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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's that he fancied himself sort of moving in those circles? >> sure. he seemed to like the pa tina of intellectual gravitas it gave him, but also he wore these sweaters of these universities, he talked a lot about his contributions to them, and i think that did continue to elevate his platform even after his conviction. >> so is all of that money, even the money from bill gates, the money from leon black, all of the money that may or may not have come through jeffrey epstein being returned? >> they have not said anything about the fate of that. it's $7.5 million that are in that category of either directed or given by epstein. what they have said is that they are going to launch an independent investigation and as we know, joichi ito is no longer in that job. >> ronan farrow, thank you as always for sharing your investigative journalism with us. great to have you. >> thanks for covering this. >> thanks to our international viewers. "cnn newsroom with max foster."
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for our u.s. viewers, we have breaking news with canceled talks with the taliban. "new day" continues right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. good morning and welcome to your "new day." monday, september 9th, 8:00 in the east and we have breaking news. new details on president trump's plan to hold a secret meeting with the taliban at camp david. cnn has just learned that vice president mike pence opposed the plan, aligning himself with national security adviser john bolton. both men raised concerns about holding the meeting on the week of the 9/11 anniversary. both were overruled by the president. now this comes as house democrats will begin a big step forward on impeachment proceedings. multiple sources tell cnn the house judiciary committee could vote this week on a resolution that lays out the procedures for an impeachment investigation. >> also, this morning, a new republican challenger for president trump. former congressman and south carolina governor mark sanford says he will join two other republicans who are taking on the president for the gop
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nomination. president trump has taken notice. he tweeted about sanford moments ago. he slammed all three challengers as, quote, the three stooges all badly failed candidates. let's begin with cnn's joe johns, live at the white house with all of the breaking news. joe? >> interesting little nugget now, from kevin lippack, our white house producer on the developments that led to the united states planning and then aborting a meeting at camp david between the president and the taliban, kevin liptack reporting that vice president mike pence himself was opposed to the idea and aligned himself with the national security adviser, john bolton, in saying they did not want to have this meeting at camp david with the taliban. one of the considerations, obviously, the fact that camp david is simply seen as a place for peace, a place where the
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united states holds in high esteem, if you will. another question that's been raised over the last 24 hours about this is the timing of such a meeting that was planned, the week of september 11th, the anniversary, in fact, of september 11th. the news from the white house, vice president mike pence disagreed with the motion of holding that meeting. back to you. >> joe johns at the white house with the breaking news this morning, thank you very much. joining me now is a new republican candidate for president, mark sanford, the former governor and congressman from south carolina. thank you very much for being with sfus my pleasure. >> welcome to the fray. the breaking news, the president had planned to hold meetings at camp david with the taliban on the 18th anniversary of the september 11th attacks, what's your assessment of that idea? >> it fits with much of what you've seen from this president, he seems to be tone deaf on the way in which messages are
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received. that was true in the former congressional district i used to represent, basically a lot of folks being turned off to the subtleties of tone. in this one it's not a subtlety, it's a big tone blowup wherein they don't take into account 9/11, are you kidding me? >> would president mark sanford hold meetings at camp david with the taliban? >> i would not. >> you are entering the race and just got in yesterday. you know, it's stacked against you, 84% of republicans now favor the president, given job approval of 84% according to the latest cnn poll. why are you sflurunning? >> i think the republican party of late has lost its way and walking towards the most uncertain financial storm, we're not having a conversation on debt and government spending which used to be the coren stone of what the relationship party was about. we need a conversation about this notion about the way in which we're connected to the
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world, looking inward or outward a coren stone to what the republican party used to be about, is the idea of open trade. it's benefited our nation and economy. we need a conversation about the institution, the framework of government. i think at times the president is challenging and finally again, going back to the tone we were mentioning, we need to have a conversation about humility and tone in the office which i think this president misses. >> you have talked about tone some over the last few years, but you're staking the candidacy on budget issues and fiscal discipline. how are you going to weigh the two? >> well, again, the center of the bull's eye to your point for me is the way in which we're walking toward a financial storm that has implications for people's jobs, savings, for the american dream. it's amazing to me the republican nor democratic side are we having that debate. we have a president who called himself the king of debt and i think is taking us down a dangerous road, whether a republican or a democrat. >> gets to the idea of spending some.
