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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 6, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> they are. ivanka made more than a dozen chinese trademarks. they approved a major expansion of their golf resort in scotland. they have more than $100 million of real estate holdings with their father in office as president. thank you for watching. time, now, for "cnn tonight" with d. lemon. i understand you can't hear me. but i can see you and hear you. you're way over there. i know they can't hear us on the air. >> he is commanding. >> chris can't hear me in his ear. i won't talk to you. but that is a lack of self-awareness what you just reported there, buddy.
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i'll see you tomorrow. have a good night, or a good morning. see ya later. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. we're live in new hampshire, still, where the countdown has begun to tuesday's first in the nation primary, right here in new hampshire. we just finished two nights of town halls, with the democrats vying to run against president trump. but looming over all of this, the final batch of votes in iowa. 100% of precincts are reporting. and pete buttigieg holds a 1 0.1% lead over bernie sanders. elizabeth warren and joe biden are in third and fourth place. then amy klobuchar and tom steyer. the candidates have 41 hours to call for a recanvas. the dnc chair is calling for throwing the race into turmoil. bernie sanders speaking for an
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hour tonight, saying that the democratic party of iowa -- his words not mine -- screwed up the counting process. but said he wants to move on to new hampshire. and pete buttigieg reacting to the iowa results live on the air, calling the news fantastic and saying nothing can take away from what happened on monday. amy klobuchar telling me, in the wake of the impeachment trial, voters are going to be the jurors in the election. and warning again, these are her words, democrats better not screw this up. deval patrick praising romney for voting his conscience in the impeachment. and all this comes on the ba backdrop of a freshly acquitted trump. score-settling, grievances and blatant attacks on anybody who dare cost him in more than an hour of stream of consciousness ranting. and what he said is really, really ugly. this is what a celebration
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sounds like to trump, the president of the united states. listen to this. >> it was evil, corrupt, it was dirty cops. it was leakers and liars, dirty cops. bad people. it was all bullshit. we were running against some very, very bad and evil people. all of these horrible, dirty cops. remember, he said the statement, which is a mob statement. don't call me, i'll call you. they're vicious and mean. vicious. these people are vicious. vicious, horrible person. horrible person. these are vicious people. they're vicious as hell. these people have gone stone-cold crazy. the other side and the bad ones, the leakers, the liars, the dirty cops, two low-lives. when i fired that sleaze bag, all hell broke out. they were ratting on each other. they were running for the hills. these are the crookedest, most
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dishonest, dirtiest people i've ever seen. it was the top scum. these are all dirty people. a phony, rotten deal, by some very evil and sick people. >> that wasn't tony soprano. that was the president of the united states. have you ever heard a president talk that way out in the open, at an official white house event? insults, profanity, language right out of a gangster movie, campai complaining about dirty cops, low-lives, people ratting each other out. all that in the east room, on live tv. really in front of the world, but standing in front of a room of lawmakers, family members and trump defenders. leaping to their feet again and again to applaud -- there you
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go. in a dear leader moment this president seems to love. but it's not just his language, though that is bad enough. this is about settling scores, keeping scores. a literal list of friends of enemies to be jeered. at least richard nixon tried to keep his enemies list under wraps. and speaking of previous presidents, i want you to compare what we heard today, what you heard just moments ago, to another president who was impeached. and he said he was humbled by that experience. >> i want to say, again, to the american people, how profound l sorry i am for what i said and did, to trigger these events, and the great burden they have imposed on the congress and on the american people.
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i also am humbled and grateful for the support and prayers i have received from millions of americans over this past year. >> we are a long way off from that, aren't we? anybody who expected soul-searching or humility from president trump was bound to be disappointed. instead, he is clearly steaming over mitt romney's voice of conscience, in his powerful speech on the senate floor. >> my faith is at the heart of who i am. >> i take an oath before god as enormously consequential.
