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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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this time every day on cnn international as well. international as well. the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- so if you're ever this close to a tornado you can only hope it is not the last thing you ever see. a man films a twisting mass on the horizon. the only cover he can find a gas station and he made thereto just in time. >> the vehicle that was on 160 were being turned over in front of us. we saw the marathon station across the street completely levelled. nothing left of it. it then kept moving to the east and then you could tell it hit the school with all the turbulence. >> i want you to look at this video shot by an i reporter. let's just listen to some of it. >> [ bleep ] i have friends over there.
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[ bleep ]. we got to get in the house. [ bleep ]. look at it. holy. my god my friend lives right over there too. oh, my god. >> come on, nick. >> that is nuts. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is unbelievable. can you imagine if that were you. you have friends over there and family members as well. this video like the first one shot in henryville, indiana. all told at least 37 people are dead. the number of missing are impossible to know right now. i'm don lemon thank you for joining us in the cnn newsroom. i want to bring in meteorologist jackie jarris. first the video from the gas station. >> you can see the debris within that funnel. it's amazing to think how close
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they must have been to that tornado and feeling the impact and that sucking in as air rushes into the tornado. there you can see in the middle that swirling around that's debris. we think there might be one or two vortices. this was in an intense cation stage. and the i-reporter video from kevin wells. >> can we listen to it a little bit more and talk about it? >> i have friends over there. >> [ bleep ]. >> jackie that is so frightening. kevin will join us live in a little bit. this is incredible video. >> we have new information in this hour that that tornado was an ef-4. it is one of the strongest
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tornados ever recorded in the top 2%. winds between 166 to 200 miles per hour. that can cause massive devastation. look at how much bigger the funnel is in this video. the funnel is in the middle. and you see surrounding it that larger rotation. that is the wall cloud and that is the part of a thunderstorm where we see the tornado drop out of. so i know that i-reporter saw it spinning and the tornado came right on out and continued to follow it. >> the aftermath of course the pictures behind us, that's what it leaves blind. jackie don't go far. we'll discuss this much, much more. we are learning how powerful some of these tornados were. at least 37 people are dead now. 14 of the deaths are in indiana. henryville a community 20 miles north of louisville, kentucky saw some of the worst of it.
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an ef-4 ripped the roofs off some buildings and flattened others. rescuers are combing through the debris looking for survivors. 18 people are dead in kentucky. an ef-3 tornado blew through the heart of west liberty. cars and trucks tossed around like they weigh nothing. rescuers searched buildings nor survivors. they are doing a second round just to make sure. and i want you to take a look at this. you can't see this video enough. this was uploaded from our i-reporter that shows the intensity of the twister from henryville. people don't know how many people are missing yet. they want to get a handle on the devastation left behind. kevin welz shot this video. i heard you in the video saying
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i have friends over there. are they okay? >> yeah. they are okay. we got lucky. it looked like it was cutting right toward their neighborhood. but it cut just a little bit i guess to the west of it. and just barely missed them. i have been talking to my friend today. he is a police officer out here working to help clean up. >> as you are seeing this and we can hear. there were expletives on that video. i can imagine what i would be saying. >> yeah. >> what was going through your head as you watch this. you are helpless. you can video tape it or run for cover. what is going through your mind when this happened? >> actually, the storm came up so -- the tornado itself came up so quick i wasn't really thinking. there is one point where i said something along the lines of we should get inside. that is when it hit me that there is a tornado 150 yards in
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front of me. >> you can't believe it. >> that was the first point i was thinking. i have the time stamp on a couple of photos. i took a photo at 3:12 and the sky was fairly clear. there was clouds but you could see clear sky. and then at 3:20 i took another photo and it was the funnel cloud starting to form. >> you said it was fast. it came on you fast. >> eight minutes. >> how much warning did you have? how fast did this all happen? >> they had been warning us all morning there would be bad storms and the tornado sirens started going off. i have a couple neighbors that have young children, new babies and i wanted to check to make sure they didn't need anything. i thought i would have plenty of time before it hit. that is why i was caught out where i was to take the photos and the video that i did. so, you know, i figure we had a
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half hour or so before it got bad. and in reality we had five minutes. >> let that be a word of warning to people when we say you need to get into a safe place. because i'm sure you can testify that you never really know right? >> that's the truth. >> kevin -- do you know other people who survived and can you offer advice to people who may be watching about preparing for these sorts of things? >> don't stand there and videotape it like an idiot is my first advice. other than that, i mean, as they say they give you a lot of warnings when this is coming up. we had newscasts saying we have bad storms coming. listen to what they say. my house doesn't have a basement. but i had a place ready to go if the tornado just cut a few hundred yards in my direction it
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would have come through my neighborhood. the advice i have is just to watch the warnings and know where to go when this does happen. >> kevin welz shot that video and did survive. good advice there. glad you're okay. nearly half of the 37 storm deaths were in kentucky where the governor declared a statewide emergency. but some residents look to a higher power during this tragedy. >> take this away from us. rise it, lord. take it away from us, lord. take it, lord. take it away from us, jesus. [ speaking foreign language ]. father god all powers in your son's name take this up away from our home as you did for elijah you take this away from us. [ speaking foreign language ] take it up away from our home. take it away from this town.
