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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 12, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and elizabeth warren will face each other directly. this is a matchup a lot of voters have been waiting for. we have new reporting this morning about how biden and warren plan to handle the situation. including a new attack on warren from a key biden supporter this morning calling her a hypocrite. we're waiting to see if warren responds. a new cnn poll shows biden still leading the pack by a smaller margin before. his lead is largely fueled by support from black voters. in other news, the trump administration announcing plans to ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes to curb the teen vaping e ining epidemic problem u.s. there's a lot to cover this morning. let's begin with cnn's athena jones. she's live in houston with a preview of tonight's debate. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. well, it's debate night once again. this time it's one night only. all top ten candidates appears
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for the first time on the stage together. who's on that stage? klobuchar, buttigieg, biden, warren, harris, o'rourke, castro. as for what to watch. we know that biden is still going to be a top target as the clear front runner. he could find himself on defense over his gaffes, his statements, his record. but elizabeth warren is also going to be a target. we haven't seen any land any punches on her in the last two debates. but she's on the rise in polls and has momentum. so how much will she be attacked? how will she handle it? will she be able to explain how she'll pay for her big ideas. and we'll be watching that matchup between warren and biden for the first time on stage. we could see a clash between the progressive vision warren with and sanders are pushing and biden's. we expect biden to say we knead
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more th -- need more than plans to win. we'll also look to see if the two progressives on the stage differentiate themselves from one another. they've had an amicable relationship on the stage. and what's going to happen to the other candidates in the mid-single digits. folks like kamala harris, cory booker, beto o'rourke, julian castro. what will they do to break out? will harris be more prepared to defend her prosecutorial record. for the first time we're going to see all of these folks on the stage together. >> all right. stand by. we'll come back to you in a bit. joining us now laura coates. jess, why will tonight be different than others?
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>> you can't overstate how exciting tonight is. i'm very excited about today. it's everybody on one stage which we know is not going to happen in oklahoctober again. this is the big chance to see all of the top tier candidates right next to each other in conversation with each other which we haven't seen before. so biden has been parked at first this whole time. and elizabeth warren is the only candidate who is consistently rising in the polls. she won both debates she participated in pretty decisively. he hasn't had the best nights when he's gotten out on that stage. i think she needs to keep proving she can hold her own on any stage including ultimately next to trump. and they need to make sure they don't wither next to her energy. that's what we're looking at tonight. >> such a great point. they have very different styles, obviously, laura. you'll see it i think in stark relief tonight. what we've been calling is the progressive versus prag gnmatic
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ideologies. >> the last time you had a big matchup, you had kamala harris and joe biden when she confronted him about his past choices. this one is now about the democratic party and which way it's going. is it going in the direction of an overall restructuring? or is it going to the tried and true. that will be as much of a battle as anything else on stage tonight. not just the energy. we know there'll be a red jacket warren by elizabeth warren. that joe biden will be center stage. but he will be between a rock and a hard place of two progressives battling for the soul of the democratic party and what happens next. >> how do we know there's going to be a red jacket? >> i wore a green one. i did. but -- >> you mixed it up today. >> i did. i was trying to go with jessica. she had a yellow and green vibe. i wanted to do it. >> if joe biden wore a red jacket tonight, that would change everything. jessing wi jess, i think we saw something in "the washington post" different.
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ed rendell wrote an op-ed criticizing elizabeth warren for what he called hypocrisy. i don't want to go to the substance of the article. i want to go to the facts. she's do well without being confronted directly on any number of things. really whether it be her policy or other things in her record. if she's going to keep rising in the polls, she is going to face head-on criticism. >> well, i would argue while she hasn't faced head-on criticism from other candidates, she has been taking incoming from those campaigns. her opening bid was a pretty rocky start. she's not had the carpet rolled out for her in the press for sure. and of course the republicans are not treating her with kid gloves. so i think that she's taken a little more heat than i think people are thinking of now because she's had sauch good summer. you know, i've worked on campaigns that ed rendell has
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been a part of. i wouldn't necessarily assume that what had said was reflective of the actual campaign strategy. i think both candidates are well positioned tonight to make the case on the substance of the policies they're promoting. i think that's probably what we're going to see. it's about an idea that politics used to work that biden has. that he wants to return to that time when politics worked. he wants to work with republicans. i don't know if that's going to hold up against really big generational transformational change and the acknowledgment that our political system hasn't worked for the majority of americans for a long time. we get to see those two debates, those two ideas debated next to each other tonight. that's probably where the focus is going to be. >> by the way, there are eight other candidates. >> oh, are there? >> there's only three in the center. what do you mean? >> they're hoping they'll have a breakout moment. anything's possible. these are early days.
