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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 15, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mentioned. the convention is around the corner. politics to cover amid this. appreciate your reporting and insight today. see you back here this time tomorrow. don't go anywhere, a busy day and brianna keilar picks up our coverage right now. have a good day. i'm brianna keilar and i welcome viewers here in the united states and around the world. nearly six months after the first confirmed case of covid-19 in the united states, this nation is no closer to containing the virus. instead it is setting records for new infections. more than 67,000 new cases were confirmed yesterday. the highest single-day total since this all began. one highly influential model now projects 224,000 americans will die by november 1st. this is 16,000 more than it predicted just last week. and the new numbers are tied to the surge that we're seeing in
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multiple states right now. at least 27 states have either paused or have rolled back their reopening plans. california now setting stricter guidelines on who can get tested all because of the surge and demand and delays in results we're seeing. and in oklahoma, the governor announcing today he has tested positive for the coronavirus. big business is also taking action. walmart, world's largest retailer, joining best buy, starbucks and costco requiring all customers to wearing a masks starting monday. and in alabama, republican governor kay ivey announcing the state is requires masks while in public. this all comes just today after the head of the cdc, dr. robert redfield said this -- irnlgts >> i think fall in 2020 and winter of 2021 the most difficult times experienced in american public health. >> there is still no real plan
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coming from the white house. the president is holding campaign-style rallies in the rose garden, and traveling the country in a bid to shore up his re-election and his top officials are tipicking fights and off social media with dr. anthony fauci. the latest, analyst peter navarro attacking fauci in an op-ed. saying "he's been wrong about everything" the two discussed. the white house denying an effort to discredit fauci earlier in the week said it hasn't happened claiming navorro went rog in his column and went around protocols for that. first, we dig in on the crisis that is unfolding in florida. 54 hospitals in the state reached capacity when it comes to their icus meaning no icu beds available, period. another 40 hospitals have 10% capacity or less. now one study shows of the 20 u.s. metro areas with the
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highest daily growth rate, nearly half of them are in florida. cnn's rosa flores is live in miami beach, and rosa, the staid-wide numbers are alarming. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: they are alarming. the florida department of health reporting more than 10,000 cases today, brianna. that brings total for the state of florida to more than 300,000. the epicenter is right here where i am in miami-dade county. accounting for 24% of all infections. the situation is only getting worse. city of miami mayor francis suarez said yesterday he's being pressured to shut down in the next week or two, and that quite frankly, they have between one week and four weeks to turn this around. here's the reality on the ground. the positivity rate in miami-dade county according to miami-dade, it's one-third when it comes to hospitalizations in the past 13 days, those are up
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56%. icus, 65%. and ventilators, 92%. jackson health is reporting a 226% increase in the number of covid-19 patients in just the past month. when you look at hospitals across the state, 54 icu hospitals say that they have zero capacity. this is a coaccording to record ten in miami, the epicenter. driving the surge now, according to officials still young people but they're seeing an uptick in cases and hospitalizations of individuals who are 65 and up. the mayor here had a roundtable discussion with governor ron desantis yesterday asking for more resources, more contact tracers, a more unified message, but post of all, brianna, wanting information, data that can help them make decisions to save lives. brianna? >> rosa, thank you so much.
