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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 7, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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not been research my political opponent. >> thes republicans are rallying around the president. it's disgraceful. welcome to our viewers. this is "new day." bianna golodryga joins me for a busy day. >> great to be here. >> the whistle-blower is not alone. in addition to the rough transcript of the phone call which corroborates the case that the president leaned on the leader of ukraine to dig up dirt on its political opponent in addition to the text messages that diplomats share these same concerns, there is a second whistle-blower who has come forward with what we are told is first-hand knowledge about that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. this undercuts the arguments from some republicans who demean the whistle-blower claims as hearsay. the question now really is what
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else will the second whistle-blower say and how it will affect the impeachment inquiry? and overnight a significant policy move by the u.s. president. u.s. troops right now are withdrawing from northern syria. this essentially abandons our allies. turkish fighters who fought alongside the u.s. to defeat isis. why is this happening now? we begin with the latest developments on the impeachment inquiry. >> joining us now, correspondent dana bash and jeffrey toobin. counselor, i want to start with you here. look. we have the transcript of the rough phone call. we have this mountain of evidence already. and yet it is interesting that there keep being new witnesses coming forward. and we keep getting new information. every time you shake the trees here, it seems like there's more, more, more. >> remember, it seems like we have a lot of evidence, but there is a lot we still don't
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know. remember, the first whistle-blower other than his zwripgs of the phone call between the two presidents, he said there were six white house officials who were concerned about the improper relationship between the united states and ukraine on this issue. those people have not been identified. that is a obvious high priority of the intention committee in investigating this matter. and it is quite possible that the whistle-blower is one of those six people. all of which means and i know this is not what you're supposed to say on cable news, but we should wait and see what the evidence is. you know? that this is an investigation. these facts exist in the world. what these people will testify to if they're allowed to testify which is another issue to resolve. but that is -- the facts need to come out. >> and dana, we know these
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whistle-blowers -- he agrees they should be protected and anonymous given how special and unique this case is. he suggested maybe it's beneficial for them to come forward. that's also something we heard from lindsey graham. is this going to be a narrative we're going to hear from other republicans? >> maybe. it's possible they might end up coming forward depending on the nature of who they are, what they need to protect. and, you know, what their stories are more broadly. i agree with jeffrey. obviously we have to wait to see what the evidence is. what is the second whistle-blower bringing forward, how is he or she going to corroborate what the first one said. but as important as all of that is, it doesn't even come close to what the president himself continues to say in public. and that, not the transcript, certainly not the
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whistle-blowers, are what seems to be getting the very few republican who is are speaking out angry. mitt romney, susan collins of maine, ben sasse. what they are upset about is what the president himself is saying out loud on the south lawn. in particular, china, come on. investigate my political opponent. he is making it worse continual continually to get to the point where they consider it an impeachable offense. that's an open question. you have simultaneously an investigation into the president himself making it worse and making a lot of republicans i talk to, you know, sigh, roll their eyes, and pull out their hair. >> he's in some cases his own best whistle-blower. every time he speaks in public, he draws new scrutiny to himself and the things he's saying. even though saying it out loud, even though there is evidence for all of us to read. there are republicans saying
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it's all just a joke. you just don't get it. you don't get the president's incredibly savvy sense of sense of humor. >> i think he did it to gig you guys. >> i don't think the china comment was serious, to tell you the truth. >> you really he was serious about thinking china is going to investigate the biden family? >> so jeffrey, how effective is that as an argument? again, when we have the evidence of the president leaning on other world leaders? >> the joke defense is a big part of the trump playbook. the famous speech he gave during the campaign. russia if you're listening, find hillary clinton's emails. he later said that was a joke. that happened to be the day that the russian hacking began. so russia didn't apparently take it as a joke. look, you can manufacture defenses. this is why lawyers go to law school is that they learn how to spin something out of very
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unpromising material. i think ultimately where the trump defense is going is not that the relationship between ukraine and the united states did not exist. it's simply i did it and it's okay. you know, there's nothing wrong with asking for dirt on my political opponent because the evidence is so overwhelming that's what happened. >> let's be clear. those comments from republicans particularly mahrco rubio, that is deflection. that is the art of the punt. that's what that is. >> that's a nice way of saying it. it's deflection at a minimum. it doesn't begin to address the issue. we shouldn't ask another country to investigate a political opponent. and they won't even have the courage to stand up.
