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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a symbol of hope. a toddler found alive in the middle of chaos. tonight new information about the little girl named angel. then super tuesday. rush limbaugh surprise endorsements. dan rather is fired up about politics and ready to talk as only he knows how. unsaintly behavior from a former super bowl champ. could their pay for pain perks sideline the entire team? i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. we're going to start with breaking news just into cnn. her story was one of the most amazing and the most tragic that you're going to hear from the tornado zone. a toddler named angel babcock
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loses her entire family yet somehow she's found alive in the middle of a field possibly carried away for miles by a twister. with 38 people dead in a rash of killer tornadoes, she has become a symbol of hope in the destruction. but her hold on life was just too delicate. we have learned that her extended family was forced to take her off life support and now baby angel has died. susan candiotti standing by live for us in indiana where the girl was found. susan, so sad to hear this news. you have gotten a chance and you have spoken exclusively to the man who found her as we were getting this sad information. >> reporter: it is, indeed, so sad, especially because this really is a case and a story that captured everyone's heart. i think everyone that had heard about this family and little angel had been pulling for her at least to be, as you said, a symbol of hope, of survival. but now it appears that her
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injuries were just too much for that little one to overcome, and the family made a very difficult decision quite clearly. but i'm standing here, don, in the debris field, the aftermath of that tornado where it all happened. this twister when it came in on friday hit a field behind me. you can see where mainly mobile homes were located and the babcock family lived there, a family of five. a husband, a father and mother, ages 20, 21, and their three children. and a neighbor by the name of jason miller had convinced them to come hofover from their smal trailer to his double wide to take shelter. they hunkered down, lay down face down and held hands and they said they pararayed and th the twister lifted everything up, sucked them into the air and dropped them about 100 yards away where i am standing. and, in fact, we spoke to a man when it was all over who came to look for any survivors, and he
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found all of them in the mud here. here is what he told me. >> the man and woman was laying right here behind the sawmill, and all three of the kids was found right in this area. >> reporter: right in the muddy field. one of the babies was still in a car seat, a baby seat. >> yes. >> reporter: were there any signs of life? did you see the baby that is still alive? >> the baby was still alive. thee mts got here and took her and tried to work on her. it was the last things i know they put her in a helicopter. >> reporter: and where was jason found? >> jason was just walking around here. he was kind of out of his mind. he was shook up. >> reporter: dazed. >> they loaded him up in the ambulance. >> reporter: you knew these people. it just must break your heart. what can you tell us about the family that was killed? >> they was good people.
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i mean, nobody deserved it. i hate it. i don't know what to say, you know. it's devastating. >> reporter: and, of course, where do you go from here? everyone here saying that they'll never be able to get past this, but they will certainly all try to get through it together and draw strength from each other. jason is still in the hospital. he will recover from his injuries. we spoke with his family about that tonight. as for the family of little angel, obviously they have a very difficult road ahead. her tengsded family. >> well said, susan candiotti. they will get through it. thank you for your reporting. we will see susan back here in an hour's time. this has been a day of taking stock for victims of that deadly rash ever tornadoes that hit 11 states. many of them lost everything. the extreme weather now has claimed at least 39 lives in
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kentucky, indiana, ohio, alabama, and georgia. little angel babcock adding to the death toll. this is west liberty, kentucky, you're looking at, one of the hardest hit communities. it seems no corner of this small town was spared. homes annihilated, cars flipped over, trees plucked out of the ground and there are scenes like this all over the midwest and the south today. many turned to faith today for strength in the aftermath of the deadly storms. ♪ >> a sunday service like no other at the henryville community church. this indiana community saw some of the worst destruction in the state but the youth pastor says this church was spared the damage. the congregation offered up prayers filled with hope. >> thank you for our community. thank you for our loved ones. thank you for these hands that we hold every week as we seek your direction and will.
