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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 14, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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college and stay in the united >> we are american citizens and it's an issue that we need to address as a nation and i am homeful they will be addressed appropriately. >> there is speculation that you, governor, you are very popular and you could be a vice presidential running mate for mitt romney or rick santorum. he said nice things about you. what do you think about that? >> let me tell you, i believe the republican party has done a good job in reaching out to the hispanic community, however we need to do more. it is not about the faces that actually are going to be seen in our ticket in november.
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it's about the values that will be behind those faces. the hispanic community share many values with the republican party. we have to stress those rarlz f regardless of who appears on our ticket. >> do you like the idea of a vice presidential ticket? >> i love my job and i want to stay here if i can and i enjoy what i'm doing. i look forward to another four years continuing to turn a corner here and make our economy grow. i want to work with the president that will be working hand in hand with us to guarantee that the security we need in the region will assist us in creating jobs. >> very diplomatic answer. good politician. i love puerto rico and i love san juan. stay with us. we will be talking down the road. appreciate you joining us. >> my pleasure. you are welcome any time.
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>> rick santorum has the momentum as they go into illinois. pat brady is the chairman of the republican party. joining us now. a good night for santorum, pat. not such a good night for mitt romney. you are a romney supporter. what does he need to do next tuesday for illinois? what does he need to do to make sure he wins in illinois? >> i think he will do well and i don't necessarily agree. he picked up a third of the delegates and has more combined than the rest of them combined. it wasn't a bad night. he doll well in illinois and follow the mark kirk model and run as a fiscal conservative and win big here, i think. >> the most recent poll had mitt romney at 35% and santorum at 31%. is that too close for comfort? >> this is a delegate hunt right
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now. senator santorum is not on the ballot for the congressional district. he is eligible for 44 of the 54 delegates to be voted on. we give out 69. 15 of those are super delegates. governor romney is in good shape and the war start and he has a ground game started. he has to campaign hard and he won't win everything, but we will walk out with a lot of delegates. >> what happened where santorum didn't get on the ballot. how difficult is it for a candidate to get on all the ballots, all the congressional delegation ballots in illinois. >> when you live in the state of illinois, there is a lot of weirdness and it's terribly difficult to get on the ballot. i tried to change the rules and we will try to reform it. you have to get a bunch of signatures and it's usually a volunteer effort. we did it for mccain.
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i'm not faulting the santorum campaign, but it's a reality of politics with the huge signature requirements and that's why they didn't get on the ballots. >> you want to give us a prediction? 69 is a lot of delegates up for grabs next tuesday. >> you have to understand as opposed to tonight, illinois, 70% of the vote is in the cook and the six counties around chicago. it's a lot of urban and suburban votes. that plays well for romney. he will walk out with i think a clear majority and probably win the preferential votes. he should have a good note. illinois shapes up for him. kind of a microcosm of the country and the problems we are dealing with here. i think that will translate well on the battle ground states that's important in beating president obama. i paid 4.70 for$4.70 for a galls and that will be a big issue.
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>> do you think president obama is actually vulnerable in illinois, his home state? >> he lost almost 20 points of support since he won the senate seat in 2004. he won with 70% and he is in the low 50s now. we will make him work, but more important to us is the congressional races. speaker pelosi announced that the road to her retaking the speakership goes to illinois and that's not going to happen. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> more on rick santorum's southern sweep and what it means for conservatives. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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we will compete everywhere. the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the time is now to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against barack obama to take him on every issue. >> that was the victory speech. what will the big wins mean. politico's chief correspondent and great guy, allen from big journalism. in this race he is hoping newt gingrich will step aside and let him know one on one with mitt romney. think that's going to happen? >> gingrich's campaign was signalling that was going to
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happen a few days ago. he really needs to perform in the southern states to have a viable campaign from here on out. it seems as though they are changing their story. they are going all the way to tampa. the folks would love to see them step out and we are at the point where we have to ask, are we dividing the conservative vote. if you look at the exit data, we are. santorum is getting the more conservative voters. he is proving to be more of a spoil than he is for romney. >> this surge that we are seeing for san sor um the real deal or will it fate? >> we saw mitt romney had his
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surge. if he can take this or has the organization f we were discussing earlier, he doesn't even have illinois in four districts. he may not necessarily be able to capitalize in a practical on the ground way. >> he has a lot less money although that can change. if we are talking about santorum and mitt romney is spending a ton of money and the super pac campaigned in illinois. money is an issue, but we learned this is not necessarily decisive. >> that's right. mitt romney will talk about delicate math and that's not inspiring and not ronald reagan. coming out of tonight, we will hear santorum talking about momentum saying she in sunjt mitt romney is saying we have more delicates. obama is having fun with mitt romney on twitter.