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>> and even the more aggressive defenders like lindsey graham, you notice they're not deskdi dg the conduct. they're saying it's all hearsay evidence. they're saying this is another whistle-blower like the ones that came after kavanaugh. they're not defending the underlying conduct which apears to be at least at the moment indefensible. >> there's another moment of this too. which is what we saw from ron johnson who is the chair of the senate homeland security which means that one of his jobs is to keep elections safe like the next one. but he refuses to admit the russians attacked the last one. listen to what he said on "meet the press." >> i want the truth. >> do you not trust the fbi? you don't trust the cia? >> no. no, i don't. absolutely not. >> i'm just confused here. >> after james comey -- >> you believe the fbi, cia,
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these agencies? okay. >> i don't trust any of them. >> do you trust them now? >> no. i didn't trust them back then. >> so it's a bit of a word salad there, dana. but remember the fbi and cia, their job among others are to keep the elections safe. the director of the committee says he doesn't trust them. >> i'm glad this came out and that you played it. i've talked to him about this more than once. he fundamentally believes that. this isn't him giving republican spin. he fundamentally believes that everything that happened is a hoax. and that there was -- these are my words, not his, a deep state in the fbi, cia, wreelsewhere i the government. and the reason it's important to hear that from someone with such power as he has, not only a senator from an important swing
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at a ti state but that is the feeling and the perspective of so many of his constituents and other republican constituents across the country. and therein lies the divide. you have a divide over basic facts and how do you bridge that? that's the kwquestion. >> when you have a powerful senator in the united states saying flat out he does not trust the cia or the fbi. not the former heads of the cia or fbi. not former officials but current. what does that say about where we are as a country right now in our democracy? >> what it says is that there is a fox news universe. ron johnson is very much a resident of that universe. and there is the reality based community and that is where we are. you know, i make no apology for drawing a distinction between people who actually follow facts and people who are completely agenda driven and preaching to their choir constantly.
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you know, fox news is a very important institution. it is not the whole country. breitbart and gateway and that whole universe of make pretend news is -- you know, it's a big factor but it is not the whole country either. >> and it all goes back as we wrap up to your piece that i suggest everybody read in the new yorker, trump's scandal has roots in russia. >> and the mueller report sets the stage. >> if you don't believe the russians attacked the last election, how do you keep them from doing it again? >> thank you. >> thank you. the u.s. abandoning kurdish fighters in northern syria after a phone call last night between president trump and turkey's leader erdogan. we discuss the implications for the region coming up next. help stop your cold sore?
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breaking overnight. u.s. troops have begun withdrawing from northern syria which clears the way for turkey to invade the region. most importantly, the move essentially abandons the kurdish fighters who fought alongside u.s. forces against isis in syria. joining us now is cnn military analyst mark hertling. what message does this send to people who fight alongside the u.s. not just the middle east but around the world? >> this is devastating across the board on so many ways. it's devastating for anyone who has an alliance with us -- who has had an alliance with us in the past and looks to work for us in the future. it's devastating for the military planners that are on
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the ground and the soldiers working with the kurdish allies. it gives the nato ally the opportunity to do some things that will significantly affect not only the middle east but also the european footprint. i think it will certainly provide an impetus for the war against isis to be renewed in a much bigger way than it already was being renewed. so there are so many things you could talk about that are complicated by this action, this spur of the moment action, if you will, by the white house. it's just incredibly jaw dropping from my perspective. >> and let's remember that jim mattis, the general, he quit largely over something much like this in the fall when the president announced the u.s. was withdrawing all troops from syria. mattis quit. the president then backed off that. and if you want to talk about real world and instant implications here, we're hearing from the syrian democratic forces that they've pulled back
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from guarding isis prisoners overnight so they could fight the turks who are invading right now. which means what? there will be isis prisoners, people who were captain on the move again. >> there are 70,000 isis prisoners in one of the camps not in the zone of what we anticipate to be the turkish operation. so those are going to be released and they are not just prisoners that we would think of them in orange jump suits. all men being in jail. these are families. it's a family concentration camp of those who have come from iraq and syria to fight as part of the caliphate. so it is a much more dangerous situation. that's why i say it will lend to a greater surge within the isis opportunities to continue to attack. this is devastatingly bad. and you add to that the fact that european command,
4:18 am