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god, thank you that you supply not only our physical needs but emotional and spiritual needs. >> the search is also serving as a collection center for clothing and supplies. today 200 volunteers showed up to help. the death toll from friday's storms has risen to 21 in kentucky, but despite extensive damage, we're hearing remarkable stories of survival. cnn's jim spellman is in the hard hit town of west liberty. jim, are people there able to return to their homes yet? >> reporter: a few people on the outskirts are able to, don, but in the heart of west liberty still on lockdown. there are dozens if not hundreds of emergency workers here trying to get this town back on its feet. look at what they're dealing with. you can just see these vehicles flipped over, rubble. this was the main bank in town called commercial bank where many of the small businesses here did their banking. right across the street here is the police department and basically the city hall. we were here yesterday, don, and this was completely covered in
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rubble and there were two police cars flipped over right here. their main priority is to get the police, the fire, the city government back on its feet so people can start coming back in here. to do that they have to get the rubble out of here, put up new electricity lines to get some sort of infrastructure. right now this town is not able to function. >> jim spellman, thank you very much for your reporting. meantime, funerals are being held for victims of wednesday's tornadoes in illinois. six people from harrisburg were killed in the storm, hundreds of people from across southern illinois gathering along streets in harrisburg to pay their respecting. the ef-4 tornado demolished a neighborhood where all six victims lived. president obama stays loyal to israel and its fight with iran. he isn't ready for military action but he made clear today that it is an option. and later, stop thief. crooks try to make off with
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another iranian rescued by the u.s. navy in the persian gulf. the rescued crew member said his cargo ship sank in bad weather with six people on board. four died while a fifth is missing. the navy turned the survivor over to the iranian coast guard. 19 iranian sailors were saved by the navy in two incidents in january despite the high tensions between the two countries. syrian opposition forces announcing they had cleared government troops from the city of rastan but the celebration
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was short lived. as soon as they pulled out syrian artillery unleashed relentless shelling killing three people and injuring dozens. warning here, some scenes are disturbing. elsewhere across syria more brutal street fighting that you're seeing there. the opposition reports 33 people killed today. many more were founded, including children, government troops stormed one neighborhood in the city of homs. families who managed to escape say they fear a massacre now. clashes between troops and militants in yemen left 34 soldiers and 15 insurgents dead today, an entire nation anxious about the future. officials blame the attacks on a group linked to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. three senior security officials accuse a military commander of handing over weapons to al qaeda fighters. the weapons allegedly include tanks and heavy artillery. we're going to go to russia where the votes are still being counted, but vladimir putin says he's won the election as president.
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at a huge moscow rally putin reclaims the office he held for two terms. he's currently prime minister but generally regarded as the power behind president medvedev. putin is getting more than enough votes to avoid a run off. venezuela's president faces a knew round of radiation treatment for cancer. hugo chavez confirmed a doctors removed a tumor from his abdomen. he insists he'll run for re-election in october. doctors removed another tumor just last june. rush limbaugh backpedaling and apologizing after alling a law school student a slu t. but is it too late. will cane, lz granderson are sounding off. mark preston standing by as well. for a limited time, passages malibu
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president obama today addressed aipac, the pro-israel lobbying groups. his roshtion that received the most attention were focused on the threat posed by a nuclear iran. >> president obama said two key things. first, he pledged that u.s. policy was to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon, not containing iran once it already had one. let's take a listen to he had to say. >> i said when it comes to
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preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, i will take no options off the table, and i mean what i say. that includes all elements of american power, a political effort aimed at isolating iran, a diplomatic effort to sustain our coalition and ensure that the iranian program is monitored, an economic effort that imposes crippling sanctions, and, yes, a military effort to be prepared for any contingency. >> now, the crowd also cheered when president obama said israel has a right to make its own foreign policy decisions to defend itself, and he's hoping that that tough talk will set the stage for his meeting with benjamin netanyahu on monday and will lessen the chance israel will launch a pre-emptive strike on its own. so-called red lines under which the u.s. would take part in