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vice president mike pence who who was just on an international trip, stayed at president trump's golf resort in ireland. it was about 180 miles from his meetings in dublin. he traveled quite a long way, planes, trains, and automobiles to get to the meeting, what do you make of that travel arrangement? >> it doesn't look right, doesn't smell right, seems wrong both at a taxpayer level, optics level and goes back to the emoluments clause, are we having the american taxpayer do things that directly benefit the president? >> are we? >> it would seem that way to me. >> he's vee lating the emoluments clause? >> i can't make the case and i'm not a lawyer but i would say that's the way it seems to me. >> if he is that would be a breach of the constitution and would be impeachable? >> it would. >> would you favor impeachment proceedings? >> i don't. i think it would be a political mistake that will have the reverse effect. i think ultimately elections are the way in which you move from a president that's heading in the wrong direction. >> read you the statement out of
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the south carolina republican party. it's not nice. >> yeah. >> you've given decades of your life to this party. they say let's be clear this is about mark sanford looking to raise his political career from the grave not him wanting to advance ideas. the simple fact is that south carolina republicans overwhelmingly support president trump and know this vanity project is going absolutely nowhere. >> they hit hard, i get it, but i would say two different things. one is, are you kidding me? are we taking our cues from north korea now in terms of the electoral process? what we can't say as conservative republicans we don't believe in big media in terms of directing election outcomes, but tell you what a handful of us in a room will decide the election outcome for more than 3 million folks living in south carolina and i think that's a mistake. and so i think one, it's an awfully anti-democratic process that's being subbed by the party. two, i think that if you look at the numbers, which interesting to me about the polls is that
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about half the respondents say, we would like to see the president challenged, we would like to have debate as to what it means to be a republican and again what they're doing in the state will prevent that and i think it's a mistake. >> how does it -- >> frankly doesn't smell right. >> what doesn't smell right? >> in other words, if you're in the process of winning elections and you have a chance to stack up a 90% win in the first of the south primary which will have implications in the rest of the primaries in the south, you take it. it says to me that they're seeing their support as being a mile wide and inch deep. the fact that you call off an election in south carolina, when supposedly you might get 90%, they don't believe that. >> are you saying the president is scared of you? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying there's something wrong with that result because it doesn't make political sense to me. >> it doesn't hurt at all or how does it feel coming from the south carolina republican party, these are your people? >> no. they're not my people. with all respect to drew mckissic, the people that have worked at the grassroots level
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i've gotten to know over 25 years in politics two terms of governorship, 12 years in the house, lot of elections in between, those are my people. those are the people that have always tried to watch out for the people who had nothing more, living the simplest of acomtations, because they're the folks that are the forget man or woman. >> you're not the only one in the republican side running against president trump, william well, former congressman joe walsh, have you talked to them? >> i put in a call to joe. i did not speak to him. i did speak to bill. i called both of them prior to my announcing what i did. >> would it dilute the opposition on the republican side to president trump to have three people in the race as one? >> no. i think it strengthens it. what the administration is basically said, what the training catrump camp said, it was bill well, a voice crying in the wilderness, it's -- pay it no attention. when you end up with three
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candidates and three different candidates saying there's something wrong with this presidency, what's going on here is not consistent with the republican party that we know about, believe in and invest major portions of our life in, that's a different conversation. >> the president calls you the three stooges. >> he's allowed to say whatever he wants. >> he has a ma jortive word for all kinds of folks. whether that's rex tillerson who had a distinguished business career, general mattis, whether that's paul ryan who was the author of the tax plan that made its way through the legislative process, he seems to come up with a name for everyone. >> he is dismissing you and other people have dismissed you as well, in any other year if you had a sitting president challenged by a former congressman and two former governors inside the party the reaction might be bigger than it is now and seems substantial. >> again, it's natural to the world of politics, people circle the wagons, but again, we're making a giant mistake as republicans if we simply circle
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the wagon and say we're going with trump period. football teams across this nation are made strong bir the fact that they scrimmage, by the fact that they practice and get ready for the game on friday night. if we say we're circling the wagons waiting for next november we will make a mistake. >> bring the football preseason metaphor here in the nfl, teams get injured and they end up losing in the regular season because they're hobbled in the preseason. are you trying to damage president trump for the general election? >> no. i don't own what i don't own. what i own is talking about the way in we're walking into a crazy financial storm, the way in which i believe the president is leading us in the wrong direction on the economic matters, and then you let the chips fall away. at the end of the day the american way is competition. our ideas are made stronger, teams are made stronger, businesses are made stronger by competition and that should be the sdmis trying to make president trump a stronger nominee? >> i'm trying to, again, improve the republican party as to what we stand for. the things it historically stood for is not where it is right
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now. >> alex burns, profile in "the new york times," in your jumping in the race, is it true you took a bus to new york, riding in the front seat of a bus up here because that was the cheapest way to get to new york? >> yeah. i'm notoriously frugal and yeah, like 350 bucks for the flight and it was -- for some reason the train which i normally would take was a bit more and my boys, who used to live in new york, had always gotten in a mega bus, so i -- it was like 30 bucks for the mega bus and yeah, i spent the same four hours and 15 minutes on the phone i would have spent on the train. i think it was time well invested. >> george conway working with george walsh, married to kellyanne conway, have you been talking to george conway about your run? >> i have had conversation with him. >> has he been supportive? >> time will tell. >> he's not supportive yet? >> i'm not going to divulge a personal conversation. how about that. >> thanks for coming on and talking about your candisy.
