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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 3, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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says he will be released from the hospital and return to the campaign this weekend. the campaign says the senator does plan to be at the cnn "new york times" debate on october 15th. that is it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me. a special edition of "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to the special edition of "the lead," "white house in crisis." i'm j.ake tapper. to say we're in unprecedented times, today president trump not only openly called for exactly what congress is looking into in there've vshment inquiry pushing ukrainians to investigate his political rival joe biden but the president expanded what critics are calling a clear abuse of power to include china. no whistle-blower required here. president trump pushed this at the white house on the south
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lawn after being asked by a reporter what exactly he wants from ukraine's leaders. >> i would think that if they were honest about it, they'd start a major investigation into the bidens. it's a very simple answer. they should investigate the bidens, because how does a company that's newly formed and all of these companies -- and by the way, likewise, china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> a reminder that the prosecutor and as of today former president of ukraine both assert there's no evidence of wrongdoing by either joe biden or his son. but beyond the indecency of this potential abuse of power, is the shock of the deafening silence from almost everyone in the republic party apparently hoping the history will never wonder what they were doing while this was all happening. cnn's kaitlan collins is at the white house. kaitlan you've reported aides in the white house are worried the
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president doesn't quite grasp the enormity of this, just say it out loud? >> reporter: talking about a private request he made and did it again today about another country in front of the cameras surrounded by microphones and the reporters and we should note it was unprompted. you heard there. tub talking about ukraine and brought up the fact he believes china should also investigate the bidens. what you see if you step back, the president is skulli incalli foreign power to investigate a rival facing impeachment calling on a former power to investigate the former vice president of the united states. he made clear there's an opening and might do so noting moments before he made that crest the chinese trade delegation is coming back to the u.s. next week to washington for another round of those talks. though it's unclear if it's going to come up then, but the president made clear he thinks it's fine if it does. >> and kaitlan, this afternoon
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the vice president, mike pence, defended the president. what did he have to say? >> reporter: yes. yeses about pence's role in all this. remember, trump sent pence to poland when he couldn't go. stayed back to monitor that hurricane. that's when pence sat down with the ukrainian president and there were questions whether or not joe biden came up during that, those talks between the two. he said they didn't, but today he said that he thinks these are legitimate questions to ask about investigating the bidens. >> when you hold the second highest office in the land it comes with innate responsibilities. not just to be above in impropriety but to be above the appearance of impro piraty. >> reporter: saying he's not above the appearance of impro piraty but talking about specific allegations the president has been making that, of course, the president has not provided evidence or reasoning why he believes these things. >> kaitlan, thank you on capitol
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hill today. the first witness to testify about this ukrainian scandal appeared before three congress' committees behind closed doors. kurt volker, the former u.s. special envoy for ukraine. republicans claim volker behind closed doors has not advanced the impeachment plan in anyway? >> reporter: they are. saying that but not providing details why they are making that case. this volker testimony is happening still, jake. 5 1/2 hours behind closed doors, talking about documents provided to the committee as well as answering questions what was in that whistle-blower complaint about volker apparently trying to navigate concerns that the ukrainians had about the differing messages that came out from both the president himself and rudy giuliani, pushing for an investigation into joe biden. also about the meeting he apparently set up with rudy
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giuliani and a liaison to president zelensky to be discusses. republicans saying this is nothing to advance the impeachment inquiry, when you ask what that means they refuse to comment on the details because it's ongoing. democrats haven't talked about it yet either. we'll see when this wraps up. >> you spoke with the chairmanth of the democratic committee, adam schiff. what did he have to say from the republicans characterization that volker wasn't moving the ball in any way? >> reporter: he declined to comment. i asked directly that question. your response to the republican contention that essentially this is undercutting your investigation. he would not comment about that, but instead he took, criticized the president directly about the president's comments on the south lawn of the white house. >> i'm not going to comment at all until after the hearing.