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anything's possible. >> it is. i'm looking for as a voter, don't criticize one another. they're going to feed into the hands of the republicans. you're going to provide for them republican talking points used against them in the end. but if you're looking ahead to the primaries, you need to see them distinguish themselves from each other. and what are they going to present to the american people? it doesn't mean you have to be uncivil, but it does require them to evaluate and assess and at times probably disparage one another. if they don't do that, it's going to be essentially an equilibrium that will be exploited eventually. as a voter, what are you going to do? who are you going to look to if they don't do this tonight? >> i am curious how much donald trump will be a factor on the debate stage tonight. in detroit, he wasn't. >> yeah. i think that it's -- i find debate days really fun because you get to see a bunch of smart people who understand that our country is in a bit of a mess and they have actual plans to
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fix it. those plans differ. but you can have that conversation without even talking about donald trump. trump is a symptom of a problem before he got elected. you don't elect a president like donald trump unless you have deep seeded issues. this is about more than just getting rid of donald trump. this is about healing our country. a >> here is top choice for the democratic nominee for registered voters at the moment. biden at 24%. warren 18%. sanders 17%. harris 8% buttigieg 6%, o'rourke 5%. but debates change things. >> but they haven't. >> look, they did for a minute with kamala harris. because of the debate with kamala harris when she had that breakout moment, then there was that spike and everything
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returned to the mean. but who knows. >> i mean, there was a heck of a breakout moment for kamala harris. if she could repeat that in a way that furthers her campaign, it's going to be remarkable. if you're buttigieg, o'rourke, harris, klobuchar, castro, yang, i mane this must be so frustrating to know it has essentially been unyielding no matter what momentum you have. you're getting on this debate stage. you're one of ten people. and here you are still on the outskirts of the stage hoping to have that one moment to talk to you. i hope that's going to translate to people seeing them as powerless or have the electability question finally answered. >> or maybe people want something familiar right now. voters are playing it safe. >> the mac and cheese of voting? the comfort food? >> that's the biden argument. that's the substance of the biden campaign. couple things, jess. two great articles today. one, there's one about cloeb shaar when she talked about how frustrated she's been.
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she's asked to criticize elizabeth warren or bernie sanders without trying to talk about amy klobuchar. and then herndon has a great piece of kamala harris. we were just talking about the idea she needs to be clear what her positions are. >> yeah. i think honestly both of those women have a similar goal tonight. and that is to clearly articulate the rationale for their candidacies. they're both incredibly compelling and popular senators. there's a reason why there was so much media attention around them when they decided they were going to run for president. i think neither one of them has truly kr truly crystallized this is where i am and where the country ought to be heading. i think we don't northeastly know that from either of them yet. but every time we get on the debate stage, people google kamala harris. they want to know who she is. they want to know more about her. she halz a real opportunity. there are people waiting for her to make her move and stick there. if she's able to do it, there's
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a big well of support there waiting for her. >> your enthusiasm is infectious for your super bowl tonight. thank you, jess, laura. thank you very much. we have brand new reporting this morning about who president trump is considering as his new national security adviser. this would be an historic pick. so historic it has only been tried once before ever in america. welcome to fowler, indiana. 1st
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the supreme court allowing the president to drastically limit the ability of central american migrants to claim asylum in the united states. back with us to discuss this and more we have laura coates. also joining us cnn political analyst john avalon. this is a big win. this is what president trump had wanted. he wanted them -- if you're transiting through a different country, say, mexico, then not to be able to apply for asylum once you get to the u.s. this is what he was referring to many months ago when he said why do we have to take migrants from blank-hole countries. el salvador was one of those he was referring to. and it sounds like the supreme court has agreed. >> the administration wanted to say if you've tried to pass through any other country to get to the united states, you weren't in dire enough straits. you could have settled some place else. you could have sought off there. we're not going to have that. we want to have asylum only for those people who say this is the
3:17 am
only place i could be. otherwise i'd be unsafe. so they had made this case through the courts and it's supposed to continue through the courts. it's supposed to keep going up to the appellate process before it reaches the supreme court. but as a matter of what sonia sotomayor talks about a reflection of the administration, they have sidestepped that. saying we could wait for the appellate process to go through or we can go straight to the supreme court. and in doing so, the supreme court essentially said, look. we think the administration should not have to wait until it makes its way through the court. instead sotomayor had a great descent. we talked about this in the green room about this. the notion she's saying, hold on a second. are we not going to have a judicial process? you come to us whenever you get an answer you don't like. >> and the answer is yes. sometimes they want to slow roll through the supreme court. other places they want to hit the gas. the thing is the majority seems very amenable to arguments about executive privilege.
