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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 10, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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back now to cnn saturday for the latest headlines. have a great weekend, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- and good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. here's what's happening right now. high-level diplomatic talks to stop the bloodshed in syria. even as more people are killed today in the government's brutal crackdown, aisle get a live update on the talks. today the republicans who want to be president are hoping kansas voters choose them. we are live at a caucus site. and newly released video shows the power of last week's tornado in west liberty, kentucky. new violence in syria is overshadowing high-stakes diplomatic efforts to stop the
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country's bloodshed. the president sat down but even as they talked of peace, akty vafts say tanks and artillery pounded more syrian cities. nic robertson is watching developments from neighboring beirut, lebanon. nic, a lot happening today. they're actually calling today's talks so positive, but has there been any real progress? >> if you look at what's happening on the ground in syria, you have to say there's been absolutely zero progress toward a cease-fire, which is his specific aim, his number one objective while in syria is to get a cease-fire, as he says, not only from the government but also from the opposition side. but if you look at what's happening in the northern city, which is really one of the last strong holds of the free syrian army if one of them can describe them as having strongholds in the country but one of the areas where i thaefr oob had a large
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number of fighters, it's relatively close to the border of turkey, there's been a serious ramped up there, large tanks seen. the akty viefts in the city describing the city as essentially under siege surrounded by troops, people too afraid to go out of their homes, people being arrested. 19 killed in that video, 16 of them free syrian airmen fighters. that does not sound like progress. so when syrian state tv describes those talks as positive, it really seems to belie the fact on the ground, randi. >> we spoke with an activist earlier this morning and he told us the military is surrounding the city. why do you think idliib is so significant? >> activists have said what they belong believed would be to quell the oppositions in homs.
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they managed to destroy the neighborhood. they're still shelling neighborhoods in homs. they would move north, this activist said so the first town to fall. hammered to the north of it there's been many deaths there. the activists there say there's a very strong military presence. when you move further north you get to idlib where they've had some sort of free run of the area there, partly because of the proximity to the border of turkey, partly because of the farmland around that particular area. if he can do that, crush them as he has essentially in homs, then he's going to take a big step forward into sort of dispersing the free syrian army and really
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to say i've won and the opposition won't have a strong foot to stand on, to continue to rise up against his rule. >> nic robertson, no break in the violence there. appreciate that reporting. thank you. u.s. intelligence officials are monitoring the situation in syria. there have been reports of defections within the regime but cnn correspondent barbara starr says it doesn't convey the real picture. >> the u.s. assess mnlts right now is the regime is not crack, that assad remaining firmly in control, in command of his forces, in communication with his people, and there's no real cracking of the inner circle. the defections that have been made are people not directly involved with him, and their conclusion, the u.s. intelligence community conclusion is that assad could hang on for quite a while unless you get the defections from his circle and you begin to see
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those fundamental cracksing. >> dar wa damon and her team were in homs. it's one of the most dangerous areas. join us tomorrow night as arwa gives us an account. that's tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. in gaza 15 palestinians are dead and 15 others were wounded in a series of israeli air strikes. they say the air strikes targeted suspected militants who have launched rockets toward israel. they say more than 90 rockets have been launched from gaza in the last two days. the european union is urging both sides to restore calm. thousands turned out to protest the election of vladimir putin. anti-putin re-election rallies failed to regenerate the enthusiasm of earlier protests. they have complained about the irregularities in last week's
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election. u.s. employers continue to ramp up hiring. the latest figures show a total of 227,000 jobs were created in february, the third straight month of gains above the 200,000 mark. the unemployment rate didn't fall, but it also didn't increase, holding steady at 8.3%. and the private sector con tints to lead the way with 233,000 new jobs. in his radio address president obama touted firms which added jobs every month since jewuly 2010. >> more companies are choosing to bring jobs back and invest in america. manufacturers are bringing jobs for the first time since the 1990s. we're building more things to make us proud in america. three words. made in america. we're not just building stuchlt we're building better stuff. it will go into the next-generation planes that are lighter, faster, and more fuel
