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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 5, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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-- captions by vitac -- >r > angel in thep> titime fop time for htime andp>> she was on>> s hophope, thp hope, thope, famip family foufamily fou devastating tornado. tonigp tonight we'll hear f grandfather. p veter veteran news speap speaks speaks to utw the white house. hhis takp his take on the ttwo days before the all important super tuesday. the radio host apologizes after calling this woman a proustitut and a slut.
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is it too little too late? that's tonight's talking point. all that tonight right here on cnn. >> she survived a tornado that killed her entire family. her tiny body thrown into a field by incredible forces. 14-month-old angel babcock her hold on life was too fragile. angel died a few hours ago after she was taken off life support. the decision rested with her grandfather who spoke with our affiliate. >> reporter: camouflaged by twisted metal a baby monitor rests. >> i have never been through nothing like this. it's horrible. >> reporter: jack knew there was a storm that friday.
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when it passed he made a quick trip to run errands. >> we were going to pay the water bill. they told us there were people hurt at a lumber company. >> reporter: as he approached the mobile home park it hit him. >> as we got closer i thought oh my god. >> reporter: his 20-year-old daughter wasn't there. >> we got out and we started calling her name. we was walking through mud and water. >> reporter: mariah, her long time boyfriend and their children did not make it. >> little boy was lying on the ground. they was trying to bring him back to life. >> reporter: two-year-old jada and two-month-old kendall were also dead. >> we walked out towards the
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road and they were bringing the little baby up from way up the road. >> angel's grandfather spoke to scott atkins before taking her off life support, surely the toughest decision he has ever had to make. >> my pastor is going to go in with me and we are going to pray there and i'm going to tell that little girl that i want to tell her that it's time for her to meet her mommy and daddy. >> heart wrenching. talks with a man who found her and did all he could to save her life. >> reporter: fire burning debris made the twister's after math look like a battlefield. this is all that's left of the trailer inhaled by this enormous
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twister that killed four members of a family and spared a todd r toddler. angel babcock somehow survived but was critically injured. ap friend of the family found her in a field. the bodies of her parents, a two-year-old brother and a two mold sister were nearby. >> the man and woman was laying right here behind the saw mill and all three of the kids was found right in this area. >> reporter: and one of the babies was still in a car seat, a baby seat. >> yes. i don't know what to say. it's devastating. >> reporter: angel was scooped from the mud and rushed to a hospital. another man, jason miller, was stumbling nearby. he had been in the same trailer. >> they found him walking down the road with his arm dangling.
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>> reporter: tough bud badly injured. >> his shoulder blade is fractured in two places and a fractured back. so he is in pretty rough shape. >> reporter: earlier with the twister bearing down he tried to help angel's family. jason miller convinced the babcock family of five to get out of their smaller trailer and hunker with them in his double wide so they crouched on the floor in the center of the trailer as the tornado got closer and closer. >> they were laying in the hallway. i think they were holding hands but laying down. >> reporter: and praying? >> praying, yes. >> reporter: neighbors were doing the same. >> i prayed to god when i heard the tornado was coming through to please keep my family safe which he kept my family safe but those poor kids.
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>> reporter: and now one more blow for this shaken community. angel also has died. she was pulled off life support late sunday. >> thank you very much. this has been a day of taking stock for victims of the deadly rash of tornadoes that hit 11 states. many of them lost everything. extreme weather has claimed lives in kentucky, ohio, georgia. this is west liberty, kentucky. it seems no corner of this town was spared. home annihilated. trees plucked out of the ground. the number of people killed from friday's storm has risen to 21 in kentucky. despite extensive damage we are hearing remarkable stories of survival. >> reporter: on the outskirts of
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west liberty, kentucky, tornado survivors return home. >> this was your house right here. >> this was my house. >> where is the house now? >> it's across the street in the parking lot. >> this is your house? >> yes. >> reporter: said she only had moments to make it to the basement and road out the storm in this corner. can you believe you are safe and sound? >> it was so quickly. it was so quick that i did not have a lot of time to think. but you think back on it and you think wow. but i'm glad that my own little plan that day worked. >> reporter: up the street doris is picking through what is left of her house. she also sought shelter in her basement. you were right here when the storm came through? >> yes. as you can see blocks had fallen all around where my body was.
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>> reporter: she emerged to a scene of devastation. >> i could hear people crying and people asking for help. people with small children washingtoning down the street trying to get help. >> reporter: both credit faith for giving them strength. >> i feel blessed like the lord protected me and let me get out of it alive. >> i did have strength from god that i can feel as i was walking down those basement steps and making my way to my corner. and it was okay. >> stories of disaster and loss are pouring out of the regions hit by the storms. at least for one community in indiana it is what is pouring in that matters most. prayers help and most of all hope. deana jones has that part of the story tonight. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> why did this happen?