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rosa flores live from miami beach, florida. another day, another without attack on the nation's top infectious disease expert. top trade adviser peter navarro claiming in a new op-ed dr. anthony fauci has been consistently wrong how to handle the coronavirus. the white house has repeatedly denied that there are any efforts to undermine the scientific experts. dr. fauci earning the trust of millions of americans for his straightforward comments on the pandemic refusing to play politics with american lives. >> this is a pandemic. keep reminding yourself and your peers that this is something in which it doesn't matter who you are or what you are. you're republican, democrat, anybody else, we're all in this together. so hang in there. do your thing, and don't get involved in any of the political nonsense. that's a waste of time, and a distraction. >> cnn reporter and our fact
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checker daniel dale is with us. navarro makes a lot of claims in this opinion piece contrasting himself with dr. fauci. navarro suggests fauci was misleading the public back in february. run us through this. what's the truth here? >> so fauci did say in february that the risk of americans contracting the coronavirus at that point was low. but every time he said this, brianna, he emphasized he was talking about the present moment. for example, he told "usa today" editorial board, yes, it's low but we have to be prepared for this changing, if becoming a pandemic and mip advice changes. yes, he played down the risk at that moment but almost emphasized that advice might not be permanent. >> also he claims navarro does, that he was right and fauci was wrong about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine? >> reporter: such a weird attempt by navorro to dunk on fauci for two reasons. one, evidence indisputably
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anecdotal as fauci said at the time. navorro saying he shouldn't have said that and two, sequence evidence we've gotten from better studies has been negative for the most part, mixed at very best. most studies have shown hydroxychloroquine has not been effect against coronavirus to the point fda continued-the-emergency use authorization for the hospital use of this drug. why navarro thinks this advice on hydroxychloroquine was an early triumph is mysterious to me. >> very mysterious, period. and navarro also claims fauci fought against trump's travel restrictions on china. tell us about this. >> reporter: two things here. one, the story is more nuance than navorro portrays. we've had other reported fauci was initially opposed of internal discussions for travel bans on china but came around and supported it amp finding out
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at the spread in china. the virus was here and spreading by the time the china restrictions came into effect in early february. trump portrays them as a dramatic step, dramatically thwarting introduction of the virus into the u.s. but it was here and going around the country for weeks before these travel restrictions came into effect. >> yeah. and it was coming from europe as well. daniel, thank you so much. really appreciate the report. joining me now is cnn medical analyst dr. rochelle wilensky chief of defensive defenses at massachusetts general hospital. thank you for being with us. i want your reaction to this latest attack on dr. fauci. >> good afternoon, brianna's thanks for having me. you know, he is our most trusted adviser. he has access to the evidence, and has been delivering it with honesty and in a timely fashion. what we are rerning scientifically about this virus evolved so very quickly and he's
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completely on top of it at every step. i know navarro commented on the hydroxychloroquine study. to be clear, a stud they came out later than the other study already suggesting he couldn't use it. this later study suggested maybe there was some benefit. a lot of challenges with that study and one of the them actually was that most of the patients who got hydroxychloroquine amounts got court coe steroids we know actually have a mortality benefit. challenges with that study and while dr. fauci's credentials are in medicine, science and research, navarro's are not in that space. >> no, they are not. let's talk about what appears to be a change here that hospital data on coronavirus patients is now going to go through hhs instead of the cdc. do you have concerns were they? >> i think there are a lot of challenges with that. this was a shock to many of us. this happened soar of the wee
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hows. 10:00 p.m. this announcement. what i think is important to understand. first is, that there have been challenges with data and reporting of this disease and the challenges have been real and represented challenges in access to remdesivir. all the hospitals in florida are not getting the remdesivir they need. reportal of these data are critical for central access for ppe, for remdesivir and other things and that has not been smooth. i am all for quickly reporting the data and expeditious reporting data, making sure it can get to the places it's needed, but it's not entirely clear how this new policy would change things. my understanding is that the data is currently as of yesterday sent to departments of public health and the states to the cdc, and to the hhs. my understanding of this announcement is that it just deleted the cdc as a reporting site, and it's not entirely