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military action. israel argues that the point of no return is quickly approaching, and president obama in his speech argued that there is time to give diplomacy and sanctions a chance. and while he didn't rule out military force, the president warned against what he called loose talk of war. he said these drum beats to war with iran have only helped the iranian regime by driving up oil prices and undermining diplomacy at a time that iran is signaling it's ready to come back to the table. of course, this comes all amid the backdrop of the presidential election here in the united states. republican candidates are accusing president obama of appeasing iran and rick santorum, newt gingrich, mitt romney, they're all expected to address the aipac conference from the road on super tuesday. but president obama pointed to his record on iran defending it. he said increased security, intelligence cooperation has happened under his watch with israel, steady military assistance in tough budgetary time and the fact he stood by
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israel and he said there should not be a shred of doubt when it comes down to the chips are down, i have israel's back. prime minister netanyahu said he appreciated the speech and looks forward to talking about it at his meeting with the president on monday. we'll see if he's as welcoming when the two leaders are in front of t cameras and prime minister netanyahu gives his address to aipac. republican presidential contest in ten states. mark preston joins me now in atlanta. i love it when you're here. you have some new poll numbers. thank you for wearing a tie. >> we were talking about this, i do like your tie. i'm dressed down and you're dressed up. >> give me those polls. >> perhaps i'm working harder than you are. let's start in ohio. we talk about ten states, super tuesday. let's look at these numbers in ohio right now. a real barn burner between santorum and romney. mitt romney has climbed back from polls just a week ago.
6:19 pm
santorum had a bigger lead. let's go to tennessee, just to the north of where we're sitting right now. another fight between rick santorum and mitt romney just a few points apart. and here we are in georgia. the home or the former home of newt gingrich. newt gingrich says his campaign is predicated on winning here in georgia. right now the poll shows he has a fairly comfortable lead. >> ohio is a big prize, right? >> huge prize. >> how important? >> very important. not only for mitt romney because he needs to show that he can connect with voters in the rust belt, folks who have lost their jobs, but also for rick santorum who shows he can keep the momentum going. >> as you said, we call it his home state. adopted home state. >> he was born here. he served in congress here, gu he spent a lot of time in washington. >> native state then. >> i guess so. >> tennessee, georgia, how important for newt gingrich? make or break for him? he's been third or fourth, way down, in the recent contests. >> so here we are for newt
6:20 pm
gingrich. he has to win in georgia and the reason being he has put all that pressure on himself. he's said that you have to win your home state. well, he says this is his home state. many ways i guess it is. he has to win here. he doesn't need to win in tennessee, but the fact of the matter is his strategy has been to do very well in southern state states. >> we always say super tuesday is coming up. i wonder if this is -- if it's perception for reality that usually it's all locked up by now by super tuesday. is that true? that it's usually wrapped up by now. so how important is super tuesday? is it make or break? will it decide, okay, this person goes on, these people are out? >> no, the barn door doesn't close after tuesday, but what it does is it gives us a lilg more definition to the race. if mitt romney does well on super tuesday the inevitability label will be stuck to him harder. rick santorum though could really do well on super tuts tuesday. >> i like the no tie.
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you will have to do just shirt sleeves. you do it in washington. >> a little more casual in washington than here in buttoned up atlanta. >> good to see you in person. thank you, mark preston. i want to bring in will cain and lz granderson. i want to start with rush limbaugh. we all know the story. went after a female georgetown law student named sandra fluke who testified at a hearing organized by democrats. she spoke in favor of the proposal that employers be required to cover birth control. here is what limbaugh says. >> what does it say about the college coed susan fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says she must be paid to have sex. what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? >> okay. now, rush is apologizing. he said he was trying to be
6:22 pm
funny. he also said it was absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of congress. his other question, will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit. then he went on, of course, to apologize and do damage control. will, what was he thinking? >> i can't answer that. what is rush limbaugh thinking. i'll tell you what i'm thinking, dorn, don, we're three weeks in that government mandate contraception debate and i will challenge you to this. do you think there's any real understanding about what the disagreement is? do you think that people understand that i and some of the people i know have trouble reconciling that birth control is insurance covered?
