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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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so it's great to say, how does anyone else hear this? ♪ [ applause ] >> evanescence, thank you. if you watch enough, you know we do these music mondays each and every monday on the show. check out my other ones on my blog and tweet me. i love to hear from some of you artists pushing me. now this. top of the hour here. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. a couple stories we're working for you. president obama insisting no option is off the table when it comes to iran. also senator john mccain calls on air strikes moments ago with regard to syria. critics are calling vladimir putin's win a fraud and possibly a game changer. on this monday, time to play reporter roulette.
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let's begin now at the white house. huge meeting today on the subject of iran between president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. with that story we go to correspondent dan lothian. dan, tell me what happened today. >> reporter: officials saying that meeting between president obama and prime minister netanyahu lasted about two hours, and then they moved on to a working lunch. according to these senior officials, the message remains unchanged. the position on iran that they should not get a nuclear weapon as opposed to what the israelis are looking for, a much lower threshold, which is iran not acquiring nuclear capability. in all, though, the two leaders try to portray a sense of unity. president obama saying that the u.s. does have israel's back, but benjamin netanyahu saying that israel is responsible for its own security. >> israel must have the ability always to defend itself by
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itself against any threat, and that when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the sovereign right, to make its own decisions. >> reporter: now, president obama is calling for patience, believing that diplomacy can work here, that the sanctions that have been brought on iran can eventually work, and so no rush to war with iran. certainly, though, a lot of differences here remain between the u.s. and israel, but try to put on this face of unity, brooke. >> dan lothian, just 20 seconds. does this moment in time, does it represent netanyahu's moment of max leverage on the president vis-a-vis iran? >> reporter: well, it does, and i think the issue here, too, is that president obama is in the midst of an election year, so everything is viewed under the microscope of the political election. and so the timing of this
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certainly does give him some leverage here. but again, the u.s. position remains unchanged. president obama believing that there should be time given for diplomacy to work. >> dan lothian, thank you. senator john mccain now calling for air strikes on syrian government forces. that happened minutes ago. they're on the floor of this senate. let's go to barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, we were talking about this last hour. what specifically is he calling on? >> senator mccain giving a very impassioned speech about the flight of the american people, trying to get air strikes given to the syrian forces. he said time is not on the side of the syrian people. assad is on the march. lets listen to a little more of what the senator had to say. >> at the request of the syrian council, the free syrian army and local coordinating committees inside the country,
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the united states should lead an international effort to protect key population centers in syria, especially in the north, through air strikes on assad's forces. to be clear, this will require the united states to suppress enemy air defenses in at least part of the country. the ultimate goal of air strikes should be to establish and defend safe havens in syria, especially in the north in which opposition forces can organize and plan their political and military activities against assad. >> reporter: make no mistake, you are talking about sending u.s. pilots into a very heavy threat environment, very risky business. no indication here at the pentagon they want to see it happen. in fact, we just got a statement about secretary of defense leon panet panetta's reaction to all of this, and a senior pentagon official tells us that the
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secretary's feeling is he wants to look for ways to deal with the crisis but that, quote, intervention at this time could very well exacerbate problems inside the country. what they're really saying here is if they were to engage in military action, the fear is that assad's forces would react with even stronger violence. you could get iran involved in all of it. and you would have it spiralling upward. that's the concern. the senate will have a hearing about all of this on wednesday. it will be panetta versus mccain to some large extent before the senate armed services committee. brooke? >> we'll follow it wednesday and talk then. barbara starr, thanks so much from the pentagon. meanwhile, vladimir putin wins his election. he was actually moved to tears last night. we have phil black in moscow. despite the recent protests, he was in favor, was he not?
