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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 6, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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president donald j. trump. a second whistle-blower is coming forward with accusations concerning the president and his interactions with ukraine. the person's attorney tells cnn the new whistle-blower works in the intelligence community and has firsthand knowledge that supports claims made by the first whistle-blower. this revelation coming as democrats ratchet up their impeachment inquiry. they have now subpoenaed the white house and are requesting documents related to ukraine from the vice president, mike pence. this week there will be key testimony on capitol hill. the u.s. ambassador to the eu and the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine are scheduled to give depositions to three house committees behind closed doors. after calling on ukraine to investigate his political rival as some top republicans double
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down in their defense of the president. evan, what more can you tell us about the status of the new whistle-blower complaint? >> well, one of the interesting things, fred, is the fact this whistle-blower, according to the lawyers representing them, has firsthand knowledge. again, we don't know exactly what that means, but it could be that the person had knowledge of the transcript of the phone call. maybe that person was one of the 12 or so people that the white house has identified or said were actually listening to the phone call with the ukrainian president back in july. but we do know this. the person has not yet spoken -- has not yet filed a formal complaint but they have spoken to the inspector general for the intelligence community and that's a key thing because we heard previously from the intelligence inspector general that they believed that the first whistle-blower's complaints were corroborated by
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other evidence and by talking to other people. it appears to be that's one of the reasons why the inspector general believes that the claims are credible and one of the reasons why they came forward to try to say this is an urgent concern that needed to be notified to the intelligence committee. so one of the things now we're looking for is to see what impact this has on the impeachment inquiry. you can bet the democrats believe that this is going to propel that inquiry because it helps to have not only a second person come forward but someone who claims to have firsthand knowledge and someone, again, who is inside the intelligence community who is bothered by what the president was doing on that call with the ukrainian president. >> all right, evan perez, stay with me. i'll check back with you in a minute. first how the president and the administration is reacting to the news of this second whistle-blower. to the white house and jeremy diamond is there. >> reporter: what we're seeing from the president is a continuation of what we saw when
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news of the first whistle-blower came out, and that is the president is going after the credibility of these whistle-blowers. this is what he posted on twitter just last night when this news was breaking. he broet the first so-called second hand information whistle-blower got my phone conversation almost completely wrong, so now word is they are going to the bench and another whistle-blower is coming in also with second hand info. keep them coming. shifty is a derogatory nickname the president has been use to go refer to the top democrat on the house committee. it is important to note here as well that even as the president seeks to discredit these whistle-blowers what we have seen in terms of public evidence that has surfaced really corroborates this first whistle-blower's complaint. we saw the transcript of the call between president trump and the president of ukraine that showed clearly he was seeking to get the president of ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. what we also saw are the text
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messages between three u.s. ambassadors dealing with this ukraine matter who also showed very clearly there was an effort to get the ukrainians to investigate joe biden, that there was also leverage being used of a potential meeting between the u.s. president and the president of ukraine. we have seen a handful of republican members of congress today defending the president but we have not seen any administration officials appearing on the sunday shows to defend the president on this matter. fredricka? >> that is true. thank you so much. let's talk further now, back with me is cnn's evan perez along with michael zelden. this second whistle-blower, are they facing greater pressure as they craft this complaint yet to be filed? >> so the whistle-blowers will have evidence of what they thought was matters of urgent