u.s./european command last week announced they would take down the barriers in northern syria and protect this as a safe zone for the kurds. they've already disestablished those barriers which gives the turkish army and military a chance to come in a lot more smoothly and without any defenses provided by the kurds. the kurds have been thrown under the bus multiple times by the u.s. government. it's unfortunate. i work with the kurds in northern iraq when i was there. they were a great population. and this is all part of the kurdish deaspra they said they wanted -- >> what other countries fill this absence? >> well there's a -- i hate to keep beating the drum on this, john. but russia could certainly fill
4:19 am
the void. not only in contributing to the turkish operations, but also the kurds could go and there's been indicators that they've gone to them in the past and saying that we need help in defending ourselves. . a strategic perspective, that puts america at an even more extreme long-term disadvantage. russia is stepping in when we step out. so we are made to look like the fools. our allies think we're idioted because we have stepped out. and russia is coming to the rescue not only with the kurds. but i'd comment this weekend the russian foreign minister was with the iraq prime minister talking about partnering defensive measures. so every time america steps out of anything in the middle east, russia steps in. iran is also benefitting from this in a great way. because they will continue to man the counter-isis approaches. >> very quickly, this is something that we were told that president trump was trying to convince the turkish leader
4:20 am
erdogan not to do. what does it tell you about the president's strength right now on the international stage if he couldn't convince a u.s. ally of something like this? >> well, president trump tweeted boldly that he had talked erdogan out of this several months ago. so yeah. if you take a look at a global perspective in every case where the president has claimed victory, isis, north korea, russia, iran, northern syria. he has failed miserably. it keeps coming back that this is bluster. it's a maximalist strategy with a minimalist approach, not putting any effort in it. and secretary pompeo has not been that contributing in our foreign policy around the world as colin powell said yesterday in a news show. it's a disaster. >> general mark hertling, thank you for coming on this morning and helping us understand this. appreciate it. >> thank you.
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all right. just in, new reporting this morning on how joe biden is grappling with the attacks coming from the president. and also at the same time the rise of elizabeth warren in the democratic field. cnn's jeff zeleny is live in washington with this new development. jeff? >> hey, john. good morning. joe biden has long wanted nothing more than this moment. a head-to-head matchup with
4:26 am
president trump to show democrats that he is the strongest person in the party to take on the president. but now that is a very open question here. this whole conversation and the impeachment inquiry is good for the former vice president. over the weekend in philadelphia, donors gathered. the vice president was there as well. spoke to him for about 45 minutes or so. tried to ease any concerns about this moment in the biden campaign. now, the biden campaign will argue that it is a good moment for them because it shows that he can stand up to the president. but john, when you talk to people behind the scenes, there is the uncertainty about if this is, indeed good for joe biden going forward. one long-time confidant we spoke to under anonymity told us this. let's take a look. he said, i'm not going to sit here and say there is no concern as this drags on. we just don't know. no one knows. of course going forward here, the biden campaign has certainly
4:27 am
strengthened their -- the argument that they're making against the president. joe biden was in a "washington post" op-ed over the weekend saying he's not going to back down. but they also don't want to be distracted by this entire conversation. so we do have a campaign memo that the deputy campaign manager kate bedingfield sent out saying this. she says, this campaign will continue to focus on the issues that impact people's lives while simultaneously hammering donald trump for his unprecedented abuse of power and correcting the record on the mountain of lies trump and his allies continue to spread about joe biden. they're operating on a variety of fronts here. but elizabeth warren could be the biggest threat of all to joe biden. she raised almost $25 million. as did bernie sanders. joe biden raised $15 million. that was a lot of the concern discussed over this weekend at this donor retreat in philadelphia. going forward here, joe biden is fighting a war really on three fronts. but it is that intense argument with the president that is worrying some of his allies the
4:28 am
most. >> all right. jeff zeleny, thank you much for the reporting this morning. joining us now mark mckinnon and jess mcintosh. and mark, i have to say, i've heard both arguments on the joe biden front. people like david and others say what joe biden's wanted all along is to have this be a one-on-one fight here with president trump here. that provides an opportunity if and only if biden rises to the occasion. but has he? >> well, the bad news is that aerve in politics knew this moment was going to come about hunter biden. it's surprising he didn't come out of the blocks on this. you prepare for this, but any time you talk about a candidate's family, there's an emotional response. you don't talk about my family. well, you know, the fact is there is kind of an issue here and it hasn't been well explained. there's a new yorker article
4:29 am
over the weekend on this. it's old style politics. but there's a story here they haven't told yet. the good news for biden is over the weekend at least so far a sympathetic response. and is even doing better in wisconsin. so we'll see. >> but we also know, jess, as we've said repeatedly there's no evidence of wrong doing on hunter biden's part sitting on the board of burisma. the prosecutor there said that as well. but republicans have pounced. now you have at least three democratic presidential candidates beto o'rourke, kamala harris, and amy klobuchar saying they themselves would be uncomfortable if their vice president's children sat on a board of a foreign company. how much does that damage biden? >> i think first of all when it comes to the children's foreign dealings, biden is in a much stronger position than the current occupant of the white house. but because we have the current occupant of the white house and his children enriching
