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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. lots off breaking news right now. for months here top democrats led by house speaker nancy pelosi told the american puck lib investigations were the best way to build a case against president trump. potentially for impeachment. turns out that a phone call, not subpoenas or congressional hearings, may be the deciding
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factor. trump admits he spoke to ukraine's president about investigating the son of former vice president joe biden. even though we learned president trump ordered a hold on aid to ukraine days before that phone call, he insists that there was no quid pro quo. that he didn't dangle money in exchange for a probe of a political opponent. sources also tell cnn speaker pelosi is prepping a resolution on that ukraine call as more of her members beat that drum for impeachment. she meets with them next hour, but before that, pelosi said this about trump's latest claims. >> there is no requirement there were a quid pro quo in the conversation. if the president brings up he wants them to investigate something, that's -- of his political opponent, that is self-evident that it is not right.
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we don't ask foreign governments to help us in our election. >> and just reminder to all of you, live picture there's. we are waiting to see former vice president joe biden, expected to say publicly that congress has no choice but to impeach the president if he does not comply with congressional oversight including handing over whistle-blower complaint about his call to his ukrainian counterpart. for his part the president says he is releasing the full transcript of that call. he says he'll do that tomorrow. our cnn chief white house correspondent jim acosta is live at the united nations today where president trump shifted his story on withholding aid to ukraine. jim what did he say. >> reporter: right. i think the news is pretty important that we underline that the president just tweeted a few moments ago, appears he's trying to tamp down this controversy tweeting he is going to release the transcript of that call with president zelensky of uukraine.
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earlier remarkable commitment by the president especially confirming roshting from the "washington post," cnn and others that, yes, he did order his aides including mulvaney to hold up dollars to ukraine, moments before having that phone call with the president of ukraine. how the president explained it just before a speech before the united nations. he said he was holding it up because he wanted european partners to essentially pay their fair share and crypt to the cause in ukraine as well. what he had to say. >> we want to make sure that country is honest. very important to talk about corruption. if you don't talk about corruption why give money to a country that you think is corrupt? one of the reasons the new president got elected, he was going to stop corruption. my complaint has always been and i withhold again and will continue to withhold until such time as europe and other nations contribute to ukraine, because they're not doing it. this is the united states.
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we're putting up the bulk of the money and i'm asking, why is that? >> now, one of the other interesting things that the president had to say, more than interesting, was when he said that there wasn't any pressure put on the ukrainians but went on to say, there was pressure with respect to joe biden. something the president has been thinking about stewing over for months thinking something untoward happen and the part of the formatter vice president, even though there's no evidence to this, the vice president and hunter biden brought to light. and, brooke, seems at this point the bar that the president is setting for the public, for members of congress up on capitol hill in terms of determining twornt continue with impeachment proceedings is whether or not there was a quid pro quo, a this for that, if you investigate joe biden and hunter biden we will give you the ukrainian aid. interesting to know, hout speaker saying a few moments ago, doesn't mat fer there was a
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quid pro quo. just the president of the united states being on a call with a foreign leader and pressuring him to investigate a political rivals might be enough to do it for democrats. the president has not responded to that line of thinking and we'll wait for that here in new york, brooke. >> exactly what nancy pelosi said and what elaine luria, freshman democratic congresswoman said as well. penned an op-ed in the "post." thank you. will president trump face impeachment proceedings? we could find out very soon. house speaker nancy pelosi telling our correspondent nanu raju she will deliver a statement in two hours from now. this is what she said hours ago. >> again, and he has referenced that, and if that is the case that the president of the united states would ask a foreign government to assist him in a political way, that would be wrong. >> would it be impeachable? >> let me just say that
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everything we've been doing up until now is about preserving that republic that benjamin franklin said, a republic if we can keep it, and he -- and -- and that means it's not a monarchy, and we have a system of checks and balances in our constitution. three quo equal branches of government to be a check on each other and that, that is a republic, is a democracy. it is not a monarchy. >> let's do analysis about the great voices joining me. david chalian, you first. cnn political director. wow. listening to nancy pelosi is like she inched right up to the line of, yes, on the impeachable offense question. what did you make of what she said and what do you think she will say two hours from now? >> went further in that same session with jeffrey goldberg of the "atlantic" saying up to now,
