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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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new information about the u.s. army soldier accused of gunning down 16 afghans. those who knew him described him as a man with mounting personal problems. what happened to springtime weather? a late winter snowstorm cripples travel along a southwest route. was a self-defense or is justice not being served? those stories and more right here on cnn. hello, everyone, thank you for joining us. we're going to begin with robert bailes. he's arrived in kansas to prepare for his meeting with his new client. he's accused of killing 16 afghans last weekend. he could be charged with those deaths as soon as this week. let's check in with dan simonen sadding by for us, live at louis
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mccord. that's where bailes was stationed for many years, dan. more on the attorney in a moment. you have been talking with a former neighbor, staff sergeant bailes. what are you learning about his life here in the united states? >> well, let me give you a little background. bailes and his wife held on to a condo that they used to live in. they were treating it as a rental property. we drove over to that neighborhood earlier today. the place is under foreclosure, we spoke to a neighbor who shared a wall with the bailes. he basically said he was aware the family was facing financial pressure, obviously because the place had gone under foreclosure, they couldn't afford their homeowner's association dues, $120 a year. the place has been in disrepair, the neighbor was with mowing the lawn, he said that robert bales was a really good guy, gung ho
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about serving in the military. he hurt his foot in iraq, but still wanted to serve his country. meanwhile, as you said, the lawyer has just arrived in kansas city, and he spoke to some of our affiliates a short time ago. >> oh, it was a shock. more of a shock to the neighbors. everyone thinks he's a nice person, a mild mannered person, and a great person. >> now, as we understand it, the attorney is headed to ft. leavenworth to meet his client face to face. he's a prominent defense lawyer in the seattle area. he put out a statement saying bales family is supporting him. at this point, don, everything we have seen here in the seattle area, people we have talked to, nobody can comprehend that this is a guy that would go into that
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little place in afghanistan and kill all those civilians. >> we're going to learn more as this plays out. dan simon joining us live. we appreciate that. a man who has known bales his entire life is stunned by this story. the man he knew could not have been kinder. susan candiotti had an exclusive conversation with him. >> robert durham remembers his last conversation with robert bales who called him from afghanistan. >> i said, i love you, bobby, take care of yourself. >> that was in december. shortly after he was redeployed to the the region for a fourth time. >> is real caring, real understanding individual, even from a real young age. >> reporter: durham has known bales all his life. they live next door to each other in norwood, ohio. he still calls him bobby. >> bobby and my son were with best friends. >> an uncommonly kind friend because durham's son wade is
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severely disabled. >> bobby was just a very understanding, very accepting kid. he didn't at one time point out a kid's disability, it was what they could do. >> bobby took wade swimming, to school parties, to the zoo. bobby made sure wade was never left out, no matter what anyone thought. >> and with bobby around, there was never a question. all of bobby's friends accepted wade, because bobby accepted him. >> at norwood high school outside cincinnati. bales was a football captain. yearbook photos show him typing and a playful side. after attending two colleges and working in finance. a fateful day 9/11. >> 9/11 really affected bobby. >> within two months he joined the army. >> he was like a lot of young men and women who decided that not on our watch. you don't do this to our
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country. >> when they talked about the war, durham says bales empathized with civilians. >> people are people to him. people are people. i've never heard him say he hated anyone. >> like most. durham was horrified to hear about an american soldier who allegedly gunned down 16 afghan villagers door to door. >> how did you react when you heard the news? >> they're saying bobby did that, ien cot believe it. i still can't believe it. i can't believe the bobby in a i knew is not the bobby that could have done that. >> reporter: durham suspects his friend may have snapped and he's worried. >> i don't think he can live with it. he'll never be the same, and that -- he's such a great person. that crushes me, i don't know. >> what questions do you have? >> i think everyone has the same
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question, because everyone knew the same bobby. what happened? what happened. >> reporter: questions with few answers. >> i don't know what happened to my friend bob bales, i hope somebody figures it out. >> reporter: and gets him help. susan candiotti, cnn norwood, ohio. afghanistan's president has repeatedly voiced his frustration with the u.s. and its handling of the suspect. karzai says his nation is at the end of the rope. the afghan ambassador to the u.s. backtracked today, saying he trusted the u.s. >> well, we do trust the united states. and we do know how important this relationship is, and we are working as a partner to resolve all the issues as a partner. we should coordinate and cooperate with all these issue
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like i describe. and the bigger picture is very important. we're in the right direction. but down the road, things are happening that we should manage in a way that should not deter us from our main objectors. >> that was candy crowley's interview with the ambassador to the u.s. on cnn's state of the union. al qaeda has claimed it killed an american in yemen. the terror group says the american was a missionary who was trying to spread christianity. a head of the security in the province identified the victim as joel sharm, and said he had been working for two years at a swedish run language center. an american who was apparently held hostage in iraq is resting at the u.s. embassy after his release. holt is a private citizen who
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didn't work for the government, who's apparently in iraq on private business. it's unclear what he was doing in iraq or why no one appeared to know he was missing. rick santorum makes a joe namath like guarantee about winning illinois and the gop nomination. is it a smart move or kiss of death? we're discussing that, plus, what did the president plus his party affiliation really control gas prices. [ male announcer ] if you were building the perfect laptop, you'd use carbon fiber and machined aluminum, to make it more beautiful, and more durable. you'd use edge-to-edge gorilla glass for a stunning display in a more compact form. and you'd choose an intel® core i7™ processor for maximum processing power. everything that you could ever want in a laptop. introducing the dell xps 13 ultrabook™
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and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. politics, everyone's watching puerto rico right now. and results from puerto rico's presidential primary coming in as we speak. polls closed just a little more than two hours ago.
