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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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attending. major league baseball commissioner rob manfred says he spoke with president trump and in order not to disrupt the fans getting in and out of the stadium, president trump says he will arrive after the first pitch and then leave before the game is over. now for tonight's game four, this continues to be one of the hottest tickets we've seen in sports the entire year. just to get into the stadium standing room only. going to cost you more than $800. ana, it is guaranteed it is going to be another electric atmosphere here tonight at nationals park. >> top of the hour live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. president trump and his former right-hand man in the white house going back and forth today over advice on how not to get impeached. john kelly, retired marine corps general and former white house chief of staff told reporters this weekend that if he had stayed on the job the president
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would not be in the impeachment predicament he is in now. the former chief of staff told an interviewer that when they were looking for his replacement last year he told the president this. quote, i said, whatever you do, don't hire a yes man, someone who won't tell you the truth. don't do that. because if you do, i believe you will be impeached. president trump is flatly denying kelly ever said that. cnn's sarah westwood is at the white house. the president responded directly to cnn about this reporting. what is his reaction? >> reporter: that's right, ana the white house sending an aggressive response to our colleague in response to john kelly's comments. kelly essentially claimed if the president had heeded his advice about who to replace him as chief of staff he might not be getting impeached right now. i want to read the president's statement. he said, john kelly never said that. he never said anything like that. if he would have said that i would have thrown him out of the office. he just wants to come back into the action like everybody else. the press secretary said i
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worked with john kelly and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president. of course that is a remarkable statement from the press secretary going after a widely respected former colleague, one whose arrival in the white house initially was celebrated by trump aides. so was his performance during the early months of his tenure but the white house quick to disparage kelly after his comments to the "washington examiner." contrast that with the way the white house has handled the impeachment inquiry. often new allegations, new developments in house democrats' investigation have been met with silence from the white house. they've often declined to dispute the specifics of what witnesses are testifying to on capitol hill, and that approach has caused frustration among republican allies of the president many of whom have wanted to see more of a strategy, more of a coordinated messaging effort coming out of this white house but when it comes to what the president perceives as a personal sinltin
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in this case from his former chief of staff the white house was quick with coordinated response and pushback in this instance, ana. >> sarah westwood reporting. thank you. let's bring in a republican strategist and cheech washington correspondent for politico. john kelly is essentially saying left to his own devices with no he one to stop him the president will commit impeachable and possibly illegal acts. what is your reaction to this? >> i would agree with that assessment by john kelly. the reality is there isn't a cohesive strategy from this white house. if you were to compare how they're handling this versus the clinton administration where you had a solid message, talkers, strategists trying to figure this out, this administration doesn't have any of that because donald trump is not a disciplined character. so as a result you have republicans who are sort of all over the place not sure what is the best line of defense messaging wise because the president could tweet or say something hours later that contradicts their very own position. >> but hold on for a second.
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my takeaway from that is not that he was saying there is a messaging problem but it's more about the president's actual actions. not how he is trying to spin it. >> well, no. i would agree with that point as well. if you look at the arguments that have come from republicans thus far, they haven't really defended the president's actions. what they have tried to attack is the process. they have tried to raise doubt in the minds of voters particularly independent voters on there is something shady going on here about this entire thing. i don't think you'll find a single republican that is going to go on the record actually defending the president's actions with the exception of a handful. but the vast majority are staying away from that and focusing primarily on the process. those are two different things. >> ryan, this isn't the first time we've heard a former trump official say they've had to stop the president from committing illegal acts. almost a year ago rex tillerson said this. quote, so often the president would say here is what i want to do and here is how i want to do it. i would have to say to him, mr.
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president, i understand that. what you want to do. but you can't do it that way. it violates the law. >> yeah, yeah. look, part of this is just complete inexperience about being president and part of this is trump's own instinct to you know, be a sort of bull in a china shop and not really have much regard for the guard rails of the white house and the presidency. you know, a lot of those guard rails are laws. and he needs, he needed someone and always has to tell him when he's breaking the rules. you know, this is not the first time as you point out, ana, that someone has made this point. john kelly's just been very public about it. and as the white house became more and more controlled by
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trump himself, as he weakened every strong fifedom in that white house over the first two years it became very clear what was going to happen. he was no longer going to be hemmed in by any sort of sage advice by people whon the system and understand the executive branch. it was entirely predictable what john kelly was talking about that eventually he would do something self-destructive because he didn't have anyone there to push back and the current chief of staff who is acting chief of staff never even was confident enough to want or take the full chief of staff title is widely considered in washington to be subservient to trump, weak, and not someone who is going to push back the way that john kelly not always but a lot of the times did. >> let me read the statement from stephanie grisham the white house press secretary. i worked with john kelly.