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lord -- >> that lady praying outloud and speaking in tongues. her prayers were answered and her home was spared. jim spelman is in west liberty for us. jim what are the people there saying? and how are they fairing? >> it just just about 24 hours ago that this town was plunged into darkness as it still is today. we're right at the edge of this town and you can't see anything here. all the power has been wiped out. people said they had two minutes warning to get to safety. we caught up with david wilson who was trapped in a restaurant as the storm came through. take a listen. >> were the people with you and yourself were you screaming? praying? what were people doing? >> you could hear people praying let us get through this. god let us get through this and please if our families is all right we'll go to church.
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if our family's all right we'll go to church on sunday. >> you going to church tomorrow? >> hope so. >> reporter: tomorrow morning this community says they will start healing in church and then get to work. look at this debris that is all over this town. you have telephone poles with cables, wires going all the way up on tops of houses. no light at at all in this town. spread out throughout this entire community like this. we received word that they've completed the search and rescue part of this mission and now it's debris removal. that's what they have to do before they can get electricity back and people back in this community. >> jim, appreciate your reporting. stay safe, sir. to learn more about how you can help go to
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and the severe weather did not stop with the sunrise. as you can see. ahead this hour, touring the damage in north carolina where homes were ripped apart. but the results are coming in from washington state where voters are caucusing right now. wolf blitzer has the early numbers for you two minutes away. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. time to talk politics. washington state is at the center of the political world right now. we are starting to get early results from the presidential caucuses. the state could offer one of the candidates a jolt of a political
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momentum headed into supertuesday. let's bring in wolf blitzer in washington now. what is the latest from washington state? >> they just started releasing some of the numbers. more will be coming in quickly. let me show you and the viewers what is on the board right now. 8% is in from washington state. mitt romney has 31%. ron paul, 27%. rick santorum, 24 percent. but it's still very, very early. ron paul is out in washington state right now. he is the only candidate still there. he is looking for his first win in a caucus or a primary. and he's hoping that washington state will do it for him. gloria borger is here. if ron paul were to pull it out that would be a significant development tonight. >> it would be. this is something that is taylor made for ron paul. he can organize in small
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communities. it's a caucus state. he is really looking for a win. he hasn't had a win yet. he would like one. and honestly if rick santorum is not going to win here, or if mitt romney is not going to win here they'd say the best choice is for ron paul to win here. then they can move on to supertuesday and neither one of them has the momentum. that's what this is about. >> if romney were to win or santorum that would give them momentum. ten contests on tuesday. >> that's right. that's what they are looking for. they are looking for delegates as well. 40 delegates. but if one is not going to win might as well be ron paul. he has been in this state. he has been organizing in this state. all of the candidates have been in this state. newt gingrich a week and a half ago, romney on friday and santorum on thursday. it's not like they vice president been competing here.
