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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 11, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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at this hour. you can imagine what that means for los angeles. let's get to nick watt. what's the scene, nick? >> reporter: well, alisyn, just the speed of this fire has been phenomenal. within about three hours this thing exploded to 1600 acres burning. none of that contained. we arrived at this scene about 20 minutes ago before the firefighters got here. desperate residents using yard hoses to try and beat back the flames. this house at the end of the cul-de-sac here has gone up in flames. firefighters are now on the scene trying to contain it. but this is like a game of whack-a-mole. there's a huge park in the canyon just behind there. as john mentioned, the wind is the issue. we have seen embers just flying around all morning here in the san fernando valley. that is what took this fire
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across the 5 freeway, across the 210 freeway. right now we've got firefighters coming in here trying to beat back the flames behind this house. jordan, if we come back over here, that is the main issue they are dealing with right now. the people in that house on the left, i just spoke to them. they said we're desperate. just a few hours ago we didn't even realize this fire was coming. and that was the issue. many people have gone to bed before those evacuation orders even came into effect. and the speed of this fire, 300 firefighters were more than 60 engines, helicopter drops trying to contain this. this is a heavily populated area. we are here in porto ranch. 28 miles from downtown los angeles. 1900 homes under mandatory evacuation. and the fight against this fire ongoing. back to you guys. >> all right. nick watt, please stay safe. please keep us posted. you should know there's a news
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conference going on in that town. we understand the entire town you're in now under mandatory evacuation. we'll check back shortly. meantime, two men close to rudy giuliani have been arrested. not just any men. these are central players in giuliani's far flung efforts to get foreign leaders to dig up dirt on joe biden. they were charged with foreign money into campaigns. these -- we have pictures, i think. these are pictures of all the men together. we don't know exactly when this is from. but interestingly enough, the soviet-born pair met giuliani for lunch at the trump international hotel in washington hours before they were arrested at dulles airport attempting to leave the country. the former ambassador to ukraine is scheduled to appear before house investigators.
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those men arrested along with giuliani, they worked to get her fired from her post. and the president did ultimately push her out. we're standing by to see if the president tries to block her testimony this morning. jessica snyder is live with us in washington. what a tangled web here. >> reporter: absolutely, john. the dramatic arrests of rudy giuliani's two associates really still sending shock waves through washington. amid questions of how this will play into the impeachment inquiry. rudy giuliani says he was planning to fly to austria thursday night. that was the same city where his two associates were headed with one-way tickets before they got wind of the travel plans and authorities moved in quickly to make those arrests. they once smiled in photos with president trump and even dined with his son don junior. >> i don't know those gentlemen. now, it's possible i have a picture with them because i have
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a picture with everybody. >> reporter: and now two of rudy giuliani's associates igor fruman and lev parnas have been indicted for breaking campaign finance laws. >> this investigation is about corrupt behavior, deliberate law breaking. >> reporter: fruman and parnas are charged with falsifying records and two counts of conspiracy including funneling foreign money into a u.s. election. efforts to gain influence with politicians, the two men made a $325,000 donation to a pro-trump superpac. sought to advance their personal financial interests and the political interests of at least one ukrainian government official with whom they were working. the two men also pressured a congressman to help oust marie yovanovitch from her position.
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>> the american people really can learn from her why was giuliani involved? she can shed a lot of light on what happened. >> reporter: house democrats sending fruman and parnas kou documents related to their impeachment inquiry. to find dirt on biden. as discussed in president trump's july 25th phone call with the ukrainian president where trump mentioned yovanovitch, already fired. who states they wanted her out of her job by request of ukrainian official. and now top senate democrat chuck schumer is saying that rudy giuliani needs to testify before congress. especially since he's now clearly connected to these two men who have been arrested for these campaign finance violations. we've also learned that giuliani's financial detailing with these friends is under scrutiny. now, they made their initial appearance in virginia federal
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court yesterday. they are currently being held on $1 million bond. but they will be extradited to new york to face charges there. >> it feels like many of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. thank you very much. so what the new arrests could mean for rudy giuliani as well as the impeachment inquiry. that's next. ♪ ♪ introducing a razor that works differently. the gillette skinguard. designa guard between the blades that helps protect skin. it guards against razor burn on the neck and irritation on the face. get the shave you've been waiting for. gillette skinguard. wwithout it, i cannot write myl tremors wouldname.xtreme. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement.