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concern involving the inappropriate behavior of the president. the second whistle-blower could be corroborative of the first whistle-blower, one of the people that was interviewed by the inspector general and he's now just coming forward with his own complaint. or he could have new information related to other aspects of the president or anybody else's behavior that he felt violated the officeholder. it remains to be seen if this is corroboration of the original whistle-blower or additional new information which could be additive to the problems that the president faces. >> okay. evan, the attorney representing the first whistle-blower says he's also representing the second whistle-blower. is that potentially problematic? >> i don't really think it is. i think the information that the two people have i think is the important thing here and i think that's where i think the focus is going to be. one of the interesting things is that the president has been
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saying and his supporters have been saying is that, look, the president wasn't really asking for anything improper here, that there's a legitimate concern that goes back multiple administrations about corruption in ukraine and about the fact that if the united states will give money, the u.s. taxpayers are going to give money to the ukrainian government, they have an interest in making sure corruption is being looked at. one of the things we know from this call is that they wanted a public investigation, a private investigation, something behind the scenes wasn't really going to help the president's goal here, which is to dirty up joe biden going into the 2020 election. the president, by the way, could have asked the justice department if he really thought there was something wrong joe biden did, he could have asked the justice department to investigate and doj would have handled this behind the scenes, it wouldn't have been a public matter. that's one of the reasons why i
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think everybody suspects the president knew exactly what he was doing mentioning this to the ukrainian president on that call. >> but we do know now the president has challenged bill barr looking into his political opponent doing an investigation domestic side now. republicans are, michael, attacking the credibility of the new whistle-blower. listen to what senator ron johnson had to say about the whistle-blowers today. >> chuck, i just want the truth. the american people -- >> do you not trust the fbi you don't trust the cia? >> no, no, i don't. absolutely not. >> so, michael, how concerning is it to you the chairman on the senate homeland security committee would say he does not trust the intelligence community? >> well, that's a big problem, of course, because we're dependent upon their information to help us formulate policy with
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respect to those who pose a threat to the united states. if he is suspicious of their credibility and discounts what they say in favor of the bold statements of the president which are not supportable, then it puts it in a very difficult and compromised position, i think, as a matter of our national security. >> and what kind of tone is being set so that the whistle-blowers who thought they had protections against harassment and intimidation, but when you hear that, do these whistle-blowers, michael, think otherwise? or would new measures have to be taken to protect their potential testimony, their complaints, their persons? >> so the whistle-blower protection act is designed to protect the identity of whistle-blowers and to create an environment wherein whistle-blowers feel comfortable and safe in providing information the government really needs to have in order for it to self-monitor. so when these people are attacked this way, i think it
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has a very chilling effect on current whistle-blowers and future whistle-blowers. i think it's unacceptable for these attacks to go forward as they have been. >> evan, quickly, are your sources or anyone telling you that this kind of tone could deter any other potential whistle blowers from coming forward? >> yeah. that's one of the concerns you hear inside the government. why would you stick your neck out if you know something has gone browrong, if you've seen wrongdoing, why stick your neck out if this is what you're going to get? that's one of the concerns from the attack from ron johnson that you are playing, fredricka. not only are they attacking the whistle-blower, they're also attacking the fbi and the cia for even taking a look at things that could be a threat to the united states and international security. >> all right, evan perez, micha michael zeldin, thank you. still ahead as democrats ramp up the impeachment inquiry
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into president trump, senator kamala harris is calling for vice president mike pence to testify before congress. the big question, what did he know? plus, biden on the defense as the former vice president defends -- fends off, rather, trump's attacks. we're beginning to see cracks among his democratic rivals for 2020. what they say they would have done if they were in biden's shoes. and breaking news, an active manhunt under way right now after a gunman opens fire inside a crowded bar. cnn is on the scene. i'm taking mucinex sinus-max. this is different. it fights pressure, pain, and congestion. those are my three best qualities. get the straps carl! triple-action fights congestion, pressure, and pain. mucinex sinus-max. beauty editors have tried everything in search of a whiter smile. their choice? crest 3d whitestrips. our exclusive formulation whitens safely for a 100% noticeably whiter smile. guaranteed. trust america's #1 whitening brand, crest 3d whitestrips.