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clear how that deletion to me will make it better. the thing that has most of us most concerned, i think, that the reporting of these data is now no longer going to be publicly accessible. it will not be accessible to researchers or to the public or to scientists and i think -- and hospitals. i think that's critically important to understand, because in the context of the fact we're now undercutting dr. fauci, who is our most trusted adviser and delivery of the science, now we don't actually have access to the data either. i logged on this morning to the covid exit strategy website, one of the sites many of us use to follow this pandemic, and it said right up front, we no longer have access to icu and hospital occupancy data which i think is really concerning. >> yes. that's very alarming. doctor, thank you so much for showing us how these changes are affecting you in practice. live for us from boston. a florida lawmaker is
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joining residents in a lawsuit over mask requirements and he'll join me live. plus, more on our breaking news that the governor of oklahoma tested positive for coronavirus, but the state says it's not related to president trump's rally there. and dr. fauci speaking live in just moments as the white house publicly attacks him as the pandemic worsens. this is cnn specialized coverage. who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur,
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! just moments ago the republican governor of alabama issued a state-wide mask mandate. this is the 36th state now to require face covering for people while in public. face masks even cloth ones help stop the spread of coronavirus, which is according to many, many
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studies, and the assessment by three top cdc officials publis published in the latest edition of the "american journal of medical." recommending use of face masks and social distancing. with more than 300,000 cases and 4,500 deaths pushback in florida on wearing masks including from republican state representative anthony sabbatini with us now, filing lawsuits against cities and counties with laws that require people to wearing a masks, and he's joining us now. representative, tell us, you say it's unconstitutional. why? >> it is unconstitutional. first, let me say something about your introduction. there's a difference between wanting to wear a mask are and passing a law mandating people wearing a masks. we're concerned with the actual punishment the government wants to assign people who don't
10:18 am
wearing a masks. we do believe it's unconstitutional because it's violate the florida constitution. we have a robust clause in our state constitution that's supposed to protect all sorts of private information and liberty when it comes to a person. and we think it really violates this clause, because this is something government's never done before. we've never had government tell you what you have to do with your own face. it's a novel move for government that violates the bodily and facial autonomy sort of implied parts of the florida privacy clause and in addition to that we think it violates the due process claw becauses an arbitrary and irrational law. >> well, seat belts. are they unconstitutional? >> no. a great analogy, because seat belts, of course, are something that assigned for people to wear in very highly regulated areas of public domain. namely, highways. you go to a highway, driving fast, operating a piece of tech knoll. the state has an interest in
10:19 am
governing what happens in those specific arenas, but what you fu find with the mask mandates, everywhere you go all day everywhere. key west, for example, passed their twos day ago. people assigned, people are governed by and osrdinance have to wear a mask 12 hours a day everywhere you go outside your home. >> you file add lawsud a law ju businesses and in a state 20 metro areas hardest hit in the country. almost half in your state, and how cars work, right? people go from place to place. you're very aware of that. >> well, i can't fact check you on the metro part but i know outside of my state -- >> i'd like to put up a map and hope you can see it. >> unfortunately i can't. >> you can't see it.
10:20 am
all along throughout florida's entirety, i mean, all -- all throughout florida, these are the top metro areas in the country, and you guys have about half of them. so that just flies in the face of what year saying. >> brianna, what you're doing is what a lot of folks in the media have done. harped exclusively on one metric. cases, cases, cases. the media focused on one number versus the two most important numbers hospitalizations and fatalities. in most parts of the state flat lines are going down especially in mine. focus on the two more relative met tlrics florida's doing just fine. >> we focus on testing and perhaps you didn't hear it. leon county a circuit judge said, look, we checked, representative, checked the constitutional experts who said, this is what the court judge said what the circuit judge said and constitutional experts
10:21 am
agree. ordinance, because you lost in leon county, a valid basis to protect public health, because, you talk about this being an extraordinary circumstance, but we are in an extraordinary circumstance. in a pandemic. florida's not doing just fine. >> no, but on the judge issue, there's about 800 circuit court judges -- >> you think florida is doing fine right now? >> absolutely. i think the governor's response that been on point and i think -- metrics that matter the most we're doing very well. if you're counting cases you'll scare people. they don't realize that cases are far less -- >> deaths. 4,521. total cases, 301,000. >> last week in florida. >> hospitalizations increasing 19,234. 54 hospital icus reached capacity in florida. another 40 hospitals show icus at 10% or less availability and