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the campaign tweeted just wait until you get the results later tonight from hawaii and as american samoa goes, they need to toughen up the message and give conservatives something to go after the 83% of the evangelicals. more liking what they have heard. >> you are a romney supporter. is it better if gingrich stays in the race and divide up that so-called conservative vote as opposed to allowing it to be a two-man race? >> i think so. at least in the short-term. i keep saying that i think there is a secret pact here. newt is kind of romney's wingman. the bottom line is it almost doesn't matter what happens in terms of the republican race. those red states are going to a republican.
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what the republicans have to understand is that they need someone who has strength in the place where they are swing states. the red states are going red either way. sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need. here the republicans need mitt romney. >> look ahead a little bit to puerto rico. i don't know if you know that much about puerto rico. in illinois, you probably do. look to illinois next tuesday. what's going to happen? >> illinois is typically very moderate republican base at least in illinois. obviously it's going to go blue. no hope of that state going to republicans at all. santorum not being on the ballot for congressional districts, i don't know if that will have that much of an impact. i expect illinois to go to mitt romney. i expect missouri to go to santorum. we had a primary and we have a
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caucus at stake. rick santorum did well the last primary even though he was not on the ballot. newt will be on the ballot for the caucus, i don't think he will do well it. tends to go to rick santorum and i take it back to prop c. people don't like health care in any form. we saw it with prop c in 2010's election. illinois will go to romney, but missouri will go to santorum. >> we have a lot of big states earlier. texas, california, new york, this could go as the democrats had that experience years ago, all the way through june. >> absolutely. i remember it well. i remember the arguments being that similar arguments if winning the state is meaningful in the general election. for example, winning california, is that meaningful for the republicans since it's likely that california will go for the democrat in the general. taking a step back in terms of
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what mitt romney needs to do to gain enthusiasm. we were talking in the green room and he was like well, he needs to relax and be himself and embrace the person that we are trying to get to know. it's a problem that up to this point, the evangelicals are not sold or rallying around mitt romney. that's a problem and i'm curious to know in all of the years of politicking has not laid the ground work and met with evangelicals and a swage concerns about him. he needs to make up the ground now. >> all right, hold on. i want to continue the conversation. we have a lot more to discuss. mitt romney's trash talk. what he told me about rick santorum. stand by. all energy development comes with some risk,
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>> it's a very difficult road for him. at this stage he is looking for some way to try to gain ground. i understand that. i would hope that you would use truth as one of the pillars of your strategy as opposed to trying to come up with one attack after the other. >> that was mitt romney talking earlier about rick santorum who has a lot of information and a lot of reason to be happy after his big wins in the deep south tonight. we are back with amy holmes and mike allen and dana lash. mike, it was pretty upbeat. he was talking about the voter his a different mind tonight. >> wolf, great interview. we will see a lot of that tape and there he goes again.
2:21 am
he was talking about the campaign and they know they need a tougher message. a small sign of this. i'm told that mitt romney has been saying that he is out to replace barack obama in coming days. i would look for mitt romney to say he will defeat barack obama. a small example of how they are week is how they are tweaking. pressure on the public stage and behind the scenes for newt gingrich to get out. the campaigns will be cautious. you saw the santorum strategist not taking the debate and not directly confronting newt gingrich. silent on this question. they don't want to back gingrich into a corner. they want him to figure it out on his own. keep the conservative leader saying that rick santorum has
2:22 am
earned it. conservative leaders saying it's been a great run. go out as a happy warrior. >> you like romney. what piece of advice do you want to share with him and our viewers what he needs to do right now. this is a sensitive delicate moment. >> first of all, do i agree on the math story. there is a hollywood and a math story. if i had one piece, if you are listening to me right now, you need to make people feel. people do not remember what you say, but they remember how you make them feel. go rent a bunch of disney movies and learn how to tell a story and connect with the audience and build that rapport. they will remember if you make them feel and there is a formula to this and i know you can do it. >> how much of a problem does santorum have with women voters? >> i'm glad you brought that up and i wanted to point it out as well.
