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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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judge didn't do it. the federal judge will. believe me. he's not going anywhere. >> catch them of saturday noon eastern time. -- captions by vitac -- now there is a name attached to that deadly shooting rampage last weekend in afghanistan. army staff sergeant army bales is the soldier the pentagon says is insolitary confinement awaiting formal charges that he went house to house in kandahar and killed 16 civilian men, women and children. dan simon is at the home base in washington state. sar sarah sidner is in afghanistan. let's get to takoma, washington where dan simon is now. >> reporter: of course the focus is trying to see if there were clues or warning signs that may have caused this army soldier
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robert bales to carry out this unthinkable rampage. right now there is a lot of speculation whether or not he suffered deep emotional problems after having been to four different battle zones, three in iraq, one in afghanistan. of course, his attorney tells cnn in 2010 he suffered a serious brain injury after his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. that attorney telling cnn that the day before the rampage took place, his client watched a fellow soldier get seriously injured. take a look. >> what i heard from the military lawyers who are working on this case with me, who i'm very impressed with, that another soldier at this base was brutally attacked the day before this incident and had his leg shot off right in front of my client. >> reporter: the military moved
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bales' family. he's a father of two children and his wife, they moved here to this military base for their own safety and security. they actually put their home up for sale, which is about 20 minutes away from here, just the day after the shooting. neighbors described him as somebody who was a patriot and seemingly incapable of committing such violence. >> dan, bales still has not been formally charged, yet he is in solitary confinement. what more do we know about the process that is ahead? >> we know that he is due to be charged some time within the next seven days. as you said, he is in ft. leavenworth, kansas in solitary confinement. one thing interesting to note, he joined the military shortly of a 9/11. his wife wrote on a blog that she was upset that he didn't get promoted. she felt like he deserved to get a higher ranking. she was hoping for the
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opportunity for them to move perhaps to a more glamorous setting such as germany, italy or hawaii. there is some talk she may have been upset and he may have been upset, as well, that he wasn't moved. >> dan simon, thanks so much for that update. many people in afghanistan are furious staff sergeant robert bales was moved out of the country. they believe he should stand trial in afghanistan. cnn's sara sidner is in kabul. >> reporter: family members of the victims of sunday's massacre allegedly by a u.s. soldier spoke to afghanistan's parliame parliamentarian asking that justice be done and to be done here on afghan soil. there were protests that erupted in jalalabad again. this is the second time protestors have taken to the streets because of this case. they were screaming "death to america" and asking the suspect be tried using islamic rule as
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opposed to any foreign justice system. that is not likely to happen. there is an agreement that governs what happens to members of the military. likely we will not see this soldier tried here. we certainly will not see him tried in the afghan judicial system or using islamic law. one more thing i want to mention, this relationship between the united states and afghanistan seems to be fraying. the afghan president talked much yesterday about some of his frustrations, saying that the united states did not cooperate fully the way they had expected them to when it comes to this investigation, saying that his investigators were not able to even speak with this accused soldier. sara sidner, cnn, afghanistan. we'll have much more on the impact the massacre is having on kabul and washington in about 20
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minutes. the gop presidential candidates are splitting their time between missouri, illinois and puerto rico. rick santorum is campaigning in missouri. missouri held a mimery last month. that was just a beauty contest, as they say. today's caucuses will determine who gets missouri's 52 delegates. mitt romney is dividing his time between p puerto rico and illinois today. he began on the caribbean island which hold its primary tomorrow, then travels to illinois where voters head to the polls tuesday. here is a look how the candidates are faring with delegates going into these latest races. mitt romney is leading with 498. rick santorum is in second place with 239 delegates followed by newt gingrich with 139 and ron paul trails the pack with 69 delegates. in other news, a notorious nazi criminal has died. 91-year-old john demjanjuk was
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living in a home forethe elderly in germany when he passed away earlier today. the retired u.s. auto worker was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of assisting in p mass murder as a death camp guard in poland. he was released pending his appeal. >>. >> the director behind the documenty of a notorious ugandan war lord is in the spotlight. jason russell was taken to a hospital after he was seen running through the streets of san diego in his underwear shouting incoherently. his family says he does not have a drinking or drug problem. it is tough enough to be a 14-year-old boy and have to read poetry out loud in class. it's what this student says his teacher said that has the school district now investigating. >> when i read it in my normal voice, she told me to read it blacker.