6:23 pm
that we now -- it'sdisti distilled we have a right to birth control. >> hang on. inds what you're saying and that is a whole different discussion. as you know, i want people to answer the question that is presented on this program. i understand whether people -- i watch all the morning show this is morning. every single person dodged the question and went on to talk about what they wanted to talk about. i asked you what was he thinking in this because as i read that here, every woman in this studio went, oh, like just groaned. i'm asking you again, what was he thinking? >> you're asking me to be a clairvoyant, a psychic then. you're right i can't answer your question directly. what i'm answering for you is the more important question and that is what this debate should be about. if you want me to bring rush limbaugh directly into this i'll say, has he advanced any kind of understanding of your disagreement? no he's detracted from it.
6:24 pm
he's given validation to everyone on tv who wants to do a segment on rush limbaugh. what i hoped is we might have some understanding about the disagreement. i can't tell what you rush limbaugh is thinking. i can't do it. >> thank you for answering the question. lz, is this whole debate over women and contraception and as i said when i read the story last night on the air and i read the response and you heard him go -- when he said his thing, every woman in the room goes oh. is this a gift to democrats? >> it's a gift to democrats. it's a gift to the gop candidates like mitt romney actually. he just didn't take the gift. because what he needs -- what he needed to do is was show independents and moderates he's not going to be crazy, and this was a prime opportunity for him to step up as a leader and say what rush limbaugh said was bad. that was a gift to him and he didn't take it. of course, it was a gift to democrats and president obama took it by making the phone call. you knew he was going to do that. you knew certain pundits were
6:25 pm
going to bash limbaugh and make it all about the gop. i was disappointed at the leaderships, that the four men who want to be president, could not take that gift as well because that was their opportunity to say, i am for all america, i'm gending women's reproductive rights and what rush limbaugh said was wrong and they didn't take that because they're scared of him. >> okay. so, will, i agree with you, we should be probably talking substance, right, on this. that should be the overall theme but this is what everyone is talking about because of what rush limbaugh said. so i'll allow you that. but i want to talk about something that i had noticed and see if you have noticed it as well. i know mark preston noticed it. rick santorum's speaking style has changed since the race started to heat up. here is what i'm talking about. take a listen. >> there are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren't taught by some liberal college professor and trying to indoctrinate them. well, i understand why he wants you to go to college. he wants to remake you in his
6:26 pm
image. >> okay. so it's almost someone said to me it's almost a sort of bushism where he's like -- what a snob. he's doing this thing with his voice where he almost sounds like a preacher, will. you haven't noticed that? >> no, i haven't. i haven't. i would say -- >> would you like me to play the sound bite for you again so you can hear it? >> the one you just played. i don't have anything to compare it to so i don't know how -- >> hang on. play it again. >> there are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test -- >> that's it. will, there it is. >> so, okay, i want to make sure i answer your question directly. what is it? i'm serious. >> it's a fun thing. have you noticed his speaking style. it was said when president obama was campaigning that he would do it in churches. he'd start to sound like a preacher or start to sound more black. same thing, i wonder if you notice his speaking style. where did it come from? maybe it was a consultant.
6:27 pm
have you noticed a change? >> i haven't noticed it but you have played the clip twice and i notice there's a cadence that sounds very pastorally but i don't know what it means. >> go ahead, lz. >> i remember rick santorum when he first started. he sounded humble and not confident. i think what you're hearing is a guy who realizes if he does a little bit of this and a little bit of that the crowd responds and he's gotten some support in terms of the primary in the states and you're hearing that in his voice. i'm not going to call him pastoric though. >> thank you both. always a pleasure. see you next week. here is a reminder, cnn's super tuesday coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern with a special edition of john king usa. that's followed by complete live coverage of the results alt at 7:00 with wolf blitzer, erin burnett, candy crowley and more.