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not a lot, but as a republican race drags on, every delegate becomes a little more important. and here is -- i'm going to show where you things stand right now. this is 7% of the polls are in. mitt romney 86%. rick santorum 7%. newt gingrich 1%. ron paul 1%, again, this is 7% of the results are in right now, we're going to continue to update you on this. romney was endorsed by puerto rico's governor, and romney and santorum both campaigned last week. if no one gets 50% of the delegates, they'll be awarded proportionately. we'll continue to update these results as they come in. they're coming in moment by moment. don't go anywhere. man, this is going down to the convention and still we don't know what is going to happen. exciting. and nothing gets americans riled
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up more than talking about politics than gas prices. but who's really to blame? let's talk about gas price politics in the white house rice. with with will cane and a senior writer for we'll have to get you a shorter intro i'm going to start with will just for that. is it really fair to blame the president, any president i'm talking about, george bush, president obama, clinton, whomever about gas prices, about high gas prices? >> simple answer. that's it. >> it really is, don. i can expound upon it, i can tell you gas prices are the subject of global supply and demand. the current spike we're seeing has a lot to do with
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unsteadiness in the middle east. the truth,in the short term, presidents have very little to do with what the gas price is. >> it sure does get your base riled up. it sure does make for a great narrative, one guy against the other, am i right? >> absolutely, it's gold in the political world. >> you want to weigh-in on this, go for it. i don't know, maybe you don't agree with what will said. >> no, i agree with will. it hasn't been fair for any candidate to be challenging the white house with regard to the white house, the loaf of bread or cost of cotton or any other product we use in america. the thing i find frustrating right now, though, at one end challenging the president -- on the other end they're drumming the work about iran. not understanding as if you talk about going to war with iran, you're affecting gas prices
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through speculation. they're having their cake and eating too, i wish the american people could cap up to the game we're playing. >> the last thing you just said, why will, and i'll ask you again -- why are the american people -- why are they buying into it? well, the president should open the strategic oil reserves, this president is responsible for high gas prices. why are people buying into it? >> we want things to be easy. we don't want a cause and effect many that is the truth about us as a culture. you can't keep saying we want lower taxes, but we want the government not to touch any of the spending. but we don't want to borrow. we want it all, we can't have it all. that's with gas prices too. >> it's not just gas prices, it's the economy and business cycles in general. we thinked president has a direct lever -- >> no, i get your point -- >> from macro to micro in gas.
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>> you said it's not fair, i'm asking you why are some american people buying into this narrative then? >> i'm telling you they buy into the narrative, the president has control over everything, not just gasoline, but macro economic business cycles. they think president was a great president of the economy because the economy was great during the time. they think we see an economic uptick right now and obama gets credit for it. he might. but there's so much going on, it's silly to think we can blame or credit a president for all of this. >> any president. whatever, any president. >> yeah, but it is a nuanced argument. there are nuanced aspects to president's effects on the economy. when you boil it down to a simple bumper sticker tag at your localization, it gets stupid fast. >> we've run out of gas on this particular topic. let's move on now i want to you
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listen to mitt romney and i want to get your reaction. >> when he ran for office, he said he wanted to see gasoline prices go up. he said energy prices would skyrocket under his views and he picked three people to help him implement that program, the secretary of the energy, secretary of the interior and the epa administrator, and this gas hike trio has been doing the job over the four years. they have to be fired. >> now, this is more interesting. >> what? >> because i thought we were done with this topics and then that sound bite. i wanted a different sound byte. >> this is more interesting, and this delves into some of the newer aspects of the energy market. president obama did run on alternative energy sources. anyone who understands economics that means gas prices are going to have to go higher to get consumers off of it. is he responsible for them? no. did he want higher gas prices?