3:18 am
and that's basically what this was. this is going to work its way through, but for the time being you can do what you want. in the process they reverse four decades of u.s. policy as well as the spirit of america's opening to refugees. >> we talk about the legal implications here. this is a huge policy change. this will affect tens of thousands of people. this will fundamentally -- you know, you talk about a wall. a wall will do nothing compared to what this change will do legally. it means tens of thousands of people who have been coming to the border seeking asylum will not be allowed in the united states. but this is a huge shift that will take place immediately. >> yeah. and it's designed to really stop the caravans he's been fear mongering about in cohort with folks -- >> and his counter, by the way, to 200 years of u.s. history, how it's been treated in the past. >> that's my point. this is the statue of liberty and the lazarus poem. >> legally before we move on, are other people or just the administration allowed to
3:19 am
leapfrog right to the supreme court? is this unusual to not work your way up to -- through the appellate system? or are they doing this because it's an urgent matter? >> it's highly unusual. this is not the we have appellate courts for a reason. every claim when somebody is unhappy and mind you what happened in california in the ninth circuit, it wasn't fully decided yet. they put a pin through it and said, you know what? we'll come back to it after we've been fully briefed. the supreme court now takes cases that haven't been fully ef brooed and no one decided below? that's ridiculous. and the ninth circuit said we hear you. we're going to limit our injunction to the ninth circuit. so this is ridiculous and she pointed it out. >> in a few hours, a big development or not inside the house judiciary committee. they're going to take a vote. >> way to sell it. >> but this is the controversy. you see where i'm going.
3:20 am
>> i see it from a mile away. >> they're going to formalize some of the procedures in their impeachment discussion. now -- >> you're right. that is scintillating. >> what they decide to do or not do, may not be important. but what's clear is there's clear disagreement inside the party. listen to did different democrats say different things about exactly what's happening. >> is the house launching an impeachment inquiry? had. >> is it an impeachment investigation. >> no. it's the same thing we've been doing. >> do we meet the definition required to get grand jury material in court? >> during the midst of a l investigation. i don't want to get caught in semantics. >> too late. too late. who's going to tell the congressman? look, they are officially announcing an impeachment investigation. that is not the same thing as impeachment. but it is going to be designed to define the rules of the road,
3:21 am
satisfy some democrats who say how come you're not doing the right thing by their definition? >> why is it not the same as an impeachment? >> that's a matter of saying what's actually happening. an impeachment investigation is different from actually impeaching a president. >> of course. you believe this is officially the start? >> the democrats who want to impeach the president will believe this is a start. but they're going to have to make a decision by probably the end of the year. >> the thing is those democrats have said there's an official impeachment inquiry underway. >> this is back to school. >> liberals want to say we're doing it. moderates want to be able to say we're not. nancy pelosi wants to give all of them the ability to say whatever they want to say. >> i mean, this is like the democrats being the most non-committal boyfriend on the planet. like, what are we? are we boyfriend/girlfriend? have we broken up? are we just friends? what's happening now? and the american voters want to know what's happening.