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sdoe except to say i think the president's once again inviting foreign interference in our election as repugnant and a violation of his oath of office and endangers our elections and it endangers our security. >> reporter: now, he also declined to comment when i asked if anybody on his staff new the identity of the whistle-blower. this coming, of course, after his office acknowledged that the whistle-blower had reached out to a staff member and to determine the process for filing a complaint. this after adam schiff had said publicly they had not had contact with the whistle-blower. had not spoken to him. adam schiff through a committee official said essentially that he should have been clearer. they did not review the whistle-blower complaint and certainly didn't write the complaint at the president alleged, but the whistle-blower did reach out to a staff member just to talk about the process
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they say is completely normal. happens from whistle-blower all the time they reach out to the committees and they provide how to file a complaint. some republicans and allies have been trying to attack to undermine his credibility. he declined to comment about that today but questions exist. >> and the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie jovanovic. democrats want her to testify as well. she's gotten tied up in a series of documents handed over to congress yesterday. you might recall on this show yesterday, confusion on capitol hill why the inspector general handed over this weird bunch of documents described by a democratic congressman and conspiracy theories about various individuals that the president considers enemies of his. we since have learned that some of these documents came from the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, who sent them to secretary of state mike pompeo. cnn has obtained these documents
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which contain unproven claims about the bidens as well as former ambassador jovanovic. right to cnn's kylie atwood. what can you tell us. >> reporter: a large part of these documents prop up what we've already seen in the public sphere. these unfounded conspiracy theories about both joe biden and his son hunter biden alleging that they were corrupt nap they were doing things illegally. also propping up unfounded theories about the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. yuriy and saying making requests of the government improper of the ukrainian government. we know she never made those requests alleged. also intern state department emaying. they show some of the top state department officials were passing around these right-wing
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conspiracy theories an charging, claiming, they were not right calling out the fact they were casting the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie jovanovic incorrectly saying they captured the bake fake narrative out there. >> so giuliani says some of these documents originated with him and he passed them on to pompeo. what did he think would happen after that? >> reporter: kind of like playing a game of phone tag. right? they passed it from one to another. first they started with giuliani. giuliani then passed on those documents to the white house, and he asked them to be directed to pompeo. somehow they got from the white house to secretary of state mike pompeo. when pompeo got them, at some point they were passed on to the legal adviser at the state department. now, the legal adviser got them and then shared them with the inspector general of the state department. that was about in may. right? they shared those documents with
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the fbi. the fbi said they could share those documents with congress, indicating the fbi is not actively investigating this matter. congress now has those documents, because the inspector general brought them to congress yesterday. we don't know exactly what giuliani wanted done with these documents, but we know that he wanted secretary pvompeo to loo into them and investigate them. >> thank you. this seems to undermine president trump's credibility about the whistle-blower. stay with us.
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welcome back to the special edition of "the lead: white house in crisis." today president trump openly suggesting both ukraine and now china should investigate joe biden and his son hunter. how significant do you think the president's words today were? >> i think very significant, because what trump is, trump relies on is sport from republicans. right? obviously, that's the, what bowie's him. right? he tests every day how far can
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he push arguments and how much can he get away with. right? he has no intention to changing what he believes about this. right? we have a whole set of republicans and right-leaning commentators who defended the transcript by saying the president never asked him to investigate joe biden really about the other issues. lo and behold trump blurts it out. right? now he's put his entire party in the position of, okay. we now either have to condemn the president, not likely to happen based on previous examples, or readjust their defense of him based on his latest words. and that's the most important dynamic is how far can he push them? >> everything indicates he can push them very far, and that they in essence created this president in many ways. they have given him permission over these last three years to basically do anything he wants. right? never mind what he was doing as a candidate, if you think what he was doing even first weeks in office.
