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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 3, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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agency did confirm that sleeping on the job was the reason for termination. i'm kyra phillips, we'll see you back here tomorrow, 1:00 and 3:00 eastern time, meanwhile someone who never sleeps on the job, rick sanchez. say it ability so, agents shoot and kill this georgia pastor, did they think he was a suspect? did he think they were robbing him? either way, uh-oh. >> i don't -- it's crazy. i'm like, wow. the question, almost all who watched are asking, why did he even do the interview? sadly, chris brown bombs on larry king. how much did he damage his brand? we're asking. your tax dollars at work. another example of contractors gone wild. is it time to take a serious look at companies that profit
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from war? we're asking. tom ridge's book says he was pressured to change the threat level for political reasons. but now tom ridge is saying, those aren't my words. huh? all this and more as part of your national conversation for thursday, september 3, 2009. hello, again, everybody, i'm rick sanchez, this is a conversation, it's not a speech and it's your turn to get involved and i guarantee, you will get involved after watching this story. you're going to see a man, he walks in with a redshirt, he's a preacher, he's in his late 20s, his name is jonathan ayers. that's enough, let's roll the video and i'll take you through
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it. he stops at a convenience store minding his own business. the convenience story clerk says there was nothing strange or bizarre about that, then he goes back to his car and a truck pulls up. see that truck right there? there are several police officers, they are all members of a task force from three counties. now watch what's about to happen. it seems like they approach his car thinking that he has a suspect in the car or that he himself is a suspect. he, apparently not knowing or realizing they're police officers backs his car up into them, they shoot, and as a result, this young preacher, so beloved by all indications from the information we're about to get was killed after his car sped off and eventually hit another light pole. that's the scene, we'll show it to you several times again, there's the officers, they're coming up, they think there was something going on here because
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there was a drug suspect in his car moments ago, a woman they were investigating as a drug suspect. they follow him. the drug suspect's gone, he's in a car by himself. when they approach the car, he freaks out for some reason and he backs s up and then they f on him. there's some question as to whether he knew they were actually police officers and whether they should have confirmed that he was a drug suspect before they moved on his car. this is bound to become a major controversy, we're talking about a rural area, 150 miles or so from atlanta, north of atlanta, just when you get outside of south carolina border. this preacher led an exemplary life, what gives? let me read you something right now that i just got from his blog as i was getting ready to
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go on the air. he says in his blog, i have three loves in my life, jesus christ, my wife abby, and the church. all right, come back to me now, rod, because i want to show you something, we have just before coming on the air moments ago, received this document. we have finally been able to get a hold of the gbi, the gbi is the georgia bureau of investigation. they usually do a real good job with this information. there is all kinds of information on here which seems to give us a better idea of what actually happened here. and you know who else will give us a better idea of what may have actually happened here? our own law enforcement analyst mike brooks, he's going to be following this with us, we're going to get into a conversation about what may have happened and where this investigation will lead us now. we'll have that, so stay with us. also this. don't remember? >> i don't -- it's like, it's crazy. i'm like, wow.