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efficient. that last part is important because whether you're paying for a plane ticket or filling up your gas tank technology that helps us get more miles to the gallon is one of the easiest ways to save money and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. >> but some republicans say it will take more than jobs to spark a turnaround in the u.s. economy. >> as a nation, what progress has been made to balance our annual budget deficit? have any real spending reductions been proposed by the democratic majority in the senate? has pro made any rail attempts to reduce spending? all we see are budgeting gains. the american people are growing tired from the constant employees from this administration. long before any real proposals appear for spending reductions. >> the labor department says less than half of the 8 million
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jobs lost during the reinvestigation have been recovered so far. kansas caucuses kick off in just about an hour in the gop presidential race. rick santorum is hoping for another win. cnn political reporter shannon travis is there. and shannon, mitt romney and newt gingrich have essentially really seeded the kansas race already, haven't they? >> reporter: yeah. mitt romney and newt gingrich have pretty much seeded the contest over rick santorum, randi. they were supposed to campaign here and canceled their plans, instead focusing on the other states coming up on tuesday that are really important, mississippi and alabama. so a lot of people are expecting rick santorum to claim this state. now ron paul has been cam papering here as well. he'll be at this caucus site that kicks off, as you mentioned, in just about an hour. he'll be speaking to supporters here. but, again, a lot of people feel like this is rick santorum's
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race to lose and a lot expect him to win. kansas is certainly happy they're getting this attention. normally they don't. this race has been ongoing nonstop for so long. let's talk a little bit about the process though. they'll basically come here. this is in johnson county. it's a few miles outside of the kansas area. after listening to a few campaign representatives, caucus for my candidate, a, b, or c, the voters will basically fill out this ballot. i so happen to have one here, as you notice. so many dropped out. michele bachmann, herman cain. but newt gingrich, mitt romney, and rick santorum are on this, again, vying for the delegates ahead of tuesday. if rick santorum wins, he certainly hopes it will help get him some steam heading into tuesday. >> let's talk about tuesday, alabama, mississippi, is there even a clear front-runner at this point? >> reporter: there isn't a clear
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front-runner, although there are polls in mississippi that suggest that newt gingrich is way ahead of the others. there's a new arg poll out that shows newt gingrich ahead, mitt romney behind him, and rick santorum in third place. so rick santorum, even if he does well in this contest, has a lot of ground to make up in that mississippi contest. also as well as alabama. he's got to do well there, appeal to some working class of conservative southerners down there, but the one thing about santorum, he can lay claim he can win in the midwest. he won oklahoma, missouri recently. if he wins here, it will be good for his campaign, randi. >> all right. shannon travis, appreciate that. thank you very much for the update. newt gingrich is calling for leon panetta to resign. panetta was responding to intervening in syria when he said this. >> our goal would be to seek international permission, and we would -- we would come to the
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congress and inform you -- >> i'm almost breathless about that because what i heard you say is we're going to seek international approval and they will come and tell the congress what we might do, and we might seek congressional approval. >> gingrich says those remarks show how, quote, radical the obama administration is and panetta was suggesting international agreements override congress but a defense department says panetta was speaking about the need for international mandates. an american airlines flight attendant disrupts a flight telling passengers the plane would crash. it's all caught on video, and we're going to show it to you. and austin, texas, is the place to be this weekend if you like to mix music with technology. we're talking you live to the south by southwest festival coming up. every time of day. south by southwest festival coming up. lter just
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what would you do if your flight attendant told you your plane was going to crash? that's what happened yesterday on an american airlines flight from dallas to chicago. passengers say the flight attendant got on the intercom and talked about the plane crashing and bankruptcy and even the attacks from 9/11. >> she said i'm not responsible for this plane crashing and that's when everybody started freaking out. >> get out of my way! get out of my way! >> earlier this morning i spoke with one of our ireporters who was on that flight and caught all the drama on tape. snoop . >> >> at first it seemed she was
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confused, confused, accidently turned on the p.a. then she said she wasn't going to be responsible if the plane crashed. then everybody perked up like what's going on here. meanwhile the plane was taxiing down the runway. >> how concerned were you? >> i was very concerned. all that was going through my mind is, please, do not let this plane get in the air. >> so then other flight attendants and passengers helped restrain her? could you see that going on? >> yes. i was just behind first class as you can see from the video. i think the flight attendants were a little confused what to do. they were probably very upset about what was going on. >> what did we not see on your video? was there anything taking place on board? >> not really other than all the passengers were quite confused as to what was going on and obviously concern about getting
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in the air if this authentic stopped. we didn't hear from the captain. we had no assurance that things were going to be okay. not until the police came and escorted us back. >> passengers and cabin crew restrained the flight attendant who is now being treated at a local dallas hospital. remember last weekend the story we told you about a group of girl scouts being robbed in texas? we have an update for you. two texas teens have been arrested for allegedly stealing money from the girls. an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old juvenile now face aggravated juvenile charges. that will teach you to mess with the girl scouts. >> cnn is going all out. that's a mouthful. hln's digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong is at the festival. sounds like this is a pretty big