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i knew that being tasked with the president of my own party would be the most difficult decision i ever faced. and i was not wrong. >> and here's how the president responded, at all places, at the national prayer breakfast. >> i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. more do i like people who say, i pray for you, when they know that's not so. >> so, let me remind you, that was at a prayer breakfast. a prayer breakfast. turn the other cheek, humility, values, christians. people of faith, do unto others. this president apparently thinks that the appropriate venue, that
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that's the appropriate venue to question the faith -- the faith of mitt romney. to question the faith of nancy pelosi. here's how the speaker responded today. >> he can say whatever he wants. but i do pray for him and i do so sincerely and without anguish. >> to recap. the president of the united states, celebrating his impeachment acquittal, attacking his enemies for their faith. hurtling insults at others, calling them evil, low-lives and sleaze bag. those were his words, straight from the white house. what a celebration. just imagine what will happen when this race really heats up. a lot to get to tonight. let's bring in abby phillip,
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political analyst, mark preston, kirsten powers, and marc mckinnon. hello, everyone. >> hello. >> the words of your president. the words at a prayer breakfast. what do you think, mark mckinnon? >> well, the thing that strikes me is -- strong supporters of donald trump are used to this kind of tone, this anger, this intimidation, when he's down. but this is new when he's up. at a prayer breakfast, mocking somebody's faith at a prayer breakfast. if this is the attitude that he adopts when he's on top, that's going to be a different thing for people to see. now, i don't think his base is going anywhere. but for a lot of americans to say, you can't even have a note of humility at a prayer breakfa breakfast, on a day when you've been acquitted and be generous to the people in the room, to acknowledge that you can -- he couldn't even acknowledge at the
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prayer breakfast, you should love your enemies. i don't. that's very nonchristian message at a prayer breakfast. how ironic can you be? >> how about this? things come in threes. when you're a journalist, three things come together, get a story. people die, three things come together. three people die. they come in threes. donald trump gave a state of the union that we've never seen ever, crazy, full of lies, outrageous. then, he goes to the prayer breakfast and he totally flips that on its head. although people there seem to love it, that goes into question about whether their christian morals are. >> the prayer breakfast itself. >> and then, he goes to the white house and uses profanity. and again, i use profanity. and i'm very honest, i wouldn't
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use it at the white house or on television. he feels it's okay to use profanity. and use the perch of the white house to say i'm going to settle scores with people. >> didn't susan collins and john thunen say he learned his lesson. that was the punishment. what was the lesson here? >> it's interesting because think how you teach a child a lesson. it was a strange thing to say from the get-go. we're going to not hold him accountable, saying he didn't do anything wrong, by acquitting him, and then he's going to learn a lesson. that's crazy. it's crazier that it's donald trump. they think that would have any weight. >> we know about the president's behavior, right? for christians to use the
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excuse, democrats have been after him, people have been attacking him, how did you expect him to act? how about act like a christian? how about act like the leader of the free world. >> this is an argument scott jennings was making today or yesterday. i can't remember. my response was, bill clinton went through the exact same thing, that donald trump went through. the exact same thing. and he was incredibly contrite. when he went through the prayer breakfast, he said, i sinned. it's not enough for me to apologize, i have to forgive the people that i'm angry at. it's the polar opposite of what donald trump is doing. arthur brooks got up and spoke before him, all about bringing people together and loving your enemies. and he got up and said, arthur, i'm going to have to disagree with you. actually, you have to disagree with jesus. that's who he is quoting.
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>> i wonder if you had asked, just a blind test for all of the republican senators, just, if we didn't have any history, and said laid out this case. one case that had a president that had an affair and an intern. and a president withheld aid from a country to do political research on an opponent. which would be more problematic for you? 100% the latter. >> i need you to report on the president all the time. but the excuse was the people around him and the porn star. he did it because he didn't want his wife to find out about it. bill clinton said the same thing. it's okay for donald trump to do it. not okay for bill clinton. you cover the president all the time. you've been standing by. what did you think when you heard him at the prayer breakfast at the white house?
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what did you learn from this? >> he was focused on retribution to me, at the press conference. the prayer breakfast was his anger and his rejection of love thy enemy. he was rejecting that in the prayer breakfast. by the time he got to this press conference at the white house, he was really thinking about how the people he really hates ought to pay for what they did to him. that was glaring to me. the second thing that was glaring was the audience. the republicans sitting in the audience, cabinet members. it's a case study in how political power is the most important motivating factor in washington. all of those people, at one point or another, criticized donald trump as a candidate even as president.