10:22 am
you say you're doing fine? >> we're the nation's third largest state. of thousands cases last week, about 100 more people go to the hospital. that is an extremely small number when looking at the fact we have 21.5 million people. certainly not the sort of numbers that would drive people to shut down the economy. >> sir, you're the epicenter of a global pandemic and can't add miss that? >> that's a false assessment entirely. i don't know what you mean by epicenter. the whole world's dealing with this issue knoright now. florida has 21.5 million people cases going up. everybody knew they would go up. you open an economy cases go up. does that mean higher risk? absolutely not. >> let me ask you about that. do you want to reopen the economy? right? >> correct. should be 100% open. >> then why not have masks, because you have a lot of people who are following the science on this. they look at all of these studies that show that mas
10:23 am
mask-wearing saves lives and are more likely to participate in the economy? you have walmart. you know today walmart, sam's club and alabama, republican governor in alabama putting in place mask mandates. they disagree with you. they think that this is constitutional and they think it's good business. what do you say to that? >> well, the governor of alabama's done a horrible job and voters are going to throw her out of office. more importantly look at mandate versus a voluntary mask-wearing suggestion where government actually incentivizes saying we'd like you to wear a mask. here are free masks et cetera. i'm okay with that. government wants to incentivize, recommend masks as done in many places, a lot of compliance. but that's a big, big different, a very different role government is playing versus penalizing people with 60 days in jail. it's out of control. we don't need government putting people in jail --.
10:24 am
these are monetary fines we're talking about, to be clear. do you wear a mask? >> in the case -- let me be specific about that. in the case it is a mom tenetar fine. one of my cases, $500 pero occurrence. orange clountounty, orlando, a secondary misdemeanor. wearing a mask, went to a hospital. >> do you wear one at the grocery store? >> absolutely not. i've maintained social distance, though. >> do you know that a new study, a good study out of japan shows indoor transmission is almost 20 times higher than it is outdoors. so when you go into a grocery store and you're not wearing a mask you're comfortable putting workers who work there and other patrons at risk by not wearing a mask? >> stubbdies i've seen, most popular over the crisis said marks "or" social distancing.
10:25 am
maintaining social distance as i do, no reason to have an additional mask on top of that. >> everyone should wear a cloth cover according to the cdc in public settings and when around people who don't live in your household especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. not just when the they are not. this is the cdc. this is government guidance based on science. curious. why wouldn't you wear a mask in a grocery store? what is it about the mask you don't like? >> actually quite honest, i hardly ever go to the grocery store. i like to eat that and do it a lot more often so am not in a position to be asked -- >> you talked about being in the grocery store. so you said you don't wear a mask in a grocery store. why would you not wear a mask in a grocery store? what is it that is a problem with a mask for you? >> repeating my point, basically keep ag social distoons from people not getting too close you're fine. don't need to wear a mask on top of that. >> that's not true. do you find it uncomfortable?
10:26 am
you said annoying. publicly, annoying and hard to breathe? >> it is. obviously a lot of my clients are people with asthmatic conditions and it's extremely difficult. this is florida. it's an 100 degrees outside. >> you know, representative, there's exceptions for people who have conditions that make it hard for them to breathe if they choose to not wear a mask. >> read the legal complaint of the lawsuit which you'll find those exceptions are written in such a vague way essentially most businesses and government itself are in a position to immediately want to deny it. when you walk into a store and say, listen, i have an illness or asthma, what's happening is you're getting actually bullied and harassed by businesses and government officials to wear a mask. they actually aren't trained, most code enforcement officers not trained on spotting your illness or subjective sensory disability. so they're pushing you to wear a mask. really, these masks are creating even more havoc than violating the constitution but actually causing direct harm on people's
10:27 am
lives incentivizing bullying and harassment. it's terrible. >> do you know anyone who's died from covid? >> i'm aware of people who have. no one very close or firsthand basis. >> who? who are you aware of who has died? >> because i'm a state representative, i hear about the names of people in my community who die and sometimes people do know them. that i know. >> proven that masks save lives. wouldn't you want to see their lives saved? >> i think the importance of masks, there is some importance to masks. the media is grossly exaggerated their effect in this in circumstances to the point where people literally think if they have a mask they won't get covid when really it's a drop in the bucket in terms of precautions you can take. >> the media -- media is repeating what public health experts are saying. to be clear, you are not a doctor and you're not a public health expert. right? >> don't forget that just two months ago, are you? >> health experts -- let me say this.