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divulging classified information in the white house. questioning the credibility of the intelligence agency. lying and lying and lies thousands of times, racial division. well, it's spreading conspiracy theories. this idea all of a sudden republicans are going to balk at what this president says and doesn't probably won't happen because in many ways they are this president. >> what are you hearing on capitol hill? expressions of concern that this is, in fact -- a complete violation of his oath of office and abuse of power and something they would never tolerate in a democratic president? >> i mean, a lot of heavy sides. because it is a lot more of and in many ways worse than what the president did without the cameras there, with ukraine. i mean, saying what he said to china, a country he's in a trade war with a president that both parties have reamed out for stealing america's intellectual
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property, he's saying, excuse me, can you help me investigate my political opponent? it's almost too hard to wrap our minds around. i agree putting republicans in a very tough position. they admit that openly, but -- the president -- >> sorry for interpreting but it's a tough position if getting re-elected is more important than standing up for what's right. that's what make it is a tough decision. >> yes. i mean, however, for some of the purple state republicans who are up for re-election who could determine whether republicans keep control of the senate or not, depending how this goes, that might not be as clear-cut of a political decision that they make, because they're going to need their base but also going to need independents and democrats. the president, he has just decided that this is not wrong. he doesn't care. by saying it out loud he's going to make it okay. >> and elliott, former attorney for southern district of new york we should mention fired by trump called this a plausible
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reason for impeachment. i don't doubt that. is it illegal? calling on a foreign country to investigate opponents against the law? >> president of the united states it's more kplishgted becau complicateds because the president has authority to conduct foreign relations and tripped up the mueller report somewhat. there are a number of crimes you step up to, like bribery, extortion, and, but you have to demonstrate there's a thing of value coming to the person for the crime they're committing. end of the day, you know this well, jake, doesn't have to be a crime to be impeachable and congress says the term high crimes and misdemeanors in the constitution doesn't generally defined. congress agrees someone han abuse abused the oath of office or misused the office for personal gain that's a slam dunk on both the china and ukraine
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allegations but probably couldn't charge them as a crime, they're not allegations. they're pronouncements, you don't need a whistle-blower for this one. >> back in september, republican senator mitt romney tweeted "if the president asks or pressured ukraine's president to investigate his political rival directly or through this personal attorney troubling in the extreme, critical for the facts to come out." now, democratic congressman david cicilline respond fod that same quote. the president just did exactly this on camera, no less. it's time for republicans to put our country ahead of their political party. but do you see the mitt romneys of the world -- i don't want -- he's actually gone out farther than anyone. will they say anything? if he did this, horrible. now he's doing it in front of the cameras. >> the pattern, they won't. dana mate a great point. he's saying it out loud to make it okaythat is the unusual thing we live with in the era of trump. when he says something out loud
12:21 pm
and publicly, and it's almost like, well, he's not keeping it secret. maybe it's not so bad and conditions the information environment especially on the right to adapt to that argument. never seen anything like this in american history, and all of a sudden his supporters on the right will start making those defenses. and the glue that holds this together is, frankly, just hatred for the other party. that drives everything. until republicans -- and the media -- until republicans think that what trump is doing is worse than what they see in the democrats and in the media, they will stick with this, but you no what we? we've seen this in history before and sometimes there are breaking poi ing paints. support for joe mccarthy, support for richard nixon. eventually that cost analysis benefit changes. >> one thing everybody knows, in this town, one starnt eroded and you're okay with it, it comes back to bite you no matter what and gets worse. we've seen it a million times with a million different things.
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we're back with the politics lead in the special episode of "the lead have the white house in crisis" president trump publicly pushing leaders to investigate his rival the bidens. helping to lead the impeachment inquiry into the president, congressman, thank you for joining us. you heard the president earlier today out in the open call for ukraine, and now china, to investigate former vice president biden and his son. is that against the law? >> it is, jake. there is no factual dispute here. the president is brazenly committing impeachable acts on national television. he's soliciting foreign interference to get dirt on a political rival. he's frankly rejecting george washington's farewell address where george washington warned this country that the downfall of our constitution and republic would be foreign influence.
12:28 pm
>> what's the exact crime? conspiracy to -- i don't know exactly what the law is. i understand that you think it's impeachable which is a political call. and i understand people think it's an abuse of his office, and an abuse of power. >> yes. >> what's the law he's breaking? >> well, as you know, richard nixon, one of the articles of impeachment was abuse of office. abuse of your constitutional oath nap is the central it case against the president. he's abused his oath of office. he hasn't protected our constitution. now, are there possible criminal violations as well? that can be looked into, but you don't need that for an impeachment. what you need is an article saying that he's abused his office and violated his oath. >> listen to something else president trump said. >> well, i think biden is going down, and i think his whole situation, because now you may very well find that there are many other countries that they scammed just like they scammed china and ukraine and basically
12:29 pm
who are they really scamming? the usa. it's not good. >> just to be clear, the president's providing no evidence for these lies and smears. just saying whatever in front of the cameras in front of the american people. what's your reaction when you hear that from the president? >> they're attacks, they have no place in american politics. you know i co-chaired bernie sanders campaign but every democrat needs to condemn them. they should not allow this president to try to do to a democrat what he did to hillary clinton. it's despicable. >> democratic congressman max rose one of your colleagues democrat from new york yesterday announced he now supports the impeachment inquiry though had words of caution. take a listen. >> what's most important here that we do not jump ither to any conclusions. this is a sad, sad day for america. no one should cheer this. no one should applaud it. there were democrats that signed on to impeachment before they were even sworn in. that's absolutely wrong.