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turning into a lesson on racial sensitivity in virginia. a high school teacher is under investigation to comments she made to the only african-american student in her class. suzanne kennedy of wjla reports. >> reporter: jordan is still in a state of shock over what he says his freshman english teacher told him to do as he read a poem aloud in class. >> she told me to read it blacker. >> the 14-year-old george mar shul high school was asked to read langston hughes' "ballad of
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the landlord." he is the only african-american student in the class. he says the fact he was asked to read it blacker shows racial insensitivity by his teacher. >> it's very unprofessional and should not happen. she didn't do it to any of the other kids, why did she have to do it to me? >> jordan brought it to his mom's attention after a lesson in english this week about stereotypes. the freshman says he was again singled out to explain why african-american people like grape soda and rap music. his mother says she was humiliated for her son. >> we have reached out to the school district and they did send us this statement saying, "marshall high school administrators are taking these allegations seriously and school officials are vigorously pursuing an investigation of these incidents. the school launched the investigation on wednesday immediately after the student's mother made them aware of her concerns." that statement coming from the school district. let's bring in jordan's mom
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nicole cover page this. had to be quite the phone call you got from your son when he let you know this is what happened. explain to me how he approached you. >> thank you very much. i want to clarify because there are a couple of things that were wrong. number one, i actually this was right, i do believe the principal and the administration are vigorously resolving this issue. i'm confident an equitable decision will be made. jordan is proud to go to marshall. it's a wonderful school. even in the best places some bad things happen. number two, everything that i'm going to say has been corroborated by the administration. these facts came because there was a second teacher in the class on the separate four occasions that took place. each time my child was singled
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out because of his race to educate the class about black issues. number one, at the beginning of the year they were reading "a lesson before dying." my son was singled out to explain what creole means. he said nothing. fast forward two weeks ago. he was asked to read the langston hughes poem "ballad of the landlord." the teacher asked him to read it blacker. come on, jordan, aren't you black? when he didn't comply, she read the poem in what the students called a quote/unquote slave-like manner. when jordan asked her is that what you think blacks sound like? she reprimanded him and had him sit down. the third occasion happened a couple of days after, where she had him, quote/unquote rap a tupak shakur poem.
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because he didn't say anything under those other three circumstances. he only brought it to me this week. when the teacher first raised the issue of stereotypes. there was a powerpoint presentation where jordan was asked to explain why black people like grape soda. she completed the presentation with pictures where she said -- where they presented examples of larger women and presented a picture of oprah winfrey and the actress that portrayed precious. at that point my son only then brought it home to me this week and said, mom, i don't know if this is racism. it just doesn't feel right. i say to that, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, let's call it daffy. >> after the series of incidents
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you just described, your son internalize the this a long time before sharing with you these incidents. give me an idea what this experience has done to him emotionally, and how he expressed this to you and how you could tell it had impacted him greatly. >> i think jordan is a very thoughtful person. he's a very analytical person. that is the reason why he delayed in coming to bring this to me. when he saw images and he was constantly put in a position of pressure to quote/unquote talk about all things black, that was the stress that led him to come to me. he's always known i love him, i support him, he's a truthful child. when he says something and if he brings it to me, i'm going to vigorously pursue it. >> what do you want marshall
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high school to do at this juncture? what do you want teach eers, wh should be done, what can be done, in your view? >> i've always been raised to mick lemonades out of lemon. marshall and fairfax county have a very unique opportunity while talking about this issue. let's, the facts are not in dispute. the marshall community is extremely diverse. fairfax county public schools is a majority/minority population. yet they don't want to -- just recently when they were at a school board restreet, they did not want to put the word diversity in their mission statement. let's use this as an opportunity to say, hey, when kids come forward with things that are harmful to them or they feel uncomfortable about, let's be a