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senator kamala hair sis on the campaign trail in iowa today. the 2020 contender will host a town hall in iowa state university later on this evening. yesterday in south carolina the former prosecutor called on vice president mike pence to testify before congress about what he knows about the ukraine controversy. >> there's no question that mike pence is the vice president who clearly was in the zone of and in the area of a lot of what's been described as extreme misconduct, should testify before the united states congress. >> you want to see the vice president testify? >> i do. >> senior national correspondent following senator harris on the trail. so what are you hearing from iowa voters? >> reporter: from the democrats we've run into, fredricka, in short they like what they see. we've only talked to several of them. we followed some of kamala
1:15 pm
harris' volunteers as they were canvassing some neighborhoods. i want you to listen to what one of her volunteers told us. >> they're being very aggressive which they need to be if they're going to go through with this. i think they're doing their resear research. i think they're doing their homework. i think they're speaking out. i think they're taking action and i think they're very serious about this, which makes me happy. >> reporter: she has been toughening up her stump speech, fred. what we've been hearing from her more and more is return to her record as a prosecutor she is the best to prosecute the record against four more years of president trump, fred. >> okay. and then she's weighing in on hunter biden's presence on this foreign company's board in recent days. what does she have to say about that? >> reporter: in general because she's being asked about it in some of these events as reporters get to question her and ask her what she thinks about the developing news out of
1:16 pm
washington, she was asked directly about what she thought about that. listen to her answer here. >> if you're elected president, would you allow this son or daughter of your vice president to serve on the board of an oil company outside this country? >> probably not but i think the problem we have, again, with this issue is that it's a distraction from the fact, that, look, as far as i'm concerned, leave joe biden alone. leave him alone. >> reporter: before that pivot the emphasis is probably not. there was a bit more of a direct answer from two other democratic candidates, though. >> i would not allow a family member, anyone in my cabinet to have a family member to work in a position like that. >> no, i wouldn't, and i can promise you right now my own daughter who is only 24 does not sit on the board of a foreign company, but that is not the issue.
1:17 pm
>> reporter: we are expecting much more of the impeachment inquiry, certainly a lot of democrats here in iowa will be coming to listen to senator harris at her town hall tonight wondering how she will be developing her further case against president trump. >> fredricka? >> i wonder if there will be follow-up, leave biden alone now, that was not the case in the first debate when she definitely went after him. quite the contrast. kamala harris has racked up more than $11 million in the third quarter of fund-raising. and she's sort of right in the middle there doing really well. what is her campaign saying about her ability to raise money and stay in the race? >> reporter: you need to look at throughout the year, fredricka, the difference between quarter one, quarter two, and quarter three. we just wrapped up the quarter three fund-raising, and it is a notoriously difficult quarter to raise money in. kamala harris stepped away from
1:18 pm
the trail. she did not campaign as much because she had to fundraise more money. she was able to essentially stay at the same level, but it took a lot more work to get there. if you look at what's happened with the other top tier candidates, the ones who have outpolled her so far, they're doing quite well. elizabeth warren, joe biden topped her as well as bernie sanders. so, again this is just one indication, but her campaign says as far as showing consisten consistency, delivering the high numbers despite the head winds, they feel good about it. >> thank you so much. next, the men closest to president trump caught up in controversy over the president calling on ukraine and china to investigate a political rival. but is the defense coming from trump's allies? is that helping? that's next. it's not small. but it's not just big either.
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>> happening right now protesters gathering in front of senator mitch mcconnell's d.c. home after first being staged in front of the u.s. supreme court. and it's because of justice brett kavanaugh, the newest sworn-in justice. today marks the one-year anniversary of kavanaugh's confirmation to the u.s. supreme court. and today president trump continued his twitter attacks on republican senator mitt romney. the president is upset following a strong rebuke from the utah senator who sent this tweet saying by all appearances the president's brazen and unprecedented appeal to china and to ukraine to investigate joe biden is wrong and appalling. romney is one of the few republicans to criticize the president over his handling of ukraine and his call for china to investigate his political rival. this weekend several republicans came to the president's defense by attacking democrats, the media, and the credibility of the nation's top law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
1:24 pm
>> george, do you think he was serious thinking china was going to investigate the biden family? >> he said it right there in preliminary. >> i think he's getting -- i think senator rubio said he's getting the press all spun up about it. the president has been tougher on china than any other president. >> the president has invited to look into a political rival and there is texting on that we're seeing, the unfolding of evidence to justify the whistle-blower complaint. is this how the power of the presidency should be used? >> we have confirmed there was no quid pro quo here. the favor, in fact, was getting to the bottom what happened in 2016. this is an issue democrats and the media was very interested in not very long ago.
