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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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when covid restrictions hit his town of hyannis, the restaurant struggled but he chipped in to help the community. his dad died of coronavirus just weeks before enrique lost his fight in late january. he was only 45 years old. our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. may his memory be a blessing. our coverage on cnn continues right now. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the "the situation room." states of emergency have been declared in the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul. and overnight curfews have been order as a new fatal police shooting is inflaming tensions amid the trial of former police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd. take a look at this. these are live pictures of minneapolis suburb of brooklyn center where police are now saying the shooting of a 20-year-old african-american man
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daunte wright by a senior police officer appears to be accidental where the officer mistakenly drawing her gun instead of her taser. the shooting comes as the trial of derek chauvin saw very emotional testimony today by george floyd's brother who described him as a big momma's boy who taught his family how to treat their mother with respect. jurors also heard a cardiologist testify that floyd died due to restraint, not from a heart attack or from drug overdose and that his death was, quote, absolutely preventible. let's start our coverage this hour with cnn's adrianne broaddus in brooklyn center, minnesota where more of the shooting of daunte wright, we're getting more information right now. what are you learning, because we want to warn our viewers that some of the footage they are about to see is very graphic. give us the latest. >> reporter: wolf, the footage is graphic and when some of the
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protesters saw it behind me they were moved to tears. we've seen emotion crescendo today and behind me you'll notice there are protesters here as well as members with the minnesota stayed police and the moments out here have been very tense following this video. tonight, new and shocking video following the police shooting of 20-year-old daunte wright in a minneapolis suburb around 2:00 p.m. sunday police turned over wright. police stopped him because he had an expired registration on his license plate. release footage begins minutes into the stop and shows police walking up to the car and then wright is seen stepping out of his vehicle. police then try to take wright into custody after discovering he has an outstanding warrant. the video shows wright begins to resist as cuffs are placed on him and he gets back into the vehicle. >> i'll toys you.
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taser, taser, taser. >> oh, shit. i just shot him. >> as i watched the video and listened to the officer's command it's my believe that the officers had the intention to deploy the taser but shot mr. wright with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i viewed and. officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of mr. wright. the officer is currently on administrative leave. >> wright drove several blocks before hitting another vehicle, according to police. police and medical personnel attempted life-saving measures following the crash, but wright died at the scene. >> the police officer needs to come to the window. >> reporter: wright's mother katie told cnn affiliate care-tv she was on the phone with her son before the shooting. it's unclear to cnn how katie wright knew police had hung up the phone. protests erupted in a suburb outside of minneapolis in the
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aftermath of the shooting. hundreds taking to the street clashing with police. the national guard was also on the scene. the situation turned violent. crowds marching towards the police department swarmed police cars and started to destroy them. police moved in to disperse the crowds. the chief of police also said bricks and frozen soda cans were thrown at officers injuring one who was taken to the hospital. >> let's go! >> reporter: and while one group stayed at the police department a second group of protesters went to a strip mall where businesses were broken into and looted. >> we recognize that this couldn't have happened at a worst time. >> the city of brooklyner in the is only about ten miles from where former police officer derek chauvin is on trial for the killing of george floyd. the chief of police said he released the footage to be transparent and became emotional when i asked what was on his heart. >> i'm the leader of this department. they expect me to lead, create a
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safe city. that's what i'm trying to do. so that's -- that's it. okay. and -- and, yeah, i'm emotional. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chief says he released the video so quickly because he wanted to be transparent and let the community know what happened. meanwhile, activists in this community are calling on the firing of that officer who deployed her gun and not her taser, and they are also calling for the chief of police to resign, and tonight here in front of brooklyn police department the chorus and the soundtrack that's on repeat is the name of daunte wright. wolf. >> we'll get back to you. thank you very much. let's get some more now on the very emotional testimony in the trial of the former police officer charged with murder in the death of george floyd.