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they understand psychologically how important it is heading into tuesday. >> competitive for the top three romney, paul, santorum. don, back to you. we'll be all over this story and more of the results are going to be coming in. we'll share them with our viewers. a lot at stake especially for ron paul. let's see if he can pull out the first win of this election season. >> stand by we may be getting to you early. these results are coming in quickly here. we may be coming to wolf before the top of the hour. wolf is standing by. will success in washington state propel one of the republican hopefuls to a big showing on supertuesday. our washington caucuses coverage starts at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 p.m. but stay tuned. you never know. the votes are coming in very quickly. radio talker rush limbaugh gets paid big money to stir up controversy. but this time he took it too far. and now he is offering an apology. be you the political damage
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could linger. we're going to talk about it with goldy taylor. but first choosing the right kindergarten program can be overwhelming. what criteria should you look for in choosing a school? we have more tonight in perry's principles. >> hi, dr. perry. my son is two and a half years old and my wife and i are looking at kindergarten programs. what sort of cry tear kwla should we consider beside cost, hours when we are looking at these schools? >> the most important thing i can say to you, you as a shopper as someone who is looking for a school must understand first what you want before you look at schools. meaning if you want a school that teaches in a traditional setting if you want a montessori or some sort of hybrid of that then you have to decide what works best for you. one of the biggest mistakes that
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parents make is you decide on a school for reasons other than they fit your family's academic needs. if you want a criteria look at the quality of the academic experience. you want your child to read simple words and have some understanding of the meaning of the words. they should be able to do simple math and know their colors and begin to write to some degree. if you understand that you will have an understanding of the type of school you want for your child. in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online
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rush limbaugh crosses a line. now he apologizes. but is the political damage already done? i want to bring in goldy taylor. she is usually in the studio with me but she is a big timer now. are you in new york tonight? >> i'm in new york tonight. >> she is the managing director of the golder taily project. limbaugh went after a female georgetown law student who testified at a hearing organized by democrats. she spoke in favor of the recent obama administration that
7:22 pm
proposal that employers be required to cover birth control in their health plans. i want you to hear what limbaugh had to say. >> what does it say about the college co-ed susan fluke who goes before a congressional committee and said she must be paid to have sex? what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? >> so goldy, not a surprise that rush limbaugh is being provocative. that's what he does. but did he damage his own cause with those kinds of words and that kind of attack? >> i think it went further than that. i think that rush limbaugh did more than damage his own brand but the brand of the republican party which depends on the audience that listens to him. and so, the apology that we've heard from him tonight was really not about you and me but about rush's stake holders and
7:23 pm
advertisers. it was about his current audience and his syndicator, the people who put out his show to the hundreds of stations who carry it. the apology was to settle his community so he could stop the bleeding or the loss of income that has come as a result of this boycott. none of this is really about us. it's about, you know, building a bigger audience and getting the advertisers in the door. >> i am glad you mentioned the apology. i will talk to you a bit longer now. we are going to a break. as you heard goldy say, rush limbaugh issued an apology in the last few hours. what did he say? is it really an apology? you'll hear it right after the break.
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. we're back now with goldie taylor, political analyst and managing editor of goldie taylor project. we are talking about the rush limbaugh attack on susan fluke. she argued in favor of employers covering birth control in their health plans. rush limbaugh has apologized a short time ago. he said my choice of words was not the best and in the attempt to be humorous i created a national stir. i apologize to ms. fluke for the insulting words.