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still ahead, in new mexico a little boy reported missing and he may be stuck at the bottom of a 30-foot well.
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a little bit more than half past the hour now. let's look at your headlines. the death toll now is up to at least 39 in those violent storms in the midwest and the south. it now includes little angel babcock, the toddler who was found alive in a field after a tornado killed her entire family. she was taken off life support today at a kentucky hospital. so sad. president obama told a pro-israel lobby today that preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in the national security interests of the both israel and the u.s. the president's words, all elements of american power remain an option to stop iran from becoming a nuclear state, and that includes, he said, a military effort to be prepared for any contingency. russian prime minister vladimir putin will take back his old job as president. he declared victory today even with votes still being counted in his own words, quote, we have won an open and honest fight.
6:32 pm
putin beat out four other challengers. he previously served two terms as president. he could not run again so he became prime minister. the past week weather stole all the headlines. what's on tap fo the week ahead? jacqui jeras is here in the cnn severe weather center. so many places were just devastated by the storms last week. i hope it's not on tap for again next week. >> well, right now it looks like a pretty quiet week but we're watching that tornado area very closely because some significant weather is moving through that area right now. it's not a major system. it's not a severe weathermaker, but it's going to bring rain and even snow on top of the damaged areas and it's also going to be bringing in some freezing temperatures for people who don't have power. as you can see there on the radar picture, we're looking at parts of illinois, indiana, and kentucky. so far it's just been light, spotty snow and rain showers, but the heavier stuff beginning to move in now just east of st. louis. as you can see on the map there.
6:33 pm
there are winter weather advisories in effect in purple, and this includes the tornadoes in indiana that were so devastating, west liberty, kentucky, for example. you could see as much as 1 to 3 inches of snowfall. you know there are a lot of extra vehicles around, emergency workers around that are going to be having to navigate through this. the good thus is it's a pretty weak system. it's a fast moving system. we call it a clipper because it clips on out of there. you can see the image we're expecting on monday morning already. so that is going to start to push off to the mid-atlantic and make its way offshore by monday night. as we take a look at overnight temperatures, upper 20s to lower 30s. it will be cold but recovering into the 50s and even 60s by tomorrow with lots of sunshine, but very windy conditions then moving in for monday across the plain states, and we'll have to watch that as gusts could be as high as maybe 40-plus miles per hour and that can cause a little damage, too, especially if things are unstable. >> all right, jacqui, thank you very much. don't go far. we're going to need you. appreciate it.
6:34 pm
now to the big stories in the week ahead from the white house to wall street. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we're going to begin tonight with the president's plans for the week. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian at the white house. president obama and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu have met eight times over the last three years, but some see monday's face-to-face as the most important. iran and its nuclear program will be front and center as president obama pushes for a diplomatic solution. then on wednesday the president heads to the key battleground state of north carolina. an event in charlotte is expected to focus on the economy. >> reporter: i'm barbara starr. this week in washington two countries for the pentagon to continue to worry about. first up, syria, as the killing continues there. defense secretary leon panetta will be on capitol hill trying to explain to congress what the pentagon has in mind, if anything, about the crisis in that country. and as u.s. and israeli officials hold talks this week
6:35 pm
about the crisis over iran, the pentagon will also be on the hot seat trying to explain whether it has any new ideas about how to make iran turn away from its nuclear ambitions. >> reporter: i'm poppy harlow in new york. coming up on wall street, more earnings from companies including anheuser-busch, in bev, and ann taylor. the economy will be in focus ahead of that february jobs report set to be released and friday morning. we'll also get key manufacturing readings on monday and we're expecting business news out of apple. the company is holding an' vent on wednesday and all bets are it will release the ipad 3. >> reporter: i'm a.j. hammer. here is what we are watching this week. fran drescher's bold new move. the star of "happily divorced" is going to tell me why she's preparing to officiate a gay marriage. and she opens up about how she found out her own ex-husband was gay. catch "showbiz tonight" ex clue
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[ male announcer ] fiber one. in carlsbad, new mexico, fire officials say the search for a 4-year-old boy has
6:40 pm
transitioned from rescue to recovery. samuel jones went missing yesterday evening. it was initially thought he had been abducted. now it's believed he fell into a hole near his home. how sad. the narrow hole is 30 feet deep. officials don't believe he survived the fall. crews are working to get to the boy. a mine rescue team is assisting in that operation. did you see that video? incredible. the man shooting this video couldn't believe what he was seeing. well, a helicopter crashing right in front of his lands in arizona. the chopper was filming a stunt for a tv show when the engine failed and it nose dived right into the ground. hard to believe, but nobody on board was hurt. some pretty brazen thieves in texas decided to rob a group of girl scouts selling cookies outside a walmart. police say a man walked up to the stand acting like he wanted to buy some cookies.
