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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 10, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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people are too afraid to go out of their homes. the government has been shooting and shelling it. 19 people killed in that town alone in the north of the country, 16 killed in an ambush, according to activists. we don't have a way to independently confirm that. so while the government on the one hand says the talks in damascus with kofi annan and president bashar al assad is positive, the reality on the ground is different. and bashar al assad is saying that he will do everything to make sure there's a positive solution to the situation inside syria. but it seems his troops on the ground are not getting the same message that he's giving the u.n. diplomat there. >> so underscoring that real contradiction, nic, some are alleging that the assaults being leveled by the government is actually intensifying while these talks were taking place. >> reporter: this is what the activists fear. they think that while the international community tries to
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engage president assad in some kind of talks and what kofi annan has gone there to do today is call for a cease-fire and get political talks going. the activists fear bashar al assad will just use this as a smoke screen to continue his military advance on the ground. that what he is looking for here is time to sort of continue the maximum sort of most deadly part of his campaign so he can sort of wrap that up and sort of push down the opposition, if you will, around the country so that from now on in the future, the death toll will be much lower and people will say, oh, the situation is getting better where as he's really using this time to go after the opposition in the most aggressive way possible. >> nic robertson, thanks so much for damascus. well, there is more on syria. arwa damon and her team were inside the city of homs. it is one of the most dangerous places in syria right now. join us tomorrow night as arwa
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gives us an eye-opening account. a cnn special "72 hours under fire" tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. eastern time. now to gaza where palestinian medical officials say israeli rockets killed at least 15 palestinians. 22 people were injured in the series of attacks. israeli forces say they are targeting people who are part of a terror infrastructure. they say they are responding to several palestinian rocket strikes in southern israeli communities. one of the men killed has been identified as a hamas military leader. in moscow now, thousands of people turn out to protest against the man who will be their new president again. vladimir putin won his third term as president last weekend, but the opposition says the vote was rigged. military police and security officials are keeping close watch on the demonstrations. putin will be inaugurated come may. here in the u.s., the last group of prisoners pardoned by former mississippi governor
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haley barbour are set to be released today. the state supreme court upheld the controversial pardons of more than 200 convicts, including four murderers. the justices said the decision to pardon the prisoners rested with barbour. mississippi's attorney general expressed sympathy for the prisoners' victims. >> i feel for them. having had a first cousin murdered in 1976 and gone through a trial and understanding how victims feel, you know, i think they have been victimized twice. the criminal justice system has let them down. meantime, the presidential race is picking up speed, as more states hold gop caucuses this weekend. voters in kansas are casting their ballots right now, and we could know the winner in just a couple of hours. cnn political reporter shannon travis is live at a caucus site
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in overland park, kansas. it looks like a full house. it hands out delegates proportionately so which candidate is expected to take the bulk of the 40 delegates. >> reporter: a lot of people here in kansas believe that rick santorum, that he's the favorite to win this contest. you know that mitt romney and newt gingrich, they pretty much ceded the state to ron paul and rick santorum. they were supposed to campaign here this week. they skipped campaigning here so a lot of people believe that santorum has the momentum going into this. he has been campaigning across the state or he did yesterday. ron paul as well today. i just want to show you a little bit about what's going on right here. you'll notice that at this table right here you've got some caucus workers basically handing out ballots. the ballots, fred, i've got one right here. i can't fill it out. i promise not to slip this in the ballot box but you've got all the candidates on there pretty much. they go from this table, walk along this path right here.