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place where they feel safe and their cares can be validated. >> how has this impacted jordan? do you feel or can you tell whether this has done anything to his self-esteem or has it in any way damaged what you described as his excitement about going to marshall high school? >> i will tell you the biggest lesson that came out of this. i was nervous. i know everyone has different beliefs. he said, mom, when he went to school, what he got back was support for standing up for himself, and more importantly, there were many, dozens of other kids that said, this has happened to me. this teacher and other teachers, this had happened. so this is not just about my child. let's not make this about stereotypes, let's make this about properly educating our kids. let's put stereotypes into context and not diminish them
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and put the responsibility on a 14-year-old child to explain a bigger issue. that's our teachers and our administrators responsibility to do. i know they can do it. i feel confident mr. pearson and the members of the marshall family will resolve this properly. >> nicole cober page, thanks so much for coming on with us, joining us from washington. thanks to jordan, too, for having the courage to speak up. >> thank you. and this from ohio. dozens of students at an elementary school in garfield heights were injured after a food fight broke out there. school officials described it as a melee. every sunday dr. sanjay gupta profiles innovators from all walks of life. watch "the next list" tomorrow
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as he talks to the men who created the blue school. >> we are spending a lot of time in workshops working on new material for the vegas show when we move into the monte carlo in october. the blue men interacting with robots is a nice way for them to take a look how we are using technology and how is it using us. >> it's not really about this cold machinery. it's ultimately about how can we use the robots to show something about the human spirit? >> tune in tomorrow at 2:00 for "the next list." are you wasting your time at work or are you reaching all of your goals? now is the time to give yourself a tune-up. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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look at the calendar. can you believe we are halfway through march. do you remember your new year's resolutions? specifically your career goals. every week we focus on ways to get a jump-start in the work force. in our "claim your career" segment, give yourself a tune-up. valorie burton, author of
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"successful women think differently." good idea. we are in the third month of the year. we talked in january about getting goals throughout the year. now assess. what is working, what isn't working. >> i think a lot of times we get to march and we are like, is it march already? we start thinking about what were my goals? it's important that we give oufs as tune-up. otherwise we go to work every day, going with the flow. >> in a rut. >> yes. where am i going? there are a few things you can do. one of the most important is to make sure you set authentic goals and they are purposeful. in the next 12 months, what are the top three goals you want to achieve. i say put them in three different categories. learning goals. are there new skills you want to acquire over the next 12 months that will get you further along in your career? there are relationship goals in your career. is it about expanding your network? it could be about getting along better, becoming a better
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leader. then financial goals. you want to have financial goals tied to your career, whether it has to do with your retirement savings, increasing your income. what is the biggest financial goal? make sure you're setting meaningful goals. >> make sure you're not repeating mistakes. if something is not working, don't force it at this point. >> that's right. ask yourself, what is working in my career right now and what's not working. when you ask what's working, you're looking at the things you want to make sure you keep doing. if we lose them, we find ourselves in trouble. who is helping me a lot. do i need to pour into that relationship? what's not working? make sure you come up with solutions. each month say is this working? do i need to tweak it? it becomes a learning and action. i call it self-coaching. what's the right solution going to be? >> we've got nine more months to go for the year. we are not at a halfway point.
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it's time to start thinking about how am i going to utilize the rest of the year. >> right. third thing you want to do with your career tube-up is scrutinize your time. even if you looked back over the last year or maybe just the last month, what are those things monopolizing your time? maybe there is a meeting you have every week or every day and it's not very purposeful. maybe there are conferences that are not reaping benefits. and what do i need to spend more time doing? when we have that consistent action we deliver the results we want. most importantly with your time, schedule time for that rest and relaxation. >> you've got to recharge the batteries. >> this week i had someone on facebook saying i'm at the beach does that count for productivity? i a was like, absolutely. >> recharging those brain cells. >> it's productive. >> if you feel like you haven't
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accomplished all those things and you still have many months to go in the year, don't kick yourself over it find a way to find a bright spot. >> sometimes they weren't meant to happen in that timing or accept we are where we are. don't focus on what you haven't done, what do you need to do now so this time next year you won't say the same thing. >> valorie burton, it still feels like therapy. >> coaching, coaching. >> life coach, career coach. valorie burton, thanks so much. the new ipad is pushing apple's value even higher. how high? by a certain date. to be doe you always have homework, okay? i don't have homework today. it's what's right here is what is most important to me.
