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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  May 29, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers in the it's and around the world, "cnn newsroom" starts right now. ♪ and we begin with breaking news right now in the u.s. state of minnesota where angry protests in the city of minneapolis and st. paul have escalated into volatile scenes of fires,
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looting and tear gas spray. a police station and numerous other buildings are now in flames. the governor has called in the national guard to try to restore order. is a chaotic situation that's been building ever since an african-american man, george floyd, died monday in police custody after video showed an officer kneeling on his neck. protests are also under way in other cities across the united states. president trump tweeted his disdain for the situation, dismissing the protesters as thugs and he took a swipe at the minneapolis mayor, saying he would step in if the city did not get the violence under control. the minneapolis mayor fired back a short time ago. >> donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis, we are strong as hell. is this a difficult time period? yes. but you better be damn sure that we're going to get through this.
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>> one flash point behind unrest is that no charges have yet been filed against the four police officers involved in george floyd's death, although they have been fired. cnn's josh campbell has been on the scene all day. here's his report. >> reporter: there were a number of protesters that gathered outside this precinct, precinct three is the name, just not far from the death of george floyd, the african-american man who was on the ground with the police officer with his knee on his neck. he later died and is obviously the subject of a robust investigation by local officials as well as the frk -- fbi. it's led to a number of protesters gathering outside the police station.
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what started out peaceful turned into a very confrontational situation where you had protesters throwing rocks at the police station. we did see a number of police officers on the roof who were returning fire, not with lethal weapons but with tear gas. we ourselves were gassed at one pointgassed at one point and ha move back. they were pushing people away from the police station continuing into the night as night fell in plminneapolis. flames ravaged the building outside and protesters clearly unhappy with the police taking their frustration and outrage out on the police department. it's important to note also as we've been covering this and on the ground there appears to be different camps, you have people clearly focused on this criminal activity, they're trying to burn down this government building but we've also seen protesters who are non-violent, that have
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been expressing their outrage at the death of this black man at the hands of the police. >> there was more violence in neighboring st. paul, our miguel marquez was on the scene there. here's what he saw. >> two more fires have started down university towards the state capitol down there. i don't know if you can see that. let me show what's happening here where protesters have been challenging police at this fire. several businesses including a napa auto parts are on fire up here. a large group of protesters just came up. it looked like they had been marching perhaps downtown. very young protesters as well. they have now moved towards police not realizing just how liberal they are with the use of mace, tear gas, pepper bulbs and flash bang grenades. so i'm guessing that police shortly are going to try to disperse this crowd. this is what we've seen the entire day, with the crowds
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growing. surging towards the police up here. and then when they deploy some of those non-lethal types of weapons then the crowd then shrinks back. it's really gotten much, much bigger in the last few minutes. it's a little unclear what police are doing. we'll have to stop over here this is an area with a large number of protesters, you see them shooting pepper balls at those individuals. we have another fire truck coming through here. it's not clear what direction they're headed. [ sirens ]. they're probably headed down to these, i can see what appears to be two different fires about two blocks away from the state capitol where we are. i assume that's where they're headed now.
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these young protesters just %-pn effort by police to move them back using non-lethal means here very shortly. >> it is very rare to see a police precinct set on fire in america. cnn spoke with the minneapolis chief earlier and he says it is frustrating to watch parts of his city burn. >> yes. he's a great man. to see the type of communities that have such a need for, you know, for, you know, groceries, for, you know, bags of clothing and to buy medications, especially during a pandemic time and to see these structures being destroyed in a community that provides such an important service and they have such a need that it is really, it's been disappointing and it's very frustrating.
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because i would just hope that we can come to a point where we have this angst and destructive action just sort of stops, i'd like it to stop. growing up many minneapolis, you hate to see your city burn. it's not just disappointing to me but all my firefighters and staff and everyone in the city, it's very disappointing to all of us. >> dozens of people were arrested during demonstrations over floyd's death in new york city. authorities said nearly 40 people faced charges raking from obstruction to criminal potion of a weapon. several police officers were injured as well, including one who suffered a possible concussion. there were reports of shots fire in louisville, kentucky, where
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anger over floyd's death and i woman breanna taylor who was killed in march. and there were other demonstrations in united states, in phoenix, arizona, denver, colorado, and memphis, tennessee. there's much more ahead here. we'll check in about president trump's incindiary tweets on the unrest in minneapolis taking a direct target at the mayor and the mayor reacted harshly. much more ahead on our breaking news right after this. you're sensitive. njoy it ef yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit!