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it's been about finding facts. nancy pelosi said that week after week as other democrats moved forward. we have to methodically be on a fact-finding miss, what we've didn't doing. she added now we have the facts and now we're ready. didn't seem to me there was much hidden language what we anticipate hearing from her in a couple of hours. this is a house speaker and a house democratic caucus that seems poised to begin a formal impeachment process here of the president of the united states. >> let me follow-up to that. if all things are a go, right? x and we hear that from her in the next two hours, what happens next, david? >> still in a marshalling the facts kind of moment. those has remember the 1998 process against president clinton and, again i think it's unclear. we have to wait to hear from speaker pelosi how she'll set up this process. what happened in judiciary? a select committee out of that? but there's going to be a
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gathering of the facts. witnesses. there are going to be hearings to put together, and why i think she also wasn't saying it's impeachable of an offense, ba you that determination sort of comes at the end of that process when the house then votes on articles of impeachment. that makesen offense quote/unquote impeachable. you'll hear a, go through a process here now, brooke, of trying to marshal all of the facts here in public, and then have a very public vote. can i just say, the two things that have been missing in speaker pelosi's calculus to date we still don't really know about, the public perception of this. so we'll see -- >> she did say if i can jump in. i hear you on hard numbers. kept going back to the line, this offense is most understandable for the public. she's thinking that way, i think. >> yeah. she may be right this is an, a much more understandable scenario than say the russia
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investigation for the american public, doesn't mean they've necessarily moved this is impeachment worthy. not where the they're been, to date, the public, on president trump's tenure. also, will other republicans come onboard having it be bipartisan is important and we have no indication that will happen yet either. there is still going to be a burden on democrats if indeed they do proceed to this formal impeachment process on bringing the country along with them. >> hang with me. dana bash jumping off the david's last point. do we have dana? david. all right. david, to your point about the republicans. where have the republicans been? on this? the last couple days. >> well, i will just note that one place republicans are from a political point of view, brooke, is that as each one of these centrist democrats in a marginal
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district, majoritymakers for democrats came out in favor of i impeachment. hammering them back home with statements to note they are in districts either donald trump won or were just recently held by a republican. those are the kinds of districts that democrats, speaker pelosi, is looking to protect and the republicans are right there to try to remind voters, hey, they're now joining with their left wing colleagues on this. this is why the politics of this, while the evidence may be very clear for the house democrats to move forward, and they're may be a consensus this is pass the point of discussion anymore. the politics still needs to be worked out. >> okay. david, thank you so much. a reminder, standing by to listen to joe biden speak. should happen any moment. you see the white balance. getting ready for him. expected, of course, to weigh in on all we've been talking about. this impeachment issue involving the president of the united states. also we are less than an hour from that critical democratic
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we're back. i'm brooke baldwin. more breaking news for you as the pressure mounts on the president over his call to a foreign power asking to investigate joe biden. dana bash, you have news. biden and speaker pelosi are set to speak. what are you learning? >> reporter: talking and listening to the house speaker len very far in to the idea she's going to make an announcement on impeachment today. now we can report from sources that the house speaker does intend to announce a formal impeachment inquiry after she has this meeting with her caucus nap meeting is supposed to start in about 45 minutes. she'll speak to reporters in just a little less than two hours. 5:00 eastern. she has the speech prepared nap . that is the headline of the speech, about impeachment. she has come very, very far. this is a huge, huge step that was building for the last 24
12:17 pm
hours. reported that she was helping build it by pushing her fellow democrats out to sort of create the drum beat within the caucus and she going to cap that with her speech today, and she is going to announce that she does support an impeachment inquiry before the day is over. >> okay. dana with the scoop. thank you very much. glo gloria borger, this is happening. >> you know, this is a huge step for nancy pelosi, who has been pushing back her caucus, as you know, for months and months, and i think you heard her today when she was speaking to the "atlantic" saying, you know, effectively, the time has come. and i think what is interesting about the way this is all playing out is you see the president saying, okay. i'm going to release the transcript of my phone call. and then you have the
12:18 pm
whistle-blower contacting the intelligence committee saying, you know, i want to speak with you directly. and what we know from reporting and from other people's reporting is that the whistle-blower complaint, brooke, was not just about this one phone call. >> maultiple actions. right? >> exactly. the particular ed saying this phone call is okay. nancy pelosi saying, even if there wasn't a quid pro quo it's problematic, and then the whistle-blower saying, wait a minute. i have to talk to these committees directly, and let them know what was in my complaint, because that is what the democrats are really going to want to see. the transcript of this phone conversation just isn't going to be enough. >> not just this phone call. multiple actions according to this whistle-blower complaint. gloria borger. thank you. you want a quick note, to add a quick note? not just this one call?