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there are some people listening to some speakers. that's the lieutenant governor of kansas right there, jeff collier, who's speaking to the crowd right now. but after they hear from the lieutenant governor and some other campaign workers, this ballot right here goes into that box over there, fred. there's a ballot box where they're walking, dropping it in. we're told that about two hours away from now they expect to crack open those boxes and to start to count some of these ballots. and we'll be on hand to see who actually wins here and who wins the state of kansas. of course, obviously, on tuesday we've got some other important contests in mississippi and alabama. but today all eyes are on kansas, fred. >> okay, shannon, there are other caucuses this weekend, virgin islands, northern mariana islands. maybe the candidates are not giving up a lot of face time in those places, but i understand in guam, romney's son, one of his sons will be there
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representing him. is that still the case? >> reporter: yeah, i mean the candidates can't make it, as you said, to all these places themselves. so what they do is they send their high profile surrogates. newt gingrich's daughter is supposed to be here. mitt romney's son has been going to different places. i was in idaho on tuesday and mitt romney's son was there. so, yeah, they basically farm out or fan out their surrogates to a lot of these different places. but mitt romney won the nine delegates in guam. again, a smaller contest but a delegate is a delegate and he also won the delegates in the northern mariana islands earlier this morning. >> thanks so much. shannon travis in overland park, kansas. and of course you want to join me every sunday afternoon at 4:00 eastern when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in this 2012 election. also coming up, a high school valedictorian avoids being deported, but her fight to
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stay in the yu u.s. is far from over. also, might it be a sign of similar cases to come? a man is ordered to pay child support to twins conceived after he separated from his wife. our legal guys weigh in straight ahead.
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lots of clear skies and sunshine, particularly in the tornado zone. that's going to help out in the cleaning up. meteorologist tom seder with us this weekend. usually on cnn international, but you decide to help us out this weekend. >> thanks for having me. i hope i don't go metric on you, but that happens in international. >> we'll understand. >> thank you. start out with the u.s. weather. the features are quite nice. we do have some rainfall over the pacific northwest but as mentioned earlier, really the best news on this map is a sprawling area of high pressure. when you have a strong area of high pressure it's the weight of the atmosphere down on the ground. so cloud cover doesn't develop,
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you don't have any updraft, the winds are light right now and that severe ravaged area that we had a week ago with the tornado, so it's great cleanup weather. remember they were hit with snowfall after that mess of the tornado outbreak. here's a satellite picture. the view is nice. you can see we have a little bit of a flow around that high to the north. some light snow showers around the upper great lakes and upper new york state. illinois, indiana and kentucky, in fact west liberty we have new pictures now and video. we all joke about big brother watching but surveillance cameras are everywhere and sometimes the best pictures are what we have from stores like this. this is a pharmacist. notice in the distance that is the west liberty tornado, the ef-3 made its way on the ground. six fatalities in west liberty but a total of 11. you can see the debris. follow the vortex of the screen from left to right. we're looking at it from the south so it's moving west to east.
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140 to 160-mile-per-hour winds. watch this garage door get blown over. near 200-mile-per-hour winds. that's why we get in the basement or an interior room like a bathroom where the piping in the balls helps sustain it and keep you through something like this but it's just amazing. i want to take you to hawaii real quick because this is another extreme story. heavy amounts of rainfall on all of the islands in staggering amounts. reports of 46 inches of rain. not 4 or 6, 46. we have video too. it hasn't just been devastating rainfall, it's been hail, hail damage, typically pea size or marble-sized hail. get this, baseball-sized hail. three-inch diameter hail. that's a state record. so we go from one extreme to another but 46 inches of rainfall. they have got mudslides that's going to occur the entire week. so if you know anybody going there, i hope they brought some movies. >> change their plans or something. but hail, that really is extraordinary too. something very unusual to see in hawaii on those islands. thanks so much, tom.