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learned investigators are looking at rudy giuliani's business dealings with two of his ukraine contacts now charged with illegally funneling cash into u.s. elections. joining us now to discuss, bianna golodryga and elliot williams. let me just put up the picture of these three men who know each other well. they don't look like strangers. these are the guys rudy giuliani worked with. sort of separate from this. my question to you, elliot, this morning is what does rudy giuliani need to worry about now these men are in custody? >> sure. any time someone is charged with a crime, they have an enormous incentive to cooperate with law enforcement, provide testimony to law enforcement about other people. and frankly, to plead guilty and testify against people they've
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worked with. that's frankly something that criminal justice advocates take huge concern with. because of how we incentivize guilty pleas, right? now, is rudy giuliani going to be charged with a crime on account of the conduct these individuals testified to? much to many people's chagrin, i can't say that with certainty today. but at the end of the day, he's an associate of these individuals. and how investigations are built is that people please guilty and they testify against their associates. so he should certainly seek counsel and get a lawyer. that would be my advice to him as another lawyer. probably lawyer up. just because associates are charged, that doesn't mean it's necessarily going to rise up to his level. >> the word that kept popping up into my head as i was reading all they were accused of and charged with dirty, dirty, dirty. everything they did -- >> to be fair, that's always in your head. >> a lot of stories i've been
3:13 am
thinking about that lately. but dirty. dirty players. dirty politics. they set up a shell company to funnel money to a trump superpac that exceeds legal limits. they are directly connected to digging up dirt os ambassador yovanovitch to get her out of the way because she was trying to fight corruption. they funneled money to congressman pete sessions to get him to fire -- to enlist his help in firing marie yovanovitch. it goes on and on how the dirty dealings they were connected to. >> i was thinking the same thing but the russian word for dirty. that's what i was thinking in my head too. yes, here we are once again. you also see this began long before that now-infamous july 25th phone call. this process was in the works for months. this process was in the works before zelensky was even elected. now you know that these two men were trying to get a connection to zelensky after he was
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elected. in fact, zelensky not to make this too complicated, "the wall street journal" is reporting zelensky who was supported by a different oligarch, these two men went to israel to meet with this oligarch. also the pete sessions connection and whether democrats are going to want to hear from him. >> of course. how could they not want to? >> you tie these pieces together and you have a separate foreign national, right? foreign national number one. another russian who was wli kated in all of this, funneling the money through these two men to pete sessions. pete sessions then goes to secretary of state mike pompeo and says yovanovitch has to go. assuming we hear from her, i think she's going to have a lot to say about how all of this went. >> yeah. in a few hours she is now a key person to hear from. >> there is a tremendous nowness to all of this in she's
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testifying in a couple of hours. yes, these charges are about something separate mostly. >> sort of. although money is at the heart of all of it. >> and firing the ambassador is at the heart of all of it. and she is a central player scheduled to testify in a couple of hours. we are watching to see if the president will try to block it. i want to play you some sound from president trump yesterday. how he reacted when confronted with questions about all this. >> i don't know those gentlemen. it's possible itch a picture with them because i have a picture with everybody. i don't know them. i don't know about them. i don't know what they do but i don't know. maybe they were clients of rudy. you'd have to ask rudy. >> the first part of that, there are pictures of him with those men. which he's right. he takes a picture with a lot of people. maybe you have a picture with him and don't know it. >> i'm sure i do. but rudy giuliani, who is he?