4:30 am
themselves in their brand using the white house to do it, i think democrats running for office want to make sure that is not something that gets carried into the next white house. but i think joe biden should be on stronger footing here. he is the strongest in the field. like i said, he's in a better position than trump is. and the facts have been on his side from day one. this is the head-to-head like jeff said that he has been looking for since he got into this race. so i'm waiting for him to seize this moment. it seems like it was crafted for him to do it. >> i asked pete buttigieg about this. he had a typical buttigieg response. don't be distracted by the dangling objects. but he answered my question. what if you were vice president or president? he said i would hold my family to a very high standard. that was a new generation message. >> we'll sue how this plays out on the debate stage a little more than a week from now. it'll be interesting how they answer the questions. there's the wisconsin poll. there's also a new poll out of south carolina which, of course, is a very important early
4:31 am
primary state. biden is more than just holding up there. he's at 41%. elizabeth warren at 12%. sanders at 10%. digging inside the numbers here, the number that's been super important for biden in south carolina is his support among the black vote. which is still at 50% in south carolina. that tells me, jess, that among the people who might very well decide who the nominee is, biden is on solid ground. >> he's the front runner. he remains the front runner. he is the front runner at a moment where it is not often that the front runner who is currently here in the off year becomes the eventual nominee so obviously things can move and change. we're going to see this field narrow significantly. candidates are going to drop out before anybody gets to cast a vote. i think we're going to see momentum shift. we've seen elizabeth warren rise before a critical moment. right now we've got a pretty solid top tier. which is why i think -- >> i know from personal experience how fast those firewalls melt.
4:32 am
we were up 18 points before new hampshire. and the next day we were behind 18 points. >> but you won south carolina. >> barely. >> the african-american vote is crucial. >> no question. >> she's introducing new policies directly aimed at the african-american vote. what can she do and can she turn that around to her favor? >> she can. you know what it is? win. win iowa, win new hampshire. they'll come aboard. >> and then bernie sanders, obviously, in burlington, vermont, recovering from what we now know was a heart attack. pure and simple. took them three days to tell us it was a heart attack. but it was a heart attack. senator sanders, one of the most vigorous campaigners i've ever seen. he says he's going to be back out on the trail. i've got no doubt. but what impact does this have on the race for the senator? also the idea of older candidates. because there are a few. >> i think the possible health of every possible presidential nominee is something that needs to be discussed. there are plenty of people who have heart attacks and go on to
4:33 am
live to be a hundred. bernie sanders is clearly -- he's got the drive. i'm not concerned about that. but i do want to take a moment and point out how respectful and proportional the coverage of this story has been for bernie sanders while it's going on. and mention what happened in 2016 when hillary clinton's health was used as a manufactured iist cudgel. the next time a woman candidate sneezes or overheats, i want us to treat it with this exact respect. >> thank you, jess. thank you. >> proof will be in the performance, of course. but there's a reason that the phrase is serious as a heart attack. heart attacks are serious. >> they are. we wish him all the best. well, a single tweet turning into an international fire storm for an nba team. my hometown team the houston rockets. how they're responding and how the nba is responding as well. that's coming up. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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a second whistle-blower has come forward with first-hand knowledge of president trump's dealings with ukraine. two more diplomats will be beposed this week in the impeachment inquiry. joining me now is democratic senator chris coons. he's on the foreign relations committee and is a supporter of joe biden the 2020 campaign. senator coops, thank you so much for being with us right now. help us understand what the existence of this second whistle-blower does to the case. what does the person add given the mountain of evidence that already exists? >> well, john, i think this is partly why you hear nothing from my republican colleagues about president trump's jarring conduct in ukraine. and his recent action inviting on the south lawn an investigation of his chief political rival joe biden by
4:39 am
china and ukraine. is that with additional facts coming out, additional whistle-blower, that's frozen a lot of republicans in place out of fear that they don't know what's going to drop next. and i think it gives added urgency to the house impeachment inquiry as they try to get to the bottom of this, get the facts out, and get their inquiry moving quickly. >> what more information do you need at this point? >> that's a fair question. look, as the last week has unrolleds with it's clear that more and more senior members of this administration were either on the phone call or briefed about the phone call or actively engaged in efforts to try and persuade the newly elected president of ukraine's zelensky to participate in what was an abuse of power by president. he is alleged to have put pressure on ukraine by withholding military aid that's badly needed by i knukraine.