6:41 pm
then he grabbed the money box and he ran to his car. but these young girls didn't give up the money without a fight. good for them. two girls suffered minor injuries while trying to chase after the car. look. >> i started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat, so i think he got -- learned his lesson a little bit. >> all right. well, the men got away with about $200. the girl scouts will be okay. can you believe that? terrible. well, you don't hear a story like this every day. the heart of a saint who died 900 years ago has vanished. and that's not the only mystery. i'll tell you about it after a quick break. okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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a series of explosions at an ammunitions depot have killed 123 people in the capital of africa's republic of congo. another 2,000 people were injured. our desk editor joins me. what happened? >> it was an accidental fire that started at this weapons depot, don. and the cause of it is still unknown and what started the
6:45 pm
fire. congo's officials don't know. it sent a huge explosion three miles across the river across to the democratic republic of congo to the capital city there. so what we have is congo officials have said about 123 people and that number continues to rise. 2,000 people have now been injured. these are hospitals and people being rushed to get critical aid that they need, and many of them -- one eyewitness said he thought that there was a war starting because of the explosion and the way it started. as you know in the republic of congo they had the civil war for two years. >> and an ammunition depot made a lot of noise and killed a lot of people. >> and why would you have a large weapons depot in the middle of a local neighborhood? >> we'll be watching that one, the international desk this week. this one is really bizarre i think. it's an unusual item.
6:46 pm
it has gone missing in dublin, ireland, something from a 900-year-old catholic saint has happened. what is that all about? >> it's a preserved heart of st. lawrence o'toole. >> how do you steal a heart? >> that's the million dollar question, don. so authorities are looking at closed circuit tv footage right now to see how thieves or one person or a group of thieves possibly did this. but the heart was kept in a wooden box which was bolted to the wall behind an iron cage. so cathedral spokesman says that they possibly took metal cutters to it, but again a lot of those details are unknown and it's evolving. there was other valuables at the church that didn't get stolen by the heart from a 13th century saint was taken and again, why? >> bizarre. >> very much so. >> that's where the word bizarre applies. thanks. appreciate it. a reporter asks tiger woods a question, but tiger has a question of his own.
6:47 pm
>> is that in the book? is it in the book? you're a beauty, you know that? >> what was that all about. strange as it seems, it has to do with the navy s.e.a.l.s. rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback at gas stations. it pays to discover.
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in big trouble with the nfl because the league says the team paid bounties to defensive players who knocked out players on opposing teams. what in the world is going on? the senior investigative reporter for ""sports illustrated." so bounties. that's against nfl rules. the lead defensive coordinator was overseeing bounty players. this is a big deal. right? >> this is a huge deal. i mean the nfl solved their labor. had a great season. the one issue the league has to deal with is the health and safety of players. to have one team possibly more put bounties on players.