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they gave him standing ovations. mshg m mark meadows stood up and said, we're behind you 100%. these are acts of signaling to donald trump, that they're loyal. so, that they can get what he is offering to them in return, which is one-by-one, calling their names and telling them how he's going to reward them politically for their loyalty. and it is important to pay attention to that because this is how donald trump wields power over the republican party. that gets stronger and stronger as he continues to be president. and there's no going back from this. people are not going to wake up and be, okay, i don't want to, you know -- there's a line that i don't want to cross here. no. this is how power works. and he wields it extremely effectively. >> i do understand what i have spoken to people in the room.
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when he came up with some of the things about the conspiracy theory and the fbi and lisa strzok. there were people quiet and uncomfortable. many of the same people gave him a standing ovation. let's talk about the enemies list. we're learning they're going to leave in the coming weeks. trump has fumed about his presence in the nsc since he testified. his duties have been curtailed. he testifies against trump. now, vinman is on an enemies list, as well. >> not surprising, right? this is what donald trump is like. he will retaliate against people who were being honest under oath.
10:17 pm
it's saying you should not fulfill your duty and refuse to testify or lie under oath. those are the options these people had. and he's retaliating. he's using his official power to retaliate against someone who has served this country. >> and just to put a point on how vindictive this is, vinman had requested a transfer himself to the defense department that was going to happen in a month. trump wouldn't let him do that. he talks about leakers and liars. these people testified under threat of perjury. so, they told the truth. the people that didn't come forward, were the witnesses that he withheld. >> they would have been under oath. if they had told a lie, would have suffered the consequences of telling a lie. he didn't want those witnesses to come forward. interesting. >> if there was a song that encapsulated a song, they played "hail to the chief." an interesting song to play on a somber but celebratory occasion.
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kirsten powers and mark mckinnon. sanders and buttigieg at the top. biden third. how do you see it playing out? >> i'm not going to make any predictions. but i think this is interesting. bernie sanders, this is his area. he should do well there. the fact that buttigieg is so close, is meaningful. assuming this is right and we don't know for sure. it doesn't look great for biden. the fact that buttigieg is four points within sanders is meaningful. >> you have a democratic socialist, a self-declared democratic socialist and the mayor of a small town. what does it say about who can beat donald trump? >> it's two different visions of who can beat donald trump. this is a classic point in the campaign where the classic haley
10:23 pm
barbour from mississippi used to say, good gets better and bad gets worse. good is better for pete buttigieg but bad for biden. the person most likely to beat trump is a person most unlike him. >> that's what we've seen over history. carter to nixon, obama to bush. what are the character, donald trump, lay it on a black board. and we went through the leading democratic candidates. and looked at it. which is the most opposite of donald trump. it was almost unanimous, pete buttigieg was the most different from donald trump. so, if history plays out, and he's a nominee, he's the most unlike trump. i can see how he goes after biden and sanders. he's not used to a pete buttigieg. >> we know how he went against elizabeth warren, calling her the name, what have you.
10:24 pm
elizabeth warren is at 13% in that poll. what does she have to do to brir bring that number up in new hampshire? >> it's an interesting question. you would think that she has an advantage that bernie sanders has in the state. once you lose momentum, it's like a ball moving downhill. it's hard to stop that slide. she needs a game-changing moment for her. i don't know if there's enough time between now for that to happen. she suffers from bernie sanders doing well. the people that might have been with warren has a base of support. it's problematic. i think warren suffers as pete buttigieg gains, as well. these categories for voters is not as line yaar as we think th are. people are crossing lines all
10:25 pm
the time. that's one of the reasons why this is going to be really tough for her. i don't know how she creates a moment in just a few short days. she's just got to hold on past new hampshire, frankly, and try to make a move in one of the later primaries. >> we talk about the moderates. and you refer centrist, right? and left. iowa showed the results, a tight finish, 100%. and it was off by one-tenth of 1%. we hear a difference of what buttigieg is more centrist. sanders is more left. how long can that talk go on about left and centrist? >> it's going to go on. you're going to see pete buttigieg, who might appeal to some warren supporters. maybe not on every issue. but they see him, he's gaining ground. and maybe she's losing ground and they jump ship.