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cnn's omar jimenez is in minneapolis. jurors are weighing very emotional testimony from george floyd's brother. >> reporter: they are. philonise floyd likely one of the final witnesses the prosecution will call before resting their camps the defense will call witnesses next. we've heard from over 30 witnesses from the prosecution who collectively established what exactly happened on may 25th, 2020. that the use of force derek chauvin employed was excessive, that george floyd did not die from his medical history or a drug overdose and then finally today we got reminded that there's a family at the center of it all. >> the state calls philonise floyd. >> reporter: for the first time the family of george floyd took the stand against the man accused of murdering one of their own amid a trial that's remained personal throughout. >> the this is my mother. she's no longer with us right now, but that's my oldest
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brother george. i mess miss both of them. >> reporter: a different type of expert testimony, an expert on who george floyd was. >> he showed us like how to treat our mom and how to respect our mom. he just -- he loved her so dearly. >> the same mother he cried out for in some of his final moments, but it wasn't just emotion monday. excessive use of force returned as a subject of testimony. >> both the knee across mr. floyd's neck and the prone restraint were unreasonable, excessive and contrary to generally accepted police practices. >> reporter: medicine also remaining a familiar theme, this time in the form of a cardiologist. >> do you have an opinion as to whether george floyd would have loved if not for the restraint of mr. floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds? >> yes, i believe he would have
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lived. >> reporter: his testimony falls in line with doctor -- >> there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> reporter: after doctor. >> a healthy person subjected to what mr. floyd was subjected to would have died as as result of what he was subjected to. >> reporter: who hats taken the stand in the trial. i believe mr. floyd's death was absolutely preventible. >> he rejected the defense's claim that heart problems or fet nil could be the cause. >> did you find any evidence that mr. floyd had any negative heart conditions? >> there was absolutely no evidence to turn that at all. >> reporter: turning the tables on chauvin's defense attorneys saying it was the actions of george floyd that led to his death. >> if mr. floyd had simply gotten in the back seat of the squad car, do you think that he would have survived? >> had he not been restrained in
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the way in which he was i think he would have survived that day. >> reporter: now, to begin the day the judge denied a request by the defense to sequester the jury spurred on by the people that took to the streets in that separate daunte wright case last night, and basically the defense argued that that emotion plus the emotion involved in this case would put -- put jurors in a situation where they would vote not guilty just because they are nervous about the repercussions of not doing so. as i mentioned before, the defense will have a chance to present witnesses next. they will likely argue what they did in opening statements, that george floyd's cause of death was not the knee to the neck. that dauphin did exactly what he was trained to do, and that derek chauvin couldn't do his job effectively because of how hostile the crowd was getting. those are the defense's arguments. closing arguments moving forward as you look ahead will begin on
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monday. wolf. >> omar. i want you to stick around. i want to continue this conversation. i want to bring in wrongful death attorney natalie jackson, former missouri captain ron johnson and cnn legal analyst elliott williams. the prosecution called george floyd's brother and also called witnesses that reiterated what jurors have heard multiple times. what do you think the strategy behind this is? >> well, look at the three witnesses that got called today, wolf, and it almost sets up a perfect arc for what they are trying to. do they called a cause of death witness because the defense is clearly going to call into question how george floyd died. they called in a use of force expert to talk about and debunk the defense's notion that chauvin's actions would have been reason, right, and then what's called a spark of life witness under the law.