5:07 pm
he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president. sher michael doesn't that just prove the point john kelly was making about yes men or yes women? >> it does. let's think about this for a second, ana. the fact that you have to essentially have a babysitter, baby-sit the president of the united states of america because he is not disciplined enough to be focused and not obstructing and break the law is absolutely ridiculous to me. the fact that you have to have a babysitter to stop the president from lying is ridiculous to me. it appears the only time trump isn't telling a lie is when he is not. i think everything john kelly stated is backed by fact. we know record over record that donald trump has almost avoided for the most part creating more problems for himself because of other individuals. and so what that tells me is that you have someone who is woefully unprepared for this job and i think that's why this impeachment inquiry for example continues to go on and i think
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donald trump is only going to create and cause more problems for himself no matter who was in the white house trying to advise him. the guy just doesn't listen. >> yet, republicans still are defending the president, which i would think puts their necks out there a little bit. i don't want to seem like i'm harping on this. the president is under investigation for illegally withholding aid for political reasons. you have multiple former top officials coming forward saying the president in the past has asked them to do illegal things including jim mattis his former speechwriter, we learned today in a new book he says president trump ordered mattis to, quote, screw amazon out of a government contract. if i'm a republican and hearing ambassador bill taylor say there is a quid pro quo. we have a former chief of staff saying i see this coming. other former officials saying the president asked me to do illegal things. is the water starting to get a little hot for republican lawmakers? >> i mean, this is why, you know, you truly cannot predict
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where this goes. i think the conventional wisdom and i'm sympathetic to this argument is that republicans because of the president's strength among republican voters, you know, usually in the -- somewhere in the 80% support among republicans -- that most people in the house and senate are scared of a primary challenge. they're scared of a mean tweet from the president. so they guard him. you know, sort of a -- they protect him because they want to be -- they want to be re-elected. however, the information that has come out and the level of detail that is slowly being documented by the three committees in the house that are investigating the original whistle-blower complaint, it is starting to become a relatively powerful indictment of a clear quid pro quo and as bystanders like john kelly and others who feel like they weren't treated well by trump and might even
5:10 pm
have some guilt about maybe they should have done more while they were in the white house, as they come forward you never know what kind of dynamic that could create within the republican party. and these things, you know, with nixon, it happened overnight when the smoking gun tape came out. with clinton people forget this but there was a moment in the clinton impeachment early on where clinton had to shore up support among democrats because there were some democrats that wanted to go to him and tell him to resign. so these things, once an impeachment -- my big point is once the impeachment process gets going, it can be -- the politics can change quickly. >> the president has his white house attorneys but he also has his personal attorney rudy guiliani. we've learned that earlier this month guiliani pocket dialed a reporter and accidentally left a voicemail where he could be heard talking about joe biden and needing cash. here's a sample. >> tomorrow i got to get you to
5:11 pm
get on bahrain. you got to call -- got to call robert again tomorrow. is robert around? the problem is, we need some money. we need a few hundred thousand. >> why hasn't the president fired guiliani? >> i honestly cannot answer that question. perhaps from trump's position he sees him as one of his most ardent defenders on television. guiliani's appearances have decreased. he hasn't tweeted as much. this sort of points to what i think has been a problem from the get-go the way donald trump likes to operate is not consistent with the norms and values we have become accustomed to as a country and expect out of our president. here you have guiliani who is acting like a henchman for the president talking about we need to get some money. guiliani should be concerned that he may find himself indicted in the near future. i can guarantee you one thing. if that does happen donald trump would not be loyal to him any
5:12 pm
more than he was to michael coen or any of the other individuals who found themselves in very sticky situations. donald trump says, oh, well this person didn't really work for me directly or this person stopped working for me a very long time ago. i had no idea they were doing these things. ana, all of this spells to me trouble at the white house. there is a dark cloud hanging over this president. the more and more he finds himself in the corner the more he is going to react in ways we just can't imagine. >> thank you both for being here. >> thanks, ana. >> thanks so much. the house committees involved in the presidential impeachment inquiry working into the weekend as we are just learning of two new depositions planned for next week. live to capitol hill next. (amber jagger) if we don't give students from an underserved background the technology that they need in school, they're not going to be competitive in the workforce that's waiting for them. since verizon innovative learning, students have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum.