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>> reporter: he was indeed, brooke. yes, vladimir putin remains the popular leader across the country. in urban situations, his population has plummeted. he was expected to win, but what people dispute is the margin of victory. he won very comfortably. he came home with about 65% of the vote. people believe that is suspicious. that's why there are accusations of fraud and cheating being thrown around today. it's why once again there are tens and thousands of people on the streets of moscow protesting. >> to be more specific, when you talk about allegations of ballot stuffing, padded voter polls. can anything be done now beyond simply demonstrating? >> reporter: well, vladimir putin has said that all claims of cheating should be investigated. the problem is, we heard
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something similar before back in december of last year following parliamentary elections which were said to involve widespread cheating in favor of his own united russia party. that was the response there, that any allegations could be investigated, and if they were found to have any substance, well, in that case people would be prosecuted. but the government is generally quite dismissive of these allegations, or at least the extent of the allegations. they claim it's the opponent's, the opposition to vladimir putin who is doing this, and not near as extensive as it is, brooke. it's been called a game changer for the nearly 5 million diabetics in this country who use insulin. you have a story of this young girl who was the first to try this out, and gosh, we were talking about this this morning, an artificial pancreas? >> it really does sound quite amazing, doesn't it?
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sdp >> what does that mean for a diabetic? >> reporter: it could be a real game changer for diabetics. i spent some time with elli ellie fashim, and she is one of the people trying out this artificial pancreas. she has to poke her finger 10 to 12 times a day and has to estimate how much sugar she needs. she ends up having sugar lows. her mom gets her up every three hours at night because she has these sugar crashes. sometimes people die from these crashes. her mother has saved her life many times. so ellie jumped at the chance to be part of an experiment where they out fitted her with an artificial pancreas. so the device did the work for her. she didn't have to poke her finger, she didn't have to measure out how much insulin she needed. the device did all of that for her and sort of put it all on auto pilot, as it were. you can see there is a black bag
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around el,lie's neck, and that canes the artificial pancreas. this is for experimental purposes, but she said she had to leave it at the hospital. she couldn't bring it home because it is experimental, and she was quite sad that day. she really wanted to bring it home. this is ellie and her mom stephanie. >> i won't have to test my blood sugar, estimate how much insulin i have to take. >> we're very anxious to have the opportunity to use the device in a home setting. we spent three days at mass general hospital with the device, and we were very inspired by the promise and what a difference it could make in ellie's life. >> parents like stephanie are very invested, brooke, in seeing this approved. right now the u.s. is lagging behind many european countries. >> so we don't know yet when it could potentially be available in the home? >> reporter: it's interesting, the researchers think a device
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like this could be approved in the next four years. that's actually pretty soon. >> good deal. elizabeth cohen, thank you. coming up next, it is a scandal that's got a lot of america talking. knock out a player, get some cash. a new orleans saints coach said, yes, hurt 'em. get them carried away on a stretcher. this could spread big time. stay with me. my mother froze everything. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention that i came up with is the hot dog ez bun steamer. steam is the key to a great hot dog.
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...we inspected his brakes for free. free is good. free is very good. my money. my choice. my meineke. we have talked quite a bit before about the blunt force trauma in the nfl that sometimes resulted in lifetime
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debilitating injuries. the new orleans saints apparently paid their players to hurt their opponents. the pictures we're showing, we're not saying these hits were overly brutal or these particular saints were involved, but the nfl probe concluded 27 players took part in this poll which was run by then defensive coach brad williams. he's pretty much admitted the whole thing is true. he is quoted as saying it was a terrible, terrible mistake. 27 players, ed? talk to me. what do you know? >> reporter: up to 27 players, and it's interesting, brooke, that picture you just showed of that saints players hitting brett favre when he played for the minnesota vikings, that was the nfc championship game back in 2009, and it is actually one of the players that the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell, mentions by name in his statement that they put out on friday saying that they're looking at allegations of when
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the saints played brett favre specifically. these allegations dating back three years, and essentially what the nfl is saying is they have multiple sources saying there was an organized effort here by the defensive coordinator of the saints, greg williams, and they have created a fund that might have had up to $50,000, and based on players' performances, they would be paid out of that fund. they could be paid up to $1500 for a player knocked out of the game, $1,000 to knock out a player that had to be carted off the field and also interceptions and fumbles and that sort of thing. what they are saying is this has gone up to a new level, and the nfl is saying it's a clear violation of its rules. there is a clause that says non-contract bonuses are not allowed. and brooke, that is why this is such a big deal. >> this can't be tolerated. that's what we're hearing from the nfl commissioner, roger goodell. i guess looking long term, what could we be talking about here?