12:30 pm
>> do you agree with the congressman? do you see colleagues sometimes acting in a way that you think might undermine the seriousness and purpose of the impeachment inquiry? >> i haven't. i respect representative rose and am glad he's now for impeachment inquiry. i don't know a single colleague who was for impeachment before the president was sworn in. there were many democrats who even went to his inauguration and did i. the president signed two of my bills. speaker pelosi is still calling on the president to work on prescription drugs and speaker pelosi talked about sadness as well. no one wants to go through an impeachment inquiry by definition is going to further polarize this country, but we have a constitutional responsibility, and we can't have a president out there saying to foreign leaders, come meddle with our democracy. we have no choice but to do this. >> former -- current congressman of california, thank you so
12:31 pm
much. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jake. always a pleasure. uncomfortable. vice president pence asked about president trump calling for two countries to dig up dirt on the bidens's stay with us. ♪ as your life grows, so do your needs. ♪ and with bank of america and merrill, the benefits you get can grow, too. as a preferred rewards member, you can enjoy priority service and exclusive discounts... so your growing life can be more rewarding, too. ♪ what would you like the power to do? ♪ ♪ work so hard d you like ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage
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"the lead: white house in crisis." vice president mike pence this afternoon playing the dutiful soldier defending the president's call with the president of ukraine. >> now at the center of the democrats' impeachment inquiry in the house.
12:36 pm
>> the president spoke about lack of european support. he spoke about corruption, and he tasks me to go and meet with the president of ukraine and carry our concerns about those issues, and anyone that looks at the president's transcript will see that the president was raising issues that were appropriate, that were genuine interests in the american people. >> that's vice president mike pence 2019. take a listen to a guy that looks a lot like him. governor mike pence, 2016. >> and y'all need to know out there, this is basic stuff. foreign donors and certainly foreign governments cannot participate in the american political process. >> hmm. i want to bring in cnn's jeremy diamond at the white house, sources say there is anxiety and frustration in the pence camp about this impeachment investigation. what are you learning about those concerns and how they're trying to shelter the vice president from the scandal?
12:37 pm
>> jake, this vice president is a vice president with an uncanny ability to stay above the fray as president trump has been beset with one controversy after the next. saw it play out especially in the mueller investigation but not as much with the ukraine matter and the whistle-blower complaint. that provoked a significantality of anxiety among pence advisers according to multiple sources upset the way the white house handled the whistle-blower complaint and the way in which the president repeatedly roped in the vice president to this matter. remember, jake, after that transcript came out the president also offered up the transcript of vice president mike pence the calling with the ukrainian president. we haven't seen those yet, of course. nonetheless, what we've seen from the vice president's team is an attempt once again to say that the vice president is out of the loop on these matters. something we've heard from the vice president's camp in the past and that is saying they're not aware, the vice president wasn't aware of the president raising joe biden on this call with the ukrainian president. all despite the fact the vice
12:38 pm
president's own national security adviser was on this call that the vice president would have been briefed on this call before traveling to poland to meet with the ukrainian president and indeed that's the case. the vice president was repeatedly involved in interactions with ukrainians officials so this is not one he can edge away in the same way. >> i heard a clip of vice president pence, jeremy, saying that people like joe biden or himself need to avoid not only impropriety but even the appearance of impropriety and the ukraine controversy involving hunter and joe biden is that, the appearance of impropriety. a fair enough assertion. i didn't hear the whole interview, though. i didn't hear whether or not he repeated the lies and smears and unfounded allegations about the bidens. did pence do that, too? >> reporter: he did, jake. once again raises unfounded allegations about vice president biden and his son's activities in ukraine and called for an
12:39 pm
investiga investigation of the matter saying the american people need deserve to know what the bidens did and towing the company line on this issue. backing up the president and his allegations about the bidens but he didn't go quite as far as the president in terms of calling on other countries to investigate biden. he said the president made it clear he believes other nations around the world should look into it as well, but the vice president did not himself call for ukraine and china to investigate the former vice president. jake. >> jareremy diamond. that's. let's chew over this. the vice president knows better, yet he's doing this, too. >> yeah. look, it's almost as if you can see the pain in his face as he is talking about. >> repeats the smears. >> yeah. because -- he does, the guy that we covered in the house, the guy we got to know as governor of
12:40 pm
indiana afterwards, he does know better. i mean, you played the clip. he said so himself during his own vice president debate, that he knows better, but he also speaks fluent trump-ese, and he understands that the dna of the president as much as he needs to. to stay exactly where he has been for three and a half years which is first of all becoming the pick and second of all navigating the very, very choppy waters of the trump world. and, you know, he tries to engage when he feels it's beneficial and disengage when it's not. this is a situation where we don't know the answer to one of the key questions here with regard to him. despite the fact he went after joe biden which is, he's the one who met with president zelensky in september. he talked about corruption. his own national security adviser was on that july 25th phone call. >> general kellogg.