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(burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum on capitol hill today the house committees involved in the president's impeachment inquiry held a rare saturday session and put a top state department official under oath behind closed doors. it lasted more than eight hours and ended just a short time ago. republicans who were inside are calling it a good day for the president. committee democrats are saying not so fast. cnn's kiley atwood was there. what are you hearing about this long testimony today? >> reporter: we're still working to find out some details from the testimony today but we did get a chance to speak with chairman schiff when he came out of the eight-hour testimony today and i want to just explain to you what he said. he said we're trying to work
5:17 pm
expeditiously but also trying to be methodical in our work. and i think we are making rapid progress against our goal. him not saying specifically what philip reeker the acting assistant secretary for european affairs said but did say that he is hopeful in the direction things are headed right now. but as you said, we have heard different things in terms of characterizing this testimony from republicans and democrats. so republican congressman mark meadows said it was a good day for president trump because this was the testimony that backed up their argument that there is nothing that president trump did that is impeachable. let's listen to what he said specifically on quid pro quo. >> i think there was certainly a number of questions that continue to try to convey is there an impeachable offense here. was there some quid pro quo?
5:18 pm
now you have another high ranking state department official that didn't provide any support for that allegation. >> reporter: the question there is how much did philip reeker, this person, this top state department official, actually know? our reporting is that philip reeker didn't even know the trump administration had been pushing ukraine to publicly state that they would investigate biden in 2016. it maybe isn't that he didn't say anything but didn't provide any new details by virtue of the fact he is a top state department official who oversees all of europe not just ukraine. it was a democrat who came out of this testimony and said that there is a much richer reservoir of information than we originally expected from philip reeker. they are saying there is new information and based on our reporting we believe that has to do with the ousted u.s. ambassador to ukraine but not
5:19 pm
necessarily with this order from the trump administration for ukraine to investigate joe biden in 2016. >> just a quick answer if you will. as we look ahead to next week we just learned of two new depositions. >> that's right. these are both folks that worked with ambassador kurt volker who resigned ahead of all of this. he's already spoken with the committees and these two officials will know some details about his interactions with the ukrainians. this also comes, however, as one of the other folks who is set to appear next week, charlie cooperman, a former white house official, he sent in a letter asking for a federal investigation to verify if he has to show up on monday or not. he is trying to get the legal side of this involved even more deeply but we are expecting that these two folks who are just announced today are going to show up at their testimony next week. >> kylie atwood for us in washington. thank you. the lexus es...
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now to the all important swing states that could decide next election.
5:24 pm
president trump won north carolina by less than four points in 2016. can he keep it in his win column next year? martin savidge went there to find out what voters are thinking. ♪ >> reporter: it's fair season. whether you like your bacon on the run or on a stick, it's at the north carolina state fair. >> thank you. >> reporter: here you can satisfy your wildest deep fried dreams. we've come to measure voter appetite for impeachment. >> i think it is a waste of the taxpayers' money. >> do you think the president did something wrong? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> you don't really follow the whole impeachment thing? >> no. i don't really know much about it at all. >> reporter: the midway offers a virtual tilt-a-whirl of opinions. in this state that went for trump by less than four points, jim uzzle is angry at congress for considering impeachment. >> i don't think he broke the
5:25 pm
law and i wish they'd vote on trying to make things right in america versus wasting their time and our money on a lost cause. >> reporter: most of the trump supporters we talked to are unmoved by days of explosive testimony and revelations against the president. do you think it changes the minds of trump supporters? >> i do not. i think the ones of us that support him will continue to support him. if you look at the economy there is no way to deny we're doing pretty amazing. >> reporter: sherry price hasn't changed her mind. >> he don't need to be taken out. he's the only one who is going to tell the truth and he can't be bought. >> reporter: rich bluiett reflects a new and growing criticism of the impeachment proceeding by trump backers. a perceived lack of openness. >> if it was out in the open and everything discussed and he did something wrong, impeach the guy. i just don't like the secrecy. it sounds wrong. the way they're going about it. that's all. >> reporter: dennis englebright is an exception. he also voted for trump but is starting to believe the president may have done
5:26 pm
something wrong. >> at first i didn't. i thought they was just after him. but every time someone talks more about it, it all can't be lying. >> reporter: besides what they think of impeachment we wanted to know how closely they were following developments. there, too, folks are divided. >> i follow it pretty closely. >> reporter: you do. >> i try to stay educated. >> reporter: joe miller did vote for trump. do you follow this? >> not much, no. i try not to actually. >> reporter: how do you avoid it? it seems to be everywhere. >> i watch a lot of espn. >> martin savidge reporting for us. talk about a hero. up next the remarkable story of a firefighter who risked his life to save a couple in danger amid raging wildfires in california. you're live in the cnn newsroom. .