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fines? could some of these players possibly be suspended? >> i think suspension will be very likely a scenario. to what degree is still unknown at this point. commissioner goodell says he is looking at all of the evidence that has been turned over in this investigation which the nfl said is very deep, some 50,000 documents worth of information that they are poring over as well. so this could be some incredibly harsh and intense sanctions that are levied against players, coaches, to what extent the team might be held accountable is also still very much up in the air. interestingly enough, greg williams no longer coaches with the saints. he is now a coach with the st. louis rams. so if he does miss games, a team that had nothing to do with this particular case, would be punished here as well. all of that kind of adds to the drama swirling around the new orleans saints right now. >> thank you so much. erin burnett is going to be speaking with former player coy
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wiler. he is passionate when speaking about head injuries. we have incredible new video to show you. a man pushes the record button as a tornado comes barrelling straight for you. plus, families trying to see through the snow here what's left of their homes today.
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first tornadoes, now snow in kentucky. images of the monster weather system that shredded towns, neighborhoods are still coming out. here's one from one survivor who stays calm despite the whirling
3:19 pm
chaos in front of him. >> now, guys, let's go! please! please! get in here! >> all right. oh, my god. no, no. we're all right. we're all right. >> you could hear his sister screaming at him to please come inside. the cleanup really now begins after a storm system that impacted a good portion of the country. reports of tornadoes and storm damage came from 16 different states, 16.
3:20 pm
members of fema are now on-site, hundreds of national guard troops are helping out those in indiana and kentucky as well. i want to go to kentucky, to rob marciano standing in the mess, in the snow in west liberty. you were saying lack of power and lack of communication have been major challenges for folks in that area. >> yeah, that's just the scope of it. for this town, the whole town is wiped out. there is virtually no building that went untouched. because this tornado at one point was a mile wide. imagine, if you will, pry afternoon around 5:30, the tornado coming up and over that ridge, spiralling down into this valley and just progressing across the center of this town and taking out nearly everything in its sight. most of the debris has been cleared off the road, but it's just really been pushed up against the sidewalk, kind of like sweeping things under the rug. just enough to get the work crews in here so they can do further work, so they can string power poles, so they can get some roofing supplies in here to
3:21 pm
whatever structures somewhat remain, to get contractors in here like across the street that are setting up plywood and boarding up windows. that's the old courthouse there. any sort of equipment that we can get in here. residents have not been allowed to come in. but there have also been government workers to take documents out of the courthouse and also some business owners, and i ran into one gentleman who was helping to patch a hole up in a building next to a church. he actually came right up face to face with the twister on friday night. >> there was houses -- i knew it was over there because i knew there was houses to my left there that was blowing stuff back at it, like a circle wind. i was kind of dodging those in my car. finally i made a right turn and went right up against the side of the school that wasn't being damaged so bad. it took this end off, and we realized it was hitting us -- it damaged the back of our car, the
3:22 pm
taillights and bumpers and everything, but we were safe. >> reporter: he's a friend of the pastor of the church. that friend is staying in a hotel about a half mile from here, and he said, puif you cano into the buildings and they can on them. that's the bank, probably 100 years old. they'll probably have to demolish that building. you really don't know where to start. our hearts go out to the victims because there's 12,000 people that live here, brooke. on top of that, this is the lifeblood by surrounding communities. the county feeds off this town. if this town shuts down, that somehow paralyzes the entire morgan county, so that's frustrating going forward. >> do they feel like they're getting the help they need, rob? >> fema just showed up. they had first responders, the first response team of america,
3:23 pm
he showed wup with his gear. that will obviously be increasing as time goes by. the first responders go out and the contractors come in. it's a difficult place to get to, and that's been a struggle as well. it's not like tuscaloosa where you have folks down the street that can come in. it takes a while to get down here. eastern kentucky is rugged terrain. you've got hills and valleys and mountains. and that's another thing. one thing they're up against, four inches of snow making things colder and more dangerous. >> challenge after challenge. rob marciano, we're thinking of all those folks there impacted in indiana and kentucky. meantime, we're now less than 24 hours until super tuesday. and why is this race so important when it comes to the race to the white house? and why should so much emphasis be placed on ohio? that's next. asy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents.