3:16 am
you'd have to ask rudy giuliani. i barely knew rudy was the context. >> also reminiscent of the michael cohen thing. i don't know. you'll have to ask michael. >> it's just a matter of time before he says who's rudy giuliani? i don't know rudy giuliani. i've never met rudy giuliani. i've never been photographed with him. why would i have any connection to him whatsoever? you know, it's -- the speed with which the president seems willing to throw people under the bus as this all started a few weeks ago is you should talk to mike pence and talk to the vice president about some of the conversations he's had here. and so i think there are photographs of him and his son and rudy giuliani together if not separately with these individuals. the president cannot credibly say that he has no connection to the individuals at all. again, i'll echo what i said earlier. that doesn't mean the president is getting charged with a crime or impeached, but he can't distance himself fully from these individuals because the evidence is there. it's on its face. >> bianna, i've said this
3:17 am
before. but i really keep coming back to this. wouldn't it have just been easier to talk about the economy? the idea that they have to go to these lengths and pay off thugs and set up shell companies and be involved in ukraine and all of this, i think tells you they must not feel that confident about winning. >> this is all happening during the mueller investigation as well. remember, we were surprised that the president felt liberated after mueller's testimony to pick up the phone and call zelensky the day after. no. this was all taking place before which makes you think this president thought that all of this was kosher. to the president's contract, he in interviews said there's nothing wrong with foreign leaders. but it's clearly playing out that way. but you're right. focusing on the economy. focusing on pocketbook issues is something americans elected him to do. not to be mired in this mess. >> and they don't seem as good as doing that.
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>> dirty. >> dirty, dirty, dirty. all right. thank you, both. we are continuing to follow the raging wildfires out of los angeles. more than 4,000 acres are now burning. this again just sparked overnight. hundreds of homes are already -- dozens of homes are already destroyed. there are mandatory evacuations underway. we have the latest for you next. tremfya® helps adults with moderate
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okay. more on the breaking news for you. wildfires have exploded across southern california overnight. authorities say there are more than 4600 acres that are
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burning. santa ana winds have forced the flames. authorities are forcing mandatory evacuations overnight. dozens of homes have been destroyed. los angeles officials say more than 100,000 residents are being impacted at this hour by these wildfires. you're looking at live pictures there. >> all right. we have more breaking news for you this morning. reports just in that missiles have hit an iranian oil tanker near a saudi port. iran state media is saying that two explosions -- there were two explosions and that oil is now leaking into the red sea. nic robertson live for us with the very latest. nic, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah. what we're getting from the iranian foreign ministry spokesman is that the ship was hit twice in the space of half an hour. that there are no casualties on board and there were initial reports of a fire.
3:24 am
however, there's been no images of a fire. and the indications now are that there is not a fire on board. and the ship is still in motion. we're tracking it at the moment through tracking sites at about 30 knots. so it's moving along at 10 kilometers an hour. where did this happen? about 60 miles off the port city of jedah on the red sea off the coast of saudi arabia. a spokesman for the national oil company in iran that owns this vessel is suggesting that the vessel was hit by missiles fired from saudi arabia. irrespective of the responsibility or what has happened here, clearly it raises tensions in the region at the time. clearly everybody remembers the saudi oil facilities were hit just a few weeks ago and that the saudis have pointed the finger or blame at iran and that's something the united states and european nations
3:25 am
support although interestingly so far the saudi have not gone public with their investigation. but at the moment, you know, we're trying to get more details on precisely what has happened and the damage that's been done. but absolutely raises tensions in a very tense region at the moment. >> absolutely, nic. thank you for that reporting. now to this important update. turkey says that as of this morning, more than 200 people have been killed. this is as turkish forces keep advancing into syria. kurdish fighters who helped the u.s. defeat isis are believed to be among those 200 dead. cnn's clarissa ward is live in northern syria. what's the situation at this hour? >> reporter: well, alisyn, we just went to a u.s. base. it's important to remember that while the americans have pulled back from that part of the border where that turkish military offensive is really concentrated, they still have roughly a thousand military personnel here.