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comedy show nenends in a me too confrontation that's gone viral. >> nobody is going to say anything? nobody is really going to say anything? >> 21-year-old zoe stuckless enraged at the sight of harvey weinstein at a private event in new york city. >> i will get out of here. that's fine. i am happy to leave. nobody is going to say anything. >> reporter: and unleashing their fury at the crowd. >> i'm going to stand four feet from a -- rapist and nobody is going to say anything. >> reporter: weinstein among those in attendance at actor's hour a monthly event in new york city dedicated to artists. he is accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women and set to go to trial on sexual assault charges in january. weinstein has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case and maintains the sexual encounters he's had with women have been consensual. stuckless told cnn they needed to confront the disgraced movie
5:32 pm
mogul after other people in the room seemed to welcome him being there. >> i kept thinking about the fact that we were in a room full of young artists, young women creating art and being vulnerable on the stage and this was the very community that weinstein was able to terrorize for so many years. the video shows weinstein listened to stuckless but didn't react. in a statement provided to cnn through his spokesperson weinstein said, quote, i am happy to address anyone's questions. we should all be offered the courtesy to voice opinions and be heard and to even get answers. i am glad we all still have these rights. stuckless wasn't alone in the protest. comedian kelly bachman who says she is a rape survivor, addressed the, quote, elephant in the room during her act calling weinstein freddy krueger. >> i didn't know we have to bring our own mace and rape whistles to actor's hour. >> reporter: some guests booed bachman and even told her to shut up. >> shut up.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: she kept going. >> i've been raped surprisingly by no one in this room but i never got to address those guys. just a general -- you. >> reporter: bachman walked out when stuckless was asked to leave. it is unclear whether weinstein was invited to the private event. the organizer told cnn i am deeply saddened his presence was not only a trigger point for some attendees but some women ultimately felt unsafe when a safe environment is what i set out to create for the acting community. >> our thanks for that report. with us now is kelly bachman the comedian you saw confronting weinstein from the stage. thanks so much for being here, kelly. >> thanks for having me. >> what is it like to watch that back? >> it's very surreal. it happened on wednesday night and there's been such an outpour of support since then that i
5:34 pm
haven't really watched the video in a while. it was just kind of surreal to think how recently that happened. >> when you first saw weinstein sitting there what was your first thought? >> shock. i was just -- i did a double take, triple take. weinstein?is really harvey - i went around and asked people, like every person i could find, is that really harvey weinstein? and some people were, like, yeah. yeah. it is. others were as shocked as me. but i found out pretty quickly that he was invited and no one was going to ask him to leave. i was totally shocked that he seemed to just be accepted as like a normal presence in this space. >> you mentioned as we saw to the audience that you are a rape survivor you say. >> yes. >> and this must have been traumatizing for you. >> yeah. it was really triggering and the
5:35 pm
feeling of being triggered, it feels like your body, you feel like you're in danger like your body is going into fight or flight protect yourself mode. and seeing him and seeing everyone treat it so normally i think how people react to it is the most triggering aspect. and so when someone says, shut up, that to me reminds me of being silenced as a rape victim or not believed as a rape victim and so it's very jarring and i was sitting on the side of the stage just staring at my phone asking friends what i should do. i didn't know if i should leave or should i just do my regular set or do i need to say something? and i was really kind of in a panic. but right before i went up i
5:36 pm
decided i definitely needed to say something. i wasn't sure what it was going to be. >> that's what we came out, what we saw. you also saw the other audience member who was clearly upset about weinstein's presence there. >> yes. >> let me read you the statement from a spokesperson for harvey weinstein. harvey weinstein was out with friends enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. this scene was uncalled for, downright rude, and an example of how due process is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom, too. your response? >> i think it's fun that he thinks i'm rude. like that's fun. it's fun to me. but -- >> you find that a good thing. >> if harvey weinstein thinks i'm rude, like that's, i don't know. that's cool with me. but the due process part, i think that -- whether or not you're invited to a private event for artists has nothing to do with due process. this is about protecting the
5:37 pm