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deal there, mario. >> it's a huge deal here, randi. i mean you're talking about technologists, you're talking about musicians, filmmakers. it's like three conventions wrapped up together in one big package that spans 15 campuses wide, hundreds of panel discussions and meetings and receptions. so a lot of ideas are being launched here, a lot of collaboration here in austin. >> are you seeing some pretty cool trends? >> yeah. i'm seeming some awesome things that are happening. i mean a lot of stuff i'm uncovering and looking out for are trends that are going to impact us. a lot of new apps. this is the place where we've seen companies like facebook, foursquare, twitter, all of these companies that we end up yoosing their devices have come to south by southwest to launch their app or get exposure for it. key trends i'm seeing are three things. number one, something called people discovery or a broader term, social discovery, being able to check many into places
10:18 am
or find out about people that are near you, maybe at an event you didn't know and you have a common interest to thingss you can connect. it's helping to ice brake networking. two would be social apps for goods. they're creating more apps that can give back to the community. code for america, live strong. there's even a new one i found out called cause world. you check into a location and when you check into that location, you can donate money back to one of your favorite charities at that location. so it's a really good tie-in to give back. the last trend i'm noticing is business analystics. it's all well and good but if nobody understands, knob's going to care. there are businesses like social flow and others studying analytics. >> we're going to cut you loose, let you get back. >> cut you loose would be the perfect term. i would appreciate you cutting
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me loose right now. i'm heading out, austin, texas, south by southwest, mario armstrong. follow me on twitter. thank you, randi. >> did you really just do that? you just did that, okay. >> this is ali's hat. >> startling new images from the devastated tornado in kentucky. the details are straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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have you noticed gas prices are on their way back up? not a big surprise after hikes for nearly 40 straight days. gas prices went up 2 cents overnight. the national average for regular gas is now $3.78. this time last year we were paying about 24 cents less. the average price was $3.54 a gallon. do you need a ride to work? do you enjoy the company of complete strangers? well, then, you could be what's called a slug. in northern virginia long lines of people looking for rides to the capitol line up for rides
10:23 am
and it's called slugging your way to work. sandra endo gave it a try. >> reporter: long lines to hop in a car with strangers. with gas prices -- >> ridiculous. >> outrageous. >> disappointing. >> reporter: -- more people are joining car pools called slugging. they catch a free ride with drivers looking to beat the rush. these are slugs. >> they're slugs. >> reporter: david's website helped organize this society listing where passengers can line up to find a ride. >> reporter: for the drivers, especially with gas prices so high it's not benefiting them or saving any money to pick up slugs, right? >> correct. it's not saving them any money but it is saving them a lot of time, like i said, it probably saves me at least 20 to 30
10:24 am
minutes each way on the commute. >> reporter: that's because virginia requires at least three vehicles to be in the car poole lane. >> we've added more and more slug lines. as gas prices increase, those who have not considered slugging look at it as an option. >> reporter: they pick up a person hitching a ride from virginia to the pentagon. >> reporter: why do you slug. >> it's inexpensive, get mess to where i need go and gas is really expensive. >> reporter: otherwise would options would you have to go to work? >> i would have to drive or catch the commuter bus. >> reporter: how much would that cost? >> with gas nowadays, $3 to $7 and with a commuter bus, $14 for the whole day. >> reporter: these slug lines is catching on in other congested
10:25 am
cities like dallas and san francisco. a commuting partnership to save time and money. this is a free ride. >> i know. can't beat it. >> sandra endo, cnn, washington. >> we have new video to show you this morning from west liberty kentucky. it captures the moment of impact from last weekend's deadly tornado. these videos taken from several areas captures an ef tornado as it ripps through the town. the tornado packed winds of 140 miles an hour. at least 21 people were killed in kentucky alone. amid all the devastation in the town of west liberty, a cnn hero is hard at work offering help to complete strangers. cn's rob marciano talked to tadd agolioa. >> reporter: as the fierce storms tore through the midwest and southwest over the weekend taking 40 lives, an emergency
10:26 am
recovery team scrambled to help communities across ten states. among the relief workers heading into the destruction zone was cnn hero tadd agolia and his first response team of america. >> let's go ahead and get this debris cleared enough to get the grapple claw in here. we got here as soon as the tornado struck the community. we cleared the roads, powered up the grocery store and gas station and provided the essentials that this community needs. >> reporter: since 2007 agolia's team has crisscrossed the countries to provide disaster relief to 40 disaster sites for free. this week they've worked tirelessly for days restoring services and clearing tons of debris. >> see if you can grab the claurks actually cut the roof right in half. it's very hard for traditional equipment without the claw to actually grab this debris.