7:27 pm
i'm sure you read the apology. he says it's absurd that we are discussing personal sexual and recreational activities. there was a caveat before he got to these words and it sounds like if i hurt your feelings, therefore i'm sorry. but an apology is hey, i screwed up and i'm sorry. that's an apology. do you think this is an apology or an apology with caveat? >> well it isn't an apology. i said on twitter the first rule of apologizing is it cannot contain a lie. and the lie is that sandra fluke was talking about using birth control pills for recreational sex but really it was about the medicinal uses of birth control pills. it is unconsciousial for
7:28 pm
rebuking her again. my daughter katie is in the studio tonight. if he had victimized my daughter in this way i would be sitting outside of eib studios just waiting for him. i think for him to take it, you know, here and revictimize her day after day after day, i think he is asking for a lawsuit involving slander. and i think that clear channel has to rethink its choices about what they think is comedic when this is a war on women across this country. >> i have heard that many people making this a republican versus democrat thing, a media versus republican thing. and i remember when certain words, certain words -- even the same word were used against women in the g.o.p. and it was covered and people were outraged just as much by this. >> as they should have been. >> as they should have been. so that is completely just false
7:29 pm
when you hear those kinds of things? >> i think that is completely false. any time words like that are used against woman no matter what their theology or ideology happens to be is it a way to marg marginalize women. and so i think that this is a power play. is it an unfortunate thing that the republicans have done. so, yes, there is some party politics involved in this. we ought to be talking about jobs and gas prices and what is happening between israel and iran. instead we are talking about my right to control my reproductive health and my right to have a basic standard of care from my health care provider. that is the most unfortunate thing about this conversation. >> hearing those words when it comes from a democrat or
7:30 pm
whatever it is, it's disgusting to hear those words. >> disgusting from anybody. >> there is a reluctance of republicans to repudiate limbaugh illustrate the power he wields inside the gop? >> sure. there are fathers on capitol hill. there are fathers and brothers and husbands who are running for president of these united states. and i got to tell you when i heard the response from rick santorum who is the father of daughters say that you know write this off as something comical or something that was just absurd you know i think that is the most unfortunate thing that he was not more willing to condemn this language and not to condemn is to approve of and agree. and mitt romney who is the father of sons but certainly understands or should understand the plight of women in trying to seek health care. he says i wouldn't have used those words. what does that even mean?
7:31 pm
i would not have used those words? why not just flat out condemn it and walk away? >> thank you, goldie taylor. we appreciate it always. see you back in studio soon i hope. >> absolutely. we are following the caucuses tonight. we have been following them and talking about the republican party. there is mitt romney in cincinnati, ohio. three days to go until supertuesday. the washington caucuses are tonight. and our coverage starts at the top of the hour, 8:00 p.m. eastern. a home 40 years in the making destroyed in one night by a devastating tornado. it took a dad, a husband to one indiana family. their story is straight ahead. a possible tornado outside of atlanta. neighbors and an airport taken out.
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms.
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no one expects to see devastation like this from tornados in march. it came in like a lion. all that mattered was the power of the storm that swept across the south and the midwest. this is west liberty, kentucky where the people who live there
7:35 pm
saw a tornado spin down main street. 18 people died in the state. the governor called out 2 murks members of the national guard to help with the search for the survi survivors. the search is going on in henryville as well. a toddler with blonde hair and blue eyes was found ten miles from where her family is from. she is in critical condition in the louisville hospital. the hospital spokeswoman said her two parents, a sister and brother were all killed. in all 14 people were killed in indiana. the members of one henryville home have re -- have to rebuild their lives. but they'll have to do it without a cherished member of the family. susan cadiotti standing by for us in henryville. this sounds, of course, heart
7:36 pm
breaking. >> reporter: it is heart breaking. here in clark county, indiana in the town of henryville only one person did not survive that killer twister storm. his name is 64-year-old wayne hunter. this is the hill top home wayne and leanora hunter built to raise their family 40 years ago. this is how it looks now. flattened, blown to bits by a tornado. those front steps once led to their front door. now they lead to heart ache. >> you're okay. it's okay. >> i know. >> it's okay. it's all right. >> how would you like your dad to be remembered? >> he was a really good guy. he loved nature. he loved people. he loved his family and the community. >> reporter: hunter and his wife couldn't resist shooting video of the twister heading their way