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mean i might as well listen. if i want to catch up on the news or history or learn what's going on in the world, i can download a book and listen to it. because i listened to her story over and over again, i made the decision to go ahead and follow my own dream, which was to help other veterans. i think there's like 180 books in my, in my library now. it changes your perspective; it makes you a different person. it's true, it's so true. to start your free 30-day trial, just text listen25 to 500500. u.s. president donald trump is weighing in on the unrest in minnesota on twitter. here is his quote. i can't stand back and watch this happen to a great american city, minneapolis. a total lack of leadership. either the very weak radical left mayor jakob frey get his act together and bring the city
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under control or i will send in the national guard and get the job done right. then he added -- these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd and won't let that happen. any difficulty we'll assume control but when the looting starts the shooting starts. that's a historical reference. let's talk about it with our chief media correspondent. brian, harsh words from this president, talk about what he had to say and the tone. >> obviously incendiariry words from the president, not what you want to hear in a situation like this. reminiscent of the days in the riots in charlottesville when the city was on edge and he made the bad situation worse. i fear that's what he's doing now. i don't claim the protesters in minneapolis are monitoring every word the president says, that's
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certainly not the case, however, the lack of leadership will be a problem in the hour a-- hours ad days to come. cars are being flipped, fires are still being set and windows still being shattered in minneapolis at 2:15 central time. so lack of leadership is a big concern. let me tell you what some are saying on twitter in response to the president of the united states. >> vote please. we're seeing others condemning the president's rhetoric and have to say though, even though this is disturbing to see from the president, not sr prisurprig to see from him given the play book he usually heads towards in a moment like this. >> right, brian. one recalls when members of the militia went to the michigan state house upset about the pandemic lockdown armed to the tee, we didn't see the same
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incendiary rhetoric coming from president trump. to your point. i want to play the response from mayor frey about 45 minutes ago to president trump's tweet. >> donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis. we are strong as hell. is this a difficult time period? yes. but you better be damn sure that we're gonna get through this. >> so there we go. very angry. he was read the tweet, hadn't seen it yet, that was his immediate response. >> i think your point about the armed protests at state houses in several parts of this country are very important, it's very notable. because what have we seen in the past few months, this rhetoric about reopening the country, we've seen protesters, mostly trump supporters showing up at state houses, now all of this is unfolding as the pandemic still
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rages throughout the united %-p star tribune in minneapolis took a photo of graffiti on the wall near the burning precinct and it says, two countries, one virus. i think that exactly is what we're seeing. we're seeing the collision of one national emergency, the pandemic, and a collision with another national emergency which is this ongoing issue involving police violence and minority groups in this country who feel they are not safe in their own communities. you see protesters out there wearing masks because of the pandemic and also because of the threat of tear gas. it is almost surreal. it's almost apocalyptic and for folk who's will wake up and see this will not recognize necessarily what country this is. it's once again going back to this gaping wound in american society that never quite seems to heal and always comes back to the forefront ever so often. >> right, gaping wound is right.
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and it's a problem that goes on and on in this country. no one wants to see violence but people are at a breaking point over this. brian seltzer live from new york, as always, appreciate your perspectives. >> thank you. >> we want to point you now to a new cnn special, examining race relations and police brutality in the united states, it's called "i can't breathe" black men living and dieing in america. that's monday at 8:00 p.m. in new york we invite you to watch on cnn. the protests we're seeing in minneapolis and other cities are happening in the middle of a devastating global pandemic as brian was just referencing. the coronavirus has now killed more than 101,000 people in the united states and as we report, it is getting worse with new cases of the virus still
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increasing in many states. >> reporter: this morning in montgomery, alabama, there were just two icu beds unoccupied. covid-19 cases have more than quadrupled in this county since reopening began across the state. >> california today reporting it's biggest ever daily uptick in new cases, 2,617. >> as we reopen and relax too much and don't take physical distancing measures and take the precautions that we can than we may see it go up again, not just in the fall but in the next few
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weeks as well. >> cdc has posted a model predicting uptick in hospital admissions around june 10th and also reissued reopening guidelines for employers, let's lot of fresh air in, no communal coffee pots, no hand shakes or not even fist pumps. bad news for big events, boston marathon already moved to mid-september and cancelled. the wisconsin state fair which usually draws over 1 million people also just cancelled. new york city is still trying to make its mass transit safe as possible. the city is not quite ready to reopen but very close. >> i think it's time that new yorkers see their hard work rewarded. >> the hope between 200 and 400,000 new yorker costs go back to work by maybe mid-june. since mid-march more than 40 million americans have lost their jobs.