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eventually he did. >> the sound bite i wanted was rick santorum say iing if he wi the illinois primary, he's going to win the nomination. that's a pretty bold statement. do you think it's strategically smart at this point? >> i any it's the kinds of things he needs to say to make sure the money keeps coming in. if the person looks at the delegates, it doesn't look good for him. it has to present this sort of rhetoric so the money keeps coming in. if he's able to prevent mitt romney from getting the number that he needs, you know, we may have our convention in a brokered sort of way. this is banter for him to keep our funds flowing. >> rick santorum has to win 70% of the delegates from here on
6:18 pm
out. what he does in illinois doesn't have that big of an impact. the whole thing is a hail mary pass at this point. why not make some predictions. >> good stufz, guys. thank you very much. appreciate it, i'll see you next weekend. make sure you join us on tuesday night, we have your complete coverage of the illinois primary, kicks off at 7:00 eastern with erin burnett. we'll have complete coverage beginning at 8:00 with wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and the entire cnn political team. this isn't supposed to happen, in the middle of march, especially in arizona, a snowstorm leaves part of the state cripples and over 100 miles of major interstates shut don. we'll get a live report in two minutes and find out how this might affect the start of the workweek. whwheeee! ! whwheeee!! whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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if you're sitting in a warm state, you're going to go, what? are you kidding me? it's not possible. a foot of snow son the ground two days before spring. snow started falling in flagstaff, arizona last night. and just last week, they were enjoying temperatures in the 80s, now they're dealing with road closures. mike is live all bundled up in flagstaff. it looks like it's still snowing, doesn't it? >> we have the real deal going on here in arizona's high country today.
6:22 pm
a big time spring snowstorm slamming into the grand canyon state over this weekend. it blew in last night, drizzly rain, it transitioned to heavy snow in the wee hours of the early morning, it's been snowing to beat the band ever since, as you mentioned, road closures, surface streets clogged with snow. several of the major arteries through this part of the country also closed down. the major north/south thoroughfare, the i-17, large chunks of that have been closed down, and the real problem, the major east/west corridor, that's i-40 also closes down for about a 200 mile stretch, we understand there are a lot of accidents, lots of slideoffs. we also understand the hard work and firefighters here in flagstaff on high alert, the responding to so many of these
6:23 pm
traffic accidents. snow plow crews out doing what they can, we have at least a foot on the ground and probably another coming overnight. they're going to need a break to get on top of this. we have a lot of winter weather in arizona's high country. >> you said that the interstate, big parts of it still shut down. as you're talking, we can see there's some people out and about. how are people dealing with this? are they taking it in stride or are they like, what the heck is going on? >> flagstaff has a ski resort right by it, and a college campus. these kids and these recreaters, they love it, and no doubt about it, we need this snow. we're looking at another terrible fire season in the state of arizona. we need this snow, and these folks are basically accustomed to it, but when it comes down so fast and furious, it makes the photograph difficult for a couple days.