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good to see you. let's go to miami now where a high school valedictorian and her sister, who face deportation have won their fight to stay in the u.s. for now. cnn's lisa sylvester has that story. >> reporter: daniellea is valedictorian of her north miami high school but instead of getting her diploma, she was on the verge of getting a deportation order. she's in the united states illegally. but a last-minute reprieve will now allow her and her sister, diana, to stay for the time being. >> very fabulous news. my attorney was able to get a two-year deferred action and waive their deportation two more years. >> reporter: why do you want to stay in the united states? >> well, i've lived here since i was 4 years old and consider myself american. i just want to live the american dream like everybody else. >> reporter: her high school rallied by her side. 2500 students and teachers holding a protest last week. members of congress, including
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senator bill nelson, appealed to immigration authorities to give her a chance to stay. >> until we can pass the dream act. >> reporter: she is in washington, d.c., the new face on the fight for the dream act that will put undocumented students on a path to citizenship. but her own future is far from settled. yes, she can stay for two more years, but what happens after that? she has applied to several ivy league colleges and hopes to go on to medical school. >> we need to fix the problem. we need to somehow get a green card for them and for thousands of young people like them that would like to stay here and give back to the community. >> reporter: this case highlights the limbo of kids like her who were brought to the united states illegally. they're caught between their birth country that they don't know, and the united states where they're not allowed to stay. >> i just want to get that message across that kids just
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like me with grades just as good as mine, with families serving in the military like my brother, et cetera, and, you know, just to show them that we're good citizens just like anybody else. >> immigration and customs enforcement in a statement said it exercises prosecutorial discretion. the next two years will buy daniellea and her sister a little more time and they will appeal the judge's ruling and apply for green cards. and another war of words between supermodel christie brinkley and her ex-husband. this time it's over child support and, quote, bullying. we'll talk to our legal guys next. hey ♪ ♪ goodbye [ flushing ] ♪ [ both ] ♪ na, na... [ woman ] ♪ na, na-na, na
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all right, a court rules a man must pay child support for twins conceived after he separated from his wife. let's bring in avery friedman, a civil rights attorney and law professor in cleveland. good to see you. >> hi. >> and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well. >> hi, fred. >> all right, gentlemen, this is a really fascinating case, is it not? we're talking about a massachusetts couple, at least they were a couple at one point, husband and wife. they went into an agreement that they would have in vitro. there was an agreement involving either donor eggs or sperm. then they separated and apparently the wife, who's name is blessing, went on with this
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procedure after the donors came through. now, apparently the husband, whose name is quiquedra said he would be absolved from the responsibility because they had split up, but what happened where that agreement as null and void. stw it was invalidated, why? >> that's the problem when people try to practice law and they don't know what they're doing. people can draw up an agreement. it looked good on its face. he said i'll give you my consent but i don't want any responsibility for these kids. she said yes, okay, i will not go after you for child support, no problem. so he signs the agreement. then as soon as she has the kids, she sues him for child support. he said you can't do this, i've got this agreement. they go to court. the court says whoa, whoa, whoa,
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whoa. you consented to let her do this. by virtue of that consent, you are responsible. we don't enforce nonpayment of child support, that's not enforceable. the courts will not enforce those types of agreements and therefore you owe, you've got to pay, too bad. >> so avery, what's with the confusion that he thought one thing, she thought another, they had an agreement when they embarked on the whole in vitro, but then, you know, post separation they embarked on a different agreement. so whose rights would be protected here? >> well, ultimately the only rights that are protected are the children's rights. you see these adults -- and we really don't know what they were thinking. it may very well be that blessing thought, well, i'll have this sucker sign into this kind of an agreement, having been told that the rights are really the kids. so blessing for chukwedera
12:21 pm
became a nightmare. the fact is you can't agree to waive child support because ultimately the money is the money of the children. >> hopefully she called him chuk and not sucker, as you put it. now let's talk about former supermodel christie brinkley, who's seeking $140,000 in fines from her ex-husband because she says that he, you know, owes this in back child support while he was also simultaneously taking care of the kids while she was doing an on-stage production. so avery, boy, they already had their divorce settlement in public and now this, i guess, custody or at least payment dispute is being publicized in a very ugly way as well. who is likely to end up with a real settlement here or end up happy? >> yeah, the only people that will be happy are the lawyers. and that's because --
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>> that's right. >> -- in this back and forth impleadings is what's going on is peter refers to her as an egocentric maniac and peter claims that he's being publicly castrated. look, legally what you put in pleadings and briefs generally is protected. there's no basis for defamation. but ultimately this battle will rage on. chri christie wants tuition, a penalty for the nasty e-mails but peter is spending most of his time taking care of the children. at the end of the day it will be the lawyers that prevail, not either one of these. in fact i've got to tell you, the doctor said in both of this, both of them should be in therapy. you know what, she's got to get out of her white bread world and so does peter and get some help. >> absolutely. >> richard, how do you see this concluding? >> the uptown girl has got to come downtown here, fred. she's got three failed marriages, let's just put that aside, okay. >> oh, come on, what does that
12:23 pm
have to do with this? >> well, there's something wrong there. but $142,000, calling him a deadbeat dad. please! about 130 of that is what they're claiming -- they're using the buzz word bullying e-mails and you can't have aggressive e-mails, says the judge. >> because apparently that was part of the agreement. that was in writing. >> yeah, but that's 130,000. the guy owes 6,000 in child support. she's claiming he's a deadbeat dad. when she did her show on broadway, he had the kids for five months. she left those kids with him for five months. he took care of them 24/7. he's not such a deadbeat dad, come on. >> he's still got to pay the money. >> absolutely. >> we know this is just the tip of the iceberg and i know we'll be talking about it again. i'll see you again in about 20 minutes and we'll talk about a man who is so fed up with high popcorn prices and concessions prices, candy, all that stuff at the movie theaters, he's saying you know what, i'm suing for gouging.