12:19 pm
>> sure. a lot more information. they need it and they will get. rudy giuliani over there talking to people. the withholding of aid, dangling of aid. a lot more information than what's going into this notion of not a quid pro quo.ed with that. abuse of power. ultimately impeachment article, it will be abuse of power the president did in connection with this ukraine stuff. >> appreciate it. hit a quick pause. go to break. waiting to hear from former vice president joe biden weighing in on all of this, next. ♪ you can earn more when you invest your cash. ♪ you can get a satisfaction guarantee. ♪
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let's listen in. joe biden. >> thank you for being here. when i announced i was running for president i said i believed that the core values of this nation are very democracy was at risk. events in recent days made that even clearer. not only to me but a think to everyone. we have a president who believes there's no limit to his power. a president who believes he can do anything and get away with it. we have a president who believes he's above the law. pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a
12:24 pm
political opponent to help win an election is not the conduct of an american president. the allegations that blocked hundreds of millions of dollars, that he blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally approved money to another country is an allegation, unless he agreed to smear a political opponent is not the conduct of an american president. denying congress the information, which it is constitutionally entitled to, and obstructing its efforts to investigate actions is not the conduct of an american president. it's an abuse of power. it undermines our national security, it violates his oath of office, and it strikes at the heart of the sworn responsibility of the president, a president has to put national interests before personal interests. i knew when i decided to run this president would attack me and anyone else who he thought would be a threat to his winning
12:25 pm
again. well, that's what he does. that's what he's always done. even though every representable publication has looked at the charge made against me and found them baseless and untrue and without merit, that's not about to stop him. i can take the political attacks. they'll come and they're go, and in time they'll soon are forgotten, but if we allow a president to get away with shredding the united states constitution, that will last forever. too many people, too many good, decent people, have taken oath to this nation and given their lives over the past 243 years to let that happen. too many people are serving this nation right now and honoring
12:26 pm
the oath they have taken to let that happen. this isn't a democratic issue, or a republican issue. it is a national issue. it is a security issue. it is time for this administration to stop stonewalling and provide the congress with all the facts it needs. including a copy of the formal complaint made by the whistle-blower. and it's time for the congress to fully investigate the conduct of this president. the president should stop stonewalling. this investigation, and all other investigations into his alleged wrongdoings. using his full constitutional authority congress, in my view, should demand the information and has a legal right to receive. the congress does not, the president does not comply with such a request of the congress, he continues to obstruct congress and flaunt the law. donald trump leaves congress in my view no choice but to
12:27 pm
initiate impeachment. that would be a tragedy, but a tragedy of his own making. i have always believed and still do that america is a truly special and unique nation. better than any other nation in history. we have made the experiment of self-government work. we've always been a beacon to other countries around the world. we know who donald trump is. it's time to let the world know who we are. thank you very much. >> mr. vice president -- >> actually -- let's go, we've got david chalian and dana bash and jennifer rodgers. jen, first to you, you heard you say abuse of you power. enough of this quid pro quo. call it what it is. an abuse of power. said to the white house, stop
12:28 pm
stone sto stonewalling. how quickly can congress get started on this? >> they have to collect information and draft articles of impeachment. my question, hour far will they go? stick with the basics, ukraine ian situation or other things like the president's enriching himself while in office and the attacks on the press, and -- there are all sorts of things abuse of pardon he's done. how far will they go and how long will it take? a lot of stonewalling's had to go to court on some things and other things haven't tried hard to get. now they're in an informal impeachment proceedings. it should be better, because that's an actual process in the constitution. judges should recognize it needs to moor more quickly, but will it? you still have to get in front of the judge if the white house will continue the stonewalling routine they've been doing. that issue might impact how far they go with articles offism