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borrowed technology from ferrari to develop its suspension system?
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or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs. a political battle goes to super tuesday tomorrow. it could clear up the field.
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i don't know, could, possibly, for someone out of the race, possibly not. more than one-third of the delegates the candidates need to win the nomination. it's so exciting, gloria borger. we've got so many caucuses, and try to tell us why super tuesday is so key. >> the beginning of the end. for example, mitt romney, if he were to win ohio and maybe win a southern state like tennessee, which, by the way, in 2008, he did not win -- >> he didn't win a single deep south state. >> not at all. but if he does, then you'll see the inevitability factor kick in, which, by the way, he just won five races coming into super tuesday, and what we've started to see so far is some leading conservatives coming out saying, you know what, we're going to support mitt romney. so if he were to do well -- and again, it depends on what metric you use. i would use the popular vote. we care about delegates,
3:28 pm
obviously, but say you win half of the 419 delegates and wins ohio, does well in tennessee, then i think you're going to start to see the beginning of the end. whether that means anyone else gets out is another matter. >> we talked so much about ohio because why? it's a bit of a microcosm, is it not? >> it's a huge microcosm. no candidate has ever won the is the -- the presidency without winning ohio. it's got everything, blue collar, white collar, everything. democrats can vote in this primary so you're going to have the appeal of the crossover candidate. will those reagan democrats come out and vote for rick santorum, for example, as he hopes? so a very important state not only tomorrow night but also in the presidential race.
3:29 pm
key. >> it's interesting, and i was listening to part of the coverage last tuesday and it was mitt romney really claiming michigan, and michigan was similar to ohio, and it wasn't a huge win for him in michigan, right, and that's where his father was governor, so he may not win ohio. >> he may not win. he doesn't have the home state advantage here in ohio, but he is spending 4 or 5 to 1 when it comes up against rick santorum, so he has money going for him. >> what about women? >> this is a huge story that i think is evolving in this republican race right now. >> how so? >> i think it began when the president -- a lot of people in the white house would admit made a political misstep on the issue of contraception in the catholic church which has become flipped on its head as a result of the presidential campaign and rush limbaugh and has become an issue of contraception. the wall street journal nbc news poll today shows an astonishing
3:30 pm
number. when you put barack obama against mitt romney, there is, with women, an 18-point gap. let me point out that romney does very well with women among republicans. so you look at that gender gap, and it's a gender gulch now, and i would argue that what we've seen in this race so far is that they've really hurt their brand, particularly, and if you look at the internals of this poll, with suburban women voters. they have been up for grabs, suburban women. we're not happy with barack obama, particularly, and now they seem to be looking at the republican ranks and saying, you know what? i don't think i want to be a member of that group. now -- >> do you feel like the candidates are speaking to that particular demographic? >> well, i think that barack obama is now speaking to that particular demographic, which is why he sort of said, oh, by the way, i'm going to be the commencement speaker at barnard,
3:31 pm
which is a women's college. not a coincidence. i think they're really making a play for women and republicans have to be really careful about that. very careful. >> we see ann romney speaking a whole lot, so perhaps that's an attempt, right? >> and rick santorum talking about his 92-year-old mother. >> not a coincidence. >> not at all. we're important. >> i know we are. thank you. we'll be up late tomorrow night as part of our coverage, right. tomorrow at noon, wolf blitzer will be hosting the super tuesday. gloria bolger, thank you very much. they call themselves geeks, nerds and they're introducing the world of arts that seems impossible to pull off. this is all part of cnn's next list. >> it wasn't until i got to college that i realized i also had a sort of exhibitionist
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performance side to me as well. and at that point, that side of my life exploded and i became a circus performer and a juggler and a fire dancer and toured with a band all over the world. i feel like now i'm sort of bringing those two sides of me, the childhood super nerd and the later in life circus performer together in one package here. >> don't forget to watch cnn's brand new show "the next list" featuring some of america's brightest minds. dr. sanjay gupta is host. you can watch it sundays at 2:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. was there a second gunman in the murder of bobby kennedy? the long-time conspiracy theory is going to court. plus, remember the gang member who had the crime scene ta tottooed on his chest?
