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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone. don lemon here. thank you so much for joining us. we're going to begin with new developments in the story that is galvanizing the nation. the killing of unarmed black teenager trayvon martin, and at what point does this outrage tip over into vigilante justice. listen to this. in a new twist, listen real quick. all right, in a new twist here, members of the new black panther party are offering a $10,000 bounty for the capture of the man who shot martin, george zimmerman. listen. >> we want justice. >> we want justice! >> we want justice! >> but it's not as if zimmerman is on the run. it's that police haven't arrested or charged him. this reward is being offered by the local chapter of the panthers. but we're reaching out to the
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group's national leader, malik shabazz. we're trying to get a comment from him. meantime, we're going to take you to new york. >> i don't care who thinks they in charge in sanford, put your hoodies on. put your marching shoes on. don't give up. don't give out, and your change will come. >> that's the reverend, al sharpton. he's leading one of the many national rallies calling for zimmerman's arrest. zimmerman told the police he acted in self defense, but the only weapon involved was his. trayvon martin wasn't armed. zimmerman is part of the florida neighborhood watch, and when he sought martin walking around in a hoodie, he got suspicious and started following him. moments later, you know the story, martin was dead, shot to death. i want to get right to george howell in sanford, florida, where this all happened. zimmerman hasn't been arrested yet, but he has an attorney now. the attorney is speaking. what is he saying?
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>> craig soter is that attorney. he said he spoke with zimmerman by phone at this point. the two have not met in person, and he's urged his client, obviously, to keep out of the public eye at this point, concerned about threats against zimmerman's life. we asked him, we sat down with him, cnn, and asked him about the question that really everyone is asking here, was this racial profiling. was this racially motivated, don. here is what he had to say. >> this case is spinning out of control, and i don't think that, you know, whatever did or didn't happen that day, whether there was -- we know one thing for sure. there's a young man in the prime of his life who is dead. we also know that george zimmerman was there, and it was a gunshot from his gun. the question is, then the next question is, was -- what happened in those moments. that's something that i don't know at this time, and that there are investigations going on to determine what happened
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then. it need to be taken care of, you know, through investigations, through gathering of facts, and through maybe through a court proceeding. >> again, zimmerman has not been charged with anything. his whereabouts still unclear at this point. though we learned through the city manager that police do know how to reach him if they need to reach him. zimmerman not behind bars. but one florida man, don, was arrested for apparently sending a threatening e-mail to police chief bill lee, you'll remember that the police chief temporarily removed himself from office during this situation here in the city. but that e-mail was sent just the other day, and that man was arrested for written threats to kill or do bodily injury here in florida, don, that's an injury. >> he was arrested. george zimmerman not arrested. what about the community reaction? we have been hearing about all of the rallies and protests going on really around the country. any rallies planned so far in
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the community? >> you know, just the other day, we did see a one-hour prayer vigil. people came together to pray for trayvon martin's family. today in sanford, a relatively quiet day, which is contrary to what we have seen all week in the city. rallies and protests. thousands of people, don, who showed up here just a few days ago, all of them coming together in solidarity, saying they're trayvon martin, supporting that family, don. >> thank you. we'll be getting back to you throughout the evening. george howell, thank you very much. more on the story in just a few minutes when the presidential of the national urban league joins us. and at 7:00 eastern, a cnn newsroom special report, trayvon martin killing. and one group in particular caught our attention, minority mothers. hear their unique perspective and the advice their give their children in the hopes they don't end up dying young.