12:29 pm
peachment, how many different areas of presidential misconduct they want to go in. >> back to the significance of the man who wants to be the next president and found himself in the middle of all of this saying to the president if he doesn't comply they should begin these impeachment proceedings. david chalian, our cnn political director. david, you were listening to his every word. what did you think? >> yeah. well, the visual first of all, right? it was all of those flags behind him. standing at the podium like that. a lectern was to comply a presidential image against what he thinks is clearly unpresidential behavior. the visual was interesting to me, brooke. also i would say this wasn't just a press conference on the fly or taking a question. this was a very formal statement from vice president biden. what i will also say is, we can't ignore the political reality that vice president biden is in. right? he understands that his closest
12:30 pm
competitor for the democratic nomination, elizabeth warren harks been out there calling for full impeachment process since april in this contest and he knows that -- watching what has happened in these last few days, that the political calculus with democrats on capitol hill has completely shifted beneath his feet. he needed to get out there before giving warren yet another opportunity sort of to draw contrast with him and move further than where he has been in this process. that is clear, i think, his intention today as well. >> curious. do we know, has there been conversation between joe biden and nancy pelosi over this? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> okay. gloria borger what did you think of what the vice president said? >> no surprise he had to come out as david said and be tough and stronger than he's been in the past, calling for an impeachment inquiry, if the white house continues to
12:31 pm
stonewall and he came directly out and called it an abuse of power, and that he said it, you know, strikes at the heart of the responsibility of the presidency. and with the flags behind him, i mean, it was a, sort of a presidential setting, as david was saying, and when biden stands in front of a lectern like that, with that backdrop, it reminds you that he was vice president, and when he talks about the presidency, he knows what he's talking about, and he was quite dismissive obviously of the charges the president raised against him and said that representable publications dismissed them, and he said the president knows that they are untrue and they are untrue, he said. so he at once defended him and then took the turn and said you know, i've got to defend the country. this isn't about me. this isn't about my family. we expected these kind of attacks from this president, but
12:32 pm
i now have to go this step further, because this is about the country. >> uh-huh. arlette was in the room as joe biden was speaking and we know every single word, right? meticulously chosen for that statement. tell me about the decisions that went into the sentiment and what else you are learning from team biden? >> reporter: well, it's very clear that biden here is trying to present a contrast to president trump. and he's linking it all back to the start of his campaign, when he said he entered the campaign because he felt the core values of this country are at stake. he said that this is a moment that further highlights that. so the former vice president, he has not gone as far as his 2020 opponents who have outright called for impeachments. this is the furthest he's gone in these calls saying if the president doesn't comply there's no other choice but for congress to impeach. this giving former vice
12:33 pm
president joe biden another opportunity to present his case for the direction the countries need to be taken in, compared to the current president. i thought everything that the folks before me were saying. very interesting. formality of the event, voice of god as the former vice president coming up to the podium with flags behind pimm. very clear trying to send a president's-type message trying to present this contrast to the current president. >> arlette, thank you very much. david, back to you. did you find it interesting that joe biden said the president deserves to be impeached, if he doesn't comply with congress instead of being impeached over the specific conduct? >> right. it gives a little breathing room to the process here. right? it is probably on more comfortable turf than joe biden than picking up a pitchfork and demanding it be, you know, that
12:34 pm