3:33 pm
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listen to this one. a convicted killer has gotten more than $30,000 in unemployment checks while behind bars. anthony garcia was caught because he tattooed a mural of the murder scene on his chest. now his friends and family are in trouble for cashing these checks, and the "new york times" said they were giving the money to garcia and other incarcerated gang members. we talked about this guy before. i read the article in the l.a. times this morning and said, what? how could something like this happen? >> isn't that something, brooke? i remember we did this on the case last year when he -- when detectives found that he had the crime scene tattooed on his chest. many people are saying this is some sort of loophole in the
3:37 pm
system, what we're really talking about is unemployment benefits fraud. what happened here was while he was in prison, his father and two of his girlfriends were collecting the checks for him and then placing those checks in his jail account and also spreading that money around to some other gang members. and so i wouldn't necessarily term this, you know, a loophole but rather, criminal behavior, which is what his father and his girlfriends are looking at. my understanding, brooke, at this point is they've been charged with unemployment fraud as well as some other unrelated charges. >> it just got me thinking, could this be happening anywhere else? and could he himself, anthony garcia, you know, have more charges slapped, you know, on his behalf? maybe a longer time in jail because of this? i don't know. >> that's right, we don't know yet whether or not he will be charged with something, but we do know that it is illegal to
3:38 pm
collect unemployment benefits while in prison. so i suspect, brooke, that the investigation will continue not only into his behavior but a more widespread investigation to determine whether or not, in fact, this is going on in other jails around the country. so this may very well be that cautionary tale for investigators. >> story number 2. lawyers for the convicted killer of senator bobby kennedy making new claims here. what are they saying? >> this is remarkable, actually. they filed some papers in federal court saying that sir hanser han was not the shooter of bobby kennedy, rather, there was a second shooter. they have audiotape recordings to show that 13 bullets were fired but sirhan sirhan's gun
3:39 pm
only had eight bullets. they're saying that even if he were involved in this that he had been hypnotized by co-conspirators to fire shots of diversion for the actual assassin. and they say they have some evidence to support it. some of that evidence isn't in the court papers, rather, they're looking for an evident anteri evidentiary hearing to make that public. >> does this mean that sirhan sirhan wouldn't be going to trial? >> they're saying he should be freed because of all these egregious errors. the california attorney general's office has responded. they're saying there is overwhelming evidence that sirhan sirhan killed. he's going to be 68. he's been held in prison for the majority of his life, so his attorneys are working to get him
3:40 pm
a new trial, work to go free him. it's certainly a case i'm going to be following because the conspiracy theory has been out there for quite some time, and now it's been flushed out a little bit more in federal court. >> we'll be talking about it, sunny hostin. now this. here he is, chasing down prince harry partying in the caribbean. plus, find out what happens when the prince's boat breaks down, next. to bring everything, available seating for up to seven people to take everyone, and the grip of available all-wheel drive to go everywhere. think of it as a search engine helping you browse the real world. this march, get no extra charge third-row seating plus 0% financing on dodge journey.
