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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 18, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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my live stream at cnn live stream. see you next sunday right here on "the next list." >> yoir yoir in the cnn "newsroom." puerto rico is heading to the polls. 20 delegates are up for grabs. we'll have results just in time for our special election coverage that begins at 4:00 eastern time today. in yemen, a teacher is shot and killed. that's according to two yemeni defense officials. they have not independently investigated the story but they say al kwqaeda is behind the attack. yesterday a shiite militia announced it was releasing a
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u.s. soldier as wanted to know he was missing for nine months. holt says he was a former soldier working as a civilian contractor in iraq. u.s. officials said all missing soldiers had been accounted for. and no civilian was recently reported missing. >> in this country, gas prices go up for the ninth straight day. the average is close to $3.84 but some big cities are already seeing gas prices average more than $4 a gallon. the record high was $4.11 back in july of 2008. >> and extreme weather. while most of the u.s. enjoys unseasonably warm weather, a look at what is going on in northern arizona, a late winter storm is dropping between one and two feet of snow in the area around flagstaff. winds are gusting and roads
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crews are working overtime. jackie jar ras will jacqui jeras will be here in about 20 minutes from now. robert bales is expected to meet with his legal defense team and in the shooting death of the men, women, and children in kandahar, afghanistan. sergeant bales is in a military prison, in solitary confinement. let's go to joint base lewis-mcchort. what more do we know about robert bales and what the week looks like for him? >> reporter: hi, fredricka. what has emerged so far is a soldier under emotional, physical strain after having
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served four war tours after the last ten years. we have a picture, this is somebody who faced enormous financial pressures. his wife put their home up for sale at a price significantly less than what they paid for it. a former neighbor also tells cnn that they didn't pay their homeowners association fees for like three or four years and that their condo was basically in a state of disrepair. bales, meanwhile, grew up in cincinnati, ohio, a suburb of cincinnati, and his former high school friends described him as a patriot and someone deeply moved by 9/11. take a listen. >> i can't believe it. i still can't believe it. i can't believe it. the bobby that i knew is not the bobby that could have done that. he'll never be the same and he's such a great person. that just crushes me. i don't know.
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i think everyone has the same question because everyone knew the same bobby. what happened? >> as you mentioned, his attorney is on his way to ft. leavenworth, kansas. john henry browne put out a statement saying yesterday that the family was stunned by the allegations but at this point they stand firmly behind him as a devoted husband and father and someone who served this country. >> dan, a lot of people are saying that it's hard to believe this case all around. >> reporter: strict guidelines is not to talk to the media. that's standard in a case like this. but we have heard from people who know him, particularly
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neighbors who say he's capable of doing something like this, but in terms of getting statements and comments from people talking to us. >> dan simon, appreciate that. we are learning more about sergeant bales through the words of his wife. caroline bales kept a blog where she wrote about living the military family life, according to the "new york times" reporting. and on the frustration of her husk denied a promotion. carolyn bea carolyn bales writes, it is very disappointing after all of the sack kri faces that he has made for the love of his country. i only want the days to go by fast when it m coulds to bob coming back home. we got this statement from bales' defense attorneys saying,
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this, sergeant bales' family is stunned in the face of this tragedy but they stand behind the man they know as a devoted husband, father, and dedicated member of the armed services. we're going to show you a lot of people enjoyed the st. paddy's day weekend. it got way out of hand in canada. people set fires, threw stuff at the police, and officials say it looked like a war zone. full details next. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement.
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a massive car barack obama explodes in syria's sect largest city. the blast ripped the front of an apartment building off and dozens of people were killed yesterday in a series of explosions in damascus. government officials and anti-regime protesters blamed each other for the bombings. and germany has a new president. joachim gauck took over the scandal-ridden office. in london, ontario, it got very rowdy. people overthrew cars and threw bottles at police officers. several people were arrested.
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the police chief said he's never seen so much violence and vandalism. the republican race for president is centered in puerto rico. on tuesday, republican voters in illinois get their turn. let's bring in cnn's chief political correspondent candy crowley. she's in washington. good to see you. so you interviewed rick santorum today on "state of the union" and before we begin a discussion about was and wasn't said, let's listen to a small portion. >> if govern r governor romney thinks that he is the ceo, he doesn't understand what conservatives believe in. we don't want somebody to manage the economy. we want somebody to get him out
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of the office avenue santorum saying that he is the face of conservativism. >> you know, i think going into puerto rico you would have to give the advantage to mitt romney. he had the endorsement of the governor there. more than that, it was a mitt romney kind of place and then rick santorum went down there that did not help him down there. so i think that we would be surprised if mitt romney did not win in purt roek key. >> og okay. go going into tuesday, by the way, we should have results somewhere in that 4:00 either hour. you'll join us.
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>> hopefully, yeah. >> hopefully once those polls close at 4:00. so then most candidates might want the result of one race to bett better poise them than he would have in puerto rico. >> well, you know, maybe. listen, this is a fairly sizeable contingent evangelical voters but i think the state is looking better for mitt romney. we look back at the exit polls from the last primary with john mccain and found that something like 46% of republican voters in that primary identified themselves as evangelicals. what was interesting to me was that more voted for mitt romney and john mccain, who are not considered favorite of christian conservatives than did mike
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huckabee running at the time and was the favorite of the christian conservative. so it might be a different kind of evangelical voter than what we are seeing in illinois. the polls at this point, romney is outside the margin of error and leading. i think it will be another close contest because that's what we've seen. romney would really like to put it away here but i think we're in for a longer haul in this. >> candy crowley, thank you so much. 4:00 eastern time, everybody join us for that entire hour dedicated to the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. hopefully we'll have the results for you. 4:00 eastern time today. all right. a top goldman sachs exec quits his job in a very big way, writes a nasty resignation letter that goes viral. how to quit with grace. we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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quitting your job can be a very scary thing to do. if you want to take that step, there is a right and wrong way to do it. you may remember these famous quitting moments. >> well, don't worry, don't worry. i'm not going to do what you all think i'm going to do which is just flip out.