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i don't care. it did. >> reporter: at henryville community church the focus is on healing. >> some of our folks could not get in this morning. so many of you have lost everything. many of you have lost vehicles. some of you slept in your garages last night. >> reporter: and the 80 member congregation in this small town is getting a lot of help from a disaster relief group and ordinary people. >> i got here at 6:00 a.m., at dawn when they allows us in and these guys were already here. they have had a couple of semis that have come and brought lots and lots of materials. >> reporter: from food and water to bedding and clothing they have it covered for families that lost everything in friday's storm. >> today we're just trying to see if we can organize everything to be able to distribute food, clothes, toiletries and the things they need to get their lives back
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together. >> reporter: the church has been feeding the needy for years with the help of a food bank. pastor cheek said that was practice. >> i copy hearikeep hearing thi about this little church. friday night people from all over the country and the world, people from england, people from all over the world were calling my cell phone. that's scary. i don't know how they got it. and they're saying we're coming. we're coming. we're coming. >> reporter: cheek said the church as much to be thankful for despite badly damaged homes and cars and families deeply shaken by the storm. >> it was just a few weeks ago that we said this phrase, don't
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just go to church, what? be the church. nobody in our community i think lost hope. i think it has renewed hope. >> athenna jones, cnn, henryville, indiana. >> to find out more on how to help go to a look at the republican candidates and ten states up for grabs. later dan rather is on the political trail and passionate about the gop presidential race and has a lot to say. whwheeee! ! whwheeee!! whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ahah h heaeadsds u up. whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! evevererytythihingng y youou l , nonow w momobibilele.. dodownwnloloadad t thehe n nep totodaday.y.
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will be giving away passafree copiesrities of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to count down is on. super tuesday. 419 delegates on the line. cnn's political director, mr. mark preston here in atlanta getting ready for our coverage. give us the latest before going to ohio. what's going on there? >> in ohio we look at three states out of ten. ohio look at the numbers. it shows that rick santorum and mitt romney are locked in a
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tight fight in ohio. the state has a lot of people think mitt romney needs to do well if not win to show he can appeal to chose voters. tennessee another state right now where rick santorum and mitt romney are locked in a tight fight, as well. down here in tennessee which of course is just a couple of hours north of where we sit. where we are here in atlanta, georgia, newt gingrich, the state where he was the speaker of the house, served a long time representing back in congress. he is taking the lead right now and has a comfortable double digit lead. >> you have to win your home state or native state. if not, that's a bad showing if you don't. >> especially when you are newt gingrich and you say i have to do well in georgia in order for my campaign to do well. >> put the pressure on himself. tell us how the republican candidates are doing. sometimes you can read into the strategy by how and where they
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spend their time. >> i just found this out in the last ten minutes. newt gingrich -- i'm keeping secrets. we know that newt gingrich was off the campaign trail today and did the sunday shows this morning. we know because of a tweet from his wife that they were in virginia and had a birthday dinner. interesting two days before super tuesday newt gingrich is out having a birthday dinner. come tomorrow he is back on the campaign trail. he is going to be in ten campaigning in tennessee. meanwhile rick santorum will be in ohio as will mitt romney. of course ron paul will be in idaho. on super tuesday rick santorum will be in ohio. mitt romney will be in ohio. newt gingrich will be here and ron paul will be in the caucus state of north dakota. >> are they going to be where they think they will fare the
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best? >> i think so. >> good stuff. sorry your tie didn't make the trip. >> it's cool down here. i don't want a neck tie. >> it's warm down here. cnn is the only place to be on super tuesday starting with the special edition of "john king, usa." . israeli prime minister meets tomorrow morning with president obama at the white house. sunday he welcomed the president's remarks. mr. obama said that preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in the national security interests of israel and the u.s. more on the speech and the monday meeting. >> reporter: president obama talked tough on iran and delivered new assurances to israel. >> whenever an effort is make to delegitimize the state of israel
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my administration has opposed them. so there should not be a shred of doubt by now when the chips are down, i have israel's back. >> reporter: with an election year backed for a high stakes meeting iran's nuclear program and how to deal with a looming threat are fuelling tensions. >> will materialize. >> we are heading into dangerous territory because the israeli/u.s. partnership has been under strain. >> reporter: at the center for strategic and international studies says while the u.s. and israel share the same objectives they don't always share the same strategy. >> the obama administration is going to try to convince the israeli prime minister to give
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sanctions a bit more time to work while the israeli prime minister will try to convince the president that time is running out. >> reporter: the white house has insisted all options including military action remain on the table. while some critics may doubt the resolve, in a recent interview he said as president of the united states i don't bluff. there seems to be less clarity about the red line throughout the use of military force. >> speculation about what we would do if this were to happen and what would trigger what response is not something i would do here from the podium and is not productive to the success of our policy. >> reporter: president obama and prime minister have met.