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all right. new this morning, the u.s. air force is ordering a review of how it selects overnight accommodations on long international flights. why? it was revealed crew members stayed at president trump's turnberry resort in scotland. this is raising new questions about president trump potentially profiting off the presidency. live with the details here, lay out what happened? >> it's a bit of a complex issue going on here, but essentially the top air force leadership has ordered this review into how air crews conduct layovers while flying internationally.
5:18 am
air crews often have to spend the night at various airfields in route to places like the middle east and recently they've been spending a lot of time overnighting at prestwick air field in scotland close to the turnberry resort. the house congressional oversight committee had launched a bit of an investigation into exactly why air crews had stayed at the turnberry resort. now the air force had reviewed that specific case, said that the actual cost per night at staying at the trump hotel was within the rules, but the air force now saying just because something is allowable, that doesn't necessarily make it advisable. in fact, that's why they're ordering this review into how hotels are selected and how high-end hotels, as the case in turnberry, are selected because of the optics here. the concern that these air crews may be spending their money at hotels that are a little bit higher end or that have connection to the president while they have increased the number of nights in scotland, the air force saying because the
5:19 am
airfield is centrally located, 24/7 and nothing to do with the nearby accommodations. >> thank you for all of that reporting and explaining that ryan. joining us is rachel, the congressional reporter for the "washington post" and cnn political analyst and they have lots of new reporting on what's happening this week. they're back, congress is back in session, and we understand from your reporting that jerry nadler of the judiciary committee is going to do something kind of official this wednesday, which is move forward with this resolution to i guess begin something official on impeachment? >> officially. >> officially. >> officially. yes, it's a procedural move. he is going to be authorizing his committee to take these new authorities but they're going to be allowing their own internal staff lawyers to question witnesses at hearings and there's this resolution will do a bunch of other sort of smaller things like that, let the committee have these closed session hearings where they can hear sensitive information
5:20 am
potentially about grand jury information if they can get it that was used in special counsel robert mueller's report, but the point of this sort of obscure resolution is that they're saying this is their first official step on a path to potentially impeaching trump. they're holding it up as a big deal. there's a reason to be skeptical. after the judiciary sort of came out with this and the members started talking about this, and remember this is a committee that very much wants to impeach trump, i called around to some leadership sources, people close with speaker nancy pelosi, they were very much taking it down, this is not what it seems, not necessarily a move towards impeachment, yes, it gives them more authority but other investigations have used this authority before. what we're seeing right now and in the next few weeks is very much a collision between pelosi and nadler, the pro-impeachment crowd and the speaker who is cautious on this and sees public sentiment has not changed and doesn't want to go in this direction. >> it is interesting because
5:21 am
they spent the weeks before the recess, chairman nadler and people on his committee, telling us they had already begun an official impeachment inquiry saying this is the official impeachment inquiry we don't need to vote. clearly they want to vote on something which is why they might be doing this now. the question is how far will they take this? there are some members of the committee who want it see votes on articles of impeachment and think we should take this all the way, no matter what nancy pelosi does here, maybe we should just vote to impeach the president in committee no matter what happens? what are you hear about that. >> to your first you're right on the rhetoric. we've heard for weeks and months they were trying to sort of grow support for the number of democrats that would support an impeachment inquiry. they have passed a majority of the house democratic caucus, which is a significant milestone. you're right just before the break nadler all of a sudden started saying we're already in an impeachment inquiry and doing this, we don't need to take a vote, we're already there, contradictory to the message
5:22 am
