thing they need right now. thank you so much for your reporting from grand bahama. >> just remarkable images from patrick. now to something happier. 19 majors and counting for nadal after a thrilling five-hour-long match to win the u.s. open. can he catch roger federer's all-time grand slam record? >> yes. >> don't answer that, john. >> oh. sorry. >> andy scholes with the bleacher report next. 7 ♪ limu emu and doug.
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. the first sunday of the nfl season is on the books and all is right with the world. because the patriots won. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> it could be another miserable
3:39 am
season for us, alisyn. the reign of the nfl doesn't look like it's coming to an end any time soon. over the weekend they signed antonio brown to a one-year deal after his drama with the raiders ended with them cutting him on saturday. brown wasn't on the sidelines with new england last night. . unveiling their sixth super bowl banner last night. tom brady and the patriots just dominating the steel neers in t one. new england wins 33-3. obviously bill belichick was in a great mood and ready to answer questions about antonio brown. >> do you have any comment on the reports -- >> no. >> of antonio brown? >> he didn't even let him say antonio brown before he said no. that's great. to tennis. rafael nadal winning in a thriller. it was the third long eest ever.
3:40 am
looked like it was going to be over quick but medvedev came back. this is grand slam title number 19 for nadal. that puts him just one behind roger federer for the most all time. and nadal fave years younger. so chances are he'll catch him. >> back to the patriots for a second. i feel like you're only encouraging berman here. >> i'm a patriots fan. i know it's a problem but i'm a patriots fan. this entire nfl season is now brought to you by andy cohen of bravo. this is pure scripted reality tv. it's delicious. of course, i mean, everyone's going to hate it if you're not a patriots fan. but i don't know why you wouldn't be a patriots fan. >> he's really, really good at catching the football. i meaning with really good. >> that's an understatement. >> put aside the law.
3:41 am
he's good at catching the football. >> there are problems there, andy, with how -- i remember when a-rod signed with the yankees. it was like elvis joining the beatles. >> to be a flay on the wall for the first meeting between belichick and antonio brown where belichick is like, no social media, you have to be on time. i want to see how it's going to work out. everything antonio brown has showed us so far is he's not in for the patriot way. we'll see if he adapts. >> you know what, though? that's going to make really good tv. it will. this is kind of his last chance. he's really, really great. he's a great football player. but at the same time he has to play for a team to be a great football player. you can't just keep doing the wrong thing. and the belichick way, if that's an indication when he said no and didn't even answer. that's a meme for a congressional hearing. no. i love it. >> u.s. open thoughts?
3:42 am
serena? >> i was pulling for serena. i really was. mostly because otherwise i'd feel old that a 19-year-old beat her. but i'm telling you, it's one of those things where serena williams is still such a contender. she's still so poised. but to pass the torch she did in a classy way, how can you not be a fan of hers? >> she's getting to the finals a lot but she's having a hard time winning. >> at this point, she's going to be 38 years old in a couple weeks. it almost might be time to start saying when is she going to win number 24 is if she's going to win number 24. no one's ever won grand slam titles at serena's age. she holds the record for that. with players like andreescu and gauff getting better and better and better, it's just going to make it harder for serena to win a title. >> you're not making her feel any better. >> thank you. tom brady is old and he's still making it.
3:43 am
>> he's 42 and still kicking it. >> there's hope. >> thank you, guys, very much. >> andy sets on brady. so bill blocking a no-deal brexit is expected to be approved today. what does that mean for prime minister boris johnson? we have a live report on this critical day in britain next. ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums
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so the bill that stops a no-deal brexit becomes law
3:48 am
today. but boris johnson is expected to make a push for a snap election though opposition parties are united against him. so what will happen? max foster is outside parliament in london with his take on that. what is today going to look like, max? >> reporter: don't ask me. we're taking it hour-to-hour. it's horribly complicated. everyone is shifting all the time. we saw boris johnson up against his irish counterpart. both of them committing to leaving the european union. the uk leaving the european union at the end of october. the problem is, they both say they want a deal, but the irish side really representing europe in this situation saying that britain hasn't presented them any sort of new proposal, so what are they supposed to work towards? and saying britain leaving the european union is a huge task which is going to be difficult to crack ahead with. meanwhile here in london as you say, there's this vote today on
3:49 am
whether or not there should be an election. and boris johnson wants an election but is going to be blocked today in parliament. just doesn't have the numbers. at the same time, we've got this law that's come into effect which would force him to ask for a delay in brexit if this whole process breaks down. he says he won't do that. an interesting idea has popped up here coming from his side, i have to say, that perhaps he could write a letter to the european union adding a letter saying he doesn't want a delay and therefore the european union would have to decline it. it's all become very murky, very political. we're trying to keep up with it and we hope to have some progress as the day progresses. it really is hour-to-hour. >> okay, max. we're counting on you to figure this all out. actress felicity huff man will be sentenced this week. her new explanation for why she
3:50 am
thinks she does not deserve jail time. that's next.