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even though the relationship is often characterized as frosty or dysfunctional the white house down plays their differences. the president said that the relationship is "very functional." while he admitted that they aren't always aligned on every issue he insisted they share the same goals. coming up next here on cnn he is on the political trail and all fired up. i'm talking about dan rather right after the break. grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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less than 48 hours away from
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super tuesday, one of the biggest battles of the primary season. contest in ten states all at once. 419 delegates at state. legendary anchorman, dan rather, is covering super tuesday. i asked him if super tuesday is more important because of the gop, they're having such a hard time uniting behind one candidate at this time. >> the question remains as it has been through most of the primary and caucus season, can anybody stop mitt romney. i think it is important to note as you did a few minutes ago that this doesn't mean even if mitt romney should do extremely well on tuesday night it will not mean that the nominating process is over. far from it. i believe this will go at least deep into may and maybe right through the early part of june. it may not be settled until they get to the nominating convention
1:24 am
in august. this is the context in which this super tuesday is being held that mitt romney has come from behind in the polls to draw at least ohio. if he can do well in tennessee and demonstrate he can do well in a southern state he will have taken a major step. here is what to look for. more than 400 delegate votes are at stake. if any candidate takes four or five of ten that candidate will be called the winner of the day. for mitt romney, if he gets say 170 or 75 to 205 to 210 of those votes this would be a giant step forward. if he doesn't it will raise more questions about if this is the guy we want to go with. this is a key voting time with
1:25 am
ten states and more than 400 delegates at stake but it will not be decisive, not yet and i think not for a while. >> i want to follow up more on what you were saying. we hear a lot in the media about how long and grueling this race is compared to past years. is that true? is it really unusual to see so much uncertainty this late in the primary season? >> it is not unprecedented. 1988 when you had a lot of candidates running was up and down. the last presidential time around with hillary clinton and barack obama. to have this many candidates and to have things this unclear is unusual. i don't subscribe to the idea that in the end this would necessarily be hurtful for the republicans, that mitt romney is a much better candidate today.
1:26 am
i'm saying he is better than he was. to go through 20 debates, all of these states, super tuesday, the republican candidate will be tough to beat in november. i know there is a school of thought that says obama is going to walk in november. anybody who thinks that i think is dream dreaming. mitt romney is the republican nominee, this is going to be a tough close race and a race president obama could lose. dan rather. coming up next. opposition forces come under rocket attack. that and more of the day's news coming up. rush limbaugh saying he is sorry for calling an activist a slut. is it too little too late? with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner.
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celebrated as they left the town of rastan today. they said they had driven troops from the town. as soon as they moved out a barrage. elsewhere intense street fighting killed 59 people. hospitals are overflowing with the woundedarve an explosion at an arms depot in the republic of congo's capitol. the government says at least 123
1:30 am
people were killed in that blast. it is thought an electrical short caused the fire. vladimir putin is calling for unity after winning a third term as president of russia. he will give up his current job as prime minister. one of the opponents says putin won by massive fraud. president obama meets tomorrow at the white house with israeli prime minister. today the president told the pro israel lobbying group that preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in the interest of israel and the u.s. the president's words remain an option to stop iran from becoming a nuclear state. that includes a military effort to be prepared for any contingency. it is time now for no
1:31 am
talking points. here he is on wednesday. >> what does it say about the college coed susan fluke who goes before congressional committee and essentially says she must be paid to have sex? what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? it makes her a prostitute. she wants to be paid to have sex. >> rush limbaugh on thursday. >> so mrs. fluke and the rest of you femmen nazis. we want you to post the videos online so we can all watch. >> rush limbaugh on friday. >> obama just called sandra
1:32 am
fluke to make sure she was all right. that is so compassionate. what a great guy. >> and rush limbaugh on saturday. we want to be fair so i'm going to read his entire statement, a statement he calls it of apology. for over 20 years i have illustrated the ubsurd with ubsurdity. in this instance i chose the wrong words. i ended up kneeing a personal attack. i think it is absolutely absurd that we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of congress. i personally do not agree that american citizens should pay for these activities. where do we draw the line? if this is accepted as the norm, what will follow? will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneaks for
1:33 am
all students that are interested in running to keep fit. in my monologue i posted that it is not our business to know what is going on in anyone's bedroom nor do i think it is a topic that should reach a presidential level. my choice of words was not the best and in the attempt to be humorous i created -- >> at least six have reportedly cancelled or suspended advertisement. limb bah is not the first personality to use such a language. the left has done it, too, a number of times. >> president obama is going to be visiting joplin, missouri on sunday. they are talking about this right wing slut, laurie ingram, she is a talk slut. >> that is ed schultz in may.