7:37 pm
and ran for cover inside. >> they were in the middle of the house. they shut the doors and coughed up with a blanket. >> but not safe this time. they were found 30 feet apart. wayne hunter was dead. his wife leanora was still alive. >> he covered her up and protected her with a wood door. >> reporter: hunter was a former volunteer firefighter and retired emergency room nurse. those who knew him say he believed that laughter was the best medicine. >> he would put a smile on your face right now with all the demolition going on here. >> what do you think he would make of this? >> he'd be taking pictures and posting them on facebook. >> and making a lot of jokes. >> reporter: now the hard part, trying to save pieces of their home, of their life, and trying to understand why. >> the whole randomness of a tornado is amazing. they hit. one house is destroyed and one
7:38 pm
isn't. one person dies, one doesn't. i don't think you can understand that. >> reporter: yet for family and friends of wayne hunter just because they avoided this twister's path doesn't mean they weren't touched by what it took away. and the family is being so strong. you know, the son that you were introduced to said he works at the state department in washington and he heard on the news that there was a twister. twisters hitting indiana in his home state and heard it involved his hometown of henryville and he thought oh, no. then he heard it struck the street that his family lived on, his parents and that's when he got word that his father passed away and he rushed here to the scene. >> what about mrs. hunter? >> fortunately she did not suffer life-threatening injuries
7:39 pm
and was supposed to be released to the hospital tonight. she had minor cuts on her head and wearing a neck brace and hoped to be home staying with relatives very soon. >> susan cadiotti thank you for your reporting. georgia faired better by comparison but one person was killed in suburban atlanta. a family scurried for shelter and escaped unharmed. we have their terrifying story. >> reporter: there are so many homes in thisy area that sustained so much damage. you can see they are trying to make light of the situation. there is a sign that says moving sale. that is why because they would rather laugh than cry. listen to what happened to the loss family. the inside of the home is even worse. last night when the wind and rain was coming through this
7:40 pm
area, the roof was coming off when they decided to seem shelter. this is their living room. everything in here is drenched. the roof is completely lifted off of the home. and as that was happening they were trying to get to the bathroom to make their way over here. as close as they could get was to this closet. take a look. there were three people. the husband shoved his wife and six-month-old baby into this small, small space inside this closet. he shut the door and braced himself on the backside of this door and put his feet up to hold himself here to make sure they were safe inside and hoping that he would be okay right here in the hallway. you can see that is the one place that ended up being safe for them. a six-month-old baby named sarah grace and they say grace was looking out for them last night as they clung together in that little space. again the husband as soon as everything moved by he let them
7:41 pm
out and they came to see this. that is the baby's room right there. and thankfully they ended up being okay in that area instead of being apart from each other. this is where they clung together. we are hearing other stories of survival along this neighborhood and in the county. and the wonderful thing is as much damage as there was there were no injuries reported in this area. back to you, don. >> thank you, jennifer. appreciate it. to find out more how you can help go to you will find all the organizations and ways you can help people in need. we have been focusing on the severe weather that has struck much of the country. straight ahead other stories making headlines including paying respects to the young and innocent. a student gunned down in his own school. and the lawsuit against bp
7:42 pm
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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warned you at the top of the hour they are coming in quickly.
7:45 pm
the early results from washington state's republican presidential caucus. paul you're at washington state republican headquarters. tell us what is going on there. what are you seeing? >> right now, don in just a second, the gop chairman will address the crowd here. romney has the lead right now. you can hear him. this is kirby wilbur. he is the gop chairman in the state of washington. >> are we ready? thank you. it is 4:45. we want to give you the latest report from our caucuses. 23 of the 39 counties have turned in we have counted. mitt romney has 36.3% of the vote. rick santorum has 24%.
7:46 pm
we at 16 but the numbers continue to come in. the turnout so far in these smaller counts is 15,725 which is 2,000 more than our turnout in the state in 2008. we are extremely ecstatic about the large turnout. that number will go up when we have king, pierce, snohomish and spokane counties coming in. we expect them in the next hour or so. any questions i'm happy to take. >> what counties are missing? >> spokane, king, snohomish and pierce. those are the four big populous counties.