3:26 am
so we actually went, got into an american base, understandably the americans did not want to talk to us on camera. they're mostly special forces operatives. but what's interesting is that it's kurdish forces who are guarding the u.s. base, who provide the perimeter. and kurdish forces who have been fighting on the front lines with their u.s. allies in the battle against isis. we asked the u.s. special forces man who we spoke to whether he felt embarrassed or ashamed. he said, listen, i can't really make any comment. but privately some of the kurdish fighters in that same base, in that u.s. base say they feel like they have been sold out by the americans and they are not expecting the u.s. at this stage to help them with this turkish military offensive which is continuing today as you said. shelling continuing in a number of different areas as turkey prepares to try to clear this
3:27 am
huge swap 200 miles across the border. >> thank you very much for being with us. keep us posted on these fast-moving developments. this morning two soviet-born men connected to rudy giuliani, they have been arrested. these are the very same men who worked to dig up dirt on joe biden. giuliani was eating with them in a trump hotel hours before they were traying to leave the country. and there's now one report this morning that giuliani, he may have been headed to the same city in europe that they were. what the heck is going on here? next. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®.
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a bizarre new twist this morning in the impeachment investigation. the two associates of rudy giuliani who tried to dig up foreign dirt on joe biden, the ones that were grabbed by authorities after they dined with giuliani. but they were headed to vienna. guess who else was headed to vienna at nearly the same time. one rudy giuliani. that's according to an interview he gave with the atlantic's elaina plott. she was going to be with us this morning. she lost her voice. she has a remarkable account of her last few days talking to giuliani in the atlantic. i recommend everyone read it. joining us now to talk about all of it, john avalon who worked for rudy giuliani for some time. let me just read part of what elaina writes here. he said he couldn't do it because he was going to vienna where these two guys were headed. she writes, when i called at 3:00 p.m. to ask about his vienna trip, a woman answered
3:33 am
the phone. i called him more than a hundred times, she says over the past year, and this is the first time that has ever happened. she said she'd have to get back to me. as we spoke, i could hear a voice that resembled giuliani shouting a-hole in the background. sorry, the woman told me. he was talking to the tv. >> yeah. let's put up the picture. >> just so we can see rudy giuliani's known these guys for awhile. we don't know when this picture is from, but he's been paling around with them in a big way for a couple of years. they were the ones that he has been using in the ukraine to try to dig up dirt on biden. >> that's right. i think one of the open questions is who's been using who. but rudy has fallen in with this crew for the last several years. elaina's story is why it has anything to do with those the two most prominent clients are there seem stretching the limits. but there's a tragic quality to
3:34 am
all of this as often happens with rudy. these two guys have insinuated themselves into his life. and have apparently been prime drivers of this ukrainian expedition. which trump has bought into. apparently the president of the united states has bought into. rudy has bought into. and it's unclear, though, whose bidding they are doing. >> well, they're doing giuliani's bidding. we know that much. giuliani wants them to be in ukraine digging up dirt on joe biden. he has been working with them. i think to absolve him of the responsibility on this. i mean, not the campaign finance violations. he's not named in this indictment, but in terms of working with ukraine, he wanted yovanovitch out as the u.s. ambassador to ukraine. they did too. >> that's the key point. it appears there were a lot of people who had financial or political incentive to get yovanovitch out. that
3:35 am
thing to resolve. >> she'll be testifying in a few hours one thing we know from reporting is that giuliani wasn't happy with how she was responding to his pressure to launch these investigations. >> correct. >> so elaina plott, turns out one of the times she was interviewing giuliani, they were there. these guys were there. and she checked her tapes. let me read part of this as she describes them sipping back-to-back glasses of mckalen. and smoking a nicaraguan cigar. giuliani said he knew parnas two years. parnas said he grew up idolizing giuliani. they bantered about how the mueller probe would amount to nothing. >> yeah. these two guys using flattery and have used that to get themtss as close as they can to trump's inner circle. rudy has embraced them entirely trying to use them as operatives to dig up this dirt.