1:25 pm
how was russian disinformation pushing insane conspiracy theory about president trump and russia -- >> the intelligence community has already said they did interfere. >> there are a lot of unanswered questions. chuck, i just want the truth. the american people -- >> do you not trust -- you don't trust the fbi? >> no, i don't. >> i'm confused. >> after james comey -- >> you believe the fbi and the cia, these government agencies -- okay. >> with me now a national political reporter for "the washington examiner" and cnn contributor. good to see you. we see the president continually attacking mitt romney after he criticized the president. you see republicans coming to the defense of the president really changing the narrative and the focus of what this investigation is all about. how effective is this going to
1:26 pm
be for the president's defense? >> well, if you're talking about with voters, i think that he's still going to remain popular, at least at this moment, at least with the information that's presented at this time. he still remains very popular with the people who put him in office. i think 79% of democrats believe he should that impeachment should go forward. which is up a little. consistent with numbers since he became president. it also shows only 12% of republicans believe that impeachment should go forward and independents are split right in half. i feel we are stuck at the day after the election in 2016. and not much has changed.
1:27 pm
you believe you have validation. if you're an independent voter, i think note are the ones that will make the difference. they are the ones that step back and voted for democrats in swing districts. democrats who did not run on impeachment, so i don't know how this ends. in terms of his narrative and nothing has changed in that way either. listen to how they are handling this. >> you have said the impeachment inquiry is justified. would you vote to support such an inquiry if you were in the house of representatives? >> i don't know. i suspect so.
1:28 pm
i think we need to take this incrementally. to your point there ought to be a vote before we go into the inquiry. if we look at the last three impeachments and one that i took the vote, you formalize the process as opposed to an open-ended process which is the route that pelosi is taking right now. a vote of inquiry, as i've said previously, i don't know impeachment is the best way to go. i think censure is. that's a larger question. >> i don't understand that with all due respect, mark. this president deserves to be impeached. nobody from the white house and no high level republicans are on this show saying there's nothing to defend. would i vote if i were in congress on the inquiry?
1:29 pm
there's enough we know now to impeach this president. he stood on the white house lawn this week, jake, and told two additional foreign governments to interfere in our election. that alone is impeachable this is a strong term i'm going to use but i will say it on purpose. donald trump is a traitor. >> what explains the two of them seeing this so differently when they're both vying for the job for the white house? >> as with any primary contest. even if a president is incumbent it helps a president define their message better before they get into a general election. primary contestants often view things from different places and different ways. >> they both want -- they both want -- all three of the republican challengers want this president out. it almost sounded like mark sanford was a little bit
1:30 pm
defending him. why? >> he was defending process more than him. he has never been a fan of the president. i don't think it's about defending him. i didn't hear the whole thing but based on that clip -- >> because he lost his seat, too? he was more defending process than he was defending the president. he's no fan of the president's for sure. >> okay. the president is trying to focus on the 2020 election. >> if he stuck to that message, that message and maybe talk about infrastructure and working across the aisle to get that done, i think that would be an incredible message.
1:31 pm
iowa and ohio. you saw signs of people looking for jobs, not just at restaurants, at service and retail places but also manufacturing places. it has been a consumer driven economy. he would be wary of those voters who grow weary of the instability and the chaos. thank you so much. >> thanks. straight ahead, an active man hunt under way right now after a gunman opens fire inside a crowded bar. cnn is live on the scene next. l. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?!