artists and the space and making them feel as safe as they're supposed to feel to perform. this is supposedly an organization designed to create a space for artists, so bringing someone that has a reputation for destroying the careers of young women and lives to have a room full of young women exposed to that person in a way where it's treated as normal and maybe even welcomed, i think to me that is a completely separate conversation than the conversation about due process. >> it is hard to believe that the harvey weinstein story broke two years ago already. >> yes. >> what would you say to his accusers who may have watched this video? >> i would say, i hope that i said enough because, you know, i
5:38 pm
really was thinking i was speaking for myself but, you know, i know i think as a survivor myself when i think about the idea of standing up for myself to people who have hurt me it is sort of like you think about what you might say or you could say or you should have said and i was really trying to just say something and in the moment i really felt like i could have said more and i really felt like i had let down other survivors by not saying more. and to me, i felt like the woman who screamed out was the real hero. i thought she was so brave. and so i would just say to them that i'm -- they're my heroes for speaking out and i hope that i, you know, did right by them
5:39 pm
in some way. >> thank you, kelly bachman, for speaking out and sharing with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back. after being a part of millions of love stories... will you marry me yes kay, we've learned the most important love story will always be... your own. every yes. omg, yes begins with kay. get zero down special financing with kay jewelers long live love credit card. mom you've got to [ get yourself a new car.g ] i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ were you going to tell me about this? i know i can't afford to go. i still have this car so you can afford to go.
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new tonight images out of northern california showing just how bad the wildfires out west are getting. more than 50,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders including in windsor where you can just see a cloud of smoke. it's hoverig over homes because of the kin cade fire. they are turning off power to what could be a million fires to prevent what could become catastrophic wildfires. people had to flee an evacuation center because of dangerously close flames and the remarkable story of a firefighter who deployed his fire shelter saving the lives of two evacuees as they were trying to flee. they were transported to an area hospital for evaluation suffering only nonlife threatening injuries. in southern california firefighters are also battling the tick fire which has destroyed more than 4500 acres. officials say dry, windy weather
5:44 pm
is fueling both fires which are both less than 40% contained. california's governor places blame firmly on the shoulders of the state's power provider. >> years and years of greed. years and years of mismanagement. particularly with the largest investor owned utility in the state of california pooemg. pg&e. that greed has precipitated in a lack of intentionality and focus on hardening their grid, under grounding transmission lines. they simply did not do their job. it took us decades to get here but we will get out of this mess. >> the governor has declared states of emergency in sonoma and los angeles counties. a russian woman convicted of conspiring to act as a foreign agent in the u.s. has just returned to her home country. mar maria butina arrived in moscow this morning to warm greetings and flowers. she was released from the florida federal prison yesterday and immediately deported after serving more than 15 months
5:45 pm
behind bars. the 30-year-old gun rights enthusiast was the first russian citizen convicted of crimes relating to the 2016 election trying to infiltrate conservative political groups in the u.s. and promote russian interests. she said today she felt pressured to plead guilty. a high school runner in ohio disqualified from a race for wearing her hijab. i'll talk to the 16-year-old next, live in the cnn newsroom. don't go anywhere. n j.d. power dependability awards... across cars... trucks... and suvs. four years in a row. since more than 32,000 real people... just like me. and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel. i'm casey. i'm julio. only chevy has earned j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs. four years in a row. that's ensure max protein,
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5:49 pm
now to a story close to my heart as a former high school cross country runner myself. this is 16-year-old noora alexandria, a high school runner from ohio who crossed the finish line in a district cross country meet last weekend with a personal best only to learn moments later she had been disqualified because of the hijab she was wearing. in a facebook post written by her cousin the 16-year-old was said to be humiliated, disappointed, rejected, and in denial. in a statement to cnn the ohio high school athletic association or osha said in part cross country runners may participate in competitions with religious headwear provided the runner has obtained a waiver from the ohsaa and submitted it to the head official before the race since it is a change to the ohsaa uniform regulations. the official was simply enforcing this rule since a
5:50 pm
