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tv   State of the Union With John King  CNN  September 7, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> larry: thanks, jim, for being such a great husband. >> thanks. >> larry: now, jim, all your friends know. you people out there that he told you to watch, watch. i'm sure we're going to do a lot more on this. now, this registered sex offender will be an ordained minister. can he be trusted to lead a church? and preaching hate. protest over a pastor that says he praise for obama's death. and conservatives prompt one advisor to quit overnight. we heard a lot of talk and shotting over health care reform, and it's come down to
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this, a primetime presidential address. the president's aides and allies, and kate baldwin has the latest from washington. >> lawmakers and the american public are looking for detail from president obama's. and this week's speech may be about pitching the message, let's take what we can get now. president obama returned from vacation to face a health care debate. >> they will lead that speech knowing exactly where the president stands and exactly what he thinks we have to do to get health care done. >> and cnn has heard the white house is talking about drafting its own health care bill and leaning towards a plan that would trigger a insurance option if reforms fail to meet certain
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goals. they dodged questions sunday about whether a president would sign a bill that doesn't include a public option. >> he believes a public option is a good tool. it should not define the whole health care debate, however. >> we need creditable comprehensive health care. >> reporter: political analysts say there is a lot riding on the president's short visit this week to capitol hill. >> he can talk about various all turnives and ideas, but at the end of the speech, it seems to me folks on capitol hill and around the country have to have a much clearer idea of what kind of a bill he feels that he needs to sign. >> reporter: recent numbers show the president may have hard work ahead there, according to a cnn research corporation pool, and a
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majority of americans say they feel secure under the current health care system than the president's proposal. the high stakes a week ahead, we have our guests. and mark, let's start with you. let's look at the latest poll numbers on health care reform. we pull them up and they don't look great for obama. >> look at the numbers right there. if you are over the age of 35, a majority of americans oppose obama's plan at this moment. if you jump up to 65 and over, these are folks that think that this plan, if enacted will take away their medicare. when president obama gives the speech he has to sell his plan to these folks. these folks are active and people that vote, and it's
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crucial when it comes to the elections in 2010. >> and there is division within his party? >> well, first of all, he has to sell a health plan by clearly explaining why there are so many myths out there, and giving the american people the truth. that's first of all. and then he cannot sellout the liberals and his supporters who really want to see a form of universal health care and a public option. he has to be really strong on this. he cannot back down. and this is the moment that he has to stand up and say this is the right thing to do for american people. >> let me build on what you are saying there. they say it's not all about the public option, but isn't it, mark? >> at this point if you are a progressive or liberal, it's about the public option. and this is a big problem for
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president obama head into the week. we have seen liberals come out and say the public option has to be part of the bill and if it's not they will not support it. in washington, to get things done, there has to be compromise. when you saw the white house advisers out today and not drawing a line in the sand, that's foretelling in what we are going to see when obama lays off his vision for health care reform. stick around. a quick reminder, cnn will carry the president's health care reform to congress on wednesday night at 8:00 eastern. now we take you to strong opinions about republicans that seem to have cost an advisor his job. word came in the middle of the night that green jobs czar, jones, was quitting. mary snow shed light on how it all reached a boiling point.
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>> reporter: van jones was thrusted to the forefront over questions surrounding this paper. van jones is listed as signer 46. asked why his name is on it, an administration source tells cnn that jones did not carefully review the language in the petition. in a statement issued friday, jones said i do not agree with the statement and it does not reflect my views now or ever. and robert gibbs was asked about jones' name appearing on the petition, stating it's not something the president agrees with. and he also had this statement.
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>> well, the answer is they are [ bleep ] holes. >> i was afraid that was the answer. >> that was a technical political answer. and -- and barack obama is not an [ bleep ] hole. >> and he said by august i was a communist, explaining about his radicalization following the beating case of rodney king in 1992. jones said if i offended anybody with statements i made in the past, i apologize. the greens job guru came under scrutiny by some conservatives,
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namely glenn beck. the boycott came after the fox host called president obama a racist. before this, jones was primarily known for his environmental work. back in may in comments on the san francisco chronicle's website, jones even won the prize of former ebay ceo. now going for governor in california. and now on friday she said she did not know jones well and distanced herself saying it's clear he holds views that she rejects. >> mark, the white house says it did not order van jones to step down. but nobody came rushing to his defense. do you think the administration caved to the right in this case? >> when you have all of the controversy boiling up.