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at the end of the day it will come down to a question of, up, how did he die, and two, were the actions reasonable? and adding on top of that this was a human being who gets dehumanized during the course of the trial and there's very valuable testimony to hear a family member talking about those things. i wouldn't as some are doing, in talking about this, poo-poo the calling of two more witnesses. what they did was wrap this all up, and i think they will be done with their testimony quite soon. >> you know, natalie, george floyd's brother philonise say he gave what is called a spark of life testimony today telling jurors his big brother was a momma's boy who loved sports. were you surprised the prosecutors didn't save that very emotional powerful testimony and use them as a final witness. >> i was not surprised because i think they wanted to use a use
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of force opinions saying this is not just about the witnesses in this case. i had the opportunity to meet with philonise floyd and i met with hits attorney and the family and they are salt of the earth. >> the personal details connect to some of the earlier testimony we heard from other witnesses especially from friday's girlfriend, don't they? >> they do. >> go ahead. i want to -- i want omar to come into this conversation as well. omar, what do you think? >> what you look for are reports for instance side the court rom and howiors are reacting to all of this. what it comes down to are those in the rome. when we saw much more emotion
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allage in what happened on may 25th, literal feet from george floyd, these jurors were sitting on the edge of their seats empathizing with people taking a the 1257d and you saw more of that today with philonise floyd. this humanizes this case as a reminder that amid all the expert testimony, a lot of times use the big legal jargon and big police jargon now you're reminded of someone at the beginning of this, and that at the of the day is something that prosecutors hope will be able to emphasize with to the point where they will be deliberating it over a verdict. >> you can go ahead. >> i wanted to say that with felonious floyd and his family he's told us in real life, stories that meant a lot to him that he wanted a jury to hear. we've seen the body of cameras
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video. this is where derek chauvin is being tried and the police chief says it was accidental. how does a police chief confuse a gun with a taser? >> i just don't see how that happens. a few years ago there was an incident similar to that and then they began to put the taser on the opposite side, reverse holster type so it's hard to see how that could happen with all the training that we've had over the years. that video was hard to watch. you know, i think we have to -- police officers know that the address should be the same and we've seen there and it's just out of the pockets and we've got to address that and humanize each other and that's what we saw today. >> so heartbreaking when you see that video. elliott, the 20-year-old daunte wright was pulled over. the police say it was for an expired registration.
2:15 pm
wright's mother says it was because he had an air freshener on his rear view mirror. it seems he was totally unarmed. what stands out from you how quickly this all escalated because there's a lot of tension in that area right now? >> what stands out to me is how exhausting it is that these minor offenses continually -- consistently are becoming death sentences for individuals and typically unarmed black men. you know, it brings us back to eric garner and george floyd and here we are again just a few miles away where the dangling of air fresheners, you know, the capital offense thereof ends with someone dead, and while certainly if this ever comes to criminal charges or whatever, was it reasonable or an accident or so on, take away the legal question and just think about the humanity of black people and as they are caught in these encounters were law enforcement that. to me is what stands out.
2:16 pm
we're here again. we will be here again and i think we'll here again after that, but it's exhausting, wolf, to be perfectly candid. >> certainly is. the police chief, captain johnson, said the officer was a very senior police officer. what questions do you have about this officer's training? >> >> i would look back on the last time they had training on the use of tasers and their holster and what kind of training they had. what i would say is i would caution saying this was an accident. i would say let's go into our investigation because the cynicism and the public believe if you immediately say that, what are you saying to us, so, you know, let's go ahead and do our investigation and make sure that it's fair to both sides, but, yes, training is going to be extremely important. >> okay. >> but it is exhausting. >> everybody, thanks very much. there's some breaking news coming into "the situation room" right now.
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i want to get an update, a school shooting. yet another school shooting this time in knoxville, tennessee. cnn's nick valencia is working the story for us. you're learning now details, nick. what are you learning? >> that's right, wolf, as you put it. yet another school shooting in the united states. this time in the knoxville area of tennessee and preliminary reports that are coming into cnn indicate that this shooting happened around 3:50 eastern and multiple people have been shot including a knoxville police department officer who has been since been transported to the hospital. here's what we know. police say that there's no early information right now on the other victims. i mentioned that is multiple victims. we don't know any information about the shooter either at this point, but less than an hour ago the knox county superintendent tweeted a statement saying that the school building is secure and that it is safe for parents to return to the high school to start reuniting with their children there. parents and guardians are encouraged to go to the high school right now. video from the scene shows what appears to be a very crowded
2:18 pm
scene with emergency responder vehicles first responder vehicles. it appears to be very active, but as i mentioned that superintendent tweeting that the building is secure. we are standing by for an afternoon press conference from tennessee governor bill lee to get more updated information, but preliminary information coming into cnn, wolf, indicating that multiple people have been shot at the austin east mag knelt high school in knoxville, tennessee. >> yet another school shooting in the united states. nick valencia, we'll stay in touch with you. new developments in the case of an active duty officer, a man of color who was pepper sprayed by police during a traffic some. he's now suing. we'll talk about that with the head of the naacp. plus united states sets one-day record of coronavirus vaccinations but covid cases are still climbing. dr. anthony fauci is standing by live. we'll discuss all the late-break pandemic news. that's coming up. we started with computers.