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>> wow. crazy. chris brown, really has no good answers on larry king. literally, no good answers. just how much damage has he done to his brand as a result of that? also the after show is coming up at 4:00, c nrks nrnn.. it's about a minute and a half to two minutes away. ♪ 'cause now i'm driving off the lot in a used sub-compact. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free credit report dot com, baby. ♪ ♪ saw their ads on my tv ♪ thoughtht about going but was too lazy ♪ ♪ now instead of looking fly and rollin' phat ♪ ♪ my legs are sticking to the vinyl ♪ ♪ and my posse's getting laughed at. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free- credit report dot com, baby. ♪
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that is mr. ayers, pastor ayers, he's a preacher in north georgia and makes one think that perhaps he's living a good life,
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at least that's what all his parishioners say, he's in a gas station, there was just a woman in his car, that woman is said to be a drug suspect. >> he drops her off. >> he drops her off, he's at a gas station, now the police officers come in behind him. the police officers approach his car, he freaks out for some reason, suddenly the police officers fire, they hit him, his car takes off, the police officers say their lives were in danger when he backed up and almost hit one of them. eventually his car goes on, hits a tree and he dies partially as a result of a gun shot wound. let's go to twitter and see what you're saying. at the very top, you know what? where the police officers obviously cops or were they in plain clothes? why focus on the preacher part of the killed man. would you have if he was a
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plummer? bigotry at its finest. i think he knew what he was doing and now he's trying to cover it up. finally ryan says, don't they have an obligation to show their badges in a situation like this? i hate this shoot first ask later policy. mike brooks, let me bring you in. >> on that question right is there, don't they have an obligation, they do and theyed th that -- and they had their badges around their neck. >> let's look at this again, do they obviously show themselves -- they have an unmarked car, and they are not wearing police officers uniforms. >> no. >> i got to tell you, mike, the average citizen who sees all this commotion, i'm not looking for a badge. >> fine, i have been involved in and we call these jump outs many, many times. gun in my hand, badge around my neck and broad daylight. he probably saw the badge around her neck. this document that we got from john bankhead who is the public
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information officer, they said they thought they saw a drug transaction, the woman that he dropped off they charged her with drug possession and distribution. >> listen to what they're saying, they have a man who dropped off a woman who was -- he's a preacher. he's -- >> it doesn't matter if he ee's preacher or a plumber. >> his job in life is to try to find and help souls who are troubled including people who a are alcoholics or drug addicts. >> maybe they didn't know he was a preacher. they identified themselves and had badges around their neck, why didn't he stop? >> here's what they believe, they believe that a drug transaction had taken place between him and her. >> exactly. >> now they're admitting there was no drug suspect.
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so you're telling me, oh, sorry, we thought you guys had exchanged drugs, but we're wrong and you're dead? >> well, why didn't he stop? >> he was stopped, he was at a convenience store. >> these officers got out with their badges around their neck, identified themselves, he decided he was going to try to back over one of them and one of them fired, he hit one of them and was going towards another one, and that's when they fired. i don't know and i was trying to check into this. >> hold on. you just said first of all, there's always the possibility that just because they have badges around their necks and they yelled out cops that they so freaked this guy out, and anybody would understand, that anybody would think i'm about to get assaulted or robs at this convenience store, i read about it all the time, i'm getting out of here. why is that not a possibility. >> every car chase that we have on cnn or on hln all the time, why didn't he just pull over?
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why didn't he just comply with what the officers were trying to do? who was this person in his car? was it one of his parishioners? they don't know. they thought they saw a transaction go down, that is called an investigation, rick. and john bankhead said they identified themselveses as police officers and civilian witnesses say the same thing. so why didn't he stop? >> in the end, will you not give me this? let me ask you, you're the expert and i'm not, and i'll make room for you on that. an officer is under the mistaken possibility that someone may have had a drug transaction. which may mean that they shared a marijuana cigarette for all we know. right. >> right. >> follow a person to the gas station, do you need to get out of the car guns drawn for that? by the way, he's not your
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suspect. >> they thought it was a drug transaction. what usually goes along with drugs. >> guns. >> let me read you the rest of this. by the way, nothing illegal, no drugs were found in the car, even though what occurred would make an undercover officer working drugs think would be that possibility. it looks like the guy is perfectly innocent. >> let me tell you what probable cause is, instead of facts and circumstances that would lead a pruntd and reasonable officer to believe that a crime is about to be committed or would be committed. they try to get the guy to pull over, he backed over one of them, hit one and tried to run over another one. they're going do have to look into see what the policy is in shooting from or at a moving vehicle. >> the standard needs to be more judici judici
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judicio judicious, they need to study this case and decide whether they should have moved in guns drawn on somebody who may have exchanged drugs. >> we're talking about a drug task force. if you don't have anything to hide, why not comply with what the officers are saying -- there's no excuse to saying well, it was dark out, and they couldn't see a badge around their neck. other witnesses who were impartial, they said they had badges around their necks. that's what remains the question. and that bees what gbi will get to the bottom of. and when we find out exactly what happened, we'll come back and talk about exactly what happens. >> if they're wrong, i'll say that they're wrong. all right, he told a woman that he wanted to shut her up -- shut her kid up, i should say,
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or else he would move in and do it for her. if she didn't shut up her own kid, he would do it and he did exactly that. i smacked the baby four times. it made you so angry that you have written in to us in droves. also i'm going to show you some unbelievable pictures of military contractors behaving badly in afghanistan, but as stunning as the pictures are, and that's what everybody in the media seems to be caught up on. the real story is much deeper. would you believe there's more contractors than there are military personnel working in our war zones? more than ever in the history of the united states. it's true, you should know about it and i'm digging down on it. i'll be right back. gecko vo: look, geico's been around over 70 years.