impeachment -- an impeachment road happen on the house floor today base and public reports. he's giving a nod to a real respect for the process. remember, this is a man who spent more than three decades in congress, and so -- before his time as vice president. one who does respect the process. i think that's what that nod was there but i think you're right to pick up on it, brooke, because it does put him in a slightly different place, and i think there are a lot of democrats certainly on the progressive side of the party who would say, what have you been seeing for the last two and a half years that indicates to you that donald trump is complying with congress? in what way is that a part of our current reality? you know, i do think you'll see some of that tension there, but joe biden occupies a different status inside the democratic party and those words seemed more in-line with his comfort zone. >> do you think we, the nation, would be here and they, members of congress, all jumping and you
12:35 pm
see the big number on the screen. 160 house democrats backing impeachment inquiries. >> the number going up rapid ely today. >> yeah. had mueller not happened, like, did mueller prime them, prepare them for this moment? >> there's no doubt about that. i mean, that -- that has been the predicate to all of this. >> yeah. >> investigative work into the presidency. i said earlier when nancy pelosi said we have to marshal or facts, that was all through the mueller report, the russian practice. she said we now have our facts in order and are ready to go. that seems to me that this discreet set of events here is a different kind of -- a real tipping point. it's a different kind of moment for the democrats. >> okay. david chalian, thank you very much. all of this news is coming in today. we'll talknior adviser
12:36 pm
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12:41 pm
>> -- use his full constitutional authority congress in my view should demand the information and has a legal right to receive. the congress and the president does not comply with such a reply to congress. he continues to obstruct congress and flaunt the law. donald trump will leave congress, in my view, no choice but to initiate impeachment. that would be tragedy. >> hmm. with me now, senior adviser to the biden campaign. simone, thank you for coming on, and what a statement from your boss. i mean, tem how the former vice president came to this decision. >> it's unfortunate here at this moment. joe biden believes this is a
12:42 pm
national security issue and why it shouldn't be an issue that divides across political lines and ideology. we're all americans and our national security seems is at rick. vice president biden came out to give his statement today to, one, reassert why he got into the race. because he believes the very foundations of our nation, our democracy, was truly at stake and time and time again in this campaign, brooke, we have seen vice president biden having to um can out and make statements like this, most recently after the shooting in el paso. the tragic shooting where he spoke forcefully about hate in america and the president was fanning the flames of white supremacy. today again vice president biden came out and did what donald trump could not do. speak calmly and clearly to the nation and to really lay out where we are in this moment. that is why he felt it was important to make the speech today. >> looking in the rearview mirror, what about the mueller report? what about the multiple examples
12:43 pm
of president trump's behavior up until now? why was this phone call the tipping point? given everything trump's done? >> you know, it's not just the phone call, brooke. i will say that we have said, vice president biden has recently said that donald trump has regularly abused power. again, he's in this race because the very foundations of our nation, our democracy are at risk with the current president. we should not lose in the fact donald trump admitted he calmed up a foreign leader and pressured him, pressured the foreign leader to investigate his political opponent. that political opponent is joe biden. it is alleged president trump withheld aid from a foreign country, all to pressure a foreign want country to investigate and open up inquiries about his political opponent. that is not just unpresident's, brooke, that's unamerica. it's no who we are and what's
12:44 pm
different about this moment and we should all keep the focus here. one last thing. these allegations under president trump have introduced into the mainstream of political press, these are smears, brooke. as you noted in your opening, unfounded claims. it's important we all keep the focus on that. this is a national security issue. frankly, dponald trump is puttig our foreign policy at rick. we hope the president will comply with congress and stop obstructing their investigations and he complies with any new investigations that come forward and also previous investigation other committees opened. if president trump does not comply, there's no other option but initiate impeachment inquiries at president trump's own doing. >> and listening to presidential contenders weighing in on this. senator kamala harris asked about possible impeachment hearings last night she said it should go forward but i want to