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that's one in four workers. and reopening won't be the end of that movie either. >> you hear these corporations talking about we're going to take this opportunity to restructure. we're going to get lean. you know what that means? that means they're going to lay off workers. >> california just recorded it's highest number of new cases in a 24-hour period. 2,617. there is more testing. people have been out on the beaches when they shouldn't have been, there's been some protesting, there's also been reopening. interestingly, we heard from the mayor of san francisco who got into granular detail how she's going to open her city. remember that is perhaps one of the most cautious places in the country when it comes to preventing the spread of covid. so mid-june she's going to allow sports, no fans. religious services and summer camps. mid-july indoor dining and haircuts. mid-august, schools. that's good.
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and gyms with modifications. interestingly she didn't even give a date when we'll have fans back watching sports and concerts in big venues all together. no date. >> a troubling trend in the covid crisis is eemergencying in latin america while much of the world is seeing a decline or leveling off of deaths and infection, countries there are moving in the opposite direction. our matt rivers reports from mexico city. >> as the coronavirus sweeps around the world the eye of this storm has landed on latin america. >> describe the pandemic in latin america. >> [ speaking foreign language ] s. >> death rates in many latin american countries are already on the rise while the average seven-day death toll to the
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u.s., uk and italy are heading down. for brazil, mexico and peru the death tolls are spiking. why latin america and why now. starting in brazil with 410,000 confirmed cases, second highest in the world behind u.s.. the president has all but ignored the virus threat and still attends large rallies saying the true problems are quarantine measures hurting the economy. many disagree. virus is everywhere says this woman in rio de janeiro, i only go out when necessary. it's been at best patch work response nationwide. covid-19 creme terrys now dot the tropical landscape. in mexico the president also down played it and since urged people to stay home but resisted implementing strict quarantine measures and just two days ago mexico reported its largest single day increase in deaths.
12:24 am
even swift shut downs haven't helped. cases sky rocketed in peru though it had a strict quarantine march 16th. streets there and cross latin america have remained full because simply put people can't afford not to work. >> it's a daily challenge. they don't have savings. they live in very inadequate quarters. >> poverty is rampant in many of the massive cities. people have to go out and make a living and at home densely packed neighbors make social distancing impossible. a regional is starting to buckle under a global pandemic it's not equip to fight. cnn, mexico city. with the stroke of a pen and some stiff rhetoric, u.s. president donald trump announced he is cracking down on social media. we explain what his action means and why critics say he doesn't have the authority. also, the u.s. president is set to speak in the coming hours on
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china and the world is waiting to see how hard of a line he will take against the country for its latest actions on hong kong. we'll take you there, just ahead here.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world i'm natalie allen. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta. we want to go back to our breaking new from the u.s. state of minnesota. chaos erupted in minneapolis as thousands of protesters flooded the streets. the police precinct was torched and there was looting.
12:30 am
the mayor called it unacceptable. the outrage, of course, sparked over the death of george floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in police custody. the four officers involved have been fired but no charges have been filed. cnn miguel marquez takes a look how it got to this point and a warning, the video of mr. floyd's arrest is disturbing. >> a night of anger turns to rage. protesters surrounding the minneapolis police department third precinct, businesses near by looted and burned. it started with the arrest that left 46-year-old george floyd dead. >> our nation has witnessed this incredibly and disturbing loss of life my heart goes out to
12:31 am
george floyd. my heart goes out to his family. >> the video runs more than seven minutes, floyd into the ground with a knee to his neck, unable to move or breathe. >> please, i can't breathe. >> you can't see every vantage point but the video doesn't come close to what police initially described that floyd is resisting. surveillance video obtained by c cnn doesn't show him resisting arrest. donald witnessed the brutal arrest. >> blood coming out his nose and his eyes turning a different color and talking about his belly hurts which is your last poop out of your life. i started to plead with officers. >> courtney ross was floyd's girlfriend. >> this is nothing but an angel that was sent to us on earth and we demonized him and we killed him. i just want to get on the phone and call my baby and hear his
12:32 am
voice. he cannot die in vain. he can't. >> the four police officers now all fired. many calling for them to face charges. the officer with his knee to floyd's neck. derek chauvin had 18 complaints lodged against him and not clear what for, he was fun punished for two of them. -- punished for two of them. >> do you think that was murder? >> i do. >> you do? >> i'm not a prosecutor but let me be clear, the arresting officer killed someone. >> with businesses looting and burned overnight, floyd's friend and family are pleading for justice and calm. >> i want, you know, everybody to be peaceful right now, but people are torn and hurt because they're tired of seeing black men die.