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oh, boy, so many of you were caught up in that conversation we had just moments ago about that story that we have been following. let's go to our twitter board. argue the particulars of this incident all you want, bottom line, drugs don't kill people, drug enforcement sure does. and then the one at the bottom, a lot of you are really hung up about this preacher thing, yes,
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i did say we tend to give people of the cloth the benefit of the doubt. preacher? irrelevant, people dedicated to god have done a lot of bad things over the years. singer chris brown does his only tv interview about the night that he beat up his pop star girlfriend rihanna. you think he would be ready for his closeup, come clean, tell all that he can so that he can start resurrecting his image and his career and his brand. but take a look at this. >> what happened do you? do you think? >> well, guess that night is just one of those nights i wish i could just take back and i really regret and ishamed of wh >> never happened to you before. >> no. >> so what happens now? and what happens to chris brown and has her repairably damaged
3:20 pm
his brand? by the way, he's saying last night after watching it, not good for mr. brown. next, we know what happened to the man who admits kidnapping jaycee dugard 18 years ago. we haven't heard yet with anybody having to do with jaycee herself or those two kids that she had with this man. we're going to hear from them today. stay here, we'll have it for you. i have to climb stairs 20-30 times a day. announcer: keep moving with new nature made triple flex. newly formulated to work in as little as 7 days. with glucosamine to support cartilage health, hyaluronic acid, known to lubricate joints, and chondroitin complex for fast joint comfort. it's like a new beginning. new nature made triple flex. learn more at nature made. fuel your greatness. also available in liquid softgels. ies who need assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little or no
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you and i have heard more than we want to know about this man, you have twitter labeled on this show as a piece of human garbage, who's charged with abducting a child, fathering two children by her and then holding all three captive in his squalid backyard for years and years and years. you and i have also heard plenty about his wife, his alleged co-conspirator. we're finally hearing about the victim, abducted at age 11, and her two children, scarlet and angel, now 11 and 15. jaycee's aunt who has spent significant time with the girls since last week. we want to hear a piece of this. >> jaycee and her daughters are with their mom and younger sister in a secluded place
3:23 pm
reconnecting. i was with them until recently. we spent timesharing memories and stories and getting to know each other again. not only have we laughed and cried together, but we have spent time sitting quietly, taking pleasure in each other's company. jaycee did a truly amazing job with the limited resources and education that she herself had and we are so proud of her. >> there you go, that's tina dugard, aunt of jaycee dugard, as you heard her say, jaycee and the girls are being held right now in an undisclosed location trying to come together as a family. we wish them well. all right, these pictures right here that i'm about to show you. they tell and embarrassing story of military contractors, imagine if one of these guys was your son or my son, it's really embarrassing. and there's a bigger story behind this. we now have more contractors than ever in u.s. history. that's important as well and it's a very important part of this story. think president eisenhower,
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that's happening now with the new mifi from sprint-- the mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing, and people with speech disabilities access everybody's talking about it and so are you and we promise that we will be in just a little bit. we're going to let you see chunks of it and then we're going to have an expert here. here's some of the comments coming in from you right now off the twitter board. this is interesting. look what this person writes, not picking up with chris brown throwing down. body language negative and indiai insincere. a lot of people agreeing with that. let's go to the script. this is something that a lot of americans are asking themselves about as well. at what point do they ask
3:27 pm
themselves if enough is enough when it comes to the use or some might suggest the overuse of military contractors by our country? let me read you some of the quick headlines that you could find yourself by just doing a quick google search. we looked for these just before i got ready to go on the air. a military contractor accused of rape, military contractors accused of faulty wiring that kills u.s. sold yearier, military contractors linked to abu grave scandal. and now we have this latest story about military contractors. this is down right embarrassing. look at the contractor who is have been chosen instead of marines to guard the u.s. embassy in kabul.