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tonight at 7:00 eastern on cnn. louisiana right now is in the republican spotlight holding its presidential primary. polls show rick santorum could score a big win tonight, but the question a lot of people are asking is would a santorum victory really mean anything? joe johns is in new orleans for us. joe, very nice being down in new orleans. so you're on the ground. what are you hearing about santorum's camp there? >> well, if you look at the last poll that came out, don, it looked pretty clear that rick santorum had a double-digit lead. and running pretty strong in this state. it looks like evangelicals like the fact for example that he's a catholic. they like the way he talks. and many people believe that he has sort of a leg up here in the state. that said, the question really is just what does he get if he wins? that goes to the issue of
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delegates here in the state of louisiana. louisiana has 46 delegates for the republican national convention, but only 20 of those are going to be assigned after this election today. and they're going to be assigned proportionately. if you have three candidates who run pretty strong and reach a certain threshold, you could end up with the leader getting a pretty small number, perhaps even just nine delegates or so. so if rick santorum were to win nine delegates, that wouldn't be much to show for all of the trouble of running in louisiana. especially when delegates are really just a name of the game right now, don. >> joe, where are the candidates today? are they in louisiana? >> no. rick santorum started out the day in pennsylvania. did a little bit of campaigning there. then went on over to wisconsin, and that's where he's going to watch the results in louisiana tonight. mitt romney's out on the west
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coast, california, expected, we hear, to do fund-raising out there. and ron paul, no public schedule today. we do know newt gingrich at least started out in pennsylvania this morning. >> all right, joe johns, thank you very much. going to bring in mark preston from washington. mark, mitt romney has a huge lead in the delegate count and there are signs that party leaders are ready to rally around romney. what do tonight's results mean? >> it will mean something different to everyone. let's break it down quickly. this is an important election night if you want to talk about momentum. if rick santorum is to win as the polls show tonight. he will use that as wind at his back to continue to keep running for the republican presidential nomination, even though mitt romney has twice as many delegates right now as he tries to win the republican presidential nomination. if newt gingrich gets no delegates tonight, there's going to be a lot of calls for newt gingrich to get out of the race. we have heard that so far. he said on our air this past
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week, the fact is he has nothing to lose, no incentive to get out, so he's going to remain in. if romney would score an upset, that would all but shut the door on the republican presidential race. mitt romney right now, or at least his campaign, seems to be looking to the general election. he's out in california right now, doing some fund-raising, they'll have a week off before they run into the next contest. those contests are going to be d.c. d.c., maryland, and wisconsin where rick santorum is campaigning today. >> oh, it's getting more interesting as it gets closer. thank you very much, mark preston, and our thanks to joe johns as well. the polls will close at 9:00 p.m. eastern in louisiana. cnn is your place for the latest result. updates in the 9:00 hour as results come in. and join me in the newsroom, 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> the killing of trayvon martin has triggered protests around the country. while many are seeking justice for trayvon, undoubtedly, the
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leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. killing of black teen in sanford, flod, has caught the attention of people around the world. protesters are rallying, and while thousands of seeking justice right now, we're seeking some answers. mark morial is the president of the national urban league. thank you for joining us. >> hi, don. >> i want to ask you something before we start talking about race. it's -- i have to be honest, it's disturbing to me and many people as we discuss even putting the story on the air,
5:12 pm
ability the new black panthers offering a reward for the capture of george zimmerman. does that do anything? is that in some way insighting violence or hatred? >> it's absurd and it's a distraction. and we're not going to allow anyone to take the focus off the fact that the most important demand is for the justice system to work correctly and properly. and the prosecutor in florida has the responsibility now to conduct an investigation which i'm confident and believe should lead to charges against mr. zimmerman. we have to stay focused on that. and not allow any type of efforts to take and distract and exploit this situation for any other purpose other than justice for trayvon martin. >> well said. and that is all we have to say on that. i think you put it into perspective.