2:23 am
in 2008 between then senator obama and hillary clinton, there was a lot made of the constituencies. white working class, etc. in the republican contest, it is important that the candidate solidly win and in particular married women with children. in there is any retreat on that number, it spells trouble in the general election and i think that mitt romney has a strength there when he can point to the states where he won the female vote and he also won the catholic vote and the catholic vote is also a swing vote that is very important for a general election candidate to win. >> not to mention he has a great family. he has a fantastic family. this guy is a family man. he should be touting with the women. i am all about the family. this is a strength for him. they are taking these strengths
2:24 am
and making them weaknesses. he has to turn them back into strengths. >> very impressive. let me ask you the same. who is a stronger general election conditionedidate among the republicans as far as women are concerned? >> well, frankly when you look back and i break it down to all of the exit polling data from iowa and just examining all of the contests. gingrich did exceptionally well with women in south carolina and this was right after the ex-wife controverciy that came about. rick santorum despite everything said about him he was doing well with women in southern states and alabama and mississippi as well. in terms of the general election, honestly i any one will do well as long as they can articulate conservatism and show their policies are not just attractive to men, but to women
2:25 am
to. that seems easy, but every one of these primary candidates to be frank had difficulty in doing that to some extent. >> can i jump in that in conservative circles in discussions about rick santorum and his comments like for example that he is opposed to contra kepgz in all cases, a lot of them say it's not conservative and someone running for president should not comment on such personal matters. >> we will leave it right there. thanks very, very much. when we come back, the latest on tonight's results in alabama and mississippi. man: 1939 -- my parents ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you."
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you have to give rick santorum a lot of credit. he was outspent by mitt romney, but he is the winner in mississippi and alabama. twin victories and a boost for his campaign and a set back for mitt romney and newt gingrich. attention turns to puerto rico on sunday and illinois next tuesday. we will have complete coverage. thanks very much for joining us.
2:30 am
i'm sitting in for piers morgan. the news continues on cnn. a special edition of out front tonight. breaking news. a huge night for rick santorum. no other way to describe it. cnn calling mississippi for the former senator after we called alabama for santorum earlier tonight. the candidates spoke moments ago. anticipate no doubt about it, he is taking his momentum into the next state. >> we will compete everywhere. the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the time is now for to make sure, to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go against
2:31 am
barack obama and take him on every issue. >> let's take a closer look at the numbers. you can see how tight this race was. it took us a while to make these calls because it was running as a three-man race for most of the evening. alabama rick santorum we called first. 35% lead there as you can see and more votes are coming in. 98% reporting. mississippi calling later with 33% of the vote. there is no mistaking it. it is rick santorum's night. the candidate began as a virtual unknown and counted out by many said his appeal stretches from middle america to the deep south. that is a very important thing for him and a big part of what we heard for his communications director. jim acosta is live at rick santorum's headquarters right now in lafayette. jim acosta, what was the celebration there? there was a little surprise. they seemed to have downplayed
2:32 am
expectations. >> you are right about that. when ick santorum said we did it again, cheers went up and later on in the speech, we talked about how he did not see one poll showing him winning this contest and this results in the deep south even surprised the santorum campaign. i caught up with him for a few moments and if anyone noticed, he was hoarse tonight. he is recovering for a cold. the next big question is what happens to newt gingrich. if gingrich was not in the race tonight, santorum might have had him wire margins over mitt romney. i asked rick santorum do you think speaker gingrich should get out of the race? here's what he had to say. >> do you think newt gingrich should dropout, senator? do you think speaker gingrich should dropout of the race?
2:33 am
>> it would be great if anybody dropped out. . >> clearly you would have won by a wider margin had the speaker not been in. >> you have to play with the cards you have. >> you hear rick santorum say you have to play with the cards you are dealt. this is a delicate situation. rick santorum was on the glen beck radio show and that was a moment when he said it would be great for speaker gingrich to get out of the race and late or this evening, i asked one of the spokes people if think newt gingrich would get out of the race. she initially said absolutely and came back and said we are not formally calling on newt gingrich to get out of the race. no question heading into the next contest, it would be a big
2:34 am
help to the campaign and just to tell you how they are not taking anything for granted from this point forward. they are getting on a plane tonight at 1:00 in the morning to head to puerto rico in advance of the primary coming up on sunday down in the u.s. territory. they got creamed in the u.s. territories last weekend and helped offset the gains he had when mitt romney took the others like guam over the weekend. they are not taking them for granted anymore. >> thank you very much. the great irony. they get electoral votes, but something deeply seems to be unfair. that is for another time. let's talk about the big scenario here. if newt gingrich gets out and pigs fly, what happens to the delegates. >> they are saying we are not calling to get out. they know he is a proud man. if they call on him, he is less likely to. let's do this scenario. here is the map. this is a blow to speaker gingrich. this is his region of the country and that's santorum.