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devastated communities across ten states. >> keep pushing it forward. >> how long the relief workers heading into the destruction zone was cnn hero tad agolia and his first response team of america. >> let's go ahead and get this debris cleared enough so we can get the grapple claw in here. we got here just a few hours after the tornado struck the community. we've cleared the road, provided the light towers, powder up the grocery store and the gas station to provide the essentials this town needs. >> since 2007 his team has crisscrossed the country providing recovery assistance to thousands of people at 40 disaster sites for free. this week they have worked tirelessly for days restoring services and clearing tons of debris. >> see if you can grab the claw, actually cut the roof right in half. >> it's very hard for traditional equipment without the claws to actually grab this debris.
12:27 pm
that's why you need specialty equipment like this. >> what do you do with it? >> we remove it from the community but time is of the essence. there's a lot of people that want to get back in here. they're looking for anything they can salvage. >> why do you do this? >> when i'm watching these supercells go right over these small communities, i want to be there to help. >> we'll let you get to work, you do good stuff. >> thank you. >> thanks, tad. oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night. i was out helping people save money on their car insurance. 2 more! you're doing it! aren't they doing great?!
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40 delegates are up for grabs with the delegates handed oat proportionally. earlier today mitt romney was declared the winner of caucuses in guam and the northern mariana islands. in washington state officers are hunting for a man that shot a police officer and stabbed a judge. it all happened inside a courthouse. police say the suspect is michael thomas. the judge who was stabbed talked with our affiliate, komo. >> when i went to assist the deputy, he had a weapon in his hand, a knife or something, and he was stabbing at her. >> he got away from the deputy and went pop, pop. turned and looked at me and then he went out the front door with the gun in his hand. >> the judge and the officer will be okay. police still don't have a clear motive for those attacks. 70 million people around the world have seen these images thanks to the internet and producers of kony 2012. a california-based nonprofit group is hoping its documentary will expose and help find the
12:30 pm
notorious ugandan war lord joseph kony. he is one of the world's most wanted men. u.s. forces actively joined the search for kony in africa last fall. and now to the violent crackdown in syria and a new attempt to broker peace. former u.n. secretary general kofi annan met with syrian president bashar al assad today in damascus. annan is trying to convince assad to order a cease-fire and begin talks with the opposition. but on the streets, the death toll mounts. opposition activists say at least 31 people were killed today and now we're learning more about how syrian forces are targeting the opposition. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining us live now from washington. barbara, what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: hi there, fred. we want to get right to it and show some newly declassified imagery and we're going to keep it up on the screen so people can have a good look at it. this comes to us from a u.s.
12:31 pm
state department website showing some of the destruction across syria, especially in the city of homs. why is this imagery as we continue to look at other images here, why is it so important? this is giving the u.s. intelligence community a good handle on the broader picture of the level of destruction in these areas. you know you see those youtube videos and that may show you destruction on a particular street or in a particular place, but here you see the city of oleppo and very recent injury, broad scale, vehicles on the move. this indiscriminate artillery shelling across broad areas. that's giving the u.s. government a much better idea of the scope of the syrian military and how well they are dug in, how much the regime is in this for the long haul. >> and then we've heard about defections from assad's regime. what more do we know about the power behind that? >> reporter: right, exactly.
12:32 pm
you know, we see the syrian regime, the syrian military, as i say, in for the long haul but you hear about some defections. what senior intelligence officials are telling us is that none of these defections so far are really assad's inner corps, his -- the people that are the closest to him that are helping him with command and control, with ordering his forces into his battles. those people, that inner corps of advisers around bashar al assad remain very close and no sign of the regime cracking in its determination to attack. so until there is some signal that there may be a crack or assad feels maybe he is vulnerable, which he doesn't feel now, hard to see how some of the diplomatic initiatives might really work out. >> barbara starr, thanks so much from washington. tomorrow, hard to believe marks the one-year anniversary of that 9.0 earthquake in japan.