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second lieutenant caron nazario who is plaque and latino. body camera video shows officers pointing guns at nazario, pepper spraying him and pushing him to the ground after pulling him over for what they believe is a missing license plate. here's part of this interaction, and we have to warn all of our viewers the video is very disturbing. and it may be difficult to watch. >> i'm serving this country, and this is how i'm treated? >> guess what. i'm a veteran, too. i know how to obey. >> what's going on? >> get out of car now. >> what's going senator. >> what's going on is you're fixing to ride the lightning, son. >> i'm sorry, what? >> get out of car now. >> what's going on? >> get out of the car now! get out of the car. >> sir, just get out of the car. work with us and we'll talk to you. get out of the car. >> you're receiving an order. obey it. >> i'm -- i'm -- i'm honestly afraid to get out. can i --
2:24 pm
>> you should be. get out. >> what's going on? >> what did i do? >> i have not committed any crimes. >> you're being stopped for a traffic violation. you're not cooperating at this point. you're under arrest. you're being detained, okay. >> for a traffic violation i do not have to get out of vehicle. you haven't even told me why i'm being stopped. keep your hands -- >> get your hands off me, please. get your hands off me. get your hands off me. >> back up. >> i didn't do anything. don't do that. >> sir, get out of the car. >> get out of the car now. >> i'm trying to talk to you -- i'm trying to talk to you. relax. can you please relax. can you please relax. >> get out of car right now. >> this is not how you treat a downi'm actively serving this country and this is how you're going to treat me. i didn't do anything. whoa, hold on. hold on -- i'm -- watch it.
2:25 pm
get out of the car. get out of the car now. >> that's [ bleep ] up. that's [ bleep ] up. >> sir, just get out of the car. >> i'm trying to breathe. >> police reports from the officers say nazario was pepper sprayed because he failed to comply with their orders to get out of the car and struck one. officers when he tried to unlock the door. narsio's lawsuit says those statements are false and the video footage couldn't digits them. meanwhile, cnn has learned that one. two officers joe gutierrez was fired after an internal investigation. cnn has been unable to reach him or the other officer or their representatives. let's discuss all of this hand more with the president and ceo of the naacp derrick johnson. thanks for joining us. we see lieutenant nazario in his u.s. army uniform. he tells the officers he's serving our country. how persuasive is this feeling that no matter what you do, no matter who you are, police may
2:26 pm
reduce you to your skin color? >> you know, he was justified in being in fear and not getting out of the car. he was being pulled over for what they allege was a traffic violation. and officer's badge should not be a shield to accountability. these officers must be held accountable. there is no justifiable reason for them to pepper spray him. there was no justifiable reason for them to order him out of the car. had they simply asked the question are your tags up to date? he could have explained and been allowed to go on the way. these officers must be held accountable. that's why we need police reform now >> let's talk about what's going on in minnesota, minneapolis. clearly grappling with another deadly police encounter amid the murder trial of derek chauvin. has anything changed, do you
2:27 pm
believe, in the nearly one year since george floyd's death? >> unfortunately, there are far too many people who are on edge during a police stop. individuals are on edge because they don't know what's going to happen with the police officers. and for some reason police officers are on edge. we need to de-escalate with how we interact with law enforcement officers and agencies. particularly officers in those jurisdictions who have had a history of. police must be put in a posture where they can protect and serve our communities and the public must not be put in a situation where they are in fear of their lives because of a traffic stop. >> i want to put a statement that you made up on the screen and i'm going to quote you now. whether it be carelessness or negligence or a blatant modern day lynching, the result is the same. another black man has died at
2:28 pm
the hands of police. what goes through your mind, derrick, hearing the police chief call this accidental? >> you know, as i watch, i felt bad for that police chief because in fact we do have good officers. we do have good agencies, and, unfortunately, the outcome oftentimes override the good nature of individuals or the well-intendedness of an individual. you have a young man who is now dead, a mother grieving, a child without a father. that's a problem. we need to reform our police agencies. the training needs to be updated. we need to pass the george floyd act so that we can ensure that qualified immunity is no longer a shield to accountability and all of these things are necessary so we can thrive as communities with individuals who are sporin to protection and serve and actually doing that and not causing harm by mistake
2:29 pm
or intent. >> separately today a very different separate incident that occurred, derrick, three georgia police officers were injured in a choice with a fire. still a very dangerous job for our police. how do you try to make headway on what you're suggesting needs to be done in police reforms. >> well, qualified immunity should not be a shield to accountability. two, we do have law officers who are bad actors. we need to establish a database so they cannot move from agency to agency. we need to reform how we provide training, making sure that communities have the resources for communities that live in stress so that we have social workers or communities that need more mental health professions, we have those individuals on stand bowe and lawmakers officers are not called to handle situations that they have not been trained or we need more
2:30 pm
training around de-escalation. we are not anti-police. we're anti killing of black people who have not caused any harm. >> derrick johnson, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. up next, the u.s. now averaging 70,000 new coronavirus cases can each day even as millions of americans are getting vaccinated each day. we have eel talk about that with mr. anthony fauci. there you see him. he's standing by live. we have lots to discuss. we will when we come back. you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently allstate and other money managers don't understand why.