3:22 am
the reason is because it looks and walks and talks like a duck. remember, this vote is largely procedural. i'm not bitter. that came across differently. i am married. >> the technical term is dating but not committed. >> i didn't know that. it's fine. the issue for me and what i think is it is a tomato/toe ma toe issue. it's not just the semantics but about convincing the american people that they are transformitransform ing this away from the interference of russia. if you think semantics is a problem, wait until -- >> what you're calling for is an impeachment investigation with benefits. >> that's right. >> we have to talk about mike pompeo. >> mike pompeo is getting busier. so the last time this was tried was nixon with henry kissinger. and that is he will reportedly
3:23 am
have this dual role. >> the president is considering bringing on the secretary of state mike pompeo to be the national security adviser. the only time this has happened in u.s. history was with henry kissinger. good idea? >> look, i think as folks look back at kissinger look back at that, they think that is too much power for one man. mike pompeo would love that. there are five other candidates the president is allegedly looking at. i would be careful what you wish for if you're pompeo. if you don't rise to a level donald trump says, maybe he's getting too much more attention, quote unquote, more famous. >> all right. thank you for this spirited conversation. now to this update. there are thousands of people still missing in the bahamas this morning. and now the islands are dealing with another major problem. we have all the details for you in a live report next. i wanna keep doing what i love,
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boris johnson is denying that he lied to queen elizabeth about the knead to suspend parliament. scotland's high court ruling that suspension is unlawful. cnn's max foster is live in london with the break egg details. what's happening, max? >> reporter: we're in the middle of whether the prime minister lied to the queen in court. just explain how we got here. there's been this debate about whether or not boris johnson misled the queen when she agreed to suspend parliament.
3:29 am
now, the high court for england in wales decided that he was in his legal rights to do that. but the highest court in scotland has gone against that. and actually said he did mislead the queen and he did so with the intention of stymieing parliament. cutting parliamentary time so they couldn't discuss brexit options. so did he lie to the queen or not? this is the big question in the british media today. and in the last hour, he was confronted about it. >> did you lie to the queen when you advised her to sus pepend parliament? >> absolutely not. that, indeed, as i say, the high court in england plainly agrees with us. but the supreme court will have to decide. >> reporter: the judges will decide. this is about the deadlock. a battle really between parliament and government. and it's going to be a big case
3:30 am
next week. >> all right, max. please keep us posted on that. this morning an alarming development out of the bahamas. the government there now says the number of people reported missing after hurricane dorian has grown to 2500. there's also new major environmental concerns as well. paula newton live in nassau with the very latest. 2500 people missing. what exactly does that mean? >> reporter: yeah, it is a terrifying number, isn't it, john? and that begins to give us some kind of a scope of what this storm did to the bahamas. the good news is is that does not mean that 2500 people will remain missing for the next several weeks. there has been a lot of confusion. i have seen it first hand myself where you look at that list but there are people who are fine. they just have to be counted on that government website. but it is such a good start right now for loved ones who want to try and find their family members. i want to say as well that includes thousands of people that evacuated directly to the united states. why? there are thousands here with
3:31 am
dual citizenship. they went immediately to the united states. and that has also been an issue here it. to talk about the prime minister last night. he spoke saying there will be an official day of mourning. he didn't say when. so much to mourn in this country. he went out of his way, though, to thank the united states. i have to say given the proximity to florida here, had it not been for the u.s. coast guard, u.s. army, u.s. aid, the prime minister says they could not have begun to think about recovery at this stage. that oil spill, though, you know. this is an oil facility that is on grand bahama. it's like taking the top off a tin can of soup and having that oil just slosh around. this is becoming more and more of a problem. the norwegian company that handles it is trying to clean it up. the problem is it may have headed into open waters. that makes it much more difficult. there are a lot of toxic things
3:32 am
floating around all of those islands. that's going to be one of the things that will hamper recovery. they have to understand how to get rid of it and understand what is toxic and that includes the dramatic pictures there of the oil. okay. one other thing i want to point out is that we are still in the middle of hurricane season here. believe me, nobody here has forgotten that. weather looking okay for now. but still strong winds and rain coming in which is just going to make recovery even worse. >> oh, no. let's hope they get a break with the weather. thank you very much for all of the developments from the ground there. there's also a big development in the epidemic of teen vaping. the trump administration wants to ban a wide range of products. and that's upsetting a lot of people. that's next. they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran,
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a major new development that every parent will want to pay attention to as we see new numbers of explosive growth of vaping in teenagers. the white house says the fda will impose tough new restrictions on flavored e-cigarettes in the coming weeks. basically banning fruit and candy flavors.
