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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 28, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the scene of the dramatic military raid that led to the death of isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi, the compound that president trump said he blew himself up, it has been leveled. you can see right here in this ground video, a of burnt-out car and life inside compound, clothing, pots, pans, even children's toys. it reportedly shows the compound being destroyed after al baghdadi died. president trump announced his demise with a vivid description saying the terrorist was whimpering or crying. democrats praising the operation but criticizing the president for giving the kremlin advanced notice while they were left in the dark. hours later, donald trump attended game five of the world series, greeted by some cheers and some boos some even chanting
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"lock him up" in the crowd. baghdadi's death is a win of course for the trump administration at a critical time for the president as the impeachment inquiry is accelerating. six witnesses scheduled to testify this week. so, we have a lot to cover. let's bring with cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon. what a weekend, barbara. >> indeed, it's a win for the u.s. military trying to deliver justice for the families that have suffered so much under baghdadi. when the intelligence came together late last week, president trump made the decision to go after the world's most wanted terrorist. al baghdadi the leader of isis spent years hiding and on the run before u.s. special operations forces got him. special forces used the cover of darkness overnight as eight
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helicopters carrying as many as 100 u.s. troops landing in the compound in northern syria. president trump golfed in the early afternoon of saturday, getting updates all day before returning to the white house situation room at 5:00 p.m. where the president said he watched the raid as it happened. >> i don't want to say how but it was as though you were watching a movie. that and the technology there alone is really great. >> reporter: the president said the special operations teams were met with local gunfire on the ground that was quickly squashed. two of baghdadi's wives were killed during the raid. according to the president baghdadi was chased into a tunnel inside the compound by
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military dogs while bringing three children with him. the tunnel came to a dead end where he e veeventually a suici vest. >> he went down into an area and in the process of trying to get out he detonated a suicide vest we believe and killed himself. >> reporter: u.s. forces collected extensive intelligence that must now be analyzed. >> we took highly sensitive material and information from the raid, much having to do with isis. origins, future plans, things that we very much want. >> reporter: trump said baghdadi was quickly identified through an on site test with lab technicians using dna samples that the u.s. already had of him. >> he'll never harm an innocent man, woman or child.
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he died like a dog. he died like a coward. the world is now a much safer place. >> reporter: and it's now anticipated according to u.s. officials that his remains will be buried at sea. >> thank you, barbara. it's been nearly 24 hours since president trump announced the death of the world's most wanted terrorist. what will become of isis now and can the u.s. stop the terror group from a resurgence? what is next, nick? >> reporter: such a complicated task ahead for u.s. special forces here. remember, isis had a succession plan already in place, that's likely put into place now and we do know from syrian kurdish forces, u.s. allies, until the
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turkey invaded and set that alliance back. the u.s. acting on the intelligence there, donald trump they picked up from the compound. one of the things that donald trump admitted in that speech he was to simultaneously green light the turkish incursion into syrian while at the same time being briefed that al baghdadi was increasingly u.s. special forces' crosshairs. the key goal was imminently upon them. what happens now? the u.s. has to continue hunting down these isis leaders. they're concerned, they say, possibly people they still need to target or would have like to have kept tracks on but can't do
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because of their eroded position inside of syria. they'll be in the south of syria in some hundred numbers. possibly in iraqi kurdistan. still vital isis leaders there to be tracked down. the next phase of that terror group is something that people will be deeply concerned about. >> nick, these are crucial days. appreciate it. new details about where al baghdadi died. and new details of whether the president's detailed description of the raid was fully accurate. we'll discuss next.