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where do we start? find the best in entertainment all in one place, with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. with a record number of americans now being vaccinated against covid-19, half of all u.s. adults are now expected to
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have received at least one dose by the end of this week. let's talk about that and more with dr. anthony fauci, 9 director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and the chief medical adviser to president biden. dr. fauci, thanks so much for joining us. as you know, the success of the vaccine rollout has given us lots to celebrate, but this pandemic is by no means over, at least not yet. where are we, dr. you have if ay, as a country right now in our fight against this virus? we're both baseball fans, for example. what inning are we in? >> you know, it's -- it's not like baseball, wolf, because the inning that we're in is going to depend on how we respond, and that's the issue because, i mean, if i say we're in the seventh inning it's almost over and we have surges like we're seeing throughout europe and the rest of the world and the threat of a surge that we're seeing now, you know, it's not measured
2:36 pm
in innings anymore. it's measured on what we do to contain this. i mean, i think you said it quite correctly. the rollout of the vaccine is really impressive. we had over -- i think we had 4.6 million doses one day this weekend that were put into people's arms which is rielly good news as well as fact that you have, you know, over 70 million plus people who are fully vaccinated and well over 120 so or more who are at least one dose. that's the really good news. the sobering news about all of this, wolf, is that you and i have spoken so many times about that peak we had and then we came down to a baseline. that was not really very low. it was around 30,000, and i told you multiple times that that is disturbing because that is a threat that will inch up and inch up and then we might wind up being in trouble again. well, you know, we had as high as 80,000 cases in a day over
2:37 pm
the weekend, inching up from 30, 40, is 50, 60 and the weekly average is in the higher part of 60,000. that's not good, and what we've got to do is we've got to do the two things. one, continue to push with the vaccines rollout which is really, as you mentioned, quite successful but also don't declare victory prematurely. we see so many pulling back on many so of the public health measure, the mask mandates, the restaurant openings, the bars. we can't be doing that. we've got to wait a bit longer until we get enough vaccine into people that we will clearly blunt any surge, and every day that goes by, wolf, we're closer and closer to that because if we can vaccinate 3 million 4 million people every day and keep the lid on things, pretty soon we're going to see a turnaround, and we're going to see them come down because we have some formidable things out
2:38 pm
there. we have these variants which clearly are spreading in a more efficient manner than the original virus. that's a big challenge there, and that's the reason why we say vaccinate but don't just decide we're victorious. >> stay safe and continue to wear a mask uniif you're fully vaccinated. what i want to talk about now is breakthrough covid-19 infections, people who test positive after being fully vaccinated. as you point pout, no advantages seen 100% effective. how concerned should people be about this right now? >> i don't think they should be overly earned can. we're going to keep an eye out on those breakthroughs to make sure that the -- that quantitatively the pamt of breakthroughs is not anymore than what we originally saw as the effective or the efficacy of
2:39 pm
the vaccine. for example, we have very good data from the trials that the vaccines are highly efficacious, but as you said and as i've mfa sized multiple times, wolf, no vaccine in history is hundred% effective, so even if you get 90%, 95%, 99%, 5% effective, that means that what you'll see is there will be breakthroughs and the more infections there, are the more breakthroughs you're going to see. yet the percentage still remains within that framework of a highly efficacious vaccine, and so although we -- we never take lightly breakthroughs. we always investigate. you want to make sure that when you sequence the virus it's not something new that we didn't suspect before, but quantitatively it's the
2:40 pm
denominator that you may hear. you'll hear there were 100 breakthrough infections in a certain region or state. have you to find out how many actual infections among the non-vaccinated people. when you get that correct denomme naptor you can say, nobody likes to see a framework but this is still within the framework of a highly effective vaccine. >> the fda says it's aware of reports of blood clots in people who southeast johnson & johnson single-dose coronavirus vaccine. is that vaccine causing these rare blood -- and want to stress, very rare blood clots? >> well, that's what's being looked into. i mean, that's something had a we saw with the zs, the aft zeneca particularly in europe where we were seeing that the medical agencies that were locking at that and said, wait a