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robert gibbs said it best when he said not one person is bigger than the president's agenda. when you are causing turmoil around the president's administration, you know best to leave. >> bottom line, van jones, did he become a distraction and he had to get out of the way? >> he understands that the health care debate is more important than arguing over debates in 1994, and whether or not he signed the petition and why he did that, and he is looking at green jobs and how america can move forward with that. it's unfortunate, this day and age, anybody can take a snipit of what you say and go back to a speech of what you have given, and look at film clips, and they can pull that out, and i think
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what happened is the obama administration is being pushed around by conservatives. if they don't get a grip on that, van jones will not be the last person who will be pushed out. >> mark, in this case, how big of an obstacle would van jones have been, and do you think it's the end of the controversy? >> it's another dagger for opponents of president obama's administration to keep digging at him. you know, he stepped down. it's not going to go away. it won't be a huge issue. it's another bullet, so to speak, in the gun for conservatives just to continually go after president obama. so look, we are going to hear about it on talk radio this week. no question. stick around. we need to give you more insight to another issue we will cover after the break. and those are not the only problems the white house is dealing with. and also the fallout from a speech to school children. and then a convicted sex
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offender wants to become a minister in kentucky. we will ask him and his pastor what they are thinking. the phoenix pastor that preyed for president obama's death refuses to back down a week after his controversial comments. once you've mastered the complexities of a headache... the rest of the body is a no brainer. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? excedrin back & body. excedrin. what ache?
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many parents say that tuesday's address will amount to indock trau nation and not education. and some are considering keeping their kids at home. >> i am thinking about my kids -- sorry, in school, having to listen to that. it just really upsets me. >> i may have voted in mccain and bush in the past, and i would not want them speaking to your student or my student. politics is up to the family. >> will i send my child? i don't know. right now i would say no. >> education secretary, arne duncan is calling the complaints
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"silly." he said the lesson plan was flawed when they asked the students to write a letter about how they can help the president. >> the president's whole speech is to ask students to take personal responsibility for their education and challenging them to work hard every day and have a strong work ethic. this is a important message. nobody is mandating this. folks can watch it that night at home with their families or two months from now, or never watch it. whatever they want to do. >> let's get back to our guests. this is supposed to be an 18-minute speech about studying hard in class. does this show how split the country is right now? why is it so polarizing for many? >> well, it certainly shows that there are people in the country not respecting of barack obama
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has president and as being in that office. i have never heard of people being upset when the president of the united states wants to take time out of his schedule to encourage a youth to do better in school. that's not indoctrination. >> mark, this is energized a portion of conservatives. how savvy of a move is the speech? >> the obama white house is brilliant when it comes to controlling the message. in this case, i think that the criticism is really unfounded. the fact that we just had somebody on the air crying because president obama was going to deliver an 18-minute speech is fascinating to me, that that would actually happen. the fact is he will deliver the speech. the initial lesson plan was a flaw. they should not have done that. but the text is going to be on
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the white house website tomorrow. if parents are concerned, feel free to go there and read the speech. but he is the president of the united nations, he should be delivering these speeches. >> all right. thank you for spending time with us this sunday evening. have a great labor day. >> you don't have to be in the school to catch the speech. we plan to carry the president's plan live on tuesday. a big time pro football player, assaulting his girlfriend. a phoenix pastor defies protesters outside his church. practicing what they preach? a kentucky congregation says a convicted felon is no longer the risk to a community.
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jaycee dugard's town turned pink today. 18 years after she vanished on her way to school. she was found living in antioch, california, with a convicted sex offender, phillip garrido. and today's parade route followed the reverse direction to symbolize her homecoming. a girlfriend, reality tv star, claims he choked and restrained her from leaving his san diego home before dawn this morning. police arrested the linebacker and he was booked into jail on
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one count of battery and imprisonment. in arizona, a pastor stood in the pulpit and prayed for obama to die is not backing down. but as our affiliate reported, there was a swarm of protestors crowding the church entrance. >> reporter: people lined southern avenue spreading the message of love. >> i am too a minister, and i would never get in the pulpit and preach hate. >> reporter: this is what was preached. >> this is why god hates barack obama. >> i am appalled that anybody would talk about killing a president, and as a religious leader i am appalled anybody
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would do it from a pulpit. >> reporter: but pastor anderson is standing by his message. he only said -- >> i am not changing anything i said. i would like to see him die of natural causes. >> reporter: this man offered this solution. >> i think if obama could reach out to pastor anderson, and i would pray that they both come to a agreement. >> reporter: other members are continuing to stand by pastor anderson. >> reporter: how was the sermon today? >> very good. this member admitted he prayed for the president and others to die. >> god is a god of judgment. a kentucky church plans to ordain a convicted sex offender