3:28 pm
>> reporter: in the summer of growing attacks in it kabul industry and growing attacks among american troops, these pictures, private embassy security guards holding what appear to be wild, half naked drinking parties while away from the embassy and off duty. the independent watch dog group pogo for short say the -- >> if they don't engage, they hold it against them which is ripping apart the fabric of the whole command. the security guards are employed by wackenhut. >> the security of the embassy in kabul may have been placed at
3:29 pm
risk. >> reporter: claire mccaskill brought up a laundry list of concerns. foreign guards who speak so little english they can not understand their bosses. acute understaffing, one inspection this spring saw 18 absent from their post. the state department in june said it was working on the problem -- >> at no time was the security of american personnel at the embassy compromised. >> but p.o.g.o. says these pictures were taken just last month. so a state department investigation will head over to investigate. >> it's clear there were some things going on in kabul which we were not aware of but frankly we should have been aware of them. >> at this point however, that may not have been enough. it defted wackenhut in front of
3:30 pm
her committee. cnn has reached out to officials asking them to explain these photos. so far they have not. flora dickenson is a professor at florida university's -- increasing privatization of the military and the impact on public values. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you so much for having. . >> it seems that there are more contractors than there are soldiers. >> it's really quite striking, it's a huge shift in how we project our power overseas. and this is just one in a longline of incidents of abuses committed by contractors in iraq and afghanistan. >> there's a bar graf i want to show you, and i want to make sure the viewers at home take a look at this. this pretty much details exactly what we're talking about. this is from a congressional research service, it was also published recently in the "new
3:31 pm
york times." look at how many contractors we used in world war 1, practically none. now look at world war ii, then look at korea, then look at vietnam. look at the balkans war, look at iraq, look at afghanistan. 60% in comparison to soldiers. that means at that given moment, 60% of the people defending and representing our country in afghanistan are contractors and that means 40% are soldiers that. doesn't seem right. >> the stakes are really high and as this understand denlts shows, our core public values, values like human rights and even potentially the success of the mission itself in afghanistan, these things are at stake. >> the problem is, these guys are workers, just like you and me. i come to cnn and i draw a
3:32 pm
check. i mean i believe in what i do and i'm a dedicated journalist, but it's not about honor, country and duty for me, it's a job. just like, or unlike soldiers. i believe soldiers defend their country as their cause, as their duty. it is the honor for them. i'm not sure that's true with these people. they're hungry, they need a job, so they get a job in the military, or fake military. >> you know, it certainly is different, but it should also be noted that contractors are risking their lives overseas. >> so are cops and so are a lot of other people, so are firemen, so are people who work in dangerous professions, so are fisher american, so are scuba divers, it's not the same as being the soldier, where you're working for me the citizen, and you're also liable to me the citizen. these guys aren't. >> i think we need to dramatically strengthen oversight and accountability of contractors. too often the debate is about whether we should have them at all.