6:24 pm
it's going to be a mess tomorrow. we understand the university is going to be closed down, probably a school day for most of the local schools, it's come down so hard and fast, it's a real inconvenience. a danger on the road. i can tell you, we certainly need this snow pack. we need it in our reservoirs, it's good for the economy and it postpones our fire season. >> if you're going to be stuck in a snowstorm, you should dress as cool as mike. in all seriousness, though, we wish the folks there well. mike, thanks. we've had had 80 plus degree weather right here at our cnn world headquarters in atlanta. it makes you nervous to think that parts of arizona had the same temperatures just last week. jackqui jeras has more on what e can expect in the coming week. are we in for the same thing, possibly? >> no, not quite. there will be a cool june eventually, we're not talking snow across the southeast,
6:25 pm
that's for sure. it's been flip-flop weather, i'm not talking about the sandals. i'm talking about places like international falls, minnesota. and a record high. not really what you would expect this time of the year. and the snow has been fast and furious, as we heard about, and look at these totals from today. 26 inches in the arizona snow bowl. and we had asp as four feet of snow in parts of the sierras and the californias. what's going on? this is our big weather system. we have to look in the upper levels of the atmosphere. we have a big trough or big u out here, bringing in unstable conditions and bringing in this heavy snow. it's also a slow moving system, this is going to be something we're going to have to deal with for a couple days. as this advances off to the east ahead of it, the biggest concern is the fire danger. that's all here across the high plains, ahead of it is where we could expect to see severe
6:26 pm
thunderstorms. we could see 6 maybe 10 inches of rainfall in the southern plains. the flood threat will be a big deal. at this hour we have a tornado watch which remains in effect for texas and oklahoma. we're also watching areas of ohio right now. a tornado warning in effect for the northern columbus suburbs, and there has been a funnel cloud reported with this. not looking for widespread severe in this area. this is a big storm system, it's going to stick around for a couple days, and especially in the nation's midsection need to be prepared. >> thank you. your top stories are three minutes away. including rioting in canada, students take their st. patrick's day celebrations a lot too far. a story that's galvanized a community. >>ed person is dead laying on the ground. >> just because --
6:27 pm
>> a teenager shot to death while walking in a florida gated community. the admitted shooter, the head a neighborhood watch. he claims he did it in self-defense.
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6:30 pm
it's coming now on half past the hour, we want to take a look at your headlines. the attorney for army staff sergeant robert bales has arrived in kansas to prepare for his first meetings with his new client. he's accused of killing 16 afghans last weekend. he could be charged in connection with those deaths as soon as this week. in the presidential race, early results are coming in from puerto rico's republican primary. there they are on your screen. 10% of the results are in, and romney's up top. 82%. you can see rick santorum is 9%. newt gingrich 3%, ron paul 1%. as i said a few minutes ago, they're coming in quickly. make sure you stay tuned to cnn, we'll bring you the results as we with come in live here. 20 delegates are at stake in that contest. rioting broke out in ontario
6:31 pm
overnight, as st. patrick's day celebrations got out of hand. a drunken mob set fire with rockets and bottles. they caused about $100,000 worthp of damage. most of it took place in a college neighborhood known for parties and a history of disturbances, but never as bad as this. 7 people were arrested but no serious injuries. luckily to report here. imagine if your son, grandson or brother or nephew headed out to the corner store to buy candy for his brother and never returned because he was shot and killed by someone acting as a police officer who wasn't one. that's exactly what happened to trevon martin on february 26th. he died face down on the street unarmed with skittles candies in his hand. the neighborhood watch captain.
6:32 pm
28-year-old george zimmer imagine, who admitted to killing trevon, says he felt threatened by the teen. neighbors who heard the altercation say they're not buying it. i want to you listen to this report. >> i firmly believe this was not self-defense. >> meeting his family for the first time. they dropped a bomb during the press conference. saying they witnessed the 17-year-old getting shot, and they were ignored by police. >> what we heard, what we saw that we believe in our hearts 100%. it was not self-defense. i heard the crying, it was a little boy. as soon as the gun went off, the crying stopped. >> they never arrested zimmerman, because they had no evidence the shooting was not self-defense. the witnesses say they tried to call police four times to get a statement, and their calls were not returned. >> we believe as a gun was pointed at a 17-year-old child,
6:33 pm