2:35 am
i will give you two scenarios. here's roughly where we are tonight. we are making projections. governor romney is comfortably ahead. i will touch the button. we will be having this race. >> taking a long vacation. >> this is hypothetical, but i will go to august 30th. i have been generous to santorum and i gave him north carolina and virginia and kentucky, illinois, indiana and wisconsin and they are saying no way, but i will give him those states with gingrich still in the race. even under this scenario romney wins. say santorum wins pennsylvania and for some reason he wins new jersey and here's the big one. say he wins california. i am being generous and hypothetical, this is a dream scenario for santorum. most people would say i'm crazy b you he stops governor romney
2:36 am
and goes to the convention behind him. this is with gingrich in. >> what happens in this scenario? newt gingrich is a powerful man clearly. >> gingrich would be a powerful man. ron paul would be a powerful man in this scenario and there a bunch of other people from jeb bush to chris christie and people would be walking around watching their every move to see what happens. here's the point. this is unlikely. this is a big money state. there is a big conservative base in california. governor chris christie is on team romney. that's giving santorum california, but let's do this other scenario. i top the come back to today and bring this. if gingrich gets out. >> this is fun. >> if gingrich gets out, these went to santorum. we need to make these purple.
2:37 am
then we move on. i will go quickly through these. we will go santorum and he gets that. i decided we will be generous to senator santorum and try to move quickly and he gets louisiana. he is doing well in the midwest. give him wisconsin. keep coming through and he wins pennsylvania. i will be generous. gingrich is out of the race. you watch this map. if santorum starts marching and wins all of these, now look what's happening. he is getting closer and closing the gap. can he win all of this? he would like the two-man race, but that's how you catch mitt romney. then you move on here and will give santorum nebraska and romney is doing well out west. gingrich is not in the race now. this is a two-way scenario. keep coming and keep this here and he is winning in the border states. kentucky and arkansas go to
2:38 am
santorum and texas goes to santorum. in team romney, they see something like that and you have a real race. this is why there will be pressure on gingrich to get out. then you get here. new jersey, let's leave it for romney. that's feasible, right? that's how that becomes important. if california and new jersey stay romney even with gingrich out of the race, utah is just shy. you want to broker convention with two guys, that's your scenario. if this is going on and you play like this, you are getting closer there. >> this is amazing. >> just for fun you do this. that's a good race. if gingrich gets out, santorum gets close. >> close, but not there. >> catching up and he can get close if gingrich gets out. if he stays in, almost
2:39 am
impossible. >> this is my favorite part of the map. touching the map. we have to change the color rotation. we will take a break and be back to talk more about the special election coverage for the big night for rick santorum. we always hear about jobs leaving america.
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>> i loved it. all these fantasies of the numbers. what i found fascinating is in a two-man race, neither one would get there. even in the three-man race it's a possible scenario where mitt romney can't get it done. >> we will talk about tampa. we heard from two of them and a big night. we are to wait to see who wins the most tonight. you can't rule it out with the state of hawaii. >> or samoa. if you are watching, your vote matters. >> tampa could be a mess. this would be a republican -- romney can win the delegates. that's what you really pay a lot of attention to.
2:44 am
tampa could be a mess for republicans. that's going to be the issue. mitt romney is probably 100% right there. it's hard to see a path to get the 50% required. it might be hard for mitt romney to get to the 50%. if that happens if you have a three-way race, it could be a real mess in tampa. >> what are does that mean in november? whoever comes out is sort of a gimp. they are limping with everything tied together. >> presumably at some point the party gets and i believe it will. the long ter goes on, the more the hurt feelings come and the less people feel excite and the less money they are raising and that's a potential issue. this air of inevitability that romney is projecting has been a failure. gloryy and candy made the point,
2:45 am
he has to stop talking about process and start talking about people. from my perspective he has to get rid of the blue jeans that look so fake it's ridiculous. this guy has not connected. >> how do you know that? >> he wears blue jeans every event. >> some men don't know how to wear jeans. >> some men do, but mitt romney doesn't. >> it's a true statement. >> he tries too hard. it doesn't feel connect and authentic. the delegate side is the further rick santorum with get and the one group we haven't talked about is the super delegates that is not in this bunch. super delegates with a couple hundred votes make a difference. there is momentum. >> they are not super delegates.