12:45 pm
show you how she responded when asked if the accusation against biden needed looking into. watch. >> i'll leave that to the voters to decide. leave that to the voters to decide and in my experience the voters are paying attention to this race. they are paying attention to the issues and people's records and they'll make the decision. >> i'll leave that for the voters to decide. simone, your response? >> my response is that's unfortunate, brooke. these claims by president trump are smears, and they're lies and have been debunk by very credible media outlet. outlet after outlet debunk this. there's a fact check from the "washington post" debunking these claims. the "new york times" own initial reporting on this issue, 17 paragraphs down, i add, deburninged them themselves. it's incumbent upon every american, this isn't a democratic or republican issue
12:46 pm
this is an american issue to say what donald trump is doing is wrong. it is not who we are as americans and he must be held accountable. congress we believe will do their job but folks shouldn't take the bait. folks should not take the bait what donald trump is doing is initiating a smear campaign. he's doing it because vice president biden knows he would beat donald trump in a general election and it's clear donald trump also knows that vice president biden would beat him in a general election. >> hmm. symone sanders with team biden. thank you so much. good to have you on. >> thank you, brooke. and moments, nancy pelosi meets with her caucus. we are about to hear from president trump responding to all of this at the u.n. stand by. 't worry. my dutch is . just ok? (in dutch) tell him we need this merger. (in dutch)
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all right. so as of right now you see the big number on your screen, 160. cnn has counted 160 house democrats who are in favor of starting the impeachment process against president trump. and that number is growing, and growing fast in the leadup to this meeting minutes from now led by house speaker nancy pelosi. with me now democratic presidential candidate
12:52 pm
congresswoman gabbard represents hawaii's second district. congresswoman, a pleasure. >> good to see you. >> let's get straight to the news. we're hearing speaker pelosi is announcing a formal impeachment hearing in the coming hours. trump plans to release the full transcript, unredacted transcript with his call with the ukrainian president. where do you stand on impeachment right this very moment? >> look, my position remains the same. i think impeachment would be terribly divisive for our already very divided country. >> even an impeachment inquiry, looking into it? >> i think congress needs to exercise oversight over the information that's been leaked. i think it's important this transcript is released to congress so congress can do its job. but i think the question of impeachment would further tear apart an already divided country. i think it's important donald trump is defeated. i believe i can defeat him in 2020. but it's the voters who need to make that choice unequivocally.
12:53 pm
>> what do you make of this -- i talked to one of them, seven freshmen democrats who have come out with national security backgrounds. you know about that as a veteran. they're pointing to national security as in this is a national security concern for the reasoning to shift in the last 24 hours for an impeachment inquiry. tell me why they're wrong. >> i think these issues being raised are deeply concerning. i think it's important we not deal in hypotheticals and actually look at this transcript. i think it's important that it is released and make decisions based on the facts. i think also look at the pragmatic next steps of what will follow. and my concern is for our country. united we stand, divided we fall. it's important donald trump is voted out of office by the american people. i feel very strongly about that. >> but if when they look at the transcript there is no mention of money? the allegations trump withheld all these millions of dollars in
12:54 pm
exchange for, you know, for personal gain, if there is no quid pro quo in the transcript? >> again, that's why i think it's important we actually look at -- >> but once they do and it doesn't exist? >> this is a problem. if the motivation is political and the evidence is not there for those who are calling for impeachment to continue to pursue that, that just proves how divisive this will be because then whether it's donald trump's supporters or republicans, moderates, independenc independents, come on, you couldn't beat trump in 2016. now you're trying to do it through congress. this is why it's so important the american people make this decision that we as democratic candidates for president make our case and defeat donald trump through the ballot box. if some of my colleagues are running for president don't think they can do that, they shouldn't be running. this is the challenge and opportunity we have before us.