10:28 am
two months ago the exact -- >> you're not. answer for you. go on. >> citing authorities do not wearing a masks. what do you say about that? >> what do i -- i say that at the time they said they were protecting health care workers and a lot of discussion about that initial recommendation. as there should be, representative. that's not mule wale ex-clu-- my exclusive. >> the cdc will recommend a lot of things. take it with interest. not make it if you don't listen you'll be punished in the eyes of government. sent to jail, arrested and fined. that's what it revolves around. world government. >> monitoring one loss of a county that disagrees. you're not a doctor, not a scientist. anthony sabatini thank you for coming on. >> two wins. and nascar race, up to 30,000 fans are expected to
10:29 am
attend. plus, i'll speak with a texas pharmacist who survived coronavirus after being put on a ventilator. hear about the has lucihallucin suffered. and dr. fauci speaking in a few minutes. the administration attacks him as the virus worsens. stay with us. - sir. - we need a doctor. [running footsteps and siren]
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you're talking about a first generation american from the streets of the imperial valley who rose to beat the odds. she worked nights and weekends till she earned herself a master's degree. she was running in a marathon when a man behind her collapsed from cardiac arrest. and using her experience saved this man's life. so why do i think there should be more people like carmen bravo in this world? because that man... was me.
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now to one texas man's amazing coronavirus survival story. frank arredondo is a pharmacist in the rio grande valley area of texas. one of the first patients to become infected in his region and spent ten harrowing days on a ventilator. at one point his oxygen levels dropped below 80%. he suffered wild hallucinations and his wife, a nurse, not only cared for him, but documented his miraculous journey to recovery, and, frank arredondo joins me as well as his wife tyra greene. thank you both for being here and how you're feeling, frank. >> at this point, i'm feeling
10:35 am
remarkably great. still have lingering issues, secondary to possibly covid toes when i started to experience a couple days after being discharged. >> covid toes. your experience in some sort of almost vascular inflammation or something? >> yes. the coronavirus amongst other things tends to stimulate the clotting factors. you've probably heard kids are experiencing some form of kawasaki syndrome get it in fingers and toes. adults and other folks get those small clots stuck in the smallest portions of the body, which are the capillaries and at the bottom of the feet. >> because this is what we're hearing from so many experts. seeing a lot of blood clots. you're experiencing that. frank, you were actually -- already on alert about getting the coronavirus, because you say that your 15-year-olds were cavalier about it. but tell us when you first suspected that you had
10:36 am
contracted the virus. what were you feeling? >> you're right. before i actually contracted what i thought were the symptoms, i, like most folks, out in the country, and the world for that matter, i was very concerned, but it was one day at end of march, march 26th, 27th, i came home from work and i just -- fell, collapsed into my bed and i couldn't get out the next couple of days. my wife figured out within day or two i probably had the covid virus. >> and tara, you documented everything. what did you, you know -- kind of from afar, but what did you document as you saw your husband going through this? >> well, actually, the documenting didn't really start until frank was admitted to the hospital. basically i started the journal
10:37 am
more of, because we had frank on many, many prayer chains and friends and family were just inquiring daily on his health condition. and i knew that i was not going to be able to remember all of this, because the doctors were very detailed with me in regards to his treatment. medications. especially once he went on the ventilator. just everything in a was going on and i needed to be able to repeat that information. for me, that was the easiest way to do. start writing a journal, which i didn't know would turn out to be what it is now. and have got -- just so much information and detailed information, but i'm so thankful that i kept it, because that's really the only way that frank was able to understand what he was dealing with and going through during this time in the hospital. >> frank, that included hallucinations, and also tell us about what, what doctors had to do with your hands when you were in the hospital?