he plead for his life and george zimmerman pulled the trigger. >> the case has devastated the family, outranged the community and put the police department under fire. a grieving mother says for these witnesses, she is grateful. >> and just to know that regardless what happens, there's good people in this world. >> what's going on here? as of now in this investigation, appears that trevon was not armed. they have not found a weapon or gun, all they found was candy? >> i have to tell you i have a 21 and 28-year-old son i've never heard them cry as krone men. if i had heard them shriek and beg for their lives like this, it would have been devastating to me, i can't imagine what mrs. martin is going through tonight let's listen to the 911 since you mentioned that crying and screaming. play it. >> something's wrong with him
6:34 pm
yep, he's coming to check me out. he's got something in his hands, i don't know what the deal is. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that 37. >> okay. >> that was the one, from george zimmerman the one with trevon martin, there's someone outside, i can hear he's screaming, crying, you can hear the gun shots. and after the gunshots you don't hear any screaming. >> gonch told police it was his voice on the 911 tape screaming. but i'm a mother, i know the sound of my own son's cries. mrs. martin says it was trevon screaming and begging for his life. >> why hasn't george zimmerman been arrested? why are police, and whoever -- why hasn't he been arrested in
6:35 pm
the investigation -- it has to play out. it appears there's no movement on this. on social media, people are going crazy about the story. >> i would say if not for what has happened in social media, specifically among twitter and some of the leading journalists and key influencers there, that this would have ended because this police chief said it was self-defense and had closed the case. so the idea that the state's attorney now has this, the just department is looking into this case on civil rights charges. i think that came because of the public backlash. >> according to the family. the family believes that the police department and those investigating it are trying not to talk about it, this is according to the family. >> the police chief specifically is blaming trevon. >> they're saying they're not commenting on it because they're expecting this to play out in
6:36 pm
the media. and they won't have to deal with it, that's not going to happen with this story. we're going to talk a little bit more about this incident after the break. who is george zimmerman, and why was he carrying a gun? and did a florida law. it's known as stand your grounds? did it embolden him? or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small businesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it. introducing the 2013 lexus gs, with leading-edge safety technology,
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we focus on the man who killed a florida teenager, he said he did it in self-defense. the 17-year-old was gunned down after buying candy for his brother. he told 911, he thought trevon was acting suspiciously. you heard part it earlier, and against the urging of the dispatcher he followed and confronted him. there was a gunshot and then trevon was killed. i want to you listen to what the official rules of the neighborhood watch says about what -- what it says about carrying a gun. this is according to one of the neighbors. >> george zimmerman wants to say he has a concealed weapon for personal protection. that day he was acting as armed security. we will give you all a copy of
6:40 pm
the neighborhood watchman you'll. members do not possess police power and they shall not carry weapon withes. >> we want to continue this important discussion with goldie taylor. george zimmerman should not have been armed. the dispatcher told him not to get involve d he said he looks suspicious, he's on drugs, something look s wrong with him. these a-holes -- >> george zimmerman since january 1st of this year has called 911, 46 times. >> i think it was 2011. >> even 46 times in two years, five years, he would have been named a nuisance caller. he was told specifically not to follow trayvon. he got out of his car parked and
6:41 pm
confronted him. i don't know that this is a black and white issue such as it is a human rights issue. the fact that trayvon mart season black is relevant here. >> how does someone look suspicious? >> i guess skittles is a suspicious thing. >> no, i'm serious, how do you -- is it how you dress? how you look? stand your ground law. >> but it doesn't apply here. it means, you have to believe -- it's more than that, you have to believe that you or someone here is in imminent danger of being killed. and then you do not have to flee. you have no duty to flee if you or someone else -- you must
6:42 pm
believe that someone's going to be killed right away. did this law embolden others. they say this contributed to the shooting or killing or what have you. >> i think there have been reports that george zimmerman had been more and more emboldened over time. there had been a series of break-ins, he had helped police solve break-ins in the neighborhood. he had been emboldened over a course of time. someone who has taken criminal justice classes. he was a volunteer armed with a nine millimeter who accosted a 17-year-old black boy who was no more than 15 pounds heavier than me, who said his life was in danger. >> i know you're going to go down to florida to talk to them and hold a rally. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. when with most of us think of slavery, we think horrors in the past. in one country it's still happening in 2012. can you believe it? next, cnn travels halfway
6:43 pm
around the world to speak to slaves, slave owners and government officials. some insist slavery is a thing of the past. our cameras discovered otherwise. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me.