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it is a distraction, and an unnecessary one. let's talk about race in this situation. obviously, race is a part of this discussion, the story, it's been talked about. do you think it's really about race or is this mainly about a bungled investigation? >> i mean, it's about justice. at the end of the day, it is about justice for trayvon martin. and a young teenager, someone's son, someone that so many of us can identify with. a young man on his way to a successful life, whose life has been snuffed out because of vigilante justice. it is about race in the sense that it appears as though george zimmerman saw a stereotypic view of a young african-american male, and for unreasonable reasons, felt threatened by it. and i think that we have to
5:14 pm
acknowledge that race may have played a factor in this. but i don't want any of the listeners, any of the viewers, and any of the broad coalition of people that i think have stood for justice for trayvon martin to distract from the fact that you have a crime that has taken place in my own view. that crime is a crime where someone's life has been taken away from them unjustifiably. but i tell you, one of the things that is interesting, don, that has emerged in the last few days is i have been carefully and the urban league has been carefully looking into -- some people call them stand your ground laws. i call them shoot to kill laws. what is troubling is that it appears as though these laws which have spread to some 20 states across the nation, are exactly like voter id laws. they have a common ghost writer. an organization called the american legislative exchange counsel which has been writing the laws and writing them inside
5:15 pm
the beltway of washington and then trying to encourage states across the nation -- >> hey, marc, right there, i want to stop you because i want you to listen to former governor of florida, jeb bush, and then we'll talk about what you're talking about. >> it appears to me this law does not apply to this particular circumstance. stand your ground means stand your ground. it doesn't mean chase after somebody who has turned their back. >> i want you to keep in mind, too, the sanford police say zimmerman told them he lost sight of trayvon martin and then was attacked by him. just to be clear, back to the low, here is what tallahassee florida state attorney willy megs said this past week. he said the consequences of the log have been devastating around the state. almost insane what we're having to do with. why is this law even on the books if people in authority are saying the things they're saying about it? >> police chiefs in florida, including the former chief of
5:16 pm
miami, john timany, who has a great aup ed in the "new york times," oppose this law. law enforcement, i think, would tell you this law is not a good law. this is bad public policy. and i hope the state of florida would lead the way by repealing this law. i would hope that other states that have passed these laws which really have come about since probably about 2005 for the most part, would repeal these laws. these laws changed the law of self defense in a material way by saying that a person who felt attacked -- felt threatened, no longer has the duty to retreat. and it's so important that law enforcement told the legislature in florida that this law would have bad consequences, and we see the consequences here. but i think governor bush, former governor bush, of course, saying the law doesn't apply certainly suggests that even for those that support the law, who
5:17 pm
may support the law, but in this case, it wasn't applicable. the evidence is going to be clear that a murder took place in this instance, and we want the justice system to do its job. >> marc, thank you. we have to run, unfortunately. i appreciate you joining us. another reminder, at 7:00 eastern, we'll bring you a special report for the entire hour called the trayvon martin killing. you'll hear from neighbors and friends of both trayvon and the admitting shooter. and mothers of young black men who give advice the their children that is different than mothers of other children have to give to their children. we're following your comments and questions on twitter. be sure to include hashtag cnntrayvon. hashtag cnntrayvon. >> florida's so called stand your ground law in the spotlight. how the death of a florida teen has people calling for the law to be repealed. >> first, could you be suffering
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something many of us can
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relate to. caring for a loved one who is im or disabled, but care givers themselves risk suffering physical harm. it's something called compassion fatigue and it affected thousands of americans. dr. wendy walsh joins me. quickly, what is compassion fatig fatigue? many people feel it but they may not be aware enough to give it a name. >> it has features of anxiety and depression. so if you're feeling, you know, you're sleeping too much or too little, eating too little, feeling anxiety,ireitable all the time, feeling absolutely depleted, these are symptoms of care giver fatigufatigue, and t cufect your own help. it's important that people who are giving care understand they have to put their own oxygen mask on first sometimes. >> the national alliance for care giving says 65 million americans care for someone who is chronically ill or disabled on average. spending more than 20 hours a week. why do we take on this kind of responsibility, dr. wendy? >> because who is going to do
5:22 pm
it, the government? you know, it uused to be we had big extended families that were close. there were lots of aunts and grannies and nieces and sisters that could be around to help. and one in airth americans over the age of 75 have alzheimer's so they need around the clock caro a watcher, supervision. now we don't have that. the burden often goes to the spouse or the eldest cheeld. we're talking about a population of baby boomers, the sandwich generation where they'll deal with children, teempers, and now an elderly person they also have to deal with. >> the answer to my next question is anyone who can be impacted, but go ahead. >> anyone can be impacted, but the big treatment is that you have to reach out for help. you have to ask the people around you whether they be, i always say friends or the family that you choose, friends around
5:23 pm
you, the neighbors around you that you can call and say, you know, could you watch him for one hour a week while i go to a yoga class? the other thing is a support group could be helpful. a care giver support group, and finally, be aware that you can't be a good care giver like you can't be a good mother unless sometimes you put your own oxygen mask on first and take care of yourself. >> i want to talk to you about this because you are -- people are going to go, what? you are the mother of a black child. >> two. >> when people see your child, they don't know that your child is biracial. they see your children, black children initially. >> they ask me, what country -- what country did you adopt your babies from? i say the republic of my womb. >> here is my question as we're talking, and we talk offline a lot about things. this trayvon martin story has touched a lot of people, you as well. and about mothers having these conversations with their teens, especially black boys.