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a man hunt is under way after four people were killed and five others were shot tejada k at the tequila kc bar. cnn national correspondent natasha chen is live in kansas city, kansas. what do you know right now? >> reporter: we've asked for an update from police on interviewing or arresting anyone. they think there are two possible suspects here. when they got here overnight around 1:30 they said there were four people dead inside, four people outside. the good news is those injured seem to be doing okay and will make it. but we've talked to some people involved including one woman here at the bar just a few hours before the shooting took place. here is what she described as far as a suspect she observed. >> when i was here earlier in
1:37 pm
the evening, the gentleman came in and he was a little agitated. he was confrontational. he was asked to leave. he was escorted out of the bar. >> reporter: and then she went home, went to bed, and was woken up a couple hours later by the friends still at this bar. they told her the guy had come back. so she was here with her best friend and her best friend's fiance. he was one of the four people who were killed. she says the fiance died in her friend's arms as they were trying to keep him alive. >> terrible. natasha chen, thank you so much. now convicted a former dallas police officer amber guyger was shot and killed. the dallas county d.a.'s office confirms the victim was this man, joshua brown.
1:38 pm
he was the neighbor who testified that he heard the confrontation between guyger and botham jean, the guy guyger murdered in his own apartment. brown was killed about five miles from the complex botham jean was murdered. witnesses say they saw a silver four-door sedan speed away from the parking lot. there are no descriptions of the suspect. a businessman is offering a $100,000 reward for information in that case. tomorrow morning the nine u.s. supreme court justices return to their chamber. why this upcoming term is expected to be explosive. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. beauty editors have tried everything in search of a whiter smile. their choice? crest 3d whitestrips. our exclusive formulation whitens safely
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welcome back. tomorrow begins a new session of the supreme court and justices face cases on abortion, immigration, the second amendment and lgbtq rights. and with the majority of justices appointed by republican presidents, conservatives are hoping for some big wins. it was just one year ago today that justice brett kavanaugh was
1:43 pm
sworn in replacing the often deciding swing vote of anthony kennedy, and a short time ago activists protested kavanaugh and the conservative direction of the court by assembling outside the washington, d.c., home of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. let's discuss the new term. just looking ahead at this new session it is expected to be tenuous. how will the newest justice kavanaugh possibly play a role here? >> you're right. it was one year ago protesters stormed the steps of the supreme court. they were so furious that brett kavanaugh had been confirmed after allegations of sexual misconduct had occurred when he was a teen. those came out during his confirmation process. he has always adamantly denied that it took place. but they're also furious about the direction of this court because the supreme court, like
1:44 pm
you said, is just about to start this new term and the issues are really big issues this term. they'll be talking about gun rights and lgbt rights, abortion, and immigration. and they are fearful that brett kavanaugh, who took the seat of anthony kennedy, is going to move the court to the right on some of those issues because kennedy, fred, he served as the swing vote on so many of those issues. >> and then just as this term is about to begin we've heard from ruth bader ginsburg, again, 86 years old, saying she's in good health, but also taking questions. listen to one that stood out in particular. >> how do you think people will characterize this period in american history? >> as an aberration. >> as an aberration, she says. why is it so important and vital? she sees it as important and
1:45 pm
vital for people to see her interacting with audiences and speaking out and speaking her mind like that. >> she speaks up. she tries in her speaking events not to ever directly criticize president donald trump lately but there she was talking broadly. she is this four-time cancer survivor. she's the liberal lioness on the supreme court. she was diagnosed with her last bout of cancer. she has gone on this extraordinary speaking tour since the diagnosis, since she said she'd gone through treatment, and wants to send a strong message she is in charge of the liberal wing of this supreme court. she is ready to take the bench, to take this momentous term head-on and she will be there and she will be voting in these cases. so it's been an extraordinary few weeks for this justice who has just captured the liberals
1:46 pm
attention as she does so many of these speaking events, fred. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. so much more straight ahead. meet this week's cnn hero, robin carol. >> i started coming out to the community. the lots were empty. the houses were getting boarded up. the people were not coming outside. i stood on the corner and asked anybody who walked by, are you interested in taking back your community? and people said absolutely yes. we are really brave space and courageous space. we're going to get there. we will work lou all of what is holding you back to becoming the person and the potential that you have to be. >> to learn more about robin's work go to ♪
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declassified untold stories is back tonight. inside the case of the cartel and how a group of u.s.