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can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. skrn has obtained brand-new video. showing the aftermath of the attack that ultimately led to the death of al baghdadi. the compound was leveled you can see here by u.s. fighter jets that reportedly fired missiles to put it in pieces there. joining us now to discuss this situation, cnn political analyst and cnn counterterrorism official phil mudd. phil, 24 hours for the dust to settle literally and we just saw the pictures there, as you
3:12 am
assess this, you know what's your takeaway of the intelligence and the planning that went into this in. >> awesome. awesome. i think people step back and look at this, we knew where the compound was that's not the right way to think about this. look at this over weeks or even months. we know the president was looking at live videos, you're using that video to look at the compound for everything as detailed of patterns of life, when do people go in and out during the day, where are the women and children? where are the men? you're looking at that over times to see pattern changes. you can use tactical information, people have talked about the kurds, they don't have to know about the operation, you may simply say, hey, do you have somebody who can look at this compound from the ground level? there's a whole range -- almost like a net over the compound for
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weeks that allow you to see not just where the people are and what it looks every day. >> margaret, listening to phil and watching it all unfold, just how talented our intelligence officers and agents are, i mean just like good police work, it's astounded all of the resources, all the energy they've been putting in while we didn't know all of this was happening for months and so, yesterday, at least, president trump liked his way intelligence agencies. >> yes. yeah, i think it's a really important point. there are two groups that really helped make sure that this could happen and one is the cia intelligence officials in the u.s. and the other are the kurds and the president has been so dubious publicly about whether he can trust the intelligence
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agencies, whether he trusts their intelligence and we all know the fate of the kurds, and so on the one hand, this is clearly both a national security victory for the special operations forces but on the other hand it underscores or highlight what's in conflict here because, of course, the president has been trying to get out of syria and has been questioning the impact of the intelligence forces. so i think, kind of underneath the surface, some real questions whether his policies and approaches -- you know, going forward how that record of what just happened here would match with his approach. >> you know, phil, no question that the death of baghdadi is a big deal but on the other hand, you've been walking through the studio this morning, warning, this isn't over, this is a long slog, given that what do you make of the president's choice
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of language yesterday, the whimpering, the cowering, especially given that wouldn't be visible on the video to begin with. >> this makes me uncomfortable. an upper level of this you don't celebrate death. a human being is dead. we don't celebrate that. the other thing in terms of language, on sunday afternoons in football, you tell the guys in locker room don't give them stuff to put on the bulletin board. you don't use that language because there's still a lot of people who follow this movement you say, you talk about us like that we're coming after you. we're embarrassing. >> are you surprised that isis has been quiet so far? >> they haven't had much time to react.
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>> i'm saying despite being criticized, despite being, you know, kind of undercut at times by the president they just keep sledging ahead. >> first, when you have a -- i managed a lot of young people who are face to face the theoretically with an adversary, that's a motivate or the. if you're hunting baghdadi, you're 26 years old you're hunting. there's a new piece of intelligence after 9/11. it's called targeting. how do you find not missiles, not nukes, not what's going on in the kremlin a human being halfway around the world? >> who keeps moving. that's incredible they did that. phil, thank you very much for all of the expertise. margaret, thank you very much. a key witness who listened in on that phone call between
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president trump and ukraine's president is scheduled to testify today. unclear whether he'll show up. more on the impeachment inquiry next. we can go down this what do you think? ♪ woo! yeah!
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lawmakers. three hours from now, a key witness in the are president's impeachment inquiry. is scheduled to testify. charles kupperman who listened in on that july ukraine phone call is asking a federal judge to decide whether he must testify before house investigators. suzanne malveaux is live for us on capitol hill with more. so he doesn't want to, but a judge may decide he has to today? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. we'll find out shortly. this impeachment inquiry covered through the weekend, i covered a rare saturday session, real doubt this morning whether charles kupperman is going to show. because as you mentioned he's now putting this in the hands of a federal judge to decide whether or not he'll be compelled to testify today. house democrats threatening to hold former deputy national security adviser charles kupperman in contempt of congress if he doesn't obey a
3:23 am
subpoena to appear but his testimony remains uncertain after he filed a lawsuit asking a judge whether he's obliged to comply. maintaining he would be protected by constitutional immunity. the three democrats overseeing the inquiry saying the lawsuit is lacking in legal merit and an obvious tactic by the president to delay the lawful functions of congress. kupperman was listening in on the july 25th phone call at the center of the impeachment inquiry where president trump repeatedly pressed the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and his son. john bolton could be heading to capitol hill soon. >> john bolton is a very important witness. he has very relevant information
3:24 am