3:51 am
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will be in court this week. we're hearing her side of the story. she says she is deeply ashamed of what she did. she's begging for no jail time. laura coates back with us. also frank bruni who has written a book about college admissions. it's titled -- >> "where you go is not who you'll be." >> fantastic. felicity huffman writes in my desperation to be a good mother, i talked myself into believing all i was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony now because it was the opposite of fair. i was trying to be a good mom, not a felony. is that enough for no jail time? >> no. it's not even persuasive. think of those who do things and have a whole lot of excuses. i was paying for drugs because i had to get something at home. end of the day yob committed a
3:55 am
crime and you knew better. there are so many parents out there listening to her. the right thing may have been and was to say you've got a fly on your own with your own wings. if you do not fly, then you do not fly. and them's the brakes, kids. >> the idea of paying often saying i'm going to pay thousands because i don't believe in your opportunities and i want to give you a fair shake. at the end of the day, zero to six months of possible jail time with somebody who has no criminal record, somebody who is a celebrity and you have a little bit of celebrity that could go either way for her. asking for one month as the prosecutors which could include time over her head, never in jail. >> william h. macy is himself a celebrity, an actor. i think it captures the irony of
3:56 am
how these privileged parents think they're give these. he captures it. here's what he says to the judge. our oldest daughter has paid the price. she had been a accepted to a few schools but her heart was set on one in particular which doesn't require s.a.t. scores. she started as one of several thousand applicants. she flew to the school two days after her mom's arrests after the selections. the school emailed her withdrawing their invitation to audition. >> that caught my eye too. he then said that she called home hysterical and said please do something. so to laura's point about not teaching your kids to fly on their own. this happens to her after all that's come home and she calls home and says mommy and daddy fix this somehow. that's a view into what had been going on for years probably in the household in terms of the kids believing mom and dad would
3:57 am
come to the rescue. even after mom is paying someone for the score of a.s.t.s, she still asks. >> i hear your point. i don't know if it's true or not the daughter didn't know, but the notion of it -- the fix it notion of it, many kids do think their parents can do something. however, this is a very different scenario where you have to teach people. we don't have laws this in this country. it's so unfair, don't you think? >> what i'm saying is, yes, they said their daughter didn't know someone was literally taking her s.a.t.s and making the math answers right. there's no way in all the years up to that moment they didn't get the sense that mom and dad were willing to move mountains to make sure they got a fair shake.
3:58 am
>> the scandal here is the system in place. have you seen -- because you look at this every day. any sign these colleges have changed a damn thing? >> no and that's a great question. this is so emblematic of the uneven playing field. one or two of them will use it as a pivot. nothing has happened. and that really shocks me. >> what's going to happen to felicity huffman? >> they have 27 or more letters in support of her file to say associate me. >> from other actresses and her husband. >> to be clear, everything great in my life is because of felicity. eva longoria about how the supported her woman to woman for
3:59 am
having equal salaries and pay. you're looking at less than a month in time because she took an early plea. did not make the government expend resources trying to get a conviction. you have not tried to play the game as, say, maybe a lori loughlin has played. by korts look at the people who say i was wrong, i should have done better, and i will favorably. at the end of the day, this is going to be a lasting thing for not only her family but other parents looking up saying -- listen. this is not an anomaly. this scandal could have been in any year, in any area of the country. that's the real tragedy. >> i guess although we particularly are living in a time of helicopter parents who manage every single thing for their kids. thank you very much. we're learning stunning new details about the collapse of these peace talks between the
4:00 am
president and the taliban. "new day" continues right now. it's very odd to invite a terrorist organization like that to camp david that's not in keeping with the way that the united states negotiates. >> the president should not be negotiating with these really evil people. >> 70,000 people now left homeless because of hurricane dorian in the bahamas. so many of those islands completely obliterated. >> we have ships coming in back and forth all day. >> right now i want to get on that boat. >> okay. it is a beautiful morning here in new york. congress is back today from its


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