12:33 am
>> we want to turn now to another issue involving president trump. he's carried out his threat to sign an executive order to reign in social media companies like twitter. mr. trump is taking the action even though he has tweet thousand dollars of times to communicate directly with americans whether what he is saying is factual, misleading or flat-out wrong. he blames the companies for censoring conservative views. >> as president i'll not allow the american people to be bullied by these giant corporations and it's unfair ands been very unfair. i think this, if twitter were not honorable, if you are going to have a guy like this be your judge and jury i think you shut it down far as i'm concerned but i'd have to go through a legal process. >> what would you do? >> i don't know. i'd have to ask the lawyers. >> it's unclear whether the executive order could hold up in a court of law. let's talk more about it with our business reporter joining me now from london.
12:34 am
this could be an explosive issue involving this president, hadas, because twitter has been critical to his presidency. >> yeah, i mean, this donald trump himself has credited social media, twitter and facebook for example, as being one of the reasons he won in the election. but he and his allies have been be complain being social media for some time. they've threatened actions like this but this is finally happening in direct retaliation to twitter putting a fact-checking label on some of trump's tweet s about mail-in ballots, they just hollywood added a -- just added a link to provide more context. this order wants to change a 1996 law that social media platforms are not responsible for what appears on their platforms. they're not to be treated like publishers, this gives them immunity. someone can't sue them if something appears on facebook
12:35 am
and it sue facebook itself. facebook is just the media. this goes through it would affect every internet platform not just social media companies that trump wants to target. there's been a lot of talk for years about trying to regulate social media, seeing it in france and europe and there's hate speech that's have to be taken down. but the way trump is doing this is, a, unlikely to get bipartisan support and also going to run into legal road blocks. the social media companies internet providers will likely challenge these in court to say the government is trying to infringe on their first amendment rights. government can't infringe based on the first amendment on what you want to say. ironically it will make it more leekly for companies to sensor content, to protect themselves may take down content to not
12:36 am
face lawsuits. so ironically, donald trump putting this order if it goes through will cause more censorship, the opposite of what he wants. >> all right, it's a story that's unfolding and we'll continue to follow the next development. thank you. next, the u.s. president is set to speak in the coming hours and the world is waiting to see how a hard aligned he's going hard a line he's going to take against china. live is there in a moment. customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again!
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u.s. president trump is expected in the coming hours to slap new measures on china. they come a mid his flury of accusations suggesting that china was responsible for letting the coronavirus outbreak become a pandemic and maybe even caused it. it also follows the chinese parliament's approval on thursday to go ahead with the controversial security law for hong kong that critics say would threaten the city's autonomy. for it's part china has just announced it will take necessary counter machin eer measures , a what it describes as foreign meddling in hong kong affairs. we're live in hong kong with more perspective. this is a situation that is moving forward with nobody
12:42 am
really know what's going to happen here but it's moving forward very quickly. >> yeah, moving forward quickly and on multiple fronts. international pressure is bag plied on beijing but the pressure point is hong kong and all eyes right now on the united states and what going to be u.s. president trump's next move after mike pompeo moved that declaration to congress saying hong kong is no longer autonomous opening the door to significant u.s. action against china and hong kong in one form, perhaps revoking the special trade status of hong kong which would jeopardize billions in trade between the u.s. and hong kong and also under mine the status of the international financial hub, also, all lies on the uk where the british government is considering a citizenship for 300 hong kong residents unless china scraps the national security law. earlier the leader of hong kong
12:43 am
who supports this legislation of course, she issued this letter publish in newspapers across the territory which she urged and made at peel to congress to accept the legislation now it's passed. she also condemned external forces, she says, quote, external forces have intensified their interference in hong kong's internal affairs, passed laws relating to hong kong and flagrantly glorified the illegal acts of radicals all which seriously jeopardize the national security and city's prosperity and stability are at risk. now beijing is currently hashing out the details of the national security law in the weeks ahead. beijing believes the law necessary to fill a gaping security hole points to the unrest of the clashes of the hong kong protest, chinese officials view the protests as a
12:44 am
direct challenge to its sovereignty. >> again the president will speak about this in the coming hours. we want to bring an update involving donald trump. he weighed in on the unrest in minneapolis on twitter. he had this to say, these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd and won't let that happen. any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. it looks like twitter took note, which of course is something twitter is starting to do when it diems a tweet by the president is not factual. this is what they said. a short time ago a flag of that same quote. this tweet violated the twitter rules about glorifying violence. however, twitter has determined that it may be in the public's
12:45 am
interest for the tweet to remain accessible. we'll have more in the coming hour. that is from twitter. you're watching "cnn newsroom." next here it is back to school for some students in england. we go live to london as part of the uk prepares for further easing. want to brain better?