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who's coming with me? who's coming with me? who's coming with me besides flipper here? >> i have never been a quitter. therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> management wants you gone by the end of the day. >> well, just what sort of severance package is management prepared to offer me considering the information i have about our editorial director which i think would interest the irs since is constitutes fraud. >> man, you are one twisted -- >> nope. i'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose. >> pretty memorable. you may not want to try that at home. deborah is editor at large at the grind stone. greg smith quit in a very big
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way by writing this opp ed. a pretty explosive resignation in the new york times. not everyone can get away with that but he can because he's a big cheese, right? >> exactly. and you have the platform that legitimatizes it. the fleeting satisfaction that you have is not worth the price in terms of your long-term career. >> but a lot of people do dream about going out with a big bang. if you are going to go out, whether it's voluntary or not, maybe the best that you would advise people to do. >> typically, first of all, like the situation with greg smith, if you do have a legitimate complaint, a corporate culture grievance, you might want to air those in the appropriate form. if it's corruption or discrimination, talk to a lawyer before you quit because in
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certain situations, there are actions to you if it is a legitimate grievance. just keep that in mind. generally speaking, we want to give a two to four weeks' notice and not quit until the moment that you actually quit. don't tell everybody you're quitting before you give resignation to your boss because those kinds of things get around to the boss before we want them to, right? >> yeah. >> and you say you've got to stay engaged until the end. let's say you've give and then two-week notice and your last day is coming. but you want to give it your all, all the way. you don't want to slack and say, i'm counting down the days and i really don't have to apply myself. >> absolutely. the temptation is there but don't treat yourself as a lame duck. you're still a member of the team. >> and then you want to stay in touch with colleagues in what way? to what degree? sometimes people quit but it
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seems that they are still there. i don't know if that is good career-wise. which is it? >> well, don't totally disappear. you want to leave your contact information, where you're going to be, and any records of your particular job that may be useful to anyone coming into that role. with websites, linkedin, update your status of where you're going to be because it's a small world and we all -- especially similar industries, you cross paths again. it's all the more reason why you don't want to reply all with your angry e-mail. >> thank you so much. great advice. if you know a notice is coming or you want to give notice, do it the right way. thanks a lot. northern arizona needs to thaw out before it can ring in spring. just two days away. can you believe it? check out this heavy snow in flagstaff, of all places. we'll find out how much of that snow they are expecting to see.
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heavy snow and gusty winds close 180 miles in northern arizona. you can see why this area of flagstaff will receive as much as three feet of snow. that is remarkable. talking about winter going out with a big bang.
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some state roads are also closed for very obvious reasons. jackie jar r jacqui jeras is with us now. >> we've been talking about the record heat but really the west -- >> it's winter in some places. >> right. this is where it's been across parts of the west. they had four feet of snow yesterday in parts of the sierra and this is the snow that has been coming down and the area where the internate is closed down, 180 miles, so to speak, because the visibility is very, very poor. there are a couple of snowfall totals. the snow bowl, 19 inches, 14 there at ft. valley, bellemont, 11 inches. flagstaff airport around 4.5 inches. but in general around the flagstaff area you've seen anywhere between 10 and 14 inches. so that was a little more widespread. we could be looking at several feet total before all is said
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and done. travel expected to remain really hazardous here. this is the big picture. you can see the snow continue across much of the west and into the rockies as well. you guys can see the highest numbers. over a foot potentially in the higher elevations. we have other issues with the system going on ahead of the front and that's going to be a real concern in parts of the plain states for today. first of all, we'll talk about the winds which will be very strong, gusting to around 50 miles plus per hour. in this orange fire we have critical fire danger. no outdoor burning today. not a good idea. in the red area, we expect severe thunderstorms to develop. across into western oklahoma and into kansas and into parts of nebraska. this is a very sloel-moving upper level system that we're talking about. we're looking at days ahead of seeing strong to severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that will likely cause big-time flooding problems. >> big extremes.
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thanks. >> we're about to welcome in spring. i can't believe it, in just two days. >> it's been here for weeks. >> that's true. all right. thanks so much, jacqui. all right. the lawyers rechting sergeant representing sergeant bales will meet with him this week. he remains in voluntarily confinement. he has not been formally charged. an update on the alleged abduction and release of an american in iraq. we now know his name is randy michael holts and he has been transferred to the embassy in baghdad. he was in baghdad on private business. they say he is not an active duty soldier or a contractor. yesterday a shiite militia announced it was releasing a u.s. soldier. holts identified himself as a former soldier working as a
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civilian contractor. pretty scary moments on a london soccer field. 23-year-old febrice is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest during a match. you're about to see him. his team says he received prolonged resuscitation on the ground and on the way to the hospital, which actually retarded his heart. you can see there, a lot of the other shocked soccer players and fans who were grieving and certainly hoping for the best. i'll be back in an hour with our focus on the 2012 contenders. puerto rico has delegates up for grabs in his primary. newt gingrich's daughter says the delegates counts doesn't matter. >> i think we've been caught up in the media of who should do what and until a candidate pulls out, they are in the race. if no one, if mitt romney nor santorum can get the 1144 that you mentioned, that means that the convention is wide open.
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if you have a contested convention where anything can happen. >> all right. the race for the nomination is on. i'm fredricka wit immediately. your money starts right after this. ice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. gives that instant cold sensation. that's chilly. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. and it lasts for hours. [ sigh of relief ] [ short breath ] [ longer breath ] [ short breath ] [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on.
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