3:36 am
and again i think the potential that rudy is being used as well. >> but look. america's mayor getting duped is a high bar for me. >> well, i appreciate that faith in him. i worked for rudy giuliani for many years. i have the utmost respect for what he did. there is a terrible irony that rudy giuliani began his career combatting corruption, combatting the mafia. very successfully. he seems to have been pulled in by a conspiracy theory involving some potentially corrupt people. and certainly corrupt intent. >> i guess the question is was he pulled in or has he been fomenting it and being an active instigator in it? >> instigator, i think he has seriously bought into this. i think reporters know that he has been driving this particular conspiracy theory which seems to have reached the president's ear. i think the other question, though, is what are their interests in ukraine and what
3:37 am
role do they have and whose bidding may they be doing? >> they wanted the ambassador out, she's out. all right. john avalon, thanks for being with us. >> follow the money. >> follow the money. >> you can quote me on that. meanwhile, protesters interrupted pete buttigieg on live tv last night. how the 2020 candidate responded to this next. ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
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nine democratic presidential candidates answering questions affecting the lgbtq community at cnn's town hall last night. protesters interrupting this historic event to bring attention to a pressing issue. kyung lah explains. >> mayor pete buttigieg. >> reporter: the first political candidate to announce as gay paused by protesters. >> i do want to acknowledge what these demonstrators are speaking about which is the epidemic of
3:42 am
violence against black trans which in this country right now. and i believe or would like to believe that everybody here is committed to ending that epidemic and that does include lifting up its visibility and speaking to it. >> reporter: unscripted moments forcing candidate response. >> let me tell you something. black trans women are being killed in this country. cnn, you have erased black trans women for the last time. we are dying. our lives matter! >> she grabbed the mic to stand up for herself and other trans women of color and trans men of color. that's what democracy looks like in america. >> make sure that we create safe communities in which they can exist. >> -- stop killing us. how do we get those men to stop killing trans women? how do we get those men to stop killing? >> there needs to be a safe place for the members of our
3:43 am
transgender community to go when they have been exposed to that kind of harm. we know there's not always a safe place. >> reporter: kamala harris highlighted how as a prosecutor, she fought and helped eliminate an anti-gay law and joe biden pledged gay rights would impact international relations in his administration. >> so a country like saudi arabia -- >> same thing. they have very little social redeeming value. and i've been blunt about it. i've been very, very blunt about it. i know they are supposedly our ally and all the rest. i'm not saying, look. there are certain things we cannot tolerate. >> reporter: cory booker equated gay rights with all civil rights. >> we are not free when we swear an oath, all of us sbawear an oh it will be a nation of liberty and justice for all. those are aspirational words right now until every lgbtq has
3:44 am
rights and i will get it passed into law in our country. >> reporter: a night of serious issues but not without some levity. >> a supporter approaches you and says senator, i'm old fashioned and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman. what is your response? >> well, i'm going to assume it's a guy who said that. and i'm going to say to them, just marry one woman. i'm cool with that. assuming you can find one. >> there's very little daylight between these candidates when it comes to issues affecting the lgbtq community. like passing the equality act, banning gay conversion therapy, expanding hiv care. this evening a testament to the growing power of the lgbtq vote in the 2020 election. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> oh, snap, elizabeth warren. >> i know. it was an interesting night there. so the houston astros punched their ticket to the american league championship
3:45 am
series for the third straight season. carolyn manno has more in the bleacher report. morning. >> good morning. this is what baseball fans have been waiting for all season long. the astros and yankees with a spot in the world series standing on the line. the tampa bay rays. the crowd whipped up into a complete frenzy for the winner take all game five and the astros got off to a quick start with four straight hits to begin the game. houston built up a 4-0 cushion in the first inning. then their starter garrett cole did the rest. another playoff masterpiece. he threw eight innings giving up only one run on two hits while striking out ten. houston sends the rays home for the winter with the 6-1 victory to clinch the series. next up, the showdown with the yankees. these teams combined for 210 wins and close to 600 home runs in the regular season. so get your popcorn ready for this one. game one is tomorrow night in houston. the nlcs gets started tonight on
3:46 am
our sister channel tbs. cardinals host the nationals just after 8:00 eastern as well. meantime, patriots quarterback tom brady continues his assault on the record books. it took the 42-year-old one throw against the giants to pass future hall of famer peyton manning for the second most career passing yards in nfl history. in a less than perfect performance on thursday night. brady did have 334 yards passing, zero touchdown passes. even more shockingly, he ran for two scores. new england now a perfect 6-0, two wins clear of everyone else in the nfl. john, that is the class half full version of patriots sports for you this morning after a rough thursday night game. >> they're 6-0. >> ugly win is a win. >> that's the only time ugly has been used in the same paragraph as tom brady. let's say that right there. >> i digress. >> this is dicey territory. thank you very much. so president trump taking aim with his most personal attacks yet on the biden family.