10:38 am
>> well -- while i was on the ventilator i don't know if you're referring to when i, sometime during the course of being on the ventilator, i had actually woke up because they were switches sedatives. the first one tended to, they try not to keep patients on it more than three days. and because it tends to be very addicting. in the process switching me over, i -- i apparently tried taking out the tubes out of my mouth, and at the same time they were clogged. they were able to clear out my lungs with shooting normal saline in there and cleaned things up. when i was actually lucid, one thing i can remember is waking up and hearing the ventilator breathing for me. it sounds like darth vader from "star wars." i looked out the window,
10:39 am
realized i couldn't move. looked down to my hands and couldn't even move my feet and realized i was awake on the ventilator and couldn't move but right away heard somebody say, "he's awake" and then sedative kicked back in at that point. >> you had hallucinations, is that right? can you tell us about that? >> sure. i -- i think when people think about hallucinations they think of -- psychedelic dreams or disjointed thoughts. but for me, i felt it was just like i'm having a conversation with you, or with anyone else. it seemed very, very real. i had -- at the time i believed i was not in a hospital room but in a, a hospital that in fact the doctors were flying me over
10:40 am
to another country to seem experimental treatment, and then at one point i think i had fallen out of favor with the doctors. so the nurses and one of the doctors were plotting to kill me. i had, in fact, had been kidnapped, taken down to mexico and i was -- i was being hunted by mexican cartel, mexican police. i had a texas ranger after me. i had drummed up murder charges against me and it all seemed very real, and in fact there was even high-tech ways of going after me, and in fact there were points, times where i was in my -- in my hospital bed. this is maybe a day or so off the ventilator, but i could see things, and the only way i could
10:41 am
go after them was to try to break them apart with my hands and meanwhile the nurses i'm sure are looking at this patient, myself in the room, and see the patient swatting, swings his arms in the room and i'm sure just shaking their head. >> it's, i mean, sounds traumatic. honestly, as you describe it. but so important frank and taira, you're sharing the story. so glad see you together and frank, you healthy and i thank you both for coming on. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you taking an interest in our story. >> yes. thank you so much. >> thanks for sharing it. dr. anthony fauci speaking right now as the white house attacks him. we'll take his comments next. plus cluster are popping up along the coast of ga and officials blame beach vacations. some arizona schools using power breezers to spray disinfect ndi? we'll falk about how this works. - i'm norm.
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i hope so. this is my passion. if i can take of everyone who is sick out there, i would do it in a heartbeat. to visit all the places we didn't know meant so much.s to get out and go again. if i can take of everyone who is sick out there,
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but we're all going at our own speed. at enterprise, peace-of-mind starts with our complete clean pledge, curbside rentals and low-touch transactions. with so many vehicles of so many kinds, you can count on us to help you get everywhere you want to go... again. whenever you're ready, we're ready for you. enterprise. big change for me. look, they're all on the same team. we're all on the same team including dr. fauci. i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci and we're all on the same team. we want to get rid of this mess
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that china sent us. so everybody's working in the same line and we're d ways and country's coming back very strong. when you look at those job numbers, we've nerve her job numbers like we have right now. so it's coming back very strong. okay? >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, he made a statement representing himself. he shouldn't be doing that. no. i have a very good relationship with anthony. thank you very much. thank you. all right. that was president trump there on the white house, leaving the white house we should say, talking about dr. anthony fauci whom one of his top aides really went after in an op-ed. i want to get reaction now from cnn chief political analyst gloria borger and cnn krn aren and doctor. trying to say everything's kum ba yah but a lot of data points
10:48 am
suggest otherwise between the president, his team and dr. fauci. >> sure. you know, this is a president who is trying to have it both ways here. on one hand, he tweets, retweets a tweet saying centers for disease control is lying. on the other hand, we're all on the same team. his economic adviser peter navarro writes a public op-ed dinging tony fauci. dumping on tony fauci and the president says, oh, no, no, no. he shouldn't be doing that. we're on the same team. his white house staff on subterranean leaks to reporter about tony fauci. no, no, no, no, no. we're on the same team. so the president here is trying to sort of play the good guy, saying, oh, no. that's not me. it's them. we're all on the same team. we want to get rid of covid for americans. when, in fact, the truth is that this administration is split
10:49 am
between the science and the president and his political advisers, and the scientists are saying, you know, you've got to take things slower. there's going to be disagreement over school openings, and the president is, of course, trying to say, no, no, no. i'm leading them all in one direction, which is not the truth. >> let's just be honest. if -- if -- peter navarro had done something the president didn't like, he'd be fired. right? he just would be. >> right. exactly. >> the president is endorsing what peter navarro said here. doctor, what do you think about these attacks on dr. fauci and the iffact they are clearly bei left to stand? >> yeah. i think it is exactly what we don't want to see. that attacking dr. fauci is essentially attacking science and attacking the cdc, and it's attacking the infrastructure that says we know how to open safely, but we don't want to do it, because we want to go faster for the economy.