12:41 pm
>> did he get briefed by general kellogg? read the transcript in his briefing book and deliver that message whether overt or subtly to the ukrainian president knowing what he was doing? >> because the argument is that when vice president pence went to talk to the ukrainian president, zelensky, about corruption, quote/unquote corruption, by then zelensky had communicated with him by rudy giuliani through one of his top aides, by president trump in a prior phone call to the one we have the rough transcript to. zelensky knew by corruption they meant, the bidens. >> exactly. >> that's the argument. >> right, right, because in the phone call when he talks about corruption it's only about biden. right? it's not about some sort of whole sale corruption in ukraine. it's very specifically about joe biden, about hunter biden, and this other idea about the server as well. so, sure. i mean, pence is going there
12:42 pm
talking about corruption more broadly, you imagine the president of ukraine knows what he's talking about. pence is someone who likes to be in power. likes to be close to this president. knows that being close to this president means showing utter loyalty and that is what he's doing. i don't know if it pains him to do that. seems to do it with ease, at least today, speak trump fluently, turn back a week ago when president trump called him out, you should listen to mike pence's calls, too. that night he went on to say the transcript vindicated everything trump said. he might be in this up to his eyeballs but seems to also be cosigning for this president. >> play that clip, because some thought that was a savvy way of president trump to remind people he would not be the only one involved in the scandal. president trump talking about vice president pence to reporters talking about ukraine last week. >> i think you should ask for vp
12:43 pm
pence conversation because he had a couple of conversations also. >> how do you interpret that? >> exactly how you set it up. him saying, know, all of these other officials around me were on this call and, you know, i think what's implicit, nobody complained. right? trump does have a way of making sure that if he's going to be criticized for something, other people around him are going to be sullied in the same way. >> and let me -- let me ask you. is there a risk beyond a political risk, is there a risk legally or regarding impeachment for the vice president? >> three words that will drive fear into the hearts of republicans everywhere. president nancy pelosi. ultimately what what happens if both the president and vice president end um p impeached. that's a stretch, but anything the president could be charged with the vice president could. extortion, bribery, foreign interference charges are very, very hard to establish here, because you have to prove a
12:44 pm
thing of value, and, yes, it makes common sense. the election interference, value to a campaign is a thing of value. hard to prove in court, but end of the day, this gets back to what we talked about earlier. if he's seen to have violated his oath of office, then yes, he can be impeached too. >> isn't everything that happened in that phone call basically moot after today? >> already did it in the open? >> democrats say what he said is impeachable on its own and, yeah, an interesting conversation about exactly what the nuance of that phone call was and whether it was a quid pro quo, but end of the day the question for impeachment now would be is it okay for the president of the united states to invite totalitarian governments to investigate political opponents? stick around. more to talk about. not long ago the secretary of state mike pompeo demanded all the documents from the white house. a member of the house at the time. what's changed? stay with us.