and we do want him to testify. >> reporter: this as eu ambassador gordon sondland clarifies reports of his congressional testimony earlier this month. to open investigations in exchange for a white house meeting with ukraine's president amounted to a quid pro quo. >> i would not dispute what -- what the attorney is saying. >> reporter: vice president mike pence refusing to say if he was aware of the stipulations sondlan and bill taylor outlined in their testimony. >> what i know that the transcript of the president's call with president zelensky there was no quid pro quo. in all of my interactions with
3:25 am
president zelensky we focused entirely on president zelensky's agenda. >> if the federal judge rules that kupperman isn't required to testify it could give the trump administration to either impede or slow down the inquiry. in the meantime it's going to be a very busy week here on capitol hill at least six other witnesses scheduled to testify, john. >> busy week. we still don't know what will happen with kupperman. we're watching that throughout the morning. breaking overnight, freshman democrat katie hill resigned from congress days after she acknowledged that she had an inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer before taking office. we're live in los angeles with the breaking details. we've been following this for some time. what finally pushed katie hill over the edge? >> reporter: john, it was an
3:26 am
excruciating choice and one that she didn't want to make, ultimately it was the terror of the unknown both for her personally and the voters of her district who pushed her to make this decision. >> hi. >> reporter: this was katie hill last january. >> from congressmwoman elect to congresswoman. >> reporter: moments later she was sworn into congress. no one had any idea her tenure in congress would be so brief. in a letter, representative hill announced her resignation. writing, this is what needs to happen so that the good people who supported me will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives. hill says he's part of a smear campaign built around cyber
3:27 am
exploitati exploitation. having private photos of personal moments weaponized against me has been an appalling invasion of privacy. representative hill is referring to private photos that were leaked and published online. of her and a female campaign staffer. hill has admitted to intimate relationship with a campaign staffer. but she denies a separate charge, an alleged relationship with a male congressional staffer, between members of congress and their staff violates house ethics rules. some democrats in hill's district say personal issues don't matter in the trump era. >> i'd rather have someone have something -- >> reporter: but politically this may matter in a swing district.
3:28 am
>> lose the seat to the republicans again. i'm not saying we would, hopefully we wouldn't. but it doesn't help. >> the date for the special election as far as katie hill she's working with authorities trying to bring justice these people distributing the photos. i spoke to a number of people about this, there are by some counts hundreds of private images of hill floating out there, i spoke to one gop operative who personally said he has dozens and they simply had not been released yet. >> oh, my gosh. this era of cell phones is complicated. thank you very much for all of your reporting on this the white house is fighting back after president trump's former chief of staff said he warned the president that he would be impeached if he hired a "yes man." to take the place of john kelly. that story, next. to the outside world, you look good,
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president trump's former deputy national security adviser charles kupperman is scheduled testify in just a few hours on capitol hill. but it's unclear if that deposition will happen now that kupperman has asked a federal judge to determine whether he must testify. his testimony is key because he listened in on that july 25th phone call between president trump and ukraine president's phone call. margar margaret, the kupperman issue is
3:34 am
complicated because he's getting die metically different rules one from the congressional committees that issued a subpoena and one from the white house who says they don't want him to talk. >> reporter: i reached out to kupperman's attorney last night and this morning and haven't heard back definitively. it remains to be seen. but t this is important for a couple of reasons, you know one is because we've seen other former white house officials just go ahead and defy or look past the guidance from the white house and come and speak anyway so this is different. the other is, mr. kupperman and john bolton share the same attorney. the question is, is john bolton is going to take his cues from how a court weighs in in mr.
3:35 am
kupperman's case or not and that could have real implications. >> yeah that's the biggie here. the same attorney here of bolton. you know the democrats want to speak with john bolton. is it important enough, joe, to have this fight in court, a fight might take more than a day or two? >> i think it is. you know, this is a potentially very risky move for the white house because this idea of constitutional immunity i haven't found a legal person to explain a precedent to it. it's brand-new privilege that the white house is trying to assert and if the judge takes the view, most legal experts have articulated, then there's no excuse for someone to not go up. john bolton is trying to weigh this idea of, he doesn't want to be in contempt of congress but he doesn't want to run awe foul
3:36 am
of the republican establishment in washington either. what he's saying through one of his deputies and their legal team, i'll go up there but i'll go up there kicking and screaming. >> this will be fascinating to see what happens today. this weekend, former chief of staff john kelly was at this summit and he talked about a warning that he gave president trump in terms of what would happen once john kelly left. so listen to this. process of trying to find someone to take my place, i said whatever you do don't -- don't hire a "yes man." someone who won't tell you the truth. don't do that. because if you do i believe you'll be impeached. >> well, he's quite pro fetic in terms of margaret of what he said he told the president, the
3:37 am