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. one heck of a way to spend a business trip. prince harry in the caribbean celebrating his grandmother's 61st year since taking the throne. >> reporter: this was a big test for prince harry representing the queen. she's entrusted him to do this properly. let's see how he did.
3:44 pm
a street party awaited him. he's here representing his grandmother, the queen, who is head of state. then we saw harry the party prince. he sampled local dishes, including cow foot soup and washed it down with some punchy local cocktails. after all that, how could he turn down an invitation to dance? well, prince harry didn't disappoint. he came to this street festival. he drank, he even danced. the next morning, harry hit the great outdoors, climbing to the top of the mayan temple, a prince clearly with a head for heights. this was a whirlwind tour of less than 24 hours. and before we knew it, harry was in the bahamas and in tropical military uniform. a quick change and time to tease his brother, william, about landing a trip to paradise. >> i'll certainly be showing off
3:45 pm
about it to my brother and sister-in-law when i return home. >> you met diana when she came to the bahamas. and now you're going to meet harry. >> her baby, her baby. >> third generation. >> it's wonderful. >> he was off again. it was difficult keeping up with him. we're headed to the airport to catch up with prince harry. he's always one step ahead. while we're still chasing prince harry, we're in a boat on the way to harbor islands in the bahamas. hopefully we'll get there before him. harry, meanwhile, was at breakneck speed in his boat. until it broke down. luckily, there was a spare. >> of course there was a spare. matt foster, thank you. we'd like to talk about robots, but a robot that can sprint up to 18 miles an hour? we're going to introduce you to the cheetah robot. ♪
3:46 pm
oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen
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we like to showcase the leading edge of technology on this show from time to time, so how about a robot that can sprint? take a look at cheat this cheet. this is from the super engineers at darpa. this shows a prototype robot. it is galloping at a whopping 18 miles an hour. the previous record, in case you're curious, is 13 miles per hour. that was set back in 1989. so this little guy was born from darpa's maximum mobility or mp3 program. the program was made to learn just how far we can push robotics, and while this was
3:49 pm
running on a treadmill, a free running prototype is made to test later this year. if you are a member of the military, the security line at the airport is about to get a lot faster for you. they're going to roll out a pre-check lane in d.c. if all goes well, 35 airports will have them so all active duty and military troops are eligible for that. i want to talk briefly about the big meeting at the white house today between benjamin netanyahu and president obama. i just read your blog on the commercial break. >> what did you think? >> i think you're skeptical of anything happening. you said they're talking too much. >> if sisrael is really serious about bombing iran, they wouldn't be talking about it. they would just do it. remember when they bombed the syrian nuclear
3:50 pm
no. in 1981, you were still in elementary school at the time but i remember covering it. the israelis bombed the iraqi facility. they just did it, they didn't talk about it. all this talk, i think there's other things going on. you have to read my blog because i answer that question in the blog, in part, what's going on, a little psychological warfare right now to squeeze the international community. the israelis are getting ready to do it but they want the sanctions to go after the iranian oil exports, to stop pie nancing the iranian regime that does ought the financial transactions. they're now under sanction. i think the israelis have other objectives as well and in the end if it comes down to a military strike they would much prefer to see the u.s. do it. they have bigger bombs and all that. so there's a lot of stuff going on right now and we'll discuss it in "the situation room" and we have some experts coming in and they might disagree with me.