3:47 am
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house democrats want bill taylor to testify. he was thrust into the public eye last week when his text mess ages were released. kylie atwood is in washington with more. >> the latest person that house democrats really want to hear hear from as part of this impeachment inquiry related to ukraine. earlier this year when ambassador yovanovitch was ourselfed early. he took over and he has been the person on the ground there. he is really seeing what has happened over the past few
3:51 am
months. we know he has some. he memorialized those via text. he said to another ambassador at one point he had fears about tying political assistance to president trump to the security assistance that the u.s. had put on hold for ukraine. i want to read you that text message exchange. because it's really at the heart here. bill taylor said, quote, as i said -- with the political campaign. five hours later, gor son sondland, he is the u.s. ambassador to the eu replied saying the president has been crystal clear. there's no quid pro quos of any kind. i suggest we stop the back and forth by text. and i also think it's important here to note we have spoken with a number of folks who are former colleagues of ambassador bill
3:52 am
taylor. he is widely respected in the diplomatic community. he came out of retirement to assume this post. and they say that he is basically going to be put in sort of a quandary here. because he wants to do ukraine policy. he didn't take this job so he could get immeshed in the politics here. it's going to be interesting to see how this develops and how he decides to work with the house democrats versus working with the state department who so far has put the quash on anyone from the state department being allowed to talk to them as part of this impeachment inquiry. >> yes, that will be very interesting. thank you very much for the update on that. meanwhile, as you know, president trump has long had this symbiotic relationship with right wing media. so why is he getting frustrated with them now? and speaking out against some of his old allies? joining us now to discuss is commentator the michael smerconi smerconish. let's talk about some -- how the president seems to be quite
3:53 am
frustrated with some people in right wing media. let's start with matt drudge. so the drudge report as people know aggregates different articles. and you can tell matt drudge's position by those he chooses to highlight. and those he chooses to use as headlines. and so here is oliver darcy of cnn's latest reporting. matt drudge is reacting to changing circumstances, a person close to the media mogul who says drudge has grown exasperated with trump told cnn business. not only is drudge's website covering the impeachment news, it's featuring commentary from some of the president's fiercest critics. that's significant, michael. >> it is significant because the holy trinity of a firewall for the president is drudge, fox news, and a.m. talk radio. and there are cracks in two of the three. one being drudge. the other being fox news. as you correctly point out, he aggregates.