4:40 am
so there's more evidence that will be directed here. and the white house acting chief of staff played in this matter. so that's some of the things that i think a second whistle-blower may lend some light to. >> you just noted the republican response to this and you brought up the president's comments on the south lawn inviting china to investigate the president. some republicans haven't been silent about it. they say the whole thing is a joke. listen. >> i think again, i think he did it to gig you guys. >> i doubt if the china comment was serious, to tell you the truth. >> you really think he was serious about thinking that china is going to investigate the biden family? >> what do you say to the republican senators? >> i say they're forgetting a recent chapter in history when in the middle of the 2016 campaign president trump openly said, russia, if you're listening, it'd be great if you'd get to the bottom of hillary's maims.
4:41 am
as we know from the report. the intelligence the next day began an effort to infiltrate hillary clinton's campaign email system. so to think that this is a joke at a time when we've heard from the director of the fbi, from the director of national intelligence that our adversaries are going to interfere in our 2020 election. i think this is deadly serious. i think it's no laughing matter to suggest that a president who openly abuses the office of president should be allowed to just laugh this off. that is a stunningly, i think, inappropriate defense. >> well, you brought up the intelligence services here. if we have the sound, i'd like to play senator ron johnson who is the chair of the senate homeland security committee who says he just doesn't believe the intelligence community, period, full stop. listen to this. >> i just want the truth. the american people want the truth. >> so do you not trust the fbi? you don't trust the cia?
4:42 am
>> no, i don't. absolutely not. >> okay. >> after james comey -- >> you believe the fbi and cia and -- >> i don't trust any of these guys in the obama administration. >> you don't trust them now -- do you trust them now? >> no. i didn't trust them back then. >> talk to me about the impact here given that the goal, i thought, was to protect the united states in the next election. what does that mean if the chair of the senate homeland security committee doesn't believe the findings in the last election? >> well, that's part of the ways in which president trump's unconventional leadership has now infected the most senior levels of the republican leadership in the senate. senator johnson of wisconsin is the chairman of the homeland security committee. and president trump from his times as a candidate has said things that disrespect or undermine our intelligence committee. publicly taking the word of vladimir putin over our own intelligence community, over our
4:43 am
own fbi back in 2016-2017. i watched that interview this weekend live. and my jaw was on the floor as senator johnson said i don't believe the fbi. i don't believe the intelligence community. and i frankly think this should give all of us pause. because folk who is are in leadership and the congress who are entrusted with protecting our homeland security and our next election are openly challenging and questioning the credibility of these important institutions in our life. >> if i could talk about campaign politics for a moment, there is no bigger supporter on earth to the presidential campaign of joe biden than you as far as i can tell. maybe dr. jill biden. you were quoted in an article i read saying, i can't believe believe joe biden told you of the attacks. you said, i can't believe this guy is going after my family like this. how could he not believe that donald trump would go after his
4:44 am
family like this? isn't that something that should have been assumed going into this race? >> look, it's one thing to know that i'll remind you that he accused senator ted cruz, his opponent in the 2016 election of having a father who assassinates jfk. and before joe decided to run for the presidency, we had a heart to heart conversation about what it would look like if he made up baseless smears. it's different having the president making up lies about your own family. so yes, when we were in iowa together, former vice president biden expressed some agitation, some disappoint about this. but if you read his editorial, you hear a forceful joe biden who is pushing back on the
4:45 am
president's abuse of power and show what he's focused on. joe is focused on the way donald trump has turned his back on america's families. and he's focused on delivering proposals that would make the change trump did the promised but hasn't delivered. reducing prescription drug prices, ending gun violence on the streets of america, strengthening our schools, combatting climate change. joe biden, yes, is upset, disappointed about the ways donald trump is attacking his family. but his focuses on advancing the interests of america's families. and i think that contrast is an important one and a sharp one. especially on a day like today where donald trump has made a decision to abandon the kurds who fought along side us in syria in a movement that will only advantage russia and iran. and that is exactly the ill-considered decision that made jim mattis resign in protest. so if you want to know who's going to be the best person to lead this country for our position of security and strength overseas or for