they were sending before, very confusing, right. to your question about how far are they going to go on this, i think the judiciary committee and the members very much think that they're going to craft articles of impeachment and ooiri think they're right on that. they will have hearings that will expand their investigations beyond just the mueller report but looking at is trump trying to enrich himself in office, what was his role in the hush money scheme to pay off these two women alleging affairs with him in 2016, and, you know, i don't see another result other than them putting together some sort of resolution. the question is going to be do they vote on it in committee, is pelosi going to be okay with that and just having them vote on it in committee and not on the floor. pelosi, remember, she's not going to bring this up unless the public supports it. once again, democrats have not been able to move the needle so far to get a majority of americans to support impeaching trump. >> one thing a majority do support is tackling the epidemic of gun violence, including
5:23 am
universal background checks. it has been a bloody summer. these in terms of mass shootings. these lawmakers are returning back to congress. the american public is begging them to take some sort of action. the odessa, texas, shooting would have, could have been stopped with universal background checks. people who don't want any more laws about guns say it wouldn't make any difference, this one would have made a difference. so what's going to happen in congress? >> yeah, so today you're going to see speaker pelosi and minority leader chuck schumer in the senate having a press conference with the dayton mayor, dayton was one of multiple cities still struggling and recovering from a mass shooting that happened over the summer, and they're going to be pressing mcconnell to take up a house passed gun bill that would basically expand background checks like you just said, background checks we have new polling out at "the washington post" this morning that shows not only democrats, but 80 something percent of republicans
5:24 am
also support expanded background checks. they're going to be trying to put the pressure on mcconnell. mcconnell says he's not doing anything unless trump is going to lead on this. obviously they're concerned about what nra is going to say, what is their base going to say, even though the polls show the base is actually there. and the president has just been wish-washy on this. first he was with background checks expanded background checks, and then he wasn't, and he seems to be sort of all over the map. without his real leadership, it's really up in the air and i personally don't see expanded background checks happening. >> it does seem that mitch mcconnell asking sort of privately in other republican senators, like roy blunt, asking publicly, basically they're like, mr. president trump, tell us what you're supportive of here. listen to the senator. >> what the leader said this week, i think maybe it's the second time he said this is, we're not going to vote on bills on the senate floor that president is not willing to sign. the president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for
5:25 am
what he would do. >> they're basically asking the president for help here. >> it's funny, some republicans will argue that if trump were to endorse expanded background checks, that his base will turn on him. i actually don't think that's the case. i think that a lot of republicans we've seen over and over again, if you look at the past two years, have supported positions that they traditionally would not if trump steps out and leads on them. so republicans, obviously, are watching him if they're going to take any moves in this direction, he needs to be the one who can sell this to the base. i think it's going to be interesting to watch. there's been a rhetoric shift, i do think, with republicans now. i'm not saying that expanded background checks is going to pass any time soon, but i was talking the other day to senator mike braun, an indiana republican, super hard core conservative, and he said too often conservatives don't want to talk about this issue, but if we don't do anything, there's going to become a time -- there's going to be a time in history in the future where
5:26 am
democrats will be in control and they will pass a law that we hate. his sort of argument was, we need to do something on this an he's open to talking about more background checks, though what that looks like i'm not sure it's the same as what the democrats want, but there's a sense that republicans know this keeps coming up and over and over again, and the public support is moving in one direction and it's not in their direction. we'll have to see what they do in the next few weeks, but obviously this conversation is not going away. there's going to be, unfortunately, another mass shooting at some point and it's just going to keep coming back until they do something. >> rachel bade, thank you for sharing your reporting with juice should democrats move forward with impeachment with the, you know, first 2020 votes months away. a house member is here with us next. s... so bookers can book now... and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that?