6:51 pm
if they injury them, they get bonuses. the nfl is going to dispense justice this week. this is going to be severe. this is ugly stuff. >> and then listen. the coaches were in on it. what about the saint's head coach and the general manager? both are accused of knowing about the allegations, but doing nothing about it. now i know they took new orleans to the super bowl, but could this cost them their jobs? didn't one of them admit to it being a bad idea? >> the ork strart has already admitted it it. i have a hard time seeing him coaching next year. you're not going to take away the saints super bowl, but anything else is on the table. there's an e-mail trail. again, the health and safety issue, it's mind boggling that at this period in the nfl, a team would do this. i think we'll see some suspensions for coach sean pa peyton. we're going to -- this is hundred times worse.
6:52 pm
we're going to see what the discipline is going to be this week. >> you said greg williams by name. is this a dirty secret in the nfl? we're hearing claims that greg williams had a similar system when he coached the redskins. >> this is going to come out. this is an ongoing investigation. likely, this is like any scan l scandal. we look at a coverup. and greg williams coached in buffalo and the redskins. people have said they had a bounty system. this is bad, bad news. and again, if you're one of these players who was injured, there's an assumption of risk. but you don't assume the other team is giving cash bonuses for putting you out. if you're some of the players that have been named of getting hit, you're thinking about civil action i would think. >> the saints are my team, but my hometown team, but i mean bad is bad. terrible is terrible.
6:53 pm
unsportsmanlike conduct there. let's move on and talk about golf. specifically tiger woods' golf game heating up. he came in second after a blistering final round. 62 in the honda classic. listen. his relationship though with reporters are as chilly as it's ever been. especially after the scandal a couple years ago. tiger was asked by a reporter if he once planned to abandon golf and become a navy seal was accurate. here's his response. >> is that in the book? we're here to comment on the book. let's move on. >> i was asking a question. i was trying to find out if it was true or not. >> i don't know. >> brian -- >> have a good day. >> that was pretty cold. that was a frosty answer. why? >> well, i mean the back story here is apparently he's had
6:54 pm
history with this reporter. also it came from a book from a former coach wrote. he sees this as a breach of confidence. i was talking to someone else a few weeks ago. if you had a scandal like this that wrecked your reputation and earning power and changed your perception, when you came back, wouldn't you bend over backwards to be nice and accessible. this person who knows tiger said you and i might do thrks but tiger doesn't think that way. there's some circumstances here with that press conference, but in general, being nice to the press, not a high priority. he shot a 62 today so he's doing something right. >> all right. thank you, sir. always a pleasure. an armored car heists with twists out of movie. twists out of movie. that story just minutes away. -- captions by vitac -- why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic.
6:55 pm
are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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6:57 pm
it was a calculated crime. cold-blooded. and the man hunt is on. pittsburgh police say the driver of an armored car killed his partner and disappeared with $2 million. here's cnn's mary snow. >> reporter: his name is kenneth
6:58 pm
kanius and he's now on the run with a reported $2 million after killing his coworker. the 22-year-old worked security for an armored car company. he was making cash pickups on tuesday with his partner michael haynes when he shot haynes and took off with the cash. >> our belief is he planned to rob the company. if he had to kill the guard, he planned to do that. he shot the guy from close range in the back of the head to accomplish the robbery. that's pretty cold-blooded. >> reporter: officials are working to piece together his trail. after they stopped at a home depot, a witness claims to have heard a gunshot. a criminal complaint says he called a friend at 1:05 in the afternoon and said i bleeped up. my life is over. the witness asked, what did you kill someone? he paused and answer yes.
6:59 pm
he asked his friend about extradition laws. 20 minutes later, video captured konias running in the parking lot where he worked. it wasn't until 3:44 that police discovered the armored vehicle. michael haynes' body was found inside. >> he wore that badge almost like he was a cop. he treated that as mike. he would not have let that guy leave with that money. >> reporter: after the murder, konias went to his parents' home. they saw his son hang up his uniform jacket, go upstairs for three minutes, and leave the house. he hasn't been seen since. police believe he's still in the country and they say they have revved about ten tips of possible sightings they are now inveat


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