1:51 pm
investigators took down one of the most notorious colombian drug cartels operating in the 1990s. here is a preview. >> we began interviewing the women exclusively women that worked at these stores. >> they wouldn't make any statements or give up any information. >> the women were petrified. as a prosecutor i had seen people concerned about deportation. i saw people charged with a crime but the level of terror that i witnessed in these women was something i hadn't seen before. it took all of our interviewing skills to get them to speak. >> so joining me right now is bonnie clapper who is featured in tonight's episode. she is a former assistant u.s. attorney who worked on the case and helped dismantle this dangerous cartel. so, bonnie, good to see you.
1:52 pm
it gnt start odidn't start out . it was a small money laundering investigation. at what point did it reveal itself? >> from an early stage we knew that the money was illegal proceeds. there was so much money, hundreds and thousands in the streets of queens and new york. our job was to figure out where the money had come from and where it was going, what started as a small money laundering investigation into an version that led to the demise of the cartel. >> you needed that as evidence to get a big picture of what you were dealing with.
1:53 pm
>> absolutely. it was the el dorado task force, which i was a member of. our theory, and i still believe this today, you seize a kilo of cocaine, you're seizing product. they make more product. you seize the money, you're seeing the cost of the product, the transport cost, the distribution cost. we focus on the money. these money transfer stores like western unabombion were sending humongous amounts of money to colombia. the workers were typically undocumented women who were paid far less than minimum wage. two things go hand-in-hand.
1:54 pm
justice and respect. we treated all of the witnesses the same way we would want to be treated. there by the grace of a higher power go all of us. so we were kind and respectful. we could be tough as well. >> it is fascinating and so glad to hear your story first-hand account. we'll be watching tonight, catch the latest episode of "declassified" tonight at 9:00 here on cnn. thanks again, bonnie. "saturday night live," turning the spotlight to vice president mike pence and impeachment last night. take a look. >> as you know this farce is growing. >> halloween, w is the president, mike? >> he's meeting with an
1:55 pm
alligat alligator breeder. >> i lived in the central park zoo. did you see the text messages? >> they totally exonerate us. >> really? what do they say? >> this one says i think we should stop texting about the crimes and maybe tell the crimes over the phone so that the crimes don't leave little crime footprints. see, it's all taken care of. >> i'm supposed to be seeing the new judy garland movie with mother. >> you worry too much, mike. presidents get impeached every 30 or 40 years. come on, relax, have another glass of milk. >> well, it's 5:00 somewhere. >> snl last night. thanks so much for being with us this weekend. i'm fredricka whitfield. cnn's newsroom continues right after this.
1:56 pm
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2:00 pm
according to a lawyer who represents the original whistle-blower, the man who are woman whose complaint kick started the inquiry that is well under way this weekend. if what the attorney says is true the second whistle-blower offers something different, actual firsthand knowledge of what the president said to ukraine's leaders. and that it backs up the original that president trump tried to get a foreign country to find something incriminating on an opponent. the second whistle-blower is not welcome news for the administration. it just adds to the mounting pressure on capitol hill as house committees want to see documents from the secretary of state, from the vice president, and from the white house. also today word from the u.s. department of energy that secretary rick perry both supported and encouraged president trump to make that july phone call to ukraine. but for a different reason, it


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