10:26 pm
it's just human nature. i do think that you are going to start seeing more definitive distinctions drawn between the candidates moving forward. that's the only way that somebody can get out in front of everybody else. bernie sanders is hitting on every front right now. and that's why elizabeth warren is at least stalemating or she's stalling her. you go fishing. a fish can only bite on one hook. two candidates are trying to get one fish. buttigieg, i think is such an unknown, who knows? if you look at the entrance polls back in iowa, he did so well across the board with everybody, it will be interesting to see here if a democrat in new hampshire is going to have the same characteristics as a democrat in iowa. they tend not to necessarily. but who knows? >> when you move on to other states that aren't so white, then i think it is another
10:27 pm
question. he didn't do that well with african-americans. and granted, for people of color. hold on. granted, it's a small number of people. but it's still true that bernie overwhelmingly won them, compared to buttigieg. what does that mean when you go into a state with more african-american population. what happens to buttigieg in that situation? >> that is literally the question. this is the million-dollar question for buttigieg. if he can't solve that problem by the time he gets to south caroli carolina, there is no path. there's no path to the nomination for a democrat who cannot build a coalition that involves nonwhite people. their bet is, that winning begets winning. >> right. i don't think that's just true for black voters or hispanic
10:28 pm
voters. it's true here in new hampshire. voters want to see a candidate that has what it takes to make it through this process. they can win. they can raise money. they are, you know, exhibiting the characteristics where they can see that person up against on a debate stage with donald trump. that's a whole ball game to show and prove to voters, and you're tough enough to go up against trump. it might work for buttigieg. but i don't think that even his camp expects that in south carolina. they're going to rival joe biden, necessarily. he has to improve. >> i have to get to the break. i heard people say, what if people are overestimating the african-american vote this time around. and it may not matter for someone like pete buttigieg. is that being naive? or is that possible? >> i think it's true that democrats have to generate, have
10:29 pm
to reach out to communities of color and really amp the numbers up. biden has support in south carolina that he's going to need now. everybody in south carolina is going to give this a look, including people of color. they don't know him. >> and maybe the best thing he has going for him. >> exactly. >> everyone stay with me. you heard a lot from the democratic hopefuls in tonight's town hall. but who can unify a divided party? let's be honest, every insurance company
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all of the iowa results are in now. and put buttigieg holds a 0.1% lead over bernie sanders in the delegate count. now, it's all about new hampshire with the primary on tuesday. tonight, at the town hall,
10:34 pm
sanders, buttigieg and klobuchar tried to make their point to voters. mark preston, mayor buttigieg seemed confident tonight. do you think he has energy coming out of iowa? did he get the big bump he needed? >> i don't often do this. i spend a lot of time with the candidate before the town halls. you try to get them calm in a good space. it's interesting from bernie sanders and pete buttigieg, they were both relaxed and happy. they were both in a good space. they were both really tired. like, really, really tired. and what i think, what i find about dubuttigieg, is when he i challenged with a hard question, during this time right now, which he was challenged on "the view" by meghan mccain today. when you're really tired, you're
10:35 pm
going to screw up. you're going to make a mistake. for some reason, and this is why i think he can do so well in debates against donald trump, he's unflappable. he was -- >> yeah. >> you think he's going to do a debate? >> with pete buttigieg. >> i've never seen him flinch. and to your point -- i was at the bernie press conference this morning. he was completely relaxed. it's as calm as i've ever seen him. he looked calm, confident, unflappable. an interesting observation about buttigieg, normally what he's like. but i talked to a friend of ours right before iowa. man, he was really nervous. the day of the caucus, he was wired up. >> he has that push. >> and speaking of buttigieg, he spoke about being gay in america. listen to this. >> at a certain time in my life, i would have done anything to not be gay.