4:46 am
america's families here at home, i think it's joe biden. i think the developments of today have demonstrated that more clearly than ever. >> we've been talking about the developments in syria all morning long. we will keep on covering them throughout the morning. the president just weighed in. we'll get to that in a second. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you, john. all right. well, china is now cutting ties with an nba team all because of one tweet. we'll tell you about the political fire storm with billions of dollars and people on the line. that's coming up next. ou have pl osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it or take xgeva® serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip,
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cnn business now is brought to you by prudential. all right. the u.s. economy off to a slow start this month with signs pointing to a lasting slowdown. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans here with the new survey raising concerns among some economists. >> this is the national association for business economics. these are the economists who work for companies who work for business. their forecasts and warnings go straight to the boss who decides whether to expand or hire. it's really important. they expect gdp to grow less than 2% next year, the weakest growth since 2016. they blame protectionist, trade uncertainty, and slow in global growth and they say the risks to the american economy are only growing. they stopped short of forecasting a recession, instead a slowdown, a stall.
4:52 am
that's not the only warning sign. add that to the evidence the trade war with china is crushing manufacturing. the manufacturing sector is shrinking. weakest since june 2009 at the end of a recess and manufacturing job creation has stalled, 2,000 jobs lost in september. you guys over the past year, pa pa has lost more than 7,700 factory jobs and 5200 manufacturing jobs gone in wisconsin. the big question, will the trade war stay confined to manufacturing or spread to the biggest services sector grew at the slowest pace in three years. the president blames a weak fed and strong dollar. the federal reserve could cut rates again this month to try to contain the damage, but business leaders want something else, resolution of the trade dispute and quickly. tariffs are expected to rise to 30% on $250 billion in chinese made goods next week and chinese negotiators come to d.c. for talks. critical time. >> thank you very much. we'll watch that very closely. this morning, a shocking retreat
4:53 am
by the national basketball association, the nba, it came after a tweet by the general manager of the houston rockets which has created this international relations dispute. it all had to do with the protests in hong kong and outraged chinese. david cully ver is live in beijing with the latest on this. david? >> all of this as you point out started with that one tweet and it has lit up state sponsored media here, social media here as well. government-backed newspapers are slamming the nba for not taking immediate harsh punishment against the rockets' general manager and on-line, you've got folks who are saying they will never watch another rockets game again. fans that we caught up with can tell you some of them are taking this in stride and they certainly knew about the tweet and they knew about the fallout. china's passion for basketball can be seen in a neighborly game
4:54 am
of pick-up. when shot shooting hoops with his friends in beijing, this 15-year-old is following the nba. >> toronto raptors. >> the toronto raptors. >> yeah. >> they're your favorite? >> they win the championship. >> reporter: a team no longer on his preferred watch list the houston rockets because of a new deleted tweet sent out friday by team general manager daryl mory. tweeting a photo that read, fight for freedom, stand with hong kong referring to the months long democracy protests under way in hong kong, protests that have embarrassed and angered china's government. over the weekend mory's tweet unleashed a strong response. the chinese basketball association severing ties with the rockets. cctv, the chinese state run broadcaster no longer planning to air upcoming games and tencent suspending its deal to live stream rockets games. the reaction led to an apology my morey tweeting i have always
4:55 am