2:41 pm
minute, in fact it looks like it might be associated but it's so rare that the risk of getting covid-19 without a vaccine is clearly so much great than the risk of this very rare adverse event. the one associations with j&j is being very intensively investigate now to see if there is a connection, and that's actually what's going on now with our fda. >> well, let's hope for the best on that. our viewers obviously, dr. fauci, have grown to trust you and your advice, so i want to turn to some questions about your personal decisions now that you're fully vaccinated. when we spoke last year you told me you were comfortable picking up food from restaurants, taking the food home to eat. have you eaten outdoors, at least outdoors at a restaurant recently. >> you know, wolf, i have not but i'm not a good study because the nature of my crazy obligations and jobs that i
2:42 pm
don't have a chance to do that. we just go pick it up and eat on the run. at an outdoor restaurant where weary would not hesitate to do that but the fact is i just haven't done. >> what about indoor dining? should i -- i'm fully vaccinated obviously. should i feel safe having dinner at an indoor restaurant? >> you know, wolf, i think what you need to do is look at the level infection in the community. again, being vaccinated, the risk for you is very -- it's not like before when you weren't vaccinated and you had a lot of activity in the community and you went into an indoor restaurant where there was no restriction on the number of people in the restaurant. your risk would be up there, whereas now the risk is not zero, but it's extremely low,
2:43 pm
and what's it's going to be, wolf, is people will have to make a determination of what level of risk are they willing to take? and the one thing that we really do need to discuss and people need to understand that, there are not absolutes other. if someone is not particularly risk averse, gets vaccinated and says, you know, i really do want to go to a restaurant and sit down and relax. i know the risk is very low but i'm willing to take that chance. if someone is risk averse and say i want to wait until the level infection is way, way down in the community whereas others might be a little bit different, but the point that couldn't be lost in the discussion is that being vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you diminish dramatically the risk, and then it depends on your own personal decision. what the cdc will do, and they are a science-based organization
2:44 pm
that looks at the data. if the data tells them to make something in their recommending days. if not they will try to do the good common sense type of expert opinion. you might recall just recently a couple weeks ago they said right now if you're vaccinated and you want to visit someone who is also vaccinated or have someone in the family setting, even if you have kids or others who are not vaccinated so long as they are not at risk in the sense of having an underlying medical condition, a, you don't need wear masks. b, can you have physical contact and not worry about it. what will likely happen as we go further and further into more people getting vaccinated is that you'll be hearing guidelines about places of worship. you heard the ones about travel. the cdc came out with the guidelines about travel. we'll hear about going to places
2:45 pm
like restaurants and places of work, so gradually you'll be seeing more hand poverty definitive delineation of what a guideline is but in the middle of that. it's always a question of what kind of risk you want to take and knowing that being vaccinated makes you low risk. >> you and i have been friends for years and share the love of our washington nationals baseball game. will you attend a game now that they are allowing several thousand people to attend games? there's games coming up thursday and friday, for example, is this week. home games, washington nationals, nats park. is it okay for us to go watch a baseball game? >> you know, is the nationals have had now restrictions on the numbers of people that go in. i would not hesitate to go to an outdoor baseball game. i will wear a mask because i'm
2:46 pm
out there in the community. my risk would be extremely low, particularly if i wear a imagine. i'm someone who is a bit risk averse, but i would not hesitate to sit in an open stands and watch the nats play at all. i would not hesitate to do that. >> all right. that's encouraging to hear because we love our nats. >> dr. fauci, stay safe out there. we're grateful for everything you do. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank, wolf. thank you for having me, as always. >> thank you. coming up, iran now vowing to take revenge on israel after a mysterious blackout at a key nuclear site. we're going to take a closer look at the impact on nuclear talks with the u.s. we'll be right back. troducing fidelity income planning. we look at what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow that lasts, even when you're not working, so you can go from saving... to living. ♪ let's go ♪