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this just in to cnn. word from iraq that an american citizen has been released from captivity in iraq. we don't have many details, but a united nations official tells cnn an american man held hostage for nine months has been set free in baghdad. he was allegedly held by a group connected to al sadr. the american was, quote, captured in battle, but no active duty military people have been missing in iraq. the u.s. embassy in baghdad is working to confirm details. other top stories. a year after the uprising began,
4:29 pm
the situation in syria has taken a dangerous new turn. violence is now striking the heart of the capital. the state-run news agency says at least 27 people were killed in a series of explosions targeting government facilities. thousands of miles away. a peaceful protest took place outside the white house with calls for syria's president to step down. wikileaks founder julian assange plans to run for a seat in the australian senate. assange is currently under house arrest in england facing possible extradition to sweden for sex crimes allegations. wikileaks made the announcement on twitter. the australian elections are scheduled to be held next year. the pentagon released the name of the soldier blamed for a deadly rampage in afghanistan. robert bales is an army staff sergeant now in solitary confinement in ft. leavenworth in kansas.
4:30 pm
he is accused of killing 16 afghan civilians last week in kandahar. neighbors describe bales as a, quote, normal family man. there is plenty of diplomatic fallout from the shootings from afghanistan. afghan president hamid karzai suggesting the u.s. is not giving a completely candid account of what happened. he says the incident has taken a significant toll on diplomatic relations with the united states. earlier i asked our foreign affairs reporter if if the u.s. state department will attempt to get involved with the legal case against staff sergeant bales. >> the uniform code of military justice will dictate how this staff sergeant bales is tried. there are particular rules in this. basically, it's a pentagon show. >> whose idea was this? was it the u.s. military who said we need to go ahead and try sergeant bales in the u.s. or did the state department play a role at all by trying to make a
4:31 pm
case or help make the case that afghanistan was making that perhaps there is a way to try him overseas? >> well, i don't think any of this 2 is really has been worked out yet. some military officials are saying there is nothing to preclude him from being tried in afghanistan. when we say tried in afghanistan, we don't mean tried by the afghan justice system. we would mean the u.s. military would move the trial over to afghanistan. i think they are leaving this up to the military and how they decide they want to proceed. certainly, they want to take into account the afghan concerns that justice being served. there are also a lot of particular rules about whether witnesses can be introduced, whether afghan witnesses can be introduced. if the prosecution uses afghan witnesses, the defense will need to question them, as well. those questions are still being worked out. nothing to say as they have in the past that he couldn't be actually tried in afghanistan. as we've been talking about,
4:32 pm
this agreement that governs u.s. military in afghanistan, when the fall of the taliban happened, u.s. and afghanistan had agreement these soldiers had immunity from afghan law and would be processed according to the u.s. military justice system. this agreement is in effect. i don't see the u.s. going back on that. they don't want to leave their military up to a trial. the afghan system, which even though they are starting to build accountability, rule of law, afghan justice system considered very weak and corrupt. >> we do know more about the legal timeline in this staff sergeant's case. a former military judge says officials have seven days to formally charge him. they must begin a trial within 120 days. today staff sergeant robert bales is in solitary confinement at ft. leavenworth in kansas. some bloggers are calling it the, quote, tell your boss you're on the pill bill. an arizona proposal would allow
4:33 pm
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doctors say it's a natural part of aging, a slowing metabolism. you know what that means. it can be easier than ever to pack on the pounds, but there are things you can do. elizabeth cohen has more in today's "health for her." >> reporter: when renie was 42, she began to notice unwelcome changes. >> i can't wear tight shirts. i have budges i swore i would never, ever have. >> reporter: she realized her metabolism was not the same as in her younger years. metabolism converts food and drink into energy. as we wage, men and women tend to see a slowdown. >> the primary cause for the slowdown of the metabolism is the fact the body tends to start to replace lean body mass with fat mass. muscle burns more calories than fat does. >> reporter: that means it's easier to gain weight.
4:36 pm
moore offers these tips to maintaining a healthy metabolism. >> make sure you are physically active, as much as you can every day. make sure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. stay away from fad diets and products that promise to help rev up the metabolism because they generally don't work. >> reporter: esler says she is accepting this fact of the life. >> at the end of the day if my definition of healthy and my feeling my best isn't me in my 20s, that's okay. it's just okay. >> reporter: i'm elizabeth cohen. i'm robert shapiro.