3:33 pm
but the reality is that they're there and they're working in our name. see while this administration and the previous administration have taken some steps, we have got to go much further to ensure oversight. >> but working for us at what point. i mean shouldn't there be a difference? i know that these guys should be helping our military in terms of support, in terms of road construction, in terms of a lot of different things, everything from the kitchen on down, soup to nuts, but it looks more and more as we study this and you're writing about it, that they're soldering, they're solders, it's like the french foreign legion for us and that takes them out of the equation because it's not a national cause that they're doing ux it's business. >> it's getting awfully close to soldering and that's why we have to dramatically strengthen the regime we have for overseeing that. we have got to make sure that they can be criminally prosecuted if they make egreej
3:34 pm
you abbusses. we have got to make sure they get better training and we have got to have mormon fe monitors e ground observing them. and we have to have much more transparency. >> this is an issue that a lot of americans think of as well. we recently had a vice president of the united states who was himself prior to becoming vice president the leader of a military industrial complex company himself, i'm talking about halliburton, and kellogg, brown and root. since then, since he became a very powerful man in our government, there has been a rise in these types of contractors being used in these jobs. is there -- you have studied this, or is there not a correlation? >> i think it raises some very, very troubling questions that we need to have a public debate about and that's why we need
3:35 pm
much more transparency, so that we can find out just how deep this goes, how many contracts we have, what they actually say, and we need much better reporting about what they're doing. >> i agree, and some of them, you're right, do a darn good job. but it seems like americans are being left a little out of the loop on this. thank you for working on this with us and for joining us for this. he smacked a baby at walmart and it got all of us riled up. it wasn't even his baby, we told you about story and you responded like crazy, i'm going to share with you what some of the response has been and the follow-up for this story and remember the after show is at 4:00. we'll see you then.
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3:38 pm
the national conversation, it's time to see what you're seeing. let's go to our quitter board. the price we pay contractors over yeahs is no price to what our military nell are paid. pay the military to do it. we need to stop using contractors, they have no sprgs and they do not show america in a good light and get paid mucho deniro. the military complex has gone wild, we need a big military with a big chain of command. low taxes and small government does not work. and finally, they're paid for hire thugs. yesterday we got a lot of response, 11,870 of you went to my blog yesterday when i did this story.
3:39 pm
i'm kind of surprised, it was an interesting story, but i didn't think it would get that kind of reaction. 5,000 reviews are ready so far today. incredible, what is driving so many people to the blog? it's this story, the story we showed you yesterday, roger stevens is accused of going up to a woman at a walmart monday and telling her if you don't shut that crying baby up, i'll shut it up for you. and he did. police say he slapped the woman's 2-year-old, 2-year-old four times. stevens is being held without bond and is charged with felony cruelty. many of you have flooded my blog with comments and the comments are still pouring in today. we're going to share some of them with you, norma says i think i would have to grab that man and slap him a few times to let him know how it felt. lori says i would give this man some award for trying to control
3:40 pm
noise pollution. if someone did that to my 2-year-old daughter, you could visit them in the morgue. and i hope they lock him up until is child is 18nd then she can slap him five times. no such thing as a perfect child. i hope that man gets horse whipped. cat, i would have started slapping him or kicked him in his groin area before he could have gotten four slaps in. and al lachba, that woman should learn to control her own offspring, if you do not discipline them in some way, they will be obnoxious forever. i would never do it, but we have all wanted to knock out a crying kid. it's called the terrible twos, not the terrific twos, toddlers cry all the time and for no good reason p. john, they need to slap him around and throw him to a ring
3:41 pm
of wolves. what a total jerk. val val, what the man did is so over the top wrong, but wow, what about all the people who would also assault the man? what is the difference? we could have read many, many, many more. chris brown, some say that he bombed on larry king last night. big time. what should he have said. she's going to tell us what chris brown should now do. and look at this car and a bad trip it took. let me tell you about... a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card... i realized i needed... an aarp medicare supplement insurance ca,e too. one simple call... gave me the chance to talk... with a personal health insurance advisor... who answered all my questions... about medicare supplement plans. so i could understand it all... after i called... i was able to choose the plan that was right for me.