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one pastor in louisville, kentucky, says he is going to ordain a member that happens to be a convicted sex offender. >> reporter: city of refuge church proclaims everybody is welcome. that's probably what attracted mark organ. he was charged with sodomizing and intimidating an 11-year-old boy. he pleaded guilty to a lesser
1:25 am
charge, and agreed not to serve as a leader in nature much where he would have contact with children. ex his probation is over, although his sex registration will never end. >> i preach in the church to try to allow god to move you on to a better life. >> reporter: the pastor says the lord touched organ's heart, and he will become an ordained minister next sunday. >> if we show that somebody with his past can become somebody productive in society, then who else could reach out to other people, but christ's people. >> reporter: but one deacon says
1:26 am
he was never forthright. he fears he may be tempted by children gathering at the church for sunday school. and he fears he may reoffend. >> i don't want to take the chance. >> reporter: the pastor says organ will sign an agreement not to minister to children. >> god is a god of love and forgiving god, and i am telling him what he is telling me to do. if that's not pop, well, jesus waut not either. >> as you just heard, he is a register sex offender. he was charged in 1998 with sodomizing and sexually abusing and intimidating an 11-year-old boy, and he served a four-year eight month sentence. and randy meadows will ordain mark and you admit it's the first time you have heard of a
1:27 am
church the u.s. ordaining somebody who was registered as a sex offender for life. >> yeah, i just look that god gives everybody a second and third and fourth chance. you know, i have watched the walk of mark for the last year and a half, and the church has watched his walk, and i know god can change people if we allow god to do so. i am very proud of his walk in the lord. >> mark, in the jaycee dugard case, garrido was one in recovery but was not really in recovery. why do you believe that you are in recovery? >> well, i completed sex offender treatment program while i was in prison, and also since i was released while i was on parole, so i completed it twice. i learned a lot of tools through
1:28 am
that program, and i have learned that i had to change the way that i think in order to change my actions and my behaviors. i have learned a lot of things as far as what situations not to place myself in and when i am having problems on an emotional level to seek out counsel from other people, such as my pastor or other members of the church in order to deal with those so it doesn't turn into something that it has in the past. >> pastor meadows, the catholic church has experienced scores of sex abuse cases that expands over decades and has significant financial repercussions. aren't you worried about the risk you are facing here? >> i don't take anything lightly when it comes to somebody's past. i want everybody to know that. i want everybody to know that this church in no way, shape or
1:29 am
form will put the children of the church in harm's way, the members of the church or brother mark in harm's way. we are very aware of everything. the one thing is that he has not hidden this from me or the board members or the ministers. we are very watchful of every situation that comes along in our congregation. we are just a small church of the nation, preaching the simple gospel of jesus christ, and he is a god of love and second and third chances, and many more. we are very watchful. >> mark, in the report from adam walsh, he reported the deacon was not forthright. >> well f. i knew that i was going to be attending the church for any lent of time, i always go to the pastor and let them
1:30 am
know of my background and situation, which i did with pastor randy and other churches, and just so there is a level of accountability. i just pretty much just let the pastor know so that he can be watchful of me. if there is other people in the church that he needs to inform so that i can be accountable to them as well. >> pastor, when you heard from mark about his background, did that surprise him at all? >> to be surprised with you, when i opened the church six years ago i wanted a church for all people, a safe place, to reach out to the whole city of louisville and other areas that we are a church that does reach out to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight community and transgender. that's what i think christ would want us to do. i stand strong. >> so it did not surprise you, then, pastor?
1:31 am
>> when he came to me, yes, it did surprise me. but i took it under great consideration and great prayer, and therefore, you know, took it with the leading and guiding of the holy spirit of the lord. >> mark, back to you. the washington post points to a study showing 8 of 10 offenders offend again. and now, would you consider castration, whether physical or chemical, to satisfy some of your critics that are out there at the church and other places? >> well, it's not something that i have considered or even thought about, because as i learned through the treatment programs that i have been in, that this offense is more a mental and emotional problem that has to be corrected through thinking, and therefore as you change your thinking about things in the way you had in the past that you can change the way
1:32 am
that you behave. and being able to seek out counsel so others can help you get through that, and not allow yourself to be in high risk situations. >> mark, we have to go. but why do you want to be a minister? >> well, i felt the call of god on my life when i was younger. i was going through a divorce before. i was not allowed to be ordained through that church because of that, because of the denomination that i was affiliated with. of course, i went to prison after that, soon after that, and i just -- i had no intentions when i joined this church of being ordained, but i felt because of the acceptance and the love and the way pastor randy reached out to not just me but a lot of people that have been rejected, that god can use me to reach out to those people that need the hope and light to see them through whatever situation they are going through, whether it's one
1:33 am
similar to mine. we all have things we go through. that's what i want my mission to be, to reach out to those that need that hope regardless of what they have done in the past. >> thank you for stopping by tonight. pastor meadows, we appreciate your time tonight as well. it's a race against time. at the san francisco oakland bay bridge, can they finish repairs before tuesday morning. and great white sharks throw a monkey wrench in the plans. and then obama's secretary of labor. we will tell you how the latina pioneer broke barriers to make history. (mom) it's summer.