10:27 am
that's why you need specialty equipment like this. >> what do do you with it? >> we remove it from the community. but time is of the essence. there's a lot of people that want to get back in here. they're looking for anything they can salvage. >> why do you do this? why did you choose this road? >> when i'm watching the supercells go right over these communities, i want to be there to help. >> plus you get to work. you do get stuff. >> thank you. >> thanks, tadd. >> and you can nominate a cnn hero very easily. go to to nominate someone you think is making a difference in your community. our february's job numbers, good news for president obama? that is just one of the many things maria cardona and lenny mcallister will be arguing about today, gently arguing, of course. our look at power politics just ahead. what do you got? restrained driver in a motor vehicle.
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diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. it's half past the hour. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. thanks for starting your day with us. checking our top stories now, in syria, former u.n. secretary-general kofi annan met with president assad in damascus
10:31 am
today but despite the efforts to stop the carnage, 31 people were killed today. i spoke with an activist in idlib earlier this morning and he told me there had been an intense buildup around the city. >> now in idlib, nobody can get out of here because of the heavy machine gunfire and tanks everywhere. no one can take, you know, anyone from the streets, those injury a injured and killed. you can't even open a window. >> in gaza the death toll is steadily rising after a series of israeli air strikes overnight. 15 palestinians are dead, 21 others injured. israeli airmen say they targeted those across gaza, among those a military leader. they say the air strikes were a response to attacks on southern
10:32 am
israeli communities. >> some good news for president obama. the economy continues to show signs of growth. employers added 227,000 jobs in february, continuing a positive 24-month trend, but the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 8.3%. a lot of economists say the news is encouraging. republicans, though, aren't impressed. joining me now democratic strategist maria cardona and republican analyst lenny mcallister, welcome to you both on "cnn saturday morning." maria, you first on this one. i thinks seem to be moving in president obama's direction when you look at the economy. i mean is he getting any bounce yet from this? >> well, think what we have to look at is the trend, randi. the trend is good. the numbers are moving in the right direction. there were more jobs created in this last jobs report than economists had anticipated. that's always a good thing. more than 70,000 jobs were
10:33 am
actually created also in the past two months, and so those jobs reports were redone to show those new jobs. but the fact of the matter is and the president's the first one to say it, that we are still not out of the woods until every person who is looking for a job can find one. we have to continue to work toward making sure that we create job, that we continue on that economic growth pattern. we have passed the 20th straight month of private sector job creation. so that is certainly another great number. but we know that more needs to be done. the unemployment rate didn't go down because more people looked at the jobs market and saw that the trends were positive and jumped back in. >> right. >> so that actually is a good thing. but republicans need to be careful not to be talking down the economy and to make sure that their tone and their tenor matches what americans want to hear, which is positive news, positive growth, making sure that we're all working together
10:34 am
to continue that positive news and positive growth. >> lenny, do you want to respond? >> well, americans want the truth, and democrats have been doing a very good job of saying that going sideways is actually moving up in the right direction. spending power is down. we have the lowest amount of labor force participation since 1984. joe montana in 1984 was a super-winning quarterback, not a spokesperson for skechers at that point in time. you look at the unemployment rate for african-americans, it's gone up by 0.5%. you look at gas prices. yes, we're getting manufacturing jobs but construction jobs, the very job that the stimulus package money was suppose dodd go into went down this month. so we're talking about this being a cause for celebration for president obama. it's a cause for trepidation for not only administration but for americans. let's see where we go first and foremost rather than celebrating and staying the exact same way.