3:37 am
joining us now is dr. sanjay gupta. you've been on this vaping story for a long, long time. this is a big moment in that story when the white house is stepping in saying we're going to ban a whole class of these. what's the impact? >> i think it can be a significant impact. there's a lot of people despite the fact we've been talking about it waking up for the first time saying, wow, this is a much bigger deal than i realized. this should have happened a long time ago. they should have had to get this approved before it ever went to market. that's how a lot of these things work. frankly the fda sort of has been kicking the can down the road. saying we recognize this is the way it should work. but you don't have to apply for these approvals. that's what's been going on. that's going to change seemingly overnight now. they are going to apply for these approvals. i think what we're hearing from hhs is that those approvals for those flavorings is not going to be given. >> and if you're someone who believes that vaping has been helpful because of smoking
3:38 am
cessation, this shouldn't affect you, right? unless you're smoking cotton candy vapes. there's unicorn milk. there's gummi bears. what self-respecting adult is using that? well, let me not lead that. >> the answer is yes, they are. >> you might imagine the thousands of emails i get. there's a lot of people who say, yes, i have been using these flavorings. why would you take this away from me? isn't that my right to be able to do that? but it's the right arguments you heard with big tobacco as well. the concern has always been a simple one. and scott gottlieb said, okay. even if these things do help people stop smoking, we're not sure they do. even if they do, if it also leads to a new generation of smokers that is not something we're going to tolerate. these flavorings do target children. and there was other examples that we've been reporting on in this program where they target young people. clearly through social media, through these flavorings. they can say, hey, it's not just
3:39 am
for kids. it doesn't fit with the rest of the pattern that they've used to basically target children. and so if it helps people stop smoking, fine. but people who stop vaping and then that transition, that is real. that is happening. that's the problem. >> two separate issues right now catching everyone's attention. right now, vaping-related illnesses. there has been an increasing number of those. that's one thing. but we're also seeing just these new numbers in the explosive growth -- and i mean explosive growth among teenagers vaping. >> i mean, i think when we first started reporting on it, we were reporting on 11.7%, 12% number. and the numbers continue to go up. look. you said it in the lead. every parent needs to be thinking about this. this is topic number one. whenever my kids refrien' frien over, they know i'm the vaping guy and i'll talk about this. but it's everywhere in these schools. if they're just being totally candid.
3:40 am
they're designed to be concealed. they're designed to not give smoke. people are doing this in classrooms in front of teachers. >> so you can vape and you don't exhale anything that's visible? >> there's not smoke. there's a vapor that might go up. but it can be concealed. >> yeah. so as we've been reporting all week, people are dying. six deaths now. and they haven't figured out why. >> right. and i think you're going to hear from the american vaping e inin association -- that's not us. those are people using illegal products sticking them in our devices. it is their problem because their products are taking the products and breaking them down into molecules and people are inhaling those. when these recongeal causing this inflammatory reaction in the lungs and people are dying. they're going to say, those are rogue characters. >> but do woe know that? has that been proven? >> we don't know for sure what it is.