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taking you tosan francisco where crews are working to
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repair a crack at the bridge. officials cannot say for sure when the crack will be fixed. the goal is to have the work completed and the bridge re-opened to traffic on tuesday. and jaws, here is why. that's a great white shark you see there. city officials in massachusetts closed the beaches after a few sightings of the sharks. and the shark were 8 to 10 feet long. imagine seeing that if you are in the water. and then over to jackie in the weather center. how is it going? >> it's great. i am staying here on dry land, my friend. a lot of people hitting the beaches on this weekend. it's the gulf coast in parts of florida where we have been seeing the showers and thunderstorms popping up.
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this will be the rule again for the rule tomorrow. the heavy showers and thunderstorms will be here across the ohio river valley, and into the pittsburgh area. and lots of 70s and 80s and cool and damp in the pacific northwest. >> a great labor day weekend. thank you, jackie. the daughter of immigrants and the first to graduate college in her family, now serving in president obama's cabinet. we saw it this week. a student standing up for himself to prevent a tragedy. more and more students are stepping up to deal with issues of bullying to try and stop school violence. esterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol.
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we are profiling latinos that overcame obstacles to make history. it's part of the new series. our focus tonight on this labor day weekend is the nation's first latino labor secretary. she spoke with cnn. >> secretary, what do you think of where you are today? >> it's amazing, just really amazing to be here to be seated as a cabinet member in the first latina in the obama administration, and it's -- it's a dream. >> when you received the call from -- well, from
1:41 am
then-president elect obama, what was your first thought, knowing this opportunity was open to you? >> i was very proud. i think that it's very unexpected. but our president is a very, very giving man. very open. very much about bringing in diversity and colessing with different people. i think he took a lot of people by surprise. >> is it breaking a ceiling in a way, breaking a barrier to make it more likely in the future? >> i think it is. all you have to do is look at the election that took place last year, having the first african-american president in our lifetime. that's amazing. the fact that this is one of the most diverse cabinets that we have seen in the history of the presidencies is amazing to me.
1:42 am
i feel honored to have colleagues like hillary clinton, who is a friend, to see ken salazar, former u.s. senator who is also a high-ranking latino serving in the department of interior. to have people like eric holder, african-american serving as the attorney general. and these are intelligent individuals. i feel like, gee, what a wonderful opportunity to be able to serve as colleagues with them. >> there must have been a point in time, if you would share with us, when it was clear to you that it was harder because you are a latina. was there ever a time? >> certainly i know people doubted my capability or intelligence, or what i bring to the table. you often get tested in that way. i think the first example that i often refer to is in high school.
1:43 am
and the fact that my original high school counselor, not the one that encouraged me to go to college, the one you get assigned by the alphabet in high school, asked me, hilda, what are you going to do, you have a year to go here and what are your career choices? i said i don't know. and he said why don't you follow along with what your older sister did and become a secretary. and that's what his sights were for me. >> you did become a secretary. >> surprisingly a cabinet -- >> not what he was suggesting. >> yeah. the counselor that was saying that i should be a secretary actually told my mother that, well, you know, your daughter is not college material. so i mean, that, to me and my mother, i think, really just kind of made us want to work even harder and for her to support me more. >> it meant more? >> it created more internal
1:44 am
energy on our parts to really do something that goes against the grain. when i think about it now, i think about all the students that were told, no, just do that, and settle for that, you will be fine and make due. i think no, this has got to change. one of the things that i did after i got admitted to the four-year college was to go back to the high school and i recruited other students that had similar back grounds and same grades and things like that, and told them that they could go to college, too. that year we ended up recruiting 25 students from that high school. >> you look at your bio, and there is this list of firsts for you. i think the one that really sticks out is the first first as being the first person in your family, a large family, you have several siblings, the first person in the family to graduate college. how important was that? >> very important.