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over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. imagine having to tell your employer your personal private information about how you use birth control. women in arizona could have to do just that if a bill in the
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state senate right now becomes law. under the bill, women who want to get reimbursed for birth control pills through their employer-provided insurance could have to prove they are taking it for a medical reason and not to prevent pregnancy. this bill was written by a woman. republican state representative debbie lesko. i spoke with her about this controversy. >> government should not be telling the mom and pop employer or a faith-based charity organization that they have to provide something that's against their religious belief. that's all it does. it does not allow an employer to ask a woman if they're using contraceptives or not. it does not allow an employer to fire women. unfortunately -- >> why is that the interpretation by some? that it does empower an employer to get into the privacy or business, medical conditions, et cetera, of a woman as it pertains to contraceptives? >> you know, all i can guess is
4:39 pm
that the opposition is trying to spread a whole bunch of misinformation out there to confuse the issue. my legislation does one thing and one thing only. it protects the employer, the mom and pop organization, or the faith-based organization that doesn't want to be forced by the government to do something against its religious belief. i'm a woman. i'm not going to do something that hurts a woman. if the bill actually did these things that everybody is saying that it did, i wouldn't even support the bill. it frankly does not do that. >> isn't ththis applies to all employers, this applies to all. >> yes. if they have a religious objection, if and only if. i don't think a lot of -- >> doesn't that put the employer in a position where they have to ask that employee, are you using
4:40 pm
contraceptive and if you are, in what way are you using it? how would an employer know if not to ask that question? >> this is about the mandate the government is putting on that the employer has to cover in their insurance plan. it has nothing to do with the employer asking the employee if they use contraceptives. it allows an employee to go out and buy contraceptives on their own if they happen to be an employee of one of those few employers that aren't forced to provide it in the insurance. i called walmart last week. they said you could buy generic contraceptives for $9 a month. that's probably cheaper than a co-pay. this has nothing to do with taking away the rights of a woman to buy contraceptives for whatever reason. all it says is don't have the government force an employer to provide it in their insurance plan. that's all this bill does.
4:41 pm
>> are you now kind of setting the stage there would be some women who would feel compelled to buy it on their owns and others who would enjoy the same privilege by way of insurance, that there is a real conflict here? >> there is no conflict. all my bill is saying is that the government should not be telling the mom and mom employer or a faith-based organization -- they shouldn't be forcing them to provide coverage on the morning after pill if it's against their religious belief. >> let me ask you this about your proposed repeal of the no discrimination report. our legal administrator paul callen was taken aback by that. >> from a political standpoint it was very, very foolish of arizona to throw this into the hopper. because it's illegal. that is clearly illegal. by the way, there are federal laws that would protect women if
4:42 pm
they were fired for getting contraceptives. federal law clearly protects that right. it doesn't matter what the states say. women will remain protected. it's very, very foolish for them to eliminate the provision. i think it creates a controversy and creates a totally unenforceable law. >> you are response to him? >> i talked to the lawyers that helped me write up this legislation. they said that language was not necessary. there has been no discrimination case. i certainly don't want to discriminate against women because i'm a woman. in fact, i'm not a catholic and i have no personal objection to the use of contraceptives. i respect the women that do. my lawyers say, and the house of representatives lawyers say this does not violate any hipa rules, any privacy rules. that language was just not necessary. that's why it was taken out. >> arizona governor january brewer says she does not yet
4:43 pm
have a position on the bill and doesn't know if she would sign it if it reaches her desk. she told reporters the legislation could make it, quote, a little uncomfortable for women using contraception for reasons other than avoiding pregnancy. george clooney is a name that attracts a whole lot of attention. he knows it. why the actor hopes the world was watching as he was hauled away in handcuffs. ♪
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that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. crossing a police line to get attention. george clooney did it in washington yesterday. he says his goal is to get people focused on what could become the world's worst humanitarian crisis. clooney was arrested at a protest outside the sudanese embassy. he says the people of sudan need help immediately. >> youever know if you're accomplishing anything. all we are trying to do is bring attention to a moment in time that is actually important. we hope that this brings attention to it. we hope it helps.