10:50 am
so it is a surrogate to attack dr. fauci, because they're somehow trying to discredit the voices of reason and the subject matter experts that are telling us how we can actually get the economy going in a way that protects the populous at the same time. >> dr. compton-phillips, gloria, thank you so much to both of you for your insight. speaking of dr. fauci he spoke moments ago saying in part that when the u.s. opened back up,
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
37 bars and taverns are filing a lawsuit over nevada
10:55 am
governor's order to revert back to phase one restrictions for bars in high-risk areas. ocea inspectors found less than half the bars in nevada have been in compliance with coronavirus restrictions. phase one restrictions probait on site service for bars but allowed for curb side pick up and delivery. we have more from my cnn colleagues across the country. >> reporter: i'm dianne gallagher. the state of georgia opened beaches in nv, but now officials on the coastline say an increase in visitors are causing their covid-19 numbers to explode. a commissioner from glen county, home to the popular st. simons island, tells cnn they've seen an increase in visitors out numbering even the resident, from memorial day to july fourth. and he says that coincides with an increase in covid-19 positive numbers they're experiencing in these months.
10:56 am
>> i'm evan mcmorris san torro. in a math classroom. the governor of arizona has tied school funding to reopening. if districts don't want their budgets cut severely, they have to figure out a way it get some students back in the class in fall. this means socially-distant classrooms. and usually found on nfl sidelines, now converted to spray disinfectant when students aren't here. >> in dallas. another record-breaking day in the state as health officials report more than 10,700 new coronavirus cases. that is a single-day record since this pandemic started. and the positive infection rate now close to 17%. that has roughly quadrupled in just the last month and a half. and that is forcing a number of school districts across the state to begin announcing that
10:57 am
they will not begin the school year next months in person and going to online classes. more of those announcements could be expected as well. >> i'm in milton. nascar is racing under the lights tonight and in front of the biggest u.s. sports crowd since midmarch. up to 30,000 fans expect toads turn out for the annual all-star race. organizers say seats will be assignd and positioned six feet apart for proper social distancing. fans are required to wear masks unless they're in their seat. and fans assume all risk of exposure covid-19 and agree to release the track from any claim that might result. >> that's right. walmart now joins other national retailers that have recently implemented a national mask mandate.
10:58 am
retailers were initially reluctant to do this across-the-board requirement because masks have become so controversial and it's difficult to enforce if consignmers and customers do not want to wear them. but the rising number of coronavirus cases around the country has forced their hand here. >> reporter: thank you so much to our reporters across the nation with those stories. dr. fauci talking about his relationship with the president. we'll have that next.
10:59 am
11:00 am
and brianna keiler. the white house is denying any efforts to credit the top infectious disease expert. but top white house trade advisor is atalking the hand thoflg pandemic, writing he listens to fouchy's advice with skepticism and caution. an official tells cnn the white house did not sign off on the op-ed. >> didn't change for me. they're all on the same team. we're all on the same team, includesing dr. fauci. i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci and we're all on the same team. we wants to get rid of this mess that china sent us.