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well, congress gets back to work today and all eyes will be on the house judiciary committee. it is expected to vote this week on a resolution to define impeachment proceedings against president trump. joining us is a member of that
5:31 am
committee, democratic congresswoman debbie powell of florida. thank you. now this is a busy week for you all. explain what's going to happen on wednesday? your committee, the house judiciary committee, led by jerry glad her, is going to officially vote on starting some sort of impeachment inquiry, investigation? i mean what will look different after this wednesday? >> good morning, alisyn. i think that it's no secret that we are actually in the middle of an impeachment investigation. this is just going to be a procedural vote to allow us to look more deeply into violations of the emoluments clause and obstruction. i think the american people deserve better than an administration that continues to ob strubts and will allow white house counsel to have due process and answer to some of these requests, but it's just a procedural vote. what you will see and what the
5:32 am
american public is going to see is, it's going to intensify. the impeachment investigation will intensify moving forward. but what i don't want us to lose focus on is the work that we're doing in the judiciary committee, which is coming up this week, marking up three additional gun reform bills. those are the main priorities for the committee this week. >> i will get to guns. i mean that is one of our top priorities in talking about it on the program this week as well. but i just want to ask you about that, the impeachment. are you saying this no longer has anything to do with russian interference in the 2016 election and that you've moved on to the emoluments clause violations for the president? >> no, no. we continue to investigate russian interference, obstruction of justice, abuse of power. this is just allowing us to get more documents as they pertain to the illegal hush payments
5:33 am
that this president ordered michael cohen to pay for the two women that had been alleged in those illegal payments and just to expand our purview to include the emoluments clause. we continue to investigate russian interference which is one of the top and most important threats that we see coming in the 2020 election. >> and is speaker nancy pelosi on board with chairman nadler's idea to sort of kick this into a higher gear? >> i think speaker pelosi respects chairman nadler's work in the committee and i think that she is, for her, the most important thing is for us to have the strongest hand possible against this president and for the american public to have the whole truth and to get all the evidence. this is just another procedural vote as we continue to intensify our investigation. >> okay. let's move on to guns. while you all have been out on your recess, it's been particularly bloody summer in terms of mass shootings in this
5:34 am
country, so what can congress do to stop this? >> well, what we have already done, alisyn, is send a bipartisan bill to the senate back in february, it's been almost 200 days this bill has been sitting on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's desk, what we are continuing to do is marking up additional gun reform bills, including banning the sale of high-capacity magazines. i think that it is very important for senators, for the republican senators, to start putting more pressure on the senate majority leader. the american public has spoken and they have spoken loudly. more than 90% of americans support a universal background check for people purchasing weapons. i think it is incredibly negligent by the senate majority leader and republican senators that sit idly by as we continue to see these mat shootings.
5:35 am
we in the judiciary committee continue to focus on that work and i think that the american public is demanding action today from the senate majority leader. we're going back to d.c. and ready to do our work. i am asking our republican senators to do the same. >> it seems like there's this frankly catch 22 where senator mitch mcconnell is saying i'm not going to vote on something until the president shows leadership and tells us what he wants to vote on and president trump is saying i'm not going to say what position i have until i see what mitch mcconnell is going to present to me. so that's just -- what do democrats do about that? >> i think that we continue to put pressure on the senate majority leader. i don't think he has the ability to point fingers. we are three branches of government, alisyn. we have the power to do the work that we have been sent by our constituents to do. they're speaking loudly. they are demanding us to take action. we can't continue to wake up every morning to the news of
5:36 am
another mass shooting. we have mass shootings and we have people that are buying guns that are committing suicide. we see shootings in my community every week almost. this is aer. al personal issue to me. i lost my father to gun violence. it's not just me, it's so many parents in my community that have lost their children to senseless gun violence. if there's something we can do we need to do it. >> i wanted to talk to you about what's happening in the bahamas. this weekend 130 bahamians who have been displaced, their homes have been destroyed, we've seen the mass destruction there following hurricane dorian, they got on a ship heading to the u.s. to seek shelter with relatives. and then after they had already boarded with their children, 130 of them were told to get off the ship because reportedly they didn't have visas to travel to the u.s. well, they don't need visas to travel to the u.s.