12:33 pm
it triggered a massive tsunami that engulfed entire communities and killed nearly 16,000 people. a year later, more than 3100 people are still missing. japan's earthquake became a triple disaster when it caused the world's worst nuclear meltdown since the chernobyl disaster. our kyung lah got a rare look inside the devastated fukushima plant. >> reporter: a year after these reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant exploded in a triple meltdown, reporters were reminded this is still one of the most hazardous places on the planet. we wore head-to-toe protective gear, full facial respirators and hazmat suits. and then we drove up to the world's worst nuclear accident in 25 years. this is our first look on the ground at the reactors. this is the heart of the nuclear problem in japan. what you're seeing over my shoulder are the reactors.
12:34 pm
there are four of them. the two that you see over my right shoulder, those are two of the reactors that exploded in the early days of this disaster. when you take a look at the reactors, you can see that they have a long way to go. this is a year after this disaster and you can see that the force of the explosion crippled those buildings. you can understand how so much radiation spewed from this point when you're standing here. an army of 3,000 workers are now here daily, in shifts, to control the melted nuclear fuel and contain the further spread of the radiation. inside the on-site crisis management building at the plant, a control center monitors their progress and safety 24 hours a day. the highest risk we still see is if something goes wrong with the reactors, says the plant manager. the plant is in cold shutdown, but the nuclear fuel needs constant cooling and the situation is far from over. tepco says the plant won't be decommissioned for at least 30
12:35 pm
to 40 years. the challenges evident as we drive around the fukushima plant. debris still mangled from the tsunami sits untouched because of radiation concerns. these blue tanks and these larger gray ones hold water contaminated with radiation. tepco is continuously challenged with finding more space for the water. work conditions and safety, while they have improved since the early days of the disaster, remain a constant concern. this woman used to give tours to the public at the fukushima nuclear plant. before the accident i explained to many people that the nuclear power plant is safe, she says. now that this has happened, i feel very sorry i ever said that. she also lived here and she's now an evacuee, uncertain of when or if she can ever return home. a year later, she and 78,000 others are the legacy of this accident, paying the price when nuclear energy goes wrong.
12:36 pm
kyung lah, cnn, at the fukushima nuclear plant. back in this country, reality tv star kim kardashian and two of her sisters have been slapped with a lawsuit for a product they endorsed. we'll see what our legal guys have to say about this next. umi, to make it more beautiful, and more durable. you'd use edge-to-edge gorilla glass for a stunning display in a more compact form. and you'd choose an intel® core i7™ processor for maximum processing power. everything that you could ever want in a laptop. introducing the dell xps 13 ultrabook™ everything. and more. ♪
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going to the movies is not cheap. everyone agrees with that statement. so the cost of a ticket and snacks can certainly add up. a man from michigan is so fed up with prices from the concession stand that he is actually suing. our legal guys are back, avery friedman in cleveland and richard herman in las vegas. good to see you again, gentlemen. so this young man, joshua thompson, says he is being gouged. he and a number of others who are part of this class action suit against the local amc theater there in michigan say that they're being gouged and this is an issue of consumer protection liability. is it, avery? >> well, that's what he's claiming. i mean josh thompson says not only did he pay $3.50 for a pack of goobers but he spent $4.50 for a coke and he claims they wouldn't give him a refill. everybody understands it except
12:40 pm
for one problem. under michigan law regulated industries are exempted from consumer protection. there are two supreme court cases. this case is gone. gone. >> really? richard, are you in agreement on that? >> well, not for the goobers, i like raisinets, and you've got to get popcorn, fred. >> and it adds up to $20 for one person, a little kaenld, a little soda and a popcorn, man. >> they're encouraging people smuggle candy into the theater, that's what they're doing. and the prices are exorbitant. but my partner there is absolutely right. there's going to be no liability here, they're exempt. they're exempt because it's a well regulated industry and they're exempt from the consumer protection laws for this. >> okay. and we did reach out to amc theaters, but the spokesman said they're not commenting right now, especially while this lawsuit is pending. >> they don't have to worry about it. pure profit to them, fred. >> okay, very interesting. now let's talk about the
12:41 pm
quick trim diet pills and how that company and the kardashians are now being level had with a lawsuit. also a class action suit. this a $5 million lawsuit alleging that they are all party to false advertisement. those who are part of the suit say, no, quick trim not only doesn't help me lose weight, but those kardashians who are helping to push the product were not being truthful. that's their allegation. effective s effective? >> i just need oxygen. fred, i need oxygen. the definition of obscenity is kardashian. this is obscene. there are on there with pictures that are all air brushed, not even them, claimed to have lost all this weight taking this product. they're just doing it for the bucks. they don't know what they're talking about. they made so many express -- >> so do they have to be held liable? >> yes. >> they do?