3:51 pm
>> i think some probably will. >> what else you have coming up? >> a brand new cnn poll in ohio. get ready. at the top of the hour, we'll release what's going on in the ohio presidential republican race for tomorrow. and georgia, as well, it's do-or-die, as he himself acknowledges, newt gingrich. two new polls, ohio and georgia, these are the biggest contests coming up tomorrow. super tuesday, we like to call it. >> all over it. >> you'll be working. >> i'll be working. >> i'll be working right along with you. still to come for us, quite the story, a high school kid makes a game-winning shots and moments later he collapses on the court and dies. now an investigation reveals a serious threat for many youk kids. parents, do not miss this next! i've had surgery and yes, i have occasional constipation.
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it was about a year ago this week that a high school hoopster he made the shot and then minutes later he dropped and died. he was wes leonard and 16 years of age and the autopsy showed that he had an enlarged heart that at the time of his death weighed twice the amount it should have weighed. we have a rulely beautiful article that was written about this young man here in the magazine's current issue and i
3:55 pm
encourage everyone. the legacy of wes leonard. i got teary-eyed at the end. it's a tragic, tragic story about wes. from what i read in your piece there was never any indication that something was wrong with him? >> that's true. the cardiologist said he played the whole season with his heart literally, breaking. and the way he described it was that it went from all to nothing, like a bridge that collapses. one day it supports find and then the next day it crashes into the river and that's what happens to wes. >> and before we get to your bridge analogy, that's the line i want to read. this kid was not only a tar on the hard court but the football field and you talk about how he tossed two winning touchdowns and end up taking off his pads and his clavicle is shows through his shoulder. he's hurt but he was tough. was that part of the problem? >> you know, it's possible. his parents, of course, now go
3:56 pm
back and say, were there signs that we missed? you know? and there weren't. i mean, he just fought through anything. he seemed to be normal the whole time, so nothing anyone could have done. >> i want to read your analogy to his heart to a bridge. this really put it in perspective for me. wes leonard's heart went from all to nothing like a collapsed bridge. the bridge holds up for years and slowly worn down by the weight of cars and ravages of weather. bolts work loose and a billion vehicles without incident and then one rush hour it all falls into the river, which is what happened that night. o'so the cardiologists at cincinnati children's hospital say it was a rare genetic condition? right. >> 1 in 5,000 have it? >> they call it arvc. it sort of separates the cells in his heart muscle and it cull
3:57 pm
nated in this condition. >> and what can help is a defibrillator? >> right. >> and that's part of the tragedy of the story. >> there was a defibrillator in that building. but as it turned out, the better was dead. it couldn't save him. >> so the nurse from the stands rushes down with the defibrillator and it's not working and so he dies? >> who knows for sure. he might have died anyway. but they couldn't help him. credit to his parents, they never talk about the blame game. they're all about how do we move forward and make the best out of this. >> speaking of making the best out of it, his mother started the wes leonard heart teams. tell me about that. >> it's on organization dedicated to providing defibrillators to sports teams all around the country and something they're trying to do is get a law passed in michigan requiring these defibrillators in school. she texted me this afternoon
3:58 pm
saying that they aren't having much luck. they need more support. >> hopefully people that are listening will help. thank you so much, thomas lake, an amazing piece on "si." the radio show host, rush limbaugh, called the come a slut. the move comes two days after he apologized for his comments and in a couple of minutes you'll hear how limbaugh is responding to advertisers today. and a pharmacy in new jersey accidentally gives children breast cancer treatment pills instead of fluoride pills. the "star ledger" reports the mix-up went on for two months at the cvs in chatham. they say about 50 kids may have been given the wrong medication. apparently the pills look alike. according to medical experts, the children -- and that if
3:59 pm
you've been identified as having these med kalgss you should contact your physician. >> as for cvs they say they're deeply sorry for the mistake. and journalist mary colvin's body will be back in the states tomorrow. she and a photographer were killed in intense shelling in homs, the epicenter of the recent violence and the u.n. is saying that there are more than 7500 people are dead. angry protesters in milwaukee shouting out during the launch of a new jeffrey dahmer walking tour? how he disposed of the their bodies? how he killed them? despite the protest, they say the tours will


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