president said john kelly never said that. john kelly never said that, he never said anything like that. margaret, hold your thought. i want to bounce this off of joe, because you spoke for a former president so here's the press secretary. she said, i worked with john kelly and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president. how many times did you use phrasing like that when you spoke for the president, joe? >> i'd say exactly zero. this language is that we expect out of north korea. and it shows that there's an audience of only one for all of these people. they only care about the president, they don't care about the truth or what anyone else thinks. you know the really starringing
3:38 am
thing about what john kerry said, mr. president, left to your own devices you'll be doing criminal or impeachable. his campaign chairman is in jail. the trump organization, the lawyer for the trump organization is in jail. and the thing that, you know, now you have the president's personal lawyer under criminal investigation. the thing that ties all this together they're all working at the direction of donald trump. so, kelly was right, he needed someone there to keep him from committing crimes. >> i think the interesting question now is whether or not adam schiff or on the impeachment inquiry will ask john kelly to testify. the family of the journalist james foley who was murdered by isis this morning, they're
3:39 am
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last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. abu bakr al baghdadi is dead. the world is now a much safer place. >> that's president trump announcing the success of a u.s. special forces raid this weekend that killed isis leader al baghdadi. isis is responsible for thousands of deaths including those of several american journalists. one of the journalists killed was james foley, who traveled to syria to bring attention to the horrors unfolding there. james' mother, diane foley joins us now. mrs. foley thank you so much. tell us where you were when you heard the news of al baghdadi's death. >> well, i was at home and it came as such a welcome surprise,
3:44 am
really, that i was so grateful that we had troops still in syria who were able to use the intelligence and, and make this happen. i'm very, very grateful. i'm hopeful that his demise will be a huge blow to the regrouping of isis, however we need to continue to be very vigilant because they certainly want to regroup and bring back their reign of terror. but i'm very, very grateful. >> you immediately expressed concern for the families of the other people, americans who are still held hostage in syria, what do you want the u.s. to do? >> well, my hope would be that we can use that same american expertise and intelligence to find innocent americans who have been taken hostage and bring them home. it's difficult.
3:45 am
many of these nations and terrorist groups want to use our citizens as political pawns and leverage and but i'm so hopeful that we can now find them and bring them home. >> and diane, for your family personally, you've waited for this for a long time ever since james was abducted in 2012 and killed in 2014, and does this give your family some measure of justice or closure? >> well, certainly it does. i agree with the president that it protects our world. this man was out to kill many, many more westerners for sure. but i think it's very important that the isis fighters in custody be brought to trial, particularly the british jihadist, the beatles as they were called who tortured and killed the four americans and
3:46 am
many, many others. i hope they can be brought to the united states for a fair and transparent trial and i feel the same way about the thousands in prison camps in northern syria, they need to be also brought to trial so their crimes can be fully exposed. that to me -- >> sorry to interrupt, the notion about isis prisoners had escaped during the tumult of the last couple of weeks. i know you were very concerned that isis prisoners had gotten out and so what do you think is happening now in terms of that and what has the state department told you about why some of these people responsible for deaths hadn't been brought to be justice? >> a lot of the reason is
3:47 am
because of one of the alleged prerp traitor's mother has filed suit in the united kingdom, she's been fighting extradition to the united states. she prefers her son be tried in the united kingdom. she's held up their being brought to the united states in a big way. all of the way to the supreme court in the united kingdom. hopefully, that's coming to an end and we can see justice and have those men held accountable for the horrific crimes they imposed on to so many. >> diane, thank you so much for sharing how you're feeling today and being such a voice of justice for all those who have
3:48 am
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(thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums with president trump watching the astros beat the nationals to take a three games to two lead in the world series and we have more in this morning's bleacher report. >> the nationals came home to d.c. up 2-0 in this series and the fans were so excited to potentially win their first-ever world series but the astros just crushing all their hopes and dreams winning all three games here in the nation's capital. now before the fourth inning
3:52 am
last night, president trump was shown on the jumbotron, he received some cheers but many loud boos from the crowd. [ chanting "lock him up" ] >> you can hear there were also some chance "lock him up." the president was sitting with the first lady and some members of congress in a suite. joe ross started, he gave up a pair of home runs. check this out, the home run going off a fan's chest because he was double-fisting beers, that's some dedication right there. the astros ace gerrit cole was amazing in this. houston now just one win away from their second world series in three years. >> we got to keep battling. these guys, they're not going to
3:53 am
quit. we got a day off tomorrow and come back tuesday, i truly believe these guys will get after it again tuesday. i told them we're going to go 1-0 but we're going to play game seven. i believe that. >> the road team has won the first five games of this series, first that's happened since 1996. no team has won four games on the road in the world series and that's what's facing the nationals now. >> i love the idea of the guy double-fisting. >> no hesitation. don't have to think about that. >> all right, andy, there it -- oh. >> he didn't spill a drop. >> it's masterful. all right, thank you very much. are you looking at live pictures of a fire that's currently raging in los angeles county, this fire is dangerously close to the 405 freeway.