1:45 am
i think it's important for other families to think about that, too, that typically in our culture, young women are not encouraged. there are not many people in the family that have gone on in college to experience the importance and significance of what that means. it's important for that to kind of be a lesson for other people to know that it's possible to have changes like that coming maybe influence from outside sources. >> how hard is it now to have the job that you have? >> it's hard because we have inherited the very bad economic crisis which started officially december of 2007. but i know in the community where i grew up, that i represent a member of congress, we were seeing high numbers of
1:46 am
unemployment way before 2000. i could see figures going up high always in the hispanic communities and disadvantaged areas where you saw people struggling. >> is the latino experience in the recession different than other experiences? >> yeah, latino women are bearing the brunt of this, because they are typically that keep the household together. if they are tending to their children or having to work two part-time jobs, or minimum wage jobs, they are feeling pressure. i know that. i see it in the faces when i go out to different communities, san antonio, texas, east los angeles, or new york or chicago. i was just visiting some places there, some work experience, job experience places there and saw
1:47 am
that there is a lot of -- there is a lot of concern and anxiety. but at the same time, when i get to talk to people, and we explain what our programs are, a change in their attitude, and their eyes light up and they are looking to see how they can get engaged and take advantage of the programs. so that's what i want to do. i want to inform people about the opportunities that the department of labor can offer them. i want to do in that a way that will impact the hispanic community and other communities in great need now. >> and as a member of president obama's cabinet, what do you bring from your background that enlightens what you do as the secretary of labor that enlightens what you say when you are at the table near the oval office? >> well, i think about why i was -- why i was selected. a lot of it has to do with, you know, your record. what have you done before in the
1:48 am
past? what issues have you cared about? those issues continue to be about working families and continuing to improve the quality of life for young children and young adults, and for seniors to help our economy, you know, repair itself right now. all of these things i have worked on throughout my 25 years of public service. i feel like i have come full circle. i have the confidence about knowing what i stand for and what voice i would like to project. and it's not hilda's voice, it's the voice of women and the voice of people wanting to see justice in the workplace, and wanting to have equality of education opportunities, and equal pay, and to see that we have more access for diverse communities. when i speak it's not just hilda the latina cabinet member, it's hilda, the person bringing the other experiences with her.
1:49 am
join us every week at this time as we profile more latina firsts. next week, we talk to the aut r author. let's look at what it looks like to be a latino in america. it was a terrifying scene on a school bus in mississippi. but fast-thinking by one of the students prevented tragedy. this picture says it all. we will talk about how this car ended up in this house. their nin goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight... and powering those precision goggles--- is the only battery air life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere. look for new duracell ultra advanced now with even more power to protect.
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take a look at what happened on a school bus this week. >> up! up! up! >> she is going to shoot us! >> what you did not see here, the boy at the back of the bus, a senior football star tackling the girl to the ground who was holding a gun. he saved lives and risked his own as well. he describes what happened for us.
1:53 am
>> as i tried to catch her attention, just to get everybody safely off the bus, i tried to focus directly on me, pointing the gun at me so i know she is not pointing it at anybody else besides me. in a split second, i guess she looked off the bus or flinched and blinked, and i knew that was my only chance and went at her. >> and that situation could have ended tragically. earlier this year, an 11-year-old boy hung himself because he was bullied. and there is ripple effects of bullying. here is a peek into a rally about bullying. >> this year we lost the lives of two youths after undergoing months of bullying. today is your day. adults will tell you, bullying
1:54 am
as been an issue that has always been around. it's teasing, and toughen up. it's deeper than that. our kids are hurt pregnant that >> with the increasely frequency and younger and younger people, and some of the taunts are the perception of homosexually, and these are going too far. >> i was in his class, too. i saw and heard when they called him gay, virgin and ugly. they did it every day until the day he died. >> i have been bullied. most of the time i don't retaliate. >> we heard of people totaling their car. but how about using a car to total a house? gecko vo: geico's the third-largest
1:55 am
car insurance company in the nation. but, it's not like we're kicking back, now, havin' a cuppa tea. gecko vo: takes lots of sweat to become that big. gecko vo: 'course, geckos don't literally sweat... it's just not our thing... gecko vo: ...but i do work hard, mind you. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people.
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it's like a scene from a hollywood car chase. but in this case, it's all too real. it happened in new york. a man was driving so fast that he jumped a speed bump and crashed into the house in the second floor. the jeep ripped a hole in the house and fell and landed with the headlights pointing towards the sky. the homeowner was asleep on the couch, and was not hurt but still cannot believe what happened. >> i was shocked. how did you do this? what were you thinking? how fast were you going? he was doing a duke's of hazard.
1:58 am
>> his passenger was not hurt at all. we'll be right back. there's a big reason to lower high cholesterol... dangerous plaque that can build up in arteries. it's called atherosclerosis--or athero. and high cholesterol is a major factor. but crestor can help slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. go to and take an interactive tour to learn how plaque builds up. and then ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol and raise good. crestor is proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects.
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