12:42 pm
>> yeah. you can't represent that this product does certain things to you when it does absolutely nothing, nothing. no scientific evidence that caffeine is the cure to weight loss. it's ridiculous, fred. and they're going to get hammered. i've got the lawsuit here, i read it. federal district court in new york. it's a thick, nice class action. it breaks down all the misrepresentations. i hope they get hammered on this and thrown out. >> we did reach out to the kardashians and the quick trim, neither of which are commenting right now. >> no kidding. >> but if the kardashians are able to say that we did take these quick trim pills or tablets and we do still look like we do in those pictures we just saw of them, is that defense enough for them? >> well, here's what that's about. that's what they're going to say. it's actually a beautifully pled, responsibly pled pleading in federal district court, 51
12:43 pm
pages, and it represents that under the magnuson moss act, the consumer protection act, that the kardashians are responsible in the marketing. nothing in the 51 pages says that they have an ownership interest in this. but the question is they found four people, four people who really are relying on the kardashians. i think the only four people in america, but it's a serious case. we're going to know the answer to that after some discovery. we're way too early to learn what's really going to happen here. >> and just clarification, apparently while i thought -- i was told we reached out to the kardashians, we have not reached out to the kardashians but we have reached out to quick trim and no comment from them. so we'll see where this goes. >> they couldn't respond. >> we need to say we're losing our feet to the fire producer today, pam, who has been very devoted to you. >> i'm sad. and i'm still in denial. i refuse to believe. >> it yeah, i know. she will do wonderfully well,
12:44 pm
but it's a loss to us and we wish her nothing but the best. she's just wonderful. >> oh, that's so sweet. >> as we sit here and do these each week, she's texting me with projections for the following week to talk about. >> i know. she's amazing. >> incredible. >> she is -- let me get my hanky because you're making me sad again that she's on her way out. you all have today in which to enjoy her. i have at least one more day before she's, you know, riding off into the sunset and moving on. yeah, we're very happy for her too. >> enjoy her. >> we wish her well. >> all the best. >> thanks so much, avery, richard, appreciate it. movers and shakers are gathering at one of the largest digital festivals in the world. we'll go there live next. [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleaning system
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an unusual story out of texas. police say a mom left her 5-year-old daughter behind after a birthday party overnight at a restaurant. details for you. but first -- the south by southwest festival is about movies, music and technology and it's in full swing in austin, texas, today and that's where we find ali velshi. ali, do you have your cowboy hat on today again? what's going on? no hat? >> in the rush i left the hat somewhere but it's around, it's around. fred, let me tell you, moments ago i was just going to have this conversation with you myself and then i saw frank, who you will know from "catch me if you can." frank has this remarkable history as a guy who knows how to work around the system and now works inside the system, but he's going to be talking to us
12:48 pm
about a few things, and steve case, the founder of aol, responsible for what still remains the biggest business merger in history. steve, what's your big message here? >> entrepreneurship is critical to our nation. it's what built our nation, the leading economy in the world and we need to double down on entrepreneurship to stay in the leadership division because other countries are getting a lot smarter about that. in particular the jobs act passed by the house with overwhelming bipartisan support support by the president and the white house and hopefully next week the senate will pass it and the president will sign it, which will help entrepreneurs start more companies, create jobs through american innovation. >> that's a great reason why we're here because we want to discuss how this entrepreneurship and how this stux that looks likes pie in the sky actually ends up creating jobs. frank, whenever i see you, i wonder what the other side of things are. what's -- the whole world is becoming digital, we're all moving into the cloud. what are you going to talk
12:49 pm
about? >> we're going to talk about identical theft, about ten million victims a year. we're going to talk about very special steps to protect yourself and especially young people, high school and college-age kids about how to protect themselves from being victimized by that crime. >> this is the kind of thing i describe south by southwest as being this remarkable exchange of ideas between people and that's what it is. we're going to be talking about all of this development in the digital world. this is the biggest gathering of interactive digital creators and people who have ideas that they want funded in the world, fred, so a lot of fun here and i'm here all weekend. >> oh, that's great. we'll see you live in about ten minutes from now where you will be hosting "your money" from austin, texas. thanks so much along with steve case and frank. thanks so much. there are some new tricks to finding the best seat on your next plane trip. you'll find out next. ok, guys-- what's next ?