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england is going ahead with further easing of restrictions as coronavirus cases there
12:50 am
continue to decline. uk prime minister bore us johnson saying nurseries and some school costs begin opening on monday and groups of six people will be allowed to meet outdoors while social distancing. scotland also easing restrictions for the first time as well. let's go now to nick robinson following the developments for us. hello, nick, hello, . >> reporter: hello natalie we heard from the chief medical officer yesterday saying the r meter is 0.7 to 0.9. where one could infect another. the break out point for the virus to go ahead and expand but concerning levels. the prime minister said on the basis of this and other facts that some of this lockdown easing can begin. i think the people in the uk were most hopeful for this
12:51 am
getting together in groups, six people now able to meet in gardens, this is a break through, until now it was two people nemeeting in open spaces not in garden. however other statistics show how tenuous this sort of situation is with the scale of coronavirus still in the uk. it will are about 8,000 people infected every day, we're told. 0.24% of the population are infected at the moment. so these are still significant numbers. the government also saying that about 1 in 15 people in the uk, they assess, have now had the coronavirus. but all of this leads to concerns by some groups, some scientists and other organizations to say that perhaps these easing of lockdowns are coming a little too soon. the government's test and trace program isn't fully up and running yet and they're
12:52 am
concerned with this meeting of people, if the social distancing isn't maintained, meeting in the gardens, in the fields, having a barbecue with six people, the instructions are maintain two meter social distancing. but the reality and concern is if that doesn't happen then the country is still primed for an increase in the spread of the coronavirus. so while many people welcome this there's still a lot of concern about it. natalie. >> all right, nick robertson in london. now we turn to france. restaurants and bars are getting ready to reopen next week but with restrictions in areas calipari gokd -- categorized as green businesses can fully reopen. those in the orange zone can only serve customers outside. masks will be required for everyone. room will be limited regardless of zone. more now live from paris, good
12:53 am
morning to you, melissa. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. we had already seen here this easing of restrictions but with france very much cut in two with that red zone and green zone that changes from tuesday. that was the announcement from the french prime minister yesterday. what happens now france becomes practically all green apart from two territories and here around paris, where it remains other, so more restrictions here. so what you will see tuesday is a real return to french life. many businesses, shops have reopened. bars and cafes and restaurants have been closed. . next tuesday all will be open across paris. it will be an important return for france around normality and this as the numbers continue to improve. the height of the crisis was six weeks ago with the number of people in the icu's was more than 7,000 when the system was stretched practically to
12:54 am
breaking point now we're at fewer than 1500. so steady progress is being made hence the latest announcement on the further lifting of restrictions. >> all right, melissa, we'll be watching how france evolves in its colored zones this coming week. melissa, thank you. that is our first hour, i'm natalie allen, i invite you to follow me on social media. i'll be right back with the latest on the unrest in minneapolis and the coronavirus. please stay with us. "the return of drifting"
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you this is cnn breaking news. we will come to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen coming to you live from atlanta. we begin with the explosion of anger over the death of george floyd, a black american in police custody in minnesota. while many protesters, they were peaceful, this one was not. this is the minneapolis police department's third precinct building going up in flames. the officer who placed his knee on floyd's neck last monday and held it there until he died worked out of this precinct here. st. paul police say more than 170 businesses were damaged or looted thursday night. tear gas, pepper spray and
1:00 am
rubber bullets were deployed against demonstrators in both cities. now the minnesota national guard is deploying 500 soldiers to the area. no charges have been filed against the officers who detained floyd. authorities say they want to be sure their case is air tight. >> i cannot emphasize enough how important it is that all your ducks are in a row before you make that charging decision because you can't undo what you've done if you rush, but if you take that time, you're going to do it right the first time and you're going to get it done the first time. >> minneapolis mayor jacob fry clearly anguished by the situation in his city spoke about the serious loss of property from fires and looting a short time ago. >> the symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the


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