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student athletes are often superstars on saturday nights, too often the rest of the time they get in the news for something that they screwed up. not this time. mississippi, students on a school bus are about to be threatened in what is possibly the most threatening way imaginable. a girl haslem a gun and she apps ready to do it. regardless, everyone in that cramped bus is at risk, that is until this young man, khalid yules who's a football superstar who's being recruited by several colleges literally takes the gun away from the armed student. it's a case of a student doing something right, we thought you should know. out of the slums of sal palo. rye your fors, burned vehicles
3:45 pm
wrote the portuguese word for justice on the streets. the girl died. this is the third riot there in a year. dallas, texas, this is not where the driver of this car wanted to be this afternoon. apparently the car had a mechanical problem and ended up at the bottom of this ravine with its four passengers, that is some drop. our affiliate wfaa says two women placed on stretchers did not appear, did not appear at the time to have serious injuries. all right, you have had a ton of responses to that story we told you about where police killed a passenger in georgia, i'm going to share some of what you have been saying, and we brought you a story recently about a former homeland security chief and comments from tom ridge about political pressure influencing the threat. now he's saying that what he wrote is not what he wrote.
3:46 pm
huh? stay with us. the rest of the body is a no brainer. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? excedrin back & body. excedrin. what ache? (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
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the moment president bill clinton said it depends on what the meaning of the word is, it sounded pretty foolish, didn't it, when he said that? he may have just been topped. former homeland security chief tom ridge is now actively denying what was written in his book, his book, keyword his. you ask what's so weird about that? to which i answer, again, it's his book. he wrote it. so essentially he's having an argument with himself.
3:49 pm
on national television. his book said that he was pressured by attorney general john ashcroft and defense secretary donald rumsfeld to raise the threat level for what appeared to be political reasons. it's right there. you don't even have to open the book, it's on the sleeve. but in a series of interviews lately, ridge has gone as far as saying that the words in his book are, quote, not his words. >> i don't think it was ever politics, in the political environment, a lot of people were thinking that it was generated by that, but the president himself created an oversaw the creation of a process that even he couldn't influence because he set up a homeland security cabinet of 2/3 of his cabinet agency and we rendered opinions and if there wasn't a consensus, at the end of the day, we always made the right decision. >> i can't ever recall a story
3:50 pm
where someone has actually rerefuted something written in a book that they wrote, why the sudden change of heart, you may ask? there are several tom ridge may have become aware of a certain part of the u.s. code which reads as follows. let me bring it to your attention. if two of more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the united states or to defraud the united states or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to affect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years or both. think how people were nailed during watergate. it's part of what i just read to you. that statute. two or more people defrauding the united states. is that, perhaps, the only explanation for somebody suddenly contradicting his own words, his own book?
3:51 pm
we don't know. we ask, and we will tomorrow, devote a segment with dallas morning news's wayne slater who's been drilling down on this for us. we'll have that right here. meanwhile, up next, chris brown bombs on larry king. just how much damage has he done to his brand? not necessarily his career, but his brand. i'm going to be asking an expert on this. stay with us. there she is. she knows all about it.
3:52 pm
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oh, boy. shall be's talking about something over here. this is from myspace, by the way. let me share it with you. what should chris brown have said? hmm. an apology? tell others not to follow in his footste footsteps? maybe he should have looked at the camera, spoken in a clear voice, not fij itted around as much. that sounds about right. wow. this job is easy. you're talking about chris brown. we're talking about chris brown. acknowledging what you did wrong and apologizing publicly are almost always the first steps when a star, celebrity, trying to come back from a self made disaster. not for chris brown. the singer was on cnn's "larry
3:54 pm
king live" who shoots straight. you know larry's a minimalist. he didn't challenge him with difficult questions. he just asked the questions that everyone wanted to know. for a whole hour. talk about the famous or infamous beatdown of pop star rihanna. at least that was what most of us thought he was there to talk about. instead, well, let's watch parts of this together. >> larry, i don't feel like it's appropriate for me to speak on what actually happened that night. just out of respect for rihanna and myself. and i respect our privacy more and i don't want to just go into that. >> out of respect for rihanna. larry didn't stop there, by the way. the nonanswers did keep coming. take a look at this series of exchanges. >> larry: can you tell me what -- i mean, had you done this before? >> i'm sorry. i mean, i don't want to really talk about what went on or
3:55 pm
what -- i feel like i owe it to her not to talk about that. >> larry: was drinking involved? >> i don't want to discuss what was going on. >> larry: why do you think you were violent? >> i don't -- i don't want to go into that. >> a celebrity pr strategist who has handled the likes of mariah car carey. she's an expert on this. she says, by the way, chris brown may have ruined his brand. tell us why he may have done so last night with larry king. >> we didn't hear anything from chris brown. he never answered any questions. he was fij itty and nervous. getting on the road to restoring and resuscitating your brand is very precise and takes strategy. we're not seeing a lot of strategy from chris brown. >> yeah. it almost seemed like he showed up and figured he have going to have a chat with an old buddy over beer or something. >> absolutely.