5:24 pm
but do you think there's a group, also, that may have issues when it comes to this particular law as well? >> this is particularly terrifying for me because one of my children is in the autistic spe spectrum. if a stranger asked her, who are you, what are you doing? she wouldn't have the ability to answer. she would probably stare at the ground and appear to be oppositionally definant. i'm concerned about the vulnerable population of children in the autism spectrum or have other speech or language disabilities. they're so vulnerable, and many parents like myself have terrified. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. take care. >> all right. a look at the hour's top stories straight ahead. include agscare aboard the
5:25 pm
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coming up on half past the hour now. so let's take a look alt the headlines. a horrible tragedy in west virm verge today. eight people including six children under the age of 8 killed in a house fire in charleston. the only surviving child is on life support now. the only adult to escape called 911. charleston's fire chief calls it the most tragic event in his 26 years with the department. >> the crew of the internatioltl space station is resting easy an a chunk of debris passed close. they were ordered into
5:30 pm
evacuation. it's only the third time they have taken cover because of debris. the last was last year. >> the snumty that devastating japan last year, now a trawler spotted in british clm bah. it was swept out to sea and became part of the huge debris field. it's considered a threat to novemberigation and its japanese owner has been notified of it. >> numbmembers of the black pan party offering a bounty for the capture of george zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. $ $10,000. we have reached out to the panthers, their national leader, and we're trying to get him on at 7:00 p.m. for our special. in the meantime, in new york, the reverend al sharpton led one of many rallies calming for zimmerman's arrest. >> some of zimmerman's former neighbors are shocked by the trayvon martin case. our brian todd spoke to them about the person they knew.
5:31 pm
>> george hall looks add the local newspaper and still can't believe it. his former cross the street neighbor, george zimmerman, is a front page headline. >> this thing about george floors me. i'm shocked. i didn't realize it was him. at first, you know, i would have never guessed it. >> on this street in virginia, george and cay lived across from zimmerman and his family for about two decades until the zimmermans moved after george graduated from high school. george hall, a retired presbyterian minister described zimmerman and his older brother as friendly, dependable neighbors, a tight knit family who had their granld mother living with them. >> what was his demeanor? >> always polite. always polite, always thoughtful. >> helping with groceries, helping to retrieve their dog. according to the halls and state officials, zimmerman's parents worked in the local government. his father robert as a
5:32 pm
magistrate, his mother as a clerk for the county clerks. the pastor of the church said he was an alter boy there. he graduated from high school in 2001. we were told no member of the faculty could talk to us about him. in the yearbook, there wasn't much information about him. he was in the future business leaders of america group in his junior and senior years. and in a quote, i'm going to florida to work with my godfather who just bought a $1 million business. but his career plans seemed to have changed. a couple years back, he came to you and asked for a recommendation? >> yes. because he wanted to go to the police academy and become a police officer. >> what did you write on the recommendation? >> yes, very positive one. i mean, i have nothing but strongest positive feelings for the whole family, including the boys. >> i asked cay hall about a key implication in the trayvon martin shooting and zimmerman's involve lt.
5:33 pm
is he a racist from what you know of him? >> not from what i know of him, because basically, they were among minorities themselves, 20 years ago, they were hispanic when there were few hispanics around. we had blacks in the neighborhood, hispanic, hungarian. there was no discrimination i noticed or saw. >> george hall said if there's. no case made against zimmerman, he hopes authorities in florida will help him through all this. if there is a case against him, he hoped zimmerman will be put in jail for his own protection. >> sanford police have not jest arrested george zimmerman. the florida stand your ground law play a role in this decision? a former criminal defense attorney joins me next. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool.