7:47 pm
>> paul you said the chairman would come up and speak. he is saying that romney is 36, pall, 24 and santorum, 24. gingrich, 12%. so how soon do you think we're going to know final results? >> that is a great question, don. it seems we might know the final results as soon as 5:00 local, 8:00 eastern. king county is still out there and pierce county where tacoma lies is still out there. the populous counties have not come in yet. i was in king county at the caucus sites and it was very brisk. it was jam packed with people wanting to participate. and what we noticed in a suburb of seattle was romney was doing very well. and paul and santorum were hoping to do well in these outlying and rural counties. we'll have to watch for that
7:48 pm
trend and see if it continues. still sitting out there king county and pierce county, snohomish and spokane county. >> following the results for us from bellevue, washington. we'll cover this live for you. our washington caucus coverage starts at the top of the hour. wolf blitzer anchoring the coverage for us. want to check some of your headlines right now. the grief in chardon, ohio welled up again today. this time the first of three funerals for the victims of the monday high school shooting rampage. family and friends buried daniel parmertor. more than 1,000 people turned out for his funeral mass. who can forget this? oil gushing into the gulf. nearly two years later, bp settled agreeing to pay $8 billion to businesses and
7:49 pm
individuals damaged by the spill. but that's not the end of it. the government has claims for violating the clean up and oil pollution act. bp has paid out 22 billion, most to cover the cleanup. russian voters are casting bath ballots this weekend that are expected to make vladimir putin president again. if he wins the election he will serve a third term. the rivals are hoping to win enough votes to hold a runoff. he was president from 2000 to 2008. next civilians in syria targeted by their own military. here is something new. army soldiers turn their guns on some of their own men. which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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more news overseas now. new development in syria. army soldiers turn their guns on some of their own today. the fighting rages on in homs as relentless shelling tries to pound the resistance into
7:53 pm
submission. a syrian army commander got wind of soldiers who plotted to defect. he betrayed them. 47 were immediately executed. their bodies dumped in a lake. opposition activists, sammy ib rah ham says one neighborhood is facing its own massacre. >> there's a government now inside preparing to something no one knows what's going on. the situation is very bad because now -- no one can exist. no one can go out. we're talking about 6,000 to 10,000 persons inside. why they prevent this, because they are preparing, they are enlisting hundreds of people. >> snipers are a constant danger in homs and the humanitarian crisis worsens every day as food, electricity and medical supplies dwindle. two victim of the violence in
7:54 pm
syria at last began their final trip home today. the red crescent hand over the bodies of marie colvin and remi ochlik. both died in homs. they were positively identified. next up on cnn, the severe weather did not stop with the sunrise. we're touring the damage in north carolina where with homes were ripped apart. no. it's truck month! no. it's truck month! no. it's truck month! no. it's chevy truck month! definitely that one, boss. solid. let's try the other one again. ♪ chevy truck month ♪ no. it's truck month! ♪ truck month ♪ no. truck month! no. it's chevy truck month. yeah. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. i think we should see other people.
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flexpen® is there when i need it, just like my pit crew. ask your doctor about novolog® flexpen. covered by 90% of insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay at woer following the intense tornado destruction across the south and the midwest. jacqui jeras explains how the extreme storms form. >> don, it was the perfect recipe of atmospheric conditions where we had cold dry air from the north, extreme warmth and humidity from the south and it caused the atmosphere to explode and there you can see the tornadic thunderstorms as they developed and moved across parts of the mid south. this is what the outlook was issued by the storm prediction center. and this is where we had all of the tornadoes. look at all of the reports across the region from indiana all the way down into parts of alabama.
7:58 pm
these are the preliminary numbers. more than 101 tornado report 281 wind damage reports. 442 hail. it's been an incredible severe weather outbreak. for march, above average. sad situation, don. the best thing i can tell you is that this thing is finally over. all of the watches and warnings have ex piertd or been canceled early. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed. thank you. in north carolina, there's been extensive damage from the storms. but no report of fatalities. andrew dowd from wsoc shows us the scene near charlotte. >> this is one of two subdivisions in east mecklenburg county. one car is flipped upside down. his neighbor's house, practically untouched. >> from the area you get a better pictures of the
7:59 pm
devastation. it cut a huge path. homes were missing a roof and shingles. three people were take en to the hospital with injuries. no one was killed. many people were luck toy escape uninjur uninjured. including the watson family. the tornado did a majority of the damage on the first floor. >> that can be replaced. i got my life. i've never been through that. but i'm on the other side now. i just know god is good and he definitely brought us through that. >> we know about 1200 people are without power as a result of this storm. we know more than 160 houses suffered some kind of damage at least 29 suffered significant damage and at least four were destroyed. don? >> all right. thank you very much, sir. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'll see you back here at 10:00 p.m. eastern. live with wolf


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