3:56 pm
>> almost like he was unprepared. >> he didn't seem prepared at all. didn't maintain eye contact. he was nervous. his mother was there. his lawyer was there. it would have been better for chris to show up by himself. would have been more important for him to answer the tough questions and tell the public something we didn't already know. he didn't share any of that. he didn't give us any on the point -- he didn't answer any questions sus singtly. he wasn't as humble as we expected him to be. we should have heard how he used to use the -- to change the flat form of domestic abuse. >> you must have just been screaming at the tv given what you do for a living. you must having going, oh, my goodness. >> i was. i was. because it's a missed opportunity. it's a missed opportunity for a kid who really made a mistake to cap hture the hearts of his fan who have supported him and want to see him get on the right track. >> you don't know whether to
3:57 pm
strangle him or hug him. on the one hand you felt sorry because he was lost during the entire interview. another part of you is looking going, come on. you got to bring it, man. you can't show up with larry king on national television and do that. it almost seemed like his attorney was trying to speak for him. and there's one interesting exchange. my wife and i were watching last night, and i caught this. and i want to share it with you. watch how larry asks him about a letter he wrote to rihanna, saying i'm sorry. then the attorney tries to say, that was all chris's letter. as a matter of fact, i tried to help him right it and he scratched out what i wrote. then chris comes back and says, yeah, it was mostly all my wording, except for what the attorney added. so he's not even listening to his own attorney. watch this exchange. you'll catch it. >> what you saw there was largely written by him. those were words that came from his heart. in fact, i plugged in a couple of things and he scratched them right off and he said no. >> so that's all your writing?
3:58 pm
>> i got a little help because of the wording. it all came from my heart. >> it all came from -- it's just kind of funny. looks unplanned. like the attorney was saying one thing and he's saying something else. i'm thinking, oh, my goodness, did these giese euys even come h a game plan? >> they didn't seem to have come up with a game plan. they should have pressed before the interview and chris should have stood alone. the way he stood with rihanna when the incident took place. he was being ushered along the entire interview. his mom, not sure what she was there aside from moral support. which she could have done from the green room. he should have stood like a man, went toe to toe with larry king, answered the questions honestly, and he didn't do that. >> he's a young man. he's, what, 23 years old? >> he is young. but it's time for him to grow up. >> you're right. you're right. but at the same time he was probably very nervous. in a setting he usually doesn't find himself in. and just didn't know what to do
3:59 pm
or say. >> you're probably right, rick. but in those instances, it's best to say nothing until you can gather yourself. >> that's the point. that's the point. he probably -- you know, i've been meaning to get this. i'm glad you got me here. he probably shouldn't have done this interview, right? >> exactly. he shouldn't have done the interview. i would have preferred he sit down with a woman as his first interview. a woman who could have dug deep and he could have really had a different heightened sense of responsibility to answer the tough questions. you know, we want to know what happened, why did it happen, will it ever happen again. and what are you going to do differently, chris? how are you going to change and use your platform to do good and to really make a difference for the face of domestic abuse in this country and abroad? >> here's what some of the folks at home are saying. let's go to myspace. nothing says manning up like having your mom and lawyer with you when you answer questions. hmm. laugh out loud. he should only have to apologize to rihanna. he didn't hit me,


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