12:50 pm
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other stories we're watching today. police in albuquerque, new mexico, say a 27-year-old man stole an empty school bus and began driving erratically on a major highway, forcing police to close the road. officers chased the bus and eventually stopped it using
12:53 pm
spike strips. they say the suspect refused to follow police commands and that's when an officer shot him three times. the sheriff says the suspect was hospitalized, had surgery and is expected to recover. near houston, texas, a mother threw her 5-year-old daughter a birthday party at a chuck e. cheese restaurant and arcade place, but apparently forgot the girl when she went home without her, without her child. police say the woman didn't realize it until the next day. a chuck e. cheese worker alerted police about the girl who is now with child protective services. the mother could face child abandonment charges. and in san diego, former president jimmy carter and his wife were spotted cruising on three-wheeled scooters called trikes. the couple is in the city for the carter center's annual winter retreat fund-raiser. having a lot of fun there. it could be called the art of flying in coach. there are some new tricks to find the best seat. even a way to use social media
12:54 pm
to pick who you'll actually sit next to. rob marciano is on the go with details. >> reporter: flying coach doesn't have to mean an uncomfortable flight if you can find a good seat. american airlines, delta and united are now offering a special row with a bit more leg room. >> this relatively new and greatly expanded class generally called premium economy. >> reporter: you can find other good seats in coach online. websites like seat and offer such services. expert will let you know if a better seat opens up on your flight. >> the bad news is you might pay for it because airlines start charging for these seats irks even flights with open seating may offer you first dibs. >> try to check in 24 hours in advance. you can pay to get on board the aircraft before the rest of the masses. >> reporter: but your seat might only be as good as the person next to you.
12:55 pm
malaysia air offers social seating where passengers' social media profiles are matched with their seats connecting people who want to network. >> other people, they just don't want to sit next to anyone so that does create opportunity. create a profile that makes you the most unliked person around. >> reporter: finding your seat on the go. >> all right, we'll have a look at the top stories straight ahead, including the latest on the high-stakes fight for delegates under way right now in the sunflower state.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
checking today's top stories, voters in kansas have about an hour to wrap up today's high-stakes caucuses. 40 delegates are up for grabs. while the vote is still out, the prediction is that rick santorum will win the majority of the delegates. we'll bring you the results from kansas as soon as they are announced. tomorrow is the beginning of daylight saving time, and it means we put our clocks forward by one hour and lose that extra 60 minutes of sleep. it will stay this way until we
12:59 pm
fall back again come november. the history of kay light saving time goes back to the first world war, but today the main reason is to help save energy. ncaa march madness is almost here. selection sunday, that's tomorrow. i'm actually filling out a bracket, are you? if you are, test your bracket skills against mine. warning, novice here. visit to join the march madness cnn group. we'll have a little fun with it. i hope that you'll stay with me this afternoon. coming up in an hour from now, if you call an ambulance, there's a chance that the emts won't have the drugs you need. our susan candiotti examines a nationwide drug shortage problem. plus the new ipad out next week, our gaming and gadgets guru, marc saltzman, has the pros and cons at 3:20 eastern time today. and once you've had a job interview, there are five things that you need to do. we'll tell you about it in our reclaim your career segment and the 4:00 eastern


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