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why don't we talk a little march madness. kentucky wide cats have advanced the elite eight. syracuse can also on a role roll. let's check in with joe carter. exciting matchups this weekend. you have a great assignment down there. that's a huge bracket board w h
5:37 pm
behind you as well. >> i can't really give you the idea of how big it is unless you're down here, but you know, most outfits around the country, the ihave a small paper bracket in the cubicle or a poster board, but we have a 30-foot monstrosity. it's pretty impressive. we started out with 68 teams a few weeks ago. we're down to 8 teams. a game between louisville and florida. we have one later on tonight between syracuse and ohio state. obviously, syracuse, a top seed. a lot of people have them winning it all in their bracket. this is a team that had a lot of trouble on and off the court. the beginning of the season, assistant coach, allegations of child sex abuse against two former ball boys. and then just before the tournament started, their best defensive player was removed from the team for academic reasons. yet here the school stants just one win away from going back to the final four for the first time since 2003, and it's because ofim boeheim. he's got such a good philosophy,
5:38 pm
message, and his kids, his players give him a lot of credit for that. >> the way he's handled everything on and off the court has helped uta loss because he's our leader, he's everything to us, and we go on how he's acting. with everything that has been happening on and off the court, he's been handling it in a manly fashion. we look at him through tough times like this, and he was great. throughout the whole thing, and it allowed us to be even better because all we had to do was worry about basketball. >> so we got a big game tomorrow between kentucky and baylor. biler not going to wear the highlighter uniforms tomorrow, going with all black. a lot of people think they're going to win it all. a lot of people think kentucky, it's their year. a lot of people going off to the nba. anthony davis, the best player on the team, expected to be the number one pick in the upcoming draft if he decides to leave
5:39 pm
school, but it's ben 14 long years since they won a championship, but this year, they feel like it's their year, and it's championship or bust for them. >> you're supposed to win every game. by 25. and if you win it by 15, what's the issue, what's going on with the program? and if you god forbid lose one, how could we lose the game, and i love our fans. they're crazy. they watch the game tapes three times. i don't watch the game tapes three times. but that's coaching and playing at kentucky. it's a little different, let me say that. >> they always expect a national title or something close to that. that's just in their minds, that's kentucky basketball. >> i love my sport, i love my coaches. that's what we do. we came here to win a championship. no championship, it's a bust. >> now you see a couple fans getting their picture taken underneath the last game that's going to go down sunday afternoon.
5:40 pm
north carolina/kansas. what a way to win it. i think she might be a north carolina fan or a kansas fan, i'm not sure. >> she's happy she is on cnn. she's screaming. that's awesome to see that. how are your brackets doing? mine are terrible. >> it's nothing but a recycled piece of material at this point. this bracket is so big, this 30-foot board, it's a constant reminder of failure every time i walk into work because i picked michigan state and florida state. both are out. i think you're doing just as bad as me. >> it's terrible. i'm glad your kaunlsitant reminder of failure isn't a mirror and it's the board. i had duke and michigan state in the final four and duke to win it all. >> you're done. >> check out all of the bracks. thanks to you and to your audience, all of the fans. >> you can catch the elite eight only on cbs, and if you're away from the tv, no worried.
5:41 pm
catch it an all right. right after the break, more on the top story, the killing of trayvon martin. did florida's stand your ground law play a role in the decision not to arrest george zimmerman. a criminal defense attorney explains the law and how it works in this case. you don't want to miss it, next. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travel cards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! what's in your wallet?
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at, we put the law on your side.