3:54 am
evacuation orders are in place at this hour. the situation in northern california also remains quite dangerous. cnn's dan simon is live in healdsburg, california, in front of a winery that burned down over the weekend. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. this winery stood here for 150 years and in about an hour it was reduced to ash and debris. you're seeing scenes of devastation like this throughout the community. what makes this fire so extraordinary isn't just the burned-out structures it's the impact it's having on so many people about 200,000 folks have been forced to evacuate their homes because of the shifting winds the dynamic winds, wind gusts over 90 miles per hour over the weekend. on top of that, about 2 million people who have been in the dark because pg&e the utility cut power to prevent other wildfires
3:55 am
from breaking out. we should point out that pg&e may be responsible for this kincade fire that started. it could be a nightmare scenario for this company because they're in bankruptcy because of the culpability of the other wildfires. this fire is 5% contained. the winds have died down. the winds expected to pick up again tomorrow night. alisyn. >> all right, dan, i'll take it. lebron james, man, l.a. fires are no joke. had to emergency evacuate my house. i've been driving around trying to get rooms, no luck so far. lebron james had to evacuate his home. again, it's 3:55 in the morning.
3:56 am
realtime from lebron james. all right, this morning we know that president trump didn't notify congressional leaders before the raid that led to the death of al baghdadi. in fact, he didn't call democratic leaders at all even after the raid, only talking to republicans. what does tell us in the state of play with impeachment on? here to discuss is michael smerconish. michael, surprised by that? >> i'm not surprised. i don't know that legally he was obligated to do so. i mean, it's yet another example of the sad state of partisan ship and particularization in washington. from the white house standpoint he'd say he was worried that leaks could occur if word got out of the mission before it was executed. >> i certainly understand not telling people before the mission was executed, it's such a sensitive mission, but the idea that nancy pelosi is right,
3:57 am
that he alerted the kremlin before leadership in the house, what does that tell us? >> i'm troubled by that. i wish everyone got along, they don't. my glass is half-full. i'm thrilled this guy is dead. i give the president credit for having given the order to carry this out. it reminds me of the aftermath of when we got osama bin laden. i was thrilled to give obama credit. today, i say thank you mr. president. in the same breath may remind everyone, that bin laden's number two is still out there. guys, you remember, it used to be bin laden, zawahiri. the guy oes out there. he put together videos, we never hear anything, so i hope he's next. >> what do you think this does to some of president's republican critics who have been
3:58 am
upset about the president's policy toward syria? >> right, i know that there's an analysis that says the success of the mission actually undercuts our withdrawal from the area. i don't know if people are going to approach it on that grandular level. my hunch is that the american people will be thrilled that the head of isis is gone. we're thrilled that it's over. but there's a policy decision here that now requires more analysis and debate. >> also, just, you know, if you don't have your own people on the ground you have to rely on the intelligence from some say the kurds and we just heard from phil what about an impressive, mast masterful, intelligent operation this was, to figure out a moving target, one person and how well they were able to zero in on
3:59 am
him. apparently the reporting they had been figuring this out for months. >> the question is, can you do both? can you withdraw and maintain the security ties and the level of intelligence gathering that's necessary to carry out a mission like this. we don't want to put more americans in harm's way. at the same time we want to keep our finger on the pulse of what's going on in the hot spot. >> okay, a federal judge has been tasked with figuring whether or not charles kupperman has to testify in the impeachment inquiry. >> here's the issue for the democrats, at what point do we shut down this phase and move on to public hearings, do we really require kupperman? do we really require an effort to get mike pompeo, rudy giuliani, the higher the food chain the stronger the case for
4:00 am
executive privilege. if you have the july 25 telephone conversation, and you have ambassador taylor and if you have ambassador sondland confirming a quid pro quo do you really anything else? >> great point, michael. therein lies the question. thank you very much. great to talk with you for all the insight. "new day" continues right now. this is cnn breaking news. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." we begin with breaking news. new video of the syria compound where u.s. special forces cornered isis leader al baghd baghdadi. that building as you can see where he was hiding


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