3:41 am
and we don't know it's not the legitimate products for sure. it does seem to be in fairness the products that are more black market products. thc containing products that have this component known as vitamin e acetate. it's a thickener. you have these liquids, they're thick. you break them down. that's the problem. >> but the big problem here is that we don't have the science on it just yet. the science isn't behind it yet, but meanwhile, these products have been on the market. that's what makes it so dangerous. >> i'm no fan of over-regulation. but how do you allow a product like this that you don't know is safe, you don't know how the molecules change when you superheat it, you don't know what happens when it gets into the body, how do you allow that to be in the body knowing for three years now that kids are increasingly doing this? you know, i think in this case we sort of step down on the job a bit. and we've had a precedent for this before. >> and sanjay, i know you'll be back to talk to one of our guests coming up believing it
3:42 am
helps people. is very unhappy about the administration's announcement. >> is against prohibition. it's going to sound like a familiar debate. >> it's going to be an interesting segment. we'll see you in a minute. so elizabeth warren is gaining on joe biden in the polls, but his support among one crucial voting block remains very solid. so harry e nernten is going to k down our new poll numbers next. there are three words when you live with migraine... "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include
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injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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all right. we are just hours away from the next democratic debate. so let's get the forecast with cnn's senior politics writing harry enten. >> hey! it's debate day! so excited. >> you're like the fonz. >> don't make me potsy. >> we had a cnn poll that came out yesterday and essentially we had biden barely in first place
3:47 am
at 24%, warren at 18% and sanders -- >> how is that barely first place? >> look at this trend. if you compare this to our last poll, we saw that biden was up by 14 points over sanders. and i think the important trend line here, though, just generally speaking is that warren was o cnn poll. she's gone up 15, 14. 18% is the highest she's been in the cnn poll. >> you have thoughts where she may be making the gains. >> yes. this is the important thing to point out all along this has been about electability. a strong chance of beating trump or shared positions on the issues. what we see is 55% say a strong probability of beating trump. if you prefer the candidate who can beat trump, if that's more important. in august biden was leading that with 35%. and warren at 15%. now that lead nor biden has been
3:48 am
cut by five points. she's making inroads. >> is that what you would have expected as the race got closer? or is that unusual? >> i think this is somewhat unusual given the fact when you look, there was a poll out in the general election from abc news yesterday. warren is only leading him by seven. to me when i'm looking at the polling and i see how the voters are reacting, i'm surprised. but sometimes voters surprise us. >> we're going to watch that. one thing that remains consistent and is a positive find for joe biden is where his support is coming from. >> yeah. so we had some large sample sizes so we can actually break this down. look. elizabeth warren leads among white voters. barically 3% to 21%. look at african-american voters. biden is up there with 42%. warren is all the way back at 10%. and obviously with south carolina being the fourth in the nation contest and more than african-americans making up to 20% to 25% of the democratic
3:49 am
electorate, we have to see if elizabeth warren can build upon her support with white voters and get them with hispanics or with black voters. >> after you get back iowa and new hampshire, you cannot win the democratic primaries without doing better than 10% among african-americans. >> she has to do better than this. this has been the thing all along i've been harping on. can elizabeth warren break out from her concentrated support from white college educated liberals. and she's going to end up like howard dean or even bill bradley. >> just quickly, bernie sanders with hispanics at 24%, is that significant? >> i find it interesting. they tend to be younger and more liberal than the other democratic voters. i think that's what's going on there. >> we talk about ideology. whether democrats want a moderate or a liberal. you have some polling on that. >> this is also sort of why joe biden is still in the best position to win the democratic
3:50 am
primary. we said, do you feel -- this was a great question we asked. do you feel the democratic nominee will be too -- >> fear. >> liberal or not liberal enough? 49% said too liberal. biden is the only moderate in the top lane right now. for him that's good news. and more democrats identify as moderate or conservative. >> tell us by age. >> i just love this. look at this. this is amazing. sanders 18 to 29, 32%. japan t biden the opposite. and 35% 65-plus. >> who votes normally? >> older folks which is why biden is ahead. >> there's a message of optimism you want to give. >> i just want to say it's the national day of encouragement, everybody. let's have a great show. >> you're doing a great job, harry. >> you two as well. we've got to give each other applause. lovely, isn't it? >> it is lovely. all right. not as encouraging of a story, antonio brown is facing rape