5:37 am
do you have any idea why that happened and on a larger point, what aid the u.s. is giving and what's happening in the bahamas today? >> look, what we have seen in the bahamas is complete and utter devastation and as floridians we understand the pain and the suffering that people and families experience after such a strong category 5 storm. we have asked the administration to ease any visa restrictions and i don't understand what happened on that ferry. again, i think that there's probably some incompetence there. we actually -- the south florida delegation had a meeting on friday with consulate general, the bahamian consulate general and we are working closely together in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that we can provide all the assistance that bahamians need. bahamians are a part of you are community here, alisyn. i don't know if you're aware, but they were some of the first settlers that helped build this
5:38 am
city. they're not just our neighbors, but we continue to go to the bahamas, most of us have been there several times, and so i have been very proud to see our community come together immediately after that hurricane passed to assist in relief efforts. one of the things that we need to do in congress is ensure that the administration allows for bahamians to be able to travel swiftly to south florida and be reunited with some of their family members they have here in the area. >> congresswoman debbie powell, thank you very much for all of the information. >> thank you, alisyn. >> john? >> days away now from the next democratic presidential primary debate. so joe biden, is he still the clear national frontrunner? what do some new state polls tell us? we'll get the forecast next. our 18-year-old
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all right. new this morning former vice president joe biden holds a comfortable lead in this national poll among democratic voters. is that the whole story? what do you see when you look at some of these key early voting states? >> the forecast wisenior politi writer harry. >> it was a week off but i'm back with two of my favorites. this is lovely. we'll have a lovely time together. isn't that nice, everyone? let's take a look at this. an abc news/"washington post" national poll, same story, joe biden out in front, 29% matches the average over the last month, 29, sanders 19%. close to his 15%. 18% for warren. matches up nicely. a consistent story in the national polls.
5:44 am
one thing i will point out which i think was an interesting nugget from the abc news/"washington post," how certain are you of your choice, right, and basically what we found was among biden supporters, 64% said they were backing him versus 34% who said they may change their mind versus among the other candidates, only 34% said they were definitely backing their choice, which is interesting. >> it's interesting because what you hear about is the passion on the campaign trail, the passion is for other candidates, elizabeth warren getting 20,000 people and no one really is that passionate about him. >> it's other way around. not just name recognition. this is real. we were talking about the early states, look at this, i have all four on one side, so proud of myself. this is from cbs news/ugov and a different picture in iowa, biden up by 3 over sanders, warren at 17%. new hampshire it's warren up by a point, really a three-way tie for first, nevada, sanders up 29% to biden's 27%. warren at 18%. south carolina with a mar jorty
5:45 am
of the electorate african-american, biden well. >> we have been having a debate about this. isn't this more significant than the national poll? >> i think they are both significant. if you look back over time, i would weight both of them. it would be one thing if biden was down in the early states like rudy giuliani was back in 2007 at this point, right, if he was down in iowa and new hampshire, but the fact is he's up here and here as well, up here in south carolina which is so important because it does suggest his african-american base is holding. >> he's agreeing with me but being polite. >> no. i like both of them. i like both of them. come on. >> iowa is everything. iowa everything campaign. >> this is something that i think is interesting because we only get a few of these early state polls and i want to point out some differences between the cbs news/ugov poll and a mun most poll at the beginning of last month. biden at the same point, 29%, 28%, warren 17%, 19%. look at this, though. sanders is significantly higher in the cbs news poll than at
5:46 am
monmouth, 9% versus 26%. one of the things we ask ourselves is there something going on with the sampling stuff going on. in all honesty before the polls came out, i think elizabeth warren would be rising not bernie sanders, but these are two different looks. >> it's possible that bernie sanders did something in iowa? >> it's plausible. we aren't seeing him rise nationally. i'm suspect. i would almost sort of cut the difference here but it does give you a different look and this is important when looking at polls there are margins of errors and sampling issues. >> there is movement in new hampshire towards elizabeth warren? >> yeah. take a look here. this is, take a look at the cbs news/ugov versus our cnn poll done in the beginning of jewel and what we see here is look, this is basically a three-way tie for first place. she's up from the cnn poll, 19% versus 27%. sanders up a little bit. but this is so interesting, this is really just a three-way tie and that's the way i would sort of describe it, the top three tier. >> nevada. >> this is another one.