2:46 am
>> they are state by state. >> yes and we don't have super delegates like you do and some are committed. it's a different process, but there is a pool of uncommitted -- that's right. there is a dynamic here that we can't quantify at this point. >> before we have a melt down in tampa, we will get orderly because that's what republicans do. the national committee right now is preparing and hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. they know how to do a whip operation at the convention. nobody else will have the capacity and no other candidates will have the capacity that the rnc will to be able to get in front of what could be ugly. i don't think it will get that far. what has to happen, hillary makes a great point. be all you can be? no, just be a little bit less. quit trying. i like the cheesy grits.
2:47 am
stay on message. that's it. >> he doesn't have a message who is authentic. he is awkward. he is not faking, but deep down inside he's fake. >> it's not how hard he's trying, but what he is trying to reach. he is solving for the wrong variable. he is solving for c, conservatives instead of i, independents. he is so weak with conservatives. i understand that. i'm absolutely certain republicans will coalesce around mitt romney who they don't like. conservatives will because they strongly dislike the president. he is their best organizer. it's not fair, but they don't want the president to win. the price he is paying for the obvious and easy coalescence of the right is for the middle. >> they are 40% of the electorate. >> we are going to get the white
2:48 am
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what is the obama campaign think about the primaries? jessica yellin is in washington and you got a sense of what the president thinks about rick santorum tonight. >> the president himself was away at a basketball game which we will get to in a minute. the obama campaign in general as
2:52 am
you might guess is pleased the longer this goes on. they ultimately expect that mitt romney will be the nominee despite what we are watching tonight. the longer this takes, the more money it drains and more attention it takes from his effectual fight with the president. jim messina who is the manager of the obama campaign sent out an e-mail to obama supporters say if it will hug today, president obama would lose to mitt romney based on a poll and he is trying to fund-raise off that. they are not looking at rick santorum with great attention. i see you are playing the video. i think i should talk about this. president obama took prime minister cameron of the uq to his first basketball game. they went not coincidentally to a swing state of ohio. the president talked about why
2:53 am
they went there. listen. >> first of all, i thought there was going to be wonderful for the to have a chance not only to see a basketballame for the first time, but to come to the great state of ohio. sometimes when we have foreign visitors, they are only visiting the coasts. they go to new york, washington, they go to los angeles. the heartland is what it's all about. >> vice president biden will be in ohio as well later this week on thursday. he is going to toledo to unleash what all sources are saying will be a very fierce real election-themed speech. we are expecting him to take it to the republican candidates. >> there was something about that image as the republican party all hell breaks loose, the president is stuffing a hot dog into his mouth. so this is good for him. >> he's at a basketball game in
2:54 am
ohio. you need ohio almost certainly to win the presidency. he is going there and scoring points. he is having a good time at the same time. i'm sure the prime minister is having a good time as well. >> the brackets were heavy. >> that's a swing county and the democrats have to win by a margin to carry the state. as we end tonight, if you go to the maps and the history, mitt romney is still the front-runner. forget about it. rick santorum has a chance to reset the race. we will see what happens in the next week or ten days. the underdog given the tea party and the obama campaign. i one, two, three inning we may get another prize. >> any change in strategy from mitt romney? >> he has been steady eddie and they believed in their strategy from the get go and that was like five years ago. they haven't changed much. they are convinced that they are
2:55 am
going to get this. and they believe the kind of standoffish from the media most of the team or at least controlled media events and believe he has been doing fine. i think it's a recipe for june. >> thank you for cheering us up. you can argue math all you want. the romney campaign is arguing. presidential campaigns are not just about math. they are about passion and what you believe. they are about who you believe in. mitt romney has yet to find a way to make that base believe in him. >> still have fun to go. next sunday is puerto rico and next tuesday is illinois and it goes on and on and on. >> i love it when territories do this. rick santorum is spending two days there. we have a nice dipper or something. thank you all of us and our special coverage continues out
2:56 am
of this with wolf blitzer. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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