12:55 pm
>> what about the president just even wanting dirt, information, on joe biden, his opponent? how is that not a violation of the constitution? >> trump has done and continues to do so many things that are deeply concerning. >> shouldn't that be looked into? >> congress should look into it. it further moves donald trump makes decisions based on what's good for him and his own political power and his own political interests rather than thinking about what's in the best interests of the people. and i give credit to the american people to be able to see that and say, look, we don't need it guy as president anymore. we need to have somebody in the white house who is going to put the interests of the american people and our country first. that's why i'm running. >> if the president continues to break the law and continues to go unchecked by congress, is that is not a dereliction of duty? >> congress can and should continue to exercise its oversight responsibility over president trump and the executive branch. >> wouldn't that be an
12:56 pm
impeachment inquiry? >> i think impeachment is something -- a step that will divide the country and we'll be worse off for our country, and that's why i think the american people should make that choice. >> let's switch gears to trump speaking today in front of the u.n. general assembly. and so he's talking tough on iran. we know in the rare move on friday the pentagon announced a group of troops heading to saudi arabia. should troops put their lives on the line for saudi arabia? >> absolutely not. >> tell me why. >> absolutely not. this is something, as you know, i take very personally both because these are my brothers and sisters in uniform we're talking about, people who have raised their hands, taken an oath to support and defend our constitution, the american people, and to put their lives on the line. basically to pawn off our troops to serve a foreign power, and a foreign power, saudi arabia, that continues to provide direct and indirect support to al qaeda now in places like yemen and syria, the very same terrorist
12:57 pm
group that attacked us on 9/11, the very same terrorist group that so many of us after that attack enlisted in the military, to go and to try to defeat. this decision by trump is an outright betrayal of every single one of us who wear the uniform, everyone who has sacrificed so much in waging these wars, and to those survivors of that attack on 9/11. >> do you think it's illegal for trump to move those troops? >> i think it's absolutely unconstitutional, and the fact this administration is not even entertaining the idea of going and abiding by the constitution, going to congress and getting that authorization is something that needs to be checked. and we're pushing legislation in congress to do just that. >> you're running for president. if you were president right now, how would be deal with iran? >> i would see the situation for what it is which is this latest attack on saudi arabia is a
12:58 pm
retaliatory attack because of all the sanctions in place that are essentially blocking iran from selling their oil on the market. by recognizing this is a retaliatory attack, that we cannot continue this cycle of retaliation that can only lead to an all-out inferno of a war in iran and across the region that would be so costly and devastating that would make the war we served in in iraq look like a picnic in comparison in lost american lives, trillions of taxpayer dollars, exacerbating a terrible refugee crisis. this is not serving the interests of our people nor is it serving our national security. as president right now what i would do is re-enter the iran nuclear agreement, take away those sanctions that have been put in place so that iran is brought back into an agreement where they are complying. we have inspectors going in because every single day this doesn't happen, iran is moving forward towards developing a nuclear weapon.
12:59 pm
>> do you -- just back on the troops -- do you regret the pimps and prostitute language? >> not at all. that's exactly what trump is doing. he is treating our troops as though we are something that can be pawned off or prostituted off to the highest bidder. our troops deploying now to saudi arabia at his direction are not there serving the interests of the american people or our own national security. in this administration's own words they're going to protect saudi arabia's oil, saudi arabia's infrastructure, protecting them which undermines the whole reason why we take this oath willing to lay our lives down for our country. and he is sending them to protect a country that is allied with our enemy al qaeda. >> we will see you at cnn's next debate. tulsi gabbard, thank you for coming by. i appreciate you sharing all of that with us. and, again, just a reminder, this is a huge day. nancy pelosi meeting with her caucus in just a couple of
1:00 pm
minutes and, of course, she is addressing everyone at 5:00 eastern. so stay tuned for all of that. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for rolling with me these last two hours. let's go to jake. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we start with breaking news in our politics lead. this is a historic day. within the hour house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump. multiple sources confirm to cnn. right now speaker pelosi is meeting with house democrats behind closed doors on capitol hill. at least 160 members of congress now support starting impeachment proceedings including even some from congressional districts that trump won in 2016. the scandal involving president trump reportedly pushing the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and his son hunter clearly


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