10:35 am
only in this administration can you see status quo being celebrated as success and this is very dangerous. >> let's talk about republicans who are voting in kansas today and tuesday voters will head to the polls in mississippi and alabama as you both know. maria, let's talk about romney. should he be worried about this stretch here? >> i think he should be worried and he should be focused on needing to do well in the southern states becauses that been one of the things that has plagued his campaign is that he hasn't demonstrated that he can do well in the southern states with the most conservative voters. and, frankly, for a republican nominee to not do well in southern states is not a good story to tell for the general election, especially for a republican. but what's interesting is that in these polls, romney seems to be in striking distance of doing well. i think what all of us have contributed well to a story going into alabama and
10:36 am
mississippi is that there are very low expectations for romney. that's good for him because if he does well, that will be a story line for him. >> from what i understand there's been a romney southern makeover. he's talking biscuits and grits. is that going to help him? >> it seems to be swhats enduring for some folks, but he needs to be himself and he needs to be comfortable in his own skin. he needs to stop calling alabama and mississippi away game turf. that's home turf if he's a nominee and he needs to expand alabama and mississippi and make it a gulf coast region type of strategy because when he does that, guess what he includes? he includes florida, a state that he absolutely needs to make red in november in order to win the presidency in november. so he needs to continue to endure himself, but be comfortable in his skin and show himself, that, hey, i may not have all these things in common with you, but we're on the same team and if we can win alabama,
10:37 am
mississippi, and get back florida, we can get back the white house in november. >> lenny, maria, great to see you both on this saturday morning. >> you, too, randi. >> you, too. tonight political junkies and those who may be curious can tune into "game chainge," how a little unknown governor in alaska made her way on the republican ticket and onto the national stage. >> you can see russia from here in alaska. >> oh, my god. what have we done? >> it wasn't my fault. i wasn't properly prepped. >> julianne moore said the movie gave her new perspective on the u.s. political process. >> it really is about our political system and the way we choose our candidates or choose our leaders actually. i think this campaign was notorious for being a difficult one and one that was pretty disorganized. i think anyone will tell you who fought the campaign will tell you that. that was to me a surprise.
10:38 am
it's like working on an independent film with no budget and you have 30 days to shoot it. the ground shifted every single day. they weren't always prepared for what happened. it was a real eye opener for me. >> not everyone is thrilled with the hollywood portrayal. cindy mccain, wife of palin's running mate and wife of john mccain had this to say. >> sarah palin is a remarkable individual and whether you agree or disagree with sarah, she has served our country loyally, been a good stalwart for many, many years and i think any prediction of a woman observed that way is wrong. i lived this, and from everything i read and heard it doesn't even resemble what took place. i can go to disneyland for fiction. >> sarah palin who is not going to watch the movie calls it a false narrative. the former governor isn't ruling
10:39 am
out a future run for the white house. >> sarah palin for president 2016, is it possible? >> anything in this life, in this world is possible. anything is possible for an american. you know, i don't discount any idea or plan that at this point isn't in my control. anything's possible. >> you heard it there. anything's possible. "game change" premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. search for joseph kony started long before the fiefrmt hear his story next. we're america's natural gas
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it is a viral video that's racked up more than 70 million video views. >> we're going to make joseph kony a household name, not to celebrate him. >> the star of the documentary is warlord joseph kony. they hope to spark global awareness about him and bring an end to 26 years of brutality. last fall president obama deployed 100 armed military advisers to the central african
10:43 am
nation. their mission to help local forces in their fight against komy. they say the decision was in the interest of a national security and formal policy writing that our forces will provide information, advice, and assistance to select partner nation forces. they will deploy in uganda, south sudan, south african republic and the republic of the congo. it will enhance the regional efforts against the lra. and the new focus on kony is now raising questions about new u.s. involvement. our anderson cooper actually spoke face to face with a man who actually faced joe receiver coney. >> he's been the most hated man in a matter of days in this video. you actually went on a quest to find him. what was that like? >> it was an incredible journey that took, frankly, months to track this guy down. he very rarely appears out of his jungle hideout.
10:44 am
and it was only after a long and very protracted journey, that i was actually able to catch up with him in a clearing in the eastern congo. it was a remarkable scene to see him finally emerge out of the bush dressed in a white suit, flanked with child soldiers carry i carrying rifles in their floppy wellington boots. >> tomorrow i'll speak with one that says it may be doing more harm than good and a closer look that spreads far beyond you began dachlt join us right here for "cnn sunday morning." it's been a concern of the fda and now the problem is spreading. inside the growing problem of drug shortages in the u.s. it's even making it tough for first responders to do their job. i've discovered gold.