1:34 am
there was similar outrage from the right and the left. he was suspended for a week without pay and apologized. and the media including this network reported on it just as in the recent rush limbaugh incident. >> it is a sexually derogatory term and he is smart to defend it by this is what i meant to say. he realizes what he did. >> here is tonight's no talking point. both republican and democrat have said to me this weekend no woman regardless of believes deserves to be called such demeaning words. this is simply about respect and in this case respecting women. that's tonight's no talking points. up next a look at big stories we'll be focusing on in the week ahead and what you can
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week ahead. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> reporter: president obama and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu have met three times over the last three years. iran and its nuclear program will be sdprunt center as president obama pushes for a diplomatic solution. on wednesday the president heads to the key battle ground state of north carolina, an event in charlotte expected to focus on the economy. this week in washington two
1:38 am
countries for the pentagon to continue to worry about. first up syria. as the killing continues there defense secretary will be on capitol hill trying to explain to congress what the pentagon has in mind, if anything, about the crisis in that country. and as u.s. and israeli officials hold talks this week about the crisis over iran the pentagon will also be on the hot seat trying to explain whether it has any new ideas about how to make iran turn away from its nuclear ambitions. coming up this week on wall street more earnings from kaechs including anheuser busch. the economy will be important over the all important february jobs report. we'll get key manufacturing readings on monday and expecting good news out of apple. the company is holding an event in california on wednesday and all bets are that it will
1:39 am
release the ipad 3. we'll keep an eye on that on cnn money. here is what we are watching this week. fran drecher's bold new move, the star is going to tell me why she is prepare toog officiate a gay marriage and opens up about how she found out her ex-husband is gay. continuing now our look ahead. jackie in the severe weather center. it sounds like the people who got hit last week getting hit again. >> not severe weather. we are talking snow and rain on top of tornado ravaged areas. we could be looking at one to three inches. called in and said snow flakes are calling. we are seeing that on our radar image. southern indiana and southern parts of ohio and eastern kentucky and west virginia those places seeing the rain changing
1:40 am
to snowfall and accumulating. that will stick around through tomorrow morning and then high pressure builds in and clears things out. the other concern is that the temperatures are going to be very cold behind it. freezing conditions overnight tonight and still a lot of people whose homes are fine but they don't have power. and there you can see the big picture for the weather map tomorrow. our clipper moves towards the mid-atlantic and a big storm in the pacific northwest. tomorrow's commute tonight. the top five cities you don't want to be included in, city number five, atlanta, georgia, blustery conditions expected here tomorrow. weatherwise fine outside of the wind. dallas, texas could be seeing gusts up to 25 miles. that could cause issues at the airports. city number three, baltimore, maryland looking for light rain and snow but low clouds could cause problems. city number two, washington,
1:41 am
d.c. your neighbor with the rain and snow. and city number one we've got a tower cam to show you from what's the city? you know this one. space needle. >> seattle. >> hint, hint. seattle. >> that monitor is tiny. >> you can see the shaking going on. strong cold front moving through for seattle. looking at rain and snow levels might reach all of the valleys and could pick up a slushy inch or so. >> can we show people have small that monitor is on that camera. >> he's like i really know my geography better than this. >> i do. it is a little tv. we called each other. collaborated. up next this man became one
1:42 am
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anytime, anywhere with online and mobile banking. real guidance and solutions from a regions personal savings and debt review. plus, at regions, you'll get the award-winning service people are talking about. it's financial control - well, like you haven't had before. wow. ( bike bell) unbelievable. james was a dominant voice among atlanta's black radio and in an all white medium until he became one of the first black
1:45 am
djs. looking back he would say that is what mattered, blunt, never dull. >> you can always get a good deal on getting your hair done at betty's hair fashion. if your hair has come out or is coming out, you are about bald headed you ought to do something about it because no man wants no bald headed woman. you go and put some hair on that head, you hear? >> i'm 92 years old. i was about 47 somewhere around that time. i went with werd. this was a new thing in the community. negroonly. >> he he had a personality perfect for radio and had a way of insulting the sponsors and doing things that would get you fired today. i'm tom roach and i produced and directed and edited a
1:46 am
documentary about alley pat. in the 1970s i was recording a lot of air checks of alley pat because i thought the show was so interesting and funny. >> it's all right to leave him with him if he is sober. if he ain't sober you take the car home with you. >> talk about an eating place and how bad the food was there. can you talk about how bad the food is and people would flock to this place to eat the bad food because alley pat said that is the place to go eat anyway. >> people loved to be humiliated. call me an s.o.b. but don't ignore me. >> all right. nobody does it like bishop charls. >> in atlanta werd not only played good music but gave us our news. it was probably the only station
1:47 am
that was able to report on the civil rights movement objectively. >> alley pat was at the pulse of atlanta when he was on air. he was at the heart of what was going on in the city. >> the white kids had the slip down to auburn avenue to hear this. i know their mothers and fathers called it colored music. that's where they wanted to go. the royal peacock. we would bring the high class act. one sunday afternoon the police were there when we opened that afternoon. and they were talking to us saying you can't. you are disobeying the law because you can't have white and black under the same roof. you could get you a rope.