appreciated the support our chinese fans and sponsors have provided and hope those who are upset offending or misunderstanding them was not my intention. cnn was in tokyo as the rockets hit the court monday producting ahead of their preseason game against the lakers. guard james harden echoing his gm's apology. >> we love china, we love playing there. i know for both of us individually, we go there, you know, once or twice a year. they show us the most important love. we appreciate them as a fan base. >> reporter: the nba acknowledging morey's tweet deeply offended many in china but called it regrettable and has lawmakers on both sides upset. republican senator ted cruz tweeting human rights shouldn't be for sale and the nba shouldn't be assisting chinese communist censorship. congressman tom mall now ski called the nba's response shameful. on the streets of beijing eric and his friends trying to see past the off-court drama. does it make you think
4:56 am
differently about the rocket snz. >> just okay. i didn't change my opinion. i still like harden and -- but maybe i won't watch them too often. >> reporter: they're just starting to turn off the lights on the court behind me wrapping up the evening pick-up games here. john, basketball has a pretty long history here in china. it goes back decades. the love for the game intensified in 2002 when zyao mike was signed by the rockets. now he's the president of the chinese basketball association here. the same group that has severed ties with his former team. john? >> he may have also, i'm going to take this david, may have faced pressure from the chinese government as well, one may say he could help smooth out the situation given his close connection with the rockets and beloved in houston. >> again, the nba retreat here, after all daryl morey did was support democratic protests,
4:57 am
really, really astonishing. >> yeah. says a lot about how much money is involved in nis game too. no deal in sight as the general motors strike enters its fourth week. the united auto workers union says talks to end the gm strike taking a turn for the worse with the livelihood of 50,000 workers hanging on the balance. cnn has the latest from detroit. >> for the american dream. >> reporter: jesse kelly's life is in boxes. >> we use this as a toy room. >> now it's a box. >> it's a box holding room, yep. >> reporter: these boxes packed and ready for the dream home she saved for. then she went on strike. >> it's devastating. it's very hard. you just see your savings depleting every single day a little bit more and more. >> reporter: kelly is a single mom raising her 6-year-old son colton. living at her mom's house until she can close on her new home. she's one of 50,000 auto workers on strike against gm surviving on $250 a week.
4:58 am
>> the other day i had to get a new rim on my car and i remember that sinking feeling of this is my whole strike check for this week the cost of this rim. >> reporter: she lives in michigan, critical to president trump's win in 2016 and helping him flip the state red. >> a lot of the people in the auto industry are very sensitive about where the economy is. they're very careful to look at which leader is going to help them maintain their jobs. >> reporter: at industry is the anchor of michigan's economy. for every one auto job seven others are created and they're hit harder, losing an estimated $400 million in wages since the strike began. amichi's pizza says sales are down 25%. >> we don't like having to give employees and drivers bad news they can't work because, you know, we don't have enough business to support them. all the paychecks, i'm hopeful they will find a solution to the
4:59 am
problem before it becomes a bigger problem than it already is. >> reporter: michigan has the highest risk of recession in the nation and this strike could push the rust belt state over the edge. >> there's no way to look at this strike now and not say, somehow this is going to play into how people feel about the economy when they start thinking seriously about the presidential election in 2020. >> reporter: in the 2016 election, trump campaigned in michigan more than hillary clinton and won. which is why nearly every 2020 candidate has walked the picket line. john hatline has taken notice. >> any time i can get presidential support here behind the union, to help us on our cause, it's fantastic. >> reporter: pat, a democrat, knows many of his fellow picketers are trump supporters. >> i'm sure after the strike some may change their position when going without a house payment or without eating that week. >> reporter: now talks between gm and the union broke down over the weekend because of the
5:00 am
union's insistence that gm bring product lines back from mexico and this is especially important bianna, because gm is slagts to close four plants by 2020, including this one right behind me. so as these picketing workers are waiting to hear their fate about this contract, they're also waiting to see if they're going to have a job to come back to in 2020. >> that's right. thousands of jobs and votes at stake here. thank you. and thanks for watching for our cnn viewers, cnn newsroom with max foster is next. and for our u.s. viewers, a second whistleblower raising urgent concerns about president trump's action inside the white house. "new day" continues right now. good morning. it is monday, october 7th. alisyn is off. bianna is here with me this morning. >> great to be here. >> new fuel on the impeachment fire with word that a second


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