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much of the talk surrounding florida teen trayvon martin's death has focused around the stand your ground law. when people are facing danger outside their home, they are supposed to retreat before using foerx but it doesn't apply in this case. instead, zimmerman was acting in self defense. holly, i said this. i have been saying this all along. that people have been saying the stabd your ground law is a terrible law in their
5:45 pm
estimation. i didn't -- i thought it was -- if anything is wrong in this case, it's arthe bungled investigation and the way they handled it. his attorney is they're saying they're not even using stand your ground as a defense. >> they can't. there's a couple things wrong with the argument. it is a red herring. first of all, there's nothing wrong with the law. what is wrong is how the police are applying it to the facts of each individual case. >> say that again. >> what is wrong is not the law. it's a good law. if somebody comes after me on the street, i do want to defend myself with whatever force is necessary, but the police are just unilaterally standing out there and taking the shooter's word for it. hey, i acted in self defense? really, we won't arrest you then. in what universe does that happen, don? there's no other crime. think about any other murder case you heard of. just because the defendant said, it was self defense, i didn't do anything wrong. the police say, oh, really
5:46 pm
inokay. >> there have been reports now since the attorney has come out saying my client, george zimmerman, was attacked by trayvon martin. he had wounds. he was bleeding, and what have you. is that reflected in the report? >> my understanding is it was not reflected in the original police reports and they had to be amended. exactly. things that make you go hmm. you're old enough to remember the song renchls, you know what i'm talking about. this one gives me pause because if you show up as a police officer on a scene and there is a dead young man on the sidewalk, and the person who says, i shot him, is bleeding from the face, bleeding from the back of the head, you would call an ambulance because you as a police department don't want to get sued for letting him wander off in that shape. a head wound is one of the worst bleeders in the body. you're gushing blood. if all of these injuries had been present at the time, and this is not some kind of an
5:47 pm
afterthought, my question is why didn't he get medical attention immediately. why was an ambulance not called to the scene to attend to the shooter. >> the interesting thing is people are saying, you guy s ar making this into a racial case. imagine if it was a white teen or teen of any other race. people would be outraged by the shooter of a teenager and somebody who is not arrested, even if the person is eventually let go. right. that's what people aren't getting. that's what it's about, people. >> no investigation, we said at the top of the case, bundled investigation? that not the case. no investigation. >> we're going to see you at 7:00. much more on the story. 7:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn, there entire hour, in fact, dedicated to focusing on trayvon martin. the national outrage intensifies. one group in particular caught our attention. minority mothers. we'll hear their perspective and the advice they give their children in the hopes they don't
5:48 pm
end up dying young. holly will be back with us. send your comments to hash tag cnntrayvon. we'll get some on the air. >> you probably know jon huntsman because he ran for president, but you should know his dad. why? because he could be the reason countless people survive cancer. that story right after the break. >> we're looking for everyday people changing the world. how do we find these people? with your help. you can nominate someone right now at maybe your hero is defending the planet by protecting the environment. >> people really care. >> or helping people overcome obstacles. >> there will be no man left behind as long as we're this nation. >> or finding a unique approach for solving a problem. whatever their cause, nominating
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my name is mr. huntsman. >> if the name sounds familiar, it no coincidence. this is john huntsman, sr., father of john huntsman, jr. while the elder hauntsman may not be quite as familiar as his son, the billionaire philanthropist cancer survivor started a small plastics company in southern california. >> in 1973 a small team that worked with me, we invented the big mac hamburger container. >> over the years the little company has grown into the huntsman corporation, one of the largest plastics industrial firms in the world. he describes himself an ideal junkie.
5:54 pm
>> right from the beginning we started giving money away to charity, even when i had to borrow it from the bang. >> huntsman's main charitable focus for nearly two decades, building the huntsman cancer institute. >> i just wanted to have the best in the world. i believe that's where we are today. >> that's because cancer has hit his family hard. his mother, who taught him about the importance of giving, died from cancer, as did his father and stepmother. and huntsman wasn't spared. he has survived prostate cancer, mouth cancer and two types of skin cancer. so he built a state of the art cancer center that uses cutting edge technology to treat patients and has top scientists searching for cures and uses own experience as a patient to ease fears and give people hope.
5:55 pm
>> i learned a lot about hospitals, about service, about food, about cleanliness and how patients need hope and inspiration in their lives. >> why is why many parts of the hospital look more like a hotel than a cancer treatment center. >> i came to the disneyland of cancer because everyone is so happy, so kind. the hour's top stories coming up next, including a fire that swept through the home and took the lives of a half dozen children. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family...
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checking headlines right now, the fire chief in charleston, west virginia call it is the most tragic event in his 26 years of service. a fire ripped through a two-story wooden house earlier today killing eight people, including six children under the age of 8. investigators say there was only one work smoke detector in the two-story house. the only adult who escaped called 911. the only surviving child is on life support. >> please in waterville, maine are relaunching their search for missing ayla reynolds. police are treating her disappearance as a crime but haven't charged anyone. she turns 2 years old on april
5:59 pm
4 4th. >> one nation but not under god is the message at an atheist rally today calling for an end to the stigma they say is against atheists. >> we've reached out to the panthers national leader and to get a comment directly from them. in the meantime, the ref right-hand al sharpton led one of the many national rallies calling for zimmermann's arrest. i'll don lemon. i'll see you back here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you join us and send your comments to


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