10:36 pm
and believe as that reality became inescapable, it might cost the chance to serve. in uniform or in office. here i am, finding that very same fact that i thought might prevent me from having an impact in the world, at least a certain kind of impact in a certain kind of way, is very much part of the impact i get to have now. >> interesting. to a certain degree, i get that. not to the extent of running for president. but there's a certain confidence you get from just being out and being comfortable with yourself, a certain sense of self-awareness and self-possession you get from that. we were around, during the obama years. they're never going to elect an african-american president. can he prove them wrong when it
10:37 pm
comes to a gay american? >> i think so. it's almost a nonissue, in a way. not the general election. it's the democratic primary. in the past, in the democratic primary, it would have become more of an issue. and i think it is so poignant for him, what he's saying, that this was the thing that i thought was going to be harmful to me. and it's almost like my superpower. >> i think it's an asset. in the same way for obama, i think people came out in droves to prove that not only could we elect a black president, we could elect a black president. and those that went out to prove they weren't racist. this is our opportunity to prove it. >> there's a certain thing about confidence. people can sense when you're confident about who you are. and confidence, as you said, winning begets winning. confidence begets confidence.
10:38 pm
if you're confident, you can see someone -- you meet somebody and they're not so good-looking, right? in the traditional sense. they have a confidence that attracts them. do you understand what i'm saying. that can happen with pete buttigieg, especially coming out of iowa. >> i think voters want authenticity. this pattern of opposites and how we choose our president. a voter at one of buttigieg's events today, brought up that very thing. and it was more of a statement. it wasn't a question to him. but it was him saying, you, as a person, a gay man, a veteran, you're the antithesis to donald trump. him being gay is to that voters like that. >> how does trump criticize him
10:39 pm
or go after him? >> oh, he can find a way. >> i think he would get somebody else to do it. >> he'll find some way. but you know, that becomes part of his reason for being on his justification for being on that stage. you know, there was that video of a precinct in iowa, where a woman -- she wanted to take that caucus. and one of buttigieg's supporters, a patient human being, real lly counsels this woman to reconcile her faith for voting for buttigieg. i don't know if she convinced the woman. to me, what that video clip was about, was the kind of moment that other people see and say, actually, this is kind of how you -- in 2008, i'm sure there were plenty of moments like that, for barack obama. his volunteers coming up against
10:40 pm
people with bigoted views. that's why they wanted to -- >> like a john mccain moment. >> as a country, we gravitate towards things like that. and that's what buttigieg is hoping for. >> when you see the hypocrisy and the prayer breakfast this morning and people that are supposedly christians and evangelicals and on and on. the hypocrisy you see out of that and you think, why not? why not a gay president? why wouldn't democrats or the country elect a gay president when you see the hypocrisy coming from the other side. let's talk more about that. i want to talk about that moment. that woman at the precinct, and surprised me, maybe it shouldn't, how come i didn't know that? why hasn't anybody said this? these are the people -- those are the people that are actually
10:41 pm
choose i choosing and they're not informed. >> we're focussing on that one woman in iowa. he doesn't know anything about a specific candidate is going forward. and going to support that person. obviously, this is crazy what happened. in this situation. and it was caught on film. it goes to show you, nothing is ever going to be -- >> and the woman had to be there tonight. i teach my son that people are people and love is love. and you're like -- >> but, if you watch the video, right? and you can see in the volunteer's face. she was afraid of how this would come across. and this is the caucuses. this is not complete strangers. these are neighbors and community members.
10:42 pm
a certain degree of familiarity there. those moments are going to happen. but in some ways, buttigieg is going to win if people vote for him, they don't know that about him. there's something else about him that they want to vote for. and he's not necessarily going to win because of -- you know, i don't think it will be because people want to break that barrier. the only way to win is for people to not pay attention to that. >> it doesn't matter. what matters is smarts. >> something else. >> let me say this before i go, doing -- holding the town halls, listen, the former vice president got to talk about stuttering and helping. bernie sanders got to talk about his faith influences him. pete buttigieg got to talk about
10:43 pm
being gay. and yang and the autism. you had a number of those moments. that was fascinating to learn. we seem like we know a lot. but the more we learn about the candidates and the more comfortable they become with sharing that with the american people. thank you, guys. i really appreciate it. the president's speech got a lot of attention for its vindictive and off-the-rails tone. how about those in the audience, spo soaking it all in. we'll talk about them next. this is my skin. and this is cc+ cream. it gives you your skin but better. it's your full coverage foundation, spf 50 plus anti aging serum. discover the #1 cc cream in america. discover the #1 i'm finding it hard to stay on a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free woory free.... boom!