1:48 am
listen to how stupid this is. get you a rope and stretch it down the middle of the bar room. whites on one side of the rope and blacks on the other side of the rope. after ten or 15 minutes nobody gave a damn. everybody was drunk. >> i did this movie for free to hand back to atlanta history and to alley pat and his family. >> the music is recorded and i'm here and i know you're glad anybody is here other than them gospel folk. >> got to love it. whether thin mints are your thing or you're all about the tag alongs, you better think twice before you try to cross a girl scout. a couple of thugs in texas found out a hard way. the story behind the daring dosy dough cookie heist next. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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check your headlines. her story captured hearts around the nation. 14-month-old angal babcock survived a twister that killed her family. her tiny body thrown into an indiana field.
1:52 am
her hold on life was too fragile. angel died a few hours ago after she was taken off of life support. fire officials say the search for a four-year-old boy is now a recovery operation. samuel jones went missing saturday evening. his body was spotted at the bottom of a home. officials don't believe he survived the fall. a rescue team is trying to recover the body. mass murderer jeffrey domer is still causing pain. a sister is calling a walk evil. the online deal maker group on sold discounted tickets until criticism forced it to stop. some pretty brazen thieves in texas decide today rob a group of girl scouts selling
1:53 am
cookies outside a wal-mart. police say he walked up and grabbed the money box and ran to his car. these girls didn't give up without a fight. two suffered minor injuries while trying to chase after the car. >> i started hitting the boy in the passenger seat. i think he learned his lesson a little bit. >> the men got away with about $200. the girls will be okay. some call it the last great race on earth. just a day after picking off the first dog race group had to be changed. 66 and their dogs left anchorage saturday to begin the nearly 1,000 mile threat. the snowfall has made the terrain even more treacherous. nazi war planes hidden beneath an indiana war field. bit by bit working to uncover.
1:54 am
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1:57 am
happening today. this is in north carolina. we wanted to start out with video to show you. take a look at the lights. this is brown mountain in north carolina during the day. but when the sun goes down look at this. stories and sightings of the lights are still having people wondering what is causing that. this is in the blue ridge foothills. nobody really knows what causes this. take a look and take a listen to the next video. >> to your right there. >> look at that. look at that. i got a blue. i got a blue light. there it is again. >> that was a shot by josh. the things that have been consistent about this is it is the same place just above the horizon, these little orbs of
1:58 am
light that seem to be floating around in the area. believe it or not the usgs researched this in the 1920s and said we think this is lights from automobiles. >> that or a flare from like an airplane or something. >> that's a good guess. a bridge got washed out so the lights still appear so that theory went out the window. a geology professor says there is a high concentration of quartz and granite in the mountain and that can cause some kind of electrical connection. they are starting to make money off of this. there has been a song written about it. there is a beer made called brown mountain lite. do you have another mystery? what is it? >> it's jesus or at least what one new mexico man says when he
1:59 am
was eating a tortilla on ash wednesday. this was in new mexico. he said nothing would surprise him when it comes to a higher power. you can be the judge on that one. 20 seconds. >> this is nazi secrets being revealed in a field in indiania. 67 years ago freedom field airport was a place where they took planes from germany. they took them apart and put them back together called reversed engineering. at the time the technology was better than ours. what happened to the planes. there were 81 different ones. they are finding them underground. they buried them so hundreds of pieces of planes have been found. they haven't found the big fuse lodge so far but they are hoping once the ground thaws out a bit. >> can we


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