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president biden wrapping up his push for his $2 trillion infrastructure plan in a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers. let's go to our senior white house correspondent phil
2:51 pm
mattingly. >> reporter: the best way to frame this meeting based on people i've talked to is a testing of the waters on both sides. the president has put his $2.25 trillion proposal on the table and republicans have been very clear they are opposed to it. the president said a short while ago it was a good exchange of ideas over the course of an hour and 40 minutes. he wants to see what republicans put on the table. he made clear in a statement that they will be doing follow-up with republicans and white house staff will be in touch. for republicans, it is just as much a question of whether or not the president is serious about bipartisanship. now, republicans that were in the meeting said the president was highly engaged, that the president went back and forth about what's in his proposal for the course of the meeting. but there's a lot of skepticism i'm hearing on capitol hill from republican lawmakers and their top aides as to whether or not the white house really wants this to be a bipartisan proposal or if they will go with democrats only in the house and
2:52 pm
try and do something similar in the senate. this is going to be a months-long process, a very, very detailed legislative back and forth and it's at the earliest stages. but both sides are trying to get a sense of where the other is, what is an opening for the other. one thing to keep in mind, republicans in the meeting made very clear the pay force for this bill, the president really working on the tax code increasing the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%. that is considered a non-starter for republicans. the white house says if you have other ideas, put them on the table. that's what they're waiting for. right now at the early stages, expect more of these meetings the as the legislative process starts to kick ginto gear. >> we're also following very important developments in iran where a mysterious blackout at a nuclear facility is threatening to undermine diplomatic talks with the united states. iran is placing the blame on israel and vowing revenge.
2:53 pm
fred pleitgen has been working the story for us. what are you learning? >> reporter: there's a lot of mystery and certainly a lot at stake as well, wolf. one of the things that seems to be coming more clear is there was some damage done to that nuclear facility. iran's foreign minister said there were repairs going on there and some of the seine tri f scentrifuges will be replaced. the iranians also saying that a backup power system is now up and running and that all the damage has so far been contained. you're absolutely right, wolf, the irans absolutely lashing out at the sbisraelis. he says zionists want to take revenge on the iranian nation for their, meaning iran's, success in the course of lifting sanctions.
2:54 pm
but we will not allow the zionists and we will take revenge from the zionists for the action, not saying exactly what that revenge could look like, but of course the israelis on alert. today the u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin was in israel, he met with netanyahu. netanyahu saying his main priority is preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon. therefore, some of the very important developments there. one of the things we are seeing is that the iranians are saying they are giving those indirect negotiations about the iran nuclear deal going on right now in veienna, seems like they're giving them a chance. iran's foreign minister writing a letter to the u.n. general.
2:55 pm
an important caveat, also in that letter he's also saying that iran scaled back compliance with the deal, so some of the provisions that they're not sticking by anymore, that's going to get accelerated in the wake of that incident. >> lots at stake right now. fred pleitgen reporting. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're following a state of emergency after another black man was fatally confronted by police. authorities preparing to enforce a curfew that begins soon in the minneapolis area. the community already on edge as derek chauvin stands trial for the death of george floyd. the shooting death of 20-year-old dante wright is adding to the tension and to the outrage. police say it appears wright was accidentally shot during a traffic stop yesterday. they say an officer mistakenly drew a gun instead of a taser, this as the prosecution is winding down its murder case against derek chauvin. among the final witnesses, george floyd's brother, who broke down in tears, driving home their family's loss and their heartbreak. brian todd is covering the new and fatal police shooting of a black man in minnesota. that curfew begins in a couple of hours. what's the


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