3:51 am
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(tennis ball hit) when antonio's situation, both him and his representatives have made statements. so i'm not going to be expanding on any of those. they are what they are. >> do you have any comment at all on the antonio brown allegations that are out there? >> no. >> not a word to say? >> didn't i just answer that? >> you're getting nothing. tom brady and bill belichick refuses to comment about the controversy surrounding star wide receiver antonio brown. brown took part in practice yesterday. >> that was significant, john, because you told us to watch for what would happen at practice and that would tell us what's happening this weekend. >> i thought it was the key question. so right now they are sitting and waiting to find out what happens. there is a civil lawsuit
3:56 am
accusing brown of rape. the nfl says it is investigating. laura coates our legal analyst joins us again. remind people, it's a civil lawsuit. there are no criminal charges. and as far as we know, not any criminal investigation. we saw antonio brown practice yesterday. the key request is will the nfl put brown on the exempt list. which means he can't play. >> and he can't practice. >> while the investigation goes on. what do you think the considerations are? >> it's a either a public relations nightmare. the idea that somebody accused in a civil suit which has a lower standard of evidence it's more likely not that it happened if they have it. versus the idea of due process. remember, this is an accusation at this point in time. it's an allegation. you have not had the discovery process that says let me person explain or defend or prove their cases or defend against it. so the nfl right now is in this
3:57 am
effort. let this all play out. or are we going to say along with the me too movement, along with the presumption of believing in an alleged victim and opportunity for that person to be heard. can they actually accomplish that and still allow the person accused of this of playing? now, they have a long time that can decide this process. they don't have a deadline when they can put antonio brown on exempt list or otherwise. they do after he plays this coming sunday. we know that the nfl has an obvious financial incentive in allowing this person who is a star to continue to play. what that says for the nfl is a big question. but ultimately you have a little bit of a precedent here. remember, there's no one i can think of who's been put on the exempt list if they have a civil lawsuit against them. there have been instances -- rather than criminal. hardy had a criminal action.
3:58 am
ended up in a settlement, we believe. and his case was dismissed. so the idea of reversing course and saying the civil suit is not to exempt them is odd. one final point, robert kraft is the owner of the new england patriots. he himself has had a little bit of a turn in the criminal justice system recently. he also has been involved with the rapp eper meek mill. it may be he's speaking volumes right now by saying just as my own case, i demanded to have played out, i'm going to allow the same thick to happen here. >> so it sounds like he's going to play this weekend. today that's your prediction. >> it is my prediction. if i ask belichick, he'll say no. tom brady will say no. i think he will play. i think they'll let this play out. >> nfl says they're going to interview britney taylor who's making the accusation next week.
3:59 am
so soon. >> after sunday. >> after sunday. >> thanks very much. all right. a big day in the 2020 race. "new day" continues right now. ten democratic candidates qualified for this debate. it's the first time joe biden and elizabeth warren are on stage together. >> his strategy has been to show himself as the guy taking on donald trump. >> elizabeth warren's numbers on electability have been going up. >> the white house is calling for a ban on nearly all flavored e-cigarettes. >> this has always been a problem. usage of vaping products has been progressively rising over the last ten years. >> banning substances has not worked out so well for americans or american history. >> no child should ever use a vaping or e-cigarette product. it is that simple. we want to welcome our viewers all around the world and the united states. this is "new day." and the top ten democrats in the
4:00 am
2020 race will take the debate stage tonight in houston. the focus for pundits at least will be on former vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren. biden is still the front runner in a new cnn national poll. but warren is steadily climbing battling it out for second place with bernie sanders. >> also shortly wo what could be a significant yet conflicted moment for house democrats. the house judiciary committee is thought to pass a resolution to define their rules of the investigation into president trump. and the democrats are sending very mixed messages about whether or not this is an official impeachment inquiry. that'll happen in the next hour. we will follow that closely. in the meantime, let's talk about this debate. a big night of firsts. joining us is cnn political director david chalian. lay out the stakes for us. >> this is the first time event, one-night only.
4:01 am
>> we've been singing it a


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