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breaking news on the puerto rico primary. we are now ready to project a winner with 11% of the results in now. and there it is on your screen right there. mitt romney is the winner in puerto rico. 20 delegates were at stake there, they haven't been allocated yet. i think the results are 82%. 82% for mitt romney 9% for rick santorum. newt gingrich, ron paul 1%. what does this mean, how are the delegates going to be allocated? where is everybody now when it comes to delegates. overall, join me now live. they know a lot more than i about this. i'm not being sexist, but ladies first, what does this mean? we don't know the allocation of
6:47 pm
the delegates here. talk me through this, how might they allocate them, and what does this mean for everyone? >> it look as if mitt romney has such a substantial lead. the way that the delegates will be allocated. if he gets 50% or more, he gets all 20 delegates. it's going to be difficult for him to get less than 50% given the numbers that we're looking at right now. and also given the support he has on the island the governor puerto rico is a big romney supporter, he put his machine to work in favor of mitt romney. he put his foot in his mouth, rick santorum when he was pushing english only as a condition for state hood. when you go to puerto rico to talk to the republicans down there. the republicans are the statehooders, so i think not understanding that santorum -- and keeping with his
6:48 pm
conservative principles, said what was on his mind. it was not the politically correct thing to say. i think he's also been a ben fish yashry of that. >> this is a delegate, let's look at the update. do we have the full screen that we can put up? 513 for mitt romney, 239 for rick santorum. 139 for gingrich and 69 for ron paul. almost double. 252 is 500. it's double for mitt romney, and 1144. that's the magic number. do you agree with maria there, that with an 82%, at least with the 11% in, that that's such a big victory that he's going to get all the delegates? yeah. look at what happens if he does get those 20 delegates. mitt romney needs to win fewer
6:49 pm
than half of the remaining delegates in order to get to 1144. rick santorum will now need to gain two thirds of the delegates to get to 44. the math gets increasingly friendly for mitt romney, increasingly desperate for rick santorum. i think at this point it's formally impossible for newt gingrich. >> we have a shorter show tonight because we're doing a special at 7:30. i want to ask you this, if i could get a quick answer from you. rick santorum said if he wins illinois, he's going to capture the nomination. does this -- and i don't know if any other caucus or primary has givenen anybody momentum it's been unpredict an. david, i'll start with you, does puerto rico help in this regard to anyone? does it hurt santorum since he didn't win? does it help mitt romney in winning illinois coming up next? >> i don't think there's a momentum in this race, i don't think it will factor into fund-raising or anything like that, the important thing -- that line of rick santorum's you
6:50 pm
just quoted, it's not true, even if rick santorum by some miracle wins in illinois. he still probably doesn't get the nomination because the hill at this point is so very high for him. and the hill is much less staep for mitt romney. >> i don't have time for a response, maria. thank you, all. >> thanks, don. >> mitt romney wins puerto rico and is probably going to get the 20 del zbats there. won by 82%. i don't know about you, but my ncaa bracket has more l's than w's on it. up next we're going to talk to someone who knows college basketball. who's going to win it after all of these upsets that have been going on.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
march madness in full swing. already, a few cinderellas in the making. as for my bracket, you don't want to look at that. pablo, it's good to see you, a couple big upsets friday night. what about today? >> yeah, today we had another big one. every year we wonder, when are these things going to start happening, the dominos have officially started falling. nc state, a team that was probably not going to make the tournament as of a week before selection sunday ends up up ending georgetown. that's a big, big thing in people's brackets. nobody thought this would happen. >> let's talk brackets right
6:54 pm
now. here are the cnn anchors, the results, mine not so much. you can see brooke is in the lead there. i just messed that one up. and kyra's after that, forget it. i'm down there. i messed up. but anyway, here's mine. i said that duke was going to win. but then i'm still in, i think i'm tied with number 7 with someone. i'm still in it here, who did you have leading the pack? i have georgetown advancing. you picked the brackets for sports illustrated. what did you have? >> i had michigan state winning all. i had them beating unc in the final -- in the championship game. my final four is still alive. michigan state, kentucky they're both alive. i'm doing pretty well, don. you were five of eight getting those right in the elite eight. you're still standing, but you have some severe flesh wounds to
6:55 pm
attend to. hopefully michigan state god knows that they look bad today against st. louis and it's going to be a slog. you never know what's going to happen at this point. >> you're pretty good there. i finally got this tom come back up. brooke is number one. soledad two. randy kay, john king, wolf and i'm way down here. who's a hot team, who looks really strong to you? >> right now, north carolina is taking norfolk state to the wood shed right now. you were hurt by 15 seeds, we had 15 seeds beating two seeds. twice in the same year, which has never happened before. >> i was hurt, because i don't know what's going on. that's why i was hurt. you said michigan state was going to win it all.
6:56 pm
do you still believe that? >> i do. tom izzo is the best postseason coach in college basketball. these kids, they are the game but coaches are institutions. and you look at tom izzo. i like him to get a seventh final four since 1999. he has a system that he's worked out. a team of -- a fleet of managers who help him put together video on the second games of these tough weekends. michigan state, they're an institution at this point in the month of march. >> you have to send me some help. and maybe you can -- >> i'll send you some tips. >> thank you. new information into cnn just in this past hour on the u.s. army soldier accused of gunning down 16 afghans. those who knew him describe him of a man with mounting personal problems. because, bad weather the price of oil those are every airlines reality. and solutions won't come from 500 tons of metal and a paint job.
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