waiver had not been submitted. they do add they are looking into potentially modifying their congrats on a personal best. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. how did you learn you had been disqualified? >> i learned from my teammates. i went to go like ask them why my name wasn't on the list when we went to go find our placings, and they were the ones that told me i had been disqualified and i had been disqualified because of my hijab. >> had this ever happened before? i time you wore it in other races, right? >> i wore it the whole season before this vase and this has never happened until the district invitational. >> why do you think it was an issue now? >> well, like talking to, like, other coaches, they like, just tell me that people get feisty about the rules around districts, which, i mean,
5:51 pm
like,en why, talking to those coaches, they're annoyed that they're not consistent with their rules. if they have any, at least be consistent about it. >> i know what it's like to run a personal best, the satisfaction, the feeling of accomplishment. what did it feel like to then find out it technically didn't count? >> it really, like, broke my heart. because i worked hard, like torque whole season before this. i wasn't a cross country runner before this season so, this is my first season running cross country. i had to work really hard to get used to racing and running that 5k and then, you know, after running, you know, 3.1 miles it was really like -- i was like, really? i worked the whole season for this? >> must have been really disappointing. the coach was alert about the need for a waiver moments before the race but decided to let you run without telling you. do you wish he told you the
5:52 pm
official's decision prior to the race? >> i wish the officials had had the same dignity and rescue for my teammate who had a uniform violation and came to me and told me about my uniform violation instead of going around me to my coach. and my coach dtsdsieciding not tell me was a decision thoed make as a coach for his team. because running is a very mental sport. for him to legit 30 seconds from the start of the race to either pull me out of the race or put in a different person or tell me to take off my hijab could really mess with the other people on my team mentally, and potentially ruin the race for the rest of my team, not just myself so, he wasn't just thinking about me. he had to think of my team as a whole. >> osha tells cnn in a statement they're looking at the specific uniform regulation to modify it
5:53 pm
in the future. what's your message to them in. >> i don't feel comfortable answering that question to them right now. >> what are your thoughts about their response right now and their plan to modify potentially this rule? >> i think it's great that they potentially want to modify this rule, and i look forward to talking to them in the future. >> all right. alexander abutkaram. thank you for sharing your story. keep on running. keep on deeping on. a border wall in colorado? that's the plan according to president trump. we'llen kp. you're live in the cnn newsroom. (amber jagger) if we don't give students from an underserved background the technology that they need in school, they're not going to be competitive in the workforce that's waiting for them.
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holding on for dear life. a window washer in edmonton canada left dangling when high winds sent his platform careening through the air. he falls off, but luckily is saved i his harness. first responders arrive on the scene rescue him. we are told he's okay j president trump loves to plug his proposed border wall. but no wall could protect him in the latest jokes. genie moose reports.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: president trump always likes to say he's doing something no one else has don, but building a border wall? where there's no board we are mexico? >> and we are building a wall in colorado. we are building a beautiful wall. a big one that really works. >> reporter: he got a big beautiful ovation in pittsburgh become you to colorado's democratic governor, the ideas a dog. >> even, you know, first graders know that colorado is in the middle of the country surrounded by other states. >> the great wall of colorado and new mexico will pay for it. if you fall for a wall in colorado -- ♪ i got some ocean to sell you in arizona ♪ >> president trump later tweeted that he said it kiddingly. but with politicians covering so much ground, no wonder they lose their geographical footing. misstating the number of
5:59 pm
states -- >> i've now been in 57 states -- >> reporter: or being in one state, say, new hampshire, and saying -- >> what's not to like about vermont vermont in terms of the beauty of it? >> reporter: the press take pleasure in geographical bloopers. like when president trump made a solemn visit to paradise. >> we just left pleasure. >> paradise. >> reporter: critics made a point -- using char hes to make their point. senator patrick leahy shares one of the most popular ones. the southern border was adjusted and replacing the hurricane dorian one the president amended. if president trump keeps amending things he's going need a bigger char he. frms plains of minnesota ♪ >> to the walls of come genie moose, cnn. new york.
6:00 pm
>> i play that for my home state of colorado. friends and family tonight. that's it for me. up next, fareed zakaria "on the brink" when a president faces impeachment airs right now. have you got an extra cam in case the lights go out? >> this is what impeachment looks like. >> ollie? only the cbs crew now is to be in this room during this. only the crew. no, no there will be no picture. no. after the broadcast. you have taken your picture. >> facing certain removal, richard nixon is moments away from resigning as president. >> enough,


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