4:47 pm
we hope that as the people understand there really is a ticking clock on this and we need to get moving. >> clooney accuses the government of killing its citizens. time for cnn equals politics update. we are keeping an eye on the latest headlines at the cnn desk. missouri holds caucuses today. this is missouri's second time around it held a primary last month. that was what they call a beauty contest. no delegates were awarded. today's caucuses will determine who gets missouri's 52 delegates. mitt romney is dividing his time between p puerto rico and illinois today. he began on the caribbean island and travels to illinois where voters head to the polls tuesday. maryland senator barbara
4:48 pm
milkulski is the longest-serving woman in congress. for the latest political news, you know where to go. that is president obama raising the glass there, a pint, to celebrate st. patrick's day. he made a surprise stop at an irish pub in washington, d.c. this afternoon. he ordered a guinness at the dubliner, a well-known pub in washington, d.c., it's just around the corner from the capitol building. the fountains in front of the white house are flowing green today. this is the fourth year in a row the white house has dyed the waters green in honor of st. patrick's day. the first family dumped the dye in the fountain themselves. the new ipad is on the shelves and in the palms of hands. why apple's value is going
4:49 pm
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it's like a countdown 0 for new year's. the latest incarnation of apple's ground breaking tablet flying off the shelves. it starts at $499. new features include a higher resolution speed than previous versions. unbelievable. sales of the apple ipad clearly are soaring. i don't know if the numbers are. josh levs with us to talk about how this company seems to best itself all the time. unbelievable. >> this type of economy and people are lining up to spend 500 bucks and be first. we talked about that the last hour. we don't know if it will outpace their previous ipad sales. there are people buying it right now. apple keeps growing huger and huger.
4:53 pm
cnn started to give us compare sobs. it puts in context how darn huge apple is becoming. people have mixed feeling about that. take a look at some of these examples. apple as of the other day was measured at being larger than the entire retail sector. it's incredible. this is a blog that follows financial information to zero they look at the s&p retail numbers. added them up and found apple was actually outvaluing all of the retail sector on the s&p. it has a larger sum, $546 billion is bigger than the gdp than sweden, saudi arabia, poland, taiwan. you can take smaller countries and put them together and find out all together they are worth less than apple. worth more than google and
4:54 pm
microsoft combined. >> that's insane. >> there is a website about this called things apple is worth more than. everything. one of the things is the global coffee industry. it trumps the entire global coffee industry. exxonmobil. this is particularly significant. we have been reporting at cnn apple earlier this year overtook exxonmobil as the largest corporation. it's a reminder in a way the world is changing. this technology overtakes what has been so massive in that sense. those are just some of the examples. you can see more. i put my link all up for you. you can see at facebook josh levs cnn. those examples are powerful. there is a debate some people are having and have had for years over when a company
4:55 pm
becomes too big. >> i guess the answer is when they start losing money. otherwise it's all relative. what's too big? >> that is a good way to see it. >> thanks, josh. always big. huge, in fact. she is so fabulous. meteorologist jacqui jeras in the cnn weather center. >> huge? >> you're so petite, but you are huge. >> larger than life. whatever. at least my mouth does. how are you? we'll talk huge today. huge snow amounts. we've got a major storm system across the midwest. it's dumping the snow like you wouldn't believe. skiers are happy. travelers maybe not so much. look at these numbers. many are ski areas. 48 inches in california. in the sierras. that is four feet of snow if you need me to do the math, by the
4:56 pm
way. alpine meadows, 47. three feet in squaw valley. mammoth lakes at 30 inches. these numbers are 24-hour totals. it gives an idea how heavy and wet this is and how fast and furious it's coming down. we also have some really windy conditions to go along with it. ahead of this system, we have a nice conveyer belt. very strong winds coming in across the plains states. that is helping to drive your temperatures up to record levels in if many areas. we'll have a plethora falling throughout the day today. 76 in minneapolis. 80 in chicago. really incredible. we are also watching some thunderstorms across the middle mississippi valley. a bigger severe weather day tomorrow. i'll talk more about that at 5:30. >> you're big on information and big on smarts, too. >> love you. >> love you back.
4:57 pm
thanks so much. thanks for being with me this afternoon. much more straight ahead with somebody else who filled the rheaume with his charisma. that would be don lemon next. >> hi, fred! to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. i care about my car because... i think it's a cool car. i think it's stylish and it makes a statement at the same time. and i've never had a car like that. people don't totally understand how the volt works. when the battery runs down the gas engine operates. i don't ever worry about running out of battery power... because it just switches over to my gas engine.
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