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welcome back to this special edition of "the lead" white house in crisis, engulfing some
12:50 pm
of the president's men, mike pompeo is facing a big deadline tomorrow. he says he will respond to a subpoena to turn over key documents to congress dealing with the ukraine scandal. once upon a time, pompeo himself was in the house of representatives and he was demanding that members of the white house, the obama administration, turn over information in the benghazi investigation. >> it's deeply part of the american tradition and our constitution that congress perform this oversight. our goal is quite simple. it's to get every single fact we can get. every document, every witness. to put together the puzzle, the mosaic for the american people. >> he was right then. >> yeah, yeah. i'm sure he is behaving differently now. >> the complete opposite. >> complete opposite, just like you played pence before and pence now, yeah. he essentially is saying at this point that he feels like congress, which he used to be a member of, is bullying state
12:51 pm
department officials and he is there to protect them from these big bullies in congress, like adam schiff and all these other folks who are looking for documents and looking to piece together the mosaic of what happened with ukraine. yeah. this is what we've seen time and time again, all these republicans who said something before when they were going after hillary clinton, going after barack obama, going after any number of republicans. now they're doing everything they can. >> you can find democratic sound bites from the impeachment inquiry of clinton that sounds now like republicans. >> absolutely. >> which is the point you are making, when you take norms that are supposed to be in place and twist them for your partisan gain, it will come back to bite you. >> one difference is you did have democrats back in 1999. >> vote for impeachment. >> yes. >> russ finegold voted for
12:52 pm
impeachment. >> and out of the house, too. >> out of the house, too. now that may change. as we know, nixon's impeachment, public opinion and congressional opinion evolved over time. mitt romney in a tweet. at the end of the day there isn't serious republican support. >> clinton committing perjury. >> and obstructing justice. in his letter to congress, pompeo said he would only respond to the subpoena. he didn't say he was going to comply with the subpoena. is there any recourse for the house if he does not comply with the subpoena? >> again, they can sue him, bring him to court and compel the production of the documents. again, an impeachment proceeding is a different ball game than we're used to. it's proceeding. it's easier to get stuff. they'll likely go to court if they don't get it. they're playing for keeps this time. house speaker nancy pelosi
12:53 pm
just sent a letter to her republican counterpart house minority leader kevin mccarthy. earlier he had requested suspending the impeachment inquiry. pelosi, of course, denying the request. this is part of her response that she just sent, quote, as you know, our founders were specifically intent in ensuring foreign entities did not undermine the integrity of our elections. i received your letter this morning shortly after the world witnessed president trump on national television asking yet another foreign power to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections. >> i think mccarthy's letter was about a series of questions about the process for impeachment. trump has now tweeted that out. i think nancy pelosi will now put this question to every republican, right? a lot of these process arguments are kind of in the weeds. for democrats, it's very simple now. do you agree with what the president did today or not? i would be shocked for a republican to affirmativeely say
12:54 pm
that they are. >> republicans aren't going to say they're okay with what the president said. >> they are. >> they're not. you think they're going to -- >> i'm not saying the majority. >> devin nunes. >> i'm not saying that they actually believe it but some of them will say it. >> the question is, do they duck the question or affirmativeely say no, that's okay? i have a hard time believing. even pompeo, at a certain point, diverted. >> that seems to be -- >> the majority are silent. the mantle ajority are silent a intentionally so but won't be able to stay that way for long. >> the husband of one of president trump's top white house advisers. george convoy just laid out a scathing case for why he believes donald trump is, in his
12:55 pm
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now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. welcome to a special edition of "the lead," the white house in crisis. i'm jake tapper. breaking news with an impeachment inquiry already raising issues of an abuse of power. president trump today continued to shock the political system by
1:00 pm
openly pushing both ukraine and now china to open investigations into joe biden and his son, despite their being no evidence of wrongdoing, which the former ukrainian prosecutor and president have said publicly. one need not have whistle-blowers for today's story. president trump said this in front of tv cameras today, standing on the south lawn of the white house. and the reaction from republican lawmakers, to further evidence that president trump is clearly using his office to push foreign governments to investigate his domestic political rivals either are in defense of the president's conduct or the fate sound of crickets chirping. kaitlan collins starts off our coverage from the white house. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> reporter: in his own words, president trump called on another foreign power to investigate his political rival. >> i think biden is going down. >> reporte