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the president, using his so-called celebration of his impeachment victory at the white house, to attack perceived political enemies. with a room full of republican defenders hanging on every, single word. >> it was evil. it was corrupt. it was dirty cops. adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible
10:48 pm
person. she may pray. but she prays for the opposite. i doubt she prays at all. you have to understand, we first went through russia, russia, russia. it was all bullshit. >> joining me now, alice stewart and max boot. >> hello. >> hi, don. >> how are you guys? max, i'm going to start with you. the president is claiming victory, lashing at his opponents in a vicious way. the gop was there. applause, laughter, standing ovations. what does that tell you about what's happened to your former party? >> well, for one thing, it tells you that republicans are the world's worst hypocrites because, just -- literally just yet, they were complaining how terrible it was that nancy pelosi was ripping up the state of the union address. and look at what donald trump is saying about nancy pelosi,
10:49 pm
impugning her faith, and republicans have nothing to say about that. they're applauding what donald trump is saying. it's really the corruption of the republican party that they've become the enablers of this unhinged rhetoric. >> don, let me say this. >> go on. >> the speech day, he used his tone and tenor, i used this as a victory lap and a valid slap. both of them are justifiable for this president. democrats have engaged in a full-fledged, all-out campaign, to delegitimize his campaign and he's frustrated about it. much to his victory, it's not been successful for the democrats. you look at the pole numbers. donald trump's latest gallop pole approval numbers are the highest they've been at 49. and amongst the base, among republicans, he has 94% support among republicans. he is angry at what the democrats have been doing.
10:50 pm
at the same time, it's done nothing but reenergize his base. hold on, max. we're going to do it on the other side of the break. we have another block after this. we'll be right back. hold that thought. sna liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you clean dishes as you cook, to save time and stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time.
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back with alex and max. max, you were mid thought. >> what i was saying, don, is it's not the democrats that are doing this to donald trump. it's donald trump who is doing this to donald trump because, last summer, the day after the mueller testimony, it wasn't the democrats who forced donald trump to call up president zelensky of ukraine and try to blackmail into impugning joe biden. that's something that trump did on his own. donald trump is his own worst enemy. and right now, he is missing a huge opportunity, just as he did after the mueller report came out last march, which is an opportunity to show a largeness of spirit, to be contrite, to try to appeal to the middle of the country, to try to bring
10:55 pm
people together, instead of further dividing them. when he lashes out, as he did today, when he spews insults and profanities, he turns off a lot of people. that's a missed opportunity for him. if he would bring people together, he would make his re-election a done deal. >> his election is a done deal. >> alice, let me ask you something. i want to ask you something. we have a short time. alice, i know you. you're a christian woman. >> i am. >> how did you feel about what the president was saying at a prayer breakfast today when it's supposed to be christian values, turn the other cheek and on and on. you have 20 seconds, if you can. >> i said many times. i don't agree with a lot of the things he says and the own and tenor he uses to say what he wants to say. but i support his policies. i support what he was at the prayer breakfast for, mainly to praise and to give worship and to show, yet again, to the con servetives that do support him,
10:56 pm
he does support the life issue and religious freedom, which is the main reason why evangelicals support him. >> got to go. thank you, alice. thank you, max. i appreciate it. thank you for watching, everyone. our live coverage, continues. introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime. choose boldly. feria haircolor by l'oreal. pure dyes, with triple highlights. multi-faceted, shimmering color- with multiple tones in every strand. live in color. live in feria. by l'oreal. available at walmart. says they can save you dollars.
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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm john vause at cnn's world headquarters where it just went 2:00 a.m. donald trump feeling vindicated and vindictive after his senate acquittal. telling supporters he did nothing wrong and going after his critics once more. drama in iowa. how the democratic national committee is stepping in after the delayed results of the democratic party's caucuses. and more passengers testing positive for


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