5:47 am
we never talk about nevada. my friend john a writer throughout, a buffalo bills fan, went to the university of michigan, don't care too much for that, but the point is here, cbs/ugov poll, sanders up 29%, way up from the monmouth poll june 6 fredericka whitfield 11th. could things have shifted? maybe. when you only have a limited number of polls going on, i would tend to be suspect of moving priors too much and averaging tends to be the right way to go. >> a new addition to not this debate this week, but the next democratic debate, yes? >> we got number 11, tom steyer, who in a cbs news/yougov nevada poll, fourth qualifying poll at 2%, hit the fundraising benchmark, the field will be wider come october and i believe that will mean two debates. see if they can squeeze 11. >> if they do two debates the field is smaller than we will have seen. >> that's correct.
5:48 am
a five and a six. >> but you may not get two of the candidates you want at the same time. >> maybe not a warren/biden. >> another team besides the patriots that won yesterday. >> ♪ my buffalo bills we're 1-0 and i celebrate it by drinking a diet dr. brown black cherry ♪ >> your uncle neal never called and asked you for kwads vice. >> he has never. he does his singing, i do my dancing. >> does he approve of the jingle you did for dr. brown? >> you know what, i think he just approved of me being happy. that's what you want your nephew to be. >> probably right. >> that's right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you. all right. now to this, the coast guard is widening the investigation into the lab dare boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast. we have details of the latest in the investigation next. guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie.
5:49 am
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5:53 am
fire that killed 34 people with search warrants. dan simon is live in san francisco with the latest on the investigation. what's happening, dan? >> well, hi, alisyn. this represents the newest phases in terms of the investigation. ultimately to determine what caused that ship to catch fire and whether anybody should be held responsible. now it's important to remember that the boat, the conception, passed all of its recent coast guard inspections, but questions have arisen in terms of some of the safety aspects of the boat, including the fire suppression system as well as the escape hatch, was it visible, was it easy to maneuver. there was questions whether there was a roving watchman on duty that night required by the coast guard. in terms of the number of people who died, 34, it's believed that all of them died as a result of smoke inhalation and not burns and because they're so confident of that it appears that no autopsies will be performed. finally in terms of the overall
5:54 am
salvage operation, it was suspended because of weather. it's believed that the operations will resume probably some time on tuesday. again, the search warrants carried out at the parent company truth aquatics, a lot of different things were taken including boxes. we don't know what evidence they're looking for, but obviously opens up a new phase in this investigation. john, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks very much for that. we'll stay on this story. the good stuff is next. but we can give you unlimited talk, text and data for just $30 a line for 4 lines. and that comes on our newest signal. no signal reaches farther or is more reliable. so you can... share more sunsets. stream more videos. and stay connected with friends while you slide into fall. all for just $30/line. and for a limited time, you can get free smartphones too! come to t-mobile now and get new 4 lines of unlimited and 4 free phones for just 30 bucks a line! ♪
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums . the good stuff, brought to you by tums. fights heartburn fast ♪ >> it is time now for the good stuff. the university of tennessee gave a fourth grader the last laugh. the boy wanted to represent the university at his school's
5:59 am
college colors day, so this is what he did. he drew a logo on a piece of paper and pinned it to an orange shirt. that's initiative. >> that's creativity right there. >> then a turn for the worse. right. he was in tears by lunch time after some of the kids at school made fun of his sign. the teacher posted the boy's story on-line hoping someone would help with an official shirt. the post went viral and the university sent a care package full of all this university of tennessee swag. the university also turned the boy's design into an official t-shirt, i love. some of the money from shirt sales will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. >> that is a fantastic moral to the story, but i mean in the olden days we made t-shirts and home made t-shirts like that. that was how we did it. >> i think it looked great. looked great. it's great for the university to chip in and get him the other stuff too. >> are you trying to get university of texas to send you -- >> university of tennessee.
6:00 am
>> to send you a t-shirt. >> yes, obviously. >> okay. >> all right. thanks so much for watching "new day." "newsroom" with poppy harlow and jim sciutto starts right now with a breaking news exclusive. good morning. i'm jim sciutto in new york. >> i'm poppy harlow. we're glad you're with us. we begin with a cnn exclusive, this is your reporting, you have learned about a highly secretive intelligence operation by the united states. >> that's right, poppy. multiple trump administration officials with direct knowledge tell me in a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017, the u.s. successfully extracted from russia one of its highest-level covert sources inside the russian government. knowledge of the covert source's existence was restricted. there was no, quote, equal alternative inside


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