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. a nationwide drug short amg is hitting home. for first responders it can mean life and death. cn correspondent sues candiotti talks about it and family that
10:48 am
worries about it every day. >> reporter: their daughter suffers daily seizures and without drugs, mary would not survive. >> she would die, and that's the bottom line. mary has already gone into cardiac arrest once, and i just don't even want to think about it, what would happen if we didn't have those medications that would save her life. >> reporter: yet, the new jersey family may have to think about it. the very same ambulance company they call for help is running short of the drugs that could save mary's life. >> as we're almost out of one drug, we're using another drug to take its place, but pretty soon that drug will also be out. >> reporter: nationwide intravenous antiseizure drugs are among the dozens of drugs including cancer treatments that are in short supply. this new jersey ambulance service tells cnn it had to special order a temporary replacement antiseizure drug to avoid running out this weekend.
10:49 am
mair's parents are beside themselves. >> it's a terrifying situation. just knowing that the lack of equipment or lack of medications that would take our daughter's life. it's a very, very scary thing. >> and it's very difficult to even think that help wouldn't be there. >> reporter: the fda says it tracked at least 220 shortages last year and claims it prevented 114 but admits the problem is far from solved. >> there's no question that we have our work cut out for us, but this is a public health crisis and we're responding. >> reporter: on capitol hill drugmakers testified overregulation is partly to blame for drug shortages, not greed. >> manufacturers do not and would never deliberately reduce the supply of essential medicines to push prices up.
10:50 am
>> reporter: for the rapsas family and others like them, political fingerpointing will do little good the next time their loved one needs an ambulance. >> she's an integral part of our family. we wouldn't be the same without her. >> reporter: president obama supports reg registration reporting drug shortages to the fda, but so far congress has failed to act. randy? >> susan candiotti. thanks very much. a family's pain. >> i just want her back, and it's not fair, and i want people to know that they can stop with this. >> a 14-year-old girl kills herself instead of facing one more day of bullying at school. you'll hear more from her family just ahead. tuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth!
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we hear this story far too often, students committing suicide after being bullied at school. now a family in washington state is feeling that pain. they tried to help, but their daughter thought it would only make things worse. our affiliate with koin has more. >> i loved my sister. i loved her to death and i would do anything to go back. >> reporter: in the crowd of more than 100 students and parents, the crying that was the loudest, the pain felt most profoundly was that of audrey. she's the sister of edy wormer who killed herself as a result of bullying that lasted more than two years. >> i want her back. it's not fair. i want people to know they can stop. they need to stop with this. this is not fair. nobody -- no family should have to go through this. >> reporter: behind the camera poses was a girl living a
10:55 am
tortured life, a life feeling better or worse depending on the mood of the girls at school picking on her. throughout it all she wouldn't allow her mother or sister to intervene because she thought the bullying would get worse. >> she begged me and begged me not to say anything. >> she said if you told anybody i would run away. it was just -- she didn't want to be picked on worse than what she was already enduring. >> reporter: cascade middle school has had 11 complaints about bullying this year, no more or less than schools in the district. the district says it's hard to track down bullies if no one comes forward to complain and in eden's place, no one ever got through. her life ended wednesday morning. she chose death rather than enduring another day at the hands of the girl bullies at school. >> suicide is the third leading cause of death to 15 to
10:56 am
24-year-old's according to the centers for disease control and prevention. in fact, it's also thought at least 25 attempts are made for every completed teen suicide. just ahead, this bus isn't being used for a ride to school. it's a getaway vehicle. we'll show you what happens when the police chase it down in new mexico. brad doesn't want to spend too much. who's brad? this is brad. ahh! well, progressive has lots of discounts for a guy like brad. brad's intrigued. paid in full, safe driver, multi-car, going paperless -- all can help brad save a bunch. sign brad up. cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time.
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it's not every day you see a bus being chased down the street. wow. look at that. it wasn't even his first bus. it was actually his second bus. the suspect allegedly stole another bus that was found in a ditch near the original lot. the driver eventually ran over several spike strips before the tires blue out but the police had to shoot the suspect to bring him down. he is expected to be okay. in washington state officers are hunting for man who shot a deputy, stole her gun, and stabbed a judge inside the county courthouse. multiple agencies are looking for this guy. they're looking for michael thomas. the judge who was stabbed talked with our affiliaaffiliate. >> when i went to assist the deputy, she had a weapon, a knife or something, and he


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