3:54 am
he doesn't provide original content. but through the selections that he makes, alisyn, you get a perspective. you get a point of view. and don't lose sight of the fact that the drudge report came on the scene the last time the country went through this. matt drudge broke a lot of stories in the 1990. i remember the story in particular about the clinton impeachment. he holds great sway. he puts out a message of what's going on in the world and in the country on any particular day. and the president is no doubt upset with the fact that drudge has not been a strong ally in his selection of stories recently. >> it's also interesting he rails against the fox news polls. any poll that doesn't show him winning. and the fox news polls have been brutal on the president lately. and then maggie haberman reports that the attorney general of the united states william barr just met with rupert murdoch. >> wonder what that was about. >> yeah. that's interesting, michael. >> it is interesting. i can't help but wonder if
3:55 am
there's a generational divide within fox news meaning between murdoch and the murdoch children. maybe they don't see the world the same way the father does. who knows how long fox will continue to present the sort of stories at least in primetime that it does. i found it interesting that the president began his day yesterday by blasting fox news for the poll that john just referenced. but of course in his rally last night, he singled out a number of the hosts whose opinions he appreciates and relies on most. >> the ones the president likes, the sean hannitys of the world, they are the all in commentators. they're not the journalists. and when the journalists at fox news dane to say anything against the president, he criticizes them, insults them on twitter, goes after them. as the people at the rallies come over and be nasty to them. it's quite clear who he likes and who he doesn't like.
3:56 am
there was a moment on "fox & friends" which is reportedly one of his favorite morning shows. >> in addition to "new day." good morning, mr. president. >> good morning. so the president did not like that brian kilneed on that show doesn't like something. >> a disastrous series of events. i hope the president will rethink this. >> i think the president is doing exactly what he wants to because he's made from the get go very clear campaign promise -- >> release isis fighters? >> campaign promises. >> to bring our troops home. >> and abandon our allies? >> president trump doesn't like that. he tweeted out, what happened to fox? what are they doing to us? again brian daned to have an opinion separate from the president. >> in the span of the last three
3:57 am
decades, these oracles. drudge, a.m. talk radio, fox news. these outlets hold tremendous sway over primary voters in republican primaries. and that's why it's very important to pay attention to what signals are coming out of them. because we're looking at the congress. you know, we're looking at the senate in particular to see whether any republican senators are going to abandon ship on this impeachment fight. and these are signs that maybe the audience that they pay attention to the most is being told all is not well. that's why it's significant. >> michael smerconish, a pleasure having you on with us this morning. everyone needs to watch your show tomorrow morning as well. great to have you here. late night comics, what were they talking about? >> i don't know. what were they? >> they were talking about the impeachment investigation and the president's claims that he doesn't know rudy giuliani's indicted associates. here are your late night laughs. >> you're aware of the interest
3:58 am
in the bidens being investigated? >> i was -- >> and that being tied to -- >> that's your question. let me be very clear. >> oh, mike pence avoided that question like it was a woman with her ankles showing. that was extreme. >> it seems like a bad development for the president, but trump actually claims that this is good news. he was like, see? i told you i never pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden. i pressured rudy giuliani to pressure these guys to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden. i'm fine. >> trump says he doesn't know these guys, but there he is with igor. looking like they just won best rv dealership in gary, indiana. and here's lev and igor having dinner with djtj.
3:59 am
>> you were the one who said it smelled dirty. >> it's a good thing this isn't sme smell-o-vision. okay. that was great. okay. mean while -- why are you making me laugh? we have serious news. >> there are raging wildfires in california. "new day" continues right now. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." we do begin with breaking news because there have been wildfires that have erupted overnight across southern california. you can see them on your screen there. santa ana winds have gusted more than 60 miles per hour and they are fanning the flames and sparking, of course, more fires. there are mandatory evacuations underway in the los angeles area. thousands of residents have been ordered to leave as of this hour because of these ferocious winds that are fueling these fires. you're looking at a live shot on
4:00 am
your screen right now from one of the affiliates there. many of those evacuees were asleep, of course, when these fires ignited overnight. >> so dozens of homes have been destroyed, burned through. more than 4600 acres at this moment. two major freeways are shut down at this hour. cnn's nick watt is on the ground live in porter ranch, california. my gosh. look at that behind you. give us the latest. >> reporter: john, we have just watched this house burn over the past hour. we are on this property with the homeowner's permission. he and his family standing out front. i just spoke to one young man who told me he was born in this house. imagine going to betd 9:00, everything's fine. middle of the night, this is what your house looks like. now, while we were here also, jason the producer i'm working with noticed behind the house on this street, the back pork was


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